oh look a graphic


“But the two of us, you and me, reordering things together… I want that. If it’s something you wanted.”



~Favorite Games Played in 2016~


kagehina wallpapers part 2 (640 x 1136 px)! ☆ | part 1 

do not reupload or claim as your own but feel free to use them! (`・ω・´)” 


just some silly little serra portrait drawing things that nobody asked for nor did need i’ll crawl back in my basement now


                             I leaned against his side, his irritation oddly comforting.
                               After a moment he grudgingly put his arm around me.


harry potter fancast:

Oscar Isaac as Godric Gryffindor

“ You might belong in Gryffindor, Where dwell the brave at heart, Their daring, nerve and chivalry. Set Gryffindors apart.”