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Highschool blurb where dan and reader are on the school bus and dan fingers her?


- plopping down next to your boyfriend dan after a long day, calculus homework and deadlines flooding your thoughts as you rub your temples

- “you okay baby?” he asks, his curly hair framing his lovely face as he looks to you in concern

- you nod, mumbling a quick “stressed” before closing your eyes and resting your head on his shoulder, your backpack on your lap

- after the bus starts moving away from your hellish high school you hear dan chuckle to himself, placing his hand on your bare thigh, as your skirt had ridden up your leg from sitting and massaging it softly which makes your stomach flood with butterflies and you clenched your thighs together as an attempt to avoid becoming turned on

- dan tracing his nails in patterns, his fingers going higher on your leg with his new found confidence as your squirm, feeling yourself become more turned on by the second

- unknowingly to you, dan watched over your sleepy body with a smirk, watching as you squirm from his contact before leaning over to your ear and kissing your neck softly

- “you wants a stress reliever babe?” he whispers and your face goes pink and you shy away and whisper a quick “we are on a bus dan!”

- “guess you’ll have to keep quiet then, hmm?”

- dans fingers slipping up your skirt and tracing patterns over your *soaking* panties as you inhale sharply

- dan sliding them aside, gently pushing in one of his long digits, looking to you to make sure you were okay to see you already panting with sweat droplets forming at your hairline

- dan forming a steady pace with one finger before sliding in another, grinning as he covered your body with the bag so the people sitting in the row beside you wouldn’t see his ungodly actions

- “dan, im close!” you whimper as he smiles, “keep quiet baby.”

- as you come, your toes curl and your vision goes dark, a combination of pleasure and thrill from your very public actions as you moan out a muffled “oh god” and the whole bus turns around

- “wasn’t me!” dan giggles, his hands in the air as if he were defending his innocence as the bus driver glares at you two

- “i told you to be quiet baby,” he whispers to you as you blush a bright red shade, not being able to believe that your boyfriend just make you come in front of all your classmates

- “damn you howell.”


- the bus driver pulling up to dans stop as he kisses you quickly before standing up, just then realizing his semi. mumbling a quick fuck, he darts out of the bus, flipping you off with a grin as he hides himself by his front door.

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Why do mushrooms offend you

okay so those slimy little shits have no redeeming qualities for me. not one variety of it looks, tastes, or feels good. the worst part is they make food taste 2% worse. no they dont make food taste 80% worse like that would be better bc i wouldnt eat it. no..after swallowing my first bite id be lik e ‘oh that wasnt so bad’ but when i take my second, ill be subjected through another round of uncomfortable chewing. TLDR it makes food taste tolerable and i hate it

MBTI Duo Advertisements

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*Kicks your door open*

Have y’all seen this?

They’re all so cute 😤. But this isn’t the point rn look closer.

(omgkagsisawitchthatsadorable😭) Oiks is a vampire and guess who else was was shown as a vamp one time?

That’s rite! It’s witch boi.

So my theory is Oikawa bit Kageyama and now they’re vampire boyfriends.

captain Kags trash out

voltron monster au
  • ghost!lance: 
    • lance: uuuuugh i wanna diiieeeee
    • lance: oh wait

    • keith: lance could u pass the salt
    • lance: 
    • keith: wait shit sorry
  • vampire!keith:
    • keith: lance i have something to tell you
    • lance: ya?
    • keith: im not actually 18.
    • lance: wh
    • keith: im 20
    • lance: 
    • keith: it’s been a rough couple of years
  • shape shifter!pidge:
    • person: what gender are you?
    • pidge: im a shape shifter
    • person: ya but what’s in your normal form pants?
    • pidge: *turns into tree* 
    • person:
    • pidge: this is my normal form
  • frankenstein!shiro:
    • shiro: and my arm’s from this random guy named zarkon
    • shiro: he was an asshole
    • shiro: i may have killed him
    • .
    • shiro: ya i might have a clone running around somewhere idk
    • shiro: i get these really weird dreams sometimes
    • .
    • shiro: need a hand?
    • shiro: *takes off hand*
  • fairy!hunk:
    • person: so like, what kind of fairy are you?
    • hunk: wh
    • person: yknow, like in the disney movie
    • hunk: ya, no
    • later; person 2: you’re a fairy? what kind?
    • hunk: 
    • hunk: tinker
    • person 2: cool *leaves*
    • hunk: i hate everything
  • stereotypical alien!allura and coran:
    • lance: I’m a ghooost ooooOOOOOoooooooo
    • allura: what’s a ghost? coran what’s a ghost?
    • lance:
    • allura: ah, hello, ghost. we are human.
    • coran: yep! 100% human! not alien even a bit!
    • lance: *looks at cameral like he’s in the office*
  • werewolf!Matt:
    • lance: oh you’re a furry?
    • matt, having pidge as a sibling who called him that for years: noT ANOTHER ONE
Cemented Together | P.P

Part two of cement, thanks to everyone who read part one! i appreciate it so much omg

Warnings: Cliches, I still dont edit?? hAHa..yikes

Word Count: 2.3k

Part One

It had been years since you found out that Peter Parker is your soulmate.

Four years to be exact.

Your sophomore year of college was coming to an end and somehow you couldn’t believe that Four years ago Peter Parker wasn’t in your life.

Hell you couldn’t believe that you didn’t want a soulmate in the first place.

Slowly but surely Peter became a large factor in your life, although at first it was difficult for you two to just jump into being friends.

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yeah so this moment is so weird where jensen says: 3 is the magic number apparently… even when that’s not the plan

and that’s his face after saying that

he looks so… distraught?? just look

and it makes me think that “the plan” if they had one was to have two kids each because i can’t believe that 20 something j2 would be like “oh yeah we’re gonna have 6 kids it’s gonna be awesome!!! youhou!!” 

and so the twins were an accident but it wouldn’t mean that they would go with jared having another one sooo all im saying is that it would be entirely because of gen that they had another baby

and i know that a lot of people believe in the competition between gen and danneel already and i go with it too in general because it’s funny but i never really took it seriously but jensen looks weird there saying it wasn’t the plan and i’ve just closely looked at danneel’s instagram and in just march and april 2017 she has posted 14 pics when from august 2015 to january 2017 she had posted 16 pics so she posted as much pics in a month and a half as what she posted in 18 months before and that new activity just started on the exact same month as gen’s own instagram and that’s just…. not a coincidence 

but trying to beat each other at being the best mom and fake wife is just so pathetic that’s why i have a hard time believing gen would go as far as ordering a new baby just to catch up with danneel but then she had no problem using her new born for her own promotion and to earn a lot of money and jensen made that really telling face while saying “it wasn’t the plan” so???? i guess it’s true and they’re just really sad women, especially gen 

chuuya, chuoya and cyuya

i just wanted to write this bc ive been down for a couple of months and writing silly things helps

this is on ao3 too

“Dazai….if u must date me” chuuya whispers thru the night, clutching his hand beneath the grimy yellow of the porch light, “u must know”

“Lol about what”

chuuya takes his bandaged hand and goes

“about the other mes”

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oh god i had repressed this memory but today at new staff orientation they were showing us a slideshow and one of the slides was about how you shouldnt get into a relationship with another instructor because if you break up it makes stuff awkward for the kids which, sure, whatever, but like. the slide literally just said HOOKING UP over what was Very Clearly fucking furry art of two wolves looking each other lovingly in the eyes. i dont know if im getting paid enough for this

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are you gonna make stickers of your 13 drawing because oh my god im gay

hmmm i don’t think that drawing lends itself that well for stickers, plus i’m not really happy with it so no. but i might whip up some stickers later! i just wanna wait till we get a better look at the costume bc working w/ only one photo for reference kinda sucks

that being said i did start on another 13 drawing bc I Have No Chill. here’s a tiny wip

I was the one who lost(j.a.)

request: jack avery imagine where you guys are ‘talking’ but not really officially dating yet and you see him with other girls on his Instagram/Snapchat?

a/n:it reminded me of a boy from my school that said me he loved me but he acted ike he didnt, so i kind of retold my own story, hope you’ll like♥

a/n(2):remember that you deserve the best.♥

i was so alone before him, he was my friend, im not sure if he was now. We met at my new school, i was a new girl and it was really hard for me cause im not too sociable, it was so hard for me to make new friends, it still is. One day i met him in my class, i didnt pay much attention to him, he was another new boy from my new school, i didnt know his name and i hadnt even talked to him. He was one of those popular kids in school who knew that everyone want them and like them. I thought he was just another one, oh my God, i was so wrong.

it was my free period before math, i was looking for my books in my locker as i noticed him, he walked toward me.
-hey, are you a new gir, Y/N right?-he asked and smiled  at me
Was he handsome?Cute? No. Did i  know that everything woud change? No.
-yes, i am a new girl and you..?-i took my books and closed my locker 
-you dont know me?-he was shocked by a fact that someone didnt know him
- if i did i wouldnt ask you-i went to my classroom and he followed me
-yeah,you’re right, im Jack, Jack Avery-he tried to keep up with me cause i walked too fast.
-cool, nice to meet you  Jack, Jack Avery-i entered my classroom right before he could say something else.

After that we talked a lot, i got to know him better, turned out that he was a good kid and that his curls were fake. We became friends, i mean we talked a lot, he was the only person in this school who talked to me. He was so sweet to me, he treated me well, he made me feel special, he helped me with everything. I dodnt notice how i fell for him, maybe it happened when he hugged me or when we talked about something stupid, or when he tried to impress me or when i helped him with his homework or when he said he loved me? i dont know when its happened but i do know that i wanted and needed him and that he probably didnt feel the same. Honestly he was a player, that type of player who treats you so good, who makes you feel special and then when he’s not longer interested in you he leaves you and go to another girl and do the same things to her.

I knew everything about him and his amount of ex girlfriends, but i was hoping that he wouldnt do that to me, i thought i could change him, i thought i could fix him. if i only knew how wrong and stupid i was. 

it was Sunday, i  was chilling in my room and scrolling through my instagram feed and then it happened. i saw this picture that broke my heart, it was a picture of him kissing another girl and caption said : “babygirl♥”

i realised that i was just another on his list, i was just a game for him, i suppose it was interesting game  for him cause at first i didnt know who he was and i wasnt obsessed with him like everyone but then when he found out about my feeling he knew that he won this game, one more girl fell for him. I realised that i wasnt special, that he wasnt my friend, that his hugs meant nothing, that i couldnt change him,that when he told me he loved me he didnt mean it, that i wasnt the one for him. My heart was broken by a boy who didnt care about anybody’s feelings, who just cares about how many girls he can get. 

I was the one who lost this game.

Family photo! 

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I know right! Who is that sick to ship those two? They're brothers you dirty sinner! I mean look at them being all brotherly, hugging,kissing.... oh shit I'm a dirty sinner

Ugh yeah.  The more I think about it, the more disgusted I feel!!! Can you imagine, like? sans and papyrus? like, just rubbing eachother all over and exploring one another sexually???? VILE.  Just because sans thinks papyrus is cool, and makes his clothes and knows he bathes with his battle body on, then leaves his scandalous socks all over the house for papyrus to find and smell and…. Ugh im gonna barf. not masturbate,BARF.

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(part 2) I got cut off. Okay so another classic Larry fic if we're talking feels, almost nothing can compare to phdmama's Feels Like Coming Home. And holy shit there's timestamp that will rip you apart too if you like that kinda feeling (i do). Speaking of ripping you apart, I'm going to also second the anon who went with Emperor's New Clothes by sunsetmog. OH WAIT I HAVE ANOTHER. I Walk the Line by awriterwrites (THE TWISTS! MULTIPLE TWISTS!) There are too many good fics, wtf.

I’m an DUMBASS and I deleted the first one, I’m about to cry, I’m so so ssssso sorry………….. but listen, I REEEALLY WANT to read No One Like You, like it looks SSSSSSSSO interesting, im really really curious about that one and GIIIIRL, I Will The Line MAKES ME WEEEAAAAAAAAAK, i loooove that fic so mmmmmuch, you don’t even knooow

jerge replied to your post: As someone who has been told to look like a female…

But also keep in mind that dress and body type, while good for basic character design, doesnt = gender markers all the time. I would headcanon her as w/e you like but fishing for reasons that make it seem like… “logical” feels kinda… weird to me. Like saying, “oh moira must be genderfluid because she doesnt dress femininely” is kinda weird? Because youre assuming a lot abt how that gender identity works. But maybe im looking too deep into this

Yeah, it’s definitely an inconclusive thread of speculation, but right now I couldn’t even say what Moira’s in-game health total is let alone what her personal identity is.

Elements of her character design might be indicative of one thing, or another thing, or nothing at all. And whilst these elements had to be hand-picked and incorporated with, presumably, some meaning or intent, the same traits in a living human being can indicate numerous things of significance or insignificance, and they may not even be remotely related to whatever the writers have in mind for her.

I think it would be nice for Moira to be genderfluid, but given that we’ve only known of her existence for a day or two now we are naturally neck-deep in hundred-proof speculation.

Thing’s I liked in that episode:

  • Robron in beanies
  • Sugdens sticking together
  • Robron in beanies did I mention?
  • “It worked for Aaron” CONFIRMED THAT AARON AND ROB HAVE HAD MULTIPLE CONVO’S ABOUT EACHOTHER’S PAST AND GOT TO NO ONE ANOTHER PROPERLY (always gunna be bitter we haven’t seen on screen though)
  • “We can make them pay” FUCK YEAH WE CAN 
  • Aaron KNOWS Rob
  • “This is a chance to get Andy home” ROB MISSES HIS BROTHER SO MUCH END ME
  • Bex being thrown out of the Whites SHE DESERVES BETTER ANYWAYS

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Jimin + yoongi


do hear that? that’s me wailing like a dying animal bc this just-  i can’t 

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look at chimz checking to see if yoongi is actually asleep like “oh i hope he doesn’t catch me staring at him” wow i just- 


even during their fetus days yoongles would always keep a special eye out for chimz and in general just always wants to be near him but shows it in these quiet subtle ways that makes me scream in not so quiet subtle ways 

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the cutest phineas and ferb sweetie apple pie baby nuggets als;kfjaslfj

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highkey bangtan aegyo kings yes that includes you min yoongles

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okay but this is seriously one of my ultimate favorite gifs of them just look how pleasantly surprised yoongi is and how jimin just naturally PEEKABOOS into the frame like it’s nbd THEY’RE JUST SO HAPPY AROUND ONE ANOTHER UGH

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seriously call an ambulance im not okay. jimin hanging onto the back of yoongi’s shirt as they safely “cross the street” together has me in shambles omg im laughing and crying and my heart is overflowing with an ocean of feels

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okay so sometimes this perfect pair may not show their affection in the most feelsy and conventional way but

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we all know deep down inside yoongi just loves messing with jimin the most bc jimins reactions are so cute and he will still love yoongles no matter what and vice versa

im gonna stop now before i seriously implode GOODBYE I LOVE YOONMIN

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Im forced to wear this atrocious red vest at the craft store I work at and on one particular night I was helping a customer who was also wearing red. We are in the middle of having a conversation about different chains she could use for a necklace she was making. Out of no where this lady comes charging up to me and demands “uhm excuse me!?” And i looked at her and told the customer I was helping “Im sorry” and said to this baboon “excuse me but im speaking with another customer about a product. I’ll be with you in a moment” and she goes “oh you dont work here” to the customer I was with and just walks away. No apology, nothing. Customers treat employees like we aren’t human and are on this planet to serve them! Hahahahahahaha, no.