oh look a screencap


oh my god look at his face LOOK AT HIS FACE LOOK HOW HAPPY

are you fucking kidding me

this is the Cloud that’s been overshadowed by his “dark, brooding and burdened” counterpart from Advent Children/Dissidia/Kingdom Hearts, the one that much of the fandom doesn’t even recognize

and that’s a goddamn crime, because the grim counterpart that’s so popular is based on a false personality that never really belonged to him. this man here, this is the REAL Cloud Strife

i just love how it so clearly means the world to him that Zack has not only remembered his name twice now, he even considers them to be friends


That one time Yuugi got a girlfriend who turned out to be evil and then she and her two identical Macbeth quoting sisters (The Sisters Kageyama…) almost beat him in a card game and Seto Effing Kaiba appeared out of literally nowhere to kick their asses on his behalf. Because sometimes the context is too cracky to leave out.