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You know what, I suck at reading instructions! I'm so sorry again!!! I am so sorry I'm not reading you rules correctly. Once more I asked for the whole "hot mess" of a thing. And I'm sorry. So, can I just request MTME Cyclonus, Drift, Pharma, and IDW Starscream with human s/o doing whatever you chose? Please and thank you. And I'm so sorry for screwing up the request twice :(

Oh no sweetie it’s okay! Don’t feel bad, it happens ^.^ lol I may have went a bit overboard with this…

Gardening with s/o


Drift (Spring)

  • The air is rich with fragrance as you lead Drift through the grove of blooms. Spring is the time of new beginnings, you explain, plucking an azalea and handing it back to him. He smiles softly. His nimble digits weave the flower into the wreath he’s making, and he tugs it to a finish and places it on your head. “You are my new beginning”
  • It’s not Drift’s fault you fell. It’ yours; you’d reached too far for that, shiny, juicy, perfect first fruit, lost your balance, and went tumbling down from his servo and into the bushes below. Drift had been horrified by your screams as the thorns dug into your skin. It’s not his fault, you assure him frantically, totally not his fault- but that doesn’t stop him from blaming himself. He winces as he lays the last Band-Aid over a scrape, kissing it tenderly with his holo-avatar’s lips. You suppose you won’t be making jam today; Drift won’t let you out of bed for a long while. Instead, maybe he’ll be up for telling you a story or two.

Cyclonus (Summer)

  • “Who planted so much squash?” you ask, eyeing your overrun garden. You’d learned early on to be frugal with squash seeds; they grow like nobody’s business and there’s no way to not be sick of it by the end of summer. Cyclonus makes a troubled noise. He looks flustered, and not in the cute way like when you kiss him. He looks like, maybe, he made an error. A laugh bubbles from your lips. How can you be mad?  Rookie mistake, you tease him, and before he can apologize you wave him off. You’ll just make bread, you tell him. He smiles gratefully and starts to harvest the squash.
  • Today is unbearably hot, so you have to water yourselves as well as the garden. Cyclonus moves slower than usual, his cooling fans blast unbearably loud. You hook the hose up. When the water hits his plating it sizzles, curling little wisps of steam, and he relaxes against a tree. Now that he’s cool you can sit in his lap and let the sprinkler drench both of you. He runs a claw through your hair, working out the knots, and you doze as the summer sun hangs high above you.

Pharma (Fall)

  • “Thank…you?” you say when Pharma gives you a handful of pumpkin guts. He doesn’t reply; you don’t think he heard you over the buzz of his chainsaw. Even in his mass-displaced form he had to get the biggest pumpkin to be able to work properly with it. He flicks the juice off of his chainsaw and turns the pumpkin, smiling proudly. It’s not… the prettiest jack-o-lantern, but it’s definitely the scariest. Pharma says he’s ready to set it on fire and scare the neighborhood kids.
  • Pharma is all business in the morning, which is good because you’re not all anything in the morning. He lets you ride in the wagon on the way to the garden and even does most of the harvesting for you. Surprisingly, he doesn’t talk. He’s razor-sharp focused as he cuts gourds free and pulls up carrots. As you trot next to him on the way back you notice how tired he looks. He grumbles that he could really use his morning energon right about now.

IDW Starscream (Winter)

  • Your breath puffs a small cloud. You assess the tree. There are some dead branches that will have to go, you explain to Starscream, for the tree to be able to grow. He’s not listening; he’s rubbing his arms and whining about the cold. With a small laugh you take out your pruning saw- only for it to be snatched away. Starscream huffs- let him do it, you humans are so fragile, and of course you’ll end up hurting yourself. Besides, a little work might warm him up.
  • There’s ice on the tips of Starscream’s wings. There’s ice caked on the tips of Starscream’s wings. You know he’s in pain because he’s not complaining; his face is pinched and he tries to keep in his whimpers. He tries to act like it doesn’t bother him. You sit him in front of the fire place and gently- ever so gently- brush the slush away with a towel. Gradually his shaking slows, his whimpers quiet into small groans, and his frame finally relaxes. He flutters his wings with slow, careful movements, then offers you a smile and a place on his lap. When he falls into recharge, curled softly around you, you know the pain is gone.

Requested: No

Summary: In which Draco helps the reader get rid of persistent hiccups.

Word Count: 990

Warnings: None :)

For what must have been the fiftieth time, a loud hiccup escaped you as you sat on the grass near the Black Lake, trying to study. Unfortunately, your chest constantly being overcome with loud spasms and then the loud hiccup that followed was getting very distracting.

And apparently, it wasn’t just you it was distracting.

“Would you get those under control?” your friend, Draco Malfoy, snapped at you. He looked up from the Herbology book he was pouring over for the Final Exams that were coming in two weeks.

“I can’t help it,” you protested, hiccuping again, loudly. “Ugh! This is so irritating!”

“I’ll say,” he muttered, rolling his eyes. “Do you know the spell to get rid of those?”

“No,” you whined. “Do you?”

“No.” He bent back over his book and you tried very hard to concentrate on not hiccuping for a few minutes. Of course, that only seemed to make it worse.




“Merlin, will this ever end?” Draco finally cried out, throwing his quill down on to the parchment and giving you another exasperated look.

“It’s not like I’m doing this on purpose, Draco,” you hissed, after another hiccup. Suddenly, you had an idea. You flourished your wand and a glass of water came flying toward you, which you proceeded to chug as quickly as you could.

He arched an eyebrow at you. “What are you doing?”

“One way to cure hiccups is supposed to be chugging water very quickly.”

He grinned. “All of those things that people say never work, you know.”

“Yes, they do!” you said defensively. “People always say to hold your breath, but that never worked for me. But this did! See, I haven’t – hiccup!”

“Told you,” he said smugly, and then flashed you his most dazzling smile.

“Shut up,” you said in a surly voice. “Okay, I have another idea.” You closed your eyes and began to concentrate. It was difficult, knowing that Draco was probably staring at you.

You heard him start to laugh. “What are you doing?”

“I’m picturing three bald men,” you told him matter of factually, opening your eyes. “That’s another one I’ve been told in the past.”

“Uh huh, that’ll work,” he said sarcastically.


“Bloody hell!” you shouted, knocking over the now empty glass out of frustration. Draco was now bent over from laughing at you. “Oh, you think this is funny now, do you?”

“It keeps getting funnier and funnier,” he said cheekily. “Besides, I know how to cure your hiccups without magic. And it’s not all these weird things you’ve heard from obviously very idiotic sources.”

You swatted him on the shoulder and he chuckled. “What?” you asked.

“You need to be surprised,” he told you, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. His gray eyes were scanning over you now, schoolwork apparently forgotten. “Completely shocked.”

“Well, lovely,” you said, looking around the grounds. The nearest students were far away, and it was a very peaceful day; you couldn’t see yourself getting a shock from anything out here. “Well then, I guess I’ll just have to suffer until the Giant Squid decides to pop out, or something. Hiccup.”

“I don’t think so,” said Draco with a throaty chuckle, though you noticed something in his voice had changed. When you looked over at him, you thought he looked momentarily rather nervous. That was strange. Then again, Draco was a tough one to read, and now that you were watching him it seemed that he was merely sitting next to you and looking at you with a neutral expression.

You frowned. “What do you-”

But your words were cut off because your mouth was suddenly very busy. Draco had leaned over very, placed his hands on either side of your face, and crashed your lips to his.

Oh my god, he’s kissing me! your brain shouted as fireworks exploded in your mind. And you liked it.

His lips were warm, and the way his fingers were lightly brushing against the skin of your cheeks, drawing patterns along your jaw as he kissed you deeper, was making you crazy. And he didn’t stop after kissing you once: over and over he kissed you, tilting his head to deepen the kiss into a soft and tentative pattern, with just a hint of forcefulness. Oh, he was good at this…

After a minute that seemed to have lasted for an eternity, his lips were gone and he had pulled away.

You kept your eyes closed for a second, because you were still slightly dazed and you were already missing his lips. You could feel his breath across your face, and you knew he was breathing slightly harder and that he was still close. Very slowly, you opened your eyes to gaze into his.

There was a boyish, almost shy look in them that momentarily made your breath catch in your throat, and a burning intensity in his gray eyes that you had never seen before.

“Did it work?” he breathed. Breathlessly, you nodded, and he chuckled, his eyes still carefully watching your face as he grinned triumphantly. “See? Told you.”

You just nodded, still unsure of what else to say. You really wanted to ask why he had kissed you for so long if it had only been the element of surprise he was going for, but you thought you knew the answer. You thought you could see it in the way he was looking at you now, with a look that was making butterflies erupt in your stomach and your heart skip beats.

“Was it a good surprise or a bad surprise?” He tried to sound casual and failed completely. His eyes were also smoldering at you, and you felt your cheeks warm up.

“Good surprise,” you told him, with a very shy smile. “Definitely.”

It was quiet for a moment. And then he whispered, “Can we do it again?”

A/N: Hi there, HP fandom! This is my first posted imagine, so I hope it wasn’t total garbage. I just felt like writing something short and fluffy with my boy Draco. Comments/thoughts/etc are much appreciated, as is pointing out any errors you may see. Come on over to the new blog and request something, if you like! Right now I write for Draco Malfoy and Newt Scamander :)

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Two of my friends disowned me in the same week. I’m a wreck. It would mean the world and more if you could write a ficlet for me. Your writing is amazing and always soothes me. Anything that’s sweet, fluffy, and has to do with firsts is the best. You’re truly the best.

Oh!! Nonny I am SO Sorry!! Oh gosh, I hope you are alright. It’s never a good time when a so-called friend doesn’t want to be your friend anymore. You are a beautiful person, never forget that. 

Hmm, okay, I can certainly try to write you something fluffy and first-time. Hmmm.

(EDIT: This got longer than intended, so apologies for the cut. Proofread quickly, so apologies if there’s errors. Rated M. I’ll probably post this up to my Ao3 one of these days.)

“Date night!” That’s what John had stated this morning after he kissed Sherlock on top of his head, on his way past Sherlock hunched over his microscope. Sherlock had glanced up, and took in the morning paper rolled under John’s  arm (Sodoku and Crosswords; John liked to do them on the tube), his briefcase in his hand (work case; Oyster card in the front pocket – bad place for it, John; you’ve lost it three times already since you moved back in) and dressed in his work attire (No). “Don’t forget, Love.” John was searching the for his keys, which Sherlock secretly hid every morning, hoping that if John couldn’t find his keys, then maybe he wouldn’t leave Sherlock to go do something as banal as working away from Sherlock.

Sherlock frowned and watched John wander the common room, griping under his breath about someone being a “git” and where his keys were this time. If John wanted to do some doctoring so bad, he could stay at home, be one of those online consultants or something. Or better yet, Sherlock could lay out naked on his bed and let John examine him all day. Maybe check his prostate a few times. Many times. Why did John have to put his hands on other people? John’s hands were for SHERLOCK, not for anyone else.

“– face again, Sherlock,” Sherlock caught John say, clearly having tuned John out while he was silently brooding. “I know you don’t like it when I go to work, Love, but I need to do it for me.” John stopped in front of Sherlock and put his hand on Sherlock’s head, which sent an immediate jolt to his stomach, the butterflies immediately making Sherlock forget about his brooding. He sat up taller to push his head into John’s palm. He looked up, and saw John’s sympathetic smile directed at him. “It doesn’t mean I want to be away from you, Love. I just like helping people. Just like you do.”

Sherlock loved John so much; he loved that John knew exactly how anxious John’s leaving every morning made Sherlock. “Mm,” was all he hummed in response. He decided to not put up much of a fight this morning; John’s Smile #563 was the “I love you so much I could die” smile that Sherlock had yet to build up a defense against and always gave in.

He wondered if John had somehow tapped into his John Room™ and figured out which things he did that Sherlock was weak against. They seemed to be more common lately, and it made Sherlock suspicious but in a “but I don’t care because I love John” way. 

“Now, please tell me where you put my keys, Sherlock,” John stated softly, stroking his fingers soothingly on the spot behind Sherlock’s left ear that he loved so much. “I know you hide my keys every morning, Love.”

John was spending too much time around Sherlock, he decided, if he was getting too observant to know yet another thing Sherlock thought John didn’t know he did. Sherlock found, once again, that it didn’t bother him as much as he thought it should – he loved that John was the one and only person who knew Sherlock better than himself. He supposed it was good for John to be away from Sherlock for a few hours.

Besides, he had a Very Important Thing™ he had to do today, and John needed to be away for a few hours, anyway, as much as it pained Sherlock to admit.

Didn’t mean he wouldn’t indulge a bit first. “Under the sofa, left hand side, behind the leg,” Sherlock replied, reaching around John’s waist to give him a light parting hug.

John’s soft chuckle made Sherlock’s heart skip a beat, and the overwhelming smell of fresh-washed John filled his space again as John leaned over to kiss his forehead. “Thank you, Love,” John replied, caressing Sherlock’s cheekbone as his hand brushed down to Sherlock’s shoulder, where John squeezed gently. He wandered over to the spot Sherlock had directed him and bent over, his trousers pulling tightly around John’s beautiful, muscular arse, and bunched up suggestively near John’s groin, from the angle he could see.

Sherlock drank it all in, and filed it away, under “John’s Bum in Work Trousers #256-M, Three Quarter View, 4.6 seconds”. He turned back to his microscope, surreptitiously wiping away a bit of drool which had gathered at the corner of his mouth. Sherlock really liked John’s bum.

“John!” Sherlock called out just as John was making his way to the door. John turned, his eyebrow quirked. Sherlock pointed to his lips.

John’s Sideway Smile #129 nearly ended Sherlock as John walked back to the table, bending down to peck Sherlock on the lips and pat his head again. “You’re such a silly git,” John said, scratching Sherlock’s scalp.


“I’m not silly,” Sherlock croaked, gone off in another haze caused by John’s magic fingers. 

“You are though. Most people use words, Love.”

“Bah,” Sherlock replied, moving his hand to squeeze John’s that was in his hair. “Words are boring. People that aren’t you are boring.” Sherlock huffed. “Best be off, or I may have to keep you here forever.”

John sighed contentedly, patted his head, and pecked Sherlock one final time. “Love you, Sherlock. Have a good day.”

Sherlock’s butterflies twittered happily in his tummy. “Mmm,” was his reply, grabbing his pen to jot down a note in his Moleskine. John knew Sherlock loved him, silly to repeat something John already knew… right? 

… Right?

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After that beautiful (as always) prompts you made I just wondered what if Amy secretly use glasses but never we're them in front of her friends or other people because mabey of her past of bullying. And one day Sonic discovered her wereing them? (Man you give such happiness when I read your prompts)


Adorable~ and thank you so much my friend >w<


Fighting in the mist of a battle, Sonic summoned up all his strength to deliver the final blow, sending Eggman and his troops of robotic minions off in a hissy fit.

He snickered as he turned around, dusting off his hands for a job well done, before a familiar pink hedgehog graced the scene.

Grace… is just a nice way of putting it…

“Sooniic!!!” she looked like she could stumble over her own feet at any minute.

She leaped to embrace her love, glad the battle was over, and gripped his iron-body tightly agianst her own. “I’m so glad you’re alright! I knew you could do it! Emm~” she rubbed her body against his steely-face… wait…

She blinked her eyes and squinted.

Sonic, watching Amy hug and love on a lamp-post with a spiky bush on the upper-level behind it’s planter, tapped his foot and put his hands to his hips.

Shaking his head, he leaned forward, “I can never understand you…” he then walked off, as Amy saw the error of her ways… or eyes… and quickly jumped down to follow after the blue blob-BLUR. She meant blur…

“Oh, Sonic! I’m so sorry! I-I knew it wasn’t you! I was just pretending! It was a joke, see? Haha…ha…” she waved her hands awkwardly in front of her, as if making it seem like a ‘surprise! did you get it?’ moment, and nervously had her smile twitch at the corners of her lips.

She sweat drop as he looked slightly back over his shoulder to her, before facing forward again and shaking his head.

She pouted, lowering her hands as she realized he wasn’t buying that explanation..

Suddenly, a loud blast was heard as if a rocket had gone off, as Sonic stepped back and halted- the train of him and Amy also merged as Amy crashed into his backside.

“Offph! What was that?” Amy held a hand to his back, as if for placement purposes as she gripped one eye that got shoved into his shoulder, before he protectively held an arm back over her, just in case…

“I thought I heard something…”

“Me too.. it was so loud..” Amy moved closer to Sonic, before his ears picked up on something speeding through the air.

“Amy..” his eyes suddenly widened, “Get down!” he jumped behind him but Amy couldn’t see where he went or what was coming at her, from which direction.

“W-wait, what?!”

“Amy!” he gripped the edge of her dress and threw her down.


Tick-tink! tank-tank-tank…

Something fell from below her dress…

The missle that was launched unexpectedly flew past the two’s head, and crashed into a neighboring part of the city.

Sonic got up, embracing Amy to keep her safe, and then moved her away, gripping her shoulders, “How could you not see that!? It was coming straight at you!”

“I..I..” Amy started to tear up, but pushed it back as she shook her head. “It was moving too fast…”

“I move too fast! That thing was-!” before he could ‘discuss’ his opinions further… he noticed something black and large on the ground.

His eyes shifted to it, and reached out to grab them.


“AH!” Amy reached to lift her dress up a bit, realizing the item she was reaching for was missing… immediately turned back and spread herself out over him to try and reach the glasses. “Don’t look at them!”

He pulled them away, allowing her body to spread over his own as she continued to frantically, almost desperately reach for his hand with the glasses in them..

“…Amy… are these… yours?”

“NOO!!!” she kicked her legs and pushed him more down, having him almost fall backwards without his other arm supporting the two of them up.

He strained, but tilted his body to roll her off of him.

“Ah..!” she cutely let a surprised cry escape her as the weight shift and balance changed for her, as she lightly rolled to the ground.

“H-Heeey…” she whined, getting up and bending her eyebrows back as Sonic examined the glasses more now, getting up and sitting Indian-style, he tried to look through them, having his eyes look zoomed in before pulling them away.

It looked painful, as he blinked one eye at a time, “Yikes!” he rubbed his eyes as Amy shook her fist up and down on her lap.

“Give. them. back. to. me!” she whined, but didn’t look like she was really going for them again.

He pulled the glasses as far from his eyes as possible, looking away before turning back to them. “Dang, Amy.. this is some.. ugh.. heavy-duty stuff..” He looked them over again, before seeing Amy get up and walk away.

“Amy?” He got up quickly, “Don’t you want your ‘gear’ back?” he slightly teased, leaning forward and dangling them by one leg over to her, mockingly.

“…Hmm?” he blinked when he saw her crouch down and hug her legs… turning away from him.

“…Uh-oh…ahh… Amy?” he leaned up, realizing he must have hurt her feelings, and rubbed his hand through his face up to his spiky head, and started to move towards her.

“What’d I do this time?” he sighed.

“…You don’t like girls with Glasses…” she sniffed, rubbing her eyes.

He paused, “…When have I ever said that?” He smiled, charmingly, and lifted his toe up. “I don’t care what anyone looks like… it only matters how they smile.” he beamed a goofy grin, “Seeee?” he joked and played around, trying to make her smile, but she wasn’t look back at him.

He moved closer, ducking himself down even more, making sure she could see, “SEEEEEE~?”

She peeked over her shoulder to him, and giggled, as he laughed too and once again dangled the glasses over and in front of her head.

“I don’t know where you heard that, but if you think glasses don’t look good on ya, we could visit Tails and see what he could do?”

She beamed, turning around and nodding, not even reaching for the glasses. “You mean… he could make me contacts?”

“Contacts?” Sonic moved back, still holding the glasses by one leg and then tapped a finger on his chin. “Hmm…” he looked away, “With our eye shape.. it won’t be easy… more like a windshield wiper, haha! But we can most certainly try!” he winked and gave her a thumbs up.

She looked down, her excitement suddenly gone.

“Huh? Amy?” he lowered his head, as she avoided his curious stare and put her fingers together.

“…Kids would call me that when I wore the glasses..” she moved her foot up, letting it hug the other behind it’s ankle… “They said… Sonic The Hedgehog would never date a girl with four eyes…”

Sonic’s smile left him…

He looked back at the glasses, and put them on her.

She freaked a moment, her hands coming up, but then let him push them fully back on her and watched as her eyes were now huge from his angle.

He chuckled lightly, a small ‘pfft’ before he smiled.

“They help me see your eyes better. How do I look?” he gestured to himself, posing.

She laughed, and nodded, “You look even more handsome than ever~” she fawned, swaying herself left and right and putting her hands to the sides of her face.

“Well, how can you stand to not see me in my true and blue aesthetic without the glasses?” he shrugged in a mocking way, but it was to help her, and she laughed.

“There, now that’s a smile!” he lightly let his finger touch her chin.

She suddenly stopped laughing and looked up at him, feeling the slight tap and push from his finger to look up at him.

He quickly moved the finger, but stared at little longer at her…

“Wow.” his eyes seemed more genuine, as if they were sparkling deep within them.

“…What is it?” she cutely ducked her head, blushing slightly, but never looking away from his eyes…

There was a hesitation… as he simply just… looked.. at her.

He then stepped back and put a finger to his nose, scratching it as if he was nervous.

“I just never noticed how beautiful four eyes can be… Considering two were already a show-stopper.” he turned his head away, putting his arms to his sides.

“Whelp, let’s get you to Tails.” he nonchalantly looked to his foot, as if admiring the shine of his shoes, but clearly was avoiding any further notion of continuing the previous topic, and started walking on.

Amy held her breath, before lightly skimming a touch of her glasses’s rim on her finger tips, then giggling.

She quickly raced after him, looping an arm around his own, and rubbing her head against his shoulder, being coupley~

He side-stepped but seemed to be a bit nervous… though, he just continued walking and let her do what she wanted, turning his head away from her and scratching the tip of his nose again…

Tails made the contacts, happily showing her how to properly place them, and she hasn’t had a real problem tackling the right person ever since~

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Mabel, Stan, and Ford sees Dipper with his boyfriend Bill one day, and they get overly protective because Dipper is innocent and precious to them.

The best way to spend a day with Bill was to find something that the blond couldn’t destroy. Dipper had a hard time doing it when they first met, looking endlessly for places that his rowdy classmate turned boyfriend couldn’t get into too much trouble.

At first, it was the museum, a place that Dipper had hoped Bill would be too focused on to disrupt. It worked for a little while -Bill loved dinosaurs and that exhibit went well- but as soon as it got “boring” his boyfriend tried to climb on some of the sculptures, and in the end, they were kicked out.

He then tried to bring Bill to a much more open, less policed place. The woods. Which also went well, up until Bill got lost. For hours. Luckily Dipper ran into him on his way out and didn’t have to enlist the cops or townsfolk for help finding him.

Bill insisted that he had meant to wander off, but Dipper didn’t buy it for a second.

A few other places failed to keep the blond out of trouble, but Dipper was determined to make something work. One of the few places he hadn’t tried yet, one of the last ones he could even think of, was the park.

They met there after school, Dipper being sure to get there first to scout it out and make sure there wasn’t anything or anyone there that might make Bill rambunctious.

It seemed quiet enough. Little to no wind, the sun was out but it wasn’t too hot, and there weren’t many people out despite the nice weather. There was no way Bill could get into trouble there.

Dipper sat on a bench under a tree, waiting patiently for the blond to arrive. He hoped it wouldn’t take him too long because Dipper hadn’t brought a book or anything to keep him entertained.

After a few more minutes of waiting, just before Dipper was about to pull his phone out to call Bill, the blond’s face was suddenly in front of his, upside down.

“Heya Pine Tree, how’s it hanging?” he shouted.

Dipper jumped back and pressed himself against the back of the bench, his face scrunched in anger. “Don’t scare me like that!”

Bill let his arms dangle loosely while his legs stayed tightly hooked on the branch above them, a large, goofy smile on his face. “You’re not going to Spiderman kiss me? After all this work of climbing up the tree. I’m offended.” In a smooth motion, Bill lifted his upper body just enough to grab the branch, righting himself so that he could drop out of the tree onto his feet.

Scowling, Dipper relaxed again and crossed his arms, watching the blond fix his upright hair. “Kissing is for boyfriends who don’t scare the crap out of their significant other.”

With a shrug, Bill joined Dipper on the bench and wrapped his arm around the brunet’s shoulders. “I can just steal one, then.” Tightening his grip, Bill tried to pull Dipper closer for a kiss.

Dipper resisted and laughed, knowing that Bill wanted to play fight. That was at least something that wouldn’t get them into trouble.

Or so he thought.

The two fell to the ground while laughing, their arms locked in a struggle. Neither of them actually tried very hard to pin the other until Bill was winning, straddling Dipper while he held the brunet down by the shoulder.

“Any last words, Pines?” He smiled and lifted his fist as if he were going to punch Dipper in the face, but Dipper knew all too well that when Bill did that, it only meant that the blond was about to lightly hold his face in place so that he could kiss him.

A loud gasp made them both look to the side, seeing that Mabel and the Stans were rushing over out of the car from the lot nearby.

“Dipper! Oh my gosh! I knew you not coming home on time meant trouble!” Mabel looked ready to rush Bill, but the blond lazily rolled off of Dipper and seemed indifferent to the Pines’ shocked faces.

“So you came looking for me? I thought I texted you,” Dipper grumbled as he stood up. His family didn’t exactly like that he was dating Bill. They knew that the blond was destructive and had a bad reputation, and it was often that Mabel and Ford told him that he should probably keep his distance.

Stan never seemed to mind, though he looked ready to kill Bill after having just witnessed what looked like the blond trying to beat Dipper to a pulp.

“Of course I came looking, Dipdip! We’ve had to come get you before because of…” Her eyes shifted to Bill and the blond tilted his head, his neutral expression turning into a confused one.

“Because of me?” Bill crossed his arms, looking to Dipper. He opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by Ford.

“Well, yes because of you,” Ford grumbled. “You get Dipper into trouble all the time. He’s a good kid, and you’re more often than not pulling him down with you.”

“Bill isn’t pulling me down,” Dipper snapped. He took a deep breath and rubbed both hands over his face. He had had this fight with them too many times to count. “Look, just- Go home. I’ll be home later, alright? I’m not in any trouble, and it’s fine.”

“But-” Mabel started.

“No, I don’t want to talk to you right now. I want to have my date with Bill.” He turned around and folded his arms in a huff, not moving until his family had gone back to the car and left, knowing that they wouldn’t win the fight.

Once the Stan Mobile could no longer be heard, Dipper finally relaxed and looked to Bill.

The blond’s smile had gone, replaced by a frown. He kept his gaze on the ground and didn’t look at Dipper when the brunet sighed.

“Bill, they’ll come around, they just think-”

“Am I that bad?” Bill finally looked up to Dipper, his eyes glistening with tears that hadn’t yet fallen.

“No, no, Bill, you’re not bad.” Pulling Bill into a hug, Dipper hugged him tightly and rubbed his face against the black hoodie Bill always wore. “They just think that. You’re a good person. You just get…excited sometimes, and society doesn’t always like that. But guess what?” He pulled his face away from Bill’s chest so that he could look him in the eyes.

“What?” Bill finally returned the hug, his smile already slowly coming back thanks to the hug.

“I do. I love it. It’s exciting and fun, and I don’t think I would be as happy with anyone else.” He pulled an arm in between them to tap on his lips. “Want that kiss now?”

Bill’s smile returned in full force, his light blue eyes still sparkling in the sun. “Hell yeah! Can we do it upside down, though? I kind of really actually wanted to do the Spiderman kiss.”

Laughing, Dipper released his hold on Bill and motioned to the tree. “Go ahead then, Spiderman.”

Once Bill was back into place for the kiss, he made grabby hands at Dipper. “Come to me, my Mary Jane.”

The kiss was horribly awkward. Even when tilting their heads they couldn’t exactly makeout properly, but it was okay. Dipper didn’t mind it because he was happy. Happy that he found a place where they would be fine so long as his family stayed out of it until they came to terms with Bill, and happy that he had the blond in his life.

Without him, things just wouldn’t be as fun, and he didn’t ever want to let that go.

Because She Can

A/N: Most self-indulgent fic ever. Also my first Hamilton fic. I planned on having this be a one chapter fic, but it ended up getting too long. Because I’m trying not to lose my nerve, I haven’t really proofread it so let me know if there is any huge errors. I’m posting the first half now and working on the second. Enjoy!

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More cool aunt Kara AU stuff, this time based on some excellent ideas/headcanons that come courtesy of @thatsjustsupergirl

(Also, these don’t have titles because I hate naming things but if they did, this one would definitely be called ‘A League of Their Own.’ In case anyone was curious.)

“It’s not that I don’t trust him,” Kara explains as she leads Eliza and Jeremiah to the MedLab level of the Watchtower, “it’s just that I don’t feel comfortable leaving these types of decisions solely up to him, you know?”

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._exo masterpost (ii)

initially i planned to scrape everything off because they’re very cringe worthy but i figured keeping them in case some of you would like to read them again couldn’t hurt! ♥ (and now a mobile post in case the original page gets faulty / split into two bc there were errors)

Kim Minseok, Xiumin [term of endearment; darling]

Byun Baekhyun

Zhang Yixing, Lay  [term of endearment; love]

Oh Sehun [term of endearment; buttercup]

Kim Jong Dae, Chen [term of endearment; princess]

Park Chanyeol [term of endearment; –]

Kim Jumyeon, Suho [term of endearment; kitten]

Luhan [term of endearment; mei li, pretty]

Do Kyungsoo, D.O [term of endearment; sweetheart]

Huang Zi Tao [term of endearment; gongzhu, princess]

The Joker x Reader  “Missing in action”

You had to go away for two weeks and everything went downhill. It is all his fault, of course, but when does J ever admit to anything?!

Could be related to this: http://diyunho.tumblr.com/post/155242410171/the-joker-x-reader-love-at-first-sight

Your plane landed in Gotham two hours sooner than expected. You don’t want to wait for Frost to pick you up so you are taking a cab. You’ve been away for two weeks and you just can’t wait to get back to the penthouse.


To be honest, you were surprised that morning when you went to the hideout and saw your name on the schedule: “Y/N- New York Mission- 2 weeks.” When you see your name up on the schedule, it means that you leave immediately, turn off your cellphone and no contact with anybody until you’re back. Just in case things go south. 


Not too long and you are going to see him soon. And Jonny too. You finally turn on your cell phone and after a few seconds, it vibrates and goes crazy: 589 texts from J and 200 missed calls. What the hell?! You are very confused and start reading through the messages:

“Where are you, doll?”

“You know I hate it when you don’t answer!!! Text me back NOW!!!”

“Seriously? Are you playing games with me??!!”

“I’m going to throw away all your stuff, I’ll set your bedroom on fire!!!”

“You’re dead to me!!! If I find you I will kill you!!!!”

Jesus, what is going on?

“Kitten, come on, answer…Daddy misses you…”

“I’m not setting your bedroom on fire, ok? Text me back!!!!!!!”

“Crap, Frost told me you went to New York, why was that on the schedule???!!!”

“Oh my God, I’m so bored without you. I didn’t even kill anybody; it’s no fun if you’re not here.”

“Disregard the last text, I’m not that desperate. I don’t care about you.”

“Dammit, I’m horny, when are you coming back?…”

“Frosty tells me you’ll be gone for 2 weeks, WTF?! “

And it went on and on forever, you just have to erase everything, it is just too much to read and keep up with. At this point you have no clue what the heck just happened but you guess you will find out soon.


“Hi boys!” you salute everybody downstairs as you make your way to the elevator.

“Hi, Y/N, you’re back!”

“Thank God!”

“Finally. Hello Y/N!”

“Wasn’t Frost supposed to pick you up? He always does when you come back,” Panda talks as he walks besides you.

“Hey Richard. My plane landed ahead of the schedule, go figure, so I decided to just take a taxi.”

“We are soooo happy you’re back, Mister J went crazy when he found out you were send away for so long. Apparently he forgot to erase the entry from the schedule… He wanted us to come get you but then he changed his mind because he wanted the deal closed anyway.”

“Ummm, why are there bullet holes in the walls?!” you interrupt him, mortified. You really love the place and you don’t like it vandalized.

“Well, Mister J came downstairs and was mad as hell, started shooting at everything and yelled at us to go get his doll back. Frosty calmed him down and the only casualty was Mark with two bullets in his leg. Still recovering.”

“That’s why I didn’t see the Shark,” you answer, feeling kind of sorry for him. “I want everything fixed, nice and as good as new, alright?”

“OK, Y/N.”

You get in the elevator and he stays behind with your suitcase.

“Don’t ever leave for so long, Y/N.”

“Can’t promise anything, Rich,” you wink at him as the doors close.


“Jonny!!!!!” you wildly smile as you go and hug him. “I missed you!”

“Y/N, why didn’t you wait for me?” Frost squeezes you in his arms, happy to see you. Not that he would do that around the other henchmen, it would take away from his…reputation. You two are each other’s only family, cousins from your mother’s side. He is three years older than you and actually consider yourselves more like siblings than cousins.

“Awww, the penthouse looks the same, I missed it,” you sigh as he releases you. “Where’s J?”

Frost doesn’t have time to answer because you notice the Joker backing out of the master bedroom with only a towel around his waist.

“Frosty, go pick her up already!”

He turns and sees you. A huge grin starts to creep up on his face.

“Hiiiiiiii Puddiiiinnn,” you playfully dread the words, excited to see him in such a nice…attire.

“Kitten, you’re here!” his arms spread and he signals you to go to him. “Hop on!”

You run and jump in J’s arms. He lifts you up and you wrap your legs around his waist, kissing him all over his face while he purrs. Frost starts to feel uncomfortable.

“Muahhh, I missed you so much,” you giggle, planting another kiss on his pale cheek.

He just takes your left hand, kisses your wrist and then your fingers before placing it around his neck again.

“Baby doll, don’t ever leave again,” he whispers in your ear, then loud:

“Who the hell was the idiot that sent you away for two weeks?!” he suddenly frowns, lifting you higher as you tighten your grip around him even more.

The glare you and Frost give makes him clench his jaw.

“Wait…was it me?”

Is this a trick question? Because none of you want to answer.

“I saw myself on the schedule and I left,” you blur out since he’s waiting for an answer.

“Well, dammit Frosty,” he yells, “how the hell am I supposed to keep an eye on everything?! You are the one that should have noticed the error!”

Of course is always somebody else’s fault. You want to start defending Jonny when he figures it’s just best to open his mouth and say it, even if he didn’t do anything wrong.

“I’m sorry, boss, it won’t happen again.”

“You’d better make sure,” he growls, turning his attention towards you again.

“Pumpkin, why didn’t you answer my texts and my calls?” The Joker pinches your butt and you squirm a bit, laughing, but he won’t put you down.

“Well, J, cells phones off, no contact. Right?” you reply with a grimace when you feel another pinch.

“Dammit, those rules don’t apply to you, Princess,” he shakes his head in disapproval, annoyed.

“Well, baby, how am I supposed to know?!”

You lift your shoulders, exasperated. He’s so difficult sometimes.

He shouts again:

“Frosty, what the hell?! My girl doesn’t need to follow those rules.”

“I’m sorry, sir,” your cousin needlessly takes the blame again. What else can he do at this point?

“Frosty, stop aggravating me,” Mister J threatens and you feel very sorry for Jonny. The things he has to endure from his boss sometimes…and the things you have to put up with too.

You decide to distract him by brushing your lips against his so you can get his attention. It sure worked almost instantly. Victory! A small one, but still…

“Frost,” you address him, “did J behaved while I was gone? Any girls I should be aware of?”

“No, Y/N, none.”

“See? I behaved,” he hisses at you, pleased with his achievement.

 “So you missed me a lot?” you caress his green hair, playing with it.

“A little bit,” he admits, biting your neck, lifting you higher again. From all the movement his towel comes undone and ends up on the floor.

Frost averts his eyes, horrified to see his boss completely naked. This image is going to be imprinted in his brain for a while and not even therapy will get it out anytime soon. You didn’t even feel anything because you have your jeans on; J knows and he just doesn’t give a shit.

“Frosty, leave now, we’re going to be busy for a while, don’t let anyone disturb us, got it?” the Joker commands, heading back to the master bedroom with you still hanging around his waist. You wave at Jonny as J slams the door behind him, cutting you off.

He places you on the desk and backs out a bit and then you notice him naked.

“Oh, wow, baby, this is quite the welcome, I missed those… tattoos,” you gasp, pulling him back against you in a rough kiss.

“Kitten,” he snickers, taking off your t-shirt, ”do you know I’ve been waiting for this since you went missing?”

“I can imagine with you being so possessive and…hot blooded,” you tease, digging your nails in his back. “I have a surprise for you,” you bite your lips before he can protest at what just came out of your mouth. Thank God that with his attention span he is pretty easy to trick. Not all the times, but most of the times. You take his hand and together pull down on your jeans until your left hip is exposed and he finally sees it.

“Princess, I love it!” he gasps, looking at your new tattoo: a smiley mouth biting on a heart that has “Joker” written on top and bottom, colored in neon green, purple and black.

“It still hurts a bit, but…”

You don’t finish the sentence and he is already kissing it.

“Does this hurt?”

You close your eyes, smiling, enjoying the soft touch. He kisses the skin again.

“What about now?”

“No, it doesn’t,” you moan, feeling his tongue all over the design.

You tilt your head backwards, lightly panting and wanting more when you remember:

“Wanna see something cool?” you seductively ask, liking your lips.

“I already am,” he gulps with a wild spark in his eyes, taking your jeans off.  Now you are only in your bra and panties. You chuckle and reach for the desk lamp, turning it off.

The Joker inhales deeply, amazed to see your tattoo glowing in the dark.

“It looks even better, Princess! Daddy loves it. Now let me show you how much.”

He takes you in his arms and carries you to the bed, laughing in your ear:

“We’ll never need the light on again.”

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Christian Yu: What’s On Sight (2)


Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4 // Chapter 5 // Chapter 6 // Chapter 7  // Chapter 8 // Chapter 9

WARNING: Just some curse words in some part. (sorry)

A/N: (Nhaks lakas maka-A/N HAHA!) Anyways, hello guys! Here I am again. Sorry if I uploaded this late? Or too early? That it's too short for my liking. The truth is I planned to add this to the first post but decided not to. To avoid confusion. Again I apologize with this. I’m still new to this and had a lot to learn. Hope that you all understand. Thank you for that!

Also, just keep in mind that English is not my native language so there might be some spelling and grammar error. Sorry for my lack of talent and I promise to work hard on this. Thank you and please enjoy. Any feedback is well loved. <3

The day went fast and tiring.


As you finish the last report that you needed to submit for the day, you checked on the time on your desktop.


It’s already 4 pm. One more hour and you’re out of that hell place.


Lost in thought, you got surprised when your direct telephone rang. You checked the caller ID flashing, hoping that it’s not your OIC.


And when you see the ID number, and the name of your friend, you answer it smiling.

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Te Quiero

Hello everyone. I had a bit of free time and I thought that I should write and so here I am posting this for you. For those of you that don’t know what Te Quiero means its I love you in Spanish and Yp te quiero mas means I love you more. I’m sorry for any spelling errors. I hope you like it. Also you guys should listen to Hey DJ by CNCO amazing song man! Love them.


Word Count: 1843

Xiumin x Reader


Originally posted by xiundeer

You and Xiumin just got married. You were finally all his. The wedding was small. Xiumin didn’t want the press to know. So they just had Chen be the one who got you both married. You had it at your place. It wasn’t the place you imagined yourself getting married but, you didn’t want to waste a lot of money nor have a lot of people knowing you got married. You didn’t like the idea at first when your husband mentioned it. But the more you thought of it the more you kinda like it. Your place was a big enough to have it plus it was a loft so there wasn’t any rooms taking up the place. The boys did a great job making the place look great.

Now here you are in Spain loving the place. You and Ximuin stayed in a house close to the ocean. Your first night there was not that romantic. Once you both got there you threw your stuff all over the house and jump in bed and slept. The flight to Spain was long. You both stayed up on the fight.

You woke up to someone touching your face. You open your eyes and see him smiling at you.

“Good morning.”

You smiled at him. He leaned in and kissed your lips. You smiled within the kiss. “It feels good to finally be alone without the boys running in and jumping on me. He laughed and kissed your forehead.

“We’ll gone for one week. One week only, which means we only have six more days until we have to go back and be with the guys again.”

“No, we’re married now. Which means you are living with me now.”

He smiled, “Now that’s good news.”

“Oh wait I gave the boys a key copy.”

He groans and lays on his back rubs his face with his hands. “Why did you do that?” He asked.

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Setting: Velaris, Post ACOMAF
Summary: This is a Cassian POV. After Hybern he has changed, the arrogance that exuded off of him waned.
Ship: Nessian
Rating: M (there is a nice little piece of unexpected smut)
Word Count: 6k+

For Gia a.k.a. @rhysndtrash Merry Christmas from your YuleMaas Secret Santa. I hope you like it, you can tell by the length that I may have become a little infatuated with this story line. I started with angst and failed, so you got a lot of fluff.

- - - - - - -

Hybern had changed us all and we were too stubborn to admit it, even my playful arrogance was gone. It was the first family dinner that Rhys had called since Hybern. It had been three months, since the day he broke us. We were still a family, but it felt wrong having a family dinner without Feyre. We all loved her, we all knew she was a part of our group of dreamers, but none of us realized how much she had engrained herself into our hearts until that day. Until she was gone. She still amazed all of us, she was one hell of a spy.

I could kill Rhys, of all the places to have a family dinner, the house of wind was not ideal. I would find the bones of the masochist who decided to ward against winnowing. Ten thousand steps, ten thousand steps to work through my pain. Prick.

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vulcankirkspock  asked:

Please do Number 10. Leaving hug with Spirk aos (If it's okay with you). :) Thanks

ALRIGHT LET’S DO THIS!!! (i’ve never written aos spirk so let’s see how this goes? but i already have a nice painful one :3

    “Not captain, Spock. First Officer.” Jim’s expression is unreadable as he says it, and then they’re already stepping out of the turbolift and Spock’s got his reassignment faster than he can think. He’s still stuck on ‘not captain. first officer’. And he’s going to be taken off the Enterprise, instead second in command aboard the USS Bradbury under Captain Amott.
There isn’t enough time for a goodbye of any kind before the Enterprise leaves orbit after the devastating attack on the meeting. Three senior officers killed. Spock’s entire world has been upended, and he feels -

He feels like he doesn’t belong again, like this isn’t what he is supposed to do, not where he’s supposed to be. His quarters aboard the Bradbury look more or less precisely like the ones he occupied aboard the Enterprise, and his personal effects have been boxed up and moved, too. Starfleet works fast. But it’s not the Enterprise.
The Bradbury is scheduled to patrol the border to the Klingon empire while the Enterprise is -
ACCESS DENIED. blinks on the screen. Spock doesn’t know what the Enterprise is doing.
It adds to the queasy feeling in his stomach. He shouldn’t waste time with feelings and the toxic mixture of regret and anger directed at himself; he should organize, unpack, begin his reports. For some reason, Captain Amott didn’t put him on alpha shift; instead, he’s commanding officer for beta shift, and there are a good few hours until then (6 and 34 minutes, his inner clock tells him).
He has never felt more jarred. In the few years he has now spent on the Enterprise, she had begun to … mean something to him. The crew had begun to mean something to him, other than merely being coworkers and subordinates. And - and Jim. Jim means - meant? - so much.
/Jim is gone./ The realization thunders through Spock. Jim is gone. Jim is on another ship. Or rather, it is Spock who’s gone. Who is not going to come back, because once Jim ascends to captain again, he’ll have to choose a first officer from among the Enterprise, most likely. Of course there are a lot of highly capable people serving aboard the Enterprise, but… Spock is not going to come back.

He manages to unpack eventually. Civilian clothes, decorative artefacts from Vulcan, private PADDs with books and holomovies and holopictures - of his mother. Of Jim.
Spock sits down heavily on his bed. Jim.
There are several pictures of him and Jim - when they visited Jim’s hometown during a shore leave. A candid that Dr McCoy caught where Jim is laughing and Spock is almost smiling. Another one, courtesy of Lieutenant Uhura that shows both him and Jim sleeping after a rather stressful mission, almost lying on top of each other.
Spock puts them in the bottom bedside drawer, behind his carefully folded socks. He can’t bear having them around yet. The full realization is just beginning to happen. He won’t see Jim again, not for a long, long time.
And Jim was angry with him. Of course Jim was angry - it had been Spock who jeopardized their relationship, his position!
He denies the tears that threaten to overwhelm him. There has to be a way to fix this. There has to be. He can’t live without Jim.

It is alienating to step on a bridge that is so extremely similar to the Enterprise’s. He is met with stares and a few hushed whispers that he cannot make out, eerily similar to his youth. Is it because he is early? Maybe he forgot his uniform? Maybe his hair is in disarray?
Captain Amott turns around in the chair, nodding.
    “Commander Spock.” He has an unpleasant voice, Spock finds. But then again, maybe he just got too used to the bright timbre of Jim’s voice, welcoming him to the bridge with a smile and sparkling eyes.
    “Captain,” he answers, moving to stand next to him.
    “Commander, you have the conn. Report to my quarters after your shift, we need to talk,” the man says, heaving himself out of the chair. “Shift change!” he barks, entirely too loud too close to Spock’s ears. He suppresses a flinch.
    'This isn’t what I want,’ Jim had said once, when they were stuck on the eight milk run in a row, and he’d sounded so upset and sad and angry, like a caged bird. At the time Spock had not quite understood what the Human meant, but now …
He takes care to greet everyone by name and introduce himself. The Bradbury has even more human officers than the Enterprise. There are rumors that attribute that to Captain Amott’s influence and personal wishes. He hopes not. A xenophobic captain often has a xenophobic crew, and beginning anew here will already be difficult enough as it is.

As predicted, Amott greets him with little more than a cursory nod. He does not offer Spock a chair, either.
    “From what I hear, you oversaw a good portion of the Organic Labs on your old ship. You’ll be doing the same here, even though there won’t be too much to do there, we’re not a science vessel after all. I’m going to put you in charge of crew maintenance as well. Questions?”
Spock needs a moment to process what the captain (/his/ captain) just said before he shakes his  head.
    “None, sir.”
    “Good. Dismissed.”
'Is that what all other Starfleet Captains are like?’ Spock wonders. Maybe both Pike and Jim were just different? But no. Admiral Komack for example had been decidedly positive towards Spock, just as much as Captain Lorenzo and a few others. So perhaps it was just Amott.
And yet. Ship assignments generally last at least three years, usually longer the higher up you are in rank. Spock doesn’t see himself off the Bradbury for a long time. Of course, he could be offered captaincy, but he doesn’t want it. He would greatly prefer to be Jim’s first officer for the entirerity of his
career as an assigned officer.

Meditation does not come easy to him tonight, but he finds that he needs to center himself, somehow. Amott will expect the best out of him, and he will need to be as collected as he can be to manage the extra work of crew maintenance. That is usually a task divided between captain, first officer, CMO (for the health aspect) as well as the quartermaster and the individual heads of the different departments. Spock can only assume Amott does not want to do the work himself, because crew maintenance is a huge amount of work. Maybe it’s unfair to think like that, but the illogical, human part of Spock wants to blame someone, someone other than himself.
He methodically unrolls his meditation mat and changes into the appropriate robe. Jim loved watching him mediate, even going so far as attempting to join him, even though he quickly lost interest. It makes meditation without him feel empty, like the world is too big. Something about Jim generally filled any room he was in with his presence.
Predictably, his jumbled thoughts circulate around Jim. His eyes, his laugh, his smell, the way his face would scrunch up when he was being naughty, as he called it. His inability to wink.
Spock returns to the last time he saw Jim smile at him. They woke up together, Jim for once awake before Spock was, watching him almost bemusedly.
    “You talk in your sleep,” was the first thing the Human said. Spock had wanted to deny it, but Jim was smiling widely and so he kissed the Human instead.
They had gone through their regular morning routine and made their way to the central laboratories building at Starfleet Headquarters, where Spock would spend two hours discussing recent findings about the cellular structure of Begadon Moonsnails. Afterwards, they would be debriefed about their last mission by Admiral Pike.

/Jim bounces on his toes.
    “Hey, I bet they’ll finally have found out how the snails make their venom! Why else would they ask you to have a chat with them?”
    “As pleasant as your praise of my expertise is, I sincerely doubt there were any major breakthroughs, ashayam. Otherwise, I am sure I would have been notified thusly.”
Jim waves dismissively. “Oh, come on! It’s been what, ten years now? They’re bound to have a breakthrough any second.”
Spock smiles indulgently at his excitable lover.
    “If you say so.”
    “I do say so!” Jim throws him a brilliant smile. “Hey, I’ll pick you back up for the debrief?”
    “I would appreciate it.”
Jim hugs him then, enveloping Spock’s body as much as possible. “I’ll miss you. Yes, it’s only two hours, I /know/, but normally I join you in the labs to at least stare at some cool science.”
Spock smiles into Jim’s shoulder. “I will miss you too, then.”/

He hopes Jim still misses him. Will continue to miss him. It’s selfish to hope Jim will not find love and happiness with another person, especially since it was Spock’s mistake that tore them apart, but the feeling stays, churning in his gut and settling there. Jim is his.
Tomorrow he will start looking into transfer options to the Enterprise.

:D y’all are welcome :p

again, in this house we disrespect rereading your stuff, so i hope there aren’t any major errors

(hug prompts are still open y’all!)

I Need Space pt. 1 - Lydia Martin Imagine

author’s note: This is my first imagine or story that I have ever written and posted. I hope that you enjoy, and please give feedback. There is probably various errors in this story, so please feel free to point anything out as I want to become better as a writer. Alrighty, have fun reading!

main pairing: Lydia Martin x Reader

words: 1310

gif credit: mine (original gif was replaced) 4x10

part 2 part 3

You were confused. For the past week, Lydia Martin, who happened to be your best friend, had ignored you. In a typical week, there would be talks after and before class, eating lunch together, and spontaneous sleepovers, but this week, all you heard was radio silence from Lydia. There were times where you thought that you caught a glimpse of Lydia, but as soon you tried looking, Lydia was gone. You guessed that Lydia just needed time to herself, but you were still hurt that Lydia had not tried to reach you after numerous phone calls and texts. You were obviously lonely, but for the mean time, you had decided to hang out with Malia and Stiles.

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"Stranded" - Kurt/Blaine

sourirekid prompted: “Drabble? CollegeAU where one is sexiled and the other is drunk and stumbles upon them?”


~1300 words | AO3

Blaine sits on the floor in the hall outside his dorm room, and he fumes.

Music’s blaring from the other side of the door. There’s a black mesh fingerless glove – Tina’s, of course – wrapped hastily around the doorknob, and Sam’s dark blue t-shirt lays abandoned a little farther down the hallway. Blaine glares at the shirt as if it, alone, is responsible for this fuckery, as if its sole task for the night was to stay on Sam’s body and it just couldn’t do it.

You had one job, Blaine thinks.

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So what if, at the end of all things, Season Five of Rebels is coming to a close.

The Rebellion is is full swing. The Ghost crew are together again, but Ezra is MIA. He went missing in the latest op gone wrong. Some say he’s dead but the Crew don’t believe it. He vanished too cleanly. They would know if he was dead, right? So they keep looking; and finding nothing.

  It’s been almost a month since he went missing now, and the Ghost’s hyper jump positioning software has been playing up. Chopper finally find the time to locate the code error- an encrypted bug. Whats that doing there? He cleans it up, resets the system, and suddenly the passenger area is filled with Ezra voice. The crew all run in, and stare open mouthed at the image of a blue haired boy, a message grafted together from old holo’s. 

“You’ve passed the first test. Once we’ll begin, there’s no turning back. Got it? Follow my lead. Let’s go.”

It plays on loop, and after Sabine strips the data, they find hyper jump coordinates.
  It’s not wild space, but it might as well be. A tiny farming planet, so far out even the Empire hadn’t felt the need to extend their jurisdiction as far for such a small and useless rock. It would have been a waste of fuel.
The Crew are already setting off before the ramp can close.

  After all this time, finally a message from Ezra. They spend the trip through hyperspace trying to ignore the tension, making jokes about what they’ll all do to him as punishment for making them worry.

When they arrive, its night time on their side of the planet. Its a small rock, but reasonably rich in vegetation with a respectable population. The colour of the hills along the horizon remind Hera of Ryloth’s canyons, and the smell of tossed earth reminds Zeb of Lasan. The wild grass fields make everyone think of Lothal, but no one says so.
Hera parks the Ghost in a valley and Sabine leads them by her wristcom. The longitude and latitude on the map leads the crew, of all places, right to the door of a house at the foot of a hill.
  Nothing terribly large or ornate, but made with thick walls. It’s clear that no one is home and Ezra isn’t here. Still, there must be a reason to bring them to this spot
  They scour the house in a matter of minutes, which is easily done since every room is empty of anything but the barest of furnishings. Zeb finds a crumpled wrapper of a ration bar.
  At the very back of the house, Hera opens the last door and stops. The rest of the crew file in behind her and stare.
  It’s a basket cradle, the kind that was carried over the shoulder and under the arm, like a sling.

  Hera puts a hand to her mouth and begins to cry soundlessly, Zeb understands but doesn’t know what to do, and Kanan can’t bring himself to do anything more then stand there and feel overwhelmed by everything at once. Ezra Knew. Not only that, he’d prepared…

Sabine is the only one who has the wherewithal to reach into the basket and pulls out the holodisk laid inside. She plugs it into her wristcom and the dark room is filled with light from the holojection of the Bridger family more then a decade old. But there’s an audio file laid over top now, and Ezra’s voice tells them:

“If you’ve found this: Welcome home!

I… I can’t tell you where I am or what i’m doing, because I know you’ll only come find me and drag me back. I’m sorry I had to leave, but there’s something I have to do. I’ll be back one day. Hopefully soon.
 But I thought it would be nice to come back to a home that isn’t banned in eighteen solar systems.
This time Zeb and I get our own rooms, and don’t let Sabine paint my walls six colours at once. Chopper, don’t even think about it!

Hera, Kanan, don’t worry about me. I learned from the best, i’ll be alright. I know you’ll have your hands full.

…I know I shouldn’t let Force visions cloud my judgment, but I just… knew this time was different, y’know?

You gave me a home when I had none. You gave me a family again.
You’ve all given so much to the galaxy, and I…. wanted you to
have at least one small piece of it to call home.

I can’t wait to meet her.

May the Force be with you.”

I was feeling the feelings today you guys. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Crush~ Stuart Twombly X Reader

Warnings: Don’t think there’s any

A/N this turned out way different than expected…  *he looks so adorable here*

Summary: Stuart has a huge crush on you and it starts to get a little weird

some lines from the original imagine were used. 

*this imagine was inspired by @cafi-i* (please don’t be angry with me!)

Italics- Original sentences

Originally posted by balthaz4r

Week 1…

“Your next challenge is to create an app, the app with the most downloads wins the challenge, good luck!’ The voice of Mr.Chetty rang through the air as he gave away the next challenge.

teams were racing to find any piece of technology they could get their hands on, well..it looks like everyone else isn’t totally screwed.

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Skin Begging to be Kissed by a Little More Than the Sun

Pairing: Tyler Coe/Reader
Warnings: they do the do
W/C: 2411
Summary: When your friends bail on your birthday celebration, you make the most of your night by chatting up the gorgeous bartender with the stunning smile. 
A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @chefgeofframsay!! This is all your fucking fault. I am TCoe trash now and I can’t even hate you for it. Title from Blake Shelton’s Sangria, which loosely inspired this tbh. (also I rushed this a bit so I could post it before I had to work please forgive any missed editing errors)(also also this is literally only the 2nd time I’ve posted smut and I actually deleted the first one cause I hated it so much so I’m sorry if it isn’t that good)

>> I’m sorry dude I totally spaced and I told my ma I could babysit. At least you have the others!

>> Hey, so I know your birthday is tonight and we had plans but I’m totally not feeling out to going out to the bar I hope you have fun with everyone else!

>> Uhh, you know my ex? The one that got away ex? He’s in town. And I’m going to try to see him. Happy Birthday though!!

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Samifer is an evil non-con, unhealthy, rape ship...

I have finally seen the error of my ways. All those haters who write one line posts declaring Samifer as non-con and a rape ship without any canonical evidence to back up their claims whatsoever have shown me why I have been so wrong in shipping this.

I now feel it is my duty to ‘correct’ all other misguided Samifer shippers by looking at all the canon evidence of why we were sick for ever considering this ship. Please join me in educating ourselves in not shipping something so horrible and unhealthy. Let’s begin, children…

I mean, for a start, Lucifer tricked Sam into being his vessel!

…Oh no, wait, that was Gadreel… Erm, let’s try again….

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Cloud Strife and Mental Illness

I see a lot of people on my dash talking about Cloud Strife’s obvious dealings with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I think that’s pretty cool that we’re talking about this freely, because obviously, mental illness is an important thing to talk about. I also think that discussing mental illness within fandom is awesome for various reasons.

I do, however, feel like most of the discussion I see lacks something.

(Now, please understand, I am not an expert. I don’t have a degree or any real experience beyond what I have seen in my own life. So please take what I have to say with a grain or two of salt.)

Almost all of the serious discussion I’ve seen is about PTSD and only PTSD. PTSD is probably the most easily recognized mental illness that Cloud has, but I don’t think it’s the only one he has.

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