oh kel


Arthur: “By the gods, I can’t use WHAT?!” 

Amelia: “What, indeed…I think Arthur needs a nap…or a vacation. He’s been screaming unintelligible words for the past half hour.” (Perhaps fatherhood is getting to him.)


  • Neal: Why are you okay with this? You seem perfectly happy to be here at Haven.
  • Kel: We're here.
  • Neal: Yeah, I know, we're here, get used to it.
  • Kel: No, WE'RE here...us.
  • Neal: Oh! That's sweet.
  • Kel: Yeah! Me and my glaive, Tobe and Gil, Merric and you.
  • Neal: Yeah... Kel, why does the glaive always come before the people?
Kel toyed with her scone. She usually didn’t like to explain herself, but she respected Neal. ‘Warriors get hurt. You don’t have to like it, just live with it. And last night I got tired of thinking and worrying myself sick. I knew what had to be done, and I did it.’ She sighed happily. 'I love it when that happens.’
—  First Test by Tamora Pierce, page 134

Wow i cannot believe some people. I’m unfollowing anyone on my dash who posts another shitty thing about kahel tbh, like that is literally a horrible thing to do. they just lost years of their blog and you’re laughing about it? Literally fuck off i cant even understand how kahel is feeling, I’m so sorry this happened.