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If requests are still open... Maybe Hanzo being comforted by Jesse? He's an angst boy. Your art is lovely btw! Gives me feels. :)

Waaah. I didn’t get time to finish the one properly but here you go. :) I’ll try to finish it over the next few days little star sunshine. :) 

Fanon Fenris vs. Canon Fenris

idea at the behest of @her-majestys-watchdog

fanon fenris #1: overly angry. insults, demeans, or even attacks mages unnecessarily. hates people using healing magic on him. insufferably grumpy. rolls his eyes at puns and hawke’s jokes. borderline alcoholic. in need of having his views “changed”. 

fanon fenris #2: submissive. incapable of doing things on his own. typical blushy blushy ‘tsundere’ type. constantly at hawke’s whim.

fanon fenris #3: blames his actions on others. runs away from literally every problem. never confronts those problems. sucks at communication. angered if countered on said issues.

fanon fenris #4: overreacts to everything. sensitive crybaby. trauma played for the ~angst~. over the top vulnerable. seemingly fragile. 

canon fenris: intelligent. polite. respectful. often apologises for his anger. understands magic has positive uses and not all mages are inherently bad. “healing would be welcome” when low health. laughs at bad/sex jokes. tackles anything he is capable of without hawke. bitter but can still put that aside to have fun with friends. only shown drinking on two occasions. occasionally goes a bit overboard with his distrust of mages in response to certain situations.

I did this a while ago but found a nice app to use to take better pictures! 

my dudes, this vine is so adorable omgjasnklndks

original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rao_KvMEfh4

phil the explorer and dan the tiny planet

not long time ago there was a boy that was alone just like the sun, with no moons, with no hope. but he saw a planet on his own and went there to see what he had to offer, and he wasn’t dissapointed.