oh look i did anyway


jojo gangs up until part 5….my hand got tired….


(( OOC: More before and afters… also… a little sneak peak of a project I’m currently working on. ;) )) 

Lemme, um, get at that.

Hard Daps.


How to look at someone you want dead: a guide by Edward Nygma


Life lessons by Dita Von Teese: “I have these people who might make fun of me and call me names, tell me I need to get a little sun, that I look like Dracula’s wife or whatever and I’ve been made fun of lots of times. But then there’s this other group of amazing people like Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano and really amazing people that are part of this other group that encourage eccentricity and love people that are a little bit different. When somebody makes fun of me, I look at where it’s coming from and I think it’s a compliment actually because I’m looking at who’s hurtling insults at me and I do not want to be part of their tribe.”

Stealth mode activate? I mean it’s hard to stealth with those lights all over you but idk I wanted to try a new color for the armor so

[Pidge] [Keith] [Hunk]


They were roommates before they were together. And there was a few cute/awkward moments between friends with a secret crush on each other.

color whomst?


a pathetic excuse to stare at that picture for 2 hours


Grady Travis (and the back of his beautiful head)

Jumin: Did you try the back camera

based off a vine from eons ago// (a sequel to V’s selfie post, click!)


don’t mock me.


oh hey i did a super quick redraw bc i couldnt look at this screenshot for longer than 2 minutes without having to stop and cry over how Good it is,



A visual guide to @chronicolicity‘s ‘Resistance is built on hope’ - Virginie ‘Jyn’ Erso.

i wanted to make something cool and accurate but i made this instead (with dumb princess diaries and deadpool references i know forgive me)

anyway this fic is superflicious wonderful amazing and everybody needs to read it and send love to the author (also much love to @runakvaed and this flawless edit without whom id never have discovered it) 

This is a long time to draw and I took a few breaks, too but it’s finished. So here’s the late night crew with guests at a spooky outdoors. And I’m sure they’ll be just fine. Also, I accidentally drew scott and riskem look the same…


yo listen… these two are my soft spot so appreciate them please ^o^