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Based on this prompt.

Harry couldn’t help but snicker at the outraged expression on Draco’s face.

“What in the name of Merlin is going on?” he grumbled as he wiped off the confetti of his shoulder.

“Well,” Harry began, trying hard not to laugh out loud. That would only make Draco angrier. “It seems we walked right into a Muggle parade.”

Draco huffed, grabbing the hem of his shirt to shake off more confetti. Harry’s eyes immediately fell to his exposed stomach, making him gulp. The urge to touch Draco was getting stronger every day now.

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happy belated valentine’s!

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Nyeeeee lol so I decided to try doing an adoptable OvO

So this here is Custard cake ~~ ! If you would like this smol as your own, $10, it’s first come first serve, so e-mail me at annekoart@gmail.com (Bear in mind this is kind of an experiment lololol;; it’s my first time doing this ;v;) She’s currently available!

You may change the name and make small changes to her design, but no more than that! Do not steal this oc pls and thank u uvu

If people like this idea of me doing adoptables, I will do more bc I love doing it omg

Custard Cake has been adopted by @askdarlingadelaide! Thank you very much for buying ~ Also, people seem to like me doing adopts, so I will do my best to make more kawaiiness in the future!!! *>v<*)/

Tony Stark as a dad - headcanons

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This is compatible with whichever Tony-ship you want (superhusbands, ironpanther, pepperony, stuckony, ironfalcon, ironhusbands, etc)

Fuck the belief that Tony Stark would be a shitty dad just because of his father, because sometimes the victims of abuse want to be the exact opposite of their abusers. Also, I’ve seen so many art and fics going around about Tony being the irresponsible parent as to let his children do anything dangerous; we’ve already seen him interact with children in canon and he is nothing of the sort. So give me a Tony Stark who is wonderful with children, a natural when it comes to hang out with them because well, he’s a bit of a child himself. Give a Tony who is the kind of parent who is careful but also easy going, the kind of father who laughs at everything the baby/child does, you know, all those silly things.

The kid makes a face when they eat lemon? Give me a Tony who laughs his ass off as he gives the kid lemons and oranges to taste.

The kid laughs at the sound of ripping paper? Give me a Tony who gathers all the scrap paper around the house to spend hours ripping it and hearing the kid laugh their ass off.

Give me a Tony who gets a laundry machine just so the baby can sit on it and laugh when the thing vibrates as it works.

A Tony Stark who lets the kid use the very fancy lamp screen as a hat and toddle around the living room until they knock on something and fall on the carpet laughing.

Give me a Tony Stark who laughs himself hoarse as he makes the baby’s gums squeak with the pad of his finger.

A Tony Stark who doesn’t rush to the kid when they fall and overprotects them and forbids them to play again, but rather walks calmly, makes sure the kid isn’t hurt and gets them to stand back up, laughing at the whole silliness of it.

Give me a Tony who lets the kid jump on his bed and purchases a fuck ton of pillows to lie them around the floor just in case the kid falls.

A Tony Stark who’d take the kid of the beach and build a sand castle complete with towers and dungeons and then laugh when the kid decides to play Godzilla and destroy everything.

Give me a Tony Stark who baby proofs all his house but still manages for it to look stylish but still doesn’t care at all when said stylishness if ‘ruined’ by baby toy’s lying around the living room, or the kid’s drawings on the fridge, or the occasional plush toy lying on the couch.

A Tony who wouldn’t mind to say goodbye to the expensive marble floors of his living room and replaces them with soft, hypoallergenic carpet when the baby starts to learn how to crawl so they could do it freely without any restrictions.

Give me a Tony Stark who’d very gladly wake up in the middle of the night and slow dance in his pajamas while playing soft music with a very upset little baby cuddled to his chest because they’re teething.

A Tony Stark who sings their kid to sleep or whenever they have nightmares, instead of telling them ‘good, but go back to your room’, he pats the bed next to him and lets them cuddle up, no matter how tired he is or how early he has to up in the morning.

Give me a Tony who cracks up when the baby tries to take and eat the food from the pages of magazines, so he sits down with the baby on his lap and turns the page saying things like “Oh, look, cake, now that looks delicious” as the baby reaches with a pudgy hand and tries to eat it.

A Tony who sits down on the floor and draws and paints with the kid, maybe he’s getting some work done but since the kid likes to ‘help’ daddy, Tony gives them some scrap paper and sits down with them, and when he finishes he always tells them how much they helped him.

Give me a Tony who laughs his ass off when he catches the kid making a mess of himself and the carpet and the walls and the table with paint, because instead of yelling he would laugh and tell Jarvis to take photos and then take the kid for a bath and gently scrub the paint off their hair and each little finger and ‘how did you even get paint in your ears and your teeth?’

A Tony who gets a ton of cardboard boxes to build the kid a castle they can play in; he also orders styrofoam peanuts and dumps them all over the living room so the kid can play belief that it’s snow.

Give me a Tony who purchases a Roomba so the baby can sit on it and ‘travel’ around the room laughing and clapping.

A Tony who lets the kid decide what clothes to wear no matter his age or gender; if the kid wants to wear a dress and glittery shoes then he’d get him the prettiest dresses and shoes around, if the kid wants to wear shirts and shorts he’d just ask in what color and if they want cartoons on them, if the kid wants a chicken onesie he’d get them the cutest one, if the kid wants to go around naked then well, Tony would explain they couldn’t do it outside but that they can do all they want at home.

Give me a Tony Stark who would go out and play in the rain with the kid, making mud pies and all.

A Tony who’d gently nurse the kid when they get ill, and I’m talking about cuddles and slow-dancing and chicken soup.

Give me a Tony who is a kickass blanket fort architect who would build the most epic blanket forts ever, with soft pillows and blankets and tiny little lights and if the kid wants to live in a blanket fort for a few days that’s perfectly okay with him, hell, he might even sleep with them in there too.

A Tony who would give the kid all the love he has, all the hugs and cuddles and baby talk and silly pet names and all the kisses, kissing chubby cheeks and tiny hands and tiny little baby feet, and he wouldn’t just do it in the privacy of their home, no, he’d do it all the time no matter who was there, let the world know how much he loves the kid.

Give me a Tony who doesn’t care if the kid does or doesn’t turn out to be a genius like him, he still loves them all the same, he is extremely patient with them in a way his own father could never and would never be with him when he was a child. He’d leave everything and anything he’s doing if the kid needs or wants his attention; he’d pick the kid up when they want cuddles while daddy reads some important papers, Tony would take calls and have video calls with the kid whenever he has meetings or he has to go away on business trips, every single day without missing one.

A Tony who would give his kid the gender/sexual orientation/heathy, responsible, consensual sexual life (or lack thereof) talk without making them feel embarrassed and finish it off with a ‘no matter who you are or who you love I’ll always love you’.

A Tony who would patiently explain death to the kid and hold their hand and hug them as they cry when their first pet dies.

Give me a Tony who would laugh his ass off when the kid grabs his electric razor and shaves half of their head by accident because they wanted to shave like daddy in the mornings, he then would proceed to shave the rest of the hair off and explain to them that hair grows and how they can have it of any length and color they want.

A Tony who would give the kid crazy hairdos and beards and moustaches out of foam when it’s bath time.

Just give me a Tony Stark who’s such a good, loving, caring father to his children.

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Aoi and Reita can’t focus because there’s a cake in the room (Radio Jack June 9)

 Uruha: What about your update, Kai?

Ruki: Oh yeah!

Kai: Me? My update….uh….I rearranged my loans!

(CHA-CHING sound effect)

(everyone laughs)

Kai: I took a preliminary examination. 

(everyone laughing and making fun of him)

Kai: I thought u would congratulate me

Everyone: Congrats

Kai: (laughing) Thanks. So anyway, about the messages we’re taking for the show…next time will be Ruki and me, on the theme of Beef or Chicken… (reading description) “most people probably probably are fine with either, but you just can’t make the choice. we’re taking your messages where you’ll have to choose between the two, and we’ll answer which one is better.” Beef or Chicken.

(just so u know they are saying “Beef or Chicken” in English lol it’s like a proper noun) 

Kai: So that’s one segment we’ll be taking mail for, and then of course the well-known Dark Side segment, and “Sound Battle,” where fans will send in some recording or voice message of some sound, and we have to guess what it is. Like, you know, what thing is making this sound–

Reita: Or like, “guess what I’m eating right now?”

Kai: Yeah, and – wait, what?

(Aoi chucklin)

Kai: I mean yeah, or something – anything like that! Just a sound, you know? So like, eating is fine, or like – (laugh) what am I doing right now (laugh) that kind of thing


Aoi: Y’all I’m sorry, I just – 

Kai: What’s wrong?

Aoi: I’m sorry I’m just looking at it and getting hungry

(everyone laughing)

Kai: Oh – the cake!

Reita: It’s been right in front of us this whole time

Aoi: Omg just take it away already! 

Kai: Do u – do u want to take it away?

Reita: Let’s have it taken away yeah….my…stomach is growling

(everyone laughing)

Uruha: Your stomach is growling?

Aoi: That’s me right now tbh

Reita: My mouth is watering

Uruha: It’s that bad?

Aoi: Yes.

(everyone laughing)

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Lup and Taako have many classes together. Sometimes they pretend to be each other and switch places. few notice. Lup intentionally exaggerates being taako.

“Oh, look, it’s me, 🎶Taaaako🎶! I can make a three layer truffle cream cake out of Gogurt and wishes! And I’m totally a ”“"natural”“” blond!“

“Listen. I’m a blond at heart, and that’s all that matters.”

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Hi, I love all of your stories. You are really talented. I noticed you had a banner for "The Art of Peeling Pearls", but I couldn't find that on your blog, and I don't remember reading it. Is it something knew you are working on?

Thanks for your sweet words, Anon! The banner you are referring to is for something I started a year ago, I think? Maybe longer, I don’t know. The Art of Peeling Pearls was meant to be a continuation/expansion of THIS.

My plan was to write the entire story before I started posting the rest of it, because I was having a hard time finishing literally ANYTHING at the time. I got about six chapters in and stalled anyways. Badly. Sooooooo badly, like five-seconds-away-from-deleting-the-whole-thing-at-any-given-moment-I-hate-everything-I-write stalled. Then I got distracted by Break and I just never got back to Peeling Pearls.

BTS reaction when their SO knocks off a cake at a party

requested by anon


“I spent so long in the freaking kitchen for this cake and how do you thank me?! By knocking it off the table! Why do you do this to me?”

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“I actually looked forward to that cake…that’s okay though, let’s just buy one from the shop.”

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“That’s going to take a long time to clean up…don’t worry, babe, I’ll help you.”

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“Jagi-yah! How did you manage to do that? On the one hand you’re really sexy but on the other you go and do something like this… you confuse me.”

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“No, don’t cry, jagi-yah. It can happen to anyone, it even happened to me once…I mean it was when I was a child, but still…it counts right?”

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“Look at the bright side! Not the entire cake touched the ground so we could eat what’s on top! You’ll get the least pieces when you keep sulking like that, babe.”

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*thinks - I actually really looked forward to that cake…*

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“Oh, no, no, I, ehm…I’m not allowed to eat cake, you know? So…it’s totally fine. I’ll just drink my -ahem- my unsweetened juice…”

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Happy Birthday Yoosung!

Characters: Yoosung/MC

Word Count:3077

Genre: Fluff/Smut

Contains very light petplay

Looking around your boyfriend’s house, a slow smile slipped onto your face. You spruced it up for a bit, left a cute, store made cake on the kitchen table, and left a few wrapped gifts on his bed. He had been feeling a bit down because the other RFA members were having to push their celebration for him by a few days (thanks to them all having a hectic schedule), but he had been trying to act like it didn’t bother him as much as it did.

You walked over to the computer, shaking the mouse a bit to look at the little clock on his desktop. Okay, he would be home soon… You slipped off your apron, folding it in half and letting it rest on the back of a spare chair for the table.

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𝒞𝓁𝑒𝒻𝒶𝒾𝓇𝓎 𝐹𝓊𝓁𝓁 𝑀𝑜𝑜𝓃 𝐵𝒶𝓁𝓁 𝒮𝑒𝓃𝓉𝑒𝓃𝒸𝑒 𝒮𝓉𝒶𝓇𝓉𝑒𝓇𝓈

For use with the Clefairy Moon ball event (2/15/2017)

  • “Care to dance?”
  • “What’re you doing over here in the corner?”
  • “Hey, I know you…”
  • “I came here by myself, and im a little scared, Do you mind if I stand by you for a bit?”
  • "The president sure went all out again, didn’t he? Look at these decorations!”
  • “Arceus, look at your Dress/Suit! You look so beautiful/handsome!”
  • “I remember you from the Frosslass ball! How are you?”
  • “Don’t think I’ve forgotten what you did…”
  • “Really glad I took the night off to come here”
  • “Oh my gosh look at the little heart shaped cakes, so cute!”
  • “C'mon, lets go check out the Conservatory!”
  • “Did you know they have a botanical garden on the roof? Theres so many rare plants and flowers!”
  • “Happy Valentines day! I know it’s a day late, but whatever”
  • “Wow the moon really IS full tonight!! Look at how bright it is!!”
  • “Champagne?”
  • “Care for a glass of wine?”
  • “Theres a Chocolate fountain… THERES A CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN.”
  • “I’ll just hide over here with the food- Go have fun”
  • “Oh I love this song!”
  • “Oh my gosh look at the Night-bloom flowers! They’re so pretty!”
  • “When are they starting the fireworks??”
  • “You wanna go up on the roof and watch the fireworks with me?”
  • “My feet are starting to hurt- Why did I wear heels?!”
  • “Someone ripped my dress/suit!!”

My early happy birthday cake is THE BEST THING EVER!!!

Look at how fucking beautiful and wonderful it is; I can’t deal!!!

Thank you my beautiful wife @wine-and-queer for being so good to me, and for loving me so much! I love you with everything that I am. Today, tomorrow, and always!!


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Omg, yes, drabble game !! 70 + Yixing? ❤️❤️

“Kiss me, quick!”

You were never one to brag that you had the cutest boyfriend in the world… but you figured you were safe enough to say that it was true. Yixing was the softest person (both literally and figuratively) you have ever come across in your life and you were so grateful to call him your boyfriend.

Everything he did was so cute and it made your cheeks hurt from smiling so much. Now was no exception either. 

He had finally come home from tour and you wanted to celebrate by baking him his favourite cake, which he would always proclaim was the in the world especially when you were the one that baked it. 

“This tastes so good, babe” he says with a mouthful of cake.

He was really chowing the cake down and was almost finished his second slice when you were still on your first. Looking at him, you noticed that he had some cream from the cake on his top lip.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it, but you should slow down a bit, here,” you say with a giggle when you lean over to him and kissed the cream off of his soft lip causing Yixing to look at you in surprise for a second before a big smile graced his features making the dimple on his cheek more visible the wider his smile got.

“What was that for?” he asks with his smile never leaving his face.

“You had a little bit of cream on your lip,” you explain while pointing to your own lip to explain where the cream was.

“Oh,” he says, nodding his head slowly before looking at his cake again, the smile on his face only grew wider when he took some of the cream and smeared it all over his lips.

“Yixing, what are you doing?” you asked, laughing. He had put so much cream on his lips that it was threatening to fall off if he moved.

“It’s going to fall off!” he whisper shouts, beckoning you to come over to him,  “Kiss me, quick!”

You laughed at your boyfriend antics, your heart racing because you couldn’t get it over your head just how cute he was.

“Okay okay,” you leaned over again, kissing the cream off his lips. You were about to lean back when you felt Yixing’s hands grab you and pull you over to his side of the table where he sat you on his lap.

“I’m so happy to be back home with you,” he whispers softly in your ear before nuzzling his nose in your neck and taking a deep breath.

You put your arms around him and held him close to you, content that Yixing was back home and in your arms again.

FicRequest: Hands off

FicRequest: Hands off
Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader
Word Count: 1072
For the wonderful, lovely @lurkch
Warnings: fluff, just a little smut, and cake. This cake is a legit recipe that I have. It’s not good enough to walk away from Bones, but it’s pretty damn delicious. 

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You paced your quarters nervously. Leonard McCoy, CMO of the Enterprise, had asked you to dinner. And not just OUT to dinner, to his quarters for dinner. You had seen Leonard plenty of times, security officers made regular visits to Medbay but this was the first time you had seen him alone. Just the two of you. Alone. You run your hands down your dress, smoothing out nonexistent wrinkles. You hair was down around your shoulders and it was hot. Or maybe it was just nerves. Did everyone get this nervous before a date? Surely not. How would the species survive?

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prompt: charles and erik celebrating a birthday together.



“Happy birthday to me,” Erik muttered, sitting down at the kitchen table with a bottle of beer and a cupcake. The cupcake was from the supermarket and the beer was cheap and subpar, but it was how he’d always celebrated his birthday; a sweet and some alcohol. No need for anything fancier than that.

Just as he popped the cap off the beer, Charles shuffled into the room, yawning.

“Oh, hello, Erik,” he mumbled, heading for the sink, “I thought you went to bed alr–what’s that?”

“It’s my birthday,” popped out of Erik’s mouth before he could stop it.

Charles stared at him. Erik glared back, daring him to say anything. After a long moment, Charles turned away from the sink.

“You can’t have just a cupcake on your birthday,” Charles scolded, and he actually seemed offended. “What kind of cake do you like? I know we have ingredients around here.”

Erik blinked, while Charles began to bustle around the kitchen, quietly gathering ingredients and utensils. “That–that really isn’t necessary–” he stammered, watching Charles take down a book of recipes.

“Nonsense, I insist,” Charles replied firmly. “We’ll save some for breakfast, but you do not get to celebrate with just a cupcake and beer in my house. Break out the chocolate liqueur, it’ll be excellent on the ice cream Raven bought.”

Erik stood and obeyed.

Charles did most of the putting things together, while Erik poured liqueur over Moose Tracks ice cream for them both. While the cake baked, they ate the ice cream. It was delicious.

The cake came out excellent, as well, and Charles insisted on pouring some liqueur into the homemade frosting he was stirring together.

It didn’t look very pretty, but then, Erik had never been one for pretty things. It was decent, acceptable. And it was very tasty.

“Happy birthday to you,” Charles began to sing softly as he rummaged in a drawer and pulled out a pack of number-candles, “Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Eriiiik…” He stuck the right candles in and lit them with a match. “Happy birthday to yooouuuu.”

Erik stared at him blankly. “I don’t have any wishes,” he said.

Charles smiled. “Think of something small that you really, really want,” he suggested. “Like another beer.”

Erik’s mouth twitched, and he sighed, leaned down, and stared at the candles, thinking. He knew birthday wishes were supposed to be secret, but he also knew that he didn’t want anything that would stay secret for long.

He suddenly thought of something. He blew out the candles before he could rethink it, and, in this kitchen in this mansion in New York, at the stroke of three in the morning, he felt like maybe it really was a binding wish.

Then he shrugged and straightened. “Time to eat it.”

“Ah! One more birthday tradition before we do.” Charles turned Erik to face him, cupped Erik’s face in his hands, and kissed his forehead lightly. “There. That’s my family’s tradition.” He beamed as Erik stared at him. “It’s for luck,” he explained.

“Oh.” Erik looked down so he wouldn’t blurt his wish. “Cake now, yes?”

Charles laughed. “Yes.”

Puzzle fingers.

“I like the way your hand fits in mine.” with Taehyung.
Word count: 1018

A cold blast of air hit you like a wall as you wandered hesitantly out of the bus, goosebumps running up and down your arms as you cringed into your scarf. The street was dim, the early hours of the morning meaning only the faint pastel light of the rising sun served to illuminate the frosty cars and snow that bunched in corners of the pavement; not yet thinned out by the grit that would be laid later.

“It’s so co-cold.” you stuttered out, a whine biting at your voice as you buried the lower half of your face into the scarf looped around your neck, glaring hotly at the boy who was leaning against the wall, staring at the frozen surroundings with wide amazed eyes. Turning his head towards you, Taehyung chuckled at your sour impression, his breath puffing out it white fumes.

“It’s not that bad,” he started, stifling a chuckle as you sneezed and held up his arms in a surrender at the curdling glower that followed. His own nose was a dusty red, cheeks raw and bitten where the collar of his coat didn’t quite cover. Though, honestly, he was probably better off that you if the numbness that was spreading through you said anything.

Sniffing in return, you wrapped your arms around you, your pockets doing little to shield you from the cold air. “Easy for you to say, you’re like a fucking heater.” you shivered, mourning your bed that you had been snuggled in half an hour before bitterly. Half an hour before Taehyung  had turned up at your house, gesturing wildly and screaming about the orgasmic cakes at the best bakery in the whole world and to ‘get up so we can go and stuff our faces!’ . Needless to you hadn’t been impressed, and it had taken nearly twenty minutes of aegyo and begging from Taehyung until you finally caved into begrudgingly leaving the comfort of your room. To freeze your ass off waiting outside a bakery. At seven in the morning. What the hell were you thinking?

As if sensing the direction of your thoughts, Taehyung sidled up to you so that your side was pressed into his front, gasping when the cold from your body bled through his layers of clothes.

“Babe,” he exclaimed, pulling you closer as he looped his arms around your waist, effectively squashing the side of your face into his chest. “You’re so cold!”

You melted against him, grumbling out a “Of course I am, it’s goddamn freezing” only for show as Taehyung squeezed you tighter.

Shuffling to get comfortable, Taehyung hummed gently under his breath, resting his chin on top of head, and shifted so that the pair of you were leaning against the wall with you resting between his legs. Grinning devilishly as an evil idea popped into your head, you snaked your arms under his coat to press your hands against the bare skin of Taehyung’s torso. The shriek that followed was loud enough to send a couple of birds flying from the roof of the bakery in alarm. The look of utter betrayal that twisted his features was enough to send you struggling away from him, chortling evilly.  

Catching your flailing hands in his own, Taehyung entwined his fingers with your own, fitting perfectly into yours. “Just for that, I’m not buying you that cake you wanted.” he mumbled, huffing in faux offence.

Your eyes widened in concern, shaking your head and letting out a string of apologies at the  mere thought of not getting any of your favourite treat, the thought even more horrifying because of the time and weather. Taehyung lips twitched slightly out of his tight line at the sight of you fussing, a full grown smile appearing when you even went as far as throwing in a reluctant ‘oppa’ between your pleads. Ruffling your hair, he leaned down to plant a loud kiss on your forehead, pulling you by your hands closer to the bakery as the lights flickered on.

“Does this mean I’m forgiven?” you asked, peering up at Taehyung and pouting in a way you hoped was cute, not that you were any real good at doing aegyo; that was more Taehyung’s thing.

Snorting, Taehyung nodded, grinning when your cheeks dimpled as a smile rose high in your cheeks. Doing a little jiggle on the balls of your feet to keep warm, you held Taehyung’s hand tighter in thanks watched as a couple of workers trailed around inside the bakery, setting the cakes up and laying the table with cute pink accents. 

A few minutes later a elderly woman appeared at the door, welcoming you into the bakery with a warm smile, cooing about ‘what a cute couple’ you and Taehyung were. Almost as soon as you steeped through the doorway you were flooded with not only heat but the homely smell of baked goods and freshly brewed coffee. 

“Oh my god, look at those cakes!” Taehyung spluttered, dragging you over to the cake display and pointing at each of them. you chuckled, reading out the description to try and decide what you wanted when your arm was jerked up. Glancing over at Taehyung, you saw that he was reaching up to the top of the stand to pick up a couple of boxes, bringing your hand up with him.

“Taehyung,” you started, wiggling your fingers that were still caught in his clasp, “you can let go now.” Taehyung tuned to you, eyes comically wide with his eyebrows curving up in surprise. 

“Why?” he whined, gripping your hand tighter as you tried to pry his hand off of yours.

Huffing out a laugh, you added “Because we’re not outside anymore, I’m not cold. Taehyung pouted at you, tugging you closer so that he could whisper a quiet “But I like how your hand feels in mine~” laughing when your cheeks burst with colour and you punched his arm weakly in protest. But his hand remained firmly between your own, fitted nicely long after you had paid and left the bakery, because maybe you liked the way his hand felt in yours too.

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