oh kurt. you are so in denial

Fic: The Right Place

anon asked for: some more early klaine? I love fics that are them trying to figure out how to cuddle, and struggling but also falling in love and oh god I’m such a sap i’m sorry this post is a mess.

We’re all saps here, my friend. ~950 words, G.

Kurt was sitting up very straight on the Andersons’ couch, trying not to presume too much. They were alone in the living room - hell, they were alone in the house - but Kurt still couldn’t figure out how to initiate what he really wanted.

Should we talk about it first, or should I just go for it? he wondered, pressing his lips together in frustration. I mean, I’m not trying to do anything inappropriate - I think - so we don’t need to discuss it, right?

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