oh look i kinda tried

Wow so my first tablet drawing! It only took 13hrs, my hand spazzing, and panic attack but yay…. art! 

I didn’t expect it to be so hard?? like i knew it was going to be bad but just not in the way i was expecting. Like yay if i messed up an arm there’s a a tool to move and re-size it but drawing a straight line… was so hard?? idk but im really sleep deprived (3 days now) so im going to just leave this here.. 

(Also a huge shout out to @eggmcmuffinboy for inspiring me and really anyone else that sees their art! So go check them out its worth it!!)

Happy Valentine’s day - from my OCs, Osiris Lavellan and Yvad Trevelyan.

(I love tailcoats, ok? Modern AU, obviously.)

“I have a favor to ask you. Could i borrow your leather jacket and sunglasses just once?

well, i know i’ve always teased you about them but I’ve always wanted to try them on once”


The light during the darkness.