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This is the hand he holds. He prefers holding his sword to my hand, but he holds your hand dearer than any sword.

i added one direction to this, if y’all don’t mind xD i listened to their stuff a while back, like, when i was still an overly angsty teen xD i listened to that All of Me song and i swear i’ve heard it a few times >3< it’s rlly good. anyway, here’s some fluff and humour ;D

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(srsly just kill me)

Kakashi Carrying His Completely Shitfaced S/O Home, Coaxing Him Into Singing Love Songs With Them

Her footwork was sloppy, but this was hardly the first time this has happened. It’s happened a few times, but not like this, not to the point where she was singing love songs in Kakashi’s ear. He was hardly any better off, however, his own footwork slightly sloppy. He wasn’t a fan of getting drunk, but with ____, he’d feel a little numb. Not… Completely shitfaced like ____ was.

Walking side by side with a drunk person was difficult to do; harder still when both people are drunk.

“Oh, come on, Kashi…” Her breath was hot on his neck as she placed gentle, albeit sloppy kisses. Kakashi didn’t respond, instead listening to her out-of-tune singing. “Cause after all~”


“You’re my wonderwall~” She continued singing. It was horrible, but, seriously, could Kakashi do any better when he was drunk? “Oh, come on, Kashi, sing with me~”

“No…” Kakashi’s own slightly drunk grin was taking hold on his lips. “Besides, I-I’m horrible at singing…”

“So am I!” Her head perked up. Neither of them were great at singing, but that hardly stopped ____, especially when she was as shitfaced as she was now.

Kakashi let out a deep groan as they continued down the street, well-lit enough for them to find their way properly. It hardly mattered, however, since their drunken steps were making it seem like they were wading in darkness.

“Jus’ a few lines?” ____ pleaded. “Pleeeaaaaseee~???”

Kakashi rolled his eyes, not wanting to give in to his girlfriend’s pleas for drunken singing.

After a few moments of her jumbled words, he heard words fall from his lips, words he’d never thought of actually saying.

“Baby, you light up my world like nobody else…” His voice was the perfect line between “Just beginning to slur” and “Still absolutely crystal clear”.

“Yeah!” ____ laughed, her eyes bright as Kakashi finally gave in and began to sing. “Th’way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed~”

“But when y’smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell…” Kakashi couldn’t believe what was falling from his lips. ____ was a drunken influence on him.

“You don’t know~” ____ sang, still eliciting a few giggles.

“You don’t know just how much I love you…” Kakashi thought those were the right lyrics, and not caring if they weren’t. ____’s immediate response proved that the lyrics were wrong; still, he didn’t care.

“You got them wrong, Kashi~!” She laughed as Kakashi picked her up, moving faster to their home.

Kakashi felt a bit better after singing that. It wasn’t what he would normally do, but ____ looked like she was having a grand time, so he joined in.

Kakashi was on his way to the Hokage Mansion, the next morning, when Gai came running up. If he didn’t have to “Hokage” today, he wouldn’t; his head was pounding, the sun was like a devil. ____ this is your fault…

“Kakashi!” Gai finally caught up with the hungover Hokage. He dragged his feet, his back slouched, his arms heavy like lead. “Hungover from last night’s party?”

“Shush…” Kakashi pleaded.

“By the way…” Gai’s voice lowered a bit. “Were you singing love songs with ____ last night?”

“Shut up.” Kakashi rolled his eyes, deeming it a bad decision when his head felt worse for wear.

“I didn’t know you could sing, ‘Kashi.” Gai teased him further.

Kakashi didn’t say anything, but the embarrassment riding right through his mask spoke volumes. More than half of him was embarrassed about last night, but he was also pleased.

“I never want to drink again…”

According to Plan

Well, this wasn’t the plan.

Who knew it was so difficult to be intentionally rude to the person you genuinely liked.

He had planned on standing him up for their second date and showing up as Kakashi with, “why so glum, Iruka-sensei?”

But not even ten minuets past the time they were supposed to meet he felt guilty thinking about how Iruka would be so disheartened.

There had to be a way to do this so that Iruka didn’t see it as something wrong with himself.

But by the third date that started to seem impossible, because a flirty Iruka was a fun Iruka and who would ever want to turn that down?

He really started to feel terrible about his deception when he kissed him goodnight after their fifth date.

He had to tell him the truth. He just had to and hopefully Iruka wouldn’t feel too betrayed.

Oh, of course he would, no matter how he did this.

Damnit a tipsy and flirty Iruka was more irresistible than he had anticipated. Whose idea had it been to go for drinks after dinner? Because helping this stumbling man to his door wasn’t at all terrible and his shameless lines about smudging that pretty purple face paint were really getting to him.

“Come inside,” Iruka said and then giggled a little. “I mean I like spending time with you. I want to keep talking.”

Sukea touched the back of his neck below the sratchy pale hair. “I don’t know if that’s such a good idea, Iruka.”

He was left outside the open apartment door, watching the teacher pull off his sandals and hang his flak jacket. It was like he was completely unaware the door was still open. He walked further into his home, disappearing through a doorway.

Against his better judgement Sukea crossed the threshold and closed the door behind him. “Iruka?”

“You haven’t taken pictures in awhile,” Iruka walked back into the kitchen. The supportive wrappings he usually wore around his legs gone. This was probably as casual as his attire got. Which his company was thankful for.

“I’ve been taking pictures all night,” Sukea argued, humorously. He was nearly certain the best one will be Iruka looking in awe at a street of colorful lanterns. Things really did gain a new meaning from different perspectives.

“No, I mean since we left the bar,” Iruka corrected, pouring himself a glass of water. He sounded like he was sobering up.

“Well, I was kind of busy helping you home,” Sukea pointed with a smile.

Iruka grinned back, stepping closer, “well, I’m home now.”

He felt his face getting warm, backing into the counter. “Um, Iruka, I think-”

“I like being your muse,” Iruka said, fingers playing with the buttons of the large coat. “No one says the wonderful things to me that you do.”

The photographer’s hands laid over his. “No one? I don’t believe I’m the only one who recognizes such beauty.” Because he wasn’t. Kakashi had tried so many times to replicate the flirty lines that seemed to work so well in his different voice, and all he ever got back was a hard glare and, “are you finished, Kakashi-san?”

Iruka leaned forward on his toes, smiling wide like Sukea had just proven his point. He clutched the front of the heavy coat pressing his mouth to his, kissing him. His hands slid up, tossing off the loose scarf to wrap his arms around his neck. His head tilted, kissing him harder.

Sukea kissed back but seemed hesitant and conflicted so Iruka fell back. He smiled at the look of smuged purple on one pale cheek and reached up to find it on his own face. “I’m not that drunk,” he assured, still grinning. “I was pretending to get you back here.”

“Oh damnit! I’m an idiot!”

“I bet it’d be a pretty picture. Me with your face paint smeared all over.”

He had a hard time gently stopping him from leaning forward again, because he was very right, that would be an excellent picture, but there was one problem, okay two problems with that. “Iruka, I-” Oh, shit what was his excuse?

“I told you I’m not drunk,” Iruka insisted. “But if it will make you feel better we can just kiss for awhile.”

He was stuck. He very much wanted that, but only one purple mark had been paint. The other was covering a scar. A scar Kakashi had. “M-maybe some other night, Iruka…”

The chunin seemed perplexed and a little isulted. “What’s wrong? You’ve been hinting at taking special pictures of me for weeks and now you want to run away?”

Oh this was bad. “I, um, I’m almost out of film is all.”

“Don’t take pictures this time then,” Iruka suggested like the problem was solved, trying to lean up again.

Again he was stopped. “I just- tonight’s not a good night.” He was losing his character. He cleared his throat, trying to keep his voice.

Iruka stood back, crossing his arms. “Why not?”

This was very bad. Sukea’s eyes closed in an awkward smile, holding the back of his neck again. “Well, you see, Iruka, you may not be impared but I think I might be.” He laughed his little nervous laugh of a tell.

Iruka’s narrowed and suspicious eyes blew wide. He took a step back, staring at the man in his kitchen who was acting like Kakashi when he was caught with a late mission report or poorly written one, trying to flirt his way out of it. “Ka-kashi…?”

Oh this was very not good, terrible bad. “U-um, what are you talking about, Iruka-sensei?”

Iruka gasped and covered his mouth and then in sudden rage struck out, punching his arm, and snatching his wig. “KAKASHI?!”

“I, um, I can explain! Wait! Wait! Ow!” Iruka’s furrious strikes were barely avoidable and one hit his arm a second time.

“Talk! You, bastard. Talk!” With one final wack Iruka stopped. Still seething in anger.

“Okay, okay. Yes, I lied to you. Sukea isn’t real… I just… you never flirted back when I was Kakashi.”

“Because you were only flirting with me to get out of work!” Iruka smacked his arm again for good measure. His face started turning red, he burried it in his hands. “Oh, kami, the things I said to you… the things I did!” He dropped them with a frustrated groan. “You- you son of a bitch!”

“I know, Iruka.. I- I really do like you. I’m sorry I lied and…” He sighed no words would ever be enough. He let himself be escorted out.

Iruka was still livid weeks later. Kakashi purposefully was handing in his teams reports to other ninja at the desk, because everytime he walked into the room Iruka glared, wishing he’d burst into flames.

He didn’t even care the other shinobi noticed. No one would ask what happened between them. And even if they did Iruka had the perfect response. “This bastard pretended to be someone else entirely for a whole month to trick me into falling for him.”

Iruka paused outside his apartment door, looking down at a box addressed to him. He picked it up and went inside. The note attached read, “I really did just want to take beautiful pictures of you.”

He sighed, looking through the pictures of himself taken by a photographer that was infatuated with him. At least that part had been real.

He dropped his head against the kitchen cupboard. “Oh damnit! Hatake Kakashi, your stupid plan worked!”

The next time the jonin walked into the mission’s room to hand in his report Iruka didn’t glare. He looked up, then down again, pretending not to care.

Kakashi approached carefully. Passing his report across the desk. Iruka took it, reading over it. This was the most well written report Kakashi had ever handed in to him.

He sighed, dropping it down onto the desk and looking up at the jonin. “Don’t be late.”

Kakashi was shocked and happy, nodding quickly. “Ichiraku’s at six?”

Iruka nodded. “Goodbye, Kakashi-san.”

“See you later, Iruka-sensei.”


AU where instead of slashing him in half, Kanda just bitchslapped Alma out of his murderous rampage and they both live. Them meeting other exorcists and adjusting to the fact that family includes more than just the two of them in their tiny world now. Kanda gains a sense of humor and Alma becomes a little more cautious of his emotions and they sort out their past and stay platonic besties. They become exorcists ironically and kill things with a fuck-da-popo vibe. Kanda smiling being a regular thing. Alma becoming a flirt. Alma alive. Wow.

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can you write a modern au where kakashi notices his s/o being all tired with eyebags and all because they stayed up all night?

did i hear modern au??????????? uni au~~~~

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AU - University AU - Kakashi Reacting to his S/O Staying Up All Night with Bags Under Their Eyes

Kakashi walked back to his dorm in silence. He simply wanted to tear ____ away from their work and make them relax. Last he’d seen them, they’d been delved so deeply into their studies. Who’s to say that after classes ended it hasn’t changed?

When he opened the door, he let out a loud groan when he’d seen ____ in the exact same position as this morning. “Seriously? I go out for one class and you’re in the same place as this morning.”

“I’m studying. Finals are next week.” ____ responded.

“Finals are in two months. It’s mid-terms, and those are next week…” Kakashi sighed, pulling ____ away from the desk. He heard them whine softly. “You need to relax.” He lifted them up, putting his right arm under their legs, his left behind their back. He pulled them away from the desk as quick as he could before they had the chance to grab their notes. “No, no. You’re relaxing with me.” He flopped on the couch, holding onto ____.

“Oh, c’mon, ‘Kashi…” ____ whined. “I have so much I have to do…”

“One night won’t kill you.  Relax with me…” Kakashi’s voice was low against their ear.

“Twenty minutes,” They bargained.

“The night…” Kakashi nibbled on their earlobe.

____ let out a low groan, the feeling sensational against Kakashi’s chest. “Fine…”

About an hour had passed when Kakashi’s eyes were slowly drooping shut. Evening classes were a drag, but at least they gave you the day to do what you wanted. ____’s eyes were wide open, still trying to memorize their notes. True, mid-terms were next week, but ____ was destined to actually get good grades on these things.

“C’mon,” ____ faked a yawn. “Let’s go to bed.”

“It worked….” Kakashi’s voice was quiet, slurring, but happy.

“Yeah, it really did…” ____ pulled him to bed. “C’mon… You’ve got P.E. with Gai tomorrow…”

____ had let out a deep sigh once Kakashi was completely situated in his bed, fast asleep, thinking ____ was there. Back to work. Walking back to their desk, they picked up where they left off, completely losing track of time.

In the morning, Kakashi smacked his lips, rubbing his eyes roughly to attempt to wake up. He could smell the coffee. Was ____ up before me? Or…?

He stepped out of the room, and it was like Kakashi had never dragged ____ to the couch at all. “Oh for-” He pulled them back away from the desk to find them carrying dark bags under their eyes.

“Good morning~” Their voice was too happy for the delirious state they were in. Their smile melted when they saw the look Kakashi was giving them.

“Bed. Now.” Kakashi ordered. Despite saying that, he ended up picking them up, only to fall back in the bed with them.

In their exhausted state, Kakashi could just barely hear them mumble. “Are we going to do something fun to make me sleep…?”

“Not right now. Go to sleep.” Kakashi resisted the urge to roll his eyes as he kissed their forehead gently.

“Wake me up later so I can study…” Their voice was muffled by the pillows surrounding their face.


He didn’t wake them up.

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naruto, kakashi, itachi, and minato reacting to their s/o pranking them with the sexy jutsu!

Ooh! I love this idea~ I started writing the Kakashi one first and forgot that this was suppose to be a prank >~


Konohamaru sure was one to give such wild ideas. For instance, he had taught you—what he would say was one of his best jutsus—the sexy jutsu. At first, you refused learning something like that from a mere child, but somehow he got to you.

“How’s this, Konohamaru?” You say to him. But apparently he was too busy gawking at you to even answer.



The new voice that had chimes from behind you caused you to turn around, and so you found yourself locking your eyes on a mouth-watering Naruto.

“Hehehe, [Name]-chan, you did well one the boob compartment.” He snickers dryly.

Oh jeez, he looked like he had just seen the biggest bowl of ramen ever, and was offered it for free. The attention focused on you seemed flattering for a short while until his gaze started to creep you out.

A sigh escaped your lips, “You’re such a pervert, Naruto.”


Recently Kakashi hadn’t been paying much attention to you. His nose was always stuck in that darned orange book of his! You would constantly try to poke at him, see if he wanted to do anything, but he would always just ignore you or simply talk to you for only a minute or two.

You had to find a way to keep Kakashi’s eyes off of the devil book, which was what led you to the situation now.

“Oh ‘Kashi-kun~” You’d be lying if you said that this wasn’t fun at all.

There in front of you was Kakashi, sitting on his bed with that book of his. He took a peek, it wouldn’t hurt to pay attention to his girlfriend now would it?

This was it, this was your moment, he was finally going to pay attention to you! You had the curves, breasts that were sure to catch his attention, and a cute voice that was alluring enough to definitely grab his attention.

Kakashi took one look at you with a brow raised, you could of sworn his eyes sparkled at the sight of you but he immediately reverted his gaze back to that damned orange book.

“K-Kakashi, YOU JERK!”


Itachi had been looking a bit down lately, more so than his usual face which always look like he was depressed. At first, you ignored it, letting it slide as if it were just another one of his mood swings.

It was getting to you though, so much that you even turn to his partner, Kisame for a little assistance. His idea of assistance had you running for miles away from him, possibly over to someone else who had a better idea of cheering Itachi up. But Kisame wanted to see Itachi’s reaction if you were to sexy it up around him, in a sort of, prankish way. Sure, it was childish but the Akatsuki could have their fun, right?

You hid behind a wall with a bucket of water in your hands (in courtesy of Kisame), with your sexy jutsu currently active. You were fully aware of what Itachi liked in woman, so this was going to be a prank you hoped would be worth something.

Itachi could be heard coming around the corner, in 3..2..1..

“Surprise, Ita-kun!” The bucket of water was dumped all over the said man and you pranced around in victory, allowing your boobs to bounce freely along with your movements.

Itachi would be lying if he said he wouldn’t bend you over and take you right there and then, but he was covered in water, and he was soaking wet, all of which boiled his anger.

Although, “[Name], it’s a shame that this isn’t real. You’re under my genjutsu.”



You knew that Minato was busy with duties, being Hokage and all. But that didn’t stop you from messing around with him, surely he needed something to get through the monotonous day.

This was your plan, you were going to trick him into thinking you’re a new resident looking for a place to stay. Sounded simple enough, although your twist had a hint or perverseness in it.

This jutsu was something that elders would look down upon, not that you cared anyways. You made sure everything was perfect, the curves. the bust size, the butt size, anything this man would fawn over.

One, two, three. Your small fists gently knocked on the Hokage’s door and you allowed your almost naked-self to saunter in his room.

“Hokage-sama, I-I want to stay in your village from now own.” Your seductive voice caught his attention. And from the moment he saw you, a dash of pink layered his skin.

“I-uh, um.” Wow, it seemed like the Hokage was having trouble with his words.

“P-Please dress yourself,” he gulped. It was difficult for him to focus when your gigantic melons were practically shoved in his face all bouncy and perky.

“But Hokage-sama~”

“[Name], please.”

“What,” you deadpanned, “You knew it was me all this time?!”

“Of course,” Minato shook his head in disappointment, “You’re pretty bad at pranking, after all.”

Why Midorima sends an angry complaint to Oha Asa

Word Count: 1337
Summary: Crack!AU where Kuroko wakes up thinking he’s in the LOTR-verse. Hijinks ensue.
Notes: This is fresh out of the oven. Happy AkaKuro week! Also, I’m so sorry for writing this. This is purely crack.

Read on AO3

The first thing Kuroko does when he wakes up is check the calendar. He is right, the fated day has come. Today will be the day he will venture out onto his destined path. The seraphs have sung for centuries an ode to this day alone.

Today, Kuroko will fulfill his destiny as the true bearer of the ring. Well, he’s actually delegated that task onto Midorima’s shoulders, his most trusted ally.

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Not putting this under the cut >8T

I’m so sick of tumblr’s awful decisions.
Catering to everyone but the creators of the contend of this goddamn site.
(I really hope that at some point the only blogs left will be spambot porn blogs piling shit on their servers)

Where is my knight in shining armor coming up with a new platform  for us :C
Why is it that the creators have to go through sooo much shit just to make sure they get credited for their work that keeps this site alive.

The recent change with HAVING to PASTE your URL MANUALLY into this goddamn source window is awful! (which by the way I forget in 90% of the time)
It should NOT be MY additional burden to be able to receive credit when other ASSHATS remove my comment which literally erases any further possibility for anyone finding MY ORIGINAL post because tumblr thought this makes sense???
If anything they should make sure it is IMPOSSIBLE to remove the original text!
Sure erase added reblog stuff no problem, but stop BUTCHERING MY POST the text is as much part of it as the art! (and my username most importantly)
Also they made it even easier to delete my comment than before, just have to check the box ‘please spare me this artist’s lame excuse of words I want my awesome blog to be free of words just their art - button’

Now you see I’m adding my url into my pictures for a really long time now even though I know it looks crappy but I’m sure it helped me in a few cases (Yay for everyone actually bothering to just check out the url!) but people on the internet are 80% less intelligent than in real life, like literally  the moment they enter the internet their brain seems to be turned off. (In fact that is not entirely true they just get lazy and pretend they don’t know better)

Only 1 out of 10 people will realize OOOH there is an url in the picture maybe I should search for that? Nope most will be like: “Oh damn I don’t know the source  I TRIED TO FIND IT SOO HARD  BUT COULDNT  so I better repost it with 'source unknown/pinterest/weheartit)’ :’D

(By the way NEVER repost EVER just reblog or leave it be you lazy butt)

The layout of the dash is getting worse by the hour (this new thing they want to introduce with the reblogs?????? What????) and I’m so glad there is new people trying to continue Xkit because this site is unusable without people coding COUNTERMEASURES to the staff’s pointless changes.

I know this wont help anyone really, we will all go down with this shit pice of a site. I just needed to vent and want somewhere we can build a new community so badly :C
Deviantart sucks hardcore and sites like blogspot have too little 'community’ its just blogs floating in the void on their own.

'lies down in corner sobbing’