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Jason Todd dating Tony Stark's daughter

•You met Jason under some odd circumstances.

•You caught him under his cover of Redhood trying to steal your Dad’s tech.

•"You’re stealing my stuff.“ You awkwardly asked him as you walked into the room.

•"I’m stealing Tony Stark’s stuff.” He explained.

•"Uh no. Actually I made that.“

•"Oh, well I’m stealing your stuff.”

•"I can make you a new one?“

•Jason looked really surprised, he was stealing your stuff and you offered him to make another one???

•I mean he said yes and sat there as you put it together.

•He was dazed off until he felt his red helmet rip off his head.

•He drew his gun but you just stared at his face.

•"For a thief you’re REALLY attractive.”

•"Thank you?“

•"You’re welcome Jason.”

•Wait what?

•You ended up background checking him by using some DNA.

•He was really impressed and scared tbh.

•Since you already knew who he was Jason started to come by the tower to hang out with you.

•The Avengers told Tony that there was a kid who hanged out with you usually at night.

•They all spied on you both, but you and Jason just watched movies and laughed together.

•But Tony was Not Happy.

•What’s a attractive biker boy doing at his daughters place in the middle of the night???

•Flicked on the lights one night as you both were watching a movie and gave a death stare.

•"Y/N, what’s this roguish biker boy doing here at NIGHT?“

•"Watching a movie?”

•"With just you?“

•You bet he did a background check.

•"I thought you were into nice guys like Peter.”

•But Peter ships you and Jason together so it’s all cool.

•He doesn’t want to control you and your love life, but gives Jason the “I’m watching on you” stare with the hand gestures included.

•He set up a couple rules though.

•1.) No running away together.

•2.) No making out. (Jason didn’t listen to that one)

•3.) Jason has to ask him before marrying you.

•"If you break up with Y/N the whole Avengers will find you.“

•He’s so over the top, but you warned Jason beforehand so he was prepared.

•Jason’s gadgets were improved greatly since you were so good at it.

•The Batboys got kind of jealous. Who was giving Jason all these amazing tech???

•Jason will make sure to visit you every week.

•He knows that you can protect yourself so he’s not that worried about sharing his love with you.

•He always tries to distract you when you’re engineering something.

•"So you could take a break and kiss me OR work on that piece of metal.”

•Jason keeps you healthy because like your father you tend to get obsessed about some projects.

•If it gets really bad he’ll literally pick you up and carry you out of the room.

•He’s so strong you can’t do anything about it.

•He’ll always bring food and you both would eat on top of the tower.

•Secretly Tony approves of you both together, but will never say it aloud.

Family Tragedy

Shiro quickly walked towards Lance’s room, a worry line etched onto his face. He had only heard the tail end of his and Keith’s argument but he knew that Keith had touched a sensitive nerve in the blue paladin, one that was certainly off limits.
“Why can’t you ever be serious?! If you don’t take this seriously, the Galra will go to Earth and kill all of our families and its going to be all your fault!

Shiro winced at the memory, he could only imagine what Lance was thinking about at the moment, he didn’t spare Keith a glance before he was chasing Lance down the hallway toward the paladin bedrooms. He stopped in front of the blue paladin’s.
“Lance? Are you in here?” Shiro asked the dark room, as he quietly creeped in. He saw the blanket on top of Lance’s bed give a twitch at the sound of his voice. He crept forward and sat on the edge of the bed, close enough to reach out and touch, but still enough to give the teen his space.
“What do you want Shiro?” Lance’s muffled voice asked from underneath his blanket barrier.
“I just wanted to see if you were alright,” Shiro replied looking at the lump.
“I’m surprised that you aren’t comforting Keith,” Lance grumbled at the leader. Shiro flinched slightly at that but let out a sigh after a moment.
“I don’t always take Keith’s side for everything you kno-” Shirt started.
“Coulda fooled me,” Lance interrupted peeking his head out from under the covers; revealing puffy red rimmed eyes. Shiro lost his breath when he saw the damage that Keith’s harsh words caused the paladin.
“I know that it seems like I take Keith’s side more often than not; but I know that Keith was in the wrong this time,” He replied looking into Lance’s eyes. He frowned when he saw that tears were beginning to gather in the blue pools.
“Why does he hate me so much?” He whispered. Shiro’s mouth dropped open a little in shock.
“He doesn’t hate you Lance. No one hates you,” He said flustered by the suddenly crying teen, he quickly scooped him up, blanket and all into his lap.
“Then why did he say something like that?” Shiro sighed bringing his hand up to card it through the dark brown locks.
“I don’t know, but I know that one day we will get back to Earth and you will see your family again,” he said trying to sound reassuring to the teen. He felt a slight tremor go through Lance’s body before suddenly he started sobbing against Shiro’s shoulder.
“Oh, did I say something wrong? Are you okay?” He asked worriedly tilting Lance’s face so that he was looking into his eyes. Lance’s lips trembled before he coughed out another sob.
“E-even if we do make it back to Earth, my family won’t be saved,“ he choked out. Shiro’s eyebrows drew together in confusion. Lance looked down as more tears rolled down his cheeks.
“They’re all dead Shiro, I’m the only one out of my family left,” Shiro let out a choked gasp and enveloped Lance in a crushing hug, pressing Lance’s head into his shoulder. His eyes teared up at the thought that Lance was holding onto this information for so long without any of them being the wiser. It brought all the memories of Lance happily talking about his family to the forefront of his mind. The smiles and laughs that he would let out at the mention of his siblings or parents, and the fond memories he would tell them about his aunts, uncles and cousins; and the admiration in his eyes when he talked about his veteran grandparents who met at the Garrison as pilots and wanted to follow in their footsteps.
“I’m so so sorry Lance, I had no idea,” he whispered to distraught teen. He rubbed his back when it seemed like he was at the end of his crying.
“You were never meant to, no one was supposed to, not even Hunk knows,” he stated leaning his head against Shiro’s shoulder to be able to look at him.
“There was a series of unfortunate events, or what seemed like it I guess. Just one after the other they started getting in accidents that would take their lives; house fires, armed robberies, even murders and then, I was the only one left,” he stated giving a small hiccuping sob at the end. “Then Voltron happened, and I guess this is the universe telling me that I’m not supposed to make it back to Earth, I have no family to welcome me back anyway,”
“No! Thats not true!” Shiro yelled surprising Lance, who was shocked to see tears rolling down his leader’s face. “You have us! You’re our family now, and when we get back to Earth we still will be, you can live with me and Keith, or Pidge, or Hunk, heck Coran will probably adopt you. So don’t you ever think that you’re alone; because you’re not, and we will always be here for you,” Shiro cried holding Lance tighter and tighter with every passing second. Lance’s breath hitched before he started sobbing again whispers of ‘thank you’s slipping out every few seconds. It felt like several hours passed before they were both calm again. Lance sat up and gave Shiro a grateful smile.
“Thank you for everything Shiro, sorry for being a burden,”
“You’re not a burden Lance, if you ever need to talk about anything, you can come to me, I’ll listen, I’ll always be there for you,” He replied standing up beside the bed. “Do you need anything before I leave? I could get you some food and water if you want it,” he offered.
“No thanks Shiro, you’ve done more than enough for me,” he smiled at the leader, who smiled back.
“Alright, tell me if you need anything, anything at all, I don’t mind,” he reminded him as he walked out the door. Lance only waved.

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“I can’t believe you talked me into this.” Isak said as he cast his eyes over the room they were in.

Vilde’s and Magnus’ strange trust seminar turned out to take place in the living room of some woman who looked like she would any moment now pull out a joss stick and made clinking sounds whenever she moved from the shitload of bracelets she wore. She was very … esotheric looking and talked with this always calm voice that was somehow infuriating. Isak did all he could not to roll his eyes. 

His toes were nudged by Even’s foot and he looked up to the face of his boyfriend. For someone who swore he didn’t want to be here either he looked suspiciously happy.

There were three other couples besides them, all way over the age of fifty. They all were told to stand in front of each other. Magnus stood beside him and Even and Vilde in front of each of them. Vilde kept talking, and talking, and talking, her voice even higher than usual. Magnus didn’t talk. At all. So you could say both of them seemed pretty nervous.

“So, let us begin, children.” The women – Leila? Lisa? He forgot – spread her bracelet clad arms as she spoke (she meant all of them when she said children, even though her usual target audience looked to be older than her).

“For the first trust test, hold your hands up in front of you, palms facing your partner.” They all followed suit. Isak had a smile tug on his lips as Even widened his eyes and lifted his brows at him in a playful manner – that dork.

“Now, connect your hands with those of your partner and lean your weight on them.” He heard Mags mumble en excuse about his hands being sweaty.

“As you lean on your partner, step back further and further with your feet, so you form a wide angled triangle.” The woman continued. 

There was the sound of shuffling and some uttered words over the pling plang music that was lowly playing in the backround. Isak and Even grinned at each other as they stepped further and further back, hands held tightly. Ok, maybe this was a little bit fun. A super small little bit.

“Look deep into your partners eyes and say ‘I trust you’”
They were as wide as they could without falling over and held each other up, their arms straining from the weight. He grinned at Even as he saw him put his tongue in the side of his mouth in concentration. The face of his boyfriend crinkle up more when his grin got wider.

“I trust you, Isak.” Isak almost snorted before he answered with the same words. This situation was rediculous. They both did all they could to keep from giggling and saw the laughter dance in each others eyes.  

(The whole thing didn’t go over this great for Vilde and Magnus. Since Vilde was significantly smaller Magnus first didn’t want to put that much weight on her and when he finally did - after Vilde told him that he was supposed to in an annoyed voice - she coulnd’t take it and he fell face first on the mat they were standing on. His fall came accompanied by an “Ouw!” from Vilde who clutched her wrist. They had been clutching their hands so tightly that, when Magnus fell, he had turned her arm.

It wasn’t serious though, as Vilde reassured them all and the both of them smiled weakly at each other when they continued to the next test and Even and Isak exchanged a look.)

“For the next test, please all go as far away from each other as possible. Go to each side of the room. Perfect.” Isak looked at Even and widened his eyes a tiny bit. For everyone this would just mean nothing but Even would know that this counted as an internal eyeroll. As answer he shook his head at Isak’s behavior, played shock on his face.

“Perfect, yes. Now, count to four and take a small step towards each other. After you did that, ask one another “are you comfortable to take another step?” and if so, take another. There is no shame in stopping whenever you feel comfortable.” 

So they started. Even and Isak took a step forward and Isak had to snort again.

“Even, that was no small step.”at which Even cast him an innocent look.

“Whaaaat?” Even drew out and a big smile spread over Isak’s face.

“Your legs are too long for this. I need another partner.”

“Oh, shush. You love my legs.” They both wiggled they eyebrows at each other and took another step.

“You’re supposed to ask each other if you’re comfortable” Came Vilde’s voice from beside them. Her and Magnus looked focused and not at all as smiley as Even and himself felt.

“Oh, you’re right.” Even said and winked at her. When he turned back to Isak he asked “Comfy?”

Isak gave his single nod. “Comfy.” And they took another step. Even made a show of taking a huge step and Isak put his hands on his waist, trying for a scolding look but only grinning fondly at him.

Even shrugged and said “What? I can’t help it, baby. I wanna be close to you.”

“You’re a dork.” Was Isak’s reply but the next step he stretched his legs as wide es he could, too.

This went on until they were touching from their foreheads to their toes. While they waited for the exercise to be over Even moved his head a tiny bit so their noses slid against each other.

“Comfy?” He asked lowly and warmth spread trough Isak’s chest.

He tilted his head a bit to give Even a quick peck. “Very comfy.”

(part 1) 


Excerpt“That’s right, Babyboy,” Phil breathed shakily as he carded his fingers through Dan’s brown locks. “Take all my cock like the thirsty bitch you really are.”

Summary: (Prison!AU) In which Dan had been in a fight in prison(again) and Phil came to…remind him of his place.

Genre: smut wow

Warning: Uhm the whole fic is just sex.  Contains shower sex, themes of dom/sub, lots of bAD WORDS, if you squint you’ll see degradation!kink.  LOTS OF SIN!!

Words: 1, 906 sins

A/N: of first of all this is for my thirsty friend glossybutt cHRIST who introduced me to some website that inspired me to write this. thanks shae!!! im so ashaemed!! also thanks to beb cherryblossom-phil on reading through this fic(she told me there weren’t any errors so im sO SORRY IF YOU SAW ONE). oh wow look alice have added another thing on the a/n bit BRO i just hiT seven thousand??? br rorbro br o im so supposed to be doing my research project but oh well

Droplets of water fell gently on Dan’s shoulders, its cold temperature hitting Dan’s warm skin.

Then he let out a sigh.

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Fitzsimmons prompt: "hey babe, sooo we have a cat now"

“Fitz?” Jemma called, padding into the kitchen in her pajama bottoms and blazer, having only gotten halfway through changing. “What is this?”

Fitz blinked owlishly up at her from the bar stool on which he was perched at the kitchen counter. (They had a perfectly good table and chairs, but he always gravitated to this spot – Jemma theorized it reminded him of the seating arrangement in past labs.) “What – what do you think it is?”

“Honestly?” She looked skeptically at the pink and yellow … something dangling from between her thumb and forefinger. “Well, I suppose, we are three years into our official relationship, and I know there often comes a time when couples find a need to… well… spice things up in that area, but I thought we were—“

“We are!” Fitz rushed to cut her off. “It’s not a sex toy, Jesus, Jemma.”

“I wouldn’t have judged you if it were,” she shot back defensively. “I’d have had a few questions. Such as why it looks worn in but I’ve not seen hide nor hair of it before today.”

“It’s not. I didn’t. It’s—“ Fitz puffed up his cheeks and scrunched a hand in his hair, watching her nervously. “It’s a cat toy.”

Jemma was silent a full thirty seconds, staring at him, before it registered. “A cat toy.”


“As in something for an animal of the feline persuasion.”


She shot another look at the object. “Which we have because…”

“Oh, bollocks. I was hoping to warm you up to the idea, but…” Sticking his pencil between his teeth, Fitz knelt in front of the sink, opened one of the cabinets, and drew out a cardboard box.

“Fitz—“ Jemma said warningly.

“Shhh,” he whispered, moving towards her achingly slowly so as not to jostle the box. “He’s sleeping.”

Sure enough, curled up amongst some of Fitz’s rattier t-shirts and one of Jemma’s favorite dish towels was a very fluffy, very tiny calico.

“We have a cat?”

“We do now.”

“My mum’s allergic.”

“All the more reason to—“ He caught her expression and quickly shook his head, re-directing. “I’ll make that joke later.”

“You hate cats.”

“I don’t hate cats!” he squeaked, still in an undertone. “I hate when their organs somehow find their way into my food-designated refrigerator. As you can see his liver’s still where it belongs, so I’ve got no problem with him.”

Jemma could only maintain her frown a moment longer, so she ducked her head to look at the kitten again. Tentatively, she reached into the box and stroked a finger along one soft foreleg. The kitten whimpered and curved towards her hand but didn’t wake up.

“Why the sudden desire for a pet?” she murmured.

“Just saw him, you know, at one of those fairs the shelter sometimes does downtown – I’d been at the farmers’ market with Daisy, and – well – I don’t know, it feels like time, doesn’t it?”

“Mmhm,” she smirked, understanding finally reaching her.

“Aaaaaaaand,” Fitz wheedled, eyebrows drawing up slightly in that endearingly innocent and pleading expression he’d recently learned to use against her, “if it acts as a scaled-down test run of what it might be like to have a small human in our lives, adopting Mr. Whiskers could be the best decision we make this year.”

Jemma snorted. “We are not naming it that.”

Him, Jemma,” Fitz hissed indignantly, twisting so that the box was farther away from Jemma, as if to shield the cat. “Mr. Whiskers is a him. Or at least—“ He glanced down. “I think?”

“This is very encouraging material for your audition as a father.”

“So we can keep him?” Fitz breathed.

“Of course we can keep him,” Jemma sighed, shaking her head indulgently. “I’m just glad when we have children I’ll know about it well in advance.”

Fitz’s beam was luminescent. “You said when.”

“Acting” (Jinyoung)

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Type: Fluff

Request: could you do a got7 jinyoung imagine where you both are cast as lead roles in a drama and everyone is shook because the chemistry is so real1!1!1!1

You rested your head onto Jinyoung’s shoulder as you looked at the object in his hands “who’s Soyool?” you ask him as he turns his head looking at you “someone you shouldn’t be so nosy about” he shot at you as you giggled. “Do you like her?” you asked him as he stared at you but your vision was directed at his phone. “I do” he spoke quietly as his eyes were still on you “you should tell her how much you like her” you tell him as he makes a sound “what should I tell her?” he asked. You made a sound as you started thinking “tell her how pretty she is. Always look at her like she’s the only girl in the world” you start as he nodded “make her laugh. Then the obvious one would actually tell her you like her” you finish as you turn to look at him. You were shocked but chuckled lightly “why are you looking at me like that?” you ask him. “I think I already do that, I just haven’t told her I like her” he tells you. “But I don’t think my sister Soyool would want me to look at her like she’s the only girl in the world” he told you. 

“Ya! Why would you let me ramble like that?” you whine as he makes a face “I never said I liked her romantically, you just assume that every girl I talk to I must like” he says as you roll your eyes. “It’s seems like it” you throw at him. “I like one girl. She’s just too blind to realize it” he tells you. “If you ask who it is I will get up and leave you here” he told you as you pout.“Why would you leave if I asked?” you say to him “because you’re an idiot” he spoke teasingly. Scoffing you shove him away getting up. “Where are you going?” he asked you “to figure out who you like” you say as he grabs your arm. He turned you to look at him directly in the eyes “look in a mirror then” he whispered as you two simply stared at each other. 

“Cut” the director called as you started laughing right away “that was so lame” you say to him as he smiled “the fans will squeal” he cooed as you nodded “alright you’re right” you tell him.  


Jinyoung watched his friends who were watching the show “you guys have such chemistry” Mark comments as Jinyoung raised a brow “it’s called acting” Jinyoung told them as he raised his brow. “Look how you look at her though” Jackson told him “what?” “dude you look like you’re about to jump her” BamBam teased as Jinyoung rolled his eyes. “We’re just acting” Jinyoung spoke again “so were Nam Joohyuk and Lee Sungkyung” Yugyeom teased “all their flirting was real and I just think you won’t realize yours is too” Jaebum cooed patting his friend’s shoulder. The shocker was that you and Jinyoung had been an item since you two since the middle of filming for your drama together many months ago. But you took a play from the Weightlifting couples book and let people assume for a bit before admitting to it. Jinyoung leaned his head back as he started thinking about his favorite scene through out it all.


“Yo-you like me?” you asked him as he cupped your face “you’re more than pretty. You’re beautiful” he spoke bumped his forehead with yours “the only girl I like” he whispers as he smiled lightly pulling away as he could stare at you “your laugh is my favorite thing to listen to” he spoke. “And I can say I truly like you” he told you, your lips connected with his as he wrapped his arms around your waist tugging you close to him as you pulled back. He simply rubbed his nose with yours as you chuckled lightly “why did you take so long?” you asked him “if you weren’t so clueless, it wouldn’t have taken so long” he teased “why are you always ruining the moment?” you argued “it’s our thing” he told you as you gave a sweet smile.

The scene had quickly ended you two had locked lips briefly “it’s kinda late. Want to come stay the night?” you asked him. His eyes went wide before he nodded.


Jinyoung had his arm draped calmly over you as you were scrolling through your Instagram looking at your show’s tag and giggled. “Look at this” you say as you showed him “oh someone drew this?” he spoke amazed taking your phone from you staring at it. “Some people are devoted to us” you tell him as he smiled. “We are pretty cute” he told you as you laughed. “I think we’re perfect for one another in the show” he says as you turn to him laying on your stomach resting your head in his lap. “Why’s that?” he asked “two people who never knew what love really is. Fall in love after being clueless for so long” you say “it only works well because we work well” he told you as you made a sound in agreement. You sat up bringing him in for a kiss, he kissed back right away. “You know I love you” you say as he smiled “good because I love you too” he told you.

You and Jinyoung had began hanging and posting lots of pictures on SNS. And that’s when your fans had their hearts jump more for the cute couple you two had played and it became real. Even more when Jinyoung had been caught leaving your apartment building. After many a month or so of rumors the two of you decided finally after getting permission of course from your managers, you two finally annoyed to the world you were dating.

No Good Deed

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

A/N: This was written for a follower celebration, but I had a lot of fun writing it! Based off of this song from Wicked.

Word Count: 1,072

**Warnings**: Use of mudblood and mild self-deprecating thoughts, mention of a previous murder, mention of the events regarding Draco in The Half-Blood Prince


@nicolejones412 Here it is! Thanks for including me in this, I really liked it. It’s also my first time writing for Draco, so that was cool :)

Where could he be?

When Draco had left the courtyard in a panicked hurry, I knew something was wrong. His face had gone paler than normal and his hands were shaking… He had risen and then strode away quickly, without so much as a glance in my direction.

I should have gone after him right then… I thought. If I had, I wouldn’t be here now, desperately searching the halls of Hogwarts for the Slytherin Prince. My urgency grew as an unsettling feeling formed in the pit of my stomach. Something was definitely wrong.

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graduation imagine

@tcobsession : If you could I would looove an after graduation imagine with a math teacher. It would be amazing if you could ❤❤  


You walked out of the school hall with a certificate in your hand and a smile on your face. Today was the day you graduated, the day you were finally free from the pointless rules and the petty drama of high school. You could now live your life to the fullest, and do some traveling around Europe like you’d dreamt of since you were a kid.

“Y/N!” Your best friend cried out from the group of people she was standing around. Their heads slowly turned around; her dad,  your parents, your English teacher, and a face you’d grown very fond of as of the past three years - your Math teacher.

As you walked toward the group, you started to panic. Just seeing his blond hair and athletic build made your heart race, and it killed you that this would be the last time you’d ever see him again.

It was your parents who pulled you into a hug first, both kissing your cheeks at the same time. “I can’t breathe!” You cried, laughing as they pulled away.

“We’re so, so proud of you darling,” your mum breathed, her eyes brimming with tears.

Your dad rolled his eyes. “Oh, stop it,” he told her, before smiling at you. “Well done, honey.”

You grinned, watching as your best friend and your TC talked among each other. You couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy in your chest as you wished that was you right now, but your time would come, it had to.

Your English teacher placed her hands on your forearms, sighing in contentment. “Y/N, you were such a pleasure to teach. I wish you a very happy life, and I know that no matter what you do, you’ll be brilliant at it.”

“Thank you Miss,” you smiled, pulling her into a hug. She smiled warmly at you when you pulled away.

BF/N’s dad was quick to congratulate you after that. “Good job for not letting BF/N distract you too much,” he winked, making you laugh.

Your best friend grabbed her dad’s arm. “Come on, we have to go and see Mr. Callahan,” she whined, before dragging him away. It was no secret that Mr. Callahan was admired by almost every girl in the school. He was the Art teacher who’d only started this year, and he was very, very good-looking. Almost as much as TC/N, but no one had anything on him.

“Would any of you like a coffee?” your English teacher asked you.

TC/N and yourself politely declined whilst your parents both nodded enthusiastically. “Well, follow me,” she said, leading them away to the beverage stall and leaving you two alone.

You looked at TC for a moment. You took in his irresistible scent of cinnamon, his outfit consisting of a fitted grey suit with a white shirt and black tie, the small strands of hair that fell into his ocean blue eyes that you had so deeply fallen in love with. There was no denying that this man had had an immense impact on not only your education but your mind too. There wasn’t a minute where this man didn’t cross your mind, and by the end of the year you found it almost impossible to concentrate in his class when he sent you winks and smirks from across the room. He was almost intoxicating in the way that he drew you in, but you enjoyed it so much.

“So,” TC/N said, interrupting your thoughts. “This is the end.”

You sighed in relief. “Thank God,” you laughed. “I don’t think I could take another year now.”

TC/N clutched his chest in mock horror. “Well, I’m sorry for causing you so much pain!” He exclaimed, sarcasm lacing his voice.

“Shut up,” you laughed. “I just need a new start, that’s all.”

He nodded, looking into your eyes with his bright blue ones which drove you oh-so-crazy every time you saw them. “I think we all do at some point,” he said. “I think you’re great, you know that, right?”

Your heart raced and you felt a heat rush to your cheeks. “Really?”

He smirked, “really. Which is why I’m going to suggest that we keep in touch. I need some greatness in my life, and I don’t think I can take spending a year without you irritating me with your crazy questions every Tuesday and Friday.”

“Hey!” You protested, your cheeks now burning. “I’m not irritating. And they weren’t crazy questions. I just…. wanted to get to know you, that’s all.”

A laugh escaped his full pink lips, and from that moment on you were staring at them, imagining them on yours. He caught your gaze and cleared his throat, the cheeky smirk still apparent on his defined face.

“Well,” he said, a hint of nervousness in his voice. “If you’re not too busy, I think I can handle you irritating me for a while longer.”

He discreetly brushed his hand with yours, and you were positive that there were a million and one butterflies fluttering in your stomach right now. This was happening. The moment you had been dreaming of for three whole years was happening. TC/N, the guy of your dreams, was interested in you.

Confidence, Y/N, confidence, you thought to yourself, as you cocked an eyebrow. “And what do you mean by that, exactly?” you asked.

TC/N laughed, reaching into his pocket and taking out a black iPhone. “I think you know exactly what I mean. Give me your number, and I’ll text you.”

Your hands shook a little but you kept yourself composed as you took his phone, typing your name and number into his contacts. You passed the phone back to him, allowing your eyes to meet and your fingers to linger over each other’s for a while.

“Expect to hear from me very soon,” he told you, before pulling you into a hug. You wrapped your arms around his torso, inhaling his sweet scent and never wanting to let go. To you, he was a dream. A complete and utter dream. He was absolutely unreal, and for him to take an interest in you was impossible in your mind.

You slowly started to pull away, but not before you a placed a soft kiss to his cheek. “I’ll be waiting,” you smiled devilishly, before turning and walking away.

Seconds after, you felt a buzz into your pocket. You took your phone out, and what was written on the screen surprised you completely:

i live in the third house on redgrove lane, you’ll know which one it is by my car outside. you, me, a blanket fort and italian food, tonight at 7. what do you say?

And with a huge smirk plastered onto your face, you replied:

sounds like a plan. x

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2: “ Not you again.. ” FlintHamilton - Kat

                                                          *  *  *

“Not you again.” James muttered before he was aware that he had actually (though completely unintentionally) spoken the words aloud.

The blonde man who had prompted the words paused. “Sorry, am I being a nuisance?”

“No, no.” James hurried to reassure him. “It’s just…usually, if I’m doing my job correctly, I don’t see people again after they ask me how to find an exhibit.” 

He really only minded if people kept asking him pointless and inane questions, but he didn’t mind so much with this one. Even though it was the third time that afternoon the blonde had turned up at his desk. For one, the questions had been neither pointless or inane, just a man simply trying to make sense of the museum’s frankly confusing exhibit design. And two, well, he was a very handsome man. 

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I Was Here First - Part One

Characters: Jason Todd (Red Hood), Reader (You).

Requested by: Anonymous.

Synopsis: Deadpool-like female reader and Jason Todd cross paths trying to exterminate a drug lord and they fight which leads to them flirting.

Warnings: Kissing, Language, Death (Not main character), Sexual References.

A/N: Y/N = Your Name.
L/N = Last Name.
Hope you like it!
I did!

Tags: @lastbeliever

“-3 days and you better have my money, shithead.” Jason listened in as a drug lord growled into his phone.
“Idiot. Don’t mess with the scum of the earth.” Jason smirked to himself, his voice obscured by the hood.
Jason stalked down the fire escape, nearing the window, sure to stay in the shadows and remain unseen.
“I’m working with the dumbest shits-”
“Now that’s not very polite.” A female voice interrupted and the Red Hood froze in place, half in the apartment, half out.
“Who’s there?” The drug lord asked the darkness and pulled a gun out of his back pocket, hand shaking as he pointed aimlessly.
“Hi!” A woman answered in a red and black suit and mask, hugging close to her body and a ponytail swinging behind through a whole in the mask. And she was a walking armory. “I’m your ass.”
“What, a child has been sent to kill me?”
“Nope.” She drew out a dagger. “Just immature.” She shrugged innocently as she threw dagger, pinning him to a wall through his shoulder. The drug lord screamed in pain.
Jason didn’t know whether to stop this or not. On one hand, it’s what he was going to do. On the other hand, it’s what HE was going to do.
“Please, don’t kill me.”
“Why do they always beg?” she skipped over to him. “It’s not like there’s a smaller chance of being killed for being a druggie. You must expect it?” She toyed with him, using another dagger to lightly drag over his neck, careful to not slice the skin.
“Hey!” Jason shouted before he could stop himself. Coughing, he composed himself, slipping into the room and strutting over to them, guns gently banging his thighs as they sat in their holsters. “Get it over and done with or I will.” He drew one out.
“Who are you?” The masked woman questioned.
“I was sent to take him out. You?”
“Oh my gosh, same!” She squeeled and Jason was obviously confused, even with the hood. Jason looked around. Was he being pranked?
A disgusting, gurgling noise came from the drug lord and his throat was slit as fast as The Flash could get from his bedroom to the fridge.
“What are you doing?” Jason exclaimed.
“What? It was your job too. I just did it quicker.”
“If you weren’t here he would have been dead ages ago.”
“Really? Because it seems you were just sitting on his balcony enjoying the view.” Jason eyes traveled down her body, studying every curve before returning to her face, with the full face mask now removed. She winked at him. “Definitely enjoying the view.”
Jason smirked under the hood.
“It still would have been done quicker with me?” Jason put the guns away and crossed his arms over his chest. He moved closer to her until her back was pressed against the wall.
He chuckled as he heard her breath hitch, but she was still able to keep her attitude and wit.
“So, you finish quickly? Damn shame. You look like you could make it long and pleasurable.” She purred and bit her lip.
“Are we still talking about killing?”
“You decide.” She rubbed her leg between his thighs and he let out a moan. She flipped them around and held him against the wall, her hips pressing against his thighs and he looked down at her. “Take off your helmet.” And Jason complied.
She had an amused look on her face. “A mask, under a mask?”
Jason shrugged and she giggled.
Moving to stand on her tiptoes, she brushed her lips against Jason’s, but didn’t press, causing Jason to meet her halfway as captured her bottom lip in his, sucking on it. Her tongue brushed over his lips and her hands roamed to take hers.
Jason halted when there was the clinking of metal suddenly in his ear.
Looking down, he saw the woman had handcuffed him.
She flashed a teeth-filled smile at him, dangling the key in front of his face before throwing it into the darkness.
Jason was wide-eyed, yet smug as she walked away to the window, ready to climb down.
“Wait!” He called.
She paused and looked at him, her mask ready to be slipped back on before she went into the public.
“What’s your name?”
She laughed and winked at him before slipping out the window.
Jason didn’t know what he was feeling, dissapointed, annoyed or aroused?
He pushed himself off the wall and started searching the shadows for the keys.
Jason nearly jumped out of his skin as a head poked back in, the familiar mask back on.
“It’s Y/N. Y/N L/N.” She slinked back out.
Jason grinned to himself. “Y/N L/N. Pretty.”

Trains and Training (Steve Rogers x Reader)

AN: Set after “The First Avenger” and before “Avengers Assemble”

Summary: Steve tries to get into a routine after being asleep for 70 years. One person seems to have unknowingly worked their way into said routine, much to Steve’s surprise.

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain




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punks-n-rec  asked:

Shatt- A4 quickly followed by B4. Something like.... they're on some kind of space mission, and maybe Shiro told Matt not to come because it's "dangerous" and Matt is like 'f you takashi i literally fought with the rebels' and sneaks out with them anyways. and it starts with them fighting ridiculously (a4) but then something Scary happens and Matt is immediately ducking behind Shiro because he got startled, and now Shiro will never let him live that down.

“We need a distraction,” Pidge’s voice said.  Her voice was a harsh whisper over the comms.  “They’re getting way too close to me and Hunk.  We’ll get caught before we’re done.”

Shiro took a deep breath, considering.  “Alright.  I’ll start making noise over here.  Lance, I’m going to need your blaster fire.”

Next to Shiro, Matt nudged his side.  “Hold up there, Rambo.  I’ve got an idea that doesn’t involve anyone getting shot at.”

Perking, Shiro looked over at Matt.  “Yeah?  I’m okay with that.  What are you going to do?”

“Not us.  We.  You hold tight, Lance.  Keith too.  I only need Shiro.”

“What are you guys doing?” Keith asked, his brow furrowed and lips pursing.  “Why only Shiro?”

Matt snorted.  “Because neither of you two can lie worth shit.  C’mon, Starshine, hop to.”

Okay, Shiro was officially curious.  

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WHOOOOOAA pulled an all nighter and i didnt plan it T^T i coundt sleep got work today bleh

soooo since i coundt sleep i drew this cute thing, gah been wanting to do this one for a while now!! i love the fluff to much!!!! plus i love abyss sans desgin (and his name)……everything about abyss i love!!

anyways this is another one of fairy soul unison ability this time with  abyss, hmmm i may have made one side too fluff x-x not good at mirroring things well oh well x-x

ummm if i drew some things wrong meta im sorry T^T

anyways fairy collar for this looks turns into the crystal(or diamond?) that abyss has on his outfit

ehh *shrugs* i may work on this later kinda wanna doodle it more it was fun o3o

not cannon i just enjoy messing around with fairy ability 

abyss!sans is owned by @metakazkz

fairy owned by me


Day 6 Winter

I’m such a failure right now… Sorry Guys! I quickly drew this because I felt really bad for the lack of drawings…

So here is Another Terrible Camera shot quality of a bad comic about a mistletoe… original
I might make another one at redraw this to make it look better.. OH WELL!

(Oh… And and don’t mind the History book in the background… Lol)


Geek //Neville Imagine//

Requested by: @milleniumxhan

Request: Neville longbottom x reader pls where you introduce him to the muggle world (you’re a half blood) and you guys go to Disneyland together and it’s hella cheesy. And you’re a huge geek so you make him go on the Star Wars rides and he buys u a light saber and it ends with the Han Solo and leia thing “i love you” “i know” plsss if you don’t mind! Thanks ❤️❤️❤️

Warnings: none

A/n: I’ve never been to Disneyland so don’t hate me for not knowing what I’m talking about! Lol!

“I don’t know about this Y/n….I’ve heard some pretty terrifying things about this place…” Neville twirled the strap of his seatbelt in his fingers as you pulled the car into the Disneyland parking lot.

“Stories so terrifying because of how detailed they are about how much fun people have had you mean.” You corrected as you shot him a comforting smile. “I promise that you’ll fit right in. No one will ever know you’re a wizard and even if someone does then we can just obliviate them.”

You pulled your car door open and stepped into the parking lot, Neville following your lead and nervously following you to the gates. You passed the entrance successfully and walked into the massive compound.

“Neville,” you took his hand in yours. “Welcome to heaven.”

“I imagined heaven being a little cleaner…” you looked to your left and noticed Neville staring at an overflowing trash can.

“God Neville. Stop being a party pooper. Cmon there are so many rides we can go on and food stands we can visit!! Look at all those games we can win prizes at!” You exclaimed as you dragged Neville towards the nearest ride.

You dragged him to Splash Mountain and through the Haunted Mansion. You enjoyed a ride through a pirate of the Caribbean world and enjoyed an Indiana jones adventure hand in hand of course.

Being a mudblood, you had been to Disneyland plenty of times but Neville had never even heard of it. It took coaxing and a bit of begging to get him to go on some of the rides but after a while he started getting into it.

“We should totally go there Y/n!” Neville pointed across the large crowd to a large Ferris wheel, his other hand entwined with your fingers.

“I’m down!” You replied, pressing a kiss against his cheek. “I’ll race you there!” You instantly pushed off the ground and began swerving through people as you ran towards the Ferris wheel, Neville laughing, but close at your heels.

You swerved around a woman pushing a stroller and a man with an infant strapped to his chest. You shouted an apology after bumping into a teenage boy with a pirate hat on and thanked a teenage girl for moving out of the way so quickly.

You beat him to the Ferris wheel and he wrapped his arms around your waist, hugging you from behind as you both laughed, completely out of breath.

“I’d say it was a tie.” Neville smiled as he gave a token to the ride operator.

“No way! I was totally here first!” You snapped back, a laugh escaping your lips. “You just don’t want to admit you lost.”

“Well I let you win soo..” Neville shrugged and stepped into the lift, offering you his hand and pulling you in after him. You sat down beside him and the operation closed the doors and pulled a lever. Your cart began to slowly move upwards towards the big blue sky ahead and you cheered.

“You’re going to love this, Neville. It’s just like flying!” You smiled at him and gripped the handlebar excitedly.

“Well then this will be just magical considering how much I love flying.” Neville smiled back at you and you could hear the heavy sarcasm in his voice.

“Okay, you’ll like this much better than flying. I promise.” You replied, nudging his shoulder slightly. He nodded and looked over the edge.

It took you about five minutes to reach the top. “Merlin’s beard,” Neville breathed. “It’s gorgeous!”

“Best view in the entire park.” You confirmed with a smile, watching your boyfriend’s eyes sparkle as they scanned the entire area.

“It’s amazing. I could stay up here forever!” Neville laughed to himself and grabbed your hand, giving it a light squeeze. “Oh look Y/n! They have a Star Wars booth over there!” Neville pointed over the bar and you followed with your eyes to a small tent with the words Star Wars painted on it.

“Yeah we’re definitely going there next.” You laughed and Neville couldn’t help but laugh either.

“You’re such a geek.” Neville shook his head as the lift began to descend again.

“You’re one to talk, Mr ‘I know everything about Herbology’,” you smirked at him and laughed when he couldn’t think of anything else to say.

The lift made it back to the ground and the ride operator opened the doors, letting you and Neville begin your search for the Star Wars tent.

“I could have sworn it was by this cotton candy shop.” Neville rubbed his chin.

“Neville there are at least a million cotton candy shops around here. Check that map the front desk lady handed you.” You instructed and Neville reached into his back pocket and pulled out the map.

“Ah! We’re close! It’s right down this way!” Neville exclaimed as he began walking into the crowd.

“Neville wait!” You called with a laugh, desperate not to lose him in the sea of tourists.

“We have arrived.” Neville spoke as he stood in front of the Star Wars tent. Light sabers hung from the ceiling and plush chewbacca and R2D2’s lined a shelf on the back wall. A stack of bottles was perched in the middle of the tent and a man with a thick mustache was leaning against the counter.

“Would you like to play, young man?” The man asked, looking at Neville.

“Oh uh..yes actually, I would.” Neville stepped up to the counter and handed the man the appropriate amount of tickets. The man handed him three tennis balls.

“You must knock over six bottles to win a lightsaber and nine to win a plush,” The man instructed. “Good luck boy.”

Neville drew back his arm and swung, knocking down a stack of three bottles. You cheered quietly and watched as he wound up his arm for his second throw. He released and another three bottles fell to the ground.

“Last one.” Neville spoke to himself as he wound up his arm again. He threw it but it slipped and only knocked off the top bottle.

“Don’t worry boy! You’ve won a lightsaber and in my opinion, those are quite a but cooler than a stuffed toy.” The man winked as he handed Neville a green lightsaber.

“Thank you.” Neville smiled at the clerk before turning to you, a huge smile on his face. “For my space princess,” he bowed slightly and extended the lightsaber in his hand.

“Thank you Neville!! This is amazing!! I think this is the happiest I’ve been today!!” You cheered, taking the lightsaber and admiring it.

“You sure about that?” Neville asked as he stepped forward and wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling your lips to his.

“Now I am.” You smiled once you pulled away.

He rested his forehead against yours. “I love you.”

You smiled. “I know.”