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Sinbad no Bouken 141 RAW + a Summary!

Here are the raws for Sinbad no Bouken 141 raw and a quick summary! In which the Sindria company has yet another surprise visitor!!! Oh no…

Just a reminder, to anyone who follows me and enjoys these raws/summaries, parts of or even all of these summaries could be completely wrong, so be advised as you read them as I am by no means a professional translator!

*** Disclaimer : Sinbad no Bouken is not my work. Please be sure to vote for Sinbad no Bouken every day on the MangaOne app if you have it!

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Magi: Aladdin and Kougyoku

This is a rather long Magi post. And it also is about a ship that not many people ship, especially because several have not read the manga and not many people are attracted to this ship in general. And it’s kind of sad to think there is probably high possibility that it won’t ever become canon even though it seems kind of obvious Aladdin has a crush on her (although others might think otherwise).

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MAGI 345 Full Spoiler Translation

Disclaimer: i only to this for fun, to share it with you guys, and to practice my japanese :) which is very basic so keep in mind that i could be completely mistaken in some parts.  This is just a fan translation of incomplete spoilers so: Don’t forget to support the official releases of Magi!

Source: From Tieba Baidu’s Japanese scans and from Jump-Netabare’s texts ^^

@sayakakat2012 @maumauxmau

UPDATE:  I added the jump-Netabare info that was missing. I checked it while looking at the korean scans so i would be able order it as if the texts were the in word balloons ( you can read it that way if you want to, while you look at the pics on the korean scans) ^^ 

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Even if he dies, he won’t give up!!
How did he came back to life?

*Netabare text: Wahid, Setta and Tess are piling up stones. Lethargic people are floating around them.

Alibaba: I want to come back to life!

Wahid: Again, with that? Come do masonry too, Alibaba! Everything will be fine among us anyway!

Alibaba: Nothing will be fine!

Wahid: Since Alibaba came here, he has been investigating around and listening to everyone’s conversations nonstop.

Tess: Hey big brother Setta

Tess: What kind of feeling is “to want to be alive again”?

Setta: Who knows, but Tess was also alive a long time ago.

Tess: Hmm.

Night 345: Magical Connection

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You Don’t Have To Answer

Some Snowbaz fanfiction for you! Featuring tipsy!snowbaz! Smut free, 4.1K words :)

Baz doesn’t know how he’s going to survive another 3 semesters of unrequited love for his roommate. Agatha has just broken up with Simon. The actual piece is better than this summary, I promise.


It was getting harder and harder to live with my secret.

It wasn’t that I wanted to tell Simon that I was in love with him. As far as I was concerned, it was just as well that Simon would never find out. But it isn’t easy being in love with your enemy.

Sometimes, when I was leaning against his headboard attempting to study for Politics or some other class, and Snow would walk out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his head, or even just be doing homework on his bed, I couldn’t help but watch and ponder. What would happen if I shoved my books aside, pushed Snow up against the wall, and started kissing him? There was a small part of me that thought Snow would whisper finally and kiss me back, mirroring my own lust.

There were so many things wrong with that, though. Snow was straight, wrapped around Wellbelove’s finger—oh yeah, and he hated me. It was an obsessive hatred, one that drove him to follow me and keep track of everything I did, but hatred all the same.

If I watched Snow for too long, surely he would notice, and then I would have to talk to him and pretend to hate him, and honestly, it was exhausting. So I would sigh and go back to my schoolwork. It was the same every night. Always wondering, knowing the entire time that it would never go anywhere.

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every once in a while I think about Ugo’s life and cry a little

it just.
breaks my heart.

(uncontrolled rambling from here on out)

There’s this guy, an adult man with such little self-esteem and confidence in his own amazing abilities because apparently the first person who ever offered him not mockery, but appreciation, encouragement and friendship was a little boy who dragged him out of a depressed, apathetic daze when he was what? Around 45 years old???

That kid became his best friend and the source of strength, and some years of growing confidence and hope later, it’s all going to shit again.
His world is falling apart.
All of his friends are falling apart too, and in the end all of them die; by either being brutally slaughtered (and him blaming himself for not being good enough to save them, just when he thought he was actually good for something), even killing each other, or sacrificing themselves.

All that he’s left with is a devastated world with devastated people, and the unborn child he had to take from another friend’s (and probably his closest after Solomon) body.

That’s what’s left to him, but instead of just, I don’t know, dying from grief and despair, he swears to take care of it all somehow. And he does, with some trouble, yes, because his confidence is still weak - but he manages to inspire and unite all of the survivors (and in this way, somehow being the only one who managed to do what every fucking king vessel in Magi ideally but unsuccesfully aimed to achieve!?) and create a whole flipping new world for them and save them, by giving up his body and isolating himself once more.
Granted, the inspiration part was probably due to Aladdin, who was likely also what gave him strength in these times.

ALADDIN, oh boy.
That little creature that’s the child of the two people who were probably closest to him and who he watched dying - and he basically adopted it and cherished it and was really really looking forward to meeting it but waited to bring it to life until the time was right for it to enjoy a good life… only that this never happened.
After waiting for a thousand years, he had to bring the kid to life, only to load it with the task of saving its own world when he himself couldn’t do this anymore.
Ugo looked forward to meeting this child so much, but their first meeting wasn’t even heartwarming, it was outright depressing. Ugo felt like he had to play the role of a distant servant and mentor (likely didn’t even feel worthy of any closer relationship?) and didn’t even realize that Aladdin really just wanted the same as he did - to be friends. He only realized that shortly after his young protegé tried to actually kill himself out of despair and loneliness.
The child and last remaining thing he had left of his friends, who is the spitting image of them, and who he swore to protect.

Can you even imagine the pain of that?

Then they became friends for a few years - A FEW YEARS (which must be like the blink of an eye for an immortal being like Ugo) - and it probably must have been like a reprise of young Solomon pulling Ugo out of his rut.
And just a few years later, Ugo already had to release Aladdin into the world, continuing to protect and guide him and eventually severing their bond by giving up his physical incarnation entirely to save Aladdin’s life, being left forever alone in the Holy Palace.

They never met again, and all Ugo can do is hope that Aladdin is up to the huge burden he had to put on him - but what choice did he have? I’m sure he sometimes has regrets about that too.

Just. Give this guy a break. He didn’t deserve so much loneliness, holy shit.

Just a little analysis here.

I know that this has probably been pointed out before butI like how the Aladdin-Alibaba-Morgiana and the Aladdin-Titus-Sphintus trio just seem to subvert typical character design/concept archetypes.

The normal trio dynamic is: The Hero, designed as the cute guy, cute loser, look-it’s-probably-our-protagonist character = Brute force/Awesome powers/either a loser or a pervert, The Foil, the brooding right-hand man or the megane character, or just plain Mr. Serious, or the derp = Serious/Witty/Sarcastic/Prodigy/An Idiot if the Hero isn’t/either the angst engine or the antihero, The Chick, the pretty girl, may be the megane character, OR SIMPLY THE GIRL = Healer/Magician/Long-range fighter/Non-physical combat

On Aladdin-Alibaba-Morgiana:

  • Here we have Alibaba and Aladdin both magic users and the girl in the group: Morgiana, the physically strongest of the trio.
  • While Alibaba has the hero’s typical charisma and let’s face it he’s a big sappy loser (LOL VIRGIN) and he fills in the pervert category quite well, he doesn’t really have the “awesome powers” thing. What makes him shine is his charisma, swordsmanship and fire powers. Yep. Very typical - fire powers, and then nothing more. He will just have to bring it strong, ne?
  • Aladdin is a kid and let’s say he is more of the supposed “foil” character since we need Alibaba to shine. So he falls into the perv category (BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS) too. He may have the tragic backstory in check, as well – but he’s the heart of the trio as well. Aladdin is the wisest of the three, and you don’t always get that with the kid-type, wizard-prodigy characters. And it’s just so awesome.
  • Morgiana is the token girl. She subverts almost every other token girl character by being the brute force of the team. She carries the heavy bags. She takes out the little guys. She’s the least vain of the team. She stays quiet but will fuck you up the second you lay a finger on her boys. But while she is the brute force, she isn’t insensitive at all. She knows when the boys are on edge, she knows when to stay silent and when to grab Alibaba and hurl him at Aladdin, and she takes the initiative to tell the other that she will go with the other guy to keep things in check. Homegirl, hands down.

The Aladdin-Sphintus-Titus is more complicated since they all use magic, but the application is still non-typical:

  • Titus is canonically “effeminate”, and he is shown to follow the ‘The Chick is the emotional core and she picks up little children and bunnies and kitties and keep them’ trope. But while he does follow the role typically given to the girl character, he’s also the pretty guy. Y'know, the dreamboy. The campus crush who is also a genius and even the guys fall for him and he sports the Draco-Malfoy smug look of 'It’s a privilege to be my friend’. A character having two defining “roles” isn’t new; but being the smug pretty boy genius and at the same time the i-will-adopt-this-girl-and-free-every-slave character… it would take really good writing to get that down. And boy did Ohtaka get it down.
  • The kid (yes the kid should be Marga but Aladdin is the youngest so I’m counting him here) is usually the prankster, always throwing insults with either the Hero (if he’s an idiot) or the Chick (because she’s a girl!), but Aladdin is the middleman, which, again, you won’t typically associate with the kid character. He’s the wisest of the three, again. He actually is the brute force in this trio, because Sphintus is a healer, Titus is all the Pretty Guardian Sailor Scouts combined – and Aladdin is magic + martial arts + battle skillz. So yep. Not the typical token child archetype.
  • You’d expect Sphintus to be the dreamboy (but no that’s Titus) or the combat magic letmelashmymagoilightsaberatyou (but no that’s Aladdin) and let’s face it, we’d all think that Sphintus is the Hero character because… well… Titus is a pretty princess and Aladdin is a child so that leaves him. But no. Sphintus is the healer because being nurse is badass and who cares about your shitty giant superstorm magic bearing a thousand year wisdom? I knock all the guards out with healing magic and I heal you after a giant fucking flower spit you out and there was a gaping hole on your stomach I TAKE CARE OF YOUR BABY WHEN YOU’RE A SKELETON you get promoted to God-on-Earth after coming back from the dead and I appoint my whole clan as your family of healing magicians BECAUSE I AM THE MANLIEST MAN YOU WILL EVER MEET.

tldr; Bless you Ohtaka for writing good main characters.

Magi Volume 5 Drama CD, Listen here, Aladdin-kun!

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the translation. Picture’s credit at daughterofsatan. More under cut. 

Aladdin: Hey everyone, I’m Aladdin, a traveler! Even though I said that, recently I have been staying at a country called Balbadd. Eh, but this is not Balbadd you say? Now that I think about it, where is this place and who are you people? That’s weird, a lot of things seems vague.

Judal: Are you an idiot? You are here because you fought with me.  

Aladdin: Uwa~ you are…urm…Jugem-kun! 

Judal: It’s Judal! 

Aladdin: That’s it! Judaruda-kun!

Judal: WRONG! JU-DA-L! I’m a Magi, Judal, just like you, little Magi. 

Aladdin: Ah! That’s right, listen to me, this person is horrible. He suddenly came and challenged me to a fight with magic, that’s why I also fought back- Eh? What happened after that? 

Judal: Huh? Ah… hmm, I don’t really know since I could vaguely remember it too, but there is no way I would lose. Ah! Could you have died after being defeated by me?

Aladdin: Eh! I died? Still, the fact that you’re here too means… you died too? Also, the sisters and brothers listening to us too? 

Judal: Idi- There’s no way I would die so easily! Ah~ I get it, this is a dream. I see, no wonder I find it weird. 

Aladdin: Huh? A dream? 

Judal: Yeah, let’s check if it’s true, since it wouldn’t hurt in a dream. Here!

Aladdin: Urgh, it hurts! It hurts!

Judal: Huh? It hurts? That’s weird, then is it not a dream? 

Aladdin: Ugh… I though my cheeks would be ripped off. Jugeru-kun, why are you doing such mean things?  

Judal: I said it’s Judal. Since this is in my dream, I have the right to do whatever I want to. 

Aladdin: Like I say, this is my dream. 

Judal: It’s mine.

Aladdin: Mine. 

Judal: Hah! Looks like you won’t understand. Can’t be help, should we continue? 

Aladdin: Sure, the Ruhk inside me are whispering that you must be stopped. 

Judal: Nice resolve. Yosh!

Aladdin: But not now! The Ruhk are saying that we have a more important issue to deal with right now. That’s right, I am Magi. I am here to lead the people who brought the DVD and Blu-ray.

Judal: Ah~ now that I think about it, there could or not be such a job, it doesn’t matter either way. Since it’s annoying, you can handle it all, shorty. 

Aladdin: My my, you really can’t be help, Jogoro-kun. 

Judal: It’s Judal, you sure have strayed far. 

Aladdin: Then everyone, let’s begin, with the guidance of the Great Ruhk. Thus, Magi the Labyrinth of Magic, Bonus Drama CD; Midnight Balbadd… Listen, Aladdin-kun!

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The Line

“Um, Alcor, can I –”

Toby broke off awkwardly as his voice abruptly skipped up several registers.  Cheeks flushing, he cleared his throat and tried again.

“Can I ask you – *cough* *erh-hrm* – can I ask you something?”

Dipper looked warily down at the fidgeting, squeaky-voiced teenager from his current position floating in the middle of the living room, surrounded by a large collection of pillowcases, paper sacks, and plastic jack-o-melon pails all overflowing with a diverse selection of candy.  The handful of Yumber Jacks he’d been about to eat paused halfway to his mouth.

“…Yee-eeeees…” he answered cautiously, reluctantly shunting the candy in his hand back to his storage vault in the Mindscape, followed by the rest of the holiday confectionary.  He straightened up out of his lounging position in the air, giving Toby a look that he hoped accurately conveyed how important this had better be to be worth interrupting his candy-indulging time.

(He always got good deals around Halloween and Summerween, particularly from kids who had earned the ire of the various Summerween Trickster-like creatures that had started popping up off and on since the Transcendence, wherever terrible off-brand candy was a thing.  The hefty price in real candy that he was able to demand for getting rid of them always kept him well-stocked for most of the year.)

Toby fidgeted uncomfortably under Alcor’s gaze, scratching the back of his neck and shuffling his feet awkwardly.

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You always knew what it was like to be persecuted for who you were. Before your mom died, she told you that you had to hide. Homo-magi like you would have to hide your magic, you had to pretend to be homo-sapien, or human. 

People with superpowers being seen as horrible criminals or truly mazing heroes, which were you meant to be? You knew that your talents could be used for good, but to risk yourself to a world of people? A world of people (save for a few) who knew homo-magi exist? No, you weren’t going to betray your mother’s wish.

Even with your hiding, you found the people who had started the research on thiese people with powers, these metahumans. Dr. Harrison Wells, Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, and Barry Allen. They were good, kind people. If you had told them you knew (or hoped) they’d be accepting. They were of Cisco when they found out he had visions, but then again, he was human. Metahuman, but still human. I wasn’t even that. 

You sat, at your makeshift desk that the STAR Labs crew made for you. You had gotten on the track of your lineage because you were considering telling everyone, even Iris and Joe. It seems like everyone is using everyone’s abilities to help the current force against us. You know your magic could help in some form or fashion. But how do you tell a group of people that?

Hi, I know you’ve known me for a while, but I’m not human! In the slightest! I’m a species that parallelly evolved with homosapiens but I can do magic and you can’t! Great talk, does anyone wanna go to Jitters? I could really go for a double chocolate twist or a cronut right now! It’s not possible to surprise people with that. They might think that you couldn’t trust them, which wasn’t true, it’s the secret you tried to keep to yourself sometimes.

You twiddled an ink pen in your fingers while you typed on your laptop. Defeated on what you sould do, you were googling things along the lines of “how to tell a loved one a big secret” and, suprisingly, it’s giving you nothing.

“(Y/N), whatcha thinking so hard about?” Cisco, who was at his desk, asked, staring at you intently with a half-eaten twizzler in his mouth.

“Nothing. Just questioning everything I was ever taught in my life. You know, the usual.” You smiled at him, as if you were joking. 

“Ah, existential crises, the perfect way to spend the perfect afternoon.” Cisco said, feigining whismy. Special Cisco, one of the best friends you’ve made here in Central.

As you were about to respond, a siren over the intercom blared, making you and Cisco jump from your relaxed positions. “What’s that, Cisco?”

“The security alarm.” He told me thoughtfully. He spun around to face his computer monitor and began typing furiously. “Oh, not again.”

“Again? What do you mean again?” I got up and looked at the computer screen to see video footage of the cortex. In the cortex was a woman, wearing a ridculous costume made of what looked like not lit lightbulbs. “You’ve seen her before?”

“Her name is Shawna but we call her Peek-a-Boo. She can teleport anywhere she can see. Barry brought her down last year but she escaped and a few weeks ago she broke in. She wanted me to make her a special laser gun. I don’t exactly remember what happened after that but she was gone so I didn’t really question it.”

“You didn’t question it?” You asked him, almost reprimanding him. “What’re we supposed to do?”

“We’re meant to turn out all the lights so she can’t see but she has that DIY suit that lights up so she can see.”

You looked at the monitor, thinking of ways to stop her. “Can you put STAR Labs on lockdown?”

“What do you mean lockdown? No one could get us!”

“Get us? Cisco, we can save ourselves. We don’t need Barry for everything!”

“What do you plan to do?” You shut your eyes. You had no idea what you had planned to do. You could grab one of the special metahuman guns that the STAR Labs crew made and put her down in the old cells until Joe/Barry could get here. Actually, that seemed like a good enough plan.

“Detain her, of course.” You told him, moving to one of the metal trunks that were linedbeside the walls. Opening one up, you grabbed the right gun that Caitlin showed you how to use when the Geomancer came and attacked STAR Labs. Cisco came to grab another one but you stopped im before he could. “She’s expecting you, Cisco. She doesn’t know me so she won’t be expecting it. I can get her.”

“Are you sure? (Y/N), you’ve never used one of these before.”

“I can do it. I’ll be back with Shawna. You can take her down to the old cells, and after it’s all said and done we have a funny story to tell everyone later.”

You crept as silently as you could to the cortex, where she still was accoring to what yo last saw before you left. Cisco wanted to give you Barry’s commuicator, but you had to tell him that it would’ve been a distraction fro you, and besides, Barry’s suit was in the cortex, he couldn’t get the communicator.

You kept the gun aimed so you wouldn’t have to be caught off guard if she were to sudenly pop up. You tried tomimick the tatics of stealth teams on TV, but ou had no idea how you were doing in that sense. You probably looked really awkward and not-suave but as long as you caught Shawna and Cisco didn’t save the tapes for your embarassment later, then what did it mattter?

You suddenly felt hands on your neck and your neck was pulled back onto the ground. The gun I was holding flew out of my hands and landed about two yards away. “And who are you, lovely?”

“It doesn’t matter who I am. I know who you are.”

“I bet you do. Did Cisco tell you who I am? You know what, doesn’t matter. Where’s Cisco?”

“Not here.” You told her, gettsitting up on the floor. “Just me.”

“Just you? That’s a big threat.” Shawna disappeared and then reappeared leaning down over you. “What are you doing working witht the Flash?”

“I can do things too, you know. I can even do things better than you.” I smirked at her. Shawna was too rude, she didn’t have to pull me down by my neck to the ground. Good thing I can scare the shit out of her. “You wear that silly outfit so you can use your powers all the time. Good thing I don’t have that problem.”

You closed your eyes and concentrated. You could manipulate molecules. You’ve done this a few times before. You manipulated your molecules, the ones of your body and moved them behind her. You could feel yourself dematerializing. If didn’t hurt exactly, it kind of felt like dry skin coming off, except it’s you entire body and then you can feel it coming through the air and around Shawna.

When your molecules came back together, you had to give a moment to collect yourself and your thoughts. “Guess what, I can do it too.”

“What?” Shawna turned around, looking at me with wide eyes. “You’re a metahuman.”

“Not really.” You moved your hands to your sweatshirt that you kept in the cortex. Your finger turned a sparkly red, the symbol of maic from pop culture. You moved the sweatshirt from the table and moved it through the air and moved it to your hands.

“You have no rihgt to come in here like you’re entitled to everything in here. Just know, you’re gonna go to jail.” You manipulated the moecules of the sweatshirt to be as close to Shawna’s face as possible so she would be somewhat blinded. You could’ve just moved to her and covered her eyes yourself, but you didn’t want to risk her attacking you again. 

As the sweatshirt rematerialized You moved to her and tied the arms of the sweatshirt around her head and ran quickly to grab the gun and shot her leg to make sure she didn’t move. 

You was panting. Sorcery takes a toll on the body and You hadn’t used magic to that extent in a while. You pulled my phone out of jean pocket and hit speed dial. “Hey Cisco, you can take Shawna down to the cells.”

“Okay. What the hell?” Cisco asked you, stopping in his (or our) office. He had a stern tone to his voice.

“What do you mean?” You asked, stll a little exhausted from the scuffle.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were a metahuamn?” Your eyes widened, then remembering that Cisco did have security cameras.

“That’s because I’m not.” You told him hesitantly. 

“Don’t lie to me, (Y/N), I saw what you did.”

“I’m not lyiing Cisco,” You looked him in the eyes. “They aren’t superpowers. That’s magic.”

“Magic?” Cisco echoed. “What do you mean magic?”

“I mean I can use magic. My entire lineage can do magic.”

“You’re a meta then?”

“No.” You took a deep breath. “I’m not even human.”

“Not even hmn? Are you an alien?”

“No! It’s hard to explain but think of it as if there was another species exactly the same as homosapiens but more inclined to magic.”

“So you homo-what?” Cisco asked, trying to understand.

“Homo-magi. Or sorcereress. It doesn’t matter which.”

Cisco looked you dead in the eye with a straight face. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

requested by: anonymous

For someone who had to google and read up on what homo-magi are, I’m pretty pleased with how this imagine turned out.

The Canon reasons for why Homura is not a crybaby who cannot live without Madoka, and for why Her soul gem even darkened at the first place, but the reason was not because she missed Madoka. It was something very worse and evil than that.

I am making a separate post because writing the same canon reasons over and over again took its toll on me even though I thought I would not let it get the best of me. It can’t be helped, though, because it gets tiresome repeating the exact same thing to people who seem like some sort of broken record, so I’ll just put everything in one post and link it as necessary. 

Name: Homura Akemi

Status: Used to be a pathetic Human, 

            then became a Puella Magi on a quest to prevent a humongous                         tragedy, 

            then fell into partial despair(via scheme) and became a Puella Magi/                 Witch

            Currently a Goddess of Desire ruling the world. (Reasons)

Mental Age: No less than 22 and half years old, and no more than 24.

Physical Age: 14

Crime: Was a crybaby who could not live without Madoka. 

Today, I am going to discuss the reason for why it was not Butthurtness that tainted Homura’s soulgem, rather, it was Despair. Despair, not because “Baww!!! I can’t live without Madoka!!!”, but because of a scheme, a fight, a betrayal, or something else that will most likely be presented to us in the Manga Time Kirara Magica Vol.20 as said by Magica Quartet.

First, let us discuss where the Rebellion Movie most probably picked up. 

At the end of the 12th episode, we saw Homura in a desert, about to fight 100s of wraiths. As Iwakami himself said that the last scene looked like suicide on Homura’s part. 

Now please look very closely at the desert. It is day time.

Now, look at the desert at the end of Rebellion when Homura was set free.

It is the same desert, it is only night time. 

Homura fell into partial despair, her soul gem was tainted 99.99%, but held there for “The Incubators Scheme”. Thus she was a witch, but not quite, she was also still a puella magi, but not quite. 

Now, let’s take a look at Homura’s condition at that time.

She was beaten, battered, bruised, and injured. Plus, she was in her magical girl attire. 

So she was not in a room full of porn of Madoka Kaname, neither was she naked and jerking off to the lewd thoughts of compromising situations between her and Madoka, and nor was she doing drugs like a hobo in memory of Madoka. 

Now lets go back to the scene at the end of the episode 12, a bit before that.

Yeah, poor homuhomu didn’t know she was confiding in to a spawn of satan him-fucking-self. She got backstabbed, real hard.

The incubators started their planning immediately, of course not letting Homura know a single thing about it, she was going to be the bait after all.

Knowing Homura, she told Kyubey ALOT about Madoka. But it ain’t her fault.

Tell me, don’t you guys feel like being comforted after a terrible day? Yes you do. Homura went through a train wreck of tragedies, her confiding was not bad, if you think it is, don’t you dare ever complain about anything bad that happened to you, EVER. 

Kyubey and his pals waited for the perfect moment. By perfect, I mean a place where Homura was about to fight a lot of wraiths, and was probably alone, so as to not allow intervention. Hey, doesn’t that sound familiar? Oh right! It’s the fucking end of the anime itself!

This picture that I already posted, but I am going to again because after all, Homura haters are butthurt kindergartners that go blind the moment pieces of evidence are produced that SCREAM that Homura ain’t a butthurt crybaby. 

Perfect! Just perfect! The setting, everything was just the way they wanted, No one could interfere or help Homura if she fell into despair here(which she did). There were too many wraiths, they were too much, so she used up too much energy. Either that, or the incubators tried another thing, which we do not know yet, it is hidden, which resulted in Homura’s soul gem getting tainted. Remember, using too much energy, that is what causes your soul gem to taint. My point is basically that a fight, a betrayal, and reaching-too-late, or something like that, occured. This is what became the reason homura’s gem got tainted in the first and foremost place. The mere fact that Homura’s soul gem was in a position that it was not fully tainted yet because of the plan of the incubators, show us that at the time of Homura falling into despair in the first place, lots of incubators were already present. Since they held her soul gem in that position, that STATE, they were the one who probably, and most canonically possibly, became the indirect, or direct, the real reason for whether it was a fight, or betrayal, it’s hidden, for why Homura fell into despair in the first place, not because she threw a temper tantrum, jeez. 

Now, where were yellow and red? Homura trapped Mami and Kyoko in her barrier, but the exact way she pulled them is not known to us. Remember, at the time Kyubey was explaining how Homura lured in her friends, was not HOW EXACTLY SHE LURED THEM in them the first place. What is to say that Mami and Kyoko rushed to save Homura,, but they were already too late, because well, rebellion happened, which means the incubators plan, though foiled, was set to motion in the start.

“NO! Shut up Apologist-sama! What tainted her Soul gem was AI, YO!”

No, shut up back at you. What tainted 99.99% of Homura’s soul gem was despair, what covered the last 0.01% of her gem, and then the whole Universe, was Love. Sections, that is what happened. 

Despair: 99.99%

Love: 0.01%  

What love tainted was a small portion, only 0.01%, but then, as noted, it immediately covered and filled the whole entire UNIVERSE. 

Know that is what love is. In case of stories with nothing but tragedies, it happens instantly. 

What can I say? Homura fell in love like you fall asleep, slowly(0.01%), then all at once(the whole universe).

Bear in mind that I am discussing what made Homura fell into despair in the first place, I am not saying it was despair at the very end as well, be sure to acutally read! 

Now let’s clear up one scene that I am sure as hell that people will call me out for. The only scene that made me cry like a newborn baby. You can’t blame me though, it was sad and touchy as fuck! Like, place your mother, or anyone who you love the most, in Madoka’s place, the mere thought will half kill you.


At this scene, I want you to know just what exactly Homura was apologizing to Madoka for. She was not apologizing for falling into despair because she was butthurt, I already have explained that above, but because she LURED MADOKA into her barrier. She was aplogizing to Madoka for a shceme that kyubey and his pals planned. She was apologizing, because the mere though of herself becoming the slightest danger to madoka’s existence killed her very soul. She was apologizing, because before she commited suicide in her own labyrinth to save Madoka from the incubators, she just wanted to SEE Madoka ONE LAST TIME. Just one last time. She just wanted to experience that impossible kindness ONE LAST TIME. She wanted to know Madoka was a real person that used to exist ONE LAST TIME. She just wanted Madoka by her side ONE LAST TIME.

No, Homura akemi, you are not spineless, PMMM started because of your quest to save your friend. Even Sayaka said you deserve some peace.

No, you said you could shoulder any sin, you did not commit any sin, seeing as your true wish was just to see your most beloved person one last time before suiciding to save her and her sacrifice.

So at the end of the day, what have we learned? We have learned the first thing that Homura is not a butthurt baby, someone who is butthurt will never kill themselves to save the person they love most, because hey, butthurt!

And the most important thing, that love is the most powerful emotion in the whole world, whether real, or fictional, it is, deal with it.

The feeling despair, it results in witches being born.

But what about Love? The result of Selfless Love is Gods

and Selfish yet Selfless Love(Goddammit Homura, you’re unique as fuck) Demons.

Homura-chan is butthurt crybaby

No honey, get your facts straight, and please use your head for once.

Honestly, you are embarrassing yourself because by screaming she is butthurt.

So that destroys the “butthurt” claim, forever. 

If you still insist, then this is what happened.

Just try to actually understand, read, and look up canon facts before you reblog with, as usual, a completely unjustified argument. You can’t deny what is canon though, so you’ll be wasting your time.

With that said, have a nice day, and try to give Homucifer, our new ruler, one more chance!

Magi 327 Spoilers

Warning: As usual, please note that my level of Japanese is basic at most, and this is just a translation of text summaries available online, so I cannot guarantee that the following snippets are accurate. In other words, these can be just rumors or misinterpretations, and I might have left some parts out because I didn’t understand them. Feel free to share the link, but please DO NOT REPOST, and don’t forget to support the official releases!!

In which the “subtle changes” in the characters have the subtlety of a brick. Oh dear, so this is what Sinbad did… . 

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Newt x reader :: Remember Me - Part 2


Request: @senpaipineapple OMG!!! I loved Remember me!!!! Please write a part 2!!!!! 💞💕💓❤️😍 ur writing is so good!!!!!

Notes: This is most certainly going to need another part, haha. I really hope you enjoy this one, dear readers!

Word count: 1,467

Originally posted by fill-my-void

The next time you awoke you were greeted by the steady clang of a train running across tracks and the rain splattering against a window with force. You turned your head slightly as you opened your eyes, but found it very difficult as your head had been bound extremely tightly in something. You were laying down, up to your chin in blankets, and your left arm seemed to be in some sort of cast.

The man who you had seen earlier (…or had it all been a dream?) was sitting across from you with his coat like a blanket over his shoulders which were rising and falling gently with sleepy breaths. He seemed to be quite bandaged too, with his palms wrapped up in white gauze.

Sat next to him, also across from you, was a tall, lanky Black wizard who was taking notes furiously on a piece of parchment using an old, leather case as a hard surface. He also looked a bit weather-worn, though not as badly. Every so often he took a swig of tea and paused to think deeply about something before continuing on. Neither of them seem to have noticed you opened your eyes.

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Magi 285 had me like...

OMG I feel like I have fallen in love with these guys all over again after reading 285!!! <3

But I’ll be honest, this chapter sent me on a roller-coaster ride of different emotions which I was finally able to sort out. >__<; After opening tumblr and seeing the spoiler pics for the new character designs, I reacted just as everyone else did. I flipped the fuck out and probably scared my neighbors. I mean, just look at them!!! Those new clothes just suit them so perfectly and I never noticed how sexy Ja’far was….but strangely still so adorable~! 

Sinbad’s outfit and hair looked like a throwback to his SnB days which I absolutely loved and he honestly took my breath away.  

As the chapter progressed we got a feel for just how powerful not only Sinbad had become, but we also got to see Ja’far and Pipirika’s powerful positions as well. Not to mention the crazy new roles of most of Sinbad’s former generals that were explained in previous chapters. After seeing such a massive change I guess I just felt and sense of distance… especially after Ja’far said that he was going to contact Sinbad and then Pipirika flipped out! I know it was probably just due to the fact that he is so busy with his new CEO life, but it makes me think that maybe even Pipirika is not “important” enough to meet with Sinbad one on one or contact him directly. Keep in mind, this is the same girl who has been with Sinbad since the very beginning!

And the generals all going their separate ways, with maybe only Ja’far working with Sinbad at the company…. that depressed me a little too. In some ways I sort of don’t like this change, simply because I LOVED the family that Sinbad had created in his country and the close bonds he had with all of his generals whom he had met along his adventures. But now, with this new chapter in his life, it seems everyone had no choice but to go their separate ways. I know they only did it because their King asked them to, but it still makes me sad… T^T And even Ja’far seems to be busy with his own side of things, so he is probably not with Sinbad so much anymore. This feeling of distance, I guess, is the only thing that bothered me.

But, with what has happened in the past three years, it is all completely realistic so I can’t complain too much. Also, I really LOVE the look of this new world and all of the possibilities that it will bring forth! I will definitely miss the cute adventures of “the king and his 8 generals”, as well as the character designs that I came to know and love as I first began reading this series (And let me tell you, how much I LOVED Sinbad’s old character design). But, I am excited to see more of these new designs and this new world.

Also, God bless Ohtaka! Just as I myself was feeling intimidated seeing these sexy new designs and thinking of how much they must have changed and how powerful and out of reach they were, we see them react to seeing Alibaba with these silly faces! I mean, oh course they would have been naturally shocked, but I guess I just thought they would play it off all cool-like. lol  It’s as if Ohtaka was trying to say, “Yes they have changed, yes they are very powerful and different now, but they are still the same goofy guys that you all know and love on the inside, so don’t worry~! ^^b”

I AM a little suspicious of Ja’far’s strange pause, but we all knew something shady would happen so it didn’t shock me. :P

I can’t wait to see even more, and I hope Sinbad has a family reunion with his generals sometime~ lol

Magi 286 Spoilers

Warning: As usual, please note that my level of Japanese is basic at most, so I cannot guarantee the following snippets are completely accurate. In other words, these can be completely wrong, and I might have left some parts out because I didn’t understand them. Also, feel free to share the link, but please DO NOT REPOST these snippets anywhere.

In which we get a lot of explanations, yet more questions arise. Oh Sinbad… why do you keep getting more interesting… . Also, I think I’m starting to understand Ja’far’s silence… and that he might not have been necessarily correct when saying he was Sinbad’s right hand… .

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'Fantastic Beasts': Eddie Redmayne answers our burning questions
Eddie Redmayne is opening up about his mysterious storyline in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Below, the Oscar-winning Theory of...

The most comprehensive insights yet about Eddie becoming Newt Scamander.

Eddie Redmayne is opening up about his mysterious storyline in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Below, the Oscar-winning Theory of Everything star takes a bunch of our burning questions about his role as magi-zoologist Newt Scamander in the Harry Potter spin-off, which opens Nov. 18.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s start at the beginning: When did you first hear about this project?
EDDIE REDMAYNE: I think it must have been two years ago. I got a call to have a meeting with [producer David Heyman], and he talked through the story in the vaguest of terms and said there will be a script in five months time and then we’d have a meeting on it again. Everything was hyper-secret. I was so excited at the prospect, and then there was nervousness, because what if I read the script [and didn’t like it].

After your prestige roles, was going to a big, broad audience vehicle like this attractive or no?
When you start out acting, you dream of getting an agent and getting a job. For years, you audition and you get what you can. Choice isn’t something that you have much of. What was interesting about this, one doesn’t often get these opportunities, but you look at it like any other script. Because a film can look amazing, but if you can’t find anything in that character… so there was the drumroll to reading the script: What would the character be? And what’s lovely is that J.K. Rowling has a staggering imagination to the thoroughness of the world. There were so many elements to Newt. I met her once, and she could talk back through everything, every intricacy. You’re not playing a real character, but in J.K. Rowling’s mind, [Newt is] entirely three-dimensional, and you can talk to her about what his life was like.

Did Rowling help with anything specific?
One of the wonderful things about the script is when you read it, it’s not just what the characters say, it’s the stage directions and descriptions in between. You have to read each thing; you can’t just skim it. When I met her, our instincts were pretty similar; it was just little details of his background that she was particularly helpful with.

How would you describe Newt?
He’s a man with a passion, and his passion is animals. His mother bred hippogriffs, and it’s the world he’s most comfortable in. He’s not particularly comfortable with human relationships. He’s comfortable in his own skin, but he disconnects with people. People seem to misunderstand him, and he doesn’t know why, but he’s also not particularly interested in why. He has his own relationship with his animals.

Any special talents as a wizard?
He’s not an astounding wizard. He’s capable. He’s used to being physically capable when dealing with animals.

And you studied animal trainers for this, right?
I had a few months to prepare. I had never done a film of this scale, and I don’t have a particularly lot of imagination, and there’s a lot of interaction with animals and fantastic things and working with puppeteers. How does one go about prepping for that? Going out to these amazing zoos, to parks, and going into cages with animals and meeting their keepers and hearing what their lives are. I spent a day or two with a gentleman who lives in the forest, and tracking is his thing. And it’s about using all of your senses — from smell to sight to peripheral vision to sound — and knowing things like using plants for antidotes. Also, when you are tracking animals physically, he was showing me this thing. [Redmayne demonstrates planting his feet starting with the side of shoes first.] It created this slightly open gait that Newt has.

What does Newt think of America?
When he first arrives in New York, you see him walking down the street, and the way he’s observing the city is the way that he would observe a natural habitat. He’s kind of smelling it; it’s as if he were in the jungle. It’s totally alien to him to see somewhere that’s filled with such vibrancy and people. The 1920s has a prohibition quality, and that’s been put into magical terms — but I don’t want to give too much away.

How was working on such an effects-driven film?
I’ve done CGI films where the whole world is green, and you have no context. What’s amazing is the amount of puppeteers or dancers or people you work with who will then not be there. There is a magic that you feel when the art department sends you 12 mock-ups of wands and you get to have a full-on discussion of what wand to have. It’s the stuff kids’ dreams are made of. The hardest thing was the months of prep of working with the visual effects department, talking to Jo [Rowling] and David [Yates] about what the specific relationships and characterization of all of these different animals so that Newt could interact with them with a kind of fluency that made you really believe in his love of them and his care for them.

What are your favorite beast?
There are two favorites. The Niffler — they have this wonderful love-hate relationship. It’s just incredibly aggravating and wonderful at same time. He’s a complete nightmare, yet Newt gets off on his playfulness and single-mindedness. And the Bowtruckle, Pickett, I love him. There are many bowtruckles in the film, but Pickett has attachment issues. Newt knows he shouldn’t have favorites, but he loves Pickett.

What’s his least favorite?
Newt doesn’t have a least favorite!

How many beasts does he keep in that case anyway?
Oh god, many. I don’t have a specific number. If you read his book, there are so many extraordinary ones that you don’t get a glimpse of in the film, but I’m hoping if we’re lucky enough to make more films, there is such a vault of cool beasts that we can show more.

We learned that he was kicked out of Hogwarts despite Dumbledore standing up for him. What sort of backstory insight can you shed on that?
I would love to give you backstory, but that’s something in which the Warner Bros. troops would shoot me for if I said anything. I can’t talk about that, I’m afraid.

Okay, what’s been your favorite spell to cast as Newt?
There’s one which basically stuns someone and sort of makes them kind of go almost statue-like. Shooting that, there was the most brilliant stuntman doing it, and he literally goes from fully standing to falling like a log and smacking on the ground and, I just couldn’t believe that he didn’t break his brain.

I know you can’t get specific, but what do you think that fans will be most surprised by in this film?
One of the things that I found quite extraordinary about the script when I read it is that it’s there are moments that feel like a thriller. There is a dark aspect to it. There is a kind of comedic quality to it, and sort of romance. We have all these different genres, and yet somehow J.K. Rowling has managed to weave them together. I think it’s surprising about how moving it is. All I have when I read scripts is that instinct, and I was really moved by it. So that should hopefully be surprising. And now I just ruined the surprise [laughs].

Have you bumped into any of the cast from others films and gotten useful advice from them?
I bumped into Ralph Fiennes, and he was asking who was directing, and I said David Yates. Ralph said that what’s extraordinary is amongst all the huge scale of the operation is that Yates has an incredibly acute eye for every single detail of performance. He’s an actor’s director, and that was lucky to know.

Who’s the one person from the Harry Potter universe that you would like Newt to meet?
To meet in a future film? That’s really an interesting question. I think a Newt and Ron scene would be quite enjoyable. I think those guys would find each other quite intriguing. Ron and Newt would have quite a good time. I’m not sure a huge amount would be achieved.

Is there romance in the film? According to canon, Newt has a destiny with Tina (Katherine Waterston)…
Newt’s been damaged by human beings, and at the beginning of the film, he’s someone that’s pretty content in his own company and the company of the beasts. He enjoys his solitude, and he’s also spent a year out in the field. So he really hasn’t had to deal with people. And when he arrives in New York, there are more people than he’s ever imagined. Certainly at the beginning of the film when he meets Katherine’s character, there’s a great antagonism between them, and they’re both quite sort of naughty characters. We sort of know that ultimately those two in the Potter lore get together, and there’s this sort of central build of these two people who are outsiders finding each other. And there’s Jacob (Dan Fogler) and Queenie, there’s definitely a romance in the air there.

If it were up to you, where would you like to see Newt go in the sequel?
I was at [the studio] when it still had all the Tarzan set out, and I was like, “Can’t we just have a crossover here? Can’t like Newt swing through one of those?” It made me think that I would like to see Newt out in the wild.

What’s your favorite of the Harry Potter films?
My favorite film is probably the finale — Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

Probably a wise choice since Yates directed that one.
With the last two, they had something I kept rewatching, going back and watching Ralph Fiennes and Daniel Radcliffe do that extraordinary duel. When you’re [casting spells on set], the effects of this huge tension of what’s coming out of your wand is put [into the shot in post-production; you’re] literally acting with nothing, and I found it so operatic and deeply moving. I found it so climatically satisfying.

What about a favorite Potter book?
I suppose I’d go with [Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone] My little brother, when he was 6 years old, he would always read it, and it had that instant immersion into the world that made you release your imagination.

In interviews you said you were into magic as a kid. What was your favorite trick?
My favorite trick was this coloring book that you would open the pages, and the pages would be blank, then you’d then tap it with a wand, and you’d open the pages again and there would be like drawings, and then you’d tap in with a wand again and then all of the drawings would be colored in. That was my favorite trick. I bought it from a place from a place called Davenports Magic Shop and School. And it didn’t involved any skill, it was just a proper old-school trick.

Have you done the Pottermore house sorting yet?
You know what, I did the other day! And that would be really depressing for me to find out that like I’m not actually Hufflepuff and then it sorted me with Hufflepuff. I literally was by myself at home and I yelped with excitement that I got Hufflepuff. I was like, “the magic exists.”