oh look at ron he's the only one who can touch the chosen one's hair

truth or dare

• it’s 8th year and the Slytherins and Gryffindors have more or less become friends
• most of the old rivalries have faded away
• except for quidditch of course because some things never change
• but besides that the Slytherins and Gryffindors are getting along really well
• Harry and Draco have an odd sort of friendship
• the others always notice them sitting together on the grounds, sometimes just in silence but they’re also good at making each other laugh when no one else can
• they seem to understand each other better than the rest of them can, despite years of being enemies
• Pansy and Blaise are betting on how long it’ll take for them to get together
• Pansy has ten galleons on Draco making the first move within the month
• because she totally knows that Draco’s had a crush on Harry forever even if he’ll never admit it
• also she’s broke and really can’t lose this one so she’s the one to initiate the late night game of truth or dare in the common room
• of course they’re Slytherins, so they’re going to play with veritaserum, and the Gryffindors definitely aren’t backing down
• they’re all sitting in a circle, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Pansy, and Blaise
• they all watch as Blaise, who has a wicked grin on his face, spikes the firewhiskey in the middle with veritaserum
• Draco is nervous because of course Pansy’s right and he’s fancied Harry for years but he doesn’t want anything to get screwed up now that they’re finally friends
• but he’s too proud to leave the game
• it starts out with all the usual stuff
• “Granger, I dare you to snog Pansy”
• “oh be quiet Ron, it’s a game. Pansy get over here”
• “Blaise, go seduce the Fat Lady.”
• “Potter, how long has it been since you’ve last done it?”
• and Harry is bright red, and he’s looking at the floor sheepishly as he mumbles his answer, and Blaise crows “oooh the boy who lived is still a virgin,” and he just gives Draco another wolfish grin and takes a sip of firewhiskey
• Draco is also red at this point, because Merlin, does anyone not know??
• the disaster doesn’t strike until two in the morning though
• everyone is incredibly tipsy except for Harry and Draco, who haven’t been drinking as much since Harry’s truth a half hour ago
• Pansy is looking at him like she’s a cat and he’s a mouse that she’s just cornered and he knows what’s coming next
• “Draco, if you had to make out with one person in this room, who would it be?”
• she knows exactly what she’s doing, and Draco wishes more than anything that they hadn’t chosen to use veritaserum because there’s no way to fight it
• but if he’s going to say this, he’s going to say it with dignity, consequences be damned
• so Draco just sits up a little and clears his throat
• he looks around at the others, Ron and Hermione both giggly and Blaise looking smug and Pansy nearly shaking with anticipation
• then there’s Harry, who looks quite calm, maybe a bit shy, but he’s smiling and is curious to hear the answer
• so Draco just takes a swig of firewhiskey and says “Potter, of course”
• Hermione is grinning
• Ron is speechless
• Blaise is cackling
• Pansy is looking incredibly pleased with herself, too pleased for Draco’s liking
• and Harry
• Harry is staring at Draco, mouth open slightly, eyes wide
• and then to Draco’s absolute astonishment the corners of Harry’s mouth are turning up and he’s starting to speak
• “Draco, truth or dare?”
• Pansy is suddenly frantic, going “no, Draco’s just gone, someone else needs to have a go” because damn it, she knows what Potter is going to say and she doesn’t have ten galleons and she can’t possibly lose to Blaise
• but Hermione and Blaise are saying “Pansy shut it” and their eyes are locked on Harry and Draco
• Harry says it again. “Truth or dare?”
• Draco isn’t sure he can speak
this can’t possibly be happening… can it?
• somehow he gets the word out- “dare”
• Harry is moving and Draco’s brain has definitely stopped working because oh god he’s getting closer he’s looking at me his hair his face his eyes his lips they’re right there
• Harry stops right before their knees touch and he looks up at Draco, and Draco can feel his breath and is possibly about to combust
• “Kiss me, then.”
• and really, how can he deny a request like that?
• Draco closes the gap between them and nearly moans because merlin, his lips are so soft and he tastes like heaven and his skin is smooth and warm and god his hair just
• Draco has one hand cupping Harry’s face and the other tangled in his hair, and he feels Harry’s hands start to slip under the hem of his shirt and he gasps involuntarily and god this is everything he’s wanted for so long
• Harry is tugging at his shirt more urgently now and Draco can faintly hear Blaise shouting “oi! Get a room!” over his own heart and the sounds escaping from his lips
• he can make out someone clapping, cheering, and Blaise is still yelling and there’s a choked sound that’s probably from Ron, and they only break apart when Draco feels a tap on his shoulder
• both he and Harry are an absolute mess and they’re grinning wildly at each other
• Pansy just folds her arms and sighs before saying, “you know, the highest astronomy tower is always empty at this time of night”
• and suddenly Draco feels a hand slip into his own and he’s being pulled up and out the door and Harry has a wicked smile on his face as he leads them up the stairs, taking them two at a time
• Pansy, Blaise, Ron, and Hermione are just left in the common room staring at the door and wondering how it was possible that they had disappeared so quickly without apparating
• and the next morning Draco’s hair is a tangled, ruffled mess and Harry is wearing a t-shirt that’s too big on him and they both have suspicious marks up and down their necks
• the others just roll their eyes and share knowing looks as the rest of the students begin to notice
• and Harry and Draco just sit there blushing slightly with their hands laced together under the table and when Harry rests his head on Draco’s shoulder halfway through breakfast, no one is surprised at all

The True Epilogue (a Harry Potter fanfic)

*in which all my ships are true and things are great*

Several pairs of curious eyes followed the family of five as they pushed through the crowd at Kings Cross Station toward the barrier between platforms nine and ten. Atop the packed trolleys that the parents pushed were two cages- one containing a beautiful snowy owl and the other a badger, which made grumpy noises every few seconds.
“Hang in there, Comet,” the black-haired boy said placatingly. “I know it’s no fun, but you’ve got to behave.”
“I don’t know why you had to bring the stupid thing anyway,” his brother said, rolling his eyes. “It’s not on the approved list.”
“Yes, but he’s injured!”
“All your pets are or were injured.”
“And he has separation anxiety!”
“I bet they’ll take it away from you.”
“James!” their father scolded as Matthew’s bright blue eyes widened in fear. “Don’t say things like that. Your dad and I wrote to Headmistress McGonagall in advance, and she said it was fine.” Draco put a hand on Matthew’s shoulder. “No one is going to take Comet away.”
“Hey,” Harry said suddenly, “there’s Ginny, Luna, and the girls.” The youngest Potter shrieked and made to run toward the family friends, but Draco grabbed her arm and pulled her back.
“Callisto Ariana Potter, what have we told you about running off?” he scolded. She smiled cheekily.
“Not to do it, I think.”
“Well, you think right. Look, here they are now, anyway.” The other family reached them, and there were cheerful greetings all around.
“So, shall we cross over?” Luna asked, and Ginny nodded. Their oldest daughter, Nymphadora, took a step forward, but her sister exclaimed, “Wait!” Nym raised an eye brow.
“What is it, Gillian?” The redhead bounced excitedly on her toes as she answered.
“This is Matty and my first year going through as actual students, so we should get to go first!” Matt held up both hands to show that he was not a part of this. Nym was already squinting, though.
“I say, whoever gets through first gets through first,” she said challengingly. She and Gillian turned and raced for the barrier together, disappearing through it within a second of each other. Ginny sighed in exasperation, pushing a trolley forward to follow them. Luna only looked amused as she trailed after her wife. Callisto tugged on Draco’s sleeve.
“I thought you said no running,” she told him, frowning.
“Yes, but I can’t control what they do. They’re not my children.” This argument lost its value, though, when James pushed ahead through the barrier as well. Harry groaned.
“I promise I’ll talk to him, Callie,” he said to avoid the rising complaints. The rest of the family followed James.
“Can I go this year, Daddy?” Callie asked. Harry shook his head with a chuckle.
“Just one more year, sweetheart.” She scowled and stamped the ground.
“Dad?” Matt said as James boarded the train with Nym (though Gillian stayed behind to wait). “Do you know what House I’m gonna be in?” Harry smiled and shook his head.
“No one knows for sure ahead of time,” he said, “but I know you’ll be great no matter what.”
“And luckily,” Draco added, “you know kids in every House, so you’ll always have someone to talk to.” Callie tossed her blonde hair over her shoulder.
“I’m gonna be a Slytherin,” she said confidently. A little bit of pride shone in Draco’s eyes.
“I don’t doubt it.”
“Alright, Matt. Go on and take your stuff,” Harry said gently. “You and Gillian should get on board. You don’t want to get left behind. Matt nodded and moved toward the train, then swiveled and threw himself into his father’s arms.
"I’m gonna miss you,” he said. Harry hugged him hard.
“I’ll miss you too, kiddo.” Matt hugged Draco too, and then he and Gillian got their stuff and waded through the small crowd to the train door.
“We’ll write!” Draco called after him.
“Every day, if you want!” Harry added. Matt gave them a slightly wavering grin before disappearing.

Matthew thought he was ready for the Sorting. He thought he’d either be in Gryffindor, like Harry, or Slytherin like Draco. He definitely was not expecting the Sorting Hat to yell out “HUFFLEPUFF!” the moment it touched his head. To ecstatic cheers from his new Housemates, he made his way dazedly toward the Hufflepuff table. He’d heard Hufflepuffs called ‘duffers’ and 'goody two-shoes’ and even once 'the stoner House’, none of which sounded very positive to Matt. Still, he put on a brave face. A cobalt-haired Teddy Lupin clapped him on the back as he sat down.
“Glad to have you, Matt!” he enthused. That’s right! Teddy’s a Hufflepuff, and he’s not so bad. This thought didn’t erase his disappointment entirely, but it did help. What helped even more was hearing another shout of “HUFFLEPUFF!” immediately following a call of “Weasley, Gillian”. Matt broke into a grin as his best friend sat beside him.
“I can’t believe I’m a Hufflepuff,” he stage-whispered to her. Surprisingly, she rolled her eyes and laughed.
“Oh, please. Like you could have been anything else.” His eyebrows furrowed.
“What do you mean?”
“Let’s see. For starters, you’re a vegetarian. You always get one of your dads to take you to random volunteer things. You never let anyone get away with saying mean things. You take in injured animals- you’ve literally got twenty different pets now, if you hadn’t noticed- and your favorite just happens to be a badger, the symbol of Hufflepuff House. Honestly, if you’d been sorted anywhere else, I would have died of surprise.” Matt laughed.
“Well, when you put it like that.”
Any remaining worries he had about his Sorting vanished the moment they stepped foot in the common room. It was vastly wide and round, with honey-colored walls. The lighting was a mixture of natural light coming through the circular windows and and a warmer, golden light shining from within glass spheres on intricately carved stands. The room itself felt like mid-autumn and laughter. Best of all, there were animals. Matt suddenly understood why the Headmistress had given in to his parents’ request to accept Comet so quickly. There were maybe two dozen creatures- some magical (like a pixie and a clutter of puffskeins), some nonmagical (like a hawk, a dog, a rabbit, and a beautiful peacock). Matt heard a loud noise and turned.
“Comet!” The excited badger barreled across the room and into his legs. Matt crooned as he and Gillian bent down to pet it. A few of their new Housemates crowded around to coo at the addition to their strange zoo.
“I think this little guy will be happy here,” Teddy said. “As far as I know, we’ve never had a badger. Which is honestly ridiculous, given our symbol.” Matt laughed. I think I’m gonna like it here.

James had never felt so ashamed and rejected. The words still echoed in his head. “Not the right fit,” they had said. He, James Alexander Potter, wasn’t the right fit for Gryffindor seeker. It was humiliating. After all, his own dad had supposedly been the best seeker Gryffindor ever had, and Draco had been his Slytherin counterpart. Yet James had failed.
It wasn’t that James was vain or inflexible- when they said he’d make a better chaser, he’d tried out with all his effort and scored the spot. It was a matter of belonging. James, the oldest, was the only one of the Potter children who wasn’t the biological child of either parent. Matt was Harry’s- as anyone could see by the untamable hair and the awkward knobby knees. Callie was Draco’s- again apparent by the blonde hair and the confident ambition. James was alone with his plain brown hair and hazel eyes and his (apparent) lack of Seeking skills. To add insult to injury, this meant he was the only one with no blood ties to the Lovegood/Weasley family, which had been interwoven with the Potters’ in the cases of Matt and Callie, as well as Nym and Gillian. In any case, he wasn’t sure what to do now. He had no other way to prove himself worthy of being the son of the Chosen One.
“You know it doesn’t matter to them,” Aiden Finnigan told him. “Your dads, I mean. You’re their son, and they love you.” They were in the Gryffindor common room that evening, and James gazed into the fire, only half-listening as he dwelled on his own shame. He sighed.
“Yeah, I know. It’s just… man, you know I don’t normally care what people think of me, but this is different. People look at Matt and they see Harry Potter. They don’t even act much alike, but Matt’s got the look and that’s enough for everyone. Me, what have I got?”
“Bravery, willingness, an open mind, a mischievous nature, and great taste in friends.” James looked up from the fire for the first time in ten minutes, a ghost of a smile crossing his face, and gave his best friend a light push.
“Hey, I’m serious,” Aiden continued. “I mean, I’m not much like either of my dads. I mean, I’ve been told I look like a Finnigan, but I definitely don’t act like one. And Dad #2 likes to joke that I got my extreme height from him, even though I don’t carry any of his blood. I don’t act much like him either. And that doesn’t bother me. We’re not meant to be pale echoes of our parents anyway; we’re meant to find and shape our own identities.” James nodded.
“I suppose you’re right.”
“As always.”
“Oh, shut it.”
A few days later, James’s owl showed up at breakfast with a letter from Harry.

I heard you made the Quidditch team, and I’m so proud of you! I knew you could do it if you wanted to- I’ve watched you fly, and you’re fantastic. Make sure to keep your nerves in check before games, okay? Ron can vouch for the fact that anxiety is a Quidditch player’s worst enemy. I’m not worried, though. Oh, I wish your Grandpa James could see you now. You know I never got to see him play, but he was a Chaser too in his day- don’t know if I ever told you that. He was also a hell of a prankster, just like you. McGonagall won’t tell you anything, because she can’t be seen condoning troublemaking, but if you see Fred floating around, he’ll tell you all the use he and George got out of the Marauders Map when they were students. Grandpa James is the one known as Prongs. I wish I could show you the map personally, but it went blank when Teddy’s dad died- he was the last Marauder standing; they called him Moony. Sorry, I’ve gone off on a tangent. My point is, we’re all proud of you, and your grandparents would be too. Lots of love,

James was stunned. His grandfather, the one he had been named for, was a Gryffindor chaser? How had he not known? He re-read the note once, twice. It appeared that he was a bit of a Potter after all. He was curious about this Map thing too; he’d better find Fred.

Ben was tired. Okay, maybe that was an understatement. “Exhausted” might have worked better; “barely functioning” was near perfect. He was tired because it was midnight and he was sitting in the hallway outside his common room. He was physically capable of going inside and lying down in his nice warm bed to sleep, but he could never do that. Neither could the thirteen other Slytherins sitting out in the hallway with him, including Nym. A prefect had come out three times now to order them all to bed, but no one budged.
“I’m not stepping foot in that place until they change the password,” Ben had told her the third time she came out. She had thrown up her hands and not come back, which earned Ben a few pats on the back.
The hallway was quiet enough that Ben could hear the footsteps long before anyone appeared down the far end.
“Someone’s coming,” he whispered. Everyone tensed. Would they be punished for this? Ben hoped not, but he needn’t have worried. He let out a breath of relief when he saw Teddy Lupin heading toward them. The Head Boy had probably been summoned to help mitigate the situation.
“What’s going on here, guys?” he asked.
“The new password is offensive,” a fifth year girl answered, “and we’re not going in until they change it.” Teddy Lupin frowned- not at those in the hallway, of course, but rather at the situation.
“Oh? What’s the password?”
“Clean blood,” Nym spat disgustedly. Teddy only sighed outwardly, but his hair turning scarlet was a clear sign of his true anger.
“Alright, well we can’t have you lot just sitting in the hallway, so you’ll have to come stay with us for the night.” There were hesitant nods all around, and the beginnings of smiles on a few faces. Staying with the Hufflepuffs…
Before we go, I have to check who’s coming. Your prefects gave me the list of absent students. Please say 'here’ when I call your name. Jade Moorland?“
"Here,” said the fifth-year who’d spoken up earlier.
“Nymphadora Weasley?”
“Here,” Nym said, and Teddy smiled. He’d always seemed fond of the younger girl, though maybe it was because she bore his mother’s name.
“Joshua Bingham?”
“Here.” Teddy went on down the list, ending with “Benjamin Wood?”
“Here,” Ben answered.
“Alright, that’s everyone. Come on, you all!”
Ben liked the Hufflepuff common room. He liked how friendly everyone was. He liked the peacock, Heracles, who seemed to like him too. There were even more things he liked the next day: for instance, how a cluster of Ravenclaws took turns shooting charms at the Slytherin door, trying to change the password or else get it to open without one. Or how, when that failed, the Gryffindors- led by their prefect, who happened to be Ben’s older sister, Elizabeth- attempted to forcibly remove the door entirely. This series of tries failed as well, but it stirred up enough commotion to draw in the Headmistress and she, upon understanding the problem, rectified it immediately, to great cheers from all parties. Ben hugged his sibling.
“Thanks for the help, Lizzy,” he said.
“Any time, little brother. It’s a good thing you guys did here today, pushing for change. Dads will be proud.”
“Think so?”
“I know so. You’ll probably make prefect next year too.” Ben laughed.
“Oh, D1 would love that.” He imagined Percy’s face when he learned that both of his children were now prefects like he had been, and Ben felt a warm rush in his stomach. I’d love that too, he thought to himself. Lizzy just grinned.

Daisy hadn’t meant to start crying in the middle of Charms class; she just couldn’t hold it back anymore. She’d been trying to control her distress since the letter had arrived that morning from her father, letting her know that Grandpa Vernon didn’t want them coming over for Christmas that year or, it seemed, any year following. Of course, Dudley hadn’t explicitly told his daughter why they were no longer welcome, but she wasn’t dumb enough that she couldn’t figure it out on her own: it was because she had magic. It was already her second year at Hogwarts, but at holiday time last year her grandparents hadn’t known yet. Now they did, and Grandpa didn’t want to see her anymore.
She cried silently, with her head down, but her fellow Ravenclaws didn’t miss her shaking shoulders, and the room got quiet. Anna Granger-Weasley, her closest friend and the only one who knew what had happened, put a comforting hand on Daisy’s back.
“I know it’s not the same,” she whispered, so as not to disturb the rest of the class, “but you guys are totally coming to our Holiday gathering instead.” Daisy turned her head to look at Anna with teary eyes.
“We are?”
“Oh, absolutely. It’s a huge get-together that we do every year in James and Matt’s backyard. My Granny Molly makes twice as much food as we need, even though there’s already thirty-three of us in total. Uncle Percy drinks too much mulled wine and then goes on a rant about something or other, except none of it makes sense. Aunt Ginny and Uncle Oliver fight over which of their Quidditch teams are better- Ginny plays Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies and Oliver is Keeper for Puddlemere United. Uncle George tells us stories about Fred and him when they were students together. Aiden’s little sister Mallory, Professor Longbottom’s daughter Bex, and Callie sometimes decide to put on some silly show. It’s all great fun.” Daisy smiled weakly.
“Sounds great. You sure there’s room for me and my mum and dad?” Anna laughed softly.
“There’s always more room at a Weasley party, and the Potters’ backyard is distinctly huge.”
“I suppose that’s true.”
Daisy tried to grin after that, but Anna could probably tell she wasn’t back at 100%, because at lunch she started up a game.
“It’s called the Story Game. We take turns adding a sentence to a story as we go along. The sentences have to make grammatical sense, but the plot can be as strange or random as you want.”
“Ooh, sounds fun. Can we join in?” Daisy and Anna looked up to see Matt, Gillian, and Nym sliding in beside them (The school had recently switched to an open-seating policy to maintain camaraderie between the Houses).
“Yeah, sure,” Daisy said, scooting to make more room.
“Alright, I’ll start,” Anna said eagerly. She drummed her fingers in thought for a moment. “Okay. Once, there was an old, grumpy sorcerer who lived in a cave on a mountain.” Gillian jumped in next.
“The people at the base of the mountain believed that if you brought the sorcerer a gift that he liked, he would grant you a wish in exchange.”
“Every day,” Matt added, “Someone took a gift up the mountain, but the sorcerer didn’t like any of them.”
“Then a new woman moved to the town below,” Daisy inserted nervously, hoping she was doing this right.
“She heard about the man on the mountain, but nothing about his powers,” Nym put in. Anna’s eyes brightened as she saw where Nym was going with this.
“The woman thought the man must be lonely and perhaps cold all by himself, so she took a warm blanket and a fresh batch of cookies and brought them to him,” she said.
“The man was touched by her genuine generosity,” Gillian said, “and he offered her anything she wanted.”
“She thought for a long while, and finally she decided,” Matt contributed.
“And she asked, 'Can you put some brains in my son Tobias’s head, because he hasn’t got any.”
Anna snorted at the mention of her brother, and suddenly the whole group had dissolved into laughter.
“You can n-never tell Toby about this,” Daisy choked out between giggles. They all shook their heads in agreement, still fighting to contain the wave of mirth.
“This is why you’re my favorite,” Anna informed Daisy gleefully, and Daisy grinned. These really are the people I want to spend my holidays with, she realized.

Aiden’s heart started racing the second the blood red envelope landed in front of him at breakfast. He elbowed James, eyes wide with horror.
“It’s a Howler,” he said with a voice full of dread. James gave a sympathetic smile.
“It might not be so bad. Maybe it’s some really good news, or maybe it’s just a prank from someone. You haven’t done anything wrong, have you?” Aiden shrugged.
“I mean, we did turn all Professor Longbottom’s gardening things pink and sparkly last week, but he didn’t seem to mind. I think he even sent a set home to Bex, who I’m sure was thrilled. It was an innocent bit of fun.” James smiled at the memory, but the smile dropped from his face almost immediately.
“Dude, it’s smoking at the edges.” Aiden jolted in alarm.
“Just open it, before it’s too late,” James counseled. Aiden took a deep breath, squeezed his eyes shut, and tore the envelope open.
When he heard his ten-year-old sister Mallory’s voice ring out, he thought he was safe. Just a prank after all. But then he heard her words.


For a moment, there was dead silence in the Great Hall, and then a hundred people started shouting at once. They were all muggleborns or half-bloods who watched Nevateria, the current most popular sci-fi show, and they were all furious at Aiden.
“I’m sorry!” he yelled. “I didn’t ask her to tell me!” James frowned.
“What was all that about?” he asked. Oh. Aiden had forgotten that, even though James’s dad was raised by Muggles, they didn’t watch television very often.
“It’s a show,” he tried to explain. “One of the best shows. And Mallory just spoiled it for everyone.”
Aiden was shamed by his non-pureblood peers for the rest of the day. It might have continued on longer, except that Toby Granger-Weasley ran up to him in the hallway after his last class, out of breath, and exclaimed, “The Room of Requirement can generate wifi!”
“AND it can be a movie theater!”
“You’re joking.”
“I’m not! It’s officially the weekend. Let’s round everybody up and marathon Nevateria together, my guy! I’ve got Anna waiting in there so the room stays put. Whoever you pass, send them that way. We can get a few house elves to bring snacks. There’s tons of space, so if they want to watch too, that’s fine. Come on, let’s go!” Toby, Aiden, and James took off down the hallway together.
“Brilliant, you are!” Aiden exclaimed while they ran. “This is why you’re a Ravenclaw!”
The plan worked seamlessly. Everyone interested gathered in the Room of Requirement, sitting in movie theater seats, and they got the show to play. Several house elves carried around food and drink for those who wanted it, though a group of Hufflepuffs convinced two to sit down and watch for a while. It turned out Missy didn’t like it much, but Pokey was absolutely entranced. He babbled nonstop about the brilliance of it to his unfortunate neighbor, who happened to be Matt. Matt was too pleased at seeing a house elf freely enthuse about an interest to care. They all had a great time, and all the animosity toward Aiden ended. It was definitely a good day.

There would certainly be more struggles ahead for the Potters, Granger-Weasleys, (Lovegood-)Weasleys, Finnigans, Woods, Longbottom, Lupin, and Dursley, but they didn’t have to worry. They were one huge team, a family, and they could handle anything. Well, almost anything. It turned out there was still a limit on how many animals a single person could bring into the school, which was a problem for Matt, who found himself missing his other creatures.
“You know, when they say don’t do something,” James said oh-so-helpfully, “they just mean don’t get caught doing it.” Matt shoved his brother, insisting that he wasn’t like that, but in the end he snuck all his animals into the castle, with help from Callie. Family meant helping each other, even if it’s helping them break school rules… didn’t it?

Boys Like Us Chap. 5: Head For The Burrows

Previous Chapters and Link to AO3

Harry’s POV

“Molly! Ginny!”

My eyes dart around quickly, flickering with each strong pulse of the blood streaming through my veins.

His eyelids have fallen only halfway closed in a paralyzed state and his skin dead and grey. I find my one hand buried in the cold leather that sticks to his back like a second skin, the other clenched around his loose grip of the motorcycle’s handlebar, my wand caught somewhere in between.

I didn’t want him to be the one to come with me, in fact I’d begged him not to. What would I do now if he was dead?

It’s all my fault. It’s all my fault. It’s all my fault-

“Molly! Ginny! Somebody, help!”

Molly Weasley’s brows are knit into one as she stares out from the greying picket fence, every bit of her countenance expressing perplexity. Ginny looks as though she can’t believe her eyes even as she just watched us land from the sky like a pair of fallen angels. She runs out to us, stopped only by Molly’s arm and she leads forward hesitantly, the Burrow a blurry shadow behind them.

“What’s happened to him?”

I shake my head stiffly and bark, “I don’t know! He was hit with a curse or something, just help, please!”

The neighing of a thestral signals me from behind and my head whips around to recognize the scarred man and shaken witch instantly as they land on the edge of the bog. The creature raises up on its hind legs, bucking wildly as the two hold on for dear life. It’d be barely visible in the black of night if not for the moonlight that reflects off its leathery back.

Remus jumps off of the beast, ankle deep in the murky water, brandishing his wand. He steps forward looking all too cautious, “Sirius, is… is he dead?”

“I don’t know!” I say, seeing red behind my eyes, “How do you expect me to know?”

He stares at me a moment, head cocked to the side and pupils dilating as if he’s just discovered the secrets of the universe, “Harry move back.”

“I don’t need to move back!” I snarl, “Someone needs to bloody fucking help him!”

Remus wrestles my hand from his back, pulling me by the waist, “Harry, I said move back!”

Overcome by a rage bubbling up in my chest I pull my arm from his grip, bringing it back and then swinging it forward with enough force to have Remus stumbling backwards and falling off his feet when it hits him. He falls back dazedly, dust devils swirling around him. His delirious gaze narrows in, making him look dangerous and ready to snap, like an unpulled trigger, and for a moment the fog splits and I can see right through it.

“Remus. I’m-”

The spell hits me like a dunk into ice-cold water, pulling me straight through the haze and back to a rightful mind in one sharp, too quick tug at the temple.

As I open my eyes Hermione tugs me up and forward. I can see Molly out of the corner of my eye, tears spilling onto her cheeks. They’re all looking at me. I ask them what I’ve just done.

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"Ginny's loser" - Hinny one shot

Okay I kinda went haywire on this (I’ve literally been writing on this for two hours now, non-stop) and I think it’s kind of rubbish as this is one of the first oneshots I’ve written during the day (I normally write at like, 11PM because.. Idk bro) and about Hinny so yeah. Hope I did well, anon! 

“Can you please write a fanfic of Harry and Ginny’s “stolen hours” in hidden parts of the grounds while dating in the sixth book and they do crosswords and have little Charms competitions to see who can make leaves dance the best and Ginny figures out Harry’s ticklish and gives him endless shit for it and cheek kisses and snuggles and so cute”

‘Guess who?’ a pair of hands clasped on the young Weasley’s eyes from behind. Ginny’s friends rolled her eyes and stood up, walking away. They were glad she finally got on with the boy she’d been fancying since her First Year but it was annoying hearing her talk about him all the time. She tried to keep it to a minimum but it was so hard not to talk about his eyes – big green ones – or about his messy black hair she loved to ruffle through with her fingers or about how his muscles worked during Quidditch practice.

‘I don’t know,’ she smiled although she absolutely knew who – the smell of parchment and the woody scent of broomstick handle unmasked the young boy. She pretended to play along for the sake of it. ‘Is it Michael? Dean?’ the boy kept quiet. ‘Okay I give up.’

‘Well then I guess I can eat these sweets alone,’ Harry sang, letting go of her eyes and holding a bag of Muggle chocolate bars in front of her face. He’d been keeping them since Christmas, after he’d found Ginny and Dean snogging. He’d hoped they’d break up so they could share chocolate to reduce her heartbreak and maybe kiss her, too.

‘You’re mean,’ she fake-pouted, kissing his cheek. ‘Please share with me?’

‘Only if you’ll follow me,’ he smiled and reached out his hand.  She smiled and wove her fingers through his.

‘Only if you’ll promise not to kidnap me.’

‘Well maybe I’d like to keep you for myself and the only way to do that is to lock you up. I’ll feed you chocolate a few times a day though,’ laughed Harry.

‘If you keep onto that chocolate promise I might follow you,’ Ginny said, wrapping her other arm around his arm.

And they set off, wandering around the castle. It was mostly empty; almost all of the Fifth Year students were revising for the O.W.L.s coming up, the others were enjoying themselves on a trip to Hogsmeade. Ginny had been revising all day and was glad that Harry took her outside.

‘How come I’ve never been here before, Harry?’ she asked once she realized they weren’t on common grounds.

‘Found this part of the ground with Padfoot once. He led me to it,’ Harry confessed. The Marauders had found a lot more ground and passageways than most pupils did and Harry gladly went there to avoid the stares.

Harry let go of Ginny’s hand, got his schoolbag from his shoulder and revealed one of the covers they had on their beds in the dorms, laid it down on the grass and pulled her down with him.

‘Figured I don’t like green stains on my trousers and Dobby’ll do my laundry anyway,’ Harry said, answering Ginny’s questioning look. She’d obviously never been picnicking before at home.

‘Where’s my chocolate?’ she questioned, seeing Harry take out a few papers and both of their wands – she wondered how he’d gotten her wand, seeing as she had it lying next to her in the common room.

‘I didn’t know it had your name on it,’ Harry winked, tossing her one of the chocolate bars – milk with hazelnut, her favourite. She’d told him – once – that it was her favourite and he had remembered it ever since.

‘Well it does now,’ she said, reaching out for her wand and scribbling “Ginny Weasley” on the wrapper.

‘Okay, let’s test your Muggle knowledge,’ Harry said, crawling over to sit next to her. She automatically leaned against him and Harry wondered again how luck he’d gotten with her.

‘A crossword?’

‘Yes,’ Harry smiled, kissing the top of her head and getting dizzy again with her flowery scent.

And so they filled out crosswords until their stomachs began to growl with hunger.

‘C’mon I need to eat. I’m starving,’ Ginny proclaimed.

‘You know, you remind me an awful lot of Ron in this way,’ Harry said, ruffling her hair. He loved that she wasn’t like the other girls, having to make up for class and getting mad when their hair wasn’t perfectly in place.

‘Sod off, Harry,’ exclaimed Ginny, prodding his stomach. The tiny squeal he let out lit Ginny’s eyes up.

‘You’re ticklish?’ Harry ignored her. ‘Oh Merlin, the great Harry Potter, the Chosen One is ticklish!’ her boyfriend pretended she didn’t exist again and this set off her tickling.

‘Are you ignoring me?’ she said, tickling his stomach. Harry let out a very unmanly, feminine giggle, pushing her off softly. And so the pair spent the next fifteen minutes tickling each other on the grass, until both had to catch their breath and lay heaving on the ground.

‘Ron’s going to have a fit when he sees me like that. You do realize that, don’t you?’ Ginny questioned him, her hair a bird’s nest and her t-shirt crumpled up.

‘And Hermione’s going to laugh at us for the next two weeks,’ Harry added, his hair and clothes in the same state as Ginny’s. ‘But we can fix this.’

So he turned around, getting Ginny’s brush and a new, though exactly the same as her old one, shirt from his schoolbag.

‘My god, Harry, how the hell do you manage to sneak up to the girls’ dormitories and steal my stuff?’

‘Didn’t. Hermione got them for me, because she knew your hair was going to be completely tangled and your shirt ruined when I told her I’d take you picnicking. She’s done it before with her parents, you see,’ he grinned, tossing both the items to her before he turned his back to her, allowing her to change her clothes.

‘Brilliant,’ the Weasley girl breathed out.

‘And you can test your knowledge on Charms by fixing my shirt as I was stupid enough not to get one of my own,’ Harry said, giving her her wand.

‘Mum’s way better at this than I am but this’ll have to do,’ Ginny waved her wand, muttered a charm and a few ruffles disappeared out of his shirt.

‘Hmm, we’ll have to work on your Charms before your O.W.L.s then,’ Harry smiled wickedly, kissing her cheek.

‘Oh? I bet you that I’m better at Charms than you are,’ Ginny exclaimed. ‘Make those leaves tap-dance and the one who does it worse than the other has to tie a banner on their broom with “I’m a loser” during Quidditch practice.’

‘Agreed,’ Harry said, sealing the bet with a kiss on Ginny’s lips.

Ginny won, as hers did summersaults and tap-danced across the grass and back. Harry had let her win but there was no way he was going to tell her that – ever.

‘I told you so,’ Ginny smiled deviously, cuddling into Harry. The pair quietly packed up their stuff and walked to the Great Hall. They found Ron and Hermione quickly, the former sulking as soon as he saw his sister enter with his mate. Hermione smiled knowingly at Ginny’s neat hair and shirt and Harry mouthed a ‘thank you’ her way. The couple sat down next to each other, in front of Hermione and Ron who, every so often, touched each other with their elbows or got the same food off of the table.

‘Oh, by the way, Harry’s ti –’ Ginny started off, before Harry pulled her against her, ruffling her hair in the process and dropping his cutlery on his plate.

‘Harry’s Ginny’s boyfriend,’ Harry finished off Ginny’s sentence and let go of his tight grip.

‘Indeed,’ smiled his girlfriend, snuggling into him and kissing his cheek.

Dinner progressed quietly, Ron glaring every so often at his mate, but Ginny and Harry escaped before he could get to them.

‘Quidditch practice tomorrow, see you then,’ Harry said hastily to Ron before they literally ran out of the Great Hall.


‘Banner done yet?’ Ginny teased at breakfast, sitting down next to Harry.

‘Couldn’t be better,’ he said, kissing her cheek. They went to the Quidditch stands a little before 9, dew still on the grass after a cold night.

‘Wait here,’ Harry said before he went to tie the banner to his broom and fly off. ‘GINNY LOOK UP.’

And there she saw her boyfriend flying, the fabric saying “I’m Ginny’s loser.” And if she’d been smiling more she was afraid her cheeks were going to burst.

‘It’s cute. I like it,’ she said when she was flying next to him, daring to kiss his cheek 16 feet off the ground.

‘That’s good because I’m never taking it off again. I’m your loser.’ He said, before she took off flying with an amazing speed.

‘Come and catch me!’

‘I already did,’ Harry muttered, before going to catch the girl he loved.