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Ok like I know we're not getting a Blackstairs baby anytime soon but I really want a Blackstairs baby
Say You Love Me (AU), Part 3 - Jake x MC (PG-13)

Hey! It’s the sequel (almost) nobody asked for! This is Part 3 of my Jake/Lanie AU series. This picks up right after Part 2 which is NSFW. You don’t have to read Part 2 to know what’s going on, though I would encourage reading at least Part 1!

Read Say You Love Me,  Part 1

Read Say You Love Me, Part 2 (NSFW)

I really, really love Jake, Lanie, and Livia and I hope you do too!

Warm and sated, Lanie lays beside Jake with her leg draped over his hip. His arm is wrapped around her, holding her close. His hand is a firm, pleasant pressure against her back.

“What do we do now?” Lanie asks softly as she traces the contours of his chest. “I mean, how do we explain to Livia why I’m here when she wakes up? Or what if she comes in and finds us together?”

Lanie’s face burns at that thought. She doesn’t regret a single moment of what just happened, but she should have thought about this part. She wants to be with Jake so badly, but how will that affect his daughter? As far as she knows, Jake hasn’t dated anyone since his ex left. Will they need to keep this a secret from Liv? A thousand thoughts swirl in her mind and she begins to panic.

“You know what, I should probably go,” Lanie says. “I’ll come back in the morning and we can figure out what happens next then.”

She starts to roll away when Jake’s arms tighten around her and he pulls her back against his body.

“If you think I’m lettin’ you leave this bed, darlin’,” he murmurs, his drawl even thicker than usual, “you are sorely mistaken. We’ll figure this out, but you’re not wrong about Liv walking in. We should probably get dressed.”

He presses a quick kiss to Lanie’s forehead before rolling out of bed. She watches him dig through his dresser for a moment before tossing her one of his t-shirts and a pair of his boxers. She catches them, gets out of bed, and dresses quickly while Jake steps into the bathroom to clean up.

She’s just tugging the boxer shorts up when Jake comes back into the bedroom. He freezes mid stride and stares at her.

“What?” Lanie asks, suddenly self-conscious under his scrutiny, but then Jake’s gaze roams hungry up and down her body and he licks his lips. Lanie feels a warm flush at his attention and can’t help but tease him.

“Hey there, fly boy, you doing all right?”

“I’m sorry,” Jake says, shaking his head, “I can’t focus when you’re dressed like that. So I’m gonna tear those right back off you and we’re going do that again.”

He climbs across the bed and and Lanie squeals happily as he yanks her down on top of him.

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After Lord of Shadows... (P1)

So after I read LoS I immediately attempted writing my own QoAaD fic. After four separate attempts with different beginnings, I gave up. But I want to share a few scenes I wrote with y'all anyway…

(I think that Dru is going to be near inseparable to Tavvy in QoAaD so here’s a scene I wrote that takes place after Livia’s funeral.) 

NOTE: All my scenes are set in the Blackthorn Manor in Idris.

“Tavvy, do you want to play trains?” Dru asked her brother from where he lay on his bed.
“Do you… want to throw knives?”
Dru sighed. Octavian had been like this since the second day after Livvy’s death, when he realized his sister wasn’t coming back.
“I know, Tavs. How about I leave you alone and while you take a nap, I go to the kitchens and eat chocolate cake?”
Tavvy turned towards her and raised his eyebrows. “Chocolate cake?” He tried to school his face into a neutral expression, but Dru knew him too well. She saw his reluctant excitement.
She nodded. “Diana and Cristina picked it up the other day when they were on their way here from a Council meeting.” Because I asked them too, she didn’t add. She knew how chocolate cake could change Tavvy’s moods.
He rolled out of bed and stood. “But… Alicante chocolate cake is the best!” He cried indignantly.
She bit her lip to hide her smile. “I know! Let’s go get some!”
“Okay.” Tavvy smiled, but it quickly vanished. “I can’t. I want you to go away now.” He crawled back into his bed.
Dru’s brow furrowed in confusion. She sat next to where he lay. “Hey, what happened? I thought we were going to eat chocolate cake together! You know you’re my food buddy; without you, I’d never eat anything!” It was an embellishment of the truth. She had often shared her meals with Tavvy when they were younger, and when she was forced to babysit him when they first arrived at the London Institute, they would go into the kitchens together for food. Evelyn and Bridget would make snide comments when it was only Dru going into the kitchens, but when Tavvy was with her they only sniffed and shot her a look.
Her exaggeration didn’t phase Octavian.“I don’t think I can be your food buddy anymore,” he sniffed into his pillow. Dru saw his little shoulders shake, and she instantly knew what was wrong.
“Oh Tavvy, Livia would want you to eat your cake. I remember the first time you ate chocolate cake, you know. Julian had baked it, and we gave you the first slice. Julian, Emma, Livia, and I watched you get it all - over - your - face!” She emphasized her last words with tickles into Octavian’s sides. “We all laughed so hard, but Livvy laughed the hardest. She loved how messy you get when you eat cake.” Dru rubbed her brother’s back.
His shoulders stopped trembling. “I do not get messy when I eat cake!” His muffled voice exclaimed angrily.
“Oh, really? Maybe you should show me, because I’m not so sure.”
“Fine!” He got out of bed again. “What are you smiling at, Dru?”
“Nothing. Shall we?” She held her hand out. He took it and led her to the kitchens.
On their way out of Tavvy’s room, they bumped into Cristina. 
“Hi, Cristina. I have to prove to Drusilla that I can eat chocolate cake without getting messy, so excuse us,” Tavvy said to Cristina. 
She stepped to the side and he marched along, pulling Dru behind him. 
“You can come with, if you want!” Dru called to Cristina. Tavvy could move fast when he wanted to, and he had left Cristina in their dust. 
Not sure if Cristina was following or not, Dru focused on making sure Tavvy wouldn’t run her into a wall.


“All right, little one.” Cristina slid a plate of Alicante chocolate cake to Octavian. His small face was set in determination.
Drusilla sat to his left with her face resting on her hand to cover her smile. She was so happy Tavvy was out of bed!
After his first bite, Tavvy exclaimed, “see! I told you! No mess!”
Cristina and Dru laughed.
“You still have many bites to go, Octavian,” Cristina told him once they sobered.
He frowned on his third bite. “You can call me Tavvy, you know. Octavian is a lot to say,” he said through a mouthful of cake.
Cristina beamed at him.
Once Tavvy finished his piece, he insisted Dru and Cristina have some, too. Whenever Dru would put a piece to her mouth, he would say, “oh, oh, oh! Don’t get messy!” and they would all lapse into giggles again.

“Maybe he has a weird fetish.”

“He’s a stripper.”

“He’s secretly Edward Cullen.”

“A stripper Edward Cullen.”

“Girls, come on!”

Rosaline and Livia stop grinning like lunatics at each other to stare at their cousin. Juliet stares right back, unamused pout on her lips and closed fists on her hips – she thinks it makes her look threatening in some way, but Juliet is as scary as a kitten on a good day. As it is, both sisters just smirk at their cousin, not chastised in the least.

Still, the question remains – why Romeo’s cousin keeps finding excuses to skip on their gathering, and how glitter seems to be following him everywhere. Not that Rosaline really minds his absence – if he has a weird kink going on with his habit to open the legs of every Not-Capulet girl in town, then so be it. And if he can do it as far away from her as possible so she doesn’t have to spend time with him, then even better.

The less the merrier, when it comes to Montagues.

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Escalus, get your shit together.

Damiano, gross. You need to stop.

Isabella, you’re doing great, sweetie. You keep doing what you have to, don’t let others control you.

Rosaline, you’re also doing great. You and Benny are a great detective team.

Benvolio, oh baby. I just want him to be happy. I’m going to cry.

Livia, oh hunny no. Stay away from the garbage man.

Paris, you’re garbage. I was rooting for you. How could you?!

Lady Capulet is the lowest of garbage. Someone please kill her.
the lady who wore caesar augustus's testicles as earrings

Running This Town: The Machiavellian Livia Drusilla

If you haven’t seen HBO’s “Rome”, you should. It’s not what anyone would call accurate, no matter what anyone tries to tell you otherwise, but it’s good. And even when they’re doing crazily inaccurate shit, the historical domain characters’ personalities are left intact enough for me to buy into it. But one of the places where “Rome” really fucked up was the storyline concerning Octavian's—aka Caesar Augustus—marriage.

Basically: Octavian sees some chick at a party, he proposes, tells her he likes to beat women because it turns him on—flash forward a few years and plot twist! She’s slapping him around in bed. And he loves it. That, and a little moment where Octavian’s mom Atia—the most inaccurate character on the whole show, by the way—completely slams her daughter-in-law is the most we see of Livia Drusilla. The actress is good. The characterization? The entire storyline for that matter?

Oh, honey. The real Livia would roll her eyes at those shenanigans. Amateurs.

Living the thug life.

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alt!verse fringe division, over there parts one and two

Alt!Charlie Francis: Oh, I was thinking, hey, maybe a slow day, it being Saturday and all. No rest for the wicked.

Alt!livia Dunham: Oh, you’re not wicked, Charlie. You just pretend really, really well.

Alt!Lincoln Lee: Somebody playing my song?

If Tiberius Blackthorn is named for the Roman emperor truly thought of as Emperor Tiberius (Tiberius Claudius Nero) then it makes me really emotional

Part of the reason he became emperor at all was because his mother strongly believed in him, grooming him to greatness and making sure he was not overlooked by his stepfather, the emperor.

Mother’s name? Livia Drusilla.

Is Cassie Clare picked these names for that purpose, then I’m going to get so many Blackthorn sibling feelings.

I love Livia Drusilla so much like I just read about this time she used letters Augustus wrote her like ten years ago to prove Tiberius had always been stubborn and intractable or w/e and I mean Suetonius Disclaimer this might be partly or wholly false but oh my god the idea that she saved all of her husband’s letters and kept them all organized and reread them I’m about to cry , oh my GOD, LIVIA


fringe 3.08 entrada 

Olivia: Despite what you think, my universe is not at war with yours. This all began because a man came over here to save a boy and twenty-five years later, I came back to save that same boy. But if you let me die, then we will strike back and we will fight. But if you let me go, both universes can survive. There must be another way and I promise you I will find it.