oh look i kinda tried

I am done with my graceless heart
So tonight I’m gonna cut it out and then restart

I meant to finish this Ymir tribute like a week ago but my heart would not let me…  😢

anonymous asked:

Imagine Sans helping BB win Rae over XD

Ok ok, this was supposed to be funny, I know… but this came into my mind instead and then ispiration takes over… so… yeah… I really hope you enjoy anyway~ ~

Wow so my first tablet drawing! It only took 13hrs, my hand spazzing, and panic attack but yay…. art! 

I didn’t expect it to be so hard?? like i knew it was going to be bad but just not in the way i was expecting. Like yay if i messed up an arm there’s a a tool to move and re-size it but drawing a straight line… was so hard?? idk but im really sleep deprived (3 days now) so im going to just leave this here.. 

(Also a huge shout out to @eggmcmuffinboy for inspiring me and really anyone else that sees their art! So go check them out its worth it!!)

“I have a favor to ask you. Could i borrow your leather jacket and sunglasses just once?

well, i know i’ve always teased you about them but I’ve always wanted to try them on once”


The light during the darkness.


Never had the sun shone so bright in Riverrun.

ASOIAF AU where Doran arranges for Arianne to wed Edmure instead of Viserys. This is the first time I’ve manipulated photos don’t judge me pls.