oh la la spouses

Oh La La Spouses may be over the top and annoyingly zany sometimes...

But damn if it is not addicting.

It makes you want to tune in episode after episode after episode just to see Soo Nam redeem himself and Yeo Ok finally get a backbone and leave him plus his witch of a mother.

And now that it happened?

I still feel as if my heart is breaking.

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For Yeo Ok more than anyone else because if anyone deserves to have a second chance at life and love, i think it ought to be her.

Not that she is completely faultless as sometimes i find the way that she constantly reminds Soo Nam of his faults also quite emasculating, but moreso because even if she is completely shoved aside by her husband and his family, you can still see how genuinely she respects and loves them.

I think this is the only time i’m really rooting for a drama OTP to not end up together and for a female lead to end up instead with her ex boyfriend.

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Heaven knows he’s not only sweeter but also smexier than her husband in a whole lot of ways anyway.