oh look i did anyway

Jumin: Did you try the back camera

based off a vine from eons ago// (a sequel to V’s selfie post, click!)

A visual guide to @chronicolicity‘s ‘Resistance is built on hope’ - Virginie ‘Jyn’ Erso.

i wanted to make something cool and accurate but i made this instead (with dumb princess diaries and deadpool references i know forgive me)

anyway this fic is superflicious wonderful amazing and everybody needs to read it and send love to the author (also much love to @runakvaed and this flawless edit without whom id never have discovered it) 


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Welp I wrote a small drabble with Shindeku cuddles because why not.

At 10:30pm.

Because why not.


Ya know, I forgot how nice Gene looks in the Minutemen General uniform


hello i graduated! 🎓

There is something about Mommy!Carmilla, and i don’t know what it is, but I can’t stay away from.

Thanks again to thisismyhalfroomcutie for let me play a little with her OC, that btw, you can find here

“What about Carter?”

“Are you sure it’s not because you have the hots for Hayley Atwell?”


final fantasy type-0 abilities:

Jack ➟ Transience.

Pixiv -  空向@京都秘封 秘3 | Art -  Closed to you

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The Hero of Ferelden and young Grey Warden Fiona, aka Short Elves That Are Done With Your Shit™

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👪 Happy Father's Day 👪
  • ~~
  • Sherlock: *strolls into the lab* Molly, did you know there is an entire day dedicated to fathers?
  • Molly: *smiles* Yeah...
  • Sherlock: *sighs* And all we have to do was lie there.
  • Molly: *giggles* There's a Mother's Day, too, you know.
  • Sherlock: *gesturing* Yes, that makes sense. A never ending job.
  • Molly: *leans over the bench* So, you don't want your present, then?
  • Sherlock: *glances at her baby bump* That'll be a trick.
  • Molly: *rubbing her stomach fondly* It's getting quite difficult to explain.
  • Sherlock: *raises an eyebrow* You want people to know?
  • Molly: *shrugs* Wouldn't be so terrible. My Mum might kill you, though.
  • Sherlock: Nothing compared to what Mary's going to do.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *swallows* You're quite sure I'm the father?
  • Molly: *gives a half-smile* 'fraid so.
  • Sherlock: *nods* Fine. We'll tell them tonight *kisses her quickly; leaving the lab*
  • Molly: Sherlock?
  • Sherlock: *at the door* Hmm?
  • Molly: *smiles* Happy Father's Day.
  • Sherlock: *smiles cutely* I can get used to that.

i’m still furious that finding a faceclaim for rahart got me into a whole goddamn kpop group ://