oh look at the bubbles

Chemical Bubbles - Joker's Daughter

Joker!dad x daughter!reader

Harley!mom x daughter!reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1508

Summary: Js daughter wants to be like him more than she already is and wants to fall in the chemicals, she gets nervous and wants to think alone for abit

Requested: Okay joker takes his daughter to Ace chemicals so she can be transformed like him and Harley but she gets svared at the last second he lets her take her time.  After he leaves she finally jumps in and goes home chaned ( @secretlyshamelesspersona )

Authors Note: Jared Leto as Joker, Margot Robbie as Harley. i do not own anygif which you can see as it says “originaly posted by“ so yeah 

and please send in requests !!! ( of any kind and any show )

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my friends watched some of miraculous ladybug for the first time. all they knew going into it is what i’ve said and a video that explained the love square

stuff that’s not in quotes is me, anything in quotes is one of my friends

(note: some pretty lowkey nsfw stuff because of who they are as people)

stormy weather

  • “its been 30 seconds you biG BABY”
  • “that’s [tikki] a small child"
  • “i have no idea what’s going on” oh my god just let it happen
  • “of course they always make the blonde girl the bitch” [we were on stormy weather and hadn’t met chloe]
  • “he’s cute”
  • transforming “oh jeez. of course there’s a transformation”
  • “look at that beautiful boy” [adrien]
  • “why does he have to have cat ears”
    “because he DOES”
  • chat comes onscreen “i love him”
  • “i love [chat]. i love him so much. i love. i love him so much”
  • “miraculous ladybug is my favorite anime”
  • “chat is my favorite”
  • “so they can figure [stormy weather] out, but they can’t figure out each other??!?!?!”
  • “this is a good episode of pokemon”
  • “that photographer needs to chill”

(evillustrator, lady wifi, the bubbler, and mr pigeon under the cut because this is So Long)

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  • Natsu steals Lucy's bath
  • Lucy: What do you think you’re doing?
  • Natsu: L-leaving my troubles behind?
  • Lucy: I know that you’re new at this, but this is completely unacceptable bath decorum.
  • Natsu: Oh, it’s so hard to care when you’re this relaxed.
  • Lucy: Fine, you can have the bath, but I am taking your boat. Now you’re just a girl in a tub!
  • (Cana enters the bathroom)
  • Natsu: Hey!
  • Cana: Hi, Bubbles. Manly.
  • Gray: (from outside the bathroom) Hello?
  • Lucy: We’re in the bathroom!
  • Gray: Why?
  • Natsu: (sarcastically) Because it’s a relaxing and enjoyable time!
  • Gray: (entering the bathroom) What are you guys doing in here?
  • (Looks down) Dude, you gotta rearrange your bubbles! Oh!
  • Cana: (checking for herself) (To Lucy) Mazel tov.
  • Wendy: (entering) Hey! Erza and I were looking for you! What are we all doing in here? (Looks at Natsu) Oh, my!
  • Lucy: Honey, cover it up with the boat!
  • Natsu: It's not an aircraft carrier...
  • Erza: (from outside the bathroom) Hello?
  • Natsu: (sarcastically) Yes we’re all in here and we would love for you to join us!
Hot Water

PAIRING- reader x Tony Stark 


WARNINGS: SMUT, UNPROTECTED SEX (Wrap it up irl guys) 

Request from Anon- Ok so I have this unhealthy obsession of RDJ and hottubs, don’t ask me why. Could you please do a smutty reader x Tony oneshot in a hottub? Can’t believe i’m asking this. 

Well I’m glad you asked this because it gave me a change to write more Tony smut *grins* even though I lost inspiration halfway through (idk what happened? *shruggs*) anyway I hope its ok! Enjoy x 


Originally posted by duckbuttt

“You’re kidding right?” you asked slightly scandalous as Tony face fell slightly.

“Darling I didn’t install this bad boy just so I could joke” He raised his eyebrow whilst unbuttoning his shirt, you looked to Tony the corners of your mouth twitched slightly.

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http-jack  asked:

I've just been randomly thinking... I feel like Dark would think that Wilford is really dumb and that what he does is ridiculous so he would try to manipulate him and take advantage of him because he'd be an 'easy target'. But then he'd get caught off guard when Wilford actually does something he doesn't expect /and/ makes his way around Dark's plans. And at the end Wilford is just sitting there looking goofy while Dark is all 'wtf??¿?¿'

oh absolutely! wilford’s character is very bubbly and charming, but he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. and i feel like that’s what throws them all off. wilford’s actually rather intelligent, but his rather childish (but adorable) behavior is what masks it, thus making him less suspecting. or something like that.

i think their companionship would be hilarious tbh. just wilford being so bouncy and joyous and joking and teasing with dark, meanwhile dark stares at the camera like he’s in the office lmao 

needless to say, wilford and dark’s relationship can pretty much be summed up by this piece of fan art here tbh (it’s one of my favs and always cracks me up)

Pop My Bubbles, Babe

Hwasa (MAMAMOO) X (Female) Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 975

A/N: There’s definitely not enough Mamamoo smut in this world. (I should’ve made this dirtier because it’s Hyejin, but I want to save that for another smut (;)

Seriously, he dies in the end?!”

You yell at the television as Hyejin is curled up under your arm, hiding her face with your hand. She peeks up at you

“Is it finally over?”

“Yes, turns out it was a guy and not a ghost after all. I’m going to take a bath, just put on whatever you want.”

You toss the remote in her direction and she grabs a hold of your shoulder and pulls you back down. Her face formed puppy eyes as she rested her head on your shoulder.

“Can I please take a bath with you?”

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Easter Bunny's Helper

Title: Easter Bunny’s Helper

Athlete: Tom Wilson

Word Count: 2,144

Requested?: Yes

Request:  could you write something with Tom Wilson??

Author’s Note:  Happy Easter to all my followers who celebrate.  I hope you enjoy this story and that the Easter Bunny was good to you too!!

Your name: submit What is this?

“Aunt Y/N.” You heard a soft voice near your ear.  “Aunt Y/N.” You were finally pulled from your sleep; rubbing your eyes you turned your head to see your niece Emily standing next to your side. “Mr. Tom told me to come wake you up, the Easter Bunny left our baskets and Grandma won’t let us search for them till everyone is downstairs.”  Rolling on to your back saw you were in fact alone in the bed.

“I’ll be down in a few minutes okay?”  She nodded and headed out of the room as you stretched out.  It was only a few moments later when the door opened and Tom walked in.  His hoodie and shorts making you laugh.  “You know it’s kind of a contradiction if you have shorts on with long sleeves.”

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not wearing that

summary: get dressed. shallura.
also read on:
notes: for Shallura Weekprompt: tradition
extra notes: yes, i’m late. but then again, every week is shallura week.
part of “the princess and the paladin” series. link to master list here.

Just one look at what Allura held before her was enough to make Shiro’s nose wrinkle.

“Nah,” he says.

Allura only blinks once before she tries again. “Here,” she says, more demanding this time.

“I’m not wearing that,” he insists once more.

She frowns. “A shame,” she pouts. “Well I’m sure you would have looked absolutely splendid in it.” She holds it up higher in front of her to take an extra look at the outfit assemblage – an Altean robe of white fabric lined with dark blue, with the same color dark blue of cloak to drape over the shoulders – before she drops it back down to look him in the eye. “Are you sure you don’t want to try this out?”

He shakes his head to affirm the same response, a bemused smile on his face at her persistence.

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“It’s a little ugly, but…”


((How I feel Paps should find out if he ever does))

Turn That Frown Upside Down

I’m sorry, darling,
I don’t know the textbook
definition of happy
But baby, oh baby,
when you look at me
like that – just –
this bubbling stream
evolves into a waterfall
emotions in motions
rendering me incapable
of speech, of litany, of verbosity
that is my homicidal eloquence…
this feels like happy
happy feels like
what’s on your face
when you know
I know
you know –
we know
happy just is
turning that frown
upside down.

Come Clarity - Chapter 1

A/N: Okay new fic time! If you haven’t already, please read this post featuring some info about this story! Much love Queens!

The August sun pierced through the windows of the BAU offices, warming and enhancing the rich aroma of morning coffee so that it wafted through the corridors as a selection of the world’s best agents began their duties for the day. As the brilliant beams of light passed between the blinds, it gleamed on the bright white hair of a young woman with a determined look upon her face. She sat patiently, having been there thirty minutes already she was starting to feel the nerves tighten their hold. The office of Aaron Hotchner was one of character, one of class. She tapped her nails against the cool, leather of the chair in which she waited and looked around, profiling if you will, learning as much as she could about the man about to conduct her interview. An interview that would be one of the most important in her life to date.

“Good morning, sorry to have kept you,” she had been oblivious to the sound of the door opening and spun in her chair to greet him. “I’m SSA Aaron Hotchner, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you,” he offered his hand before he moved to sit on the opposite side of the large, oak desk.

“It is a pleasure to be here,” she smiled warmly as she made a quick assessment of the man in front of her. His expression remained stern as he opened her file, thumbing through the pages until he found what he needed.

It was immediately obvious to her that this was man of great experience with a wealth of knowledge, a man with pride in his appearance and an unwavering passion for the job at hand. The quick glance around the office had showed the man had studied law, he was organised and drew comfort from order but what had caught her eye the most had been the positions of the photographs on his desk. She straightened in her seat and maintained eye contact as he continued.

“I’d like to keep this as short as possible, you have already been chosen for the position and there is a lot to get you up to speed on…” She mouthed an ‘o’, wanting to to tell of her surprise but he continued. “Your resume is highly impressive and I am in complete agreement with the board that you have the ability to perform well on this team but I have a few concerns,” he glanced down to the file before raising his head to reconnect the piercing eye contact, she knew he was profiling her as he began to question. “Your work at Scotland Yard was some years ago now and the limited amount of information we have on your work at MI5 indicates you often worked alone, do you think you have what it takes to reintegrate back into working with a team?”

She let out a sharp breath. Damn. Truthfully, she didn’t know if she could, that was going to be one more test to add to the list of things she had to face as she entered this new world. “I understand your concerns but I can assure you, Agent Hotchner, my ability to work within a team has not been compromised. If anything, I’d say I’m more driven than I’ve ever been and absolutely ready to give whatever I can to ensure the formidable quality and success of this team remains,” she stated firmly, bringing her hand up to place a stray hair behind her ear. Hotch nodded as he continued further.

“As I’m sure you can understand, Dr., you have been transferred here with very little information on the past five years of your career and it raised a few concerns. One of your sealed files were unsealed and given to us in order for us to make a more informed decision on placing you here…” her stoic facade dropped for a moment, a fear moving through her. She opened her mouth to speak, to defend herself, but Aaron raised his hand to stop her. “What you’ve had to face and what you’ve already conquered is extraordinary and if a fresh start is what you think is best I’m happy for you to have it here,” he paused, closing the files and looking back up to her with a much softer and sympathetic look in his eyes, one which took her by surprise. “I’ll be the only member of the team who knows unless you should decide to tell them and I want you to know that if you ever need to talk… or if you’re struggling, let me know.”

“I um… I didn’t want to it to look like I was hiding something and I was just scared people would think I can no longer work in the field. I thrive there and I.. well I’m looking forward to getting back in the game,” she released a nervous breath, she had no intention of going into the horrific details that still haunted her life, her dreams. “I promise I can do this.”

“Harmony, everyone is entitled to have a bad day and I want you to let me know if you do. You aren’t alone here,” she cocked her head to the side, he was being genuinely sincere and she felt a huge comfort in being able to believe him.

“Thank you, Agent Hotchner,” he smiled warmly and she reciprocated his gesture. The man had taken her by surprise, she had never expected the infamous Unit Chief to be this kind and understanding. Maybe because she had become used to liars and double crossing assholes.

“You’re welcome.”

“What happened to her?” Harmony’s jaw tensed as she failed to stop herself from asking.

“Excuse me?” Hotch retorted, his change of tone caused her to blush nervously, after how unexpectedly successful the morning had been so far the last thing she wanted was to offend.

“Your… wife? I just wondered what happened her and I um, I’m very sorry…” she felt herself stutter as his frown grew large. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything,” she was almost certain she had just put an immediate stop to what looked to be a promising working relationship.

Aaron paused before he spoke, she was unable to read him and she felt herself start to lose the hold she’d had on her nerves. “How did you know?” He asked.

“I er… The way you’ve organised your photographs of her. It’s as though you’re trying hard to make sure you’ll never be able to forget her, even though there’s clearly such a connection to this woman that you never would,” explained Harmony, turning almost a hot pink. “I didn’t mean to…”

“No, it’s ok,” responded the older agent. “You just showed exactly why, given your other special skills, you’re exactly what we need on this team. Welcome to the fold… shall we?”

“Lead the way, sir.”

The mood was cheerful as the team exchanged morning pleasantries and shared their previous evening’s plans. Spencer strolled over to his desk, placing a large cup of coffee before Derek as he sat down.

“Ah, thanks. So how was your evening, Pretty Boy?” He questioned the resident genius as he took a sip from his mug.

“Great actually, I finally had time to catch up on my newspaper subscriptions and re-read one of my favourite Russian classics, Fathers and Sons,” Spencer chirped in reply, his own cup of coffee in one hand as he started to work through the files on his desk. “What about you?”

Derek grinned at Spencer’s reply and shook his head in amusement before replying himself.

“Oh… you know, this and that,” He gave his colleague a wink as he took to his own work.

“Good morning, my sweet turtle doves.” The two men snapped their heads around as Penelope’s voice rang out “How are we all?”

JJ and Rossi wandered over as Penelope sat on Derek’s desk, they became engrossed in conversation, so much so, that they were completely unaware that Hotch had joined them.

“Morning everyone, I hope you are all well rested. I’d like to introduce our new team member.” Hotch smiled as the team turned to face him, their eyes wide in anticipation as a young blonde woman stood beside him. “This is Dr. Harmony Dunkeld, she comes to us from her very prestigious position at The Security Service.”

“Hi, it’s so nice to finally meet you all,” Harmony sung out, her English accent raising a few eyebrows as the team took everything in.

“These are Agents Morgan, Jareau, Rossi and Dr. Spencer Reid” Hotch introduced each team member and Harmony eagerly shook everyone’s hand.

“Brilliant. Oh I know Agent Rossi of course, I’ve read all of your books.”

Dave smiled as she released his hand and reached for Spencers. Fortunately, nobody had noticed the way he was staring at her, he had become so mesmerized, he got to the point of almost touching her hand before retracting his. A look of semi-offended confusion spread across Harmony’s face and she was about to respond to the rude action but was distracted by a sudden bubbly outburst.

“Oh my god. You look unreal.” Penelope never failed to make a lasting first impression, causing Harmony to giggle as she offered her hand.

“This is Penelope Garcia, our Technical Analyst” Hotch finished as the two held hands

“For serious, you look like an ethereal creature come down from the heavens to bless us.”

The team laughed but were inclined to agree, it was true that Harmony had a slightly different aura about her. The palest of skin adorned her delicate frame, she had the typical “baby face” look and her lengthy hair, which was styled to the side in a thick braid, was platinum white. Her pale complexion did not damper the electric, light blue of her eyes which were framed by simple eyeliner and mascara.

“You’re so cute. Can I keep you?” Harmony grinned and hoped her quote from the movie Casper wouldn’t go unnoticed.

“Ugh. Yes. We are gonna be best friends. Please.”

“Garcia.” Hotch’s voice was stern.

“Sorry, sir.”

“So, what are you a doctor of?” Spencer asked with the slightest hint of contempt in his voice.

“My Ph.D. is in Forensic Psychology,“ she answered, ignoring his tone

“What did you do at MI5?“ Derek continued the quiz, looking genuinely intrigued.

“I specialised in Behavioural Science… creating profiles specifically designed to identify security threats. But I spent most of my time in the field, it’s where I’m most comfortable.”

“Well, those skills are sure to be of great assistance here” JJ beamed, sharing looks of admiration with Derek and Penelope.

Spencer stood with his mouth slightly ajar; he was awestruck by just how beautiful she was but something inside him was starting to feel entirely bitter. He knew he wasn’t himself, and he knew the team had noticed. Little things were adding up and threatening to push him over the edge. To make matters worse, his headaches were starting to return; a little at a time but enough to put him on notice. The team’s obsessing was agitating him and he couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy as the conversation continued. They had all become unaware that Hotch had left the group to take a phone call but were brought swiftly back to reality.

“Ok, everyone… I have had a case sent directly to me which needs immediate attention, so wheels up in thirty and we’ll go through it en route. Again, welcome to the team Harmony.”

Jungkook Scenario: Love Blooms.

Request:  the reader uses the public transit to get home everyday afterschool. After a while she notices this one guy (jungkook) who always hops on the stop after her. She also finds out that they get off at the same stop, and it always makes her day when she sees him (watches him from afar hehe). One day the bus is super crowded for some reason and they’re forced to sit next to eachother and end up talking.

Genre: Fluff

Getting to the bus stop after school was nothing sort of extraordinaire for you, of course you were happy for finishing classes and finally being able to get back home, but besides that, it was just plain normal. You walked there calmly after classes to wait for your bus, usually while you played with something on your phone or listened to some music. It was nothing really, routine almost, until you noticed him.

He was tall, with a lean body not exactly thin, the more you observed him, the more you could make out the muscles softly outlining beneath the fabric of his shirt; you’d end up blushing to the thought of those and looking at the other side, though not for long. He was silent, never really taking the bus with someone else, the more days that passed with him reaching the stop after you, the more you wished you were that someone who would accompany him.

He had deep black hair that you were sure would feel pleasantly smooth between your fingertips. He had a sharp jaw line that never failed to attract your eyes, nicely shaped lips that made you think about things you shouldn’t be thinking about a complete stranger just because he happened to get on the same bus as you on a daily basis. But even knowing that, you couldn’t stop staring when he thought no one was doing it.

Couldn’t stop your eyes from wandering on him and discover the little pretty mole on the side of his neck that made you giggle to yourself and fix your eyes back on the screen of your phone to disguise your fluster. Couldn’t stop yourself from getting more and more intrigued by him, by his Iron Man phone case that didn’t really match the sort of serious face he usually carried himself with, couldn’t stop wondering what type of music he liked while you observed his head move to a certain rhythm he was listening to with his headphones. And last but not least, couldn’t stop yourself from wishing he never stopped taking the same bus that you did.

He was the exciting part of your day, the one you looked forward to. It was like a new experience, the excitement, the hopes, the curiosity for what you were going to find out about him that certain day, what surprises were awaiting for you and the bus boy that changed your perfectly normal routine, into something perfectly unnormal that never failed to make you feel a little off your feet.

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Love Actually {Kim Junmyeon}

Note: It wasn’t confusing at all! But I did change your request slightly, just to give it a bit more of a story line. I hope you like it ad much as I enjoyed writing it! {Suho is killing me at the moment XD} Enjoy~ x

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Dating an idol isn’t easy. You’re bombarded with press and cameras if you’re seen in public, and spending time together at each others apartments is usually spent sleeping since his schedule is so intense he’s always left achy bones and shattered.

Really, it’s a good job you love him, because maintaining a relationship takes a lot of work and time. Sometimes you can go with weeks with not seeing him when he’s touring, others he’s just too tired to see you. But you’re always patient, always holding on to those moments where you remember how worthwhile all the pain is.

This was one of those moments.

You were sat together, limbs intertwined and warm on the sofa in the EXO dorm while watching an old roncom movie.

It was times like this when everything was perfect.

Neither of you needed to say anything, because comfort was found in the beautiful silence.

Junmyeon shifted, lifting your chin so both of your eyes met. He smiled, eyes peeked with interest.

“I missed you while I was away in Beijing.” He confessed, his thumb running across the softness of your cheek. “I kept thinking about you. I think it’s what kept me going… and I missed your kisses too. It was almost unbearable.” You giggled as his thumb glided across your lower lip.

“I missed you too.” You responded.

“Tonight, I want to spend it with you. And tomorrow. No disturbances. I’m going to call my manager tomorrow and tell him I’m putting dance practice on hold.” He looked determined.

“Oh really?” You responded, the excitement and happiness was undeniably bubbling inside of you.

“Yeah. I don’t care what we do. I don’t care if we sit and do nothing all day, or if you want to go out. I just want to spend some time with you. And only you. Is that okay?” He bit the inside of his lip.

“Of course. You know I’d love that.” You responded, mimicking his lip biting.

“Then here’s to the next undisturbable hours.” He grinned, leaning in until his lips met yours.

“Junmyeon! You’re missing family meeti- oh.”

Junmyeon growled as he pulled away, turning to glare daggers at a very startled looking Chanyeol. The glare was like a knife, and Chanyeol, who was looking incredibly child like, took a few steps back as he sensed the danger.

“Should I come back later?” He asked, voice small.

“No.” Junmyeon responded, “Don’t even think about coming to talk to me for the next 24 hours. Not even texting or calling, understand? That goes for the others too.” Junmyeon told him.

Chanyeol nodded, before walking out the door as fast as his legs could possibly carrying him.

Junmyeon turned back to you, lips smirking.

“That was amazing, I don’t think I’ve seen Chanyeol look so terrified.”

“It’s the one of the perks of being the leader, and the mother figure.” He grinned.

“Now, where were we?”