oh ladycakes


It was late last year that we (reluctantly) came around to the fact that we wouldn’t be traveling for quite some time. Unfortunately, with a kitchen renovation (we have walls!) and a new business on the horizon, we knew we wouldn’t have the extra funds to put toward one of the things we love most: international travel. It’s been a really weird thing to accept because travel has kind of been our way of life since Thom first surprised me with that trip to Paris in 2010 – I thought we were going to spend a week in Montreal when, in reality, we were going to spend two weeks in Paris. It was then that he ignited my love for travel; a love so massive that it consumes me on a regular basis. 

I think that was his plan all along.

Fast forward to earlier this year when Eurostar reached out because they wanted to take me on an all expenses paid trip to London and Paris.

Find out what sights and tastes Oh Ladycakes experienced during her trip: http://bit.ly/23GgKMH

I read somewhere that you feel happiest when you’re near the sea. Because the vibration of our bodies tries to sync with the rhythm of the waves and, in turn, releases hormones that create a sense of fulfillment and happiness. And when I noticed a half smile creeping across my face, I’ve never known anything to be more true.
—  Ashlee of Oh, Ladycakes