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Girl Meets Belief

Disclaimer: This is all in my opinion. 

  • Riley’s hair
  • Rilaya’s outfit(s) in the entire episode. 
  • Nothing is endless except you’re goofy face.
  • This is my only source of income
  • Mocha chip you say. With a mocha chip in every bite how do they do that. 
  • Maya’s legs are so white. 
  • Riley is me talking to God, I always say, are you serious when random silly moments happen like the money situation. 
  • Cory and Maya: AW BOOO! 
  • Oh my gosh, Farkle. 
  • Aw, Lucas. 
  • They believed in something so strongly, they gave their lives to change the world.
  • Cory ships Rilaya don’t tell me any different. 
  • I really enjoy that Lucas shares his faith in God because really, not a lot of boys around here say that. 
  • Aw, Auggie… AUGGIE. You’re still here. 
  • Topanga, holy crap why are you always beautiful, looking beautiful, being beautiful, beautiful beautiful. 
  • I might if my life was as hunky-dory as yours. No no no no no no no. 
  • You have a better life because look at cha! 
  • Wait a second, shots fired, Maya. 

*Pttttt!* LOL LUCAS. 

  • St. Huckleberry the perfect.
  • I don’t sound like that. You do. 
  • I’m fine with my face. 
  • The break line got so hyped in the promo, when Maya was only making a fair claim because when someone believes in something so strongly, the lines can be blurred when too much is too much. I don’t in anyway, believe Riley was trying to push people into faith, like her father said, she wants people to see things from a different perspective, Riley is just blunt about it, lol. Maya just needs a second to breathe. RILEY WANTS MAYA TO BELIEVE IN SOMETHING LIKE CORY WANTED SHAWN TO BELIEVE IN SOMETHING. OKAY. 
  • Maya you take breaks when you’re in a relationship, aka you’re dating Riley. Don’t fight me on it. 
  • The two of you can’t be apart, it shakes the foundations of the whole world. Remember this. 
  • I agree, Lucas. Riley and Maya could be too close, so close that sometimes I feel like they can be co-dependant when they need to be independent. That’s just my opinion. There’s a lot of instances, but this post is already long. But Rilaya can never ever end because, no. 

She was just a goofball teenage girl that just wanted to share what she felt about things. YESSSS. 

  • Maya stop lying to yourself.
  • The airplane scene oh my gosh they’re so cute. Hi PEACHES you’re back. Literally SCREAMING, they’re so cute. Don’t even. 
  • “Are you and Maya back together?” CORY SO SHIPS RILAYA DO NOT FIGHT ME. 
  • Did you ever think that when you look through a microscope, you missed the bigger picture?
  • Riley… of Ark.

I do not think they were paired based on ships.  I, personally think in the end, they were paired up because of opposing beliefs. I feel like sometimes every episode gets lost in ships and it’s not meant to! There are so many important values and lessons needed to be taken from the show, and sometimes it frustrates me because all anyone wants to talk about is Lucaya or Rucas or (insert ship here). I’m all for shipping, yes. But sometimes I just wanna talk about the topic of the episode. Ja feel me? Maybe this is just me. Dammit. 

  • Guys, I was Maya, I really was. I was Maya before someone like Lucas and Riley showed me what it is to believe in a higher power. This episode was really powerful for me. I cried a bunch of times.
  • Auggie and Topanga. AUGGIE AND TOPANGA OH MY GOD. 
  • Lucas’ entire conversation with Maya. 
  • Topanga I’m lonely.
  • I don’t believe praying is greedy. I think that Riley’s reaction was accurate and the entire Bay Window scene was absolutely beautiful.
  • How dare they? 
  • Lucas isn’t wearing blue. LUCAS IS NOT WEARING BLUE.
  • This episode is all about beliefs and friendship, and teaching people to be open to the ideas and opinions of other people. Giving people the chance to express what they believe. I love that people change people is a reoccuring theme.@princessrileysunshine reminded me of that to begin with.. :) 
  • We’re here to discover what it is we wanna believe in; and different people believe in different things. But it doesn’t hurt to listen to the people we love before we decide for ourselves. 
  • The shoe bucket, oh my gosh. It makes me wonder how many pairs of shoes Lucas actually has. 
  • I love before yearbook Farkle, no one can tell me differently.
  • Corpanga. <3 

The entire classroom scene was flawless. It showed efforts to appreciate and listen to each other and the love the core four has for each other. The love Farkle has for his ladies. I cried at his little speech. THE CORE FOUR IS LITERALLY SO CUTE I’M GONNA DIE. 

  • Thanks, Riley. 
  • Awww, Go Maya. Rilaya is gay af. 
  • YOGI. Yogi YoGi
  • Aw, Rilaya bay window. I want you to have an endless supply of great days. I’m glad that Maya believes in something, I really do think it’s adorable.

Overall this episode was really, really great to me. Maybe I’m biased because I’m religious? Probably not. I’m SO glad they were able to touch on this topic, and these ideals and how different people think. I think in  general, it’s good to continue touching on topics like these, especially because they can seem brushed aside by generations. I really loved the episode and so far, no GMW episode has let me down. This has definitely become one of my favorites.