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Oh! スケトラ!!! ユーリ!!! on ICE オリジナル・スケートソング COLLECTION
Oh! SkaTra!!! Yuri!!! on ICE Original SkateSong COLLECTION
(apparently the correct romanization here is “skatra.” Probably because it’s short for “skate/skating tracks”)

My copy of Oh! スケトラ!!! (Oh! SkaTra!!!) came last evening and it oh-so-sweetly destroyed me. I’d been listening to the songs on YouTube and here on Tumblr in mixed order, because I wanted to wait until I got my own copy to listen to it in the order intended. I’m a bit of an audiophile (don’t have an amp for my headphones, though) so I wanted my first experience listening to the full soundtrack to be with higher quality than what YouTube can give.

The songs are so colorful! Of course, I particularly looked forward to hearing the “Victuri family suite” (Victor, Yuuri, and Yurio’s songs), but I was surprised at how much more vibrant Anastasis is, and how creamy Partizan Hope looks. I could go on-and-on about the depth of sound in L’homme Arme and how complex the “Advent” arrangement of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony 2nd Movement is (Otabek’s FS), but really, every song is so packed with little threads and details that it becomes such a lush soundtrack. I can’t help thinking that if I gave the CD to someone so they could listen, they would be surprised/confused: “what kind of anime does this come from for there to be so many different styles???” It’s really amazing to think that there is such a bouquet of different songs here. Classical, Jazz, Rap, Techno, “Disney Musical,” Rock ‘n Roll…

I remember when we were on episode 3, already impressed with the quality of Stammi Vicino (Aria) and having just heard Eros and Agape in competition – and we got the announcement that there would be an entire CD with songs used for the skater’s programs. I remember how excited so many of us were and the sense of disbelief that we would get so much quality music: “we’re going to have 24 songs - there are going to be 21 MORE songs of this quality? Is this real??? Not background music, these are actual songs we’ll be seeing programs choreographed to?!?” 

You can feel the individual skaters in each piece, and that’s a testament to the composers for creating such fitting and memorable songs for each skater’s story. Listening to the entire collection, it feels like going on a journey through all the episodes again. 

It made me teary-eyed.