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Why do you write in lowercase?

Why do you keep talking about love, about heartache?

I don’t want to hear about your sadness.

Tell me about the peach trees. About the cherry blossoms,

or the way you smiled at baby Groot.

(I know you did.)

Tell me your equivalent of eating yellow paint,

tell me how the cold made your feet curl.

Did you ask the barista for iced coffee?

I want to know if you laughed at Jimmy Fallon tonight.

Tell me about fairy lights, or leather boots,

or the way the bubbles looked against the incoming traffic.

I don’t want to know your misery anymore.


i don’t even know what makes you happy // bluestruckholly

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Prompt: Joan of Arc

unkempt, bruise-knuckled boy
kneeling in the dirt by the rhubarb
patch, searching for chrysalises
under the leaves. i see you
in your ponytail, your pink shorts,
chasing dreams you can’t name yet
except as i think i want to hide
a while & watch my body become
something else entirely.

barefaced, rebellious boy
shedding your mother’s expectations
for tight sports bras & smuggled
books read by flashlight under covers
while the crickets sing. i know you,
how you pray to the magazine
cut-out of falconetti’s joan,
si Dieu vous a fait être un guerrier,
Il peut me faire un homme,

and oh how the the sound of it
tastes like fire and armor both.

soft-spoken man living
inside the damp cocoon of language,
yearning for that day of radiant,
war-winning flight, i am you.
we have been the child burying
himself in the back-garden,
but one day soon we will be the poet
who looks at the battle to say,
i will be loud & brave forever.

Matty’s Interview with The Sunday Times Style

I wish I had a teenage daughter. Why? Because here I am with Matt Healy, the frontman of the 1975, who has just offered to take his shirt off in order to give me a tattoo tour. There’s the one dedicated to his nana; his mum, Denise “Loose Women” Welch, is on his foot; his dad, Tim “Auf Wiedersehen, Pet” Healy, is on his arm; and his brother, Louis, on the back of a calf; there’s the one dedicated to William Burroughs, the author of his favourite ever book, Queer; then there’s the one on the inside of his left wrist… of his passport number. “I got bored of being constantly woken up by a woman offering me a landing card while my tour manager, who always carries my passport, is conked out somewhere behind me. I thought it would be useful. It’s really all I need on a plane.

Welcome to the world of the 1975, whose second album, I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It (yes, really), went straight to No 1 in both America and the UK last year, and who won the best band award at the Brits in February. They have just announced that their third album, Music for Cars, will be out next year, and when we meet they are about to go on tour, kicking off in Mexico and ending in July at Latitude Festival in Suffolk, where they will headline alongside Fleet Foxes and Mumford & Sons. If you’re not familiar with their music — think Pete Doherty mixed with One Direction, maybe — it’s probably because, like me, you’re too old. That said, Mick Jagger, whom the band supported when the Stones played Hyde Park in 2013, is a huge fan — so fond of their hit single Chocolate, he has been known to put it on after dinner for guests.

Yeah, I remember that gig,” says the 28-year-old Healy, with a faint Northern accent. “It was before I had my eyes lasered and I wasn’t wearing my glasses. Pointless. There were 50,000 people there and I could only see about four of them, but out of the corner of my eye I could just make out this gyrating figure and it was Jagger dancing to Chocolate. Mick Jagger — can you f****** believe it?

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why don't some artists not want their stuff tagged as kin/me/etc? I'm not accusing just wondering because I could think of a few but I dunno

I’ve already talked about this here and here.

BUT, again, in summery: my art is mine, from my head, often of my characters or very personal designs of mythical characters. It is not of or for anyone else. It’s not a pic of you or your kinself. I’ve had people say stuff like “Wow, what a cool pic of me!”, and while that might initially seem flattering, it fuckin burns my biscuits because it is not a picture of them. It’s MY inner dialogue that I’ve brought into the world and having someone say that is demeaning my artistic processes and interpretations. Am I drawing a headcanon of a wendigo that you personally designed? Fanart of something you brought into the world on your own creative power? No? Then fuck off. I did the legwork here, buddy, and you can appreciate it without stepping on my toes.

“Hey, this looks exactly like my true form, nice.” Oh, DOES it? I just plucked this design out of whatever alternate universe your kinself reside in (or whatever), and exhibited no creative process? Fuck you. Maybe people don’t mean it like that when they write those things, but you know what? That’s how a lot of artists interpret it. And you ARE staking a claim to my work in some fashion, naively or not. 

I know people don’t mean to toast my buns when they write stuff like that, so I can’t be mad at people individually. I know it seems like an innocent association. But it is still a form of claiming something that isn’t yours and is, in fact, extremely personal to the creator. If otherkin can respect each other in elaborate ways like the whole “don’t follow me if you’re same kin/from the same universe” thing, then yall should be able to respect artists.

Mark Appreciation Post
  • yo what’s upp
  • it’s markipooh’s birthday and i came here to remind y’all how lucky we are for having this angel in our lives
  • and take a seat because i have lots of cheesy shit to say about this guy
  • and starting right away, let me talk about how much i love how passionate he is and how he always gives his all in everything he proposes to do
  • being completely honest, i never ever saw a more hardworking and talented person than him, n e v e r
  • this guy is such a big inspiration for so much people because of how dedicated he has always been to make his ambitions and dreams come true
  • and i’m not only talking about nctzens but the members too!!
  • the oldest members have said lots of times that seeing him working so hard motivates them to work just as hard harder and not lose their hope
  • also, can we talk a little about how talented he is???
  • he can rap like a god but also has really soft and pleasing singing voice tHAT I COULD LISTEN FOR HOURS AND NEVER GET TIRED OF IT
  • he’s not one of the main dancer but that’s only because he’s already a main rapper bECAUSE IF NOT HE WOULD BE THE FUCKING LEAD
  • also, this baby boy can play the guitar really well
  • NEVER let this video die
  • ALSO, he’s so intelligent???? he knows how to speak two languages perfectly and not only that but he’s still in school even while he’s promoting
  • idk how can he live like this??? i get stressed over the littlest things and i start procrastinating for mONTHS, I’M SO IMPRESSED
  • talking again about his band mates, he’s also rlly close with the dreamies and he’s so kind and protective caring with them,,
  • it’s the cutest thing eveEeeEeEr
  • even if the members bother the shit out of him 24/7 he’s still so calm???
  • like, literally all the members said that they have NEVER seen mark getting angry
  • man that’s crazy, i lost all my patience in like 0000000.2 secs
  • also, he has this really stupid but super cute laugh and hE’S SO PURE, LIKE HE LAUGHS AT THE MOST STUPID THINGS
  • he’s just such a positive and bright person?? i’m <3
  • and he’s not only beautiful inside bUT HIS VISUALS ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD
  • have y’all seen his skin?????¡? IS SO PERFECT??? I SWEAR HE HAS NO IMPERFECTIONS, LIKE NOTHING, ZERO
  • but he has cute little moles everywhere and??? they’re ??? so attractive??
  • and he has the cutest nose and eyebrows
  • and y’all made fun of his hair in limitless/my first and last bUT THE BLONDE CURLY/WAVY HAIR LOOKS SO GOOD
  • i really miss his hair like that he looks so damn adorable i’m gonna cry
  • bUT, bAsicALLY, the point of this is to remind all of us one more time how crazy talented, hard working, kind, creative, caring, sweet (and the longest etcetera in the world) mark lee is 
  • every day this little baby surprises me by how pure and sweet he is, i can’t explain how proud i’m of him and how happy i am for making him part of my life
  • i’m getting soft, i feel tears comming oH gOd
  • but anyways!!! give markipooh all the support he d e s e r v e s for being so hardworking and please give him lots of love, okay?? aLWAYS
  • i better go now, i swear my heart is hurting because of how much i love this baby
  • <3<3<33

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(The thing that no one ever asked for but that I wanted to do anyway)

the headcanon challenge:

Who hogs the duvet?

Chirrut. Not just the duvet but the whole entire bed. Baze got used to sleeping up against the wall back when they were young because Chirrut was always crawling into his bed for warmth/because he had a bad dream/because Baze had a bad dream/because neither one of them could sleep. Chirrut is a restless sleeper and just takes all the space he can get, kicks, flails, rolls while Baze, when he can sleep, is pretty solid so it just made sense for him to make himself as small as possible and take up the least amount of space. He doesn’t mind even when he gets an arm to the face in the middle of the night. Though he definitely just, like, locks an arm around Chirrut some night to hold him close for a few hours. And Baze runs hot anyway so he doesn’t mind when Chirrut steals the blankets except that sometimes Chirrut makes himself into a blanket burrito and then rolls off the bed and the resulting cursing will wake Baze.

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Any and all klavier headcanons are welcome in my house I love that boy

Oh boy you’re your in for a storm, Anon.  Prepare yourself for some HCs for everyone’s favorite German Birb Prosecutor:

  • I headcanon Klavier has happily pansexual more than bisexual. He’s had partners of different genders and gender identities and has loved and cared about them all.

  • His whole, “I’m doing it for the frauleins, lol, look at how fabulous I am, ja?” MO, is really Klavier putting up a front. He knows that people dismiss him and assume him to be an unfocused and ridiculous rockstar who has no business being back in the courts.  While true, creatively, Klavier can flit between projects chasing down new interests at the drop of a hat, when it comes to the law and his performances, Klavier is laser-focus, detail-oriented, strategic and driven.  This is his secret weapon, a way of keeping people off-balance.  He allows people to make assumptions about him, get comfortable in those assumptions, and then he takes them by surprise.  He’s underestimated genius, a prosecutor who is both some parts defense attorney, some parts prosecutor, with an astute and a suspicious mind that’s deadset on looking for the truth. <- that’s not a head canon, that’s what he is…and Capcom better not fuck him up.

  • Klavier easily falls in love, but it’s not a mercurial or flippant sort of infatuation; when Klavier falls, he falls…this has lead him to some heartbreak thought, as usually he’s more into his partner than they are with him.

  • Despite having having different partners, he’s not a playboy (that is Daryan) and isn’t interested in just hooking up just to hook up. Once he’s with someone he’s with that person, and once the relationship is over, he doesn’t rebound, he just channels that heartbreak into music until he’s ready to fall in love again  

  • Klavier’s one true religion is Football (Soccer), and he follows  TSV 1860 Munchen.  While he is very devoted to the law, Klavier will make an exception when court interfers with a broadcast of his favorite team; shifting his schedule around or trying desperately to record the games so he can watch them immediately after court. Edgeworth allows it, because he and Franziska are guilty of the same thing.

  • Apollo had to get used to Klavier’s soccer hooligan ways.  Had to get used to Klavier getting up before the sun rose so he can watch a match live or kip off to a sports bar (and meeting up with Edgeworth) that’s offering breakfast specials for such an event.  Has to deal with Klavier’s stormy moods when the team loses and over excitedness when there is a win.  Fortunately, Apollo has Phoenix to commiserate about this, as they are both the “yay sports!” part of the couple.

  • Klavier gets fat easily, so he’s always watching his weight and working out.  He does strength training, dance, yoga, and swim classes.  

  • He and Athena go to the same hot yoga studio, and because they live in LA, they go out for smoothies afterwards.  Athena keeps trying to get Klavier to join her and Simon in running a ½ marathon or an Iron Man competition, but Klavier has happily declined.  He just wants to keep in shape, thank you- not kill himself.

  • He and Simon form a close relationship after AA5.  Simon has a wicked sense of humor and a propensity to have a little bit of fun/good trouble, that it fills the Daryan shaped hole in his life, but unlike Daryan, Simon is comitted to justice and their work to be a wonderful friend and co-worker for Klavier to have.That said, Simon was Klavier’s best man when he got married. 

  • After the events of AA4, Kristoph has placed Klavier on a “banned visitors” list.  So has Daryan.  

  • Klavier’s preferred drinks are either beer or whiskey.  Occasionally he’ll get a cocktail or a glass of wine, but he does enjoy coming home, pouring a cold glass of beer while sitting out on his apartment’s balcony.

  •  Apollo’s birthday gift to Klavier when they were first dating was to take him to a beer brewing class. They both found it really interesting and surprisingly pretty easy to do at home, so they actually have brewed their own craft beers.  Apollo teases Klavier, that beer brewing could be Klavier’s new side hustle, you know, for when being a prosecutor and a rock star doesn’t work out.

  • Apollo is, Klavier’s greatest muse- in court and on the rock stage.  While, they are a notoriously private couple, a few songs about Apollo/their relationship have been released to the public.  The other songs are either on song notes or have been recorded (in Klavier’s personal studio at home) but are kept under lock and key for private viewing (ie. Apollo’s birthday or on their anniversary).

  • Despite being very private…Klavier and Apollo have gotten up to things outside of their bedroom.  Apollo has an exhibitionist kink, and Klavier won’t ever say no to Apollo when Apollo gives him a certain look.  Also, Klavier is pretty shameless when it comes to PDA, so he allows Apollo to set the tone and expecations of how far they go in public. How far they go can range to holding hands and kissing at public events attended by the paparazzi to Klavier and Apollo fucking in an ally way outside of the trendy club Klavier has gotten them into that night.   They have been walked in on by Phoenix and Edgeworth, that time when they were going at it in the broom closet on the 4th floor of the Court House, but seeing that Phoenix and Edgeworth were clearly heading into the closet to do similar activities, they couldn’t reprimand their subordinates.

  • Klavier and Miles often play chess together in Edgeworth’s office.  Klavier has a strategic and competitive mind to make the games interesting. It started off as weekly one-on-one work-related meetings, but then it became a nice way for Miles to bond with Klavier as co-worker and mentee.  Klavier has also started playing poker with Wright, Herr Butz, Simon, and Gumshoe- it’s also a nice way to bond with the others, but Klavier is certain that Phoenix’s initial invitation was for him to sizing Klavier up to see if he was good enough to date Apollo.

  • Klavier has written scores and arrangements for Trucy’s shows.  He’s also helped her finesse some aspects of her showmanship.  Not that she needed it really, but it is nice to hang out with her and get close to Apollo’s “little sister”.  They text often and will gang up on Apollo at times.  Apollo swears sometimes Klavier only married him so that Trucy could be his little sister-in-law.

There are more head canons here: 

Klavier’s eyesight: https://synnefo-nefeli.tumblr.com/post/158323381460/klapollo-head-canon-eyesight

His Morning Routines:


Klavier’s Birthday:


Random Head Canons for Klavier:





Hope you liked what I have!!! <3 Feel free to ask for more/want me to elaborate or if you have head canon prompts!

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"Oh you just started prank wars" please

Wally laughs the moment Dick fell flat on his face, groaning in annoyance. Dick flips over on to his back and lifts his head up to glare at his best friend. “This is so priceless,” Wally wheezes almost falling over if it had not been for you.

“Very funny, Wally.” Dick rolls his eyes before he sits up and looks at his own shoelaces – they are all tied together in one huge knot – and it’s really no wonder Dick had fallen flat on his face. “Aw, man, how am I supposed to untie this?”

Wally continues to laugh, shaking his head and you smile apologetically at Dick.

Dick cuts his shoelaces and lifts himself up from the floor. “Just you wait, Wally West – I am going to get you back for this.” Dick huffs before walking out of the living room, muttering about how a certain speedster is going to face his doom soon.

You look at Wally and shake your head. “Oh, you just started prank wars.” Wally ceases his laughing and looks at you. “Good luck trying to get Dick to forgive you, Wally.” Dick has always been extremely creative whenever he exerts his revenge. “This is going to be fun.”

Wally’s jaw drops. “Aren’t you supposed to be on my side?” He asks incredulously.

You shrug your shoulders. “Good luck.”

Grounds upon which it's allowed to kill someone:
  • me: so turns out i have adhd and i don't know, i'm having kind of a hard time coming to terms with it
  • every stupid in the world: oh that's too bad but you shouldn't resent your adhd, from what i gather after 5 full minutes on google high creativity is a trait that stems from it and i'm sure that's the case for you, you should be thankful for adhd because look at how creative you are, u have original ideas, you owe that to your adhd, why would you care about the rest when yuo haev ideas cheer up, ur cReAtiVe :)
  • me: *looks into the camera like i'm in the office*
  • what i say: ... (literally nothing because what the fuck are you gonna say)
  • what i mean: oh am i creative? i haven't checked, you know, mainly because i've been busy since FOREVER what with trying to stay on focus and to remember things and not be overwhelmed by everything and trying to deal with constant frustration that has led me to depression more times than i can count and being crippled by social anxiety and trying to finish ANY of the projects i start or even START ANY PROJECTS, also, all my memories from life are blurry because only HALF of my brain was there when they happened, but you know what, whatever man, you're right, let's all rejoice because at least i'm fUCkiGN cREAtIEV.
  • Hanzo Shimada: I was duty-bound to kill my brother after he dishonored the clan
  • Sasuke Uchiha: As an artist who respects creative integrity and intellectual property, I am disgusted with how much you've copied me. Do you not have any value or respect for originality? It's cheesy, it's disgusting, I personally found it absolutely artistically atrocious. I am embarrassed having to sit here in your presence, having to even dignify you with my opinion. I'm gonna say it, it's disgusting, you have no identity. I can't stand it, I'm ashamed to be here.

Enjolras: What am I supposed to do when all he contributes to these meetings are snarky remarks and drunk antagonizing?

R: Oh, right, all those fucking posters and flyers I make are just “snarky remarks and drunk antagonizing”.

Enjolras: I’m sorry, was that not a snarky remark? And how many times have I had to ask you to change “Enjolras and His Justice Club” to “Les Amis de l’ABC”?

R: I’m more creative than that. Sometimes, it’s “Enjolras and the Goody Two-Shoes” or “Enjolras and the Do-Gooders” or “Enjolras and Smaller, Different Looking Enjolras-es”.

Enjolras: “I’m not snarky” Grantaire says.

R: Never said that.

Enjolras: Right, but you defended it.

R: Ugh. Fine, Enjolras, whatever…

My mother just learned I am writing fanfiction. And she has no idea what it is and is just very happy that I am “taking up creative writing as a hobby”. 

“Can I read your story?”

  • Oh God
  • No
  • Pease don’t
  • I still live at home, I need to be able to look at you in the eye

“How about you just tell me what it’s about?”

  • Oh God
  • No
  • You don’t want that
  • You go on the internet to look up casserole recipes, you’re not ready for this.

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Hi there! For what it's worth, I am a big fan of your art. I think your style is unique and I love how realistic your drawings are! You do an amazing job of making monsters look like monsters, your furries are very adorable, and I think your Ocs are cool and creative. Your monsters look nice and scary and are packed with tons of nice shading and amazing details. In my opinion, there isn't much to improve on and your art is already perfect. Frieza drawn in your style is literally what I live for.

oh my god this is so sweet and nice thank you sob 

[ Jared extended imagine ] Visiting Constance.

Original imagine: Imagine: You and your husband Jared visiting Constance; she shares his childhood stories with you.

Written by: A.Wölf.

{ Anon request } 


-How are you two? Ready to make me a grandma i hope.

Said Constance smiling sweetly while placing mugs filled with the coffee she had brewed in front of them.

-Soon, mother.

They grabbed their mugs and she sat down on the couch.

-How was Jared as a kid, Constance? Am I in trouble? Because I was an angel. Please tell me he was a quiet boy.

She lifted her eyebrows and took a sip of her hot beverage.

-Oh, no, you’re in big trouble. He and Shannon were my own little hurricanes. They were always running around the house, screaming bloody murder. They had some vivid imagination.

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Something’s different [Part 1]

Characters: EXO (if you don’t do it in a Sehun voice you are doing something wrong :D)


Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

Your phone rang and you quickly grabbed the phone from the counter.

'Heeeeeey you are alive’ you heard your good friend Chen scream into the phone.

'Yeeeees I aaaaaam but yoooouuu neeever answered my text’ you copied his tone and heard laughter from your other friends in the background.

'We are working. Busy being handsome you know. But do you want to come to practice, we will be there all day and …’

'Hell yes I am coming’ you didn’t even let him finish and your friends screamed in joy.

'I’ll be there in an hour.’

'Bring bubble tea’ you heard the youngest of the group shouting and you smiled.

'I will don’t worry. I will see you later.’

'Wear something comfy’ said Chen and ended the call. Chen and you had basically been friends since you were born. Your parents had been friends since they were neighbors and you grew up with Chen. despite being good 2 years younger than him he was your best friend since the beginning. He was like a brother to you and after he joined exo you still didn’t lose contact and became friends with his members as well, you all became close and you missed them every time when they had to work hard. You quickly put on your yoga pants and a oversized jumper. Pulling your hair into a ponytail and applied a little bid of makeup you left your house. You walked to the nearest bubble tea shop and bought bubble tea for the guys then you took the bus to the studio. You arrived at the building and already heard the music and slowly opened the door.

'Heeey y/n is here’ said Xiumin and stopped the music the guys turned around and ran towards you. They all hugged you tight Chen nearly swept you of your feet. 

'Ooh how much I missed you guys’ you said smiling at them. You all sat down and you passed the bag with bubble tea around looking around.

'Where is your choreographer guys?’

'He left early we are all by ourselves now’ said Xiumin smiling sipping his bubble tea.

'So I won’t see you dancing?’ You asked pouting and they laughed.

'No no we still practice but just by ourselves’ you nodded and crawled to the mirror sitting with your back against it looking at the guys.

'So guys show me what you got. I am waiting’ they laughed and got up. They danced a few songs then Chen pulled you up. 

'You are not here to watch us… you need to work too. Come on we show you' 

'You show me how to dance Chensing machine? Well go ahead.’ the all laughed and Kai stood in front of you and to tried to copy his moves. They all showed you the dance moves and you needed to dance a few times with them. After the song finished you just flopped to the floor in exhaustion.

'How do you manage to do this for a whole concert.’ You panted 

'You would do better if you didn’t sit in front of the TV all the time watching your dramas’ said Sehun and you hit him. 

'You brat’ you laughed and sat up.

'Respect, little one’ he smiled at you pushing you away playfully.

'We are born in the same year, I am just two months younger than you you little shit’ he smiled at patted your shoulder. We ordered food and ate it sitting on the floor catching up with each others lives. 

'OK let’s go home y/n we will drive you home don’t worry’ said Chen and you all got up collecting your stuff.
You got into the back seat with Sehun, your bag between the two of you. Your body felt so heavy and you put your head on your bag closing your eyes. The boy’s voices faded slowly as you drifted to sleep. You felt someone putting something like a jacket over your body and you cuddled a bit into the jacket, it smelled nice and you felt warmer.

You felt someone picking you up bridal style very softly.

'You get her bag OK?’ You heard someone say but you weren’t really awake so you couldn’t put the voice anywhere it all sounded dim to you. You were too tired to do anything so you just went back to sleep your head on his chest. You were carried up the stairs and then you were laid on your bed and tugged in. 

'We totally wore her out today’ you heard your friends chuckle you mumbled a thanks and rolled over.                        

[The next day]

You woke up still in your clothes with the worst sore muscles ever. You got your phone and texted a quick message in the group chat with the guys.

freaks 💕💕

YOU: Heeey guys thanks so much for yesterday 💕💕
Sorry that I got so sleepy but how did I end up in my bed?? Did I wake up?

CHENCHEN 🐊 : no problem we had much fun with you. 😁😁
Little sehunnie carried you… you guys looked really cute on the backseat 👫

BAEKHYUNSTRIPES 🍖: yes really cute 😁😁

BIG CHILD PCY🌞: [PICTURE]                                                                             [PICTURE]

Look how cute our little babies are 😍😂

You looked at the pictures: one of them showed you sleeping next to Sehun on the backseat, his jacket over you, his hand was placed on your shoulder, his body slightly leaning towards you with his eyes closed, dozing off by himself. The other one showed Sehun carrying you, his jacket still over your body. You smiled at those pictures you always knew there was a cute and caring side under his brattiness and you thought it was cute that he even put his jacket as your blanket and that he carried you to bed. You had to admit it you looked cute but Sehun was one of Chen’s members and you all were good friends even if you had feelings for him, which you were sure you hadn’t, more than friendship would be way to risky. How do you know if you love a close friend anyways?

Freaks 💕💕

You: well thank you Sehun. 😁
Guys how do you manage the this my whole body is sore and ever little movement hurts 😓😓

KAI 🐩🐩: your muscles get used to it you need to train. more often and after some time you don’t get so sore. muscles anymore..
So maybe you should come more often and you can see Sehunnie more often 😉😉💑

You: are you trying to put me up with Sehun? Why? What have I done wrong :O

BRATHUN👑👑: you wish 😂😂 my arms are so tired because I needed to carry your lazy ass upstairs 💪💪

You: oh my gosh you poor stick arms. Are you OK? 💩


You: noodle arms I am sorry 😂🍝🍝

BRATHUN👑👑: I hate you 😎

SUHO👪: Sehunnie be nice to your future girlfriend 😂😂

You: where am I in this conversation!? Just because we look nice together …

BRATHUN👑👑: We just look nice together because I am handsome AF, everything looks nice with me because I over-shine everything. 🌞🌞

You: * cough * Broccoli hair 🌵🌵 * cough * Ronald McDonald hair 🍟🍟

BRATHUN👑👑: I still rocked it 😎😎😎

You: mmh your opinion.

CHENCHEN 🐊:oh my gosh guys make out already 💏💏💏

You: and now I am out of this convo… It was nice to talk to you as always  😎

Remember how I promised you a Xiumin smut or a Kai story… haha yes this is neither of them because I had a sleepless night in which I felt hella creative and wrote 4 chapters of this story and a Tao oneshot, so I have some content as a buffer. 

as always send requests as I figured out a schedule to upload and write stuff, yaay being an adult is amazing. 

haha. hope you enjoyed it ♥♥

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