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i can provide my complete lack of acting, singing, and dancing abilities 

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agelast- your choice! (if you could tag me that would be nice thanks -w-)

Agelast - A person who never laughs.
Summary: Patton is a mess, but at least it means he can hear his sweetheart’s gorgeous laughter. Logicality

Patton had never seen Logan smile, let alone laugh. Sure, he’d smirked before, smug from getting something right, or his lips curled at the very corners, but he had never truly smiled. Nor had he ever laughed. Even when they started dating (which, admittedly, was only last week) Logan still hadn’t smiled. Not properly

Until now.

It was a bright, sweet sound, and Morality found himself falling in love once more with his sweetheart. Low and warm, something about it made Patton’s heart flutter in his chest. He didn’t even mind that it was mostly himself that Logan was laughing at. Instead he moved away from the pizza base he had been preparing, and, still absolutely covered in flour, hugged the logical trait.

“How dare you.” Logan pretty much whined when Patton pulled away, but the pretty pout on his lips didn’t seem to last long as he took in Morality’s appearance. “My goodness, how did you even manage to get youself so covered in flour?”

“I was cooking for you. Homemade pizza.” Patton explained, and the answering smile he got made him absolutely melt inside. He was surprised by the sweet, if slightly awkward kiss to his lips, but happily returned the action.

Logan made a point to speak when they finally broke away. “Thank you, Patton.” He sounded breathless, but there was a warmth to his words that Morality could feel.

“For you? Anything.”

me, almost 20 years old: ive never been kissed before

someone: don’t worry 😊 im 15 and i didn’t get my first kiss until i was 13 🤗🤗🤗 your time will come 😘 you just have to wait 😁😄☺️ sometimes it takes longer like mine did 😇😇😇😇👍👍👍

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Have you seen knetizens criticizing Hak nyeon for the way he acting in episode 9 and his mistakes in choreography? Do you think it'll effect him and his popularity or do you think he has a stable enough fanbase still supporting him that he'll end up staying in the top 11 anyways?

Hello all, I’m answering these together because they overlap.

For the person asking what Haknyeon is getting criticized for this thread on /r/broduce101 has links and translations for some of the pann posts. This thread has a link to the allkpop article and the content is pasted in the comments so you don’t have to actually visit allkpop. 

I finished my studying early so I actually sat myself down and finally worked on the predictions people have been asking so almost all will be out today (in case anyone reading this asked for predictions):

First his rank progression:

So what we can see here is that in 3 weeks of voting (and a total of 24,549,175 total online votes) his fans were not able to maintain his ranks. Not only that but in the subsequent voting they were not able to raise his ranks. This may mean that his fandom is very organized and certainly bigger than other trainee fandoms, but they do not have the numbers needed to help him rise. The 2nd voting period was also the period were his first “controversy” happened but as seen here, it didn’t affect his ranking much mostly because the public didn’t openly criticize him. 

Let’s look at the numbers more in depth now for Episode 5: 

Here we can see that the difference in votes between him and #9 is not very big. It is a difference of 2.41%.

Here’s the numbers for Episode 8

I added an extra column to the above table- the “Change” column. It basically tells you by how much a trainee’s percentage of online votes went up.

A quick explanation of the “% of Online” column: this column means that X% of people included him in their top 11 when they voted; another way of putting this is that he had X% of the total online votes divided by 11 (because you can vote for 11 people). 

Notice that Jaehwan and Dongho both had substantial increases in their online vote percentages but Haknyeon did not (I actually made a mistake in a past post and said Jaehwan only increased by 0.61 WOOPS). In addition to this, the difference between his votes and #9 is bigger than the difference in the previous ranking. The difference is now 11.96%. 

While his popularity did increase by 0.78 percentage points, it is not significant enough that we can say for sure it’s a true popularity increase and not just the result of there being more voters in general. In contrast, Dongho’s and Jaehwan’s popularity increase cannot be as easily explained by just there being more voters. 

My thoughts:

The voting pool for Ep.10 ranks is smaller than we’ve seen before. In Season 1, this smaller voting pool allowed girls who won the benefit to rise to top 11, which I looked at in this post. In addition, any controversies that happened after Episode 9 voting closed will not be reflected in Episode 10. Because of these reasons, I think that Haknyeon will make the top 11 again for Episode 10 (but maybe 8-11 because I’m still not sure how 2 pick will affect him), but he probably won’t make top 11 for the final episode. He has the consistency but that consistency isn’t going to help him when others show more increases in percentage popularity and when he doesn’t have as much public support due to the controversy. 

But, as always, we don’t know exactly how 2 pick/1 pick will affect trainees so my predictions could be 100% entirely wrong.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



1. Perhaps; possibly

2. A possibility or uncertainty.

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Deer Dear arthur,

will yuo be my boyfrend?

circle YES or NO!!

Alfred bit his lip, paper crinkling beneath his hands as he smoothed it onto the flat of his desk. Ms. Hayes had taught them how to fold hot-dog and hamburger style earlier that day! Alfred’s favorite was hamburger, of course. He was practically an expert on it. No other alpha could fold paper with a crease right along the blue line.

He surveyed his writing- it was way neater than the alpha’s that was sitting next to him. Though Alfred could barely see it, he knew it to be true because he was six! Months older than the other kids in his neighborhood, making him the expert on all things adult. He was practically a grown up already, what with the fact that his mom let him drink soda, he could score two touchdowns against his dad and-

And… if this went right, he’d be the first in his school to have a boyfriend.

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