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Get to know me: [1/10] Pairings

“William Darcy, I don’t want to be just friends and I don’t want to be with you cause I’m grateful. I want to be with you cause of you. Got it?”

  • Ciel: I've never been in a snowball fight.
  • Lizzie: Really?
  • Ciel: I don't even know the rules. Is there like a points system, or is it to the death?
Okay real quick - Melissa Chase is an inattentive-type ADD kid and here’s why

 - the high stakes in the math book episode are literally nothing but “THE PRINCIPAL IS GONNA THINK I’M IRRESPONSIBLE” and Melissa is losing her shit over it

- apparently CONSTANTLY forgets her stuff at school

 - frames the repetitive frantic lost-thing search as a quest to make it less awful; insists that Zack also call it a quest

 - thing in science class makes a weird noise. immediately picks up and inspects, no second thought

 - “a tremendous portion of my self esteem is based on my grade point average”

- “hang on let me get my notepad” - proceeds to hustle every single kid in her homeroom

- knows every president’s blood type but forgets february doesn’t have a 30th

 - “melissa said she had to study” - shot of melissa spacing out in a kiddie pool

 - well meaning friend tells her to make a list of things she has to remember - “i tried that. lists don’t work.”

 - “wait where did i put down that key literally one second ago”

 - wanted to be a journalist/queen of the universe when she was little; continues saying that’s what she’s going to be because fuck you i can be whatever i want

 - that science project on the first day of summer. either it was assembled FAST (hyperfocused) or she had been working on it for days already (overdue school project). both are evidence

 - analyzed the FUCK out of Dr. Zone in under a day

 - VISIBLY ENRAGED when changes to her favorite event are sprung on her with no time to prepare (tenses up, limbs go stiff, death glare, clenched teeth) - she cannot stand the idea of being made to look stupid at something she’s really good at

 - witty as fuck bc hyperdrive snark brain

 - haha wow this wasn’t quick at all was it

 - i just feel very strongly about this

 - i love melissa


a happy shelby family post (7/???)

  • Charlotte: So what was in the letter?
  • Lizzie: Oh, right. The letter. The letter from Darcy, the letter written especially to me from Darcy, Darcy's letter.

you take my hand and drag me head first fearless

Sono poche le persone che io amo per davvero e ancora meno quelle delle quali io penso bene. Più conosco il mondo, più ne sono disgustata; e ogni giorno conferma la mia convinzione dell’incoerenza del carattere umano, e della poca fiducia che possiamo riporre in tutto ciò che può apparire merito o intelligenza.
—  Jane Austen, Orgoglio e pregiudizio
  • Lizzie: Well, looks like it's going to be just you and me.
  • Darcy: [seductively] Oh, really?
  • Lizzie: Actually, I was talking to my martini.

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Does elsewhere u have that obnoxious kid from elementary school who everyday you'd be like "oh hey Lizzy!" "No, today my name is Rachel." Because I simultaneously feel like that is an exceptionally good way to protect your true name but also a very good way to have other students make bargains to have you taken away. (On the subject, is that a bargain that can be made?)

You can certainly arrange for something nasty to happen to someone else, yes. Using someone else as a bargaining chip is a little shakier, but it’s generally accepted that if someone comes when you call for them, they’re yours enough to make it valid. Many of the Gentry have reservations about this, however - it feels like cheating, or perhaps a better word is unsporting You’d have to find one of the nastier Fair Folk to strike that particular deal with, although if you’re trying to get someone fucking abducted you’re probably well on your way already.

flirt | john shelby

lizzie keeps flirting with john and the reader flips because shes jealous

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The loud music was heard throughout The Garrison, people were dancing and singing but all you could focus on was Lizzie and John. Something about her didn’t sit well with you. From the way her hang clung onto John’s shoulder when he made a joke or when she whispered in his ear. You’d been drinking a lot as well, which didn’t help.  

The fact that they had history made things worse for you. Jealously had never been an issue in yours and John’s relationship but sometimes you wondered if John did still have feelings for Lizzie. At one point, he was willing to marry her and a few months later he was with you. In your eyes, the feelings couldn’t have gone away that quickly. Maybe you was just paranoid.

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