oh look a screencap


Can you see me? Here I am,
standing here where I’ve always been.
And when words are not enough,
I climb inside your heart and still find
you’re my safest place to hide.


kagehina wallpapers part 2 (640 x 1136 px)! ☆ | part 1 

do not reupload or claim as your own but feel free to use them! (`・ω・´)” 


i know we have a lot of unanswered questions right now but i’m glad sana at least got her answer in this clip. and it might not be what she wanted to hear, but it’s what she needed to hear in order to make a decision, which is what’s been bothering her for a while.


That one time Yuugi got a girlfriend who turned out to be evil and then she and her two identical Macbeth quoting sisters (The Sisters Kageyama…) almost beat him in a card game and Seto Effing Kaiba appeared out of literally nowhere to kick their asses on his behalf. Because sometimes the context is too cracky to leave out.