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fave su moments courtesy of s4

For the season that has gotten the most backlash, I realized that a lot of my favorite moments in the whole entire series have actually come out of season 4, so I just wanna share them (yes this is long, sorry):

  • that part in Kindergarten Kid when Peridot bubbles her gem and asks “so where does it go?” and Steven answers “home.” Confirmation that Peridot finally viewed the barn, and more importantly the earth, as her home, like that was fuckin precious??
  • in Know Your Fusion when Steven and Amethyst fuse and Garnet is just. in the background squealing for like a solid 10 seconds. Also at the end of the ep when Pearl tells Amethyst she’s been such a good influence on Steven, like my girl getting the credit she deserves? Yes bitch!!
  • The entirety of Mindful Education. Here Comes a Thought still makes me cry, that’s not even a joke
  • That part in Future Boy Zoltron when Steven says to Mr. Smiley “You said you were always trying to make him happy. Did he even know he was making you sad?” In all seriousness, I did not expect that quote to resonate with me so much, like people should not sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of someone else’s, that was some deep and relatable shit that hit me real hard, which I did not expect from an ep titled future boy zoltron.
  • The entirety of Last One Out of Beach City. You guys don’t understand when I say this is my favorite episode, I would Actually die for it
  • The dinner scene in Gem Harvest and Lapis making that mirror joke? Iconic.
  • Stevenbomb 5!!!
  • “There is no Amethyst, only Garnet.” Lapis’ bad british accent debuting in The New Crystal Gems, 57/10
  • My boy Steven finally venting at the end of Storm in the Room, god bless
  • That one fucking Pearl face from Rocknaldo, I don’t have the screenshot but you know the one.
  • Steven and Amethyst!!! Killing me softly with their cuteness in Tiger Philanthropist plus my angel Amethyst’s self-confidence arc coming to a close because she finally feels good about herself, I cried real tears
  • The entirety of Room For Ruby. Just all of it. Lapis’ laugh at the end specifically shot that ep into my Top 5. 10000/10

Really though, I love all of these moments dearly, I love that this season gave them to me, and I love that I can look back on them and they just make me happy.

A Princess’s Wedding Night

Member: Park Jimin

Classification: Smut

Originally posted by namgerine

I stood waiting in my new quarters. I had nothing to do by then except wait anxiously for my husband to join me. I knew what lied ahead of me that night, and I felt a light blush come across my features as I glanced at the bed.

I took the time to look around at the rich furnishings that surrounded me; anything I could do to calm my preoccupied mind. A large mahogany mirror stood opposite of me as I inspected the slip my handmaiden had placed on me as my attire for the night. It’s purpose was to allow my new husband to quickly undress me, my lady-in-waiting had informed me.

I was fidgeting with the button on my clothes when I heard a knock on the door. I stood there awkwardly for a good moment before I tentatively spoke out. I already knew who it was as there was only one person who had business with me that night.

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anonymous asked:

Your hc's are so good! Can you do one where RFA + V + Saeran react to MC teasing them for days, maybe weeks even, but never making hanky panky? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hello there! This is my first ever HC in my whole life. OMG. I really enjoyed writing this. <3 sending love to you anon

-Mod Fluffy.


  • Poor boy thinks that he’s such a pervert.
  • Shit. Yoosung. Focus. What are you thinking ?!
  • “Yoosungiee~~ Can you hand me the towel? I forgot to bring it here" Yaas MC, it’s the fourth time that you forgot that goddamn towel in a week.
  • Blushing meSS.
  • It’s been like, 5 days when you decided to wear his hoodie over your short shorts while he was playing LOLOL. “Yoosungiee~~” you said as you slowly walked towards him and sat on his lap.
  • Poor bby doesn’t know what to do “M-MC! Oh my god. ”
  • You smiled seductively and gave him a peck on the cheek. He stared at you, unable to move.He can feel heat slowly getting into every inch of his body. You slowly moved closer while still looking into his eyes.
  • Melts like fucking cheese on top of pizza.
  • Okay. Self Control. I. Need. You. Now.
  • You sheepishly grin “Oh. Your hero just died, I’m sorry I distracted you. I’ll go ahead and sleep.” You got of from his lap and went ahead.
  • Wait- WHAT?!
  • MC. WHyieeeee?
  • Sulks all night long and looks at you like a puppy who didn’t got a treat the next day.


  • He won’t last a day. Or so you thought.
  • Is really good at ignoring your erotic back stretching with matching moans and intense eye contact.
  • You decided to take a shower while he was on the bed- reading his script. You bravely got out of the bathroom with only a towel on you to see ZEN the Knight~~~ but sleeping.
  • You’ve been doing the same routine for three days but there’s no reaction but a couple of choking and mumbling plus a few seconds of Zen closing his eyes- chanting a silent mantra.
  • You were eating breakfast when you suddenly stared at him right into the eye.
  • “M-MC? What’s wrong?”
  • You slowly parted your lips, not breaking eye contact. “Nothing, Lovely Zen. I’m just trying to tie the cherry stem with my tongue.”
  • That’s.IT.
  • Unleash the beast.
  • “Wa- wait! Zen!”
  • 911 MC needs help.


  • It’s been five days that you are teasing Baehee at work. Sending nudes at random times.
  • Poor baehee blushes the whole time.
  • “Jaehee, what do you think of this lingerie?”
  • Shit. MC. Stop it. Please. I need to finish this pile of reports.
  • Kisses you on the lips RIGht away when she comes home. Grabs your clothes–
  • “Jaehee. Stop. I need to go to my sister’s dorm tonight. I’ll be back before 10.”
  • Is left standing at the hallway.
  • MC.Wha-Why?!
  • Drowns herself into the comfort of coffee the whole night.
  • Won’t talk to you until you make it up to her. ;)


  • Won’t give in.
  • Pretends to not notice it. But he does.
  • Have I already told you that he does notice it?
  • It’s been a week and he noticed that you already gave up.
  • Pins you unto the wall “So, you think I didn’t notice you teasing me, huh Princess? Don’t you know how hard it is to control my self ? You’ve been a bad girl. I need to punish you.”
  • #censored
  • #Daddy Jumin
  • #Fifty Shades of Chairman-To-Be


  • Turns the same color as his hair
  • “M-MC? Please cover up a bit.”
  • Is he saying something? Ohohoho. MC haven’t heard a thing.
  • You walked towards him, aggressively turning his swivel chair towards you and climbing up to straddle him.
  • Error 707 has stopped working.
  • You pressed your body to his. And started kissing him.
  • In The Name Of The F—
  • He grabbed you by the waist and started kissing down your neck.
  • “Wai-Wait! Saeyoung! I need to tell you something!.
  • Momentarily stops and stares at you.
  • “We’re out of Honey Buddha Chips”
  • Will probably forget about you teasing him and him losing control.
  • 10/10 will panic because of Honey Buddha Chips.
  • “MC! Why’d you tell me just now?”


  • Honestly, he doesn’t mind.
  • Oh wait. He does.
  • Will make a plan to have his way.
  • Huh. You were teasing him and won’t do it. He’ll surely find a way for you to give up that crazy teasing game.
  • 10/10 will prepare a path of rose petals at home with dim lights and sexy as hell music. Will usher you to bath that he prepared himself.
  • Romantic as hell. Like. Who the heck has the audacity to not give him the hanky panky willy wonka with that kind of treatment he will give you.


  • Tease? Who? Him? You sure?
  • Days? u kiddin him,right?
  • This boi won’t last 5 minutes if you’re gonna walk in front of him wearing his Shirt with your undies underneath.
  • “Saeraaan~~”
  • Self Control? The heck is that? Tease me MC, but be responsble for what happens next. ;)
Home — Bruce X Daughter!Reader — Part 6

Part 1 — Part 2  — Part 3  — Part 4  — Part 5



Summary: You end up spilling to both Tony and your dad that Peter is taking you to Homecoming.

Warnings: None.

Words: 2 540

A/N: This is a shitty filler why the fuck do I do this

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

She felt the elevator slow down at the floor which Friday had guided her to, to Tony’s, personal, workshop where her dad said he would be for the day. She had thought the day meant something like mine to five, but he had missed both lunch and dinner and she was starting to wonder what was going on.

The door opened with a ding which alerted Bruce further inside the room where he had hunched over a table with half a dozen screens surrounding him and just as many, printed out, blueprints sprawled before him. His eyes were slightly bloodshot from how tired he was, the stubble on his neck seeming darker in the dim room and making him seem even more worn out than he perhaps was.

“There you are.” Y/N sauntered towards him, watching as he removed his glasses to rub his eyes with a tired groan. Her eyes diverted to the side of the table where there was a clearing in the mess of instruments and materials where the remains of takeout food unsafely created a change in the pattern of chemical compounds and other hazardous substances. “Working overtime, I see.”

“I’m so sorry, kid. I’m trying to work on a new type of fuel for all of Tony’s, god damned, aircrafts, but it either flames up in a quarter of a second or it doesn’t burn at all. I’ve been mixing different formulas all day.”

She looked around the table, almost taking a step forward to attempt and help, but creating fuel was far from her level of competence. That, and chemical science was a field she had barely had the chance to explore. She wouldn’t know where to start if she was to help him.

“I still don’t think putting your food next to…” She grabbed a clear bottle filled with a translucent liquid and flipped it around to read the label. “Sulfuric acid? You’re really begging to get your throat melted.”

“I…” He began, realizing how reckless he had been in his own workspace and how his daughter, who was not even a third of his age, had better, common, sense than he did. “Oh god… I can practically feel all these formulas frying my brain.”

“Of course!” She let in a sharp breath, crossing her arms nonchalantly and hinting a smug smile. “I thought I smelled barbecue when I got in here.”

Bruce chuckled, looking at his daughter as she gave in to her act and laughed loudly. She was like a flower, little at first but growing until finally sprouting and showing her true self. Bruce could sense they had reached that moment. She was herself. After so many years of living with her mom that made her into someone completely else, she was herself at last.

“Since I know you so well, and I know you don’t want to stop working on this despite that you should, let me accompany you at least?” Y/N requested and pulled her dad from his thoughts. He kept his smile, nodding slightly.

“Of course.” He accepted and on cue Y/N walked over to the side of the room to retrieve a stool which she then brought back. She sat down and Bruce began to get back to his latest batch of fuel. “How was your day? You and T'Challa seemed to get along well this morning?”

She grabbed the fast food box and opened it up as he had clearly left it, finding a few sushi rolls and some other, Japanese, dish for her to devour. “Yeah, we met at dinner too. He’s kind, very understanding, and doesn’t really treat me like a kid like a lot of people do. He’s pretty cool.”

“He definitely is more disciplined than the rest of us.”

“That, I’ll have to agree with.” She mumbled as she spoke with a California roll in her mouth. She recalled hers and T'Challa’s conversation from the morning and her mind slowly played forward until she remembered Peter and her body froze in the presence of her father. She had never gone to a school dance of any kind and if she would hypothetically gone, she wouldn’t have gone with a date. She had never talked to her mom about anything of that genre and talking to Bruce about it would be even worse than what it could have been like with her mom.

“Y/N?” Bruce asked as she had gone silent and her eyes were staring emptily before her.

“Ehm…” She swallowed the sushi with a loud gulp, her mind reeling between telling him about her date to the homecoming or if she would keep it a secret. After realizing that the odds of being caught leaving the Avengers Tower in a homecoming dress at the time where she would have to leave was nearing ninety eighth percent, she gave up. “Hey, dad… So, homecoming is next week.”

Bruce parted his lips for a moment, eyes widening slightly. “Okay.”

“And, I’m actually going this time.”

“That’s good.”

“And I might have a date…” She felt her heart skip a beat, her limbs almost feeling numb.

Bruce swallowed harshly. “Right…”

“And…” Y/N said in a shaky voice, wanting nothing but to rewind time and shut herself up. “That date might be Peter…”

“You and spidey-boy are going to homecoming together? Aw, they grow up so fast.” Tony stood in the room from out of the blue, his sudden presence causing Y/N to jump out of surprise. Her cheeks began to grow flaming hot and her heart was going like a wild drum inside her chest. She didn’t doubt that Bruce and Tony could see it.

“That’s…” Bruce began, still trying to process what Y/N had just said. “That’s okay, I guess. Peter’s a good kid. He’s Spider-Man, which I would have much rather seen your date was not, but he’s good.”

“Of course the two of you’re going!” Tony exclaimed like he had much say in the matter. “I’ll drive you up to the entrance in the red-”

“That, won’t, be necessary…” Y/N interrupted him, dragging out the pauses in between the words. “I really don’t want to make this into a big deal.”

“Oh nonsense! This is a big deal. I’m calling Pepper to set you up with a tailor for a fitting. She’ll gladly help you with accessories too, I’m sure. Any chance to shop with another woman is a chance taken with her. You’ll be in a good hands-”

Tony.” Her voice was loud, but she was still only speaking. Nevertheless was it enough to cause Tony to shut up and to really get the attention of both the men before her. She had never taken tone like that, not once in her entire life. “I mean it. No big deal.”

She and Tony looked at each other and Tony was the first one to break, diverting his eyes to the floor for a moment. “Alright, you got it, but I would really like for you to at least talk to Pepper. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, but you need a dress nonetheless. Might as well get it with Pepper.”

She kept looking at him, once again surprised by him but not startled like before. His voice was sincere, holding a trace of regret and making him almost apologize without actually saying he was sorry. “Okay… Maybe it was time I meet her anyway?” She questioned even though she had barely had chance to speak to those on the already, large, team. She concluded there was no correct order to get to know them all and would have to simply handle things as they came.

“I’ll give her a call and see when she can meet you.” Tony flashed a short and tight smile, feeling bad from having crossed the line with her. All he wanted was to get on her good side, treat her rightfully with her past in mind, and fill whatever disliked and unexplainable void he had from not having a child of his own. “I just came here to order your old man here to drop this all for now. You need a break, Banner.”

“I’ll have to agree with that.” She admitted, turning towards her dad along with Tony.

Fine. I’ll get back in the morning then.” Bruce gave in and straightened his back, stretching his arms up to his head and wincing at how stiff his neck and shoulders were. “What time is it?”

“Five past nine.” Y/N answered, glimpsing down at the watch around her wrist.

Really?” Bruce furrowed his eyebrows, catching a glimpse of his own watch as he lowered his arm which he had completely forgotten, seeing the time for himself. “I would have guessed six, seven, maybe.”

“You missed dinner, and you really missed it. I hired the chef from my favorite Indian place. Of course, that place is in India.”

Of course it is.” Y/N rolled her eyes with a hopeless smile as she started making her way outside, her casual tone yet another sign that she was starting to ease in to her new life to both Tony’s and Bruce’s joy. “Well, I’m heading downstairs to my workshop.”

“The equipment order arrives on Monday. You can always head up here if you need to borrow anything until then, as long as you return it.” Tony called to her as she was by the elevator.

“I’ll make do with what I have, thanks.” She smiled back at him as she stepped inside the elevator, waving towards her dad just before the doors could close. She pressed the floor of her workshop and leaned against the elevator wall, letting out a shaky breath from having told that she and Peter would go to homecoming together. She had never had friends, and if someone had told her only a few days prior that she would go to homecoming with a boy she had barely talked to, she would have told them they were insane. She had never gone to a dance of any kind, let alone had a date. A hollow feeling erupted in her stomach every time she thought about it, and she thought about it a lot. How couldn’t she? It was the most exciting, non-scientific or technical related, thing that had ever happened in her life.

The doors opened up and she turned left out into the hallway but could barely take a step before she nearly collided with someone. She looked up just in time and put her hands in front of herself, bouncing of the person like she had walked into a brick wall. She looked up at Thor who seemed just as surprised as she did by their sudden meeting.

“I’m sorry, Miss Banner. I wasn’t looking.” He apologized, placing his hands on each of her shoulders to steady her before taking a step back. “Are you alright?”

She pushed back her anxiousness of speaking to someone new and the fact that she was speaking to a literal god, letting her smile return. “I’m fine. I didn’t really look where I was going either. I’d ask you if you’re fine as well, but my guess is it takes a lot more than a teenage girl bumping into you to actually hurt you.”

Thor laughed, not too loud but still clearly, already liking the young woman he hadn’t gotten the chance to know. “I would say you need quite a lot more. Maybe if you were twice as big, wielded some kind of weapon, had large teeth… Maybe then I would be worried of bumping into you.”

“I’ll see what I can do.” She let out an airy huff and pulled her lips between her teeth to settle her wide smile.

“We haven’t gotten the chance to talk since you came here. I hope you find this tower to your liking?” Thor said whilst gesturing around them and towards the windows showing nighttime Manhattan it it’s full, glory.

“It’s everything I could have ever dreamt of and more. I love it here.”

“Wish I liked it as much as you do. It’s dull, in my opinion. Where are the grand halls? The golden decor?”

“I assume you have both of those in Asgard, then?”

“That and so much more. I’ll take you some time and show you what a real palace looks like.”

She swallowed dryly. Even if Thor had said what he had just for the sake of the conversation, the fact that the god of thunder had offered to take her with him to Asgard, a kingdom in a realm beyond her very comprehension, was enough to knock the words out of her for a few moments.

“I heard you and the Spider go to the same school?” Thor changed the subject, not bothering to call Peter by his name.

“Ehh, yes, we do. We have plenty of classes together and go to the same, voluntary class after school hours.” She confirmed and nodded her head. “We didn’t really talk to one another until I moved in here.”

“Talk to who?” Steve appeared, smiling between Y/N and Thor he had last seen at dinner a couple of hours earlier.

“The Spiderling.” Thor answered, turning his body slightly to the side to invite Steve in the conversation.

“Oh right, you attend the same school. I almost forgot that.” Steve recalled the night Y/N had first came to the tower and more specifically the realization between Y/N and Peter. “What do you two have planned for tonight? Talking in the middle of the hallway seems a little odd.”

“We bumped into one another.” Thor explained, keeping it short yet clear.

“I was just on my way to my workshop. I’m going to try and organize a bit and inventory everything, if I can.”

“I was looking for a drink. Care to join me?” Thor turned towards Steve with a hopeful smile that he would have some drinking company.

“Sorry, my friend, not today. I’m leaving tomorrow morning at seven and I want to arrive well rested.”

“Where are you going?” Y/N questioned, hears heating up as she realized how disappointed her tone had been.

“The new facility up state. I’ll be back on Wednesday again.” Steve assured, sensing that Y/N didn’t particularly like one of the few persons she had spoken to, to leave. “Hopefully this place will still be standing once I get back.”

Y/N stared at him, unable to tell which level of seriousness his words held. “Is- is that a legitimate concern you have?” She asked intimidatingly.

“Knowing the Avengers, anything and everything can happen in the blink of an eye, but no, I’m not worried, so you can sleep soundly whilst I’m away.” Steve smiled, winking jokingly at her.

“Excuse me.” Thor parted as he had caught sight of Clint further away heading towards the lounge and the bar, hurrying to catch up to him.

“Well alright, I’ll see you on Wednesday.” Steve turned back to Y/N. “You take care of yourself now, Banner. Make use of that workshop of yours.”

She followed him with her eyes as he too walked down the hallway, leaving her alone.

I will.”

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Lillies and Dragons

Sasuhina Month Extra—Flower shop AU

Hinata opens the door to her shop. She was eager to start the day after coming back from, what seemed like, an extremely long weekend, but Hinata couldn’t help it. She finally accomplished her goal just a few short months ago after leaving the corporate world behind. She knew big offices, and cold business meetings would be the formula of a stifling and miserable life that she could never bear. Once she realized this, she was relieved she was finally honest with herself, but of course the real obstacle was her father who held high expectations and went out of his way to make sure his colleagues revered his eldest child. As intimidating a task it was, after much pacing back and forth in her room, countless motivational speeches from her friends, and a few failed attempts, Hinata was upfront with her father. He was upset at first. Extremely upset, but he soon came around…until he realized what she wanted to do…

“Is it law, you’re interested in? Neji did minor in political science…” He had asked with apprehensive eyes. When she had shook her head, he sighed again, and pinched the bridge of his nose. He had looked up with hope, pearlescent eyes partially covered by his fingers .

“A doctor, at least?”

Hinata remembers trying not to break his gaze the whole time. Hiashi had all but flipped shit, when she explained her idea to him. The heat of that moment rushed back to her, but at least now, she could laugh about it.

Hiashi made full attempts to make her business big like some Flower shop branch of Hyuga Corp. but Hinata was set on doing it all on her own. Which eventually, she did.

For Hinata, it was imperative that she do this by herself. She wanted to be able to look back on her accomplishment and hard work, chest brimming with the pride she had missed out on in early years.

Her concept was a simple one, take all things she found pleasant and share it with others. Her shop was more than just splashes of unique colors from the different assortment of plants. In the far back, separated from the front of the store by tavern-like swinging doors, near the french windowsill, she had a sitting area consisting of a plain loveseats and lounge chairs, and plush pillows. Next to it, was a coffee machine, and small platter of cinnamon rolls, 2 for a dollar, which she made fresh everyday. Her goal was to make the setting as tranquil, and relaxing as the bustling stressful day of the average person would desire. She noticed that many people would even stop just to sit for refreshing air, free wifi, and Ethiopian coffee ground beans.

Indeed it was a choice Hinata could never go back on.  The customers are friendly, and the shop was never busy, even though business was still on the rise. This allowed for a more than steady income for Hinata.

She inhales her materialistic paradise, stepping in and locking the back door behind her.

“You’re early. Again, Hinata.” Temari says flipping the open sign.

Hinata gave a nervous laugh. “I-Is that so?” Temari was always on top of the girl about overworking herself. She would stay whole shifts without any breaks attending to every detail in the store, necessary and unnecessary included.

“Don’t play innocent with me, Hyuga. I can hold down the fort when you’re gone too, you know.”

Hinata throws her bag on the counter, taking off her jacket, and putting on her apron. “Of course, Tem. You wouldn’t be here otherwise.” The girl teases with a reassuring smile.

“Is that Hina? So early?” Ino whips her head around the corner.

“Good morning, Ino.” The bluenette smiles at the tall blonde.

“Good morning to you. Is your alarm clock malfunctioning again?” Ino asks with a sly smile.

“You could say…” Hinata murmurs as she proceeds to go through mail. She raises a brow at a brown package. They hadn’t ordered anything in weeks. She turns it around to find It was mislabeled, and read for…89 Sanin Avenue. Her shoulders drop recognizing the address.

“Oh no…” She shakes her head.

“What happened this time?” Temari asks seeing the girl nervously grinding her lip, and Hinata hands her the package sighing while putting her jacket back on.

“Is this…for the tattoo parlor owned by that sexy guy?” Ino asks, and Hinata flushes but ends up nodding, dejectedly. Hinata wouldn’t deny his looks but, he was…intimidating to say the least. On her first month of business he’d loitered in her store nearly everyday without buying anything, just scrutinizing her store it seemed for thirty minutes before leaving. She did research and heard they offered good coffee at his place too. Was it some sort of declaration of war? She wondered about this since. 

Although, she had seen him glance at the flowers with some appreciation. One time he wore a short sleeve shirt revealing his sleeve tattoo, a dragon with blue and black scales, and hands covered in writing and writing she couldn’t decipher from her she’d been standing those times when she did watch him. Sometimes, it looked as though the ink were interacting with the yellow lilies. Ferociousness of the dragon and gaiety of the yellow lilies had been a peculiar sight. Contrasting themes clashed, but the man’s gentleness was expert, and mesmerizing. As soon as his thumb and fore side of his index finger had picked at a flower, he thoroughly examined it before he’d pulled away and soon after left the store.

Temari laughs. “That guy? I would’ve respected him more if he would be more upfront about his feelings.”

Ino sighs moving her hair to one side. “Honestly.”

Hinata nods in agreement. “He seemed to be really indecisive about buying those flowers he obviously liked.”

The two blonds paused, exchanging looks before continuing their work. 

“If you don’t want to go, I will.” Ino says with a suggestive smirk looking up. For a fleeting, irresponsible moment, the thought sounds inviting.

“No, she won’t. She has an actual shift to work unlike yourself.” Temari interjects, and Hinata sighs zipping her jacket.

“I’ll be quick.”


A bell rings as she opens the door. It’s early, but not too early that no one is inside. Some people turn their heads, and Hinata smiles nervously at them on instinct. Not wanting to see their reactions to that she focuses on her surroundings. The walls are red and black, the insignia in the back was like a fan-like shape, and other unique designs were scattered along the wall. Waiting lounge with faux leather chairs, and glass tables. There was a hawk statue, snake sculpture with knives coming from its mouth staring right at Hinata. She holds the package tighter to her chest looking up.

It’s then she realized some people had not stopped watching her. She was dressed in her tan fall jacket over her green skirt and grey collar-neck shirt. The people within the store had far more…intricate outfits, and the differing culture only made Hinata feel more dubious in her effort to perform this simple task. Still, she forced herself to straighten her posture, and walk toward the reception desk.

She pleasantly looks upon a woman who isn’t the raven haired male, hoping maybe she wouldn’t have to see him.

“Good morning,” The red haired woman only glances at her, but HInata is determined.

”I was just wondering where I could put this package. It was delivered to my store by mistake.” Hinata says in a rushed manner.

The redhead seemed to have barely heard. She looked up through her glasses. “I’m sorry, we’re booked for all morning appointments.”

Hinata looks at her confusedly. “Oh…no, I wasn’t trying to schedule. I was just-”

“Oh, of course not you, you poor thing! I’m on the phone.” She points to a speaker on the other side of her face.

Hinata nods before tilting her head reabsorbing the sentence. Something about her words didn’t sit right with the girl. What exactly did she mean by ‘of course not’ and ‘poor thing’? What she knows for sure is It was  indisputably condescending. Hinata, however, didn’t have time to delve into the matter as her stomach suddenly met the base of throat as the owner approached the desk.

“Karin,” The woman looks up at her boss. “How many for today?” He asks before deep black orbs suddenly meet Hinata’s. The young Hyuga averts her gaze immediately She instinctively inhales to increase the oxygen supply to her heart. She couldn’t believe how nerve racking this guy was.

“A good amount…let’s see…” Her voice fades in Hinata’s ears feeling the man’s gaze on her. She takes in a deep breath focusing on not turning into a rattled mess. She doesn’t aim interject yet for the sake of not interrupting their conversation about the day’s schedule. It seemed important, and all she had to deliver was the package.

“What about the new needle that you said would be in today.”

Karin pauses, doing some typing. “It says it’s been delivered, but we didn’t receive any packages today…”

Hinata glances down at the object she was hugging to her chest.

“U-um, excuse me.” She finally inserts herself grabbing both’s attention. “My shop across the street, r-received this, this morning. I was just bringing it over.”

His head doesn’t turn, but onyx eyes glaze over as if trying to be subtle in his obvious scrutiny. “Thank you, Hinata.” She gave him an apprehensive look, and he nodded at her shoulder. She looks down at her shirt cautiously, and she internally sighed as blood rushed to her face.

“Oh yes, of course. My nametag. N-no problem, at all…”She searched his shirt quickly to no avail. “-sir.” She finished feeling dumb. She’d reverted to her high school self again it seemed.

“Sasuke.” He answers her unvoiced question. 

“So this package is your only business?” He asks slowly grabbing it from her. He holds it under his arm. “See anything you like?” He asks, motioning to some of the designs on the wall, but his gaze is sealed on her. Hinata, however, uses this as an opportunity to look away from him. Especially upon noticing how sultry his voice is.

“I…I don’t know much about them…”

“Her skin looks very soft, Sasuke. Don’t tease her.” There was a patronizing tone to her voice. Hinata’s lips pursed slightly in defiance. “Would that be considered a good or bad thing?” Karin asks immersed in the computer.

He shrugs. “I could think of a lot of good that could come from it.”

Hinata inhales trying to calm her exuberant blushing.“I-My skin…isn’t that soft.”

Then, he boldly questions, “Should I see for myself?” It was seemed almost sincere though but nevertheless the dam broke. Blood pools in her face suddenly just below the surface of her skin. Her mouth opens and closes. 

He’s not…He can’t be…flirting?

“U-uh… t-take my word for it.” 

“So you are interested?” He asks looking her up and down, hand on his hip

Her eyes widen. “Interested in what?”

“A tattoo.”

Her mouth forms an ‘O’. “I…well-”

He lets out a deep chuckle leaning against the desk. “I’m only teasing the new kid on the block. I don’t take you for a body ink type anyway.”

Hinata blinks twice, and suddenly sees that everyone here takes her for some sort of innocent, pure damsel. Hinata supposed to an extent she is,  but why should that limit her? She would also say it wasn’t a terrible thing being perceived that way, but it denoted a sense of being one-dimensional. She was adventurous and could be ballsy when she saw fit too. 

Now, being one of those times.

She furrows her brows. “I’d like to see some of your patterns please.”

He gives her a questionable look before the sides of his lips upturn, and he motions her to follow.

“Here are some you might like.” 

Hinata glances over, and immediately narrows her eyes at the male. It was a machine with temporary flower tattoos-the kind put on with water

“I’d appreciate being taken seriously.”

He crosses his arm. “Getting a Tattoo is a bold decision.”

“I can be bold.”

“I don’t doubt it. Seems rather impulsive though considering you only wanted to drop off a package.”

She flushes thinking how right he is. But be it stubbornness for the sake of being stubborn or some other unknown reason, this still didn’t deter Hinata. If anything, she was more set on doing it because she wanted to prove she actually wasn’t a scared, indecisive idiot.

Plus, Sasuke’s tattoo didn’t look half bad.

“I like animals. Can I see some of those?”

He smirks before going behind the counter and taking out a book. It was a sketchpad. “Any specific sort?”

She taps her chin. “Well…I’ve always liked cats.”

His face was straight. “You want a tattoo of a cat?”

“Big cats. Like lions. I like lions.”

He nods with approval. “Color?”

“Lavender…and blue. Some kind of mixture,” 

“Is that it?” His obsidian eyes turn mischievous and his smirk turned sportive. The young Hyuga felt an enormous pound against her ribcage. She tries her best not visibly her chest. 

“Still no flowers?”

Hinata glares as his allure evaporates, and his smirk widens until he’s showing teeth. “I-If you’’re trying to insinuate that there’s something wrong with flowers, you’re sorely mistaken…Sir,.-uh, Sasuke.”

He puts his pen down, and fixes his posture from the desk. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with flowers.”

Hinata crosses her arms unconvinced. “I’m having a hard time believing you.”

He ifts a perfect black eyebrow at her. Then, next thing she knows, he’s rolling up his sleeve revealing a strong arm.

Hinata unconsciously looks away embarrassed. “W-what are y-”

“Look,” he commands, and she does, begrudgingly, until she sees it. “I have nothing against flowers. I quite like them actually.” They were decorated around the dragon at every “movement” it seemed to be making, every curve.

Yellow Lilies. 

She thought his tattoo was impressive before, but she was absolutely mesmerized now. “This is, for lack of a better term…awesome.”

She looks up to see a satisfied handsome expression gracing his face. She immediately pulls away, finally noticing how close she’d gotten, and that the design she had been touching was tattooed on an arm, that did in fact belong to a human being.

“I-I’m s-sorry.” She says, blushing profusely.

 “You’re fine,” he rolls down his sleeve.”So has your mind changed?”

“Chrysanthemums.” She answers, but then falters. “Do you…know which ones they are?”

He starts drawing. “I’m sure by now you know I’ve spent an awful amount of time in your store.”

She tries to lean over the desk slightly, unsure herself of what exactly she was asking of him. The paper was the object of his eyes’ focus. He made no mistakes, yet the image was already coming to be extremely detailed. She now understood where that gentleness and innate scrutiny were derived from. The sheer focus was hard to rip her eyes from, and he was nothing short of breathtaking.  

She decides she wants a better view of his work, and circles the desk eying a stool beside him. She plops herself on, taking in the vague sense of his aroma.  He surprisingly smelled outdoorsy, like he was sitting on grass before he came to work, but still faintly of some expensive cologne.

It’s while she’s watching him, that she tries to remember what about was so intimidating.

“You should come back some time.” The words were out before she’d even processed it. Her face goes hot, incriminating herself further. “I-I…if you have t-the t-time to, that is.”

Sasuke smirks, but doesn’t stop drawing. “Oh, I intend to. I’ve heard some threatening rumors-like how your coffee is better than mine.”

I knew it.

“So that, in conjunction with the lilies, explains why you kept coming back.”

He lets out a chuckle. “Definitely the flowers, but not the coffee spying. I had an employee go over and buy me some weeks ago.”

“And?” She asks, anticipating.

He looks up dejected. “I know when I’m beat.” Hinata laughs until a smile remained. Sasuke gazes for a moment longer than she expects, and she feels her cheeks go red. The raven haired man rests his cheek in his palm, staring at the paper in concentration.

“Tomato seeds were the second factor. Tomatoes and a certain flower-That’s what made me walk in the store in the first place.” He says before angling himself toward her.  

“But I suppose…considering, I can look up any flower I want, off the web, and they sell tomato seeds at the Home Depot not a quarter mile away that the pretty storeowner, yeah, she’s what truly kept me coming back.”

Might post another installment but thats all for now lol.

My Journey to self belief.

Today was the day I thought would never come. My confirmation for graduation came through Alhamdulilah. One lesson that is stuck with me is never stop believing in yourself and what Allah will bless you with. The Pakistani society here where I live and my own family in Pakistan have always looked down upon my family (due to my dad’s mental illness and inability to work because of it). They looked at my family and were like look at these pathetic loosers who are guaranteed to fail. We didn’t fail.

Our path if you actually look at it was destined to fail, mentally ill dad, working mother and three reliant children. Against all odds we came through. Pakistani society where I live completed avoided us because of the condition of my father. 

Girls my age treated me like an outcast and from a “lower background” and refused to acknowledge and even look at me. And back home in Pakistan my mothers in laws blamed her for my dad’s illness. When we used to visit, they would look us smugly. 

Being a young child being ostracized  by society was demoralizing to my self esteem. I stopped believing in myself, kids my age will tell me that I was dumb, I was not pretty enough, my family didn’t live in a big enough house and we didn’t have a car at our house. It used to hurt to an indescribable level.  

But one day I realized just because others don’t believe in you doesn’t mean you stop believing in yourself and Allah. People have an EXTREMELY small mindset, they only see what’s in front of them. If they see that your family is poor, they won’ see the talent that Allah has given you an amazing IQ to study and become successful, they don’t see how hard your parents struggle ends meet abd they don’t see your internal struggle. Society doesn’t see your mum on her knees praying to God for a better life. All they see is what meets the eye, POOR, UNFORTUNATE, LOWER CLASS, LOOSER.  They don’t have the knowledge and power of Allah to see what is bestowed on you or will be bestowed upon you. 

Have self confidence, trust, and strong belief in Allah. Never give up hope. People will always label into you category and make you think you can never get out of it. No one believed that I would be able to graduate and have a job. My work colleagues, school mates, high school friends and extended  family all gave me looks of sympathy “oh look that poor girl, she doesn’t have a job, or degree or father to support her”. 


Society will never believe in you. Society will look down on you and feel sorry for you and categorize you. PEOPLE DON’T SEE WHAT YOUR CAPABLE OF, AND IF THEY SEE YOUR POTENTIAL AND TALENT THEY WILL TRY TO DEGRADE YOU AND PUT YOU DOWN BECAUSE THEY ARE THREATENED BY YOU. 



Become what you want, not what society says you will become. 

This reminds of our beautiful Prophet (pbuh), if we look back he was an uneducated, poor orphan man. If society looked at him today he would be a so called destined to be a looser (astigfurallah). 

He ended up being the most influential men in history, leading the strongest religion in the world. BECAUSE HE BELIEVED IN HIMSELF AND IN ALLAH. Don’t let others words poison your heart against your dreams. Become what you are destined for by trusting Allah. 

On History and Parents

Summary: Jack takes Bitty to Montréal to meet his parents. A non athletic!Jack fic, where grad student and history nerd, Jack Zimmermann meets the cute Samwell student/baker Eric Bittle at the Bread and Butter Bakery. Final part of the On History and Pie series.  Also on A03


“Jack, sweetheart! I was actually going to call you this evening. How’s school?”

“Euh, it’s good. Busy but good. I have a presentation coming up for the Historical Society.”

“That’s wonderful. What’s the topic?”

“Churchill and America– but that’s not the reason I’m calling.”


“No. I… met someone.”


Alicia walked into the kitchen where Bob was slicing some fennel which he was going to braise and serve with meyer lemon and parmesan.


“Hmm?” The sharp sweet scent of fennel filled the kitchen.

“I just got off the phone with Jack.”

“How is he?” Bob said as he continued his prep work.

Alicia stood still, feeling somewhat stunned and giddy.

Bob stopped working and rested the knife point down onto his cutting board. “What? What is it? Is he okay?”

“He’s in love.”

“What?” Bob replied, a wide grin and look of disbelief blooming on his face.

“He’s seeing someone, and he’s in love.”

Bob wiped his hands on his apron, and walked up to Alicia.

“Are you sure?” he whispered.

Alicia nodded enthusiastically. “Yes! I asked him twice because I assumed I may have misheard him. Bobby… he’s serious about this. He actually said, ‘I’m in love with him, maman.’ Love, Bobby! Can you believe it? Love!”

And in that moment, hockey legend and multi-Stanley Cup winner, Bad Bob Zimmermann held his wife, Alicia Zimmermann’s, hands and jumped up and down like an excited five-year-old at his own birthday party.

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Jesse and Genji with a bf that gets upset because he's short for a guy? I'm only 5'6 lol

So this was fun to write xD Hope you don’t mind that the reader is a little tsundere in Genji’s one <3 ~



Glazing out of the window onto the street, you watched countless people saunter by. It was getting late, the sun setting over Hanamura, but felt you needed a drink. Catching your attention, the door chimed open and in walked the cocky smirk of your friennd, along with the strike commander. As soon as they stepped in, people began to swoon - though you could understand why, they were incredibly handsome and tall and - “Hey hey” your boyfriend waved his hand in front of your face whilst laughing, “I hope you’re not day dreaming about Mr Morrisson  (name)!”. Shaking your head quickly, you lifted your eyes to meet the green glow of Genji’s visor. “No, no” you dismissed that idea quickly with a wave of your hand. Genji tilted his head before continuing to type up a message to his brother. “Say… Genji” you murmured as you lifted the cool bottle of beer to your lips, taking a swig before slamming it back on the counter. 

The cyborg jumped at this, turning to face you immediately, shutting off his tablet. He knew something was wrong, but he couldn’t quite figure out what. Glancing around the bar, he took of his visor hesitantly to look at you clearer. “What is it then hm?” he asked, scooting closer to you with a puzzled expression on his face. A little embarrassedly, you looked away light tears in your eyes and your cheeks flushed, “Do.. do you think i’m handsome?” you whispered. “Huh?”. Genji took your hand, clasping it in his cold ones, “Of course I do.. Why do you ask?”. 

You frowned a little and coughed, trying to clear your throat and clear away the tears whilst you were at it. “Well.. I.. uh… Look at Morrisson and Mccree..”. With a raised brow, Genji did as you asked. Currently Mccree had his arm wrapped around Morrisson’s shoulder as he chatted up girls and quite honestly, Jack looked like he was about to punch him. “They’re strong.. and handsome… “ you continued “and… tall”. Feeling shame burning up your face, you let go of Genji’s hand and stared into your lap. To your slight horror, Genji started laughing. With your mouth agap, you glared at your cyborg boyfriend who was currently wiping tears from his eyes. 

Once he had finally composed himself, he smiled gently, running a hand through your hair, “Do you think your height makes you any less handsome?”. “Well I-”. “No it doesn’t” he interpreted, a glint in his eyes, “Nor does it make you any less manly and its a plus.. I mean…”. His eyes rolled away from you, a smirk across his lips, “Plus i think its cute that you’re pint sized”

“GENJI I’M GOING TO KILL YOU” you hissed, your eyes narrow as you went to strangle him. Genji roared with laughter again, swatting away your hands before grabbing your wrists and yanking you closer towards his, planting a kiss firmly on your lips. “I hate you” “I love you~”


Stretched across the bed in your boxers, you pulled the sheets over your head and moaned softly into your pillow. It still smelt like Jesse… Like smoke, alcohol and sweat - which sounds gross.. but nothing about Jesse is really. Inhaling deeply, you felt the bed shift and the blankets lift as the devil himself shuffled beside you with a grin on his face. “So, we’re staying in the bed today then eh?” he teased, pressing a sloppy kiss on your cheek. Normally you would have laughed at this but you sighed softly and turned on your side, facing away from him. “Sugarbean?” he asked, his southern drawl thicker than ever. “I’m taking a day off to mope in bed. Tell Morrisson he couldn’t drag me out of here even if he tried” you grumbled, curling up in a ball. “Hm.. well maybe Morrisson couldn’t, but i sure can!”. 

With a shriek, Jesse yanked you from under the sheets pinning you beneath him. “Now” he chuckled, his eyes glinting, “Tell me what’s wrong”. You crossed your arms over your chest and shook your head slowly. “I see how it is” Jesse grinned, as he slowly trailed his finger down your sides, digging them in gently - causing you to twist and turn as laughter burst from your lips. The little shit was tickling you! “Jesse! Ah! No! Stop!” you managed to splutter between laughs. Jesse slowly pulled back and climbed off you, stroking your cheek softly, “So you gonna tell Jesse whats wrong then?”. Rolling your eyes, you sighed and looked away for a few seconds as you bit your lip. “Look.. I just.. have been feeling a little self conscious about my height recently”. “Now why on earth would you think that darling?”. You gave him one of your ‘oh-my-god-jesse-i-can’t-believe-you-just-said-that’ looks before sighing and shrugging. 

“Welllll… If you were taller than me i wouldn’t be able to do - THIS!”. With no warning he lifted you up into his arms, stood up and spun around. You clung to him to dear life, not wanting to be catapulted into the air via a cowboy. “Or this”. He then threw you over his shoulder and jogged into the next room, running around like a mad man as a smile cracked on your lips. “Now if you were taller.. I wouldn’t be able to do this either” he finally whispered, putting you down gently and leaning forward to press his forehead against yours. You smiled at the big goof who was your boyfriend as you wrapped your arms around his chest as he buried his stubbly chin in your hair. “Do you understand now darling? I love you the size you are and i wouldn’t change anything in the world for that”


One shot / Imagine 

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: One swear word

Word count: 673

A/N: My first imagine on this account! I wrote this one imagining Tom Holland as Peter but it works for any of them :) I’d like to write a lot more scenarios and imagines on this blog so feel free to send in requests (Any Marvel scenarios welcome (except smut) I’m probably best at Peter Parker x Reader and Peter Maximoff x Reader imagines). Would love to hear any feedback! Also I already have a tumblr blog specifically for BTS scenarios so go check that out :)

You scrolled through your dash, staring at your phone as you waited for Peter to finish his work out session. Peter Parker was Spiderman, and also your boyfriend. When Peter joined the Avengers you finally had someone your own age to hang out with and the two of you became best friends very quickly. Apparently you had also both developed crushes on each other, but if Tony and Steve hadn’t done anything then you wouldn’t have realised he also liked you. You had now been dating for 3 months and it has been the best 3 months ever.

You heard a groan and drew your attention away from your phone to see Peter poorly executing press-ups. The boy could normally do over 40 press-ups without breaking a sweat so it was clear he was currently lacking motivation.

“Come on Peter you can do better than that,” you said with a smirk. Peter huffed and moved into a kneeling position to face you.

“Can I have some motivation please,” he said as a mischievous smile made its way onto his face. You knew exactly what he wanted but you weren’t just going to give into him straight away.

“Keep going, you can do it dude.” You spoke in monotone, your smirk growing as you watched Peter pout at your response.

“Pleeaaassseee,” he whined as his pout grew and he looked at you with puppy eyes. He looked so adorable you couldn’t help but give in.

“Fine.” You rolled your eyes and stood from the couch. Leaving your phone in your seat, you went and sat in front of Peter who smiled and moved out of the way so that you could lie down on your back. Peter then carefully got back into a planking position, this time with you under him.

“You know exactly how to motivate me, thanks babe.” You rolled your eyes at his comment as Peter began to do his press-ups again; every time he went down he connected his lips with yours. Peter had suggested the ‘motivation method’ last month, you knew he was just coming up with an excuse to kiss you more but you weren’t going to complain.

“You know, I think I’ve done enough,” Peter said.

“Oh come on Pete, you’ve only done 10!” You raised an eyebrow at your boyfriend.

“But I’m getting tired.”

“No you’re not, you’re Spiderman! Keep going,” you said sternly. Peter did another 5 press-ups, continuing with the kisses every time he went down.

“I can’t do anymore, too tired.” Peter pretended to struggle pushing up from a push up.

“Keep going dude.” You weren’t going to let him give in that easily.

“Too tired. Can’t keep self up. Going to fall.”

“Don’t you dare.” You gave Peter a warning look but he simply smirked and continued his act.

“Too tired. Can’t. I give up. Ugh.” Peter ‘fell’ out of his plank position and landed on top of you.

“Aaaah Peter, oh my god. Get up you lazy shit.” With Peter sprawled out in a star position on top of you, you were unable to move, but you could feel Peter’s laughs ripple through your body.

“Can’t. Too tired.” You were both laughing as you laid in a heap on the floor.

“Get off!”

“Make me.” You smirked at Peter’s words. He seemed to often forget that he wasn’t the only one with super powers, and part of your powers was super strength that made you stronger than him.

You managed to position your arms in a way that allowed you to flip Peter off. He gave a small yelp as he was thrown off, but he was soon laughing again as he saw you roll onto your side to face him, a smirk evident on your face.

“I made you,” you said as you shuffled towards him. Peter knelt up so that your faces were inline.

“Yes you did.” Peter’s smiling gaze drifted from your eyes to your lips and soon you were both kissing again; this time for much longer.

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Hi! Here's a good one: Qui-Gon noticing that Obi-Wan felt rejected, tossed aside after saying that he will have Anakin, the Chosen One, as his new padawan and tries to talk to him about his feelings and remind him that he is not replaced in the old master's heart.

It wasn’t running away when all he did was walk quickly with his hands in his sleeves, leaving behind the boy with Qui-Gon as he murmured a half excuse.

It still wasn’t running away when he drew his shields up as far as he could, blocking of his own mind from the calming touch of his master.

Because at the moment nothing was calm. Obi-Wan was in the eye of the storm of emotions, his own, his stomach tying knots around itself as he headed for the Room of a Thousand Fountains.

‘Capable.’ The word echoed through his mind. Only days ago Qui-Gon had said Obi-Wan had much to learn and now he was suddenly capable and ready to take his trials, to be a knight on his own out in the galaxy.

To leave Qui-Gon’s side.

'I’m being replaced.’ He froze, eyes widening as he swallowed heavily, bile climbing to the back of his throat fast and hard. Obi-Wan barely managed to slide into a abandoned classroom before his knees buckled under him.

'He’s going to abandon me.’ His breath was coming in to short. 'What if I fail the trials?’ his sight was blurring, shoulders shaking as he wrapped his arms tight around himself as he hunched over, desperately holding onto the little he had eaten that day.

It was getting harder to breath and Obi-Wan faintly caught on to the fact that he was having a panic attack, the first one he had in years.

Hands were on his shoulders, pulling him up and back, his back connecting against a solid and hard chest, a large hand cupping his chin to tilt his head up to ease his constricting airways with a strong arm around his waist.

Breath.” There’s a firm, concerned voice in his ear, the chest behind him taking slow and steady breaths and Obi-Wan can’t help but do as told, a sharp, hiccuping breath filling his lungs with air.

“That’s it, continue breathing Obi-Wan.” The voice continued, the arm around his waist easing enough to rub his chest steadily. “I’m right here, I have you.” The voice continued as Obi-Wan struggled, sharp, stinging breaths being pulled deep down into his lungs as he tried to match the breathing of the other person until he was breathing.

The hand on his chin hesitated before lowering to carefully turn the redhead until he was sitting sideways in the others lap. Obi-Wan clenched his eyes shut, already fully aware that it was his master, the aura unable to be anyone but the older man.

A careful hand touched his face and Obi-Wan flinched, feeling bewildered shock lacing the air around them as Qui-Gon digested the situation and actions.

“Padawan, what happened?” The master Jedi asked quietly, brushing tears of flushed cheeks.

“You’re going to give me up. What did I do wrong?” Obi-Wan wanted to shout, to demand but he had no energy and it came out listless and broken as fresh tears pressed themselves out from under his clenched eyelids.

“No, no, no Obi-Wan, no you haven’t done anything wrong.” Large hands cupped his cheeks. “You have done nothing wrong Obi-Wan.”

Obi-Wan clenched his hands into the others tunic, shaking hard. “Only weeks ago I had much to learn…today I’m…I’m capable?” He hiccuped. “I…I’ve been a good padawan. I’ve…I’ve listened and learned and invented and fought…I…” He coughed and wanted to hide away.

“Obi-Wan, open your eyes little one, look at me.” Gentle thumbs were wiping under his eyes and the younger man slowly opened his eyes to give the man a utterly miserable look, face splotchy and eyes swollen.

Qui-Gon returned it with his own heartbroken look. “Oh Obi-Wan I never meant to hurt you. But we can’t just let Anakin leave, where would he go? And if he went rouge…”

Obi-Wan swallowed dejectedly and tried to tug away only for the other to pull him back. “But I spoke in haste, in panic and I never meant to make you feel I was leaving you behind.” Qui-Gon sighed. “What a master I am…” He gave Obi-Wan tiny smile. “Drive one to Falling and the other into panic attacks and self-doubt. Obi-Wan, you are my padawan, I will not abandon you regardless of what.”

Obi-Wan just stared back at him in mute misery.

Qui-Gon suddenly realized just how deeply he had hurt the other. “Force…I really broke your trust in me did I?” He whispered then winced when the redhead didn’t even give a token protest. “Oh Force above, I’ll fix this Obi-Wan, I swear I will.”

He tucked the others head under his chin, holding tightly onto his padawan, reaching out to gently tap at the shields the other had pulled up, gratified when they ever so slightly lowered. “I’ll fix this.”

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yeah, that’s true - nate’s /meant/ to be the audience stand in character, so we /had/ to get the motivation really quick or it wouldn’t work. And nate was super interesting in /how/ willing he was to fuck over people despite being nominally ‘good’

It’s always funny to me how supposedly Good Guy Nate Ford is actually the biggest asshole on the team. Like seriously, he can be a raging jackass. He can be a jerk to his own team, and sometimes his plans to take down their enemies are so BRUTAL, even his crew of criminals are like, whoa, tone it down a bit, take a nap or something. Nate may be a good man, but he’s certainly not a nice one.

I think it’s actually great that they characterized Nate this way, otherwise the narrative would’ve been “selfless benefactor reforms a group of criminals out of the goodness of his heart” which is BORING. Instead we get a story where Nate needs the team as much as they need him, even if he refuses to admit it for like the first two seasons. And they see exactly how damaged and self-destructive he is and they choose to stick with him even when he’s quite blatantly pushing them away. They’re like, “Screw you, Nate, we’re gonna be your family whether you admit that you want us here or not” and they carve themselves a place in his life quite literally like THEY ACTUALLY CUT DOWN HIS WALLS TO MAKE WAY FOR THEM THAT IS ACTUALLY A THING THAT HAPPENED ELIOT USED A CHAINSAW NOW I’M LAUGHING OH GOD. That was actually gold; I can’t believe this show sometimes.

Anyway, yeah, Nate is an “ornery bastard,” like Eliot said, and it’s this group of criminals that kept him from destroying his own life and helped him become his best self. They gave him a family and made him happy despite his stubbornness in clinging to his misery. That’s why the show works–not a single one of them is perfect, but they’re all perfect for each other.


     That got her a smile. It even got her a laugh! A really, really charming laugh and…oh shit. That stupid pang in her chest had made a surging recurrence, and brought along the unwelcome realization of why it was there. Wren gave an uneasy smile trying as hard as she could to make that damn pang go away.

     “I don’t think that’s how that saying goes,” Iggy laughed.

     “Yeah, probably not. A drain seems like an awful place to look for fish.” She tried to appear nonchalant whilst trying to shove her new feelings off the nearby cliff and drown them in the ocean.

    “Seems you’ve found the source of my problems. I keep looking in drains,” he chuckled slightly but his self-deprecating smile only made her heart ache.

     “Oh come on, don’t think like that,” Wren smiled, lightly bumping his shoulder. “You know what? I’m putting a ban on all comments about drains and shitty love lives. From now on, we’re only talking about positive things like food, or dancing, or how good I look in this dress.” That charming laugh was back and oh god what she wouldn’t give to hear it again and again and again.

     “I’m not much of a dancer so it looks like we’ll be having a lengthy conversation about food, then.” There was a teasing smile and a cheeky wink and Wren gasped in mock offense. They held each other’s gaze for a moment before erupting into laughter.

     “Alright smartass-” Wren picked her shoes up from the ground, “-unlike you, I actually have to interact with the guests so I’ll see you around, yeah?” Whether or not he would admit it to himself, Iggy definitely did not want her to leave.

     “You know, technically I’m one of the guests. So really, leaving without at least one dance would be kind of rude, don’t you think?” Wren froze mid-lace as the pang slammed into her chest. Composing herself the best she could, she sat up straight and stared at him curiously.

     “Thought you weren’t much of a dancer?” 

     “Maybe I just need the right partner.”

Work Me Out - Liam Payne 1Shot

WARNING: Long(word wise)/Daddy Kink/Smut(obviously)

I groaned as I heard the alarm sounds, knowing exactly what it was for, and not looking forward to it. From beside me, I felt Liam move and turn it off, before rolling over and pressing tighter against my body, kissing my neck softly. I groaned and tried to push him away, but it was like pushing away a brick wall. My attempts were worthless.

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Brothers Conflict 2nd Season Vol. 5 #38 pgs. 131 - 138

You’d think while translating this I wouldn’t go backwards. Well, I’m not translating the entire novel or anything. I just translate parts I deem important to me or have connections to what I already translated.

If you know me, and I’m sure you do, I end up doing the more Yusuke focused scenes. In this case, its when Yusuke meets up with Ema and she talks about her issues w/ the rest of the family. This is pretty much what persuaded Yusuke to bring Subaru to the Christmas party in the first place. Its mentioned that he talked to her in the cake shop in my other translation of his repeat chapter

Anyways, expect another translation sometime soon maybe. I planned to translate sooner but I got lazy. I know the novel has been out for a while but there’s not much detail about it anywhere from what I know. I may do more translations of the novel in the future but I’m focusing on translating the PSP games right now so I can’t guarantee much.

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A collab between me and Scarfofsilver! A story of Bee, a borrower, and an attic.

[Tiny POV]
I silently bit off a piece of a slice of bread, chewing in the dim light.  It was an odd feeling, staying in someone’s attic and living in a trunk. There wasn’t much to do other than explore, but it was nice and quiet. It felt peaceful, and that was enjoyable enough.

[Giant POV]
 I sighed, entering my new home! After I finish unpacking for my room, I sit on the couch pondering what to do. “ Hm… I wonder if the past owners left any goodies for me?~ ” I smile, hopping off the couch and up into the attic, where a single trunk labeled: “ Please be gentle during use. ” I cock my head curiously, opening it after releasing latches. “ O-Oh my god… ”

[Tiny POV]
 The trunk got suddenly brighter as light quickly filled it. While my eyes adjusted, I looked up to see what had happened, only to find that someone much larger than i was had opened it. Needless to say, I dropped the bread in surprise.

[Giant POV]
 " A-Are you okay?! How are you so small? “ I ask out of amazement and concern, staring at the tiny person in the trunk. I see small food rations, and even a little bed. How long must they have been in here for?

[Tiny POV]
 I didn’t expect them to actually try talking, since many before have run away screaming. This must have been a first for both of us. “I-I’m good, uh… as you can see.” I spread out my arm to the rest of the trunk, emphasizing my point. A sudden wash of shame came over me. “…I probably should’ve asked before barging in like this, sorry.”

[Giant POV]
 ” N-No, no its okay! I-I’M the new owner of this house, A-and it seems that the previous owner was okay with you staying here… “ I explained. The tiny then gave a small smile. ”…oh, yeah, they were pretty cool with me being here. I, uh… guess they just didn’t tell you about me, then?“ I shook my head, shrugging. ” Guess not… I think they wanted me to discover your cute self.

[Tiny POV]
 As soon as they said cute, my face flushed red and I turned away. I certainly didn’t expect them to say that. “C-cute? No, you don’t… you don’t mean that, do you?” I turned back, looking up and waiting for her answer. They nodded, smiling at my disbelief. “ Honestly! you’re adorable! ” I buried my face in my hands, feeling all flustered. It honestly did feel nice getting a compliment like that, especially from someone so big compared to me. “Aw, you…”

[Giant POV]
 I smile. “ Hehe! So,what’s it like being tiny? ” I tried to think about looking through the tiny’s eyes. My freckled face must have been huge!

[Tiny POV]
… Her freckled face was huge, but I quickly snapped back to focusing on answering her question as best I could. There wasn’t much I could say, though; I had nothing to juxtapose being tiny to. “Oh, well, uh… well, everything’s really big, so I guess you can see more details. And everything takes a while to get to, that’s why most of us have a lot of stamina.”

[Giant POV]
 I nodded understandingly. “ Well… if you want, you can stay with me and I won’t hurt you… u would have to assume it’s been very lonely up here, and…” I snickered a bit, the dork I am. “… Well, to be honest, I’m unsure how you haven’t gone insane yet… ”

[Tiny POV]
 I grinned slightly. She had a cute laugh. “Well, I’m used to living alone. I’ve had to do so before just to have a place to live, especially when the weather gets rough outside.” I looked back up at her. “A-and actually, I’d really appreciate your offer.” She gently placed her upturned palm in front of my  tiny figure with a warm smile “ My name’s Bee. You are? ” Standing up, I walked over to her large hand, shaking her pointer finger. “My name’s Alem.”
…a second later, I realized she wanted me to climb on top of her hand, not shake it. When I looked up, she had a confused expression on her face. I blushed, feeling easily embarrassed. “S-sorry,” I apologized. “It’s just second nature, I guess… ” Bee giggled, nodding. “ No problem. To be honest, I kinda meant for you to do both. I smiled. “Oh. Well, in that case… I guess everything’s cool, then. Right?”

[Giant POV]

I nodded, giggling as I lifted him to my face… Something told me this would be a great friendship.
The signs as songs from Froot
  • Aries: Can't Pin Me Down / do you think i'm stuck up, cause i'm always picking fights?
  • Taurus: Blue / i'm sick of looking after you, i need a man to hold on to
  • Gemini: Savages / we can be bad as we can be good
  • Cancer: Froot / it's summertime and i hang on a vine, they're gonna make me into sweet red wine
  • Leo: Weeds / could have filled a garden, with all the flowers that you gave me
  • Virgo: Forget / like an abacus i played with, counting every win and fail
  • Libra: I'm a Ruin / it's difficult to say goodbye, and easier to live a lover's lie
  • Scorpio: Solitaire / i see flowers so tall, they surround me, oh my heart, it became so hardened
  • Sagittarius: Immortal / i wanna mean something to somebody else, feel a significance in the real world
  • Capricorn: Gold / but whatever happens, i'll be okay, cause fortune's running out of my veins
  • Aquarius: Happy / i found what i've been looking for in my self, found a life worth living for someone else
  • Pisces: Better than That / i know a little too much, but i'll never tell

In regards to anon’s ask about self-diagnosis vs. casually throwing mental illness/learning disorders around as exaggerated descriptors.

[Image is black and white, across the top it says “MENTAL DISORDERS ARE NOT ADJECTIVES” and then there is a picture of a cartoon mouth with a bunch of speech balloons coming out of it. Clockwise starting top left corner:

My mom yelled at me yesterday! She’s so bipolar!

You almost gave me a panic attack!

You look so anorexic!

My OCD is coming out again!

I stayed up until 1am, my insomnia is so bad!

I swear I’m like retarded!

Oh yeah, yesterday I was feeling really depressed.

Quit being psycho!]

Hey taylorswift !

Welcome to Cologne! 

Today I finished school so I’m finally free. Haha.
Also I can celebrate this on the concert on Saturday, June 20 (Front Of Stage/PIT)
I really want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me! I’ve been through such a hard time (self harm, depression, bullying) and I don’t know where I would be without you. You made me stronger and you gave me a feeling of being loved. You changed my whole life since you entered it. You’ve been my best friend since Fearless and I’m so thankful about it. Today I can finally say that I’m clean and you helped me through this journey.

My biggest dream is to meet you and finally be able to hug you. This would be really amazing.

Thanks for everything you’ve done for me, Taylor! 

Oh.. I’m gonna look like a christmas tree on the concert because I bought 89 (YES) glow stick bracelets so yeah.. :-) I wasn’t able to make a costume because I had to study for my finals.. and today, June 16, they’re over! So yeah. Hope you don’t mind?

I love you, Taylor.

See you in Cologne! 

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At first I thought this was a continuity error. And then I thought outside the box. 

The string around her waist is gone for one reason and one reason only. It acts as a symbol for how Connie felt like she was being pressured and forced to contain herself. And when it disappears, It shows how that feeling is gone from her. She would finally be free from herself. I believe I may have figured out why she acted like that in the end.

It could also be backed up because the gems are usually very tired when they complete their fusions. Therefore, it could be said that in exchange for the fusion, Connie gave away the most terrifying thing she could have given. Her inner self.

Maybe I’m looking into this too much. I let my philosophical side on the loose for one second! Oh well, just some food for thought.