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Katie Bell: The Hogwarts Years

- Her parents were purebloods so it wasn’t much of a surprise when she got her letter
- They just hoped that she’d be a Hufflepuff like them
- On the train to Hogwarts, she got pushed around by all of the students walking through the corridors and hid in the closest train compartment
- It just happened to have Angelina and Alicia sitting in it
- The two were discussing what position they wanted to try out for on the Quidditch team
- Katie sat in silence, listening to them talk
- When she got to Hogwarts, she was so terrified because she had no one to talk to
- She almost had a heart attack when she was sorted into Gryffindor
- She knew her parents wouldn’t be disappointed in her but she didn’t think she was all that brave
- During the first meal, she forced herself to turn and start a conversation with the boy sitting next to her
- He had bright red hair and was sitting next to a boy who looked almost identical to him
- “I’m Gred” he’d introduced himself
- His brother had said “I’m Forge” while sitting down on her other side
- She’d reached for her drink and they’d out a hand on the top of her goblet
- “You might not want to do that” came from Fred
- “Just watch” George said at her curious gaze
- One, two, three beats later and the entire Great Hall was coughing up a fit
- Katie took a tentative sniff of her drink and found that it smelled of vinegar
- They’d changed all of the drinks in the Great Hall
- Into vinegar
- Katie was glad the two boys seemed to like her
- She didn’t want to get on her bad side
- “That was quite rude of you” she said as she giggled
- The effect of her scolding was cancelled out
- She spent the first year at Hogwarts being herded away from certain things by the twins, who protected her from whatever prank they’d began
- “You remind us of Ginny” they’d said when she’d asked why
- By the end of the first year she’d found herself with two new friends
- As well as the knowledge that she wasn’t exceptionally talented in magic
- But still quite competent
- Second year arrived
- And as she hopped on the train she actively searched out the twins
- In the compartment once again she found Angelina and Alicia
- The four third years were all on the Quidditch team together
- George and Fred had informed her that they’d seen Harry Potter
- Katie cried bullshit
- Angelina pointed towards Katie and, while looking at the twins, said, “I like her she doesn’t take any of your shit.”
- The twins convinced Katie to join the Quidditch team with them
- She ended up spending a lot of time with Angelina and Alicia and they became good friends
- Everyone always teased her but figured out they shouldn’t mess with her when she decked a Slytherin for messing with a first year
- Even though it was a one time thing and she was otherwise fairly tolerant and kind, people would still treat her with a little more respect
- Except for the Slytherins
- Who gave her a wide berth
- Alicia gave Katie a necklace when she started her third year
- It was her grandmothers and was going to be thrown away
- But Alicia knew Katie liked jewelry and brought it for her
- Angelina bought her a bracelet on their first visit to Hogsmeade together
- It was silver and had turquoise stones and was one of Katie’s most prized possessions
- Katie was shocked to find her mother had one that was almost identical
- So when she showed up to school after Christmas with two
- Angelina wondered if she’d been hit in the head and was seeing double
- She wasn’t
- Katie just really liked jewelry
- In her fourth year Katie spent most of it traumatized
- She was terrified of dogs
- So all of this news about “The Grim”, a black dog who was an omen of death was enough to have her sent to the hospital wing
- Angelina and Alicia did their best to keep her distracted
- And the twins tried their hardest to make her laugh
- In her fifth year, she focused extra hard on her school work
- And almost ended up being cut from the Quidditch team
- It took a lot of energy out of her
- And she ended up snapping at her friends fairly often
- They understood though
- After they got over the initial shock of calm and peaceful Katie all angry
- In sixth year
- It was a little bit sad
- Because all of her friends were leaving
- She spent a lot of time hiding in the girls bathroom
- Crying
- Especially after Alicia and Angelina discussed their job opportunities
- Which was a lot more frequently
- It only stopped once Fred had followed her to the bathroom and stopped her just before going in
- He’d taken one look at her face and pulled her in for a hug
- “It’s gonna be ok” he’d whispered
- “We’re not going to leave you. You’ll always have us around.”
- Katie laughed as she leaned back, giving him a half-hearted smile
- “I’m holding you to that.” She’d chuckled
- In seventh year, she befriended a sixth year named Leanne
- They liked to go to Hogsmeade together
- Leanne had been with Katie when she’d bought a beautiful set of earrings
- She had them in her pocket when she was cursed
- Once Katie was out of the hospital, she immediately gave the earrings to Leanne
- Katie wrote to her old friends constantly
- It was difficult though
- They were all exceptionally busy
- Katie ended up having to retake her seventh year due to all the time she’d missed
- It wasn’t pleasant
- Being in the school with Snape as headmaster
- She was almost happy when the Battle started
- Knowing that it would end one way or another
- She wasn’t as happy when it turned out that Fred couldn’t keep his promise
- She watched as George crumbled to the ground
- This was not how she’d wanted their reunion to go
- There were supposed to be tears
- But tears of happiness
- Angelina was crying as well
- Katie had to hold her up to make sure she hadn’t fainted
- Alicia and Leanne were nowhere to be found and Katie was terrified
- The end of the Battle was a relief
- Alicia and Leanne were alive
- But it was a bitter victory
- Katie ended up having to retake her seventh year a second time
- She was nineteen at this point
- And would go visit her friends as much as possible as she finished up school
- All was not well
- But most of it was

Kitchen Makeouts - Gruvia

“Jesus Christ’s fucking asshole,” Gray whispered, the end theme of the series he and Juvia had just marathoned ringing in his ears. Netflix, ruining lives one subscription at a time.

“Gray,” Juvia admonished mockingly, pausing to yawn. “That’s blasphemous.”

Gray didn’t really care what it was. He cared that Tracy was dead, and with her all his dreams.

“Mm,” Juvia hummed tiredly, pulling her laptop off the coffee table to scroll mindlessly at whatever fuck-all hour of the morning it was and ignoring Gray’s crisis.

He groaned, leaning back against her couch and rubbing furiously at his stinging eyes. They had yet to start studying for their AP chem test the following day, sidetracked by the final season of How I Met Your Mother.

“Hey, Juvs,” he mumbled, reaching out with the intention of shoving her shoulder, but letting his hand linger.

They had been doing that, recently, dancing around each other in some weird mind game that Gray couldn’t hope to understand. All he knew was that something had changed, and someday soon the building tension between them was going to go all Tsar Bomba and explode.

“What’s the time?”

Juvia made a noncommittal noise, typing a reply to Lucy on Facebook—God knew why she was awake, oh, that’s right, high school and it’s determination to slaughter them all with five-page essays and endless lists of why they should consider careers as world class fishermen. Her cursor touched the top of her screen, the little bar appearing to tell them the time, or, in this case, spell their never ending doom.

“Oh my God.”

Gray leapt off the couch, hands in his hair. Juvia froze where she sat, gaping at her screen.

6:46 AM

“That can’t be right,” Gray said, his voice cracking in desperation.

Juvia threw her laptop aside and bolted to the kitchen, Gray hot on her heels. They skidded to a stop in front of the microwave like the fucking Roadrunner, begging it to tell them a different story. Gray covered his face with his hands, keeling over Juvia’s island and accepting his fate.

Juvia, on the other hand, shrieked, grabbing at her microwave and beating her poor, harmless kitchen appliance senseless.

“No, no, no, no, no,” she murmured, her hand slapping against the glass front.

Gray grabbed at her, locking his arms around her and dragging her out of attack range.

“This isn’t possible,” Juvia moaned, struggling against him for no reason other than to heighten the dramatics of their predicament.

She whirled in his arms, forcing him to adjust his grip, and he caught a mad glint in her pretty blue eyes. The blindingly blue strands of her ponytail swirled around her face and shoulders, giving her the look of a storm. Gray wondered what it said about him that he would gladly be consumed by her.

“What time did you get here?” she demanded, puzzling out the logic of their genuinely awful situation.

“Around nine?” he acquiesced, knowing she needed to lay the details out to wrap her head around how unfailingly stupid they were.

“Twenty-four episodes,” she mumbled, her eyes trained intensely on Gray’s shirt. “Twenty-ish minutes each, so about three episodes an hour plus dinner, which was like forty minutes…”

Gray watched as Juvia’s face crumbled in dawning realization. “Nine hours and forty-six minutes,” she whispered factoring in their visit to the convenience store and what little studying they actually had done, damning them both.

They stood in the silence of early morning, two helpless teenagers who were going to fail AP chemistry because of Netflix.

“I’m going to sue Reed Hastings,” Juvia said, looking very near tears. Gray wasn’t feeling much better than she was. She turned on him, large eyes wet and manic. “How could you let this happen?!”

Gray’s jaw dropped. “Me?!” he choked out.

“Yes, you!” Juvia tried to swing her hands down to showcase how upset she was, but was hindered by Gray’s arms, still resting comfortably on her waist. “You know how I am with binging, why didn’t you stop me?!”

Gray, for some reason unbeknownst to him, did not let go of her, despite the rising tension in the room.

“I came here to study!” he yelled back, bewildered. “You were the one who brought up how gay you are for Lily!”

Juvia scoffed, the motion of her head causing her long blue tail to bob in pure indignation. “Everyone is gay for Lily Aldrin, Gray, what do you expect me to do about it?”

“Maybe not bring it up when we’re in the middle of reviewing the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation?!”

“Screw Henderson-Hasselbalch and their fucking equation,” Juvia screeched, her hands waving dangerously above her head. “I’m going to fail this test and go back in time to kill them with Ms. Drake’s precious fucking burettes!”

Gray stared at her, raging away in his arms in her kitchen at 6:53 in the fucking morning.

“Juvia,” he breathed, interrupting her tirade, and her eyes snapped to his, burning him inside out.

“What.” she snapped.

“I think I’m fucking in love with you.”

There were exactly two moments in his life when Gray had done something stupid enough to nearly cost him Juvia Lockser, and here he was, adding another moment to that list. His mind reeled, finally catching up with his mouth, and he stammered out nonsense.

Tsar Bomba his ass, he felt so hot the sun may as well have exploded. Actually, that sounded like a wonderful idea, if the sun would just do him a favor and supernova billions of years early, killing them both instantly, then the pathetic legacy of Gray Fullbuster could die here in this kitchen.

Before he could say anything of actual value after declaring his love to Juvia in quite possibly the most unromantic setting in the fucking universe, she pressed her hands against either side of his face.

“Say it again,” she murmured.

Gray looked at her, really looked, drowning himself in the ocean that swam in her eyes. Fuck it.

“Juvia Lockser,” he said, his voice low and gruff as his hands rose to circle around her wrists. “I love you.”

“Holy shit,” Juvia swore, moving at the speed of fucking light. 3 x 10^8 meters per second. Gray fucking hated chemistry.

Her mouth crashed against his and Gray lost himself in her, in the way her hands clutched at his neck or his hair, in the line of her body, pressed perfectly against him. A hand cupped her face, thumb running along her cheekbone as Gray kissed Juvia with everything he had in him. She reciprocated in kind, melting into him like the chocolate she’d made for him for his birthday so they could make stove s’mores. God Gray wanted to make stove s’mores with the beautiful girl in his arms for the rest of his fucking life.

Juvia gasped when he bit her lip, and the kiss turned from intense to sloppy high school makeout. Gray’s hands wandered to Juvia’s thighs and she jumped upwards, disrupting the motion of their kiss and locking her legs around his waist. He held her weight easily, turning to set her on the island so he could tangle a hand in her hair. They parted for breath, panting.

As soon as Juvia got her breath back she was blabbing. “I love you,” she tumbled out, “I love you, I love you, I love you.” She said it a thousand times in the growing morning light and Gray felt like he was flying.

“I love you,” she breathed, “I have loved you. For so long.” And wow, Gray must be the densest bag of rocks out there. A few memories came spiraling back to him, like the time in sophomore year when Juvia had been having some sort of silent break down and refused to talk to anyone all day until somehow, they’d ended up trapped in a janitor’s closet (yeah, real fucking cliche, Gray himself was pretty astounded by it) and she’d spilled, baring her heart for him. Gray remembered hearing Lucy’s voice outside the closet door, and how he’d dismissed it as a trick of the mind. She’d known that Gray could pull it out of Juvia, but she hadn’t known that that was the day Gray promised himself he’d rip out the fucking throat of anyone who ever hurt Juvia Lockser again. He had previously been one of those people, and though she had forgiven him for his idiocy, he couldn’t help but hate himself a little for it.

Juvia was watching him, her lip dragging nervously between her teeth at Gray’s silence. He’d said he loved her, but he had so many fucking walls that he didn’t blame her for being a little disbelieving. God her mouth. It was red and swollen and Gray didn’t think he could physically hold himself back from kissing her again.

“I love you too,” he whispered. “So godamn much.”

They’d been through too much shit together for a bunch of high schoolers, but they’d come out pretty okay. And yeah, Gray was head-over-heels, in-fucking-love with the goddess in his old T-shirt and flimsy cotton shorts sitting in from of him.

She grinned, bright and beautiful and blinding, like Juvia tended to be, then leaned forward and kissed him again.

“Kitchen makeouts and true teenage rom-com love notwithstanding,” Juvia said, drawing away from Gray’s lips eventually with Herculean effort, “We are going to fail that chemistry exam so hard.”

Gray’s eyes glinted as a truly, uniquely terrible plan formulated in his devious delinquent mind. “No we aren’t,” he declared dramatically. “Tracy Mosby didn’t die for this.”

Juvia stared at him pityingly. “Is it too late to rescind my love?”

Gray rolled his eyes, pressing a flurry of short kisses against her extremely ticklish neck, reveling in her giggles.

“Cruelty!” Juvia screamed, pushing at him with terrifyingly strong arms, God his girlfriend was the spirit of a world-class bodybuilder trapped in a tiny blue-haired Asian girl’s body.  His girlfriend. The thought made him grin.

He pulled Juvia off the countertop with newfound determination, dragging her into the living room to set his master plan into motion. Never mind that it had so many holes it was practically Julius Caesar. Juvia went without fight, amused by his antics. Maybe she would wait until after the test to tell him about the alternate ending.

author’s note - uhh this requires like maybe slight knowledge of how i met your mother, but like, really slight. also there is a himym spoiler in like…the third line? but im pretty sure everyone knows it? uhhh but this is basically the result of me reading 13 chapters of my rat mom and resident minion hater @umjustkatie  ‘s heads or tails and like,,,,,needing gruvia shit in high school. of course i made them have lowkey vague and tragic backstories because uhh im a fucking bitch for angst but like what is writing. katie i love you, you talented bitch <3 

yeah small Katie is my favourite, no doubt

somehow, i couldnt shake it off of my mind that katie is lurking around tumblr looking at supercorp or lena luthor tags. like what are the chances right? but we’ll never know. we can only hope.

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a playlist for aph DenNor : listen here

i. here - alessia cara / ii. r u mine - arctic monkeys / iii. bad liar - selena gomez / iv. breathe - lauv / v.there for you  - martin garrix ft. troye sivan  / vi. teenage dream - katy perry / vii. true love - pink  / viii. oh so quiet - dear boy

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would you rather be a terf or never meet a girl who loves you until 5 years have passed

mod wisty: never meet a girl for 5 years!!! I would hate being a terf and I don’t think I could physically do it,, no thank you.

mod katie: oh baby, i’ve gone 17 years without ever being loved so i could easily go another 5. i love my trans wlw too much to do that to them💘

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“My god, how did I not realize this sooner?” Alexei dropped his own voice to an almost theatrical whisper. Even though they were speaking Russian, it wasn’t like Yuuri didn’t understand the language. “You have a crush on him . That’s why you’re skating to that ridiculous Katy Partridge song.”

Oh I loved writing that scene!

So the whole thing with Alexei is that his relationship with Viktor is kinda like Viktor’s with Mila. He was training with Yakov at the senior level when Viktor was just a kid. The difference is that Viktor hero worshipped him, and Alexei just teased him a little. Then Alexei left to chase after his wife.

So Alexei realizing that Viktor has a crush brings a but of that teasing back while at the same time it’s a very “well, he’s not a kid anymore but does it have to be a crush on my skater?” So it’s hilarious and facepalm worthy.

Also Alexei kinda treats Viktor like he’s the same age as Yuuri. *snicker* Poor Viktor.

Send me an excerpt from one of my fics and I’ll write a DVD commentary.