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top fifteen rucas episodes (as voted by my followers) ☼ number twelve 

girl meets world of terror 3 (3x15) 


ginny baker + quotes (1/?) 


Ghostbusters! (x)


i know we have a lot of unanswered questions right now but i’m glad sana at least got her answer in this clip. and it might not be what she wanted to hear, but it’s what she needed to hear in order to make a decision, which is what’s been bothering her for a while.

Op’s one of those nice folks who pre-emptively blocked me.


First off, those aren’t remotely the same people. Many anti-SJs are explicitly liberal. I’ll just speak for the anti-SJWs, then.

>violently angry

This sure looks a lot like something you just made u-

Oh, I get it. This isn’t actually directed at antis at all. You’re trying to sell a threat narrative to other SJWs.

>people burning the American flag

I don’t.

>scientists talking to the media

Uh…remind me who literally harassed a scientist to tears because he wore an ironically tacky shirt, claiming he’d alienate potential women in science?

> cisphobia/heterophobia/reverse racism/misandry/etc.

We don’t get angry over reverse racism. It’s just racism.

>a woman criticizing video games

Honestly, no one would give half a crap about Anita if she was a) a decent critic, b) wasn’t known for being a victim, instead of her actual criticism,  and c) wasn’t touted as the best feminist games critic evar!

>literally any protest against the government/police, no matter how peaceful

Incorrect. We don’t like stupid protests based on a sustained campaign of misinformation and premature conclusions, or some vague “women’s march” with no concrete goal.

Sometimes people are complete bell-ends about protesting while still technically being peaceful. Blocking roads does little to advance the cause of your protest, and may put the lives of yourself and those around you at risk.

People have said that an angry mob hundreds-strong that threatened cops with violence was “peaceful” because they didn’t actually attack the cops. And then there’s the old standby “well, the violent people weren’t REAL protesters”.

> anyone criticizing you when you say something bigoted

Affirming the consequent

SJWs have gone a lot farther than just “criticism”, up to and including actual crime and violence. They beat a man at a Milo Yiannopoulos talk until he ended up in the hospital.

>you can’t pick and choose when you want free speech.

See, you’re making a false equivalence here. There’s a difference between “I don’t like these things” and “people should not have the right to do those things”. 

What you lot want is generally the latter.

More rebuttals.

fishdetective  asked:

papyrus is searching desperately everywhere for his orange tabby cat pasta... just as he begins to fear he's lost his pet forever, he realizes she's been balancing on his head the whole time

pasta’s been meowing incessantly the whole time but it just confused pap more

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for ur timetravel au - all the other freelancers getting super suspicious of tucker because he claims to know wash even though wash says he has no idea who he is and shit, so they wont let him be alone with wash ever and it just starts to get on his fucking nerves

OOOH I LIKE THAT! Protective freelancers, ah, my jam. I suppose Tucker WOULD come off as super creepy. 

Especially cause like. Tucker knows WAY too much for it to be not dangerous. He knows -and can resist- Wyoming’s time travel shit. If we assume he knows most things regarding Wash, Church and Carolina, then he knows about original Church, Connie’s sabotage, the relationship issues with North&South, Florida’s real name (going with the hc that it’s Butch Flowers), Maybe even Wash and Carolina’s real names, their weaknesses and personal stories, the Director’s actual plan with PFL. That would be a really scary thing to suddenly face if a stranger has all that information. Tucker would be in a very, very dangerous spot.