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Reign Supreme Chapter 2

Y’all ready for chapter 2? I know what y’all thinking “Why you giving us more Roman?” Because I can and I want you all to be addicted to my writing! Lol anyways here is chapter 2!

Synopsis: Shae decides she is better off moving on from her one sided affection towards roman… But is it really one sided. Does Roman really not know who she is or is he well aware? Does he want her the same way she wants him? All these questions and more will be answered on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z! LOL JUST KIDDING! 

Warnings: Light but INTENSE SMUT! Also Intense and dominate Ro ;). Naughty thoughts. 

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RAW was going live in less than 30 minutes. Everyone backstage was running around putting the finish touches on costumes and ring gear. Makeup was being fine tuned and props were being secured and placed.

I was currently heading back to the trainers room. Earlier I ended up meeting with Hunter again while wandering around backstage. I asked him if I can remain in the trainer’s room with the team instead of having my own work space. It made me feel apart of the team and plus that way I could help my team with things that needed to be done. He agreed and decided that he would get that part of the contract taken out before I signed it. He also let me know that tomorrow he would like for me to meet with him and Stephanie to sign my new contract. I agree and head back.

As I’m walking can’t help but feel a bit down. I’m still a bit hurt about the Roman situation. But how can I be upset over it? He doesn’t know me. And I don’t know him, ONLY of him. And I was expecting him to be happy for me?

That is so selfish. I can’t expect something like that from someone who doesn’t even know who I am. That’s like wanting the president to acknowledge you voting for them and you’re only one of billions who did so. I wasn’t his girl I was just an obsessive fan. Which I’m  quite sure he has plenty of.

When I return to the room I prep for the night and take inventory of the supplies and tools. Minutes later I hear the opening pyro go off and the crowd go crazy. It’s shaking the room I’m currently in. I smile to myself. Tonights crowd is going to be a crazy one.

The shows starting. As if on cue Seth Rollins walks in along with Enzo and Cass.

I smile and them and welcome them. Zo walks up and kisses my cheek and then Cass ruffles my hair. Seth squeezes my shoulder as he passes.

“Hi Seth. What’s up Zo? Cass stop messing up my hair. Just because you’re 7 feet doesn’t mean I won’t cripple your ass.”

Cass chuckles and sits on the table while Zo sits in the chair next to my table and puts his wrists out. I start to tape them while I ask him to flex his fingers and tell me if it was uncomfortable. I don’t wanna cut off circulation to his wrists.

Seth leans against the wall and looks at me. “So we heard you’re the new head trainer. Congrats.”

I smile up at him then go back to Zo’s wrists. “Thank you Seth. I wasn’t expecting it but I’m happy for it. I shows how hard I’ve been working is being noticed and appreciated.”

Cass chuckles and says something along the lines of “If my life has to be in your hands I don’t wanna be on your bad side.”

I pause what I’m doing and look up at cass with a smirk. “Don’t worry Cass. I won’t let you die… too quickly. I’ll make you suffer before I let you pass. Keep that mind the next time you mess with my hair.”

*****Later that night*****

I’m currently sitting in catering with Emma, Bayley and Finn talking about absolutely nothing and everything.

As we’re talking I notice Nia walking in with Roman. She finds me and winks. She turns and says something to Roman and he shrugs his shoulders. She says something once more then walks off towards me. My eyes linger on him for a few more seconds before I reluctantly turn my head and focus on Nia. She comes over to our table and sits down. She greets everyone. And turns towards me with a smile.

“Hi guys. What are y'all talking about?”

Finn answers while on his phone. “Were just talking ‘bout nothin’ at all.”

Nia looks at me and winks. “So Shae are you up for some fun tonight?”

I look at Nia warily. “What kind of fun?”

“So I was thinking of going out with some people and dancing. Plus we can celebrate your promotion.” She wiggles her eyebrows at me.

“I don’t know. I have to be up to meet Hunter early. I’m signing my contract tomorrow morning.”

“Oh well let’s plan it for this weekend instead. We’re going to be off the road for a few days and Naomi, Jon and Josh can come too.”

I perk up at this and beam at Nia. Naomi is my other best friend besides Nia. She’s married to Jimmy Uso. And Jimmy and Jay happen to be Nia and Romans cousins.

“YAY! Okay this weekend we will celebrate. I can’t wait to see my loves.” She smiles and shakes her head. She knows I’m a sucker for some Naomi.

“Good. I’ll let Roman know what the plan is.”

The smile immediately drops from my face.

Nia takes notice and places a hand on my shoulder. Emma looks at me and Bayley leans forward looking worried. Finn places his phone on the table and folds his arms over his chest. Looking at me as well.

I finally speak. “Uh well I don’t think I want him there. I won’t be able to handle him being there or anywhere near me right now.”

Nia looks appalled I said that. “WHAT!? Why? What happened? You were in love with him earlier today.”

I give Nia the death stare. I don’t know why I feel so defensive at that moment. Everyone at the table knows how I feel about him. I stare at them all for a moment before I lower my head and run my right index finger over the table making patterns.

“Well I think it’s selfish to want him to care about me when he doesn’t even know who I am. It’s selfish to want him so badly. It’s a pipe dream… Wanting him to want me. We’ve never spoken to each other before and I thought I’d get a reaction out of him when Hunter said I was being promoted and didn’t. It made me realize this is a one sided affection. And I can’t keep going on like this. So I’m going to move on. Focus on work for now.”

They just looked at me.

Finn speaks in a calm voice while looking at me. “Ya know dat isn’t gonna work. You’ll be right back to pining’ over him tomorrow, especially if he comes around you. You can’t just dismiss your feelings love.”

I look at Finn dead in his eyes. “I won’t know unless I try. I just feel selfish for wanting him to act like my man and he isn’t.” I stand up and stretch. I smile at everyone and start to walk away.

“I gotta get back to the trainer’s room. I’ll see you guys later.” And with that I walk off.

When I arrive at the trainer’s room I walk in and sit at my desk. I start to look through the inventory sheets I have. I need to add some things for next week’s shows. I have to make sure the crew has everything they need and then some since I’ll be off the road for 5 days. Also I need to send out a text to my team about the meeting we’re having tomorrow morning about my time off and my new position. I get up and turn to my bag to grab my phone and I immediately freeze at what I see in front of me.

Roman is sitting on the table with his bright grey eyes focused on me. I just stare at him for a few seconds before I remember I’m supposed to be moving on from this. I clear my throat and speak.

“Uh Roman I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you there. Is there something you need?”

He just stares at me for a few moments before slowly getting up and walking towards me. His eyes are trained squarely on me. I feel like a deer caught in headlights. I take a step back while my eyes are still locked on his. I can’t look away even if I wanted to. All I think about is how he’s looking at me finally. He takes step towards me and I take a step back each time he comes towards me.

Suddenly my butt hits my desk and I know I can’t go any farther. He smirks and closes the distance between us.

Its at this moment I take notice of our height difference. Hes 6’3 and im 5’4. I come right to his chest. I don’t know why but at this moment I picture him picking me up and pushing me against the nearest wall as he takes my lips in a heated kiss. His hands roaming over my ass squeezing and groping. My hands running from his broad and wide shoulders up to his thick neck and tracing his handsome face, and finally gripping those long and soft locks. Him breaking away and looking at me while breathing hard. Me looking at him with half lidded eyes and breathing hard. Him giving me that signature smirk and…

I’m snapped out of my trace by his husky chuckle. “Baby girl I can practically hear you thinking. And trust me I want to do more than just stand here. Maybe I should bend you over this desk and shove my cock into that pretty pussy. Would you like that? Hmm?”

His voice. It’s so deep and husky. It caresses my skin and makes me melt on the spot. I can feel my panties become soaked and it only turns me on more. I manage to nod my head since words have failed me at this moment. He places a finger under my chin and lifts my chin so that I have to look up at him.

When I look up I just stare. He’s so sexy. Staring down at me his hair is like veil around us. He smells so good. Like fresh rain and sweat. I wonder what he’d taste like. Maybe I should lick him to find out.

His lips are so full. They look so soft. I want them on me. Everywhere. I finally look into those eyes. I can feel myself get lost in them and I want that. I want to lose myself to him. To give him everything I am. I want to submit myself to him and then some.

I’ve never felt this way about anyone. But with him it feels so right. It feels good to just give. To submit my body and soul to him. I want him to claim me. I just want him on and inside of me.

He’s looking back at me with equal interest. If you can call it that. He’s looking back at me with the eyes of a man who’s found what he wants… Wants to fuck. To break. To claim.

He licks his lips and speaks in a husky voice. “So… You want to move on from caring about me? You want to forget me?” He chuckles at that and leans down so that were nose to nose. His hand goes from my chin to the back of my neck and he gives a firm squeeze.

“Babygirl you won’t ever forget me. Do you wanna know why?”

I take a sharp intake of air at his question. I move my eyes around frantically and try to move my lips in an attempt to speak but I can’t. I look down and close my eyes. I take deep breaths and calm myself. I look up when I feel calmer and speak.

“Why won’t I forget you?” I ask in a quiet voice. I smirks and moves his lips on top of mine. Not kissing me but just hovering. When he speaks it’s basically a growl and that’s when my legs become jelly. Roman notices this and braces his legs around mine helping to keep me upright. I can feel his cock poking my stomach. And it’s so warm even through his thick cargo pants.

“You won’t forget me because i’m going to imprint my essence into you. I’m going to fuck you into submission. I’m going to fuck you until you can’t remember where you end and I begin. I’m going to fuck you and break you. Then i’m going to rebuild you with only thoughts of me and what I did to you. And trust me you’ll enjoy every second of it. You’ll enjoy it so much you’ll soak the sheets. Drip down on my cock. Scream my name. And you’ll thank me for what I’m going to do to you.”

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We Grew Up Together

Requested by @a-girl-who-loves-disneyHi Meg! May I request a Jon Snow x fem!reader? They’ve grown up together and are in love (unknown to the other though). He asks her why she’s not betrothed and he finds out that she’s interested in one of the Stark boys. He keeps trying to guess (they both joke about Rickon and Bran being the one) and whenever he guesses Robb she still says no. He eventually figured out she means him and has a hard time accepting that she loves him but they end up together at the end. Fluffy please! Thanks! :)

 Here you go, lovely!! My apologies for taking so long! I do not own Jon, Robb or Rickon. They belong to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: Fluff!!!

Pairings: Jon Snow x fem!reader, Robb Stark, Rickon Stark

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Jon watched your face as you giggled at something he said. To him, that was the best part of being in Winterfell. You. Everything about you. The two of you had known each other pretty much your whole lives. You grew up in Winterfell. Over the years, Jon fell in love with you. He’d wanted to be with you, but he knew you’d never feel the same for him and that helped him make up his mind to go to the Wall. He thought there was nothing to keep him there.

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Preferences # 1: How You Met

(A/N: YES! I’m gonna give this a try… We will see how it goes 😁 Hope you enjoy! Also tell me who you want me add and etc. Also got a prompt for these? Send um in!)

Jamie Lannister:

                        It was cold in Winterfell, such that it made the elder Lannister in a dreary mood. That was, until the feast came along.

He, being the knight and noble person he was attempted to evacuate quickly feeling himself exhausted with lack of interest in the world around him and that was when he noticed you.

  You were attempting to swing a sword and bring it back to attention, slowly stepping forwards each time.

Jamie couldn’t help but stare: Never before had he a women with intentions of learning swordsmanship and never had he seen someone with such determination. Wanting to learn more, he coughed in order to get your attention and instantly you turned to him, eyes widened and dropped the sword.

 Silently cursing to yourself, you went to pick up the weapon when you saw the male with his blonde hair and green eyes heading your way, a cocky grin plastered on his face. Deciding to leave the weapon as you saw his stride approach with no haste in your direction, you fell to a curtsey. “My Lord…”

 Once he acknowledged you, you rose quickly and began to explain yourself as though you expected to be scolded, “Winter is coming, Lord Jamie and you see I only-”

 He laughed curtly and only smiled, “Fear not. I do not intend to tell anyone. Though if I may-” He spoke grabbing your blade, “Your technique was not quite correct. May I?” As you nodded, he handed you the weapon and snaked his arms around your waist, his hands being placed above yours.

 Patiently, he taught you how to do the basic steps, though it mattered not, you were far too afraid to listen properly. Alas after what seemed like hours, you snuck out of his embrace and fell back to the curtsey you were in earlier.

 "My Lord I thank you, truly, but if I am beginning to feel the chill you must be freezing. Perhaps we shall practice again some other-“

Stopping her from speaking he interrupted her, "What is your name?”

 Silence fell as she stood slowly, confused, “Pardon?”

 "Your name.“ The Kingslayer smirked, "You know so much about me, I would say a name would be efficient enough payment for lessons tonight.”

 A soft smile escaped the girls face as she picked up her skirt, looking into his eyes, “Y/N.” Then she began to walk away mumbling a “Good-night.” and a “Thank you again.” and Jamie couldn’t help but repeat the name aloud.

“Y/N… Hmmm…. Till next time, Y/N.”

Joffrey Baratheon

                                It seemed like something that would never leave you alone:

There you were, just riding along to meet with you family along-side your closest friend and personal guard when they were brutally slaughtered right in front of you. Though a week ago, you had refused to leave your quarters, only allowing your elder sister inside.

You refused to eat, drink, sleep, and generally didn’t move from your spot. It was as though you were still in shock and even a single breath would send the memory and feeling of blood splattering on your face echoing in your head. You were growing ill and despite your sisters protest, refused to allow a maester to examine you. She was frightened, and frankly you didn’t blame her though you cared not:

You were ready to meet the seven and get your judgment done, hoping that perhaps a shorter life would save you from the stranger’s cold grasp.

 It was late that night when you decided to finally stand and take a walk through the gardens, feeling that perhaps the roses would remind you of home, though you wished not to be followed, hence the dark coat of night would be your perfect seal of invisibility. This being said, the moment you stepped up, you felt an overwhelming amount of dizziness, but kept pushing yourself until you reached a bench outside in the middle of the gardens rose fields. Though exhausted, you couldn’t help but smile, the faint smell of the flowers truly reminding you of High Garden. Sighing, I closed your eyes gently.

 Oh Gods… Please take me now… You thought to yourself, While everything is peaceful and-

“Lady Y/N?” A voice spoke, causing you to jump. “Lady Y/N what are you doing up?”

Though never before hearing it, you knew immediately who it was and fell on your knees.

This was the King of whom your sister was promised.

The same King that beat on defenseless innocent women and killed for no good reason.

You could feel yourself trembling and the King reached to your hands, moving them to his lips as he pulled you up, taking your trembling as a sign that you were cold and he blew warm air on them.

Pulling them back you shook your head and looked down, “Your grace you mustn’t fall ill.” Slowly and cautiously you sat yourself back down onto the bench, surprised that he followed you.

 "I mustn’t allow my betrothed’s sister collapse in the middle of the gardens though, Can I?“ You shrugged slightly, still nervous, and he grabbed your hand, "Are you homesick my Lady?” I shook my head and looked at the flowers,


 He chuckled, “Nightmares? Why there is no reason to have nightmare! You are in Kings Landing there is no place safer.” Reaching to turning your face to meet his gaze, he wiped stray tears, “I promise you.”

Jojen Reed

“Meera, Brann! C'mon! We mustn’t haste!” The younger Reed called to his companions as the trailed far behind him. They hollered at him confused but he knew that something good would happen to him today.. Something he needed to happen…

He didn’t know what, only knowing when and where this event would happen. Bran and his sister hollered at him to slow down but he couldn’t even if he tried. He was so close… He could feel it. They were almost to the field he had seen in his dream for days and days. So close… We are almost there… He knew the field would be close to Winterfell, perhaps closer than what Bran would have wanted to be, but he knew that this event would aid them. They needed to be there. All three of them. Jojen could literally lay eyes on the field when his sister hollered and he turned back without hesitation.

“It’s Y/N Bolten!” Bran screamed in panic, “She ice cold… Like she’s been here over-night.”

Though attempting to be collected, he knew his companion was terrified as he backed away from the scene in a rush, claiming to check the area for other Bolten’s lurking about. He turned to Meera, who he could see wanted to help but knew the hesitation. Jojen nodded, comprehending the situation in front of him and allowing his sister to at least heal the girl, stripping his cloak off to wrap the young monster inside as he made his way to the field, thinking on his dream.

Where exactly did I see? Did I even see beyond the tree? No… I didn’t… Did I? Is this Bolten girl why I am here? I am sorry Bran, my friend, But we must take this chance…

Jon Snow

                You had no intentions of attending needlepoint. Not today, at least not when there are so many books to be read in the Stark’s library.

 Yes, you knew that you should be training to be a proper Lady but you could be going down a worse path than that of a scholar. You could be picking up a sword.

You did deeply love the two daughters of Eddard Stark, in fact you adored all the Stark’s as well as their land and were grateful for their hospitality towards you and your elder brother, but deeply you only wished to indulge in their book collection and would hardly leave you room except for an evening stroll with your brother, a weekly meeting with each of the Stark’s (one child a day), trips to the library, and to dinners. Sure, it was not healthy to eat a single meal a day, but my brain is much healthier and that is all that truly matters.

Finishing the page, you groaned, looking out to see that the moon was long set and you had to make a journey in the dark to the library with only a lantern to guide your way.

 Regardless, you set out, the only fear present in your mind being running into your brother, for though you two got along well, you knew that he was overly protective of your well being. You frankly could not blame him all that much as you could see how he would believe that you could cause such a ruckus, but it minded you not as you headed on your way, several books in your arms as to not disrupt the maids Lord Eddard had generously provided for you even more than you could imagine. You were making fine haste as well, that was when you bumped into a figure with an impact so great that it sent you spiraling backwards, a book hitting your head and knocking you out.

The light is what woke you up and someone franticly shaking you.

 "Lady Y/N?!“ Blinking in response the figure sighed. "Oh thank the Gods. I am so so sorry my lady, I was not looking were I was going and we just collided and-”

“Jon Snow?”

The bastard blinked in shock, shaking his head, “You know me, my lady?”

Sitting up and clenching her head with a single whine she shrugged and spoke weakly, “More of you, my lord. We have not properly met.”

The boy blushed and looked down, “I am no lord..” then forcing himself to focus on the topic at hand. “Are you in pain my lady?” Not wanting to lie to the already flustered male, you nodded and he smiled gently and nodded walking towards the door, “I’ve sent for your brother. Sleep, my lady.”

“Jon wait.” He turned slowly, eyebrows raised in confusion. “Stay with me till I sleep?” Nodding, the bastard walked back to the chair. Though he did not fore-tell that you would be getting no sleep as you began to question him about his life and interest until he was kicked out by your brother, leaving you in your bedridden state.

Robb Stark:

The mere thought of walking down to the feast with the crown princess made him sick, but the fact that his parents were making him spend the whole day with her completely disgusted him.

Though only seeing a mere glimpse of her, he had only assumed that she was almost as snotty as her twin brother, as she was escorted quickly to her room, not even greet the family whom was hosting her. Yet here he was, waiting for you in the stables to take you for a ride.

And naturally, you were late.

 You, being the shy person you are wanted to impress the eldest true born Stark by looking your best and wearing his house colors. Nerves were raging as you came running in, then seeing his glare, realized how improper it was you stopped in your tracks, dropped your dress, and bowed your head, muttering apologizes that the wolf could barely hear. Then he couldn’t help but smile, walking to you, horses behind him by the reins and offered you a hand to assist you up.

Smirking he jumped on his horse when you were completely on your mare, he spoke, “You need not bow your head Lady Y/N. I am not the Crown Prince. Now shall we?”

Tommen Baratheon:

                                You felt sick.

The South was beautiful, yes but you just wanted to go home. It was colder than the North here and you couldn’t trust anyone except your family. You had lost the ability to sleep and eat, fearing that you would be stabbed or poisoned. Though it raised many eyebrows, including your own father’s, the phase of fear couldn’t be slipped. Even the Queen questioned you on your behavior which sparked so much paranoia that you locked yourself in your room. It was after a fortnight that your father had come in to drag you out to have lunch with the Queen and her youngest two children. Though to your surprise, you were the first one there.

 The Queen greeted you with a hug and a smile which you were surprised that she was so natural. Perhaps it was a thing with children? None-the-less, you responded politely, and shyly, and complemented her, as well as her home, thanking her for the generosity she had given your family. She shook it off, but then began to learn more about you. That was when her children slowly came and the topic switched to them (which you didn’t mind: You hated talking about yourself).

 First came Princess Myrcella. She wore a long, puffy pink dress, which made your clothing in Lannister colors look cheap. She spun proud for her mum, while she applauded and you complemented her grace.

Then came Prince Tommen, the boy who was two year elder than you. He instantly walked your way and held out his hand. “Hi! I am Tommen and I am a Prince! What is your name?”

Chuckling at his straight-forwardness, you shook his hand and bowed your head, “I am Lady Y/N, my lord. It is an honor to meet you.” Tommen looked happily at you before running to his mother who apologized, though you refused her apology, saying that it was not necessary though in truth, it had been the first time that you had let out a true smile in weeks.

Perhaps I will be safe here… Perhaps… I will be happy.

Tyrion Lannister:

The youngest Lannister had been drunk when you made your way into the bar. You had gotten a drink and looked desperately for a spot and seeing the man drinking alone, you threw your bag over your shoulders and asked, “Sorry to bother but would you mind if I sat here?”

The imp looked at you eyebrows raised and shrugged, “So long as you do not mind.” You let out a small smile, not sure how to reply and sat beside him, setting your small cup of wine down and setting your bag in your lap so it wouldn’t get stolen.

 "You will have to excuse me sir, I am completely exhausted from a fortnight of travel but need something to take an edge off my nerve.“

He laughed curtly, "Please. Get drunk. I am not one to judge… On one condition.”

“Which is?”

 "Your name.“

 "And that is all?” He nodded and you sighed,“I am Y/N. And you?”

“You know not?” Shaking your head no, He smirked, tipping the lid of his cup to you, “You will know soon enough, kind lady, to tonight!”
“To settling nerves.”

F R O M   T O W E R   T O   T O W E R | Chapter One

Rapunzel/Tangled AU: Locked away in a tower for eighteen years by a witch claiming to be her Mother, long-haired Sansa seeks freedom and a chance to regain her crown as Princess of the kingdom. But the tower is high as she has no means to get down, aside from her incredibly long hair, and no guarantee of safety in the outside world she has been warned about. One night, when the witch is out, and a thief who climbs the tower seeking refuge happens upon her, she stuns herself by taking a chance and asking him to help her escape. Assuring him that she will have all charges against him dropped when he returns her to her rightful parents, she embarks on a series of first discoveries with her new bandit friend Jon. [x]

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He’d been working on the new player model for a while. He had been running the risk of copyright infringement, especially considering the money he was making off of a GTA based outfit. So the new mask was a must, and the fans seemed to have taken a liking to it.

When he was presented with the actual mask, he couldn’t keep the grin off of his face and was excited to share it. His brand was really starting to take off, and he knew that his fans would get a kick out of the fact that he could look like his in-game character in real life.

Within minutes of the picture being posted, he had hundreds of retweets, and even more likes. His phone was blowing up with text messages from his friends, and he was laughing so hard that the vision in his mask had started to blur enough to cause him to pull it off to regain his sight, and breath. 

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A Jonsa drabble (of course, duh). A flash of inspiration thanks to the above. One shot modern AU fluff and I couldn’t resist. Sorry.


Don’t Tell (Her)

Sansa sighed loudly as she fell onto her bed in sheer exhaustion. She would take a shower after her nap. It had been a long shift and the four car pile up on the M51 motorway had sapped her of everything she had, when the victims came ushered in one after another. She had counted at least seven of them.

Seven survivors and none dead, she thought, thankfully.

Just as she was about to close her eyes, her ears registered a faint knock on her door. Sansa rolled her eyes, wishing she had her own place for the thousandth time.

“Come in.”

“Hi darling, I thought I heard you come home,” Catelyn sauntered in to greet her eldest daughter. Her bright blue eyes danced as she sat on Sansa’s bed. Sansa was exhausted beyond doubt but there was no need to brush off and dismiss her mother because of it. It was probably something she needed help with.

“So, your dad’s birthday is coming up and instead of the usual date night we always have, thought maybe we could plan something as a family. What do you think?”

Yeah, there it is.

“Right, of course, Mum. What do you have in mind?”

“Oh I don’t know love, maybe go for a short weekend getaway? Rent a ski chalet up north with the family? You’re so good at planning all these my darling, whatever you think I’m sure your dad would love it,” Catelyn suggested.

She was right. Sansa had a talent in organising family events and the most recent one was a luau for Rickon’s 12th birthday. Everything went perfectly as planned that day, even the weather cooperated. Sunny and warm, without a drop of rain. Sansa knew Rickon’s obsession with surfing wasn’t just a phase. It was one party to remember and it had earned her heaps of praise from everyone who attended. She stifled a giggle when she remembered the look on both her parent’s faces when he boldly announced his wish to be a professional surfer when he grew up. No doubt, the party anchored that dream firmly in him. Rickon with his sandy auburn hair and blue eyes would have no trouble looking the part.

“Did someone say ski chalet? Ooh can we go, can we go please?” a voice rang in excitedly as Arya who was looking for her mother, walked past her room and joined them.

Ugh. Great, leave the door open Mum, please, don’t bother ever shutting it. Ever.

“We’re going skiing everybody!” Arya bellowed, obviously trying to rally the rest. Sansa slumped back onto the headboard in defeat.

Yeah, okay call everyone in here please, how thrilling. Sleep, what sleep I don’t need sleep.

“What? Skiing? Really? When?” Bran’s head popped in seconds after. “Ricky! We’re going skiing!”

“Oh my god really? Good lord, of all freaking times..” Sansa sighed, waving her hands up in exasperation.

“Now, now, nothing’s been planned yet but I thought for Daddy’s birthday we’d do something together as a family. So I asked Sansa if she thought renting a ski chalet for the weekend would be a good idea,” Catelyn explained gently to her excited brood.

“Sansa, we have to go skiing, what’s there to think about? Get on it, will ya?” Arya demanded, plonking herself on Sansa’s bed, which suddenly felt very crowded.

Rickon and Bran leapt in and sat on the carpeted floor beside Sansa’s bed. “Yeah, can we go please Sansa? Pretty please? We rarely ever go skiing with Mum and Dad. Please?” Rickon pressed his palms together in a mock prayer to Sansa, his earnest face scrunched up adorably. In spite of herself, Sansa chuckled, how could she say no to that face.

“What’s happening? Family meeting?” Robb’s voice greeted them as he entered the already stuffy bedroom.

“Sansa’s going to plan a birthday trip for Dad. We’re going skiing!” Rickon shared excitedly with Robb, who was now already leaning against the wall next to Sansa’s bed and the boys.

“ Is that right? So does Dad get to know or is this a surprise?” Robb asked, chuckling at his brothers’ enthusiastic nods.

“We should tell him, you know he doesn’t like surprises. Plus he’s the one who needs to drive us up there anyway. So would be better if he knows,” Sansa finally spoke amidst all the enthusiasm and excitement in the air. Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Well then, I guess that settles it. So a skiing getaway it is. So, I leave it to you my dear, I’ll leave my credit card details for the booking and let me know if there’s anything you need help with. Ooh, this would be such a great birthday trip for him, I know it!” Catelyn hugged her daughter and finally concluded the impromptu family meeting. Sansa nodded and smiled. She was too exhausted to say anything else and perhaps that would be a signal for everyone to get out of her room so she could rest. Sansa was seconds away from barking at them to leave but she was supposed to be a good example so she chewed on her lip instead.

“Okay everyone out of Sansa’s room, she just got home and she needs to rest. She can’t plan anything if we don’t let her rest. Come on everybody out the door now,” Catelyn playfully shooed the rest of them away towards the door and stepped out herself, as if on cue and gave a wink to Sansa. Sansa smiled back appreciatively and threw herself back on her bed and ducked under the covers.

Yes. Finally. Peace and quiet.

“Hey Sans-”

Sansa wished her bed would just swallow her up. Sansa gritted her teeth. “Oh my god, yes! We are going skiing for the weekend and yes, everyone IS going and I’ll take care of it. Now if you don’t let me sleep, I swear to god I’ll cancel the whole trip and all we’re going to do is eat breakfast at McDonald’s for dad’s birthday! Please just go away and let me rest!”

Sansa’s head popped up from under her duvet covers to see who was disturbing her this time.

“McDonald’s breakfast doesn’t sound too bad, honestly. I personally recommend the hot cakes,” Jon greeted her as he sat at the edge of her bed, watching her with an amused look on his handsome face. Sansa groaned and sat up, giving him an apologetic frown. Jon reached over and gifted her a much needed kiss on her lips. It was brief but just what she needed from her beloved.

“Don’t ask. Two words. Dad’s birthday.” Sansa shrugged and held out her arms to Jon for a hug. “I missed you.”

They hadn’t seen each other for days ever since Jon started his shift as a paramedic a week ago. Granted, it wasn’t a new relationship but it was a new job that meant irregular hours for both of them. She still missed him terribly.

“I missed you too, my love. I take it you had a long day?“

Sansa nodded as she pulled away from Jon. She must look terribly exhausted to him, but she didn’t care. Jon was here and it was all that mattered.

“Stay in with me?” Sansa pleaded with a playful pout. Jon chuckled. There was nothing more he wanted to do than to cuddle in bed with her. But they weren’t alone and it wasn’t appropriate. Even though he practically grew up with the Starks, he still respected boundaries. If they wanted to be intimate, it would be at the privacy of their own home. Which was going to be soon, since they both had decided to move in together once Jon had settled in with his new job. Plus, Ned Stark would be home any minute.

“Ah, I would love to my gorgeous girl, but you are in desperate need of a nap and I promised Bran to help him build.. Something. I forgot what he asked me to do but I said okay.”

“Oh that’s too bad. Would be nice to have you in bed with me.”

“Oh no, no. Don’t you start it, Miss Stark. You know very well what will happen if I do get in that bed with you.”

Sansa giggled and nodded. True enough, having him in her bed would be the next best thing, but she wouldn’t get any rest, if her furtive glances at the zip of his jeans were any indication.

“Don’t worry, my shift is done for today so I’ll still be here when you wake up,” Jon reassured her and pressed a kiss on her forehead. Sansa inhaled deeply, he smelled of soap and clean clothes, which reminded her of the shower she so badly needed.

“Tuck me in, then?” Sansa asked, tugging at his sleeve playfully. Jon smiled and grabbed hold of the covers as Sansa laid her head back on the pillow.

“Kiss you later, sleeping beauty.” Jon kissed her again as she closed her eyes and finally drifted off to sleep. Jon stepped out and closed the bedroom door, heading downstairs to the kitchen where the rest of the Starks were.

“So, I take it she agreed to the skiing weekend thing?” Jon asked Robb, joining him at the dining table who was watching Bran and Rickon play their video games on their tablets.

“She did. Told Mum it was an idea for Dad’s birthday and run it by Sansa. I mean, it is DAD’S birthday. And skiing. If it’s one thing we Starks do well, it’s family vacations. And we’re crazy about the cold. Which is odd to me. But yeah, great suggestion. Mum liked it. Plus, it’s Sansa. She loves planning stuff like these. She won’t say no,” Robb grinned as he rambled on, passing him a beer.

Well she better not. I’ve got everything planned out in secret to make it a weekend to remember.

Jon stuffed his hand into the right pocket of his jacket and squeezed the little velvet box he had been holding onto for the past few days.

Robb saw and smirked at him. “So, you really going for it huh?”

Jon nodded and smiled at Robb. He took out the box and opened it for Robb to see. It was worth six month’s of his salary but he knew it was perfect for her.

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Part 2

You headed back to the hotel after your match, you needed to pack and head to the next city. Finn had been caught with something changing the hang out to another night. You were fine with, no rush there. 

Collapsing on your bed with a sigh. Bayley chuckled as she walks out the bathroom. 

“ With a sigh like that something is going on” 

“ What do you mean?” lifting yourself up with your elbow peering over at her. She was packing her stuff, when she gave you the look like you knew what she was talking about.

“ Balor” collapsing back on the bed staring at the ceiling with one hand underneath your head and one on your stomach. 

“ There is nothing going on between Finn and I.  Were friends” 

“ Uh huh, then why did he slap your ass backstage tonight. I saw that” 

You groaned rolling over on your stomach, “ Were friends Bales. I don’t think he likes me like that. I mean, come on look at me. “ 

Getting off the bed you motioned to yourself. 

“ I see nothing wrong with you” 

Rolling your eyes, you sighed again, “ I meant me. I’m plain. He doesn’t like plain girls.” 

“ And you know what he likes?”

“ Not plain women” 

“ Then you need to learn my child. Now get packing” 

“ Yes mom” she stuck her tongue out. 

 “ And you call me a child..” you mumbled. 

You had no idea how you happened to be in a car when you looked over to the other side seeing Finn leaning against the window sleeping with his headphones on. 

Sami was driving the car, Enzo had his cap down in the passenger seat. Cass didn’t come along apparently.. He wasn’t in the car.

“ Where’s Cass?” you mumbled rubbing your eyes sleepily. 

“ He is driving with Carmella, she missed him” you nodded mumbling an alright

“ I’m going to stop for gas in a few. Do you need to use the bathroom?” He asked. Sitting more comfortably, you yawned ruffling your hair looking out the window.

“ Possibly” he chuckled shaking his head. 

Your head turned to look over to Finn who was sleeping. Did he feel anything for you? Or was he playing games? Maybe he was leading you on? 

You had no idea what was running through his head. Finn is one of the nicest guys you know. He was sweet, adorable and a dork at heart. The man loved legos. He was a child but you couldn’t help but think if there was more than friendship between the two of you. 

Sami drove to the gas station, parking the car. He got out to pump the gas into the car. You slipped out of the car, telling Sami you would be right back before heading into the store going to the bathroom. 

Coming back, Sami was waiting for you leaning against the car. Spotting you, he nods as he heads around to the driver side. You slipped back into the car seeing that Finn was awake.

“ Sleep good?” you asked. 

He nodded, typing something on his phone before putting it away. He turns hushed to you, smiling, “ Yeah did you?” 

“ Yeah, I did. Do you know how I happened to get in this car?”

He laughed, Sami joining before he answered, “ I carried you . Bayley called me telling me you passed out and won’t get up. I came over and carried you.” 

“ Oh..uh.. thanks” 

After a few moments, Finn asks, “ So Y/N, I don’t know much about your wrestling past.. where you wrestled before..” 

“ Oh well, I wrestled back in CZW. I used to have blood matches, my best friends over there were Sami Callihan and Jon Moxley.  You know, Sami and Dean” he nodded as he listened. 

“ That’s why you like to use weapons like chairs, kedo stick etc” 

“ They don’t call me rebel for nothing” 

“ Then she came into NXT, I took her under my wing with Kevin. We became best friends from there” Sami said. 

“ Yep, Sami and Kevin became like brothers to me” 

“Awe, I didn’t know you felt that way about me” Sami gushed. You chuckled, “ It’s true Sami, your like family to me” 

“ Same to you Y/N” 

As you were checking in the hotel, Enzo grumbling underneath his breath stood by you running a hand through his messy hair. He had a hat on his head. 

“ Something up your ass Amore?” 

“ I usually room with Cass but he said he and Carmell are sharing. I don’t have anywhere else to go… “ 

“ Awe poor little Zo” reaching over you squeezed his cheek pouting at him. He swatted your hand playfully glaring at you. 

“ You can share with me Zo, I have an extra bed” 

“ Really?” 

You handed him the extra key, “ Come on grumpy. Let’s get you in bed.” 

As you slipped off your shoes, Enzo looked around the room. He liked the room but his eyes gazed over to you. The thing was he was nervous to share a room with you. 

Why? Well he was keeping a secret from you. 

He has feeling for you. 

“ Zo!” 

“ Huh?” He asked. He was in daze thinking about you when you called out to him. 

“ What’s wrong? You are too quite tonight” He shrugged, “ tired” 

“ Sleep then” 

“ I don’t know if I can, I slept in the car”  He sat on the edge of the bed taking off his shoes then his jacket as he leaned down on the bed with his back. 

You couldn’t help but worry over him. Something was off about him and you couldn’t place a finger on it. He was one of your best friends and he couldn’t tell you what was bothering him. That upset you. You wanted to help. 

“ Don’t shut me out Zo, it hurts” He sat up at the words, sighing rubbing a hand down his face. 

“ I’m sorry Y/N. I just need time to myself, okay?” you nodded, hanging your head a bit. 

He kept looking at you, it hurt him to see you like tis but he couldn’t just tell you. He wasn’t prepared to lose you. Not yet. 

He wanted nothing more than to cuddle up to you but kept his distance as he got ready for bed heading to the bathroom. He left his phone on the bedside table leaving you alone in the room. 

Enzo seemed sad and you just wanted to hug him. You never saw him like this before and it kinda scared you. 

His phone binged , he had a message. Cass had texted him. You want to look but you respected his privacy. But at the same time it was tempting to look, just a peek, you thought.

Taking his phone in your hands your eyes go wide at the message. 

“ Did you tell Y/N? Tell her you love her before it’s too late”

Fun House

Pairing: H2oVanoss

Rating T for swearing?

Words: 4300

I am so sorry I am such trash. First time posting an actual fanfiction. This is really strange for me, I write a lot but don’t post. But this idea has been in my head for so long now, months really. And I wrote it and surprisingly finished it finally and well I am a little proud… Kinda… it’s shit though…. I am really sorry.

Also I really hope the read more line works… :/


Vanoss and Delirious had been friends for years now. And in all that time Delirious had never once showed Vanoss his face. They always played video games together and talked through skype but Delirious never turned on his camera. This didn’t bother Vanoss too much though. He understood that Delirious was a private person, and though he talked a lot he never gave up too much information about himself or his personal life. He was willing to give Delirious all the time he needed because Delirious was his best friend. And never meeting him in person wouldn’t change that.

Until it did.

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This is based on @hmionegrangr ‘s #jilychallenge prompt for September. The prompt is “Was that song written about me? I think it was written about me (band or musician au).” My partner is @residentdeadwriter

Words: 5,977

I might have taken this prompt a little too loosely and a little too far but don’t blame me. It was to late when I realized it. But this will work as well. 

Also, this is a tad bit late but Fresher’s Week is a bitch and Fresher’s Flu is a real thing and since I’m technologically disabled it took me a week to get the wifi working in my laptop so sorry for that. 

But anyways, happy October! I might have another story for the month coming up so stay tuned! Hope you enjoy this story! :D

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James had no semblance of time or day, or month for that matter, but the only thing he could think of was that he was never drinking again. He was awake, wide awake of the fact that it was the next morning, and last night was over. But getting out of bed seemed too much of a work, so he just lay there basking in his hangover misery. The pillow smelled of alcohol, of scotch and whiskey, and his breath stank. 

A shiver ran throughout his body, and he groaned, trying with all his might to find the darn duvet so he could get cozy again. But there was none.
That’s when he realized that in his drunken stupor, he had crashed on his floor instead of his bed. His bedside clock said it was close to 12 in the afternoon, so he just got up, grabbed the pillow on the floor and fell into his bed. It felt like an expanse of fluffy marshmallows after his night on the cold hardwood floor.
His pounding head was no help, but after a few minutes, he was finally at the edge of sleep again when his bedroom door burst open with a loud bang and James cursed and sat up so quickly from his bed that his head felt like it was hit by a hammer. There were a few spots in his vision, they faded gradually and he blinked to clear out and focus on the black blurred offender who entered his room in the wee hours of the morning (according to James anyway).

“Sirius sodding Black,” James growled, staring at the very familiar blob of his best friend. He rummaged around his nightstand and found his glasses and put them on only to find a very troubled looking Sirius, and that immediately gave James goosebumps.

“Get your ass out of bed,” There was a certain hurriedness in his voice that James couldn’t place. He frowned as Sirius poured him a tall glass of water and added two tablets of Aspirin in it. They dissolved with a sizzle.

“10 minutes,” Sirius ordered, as James took the glass and gulped down the water in one go.

“Sirius?” James asked, his voice hoarse, as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. There was dread bubbling up in his chest that he absolutely did not like. 

“Lily is back,” was all Sirius said before shutting the bedroom door behind him, and those 3 words were more than enough to  make James jump out of his bed and rush into the toilet with a new found urgency.

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...Oh Eduardo~ Hello, my dear. My visit to you is...Long overdue. Allow me to introduce myself! I am R, and I specialize in dealings of the heart. Perhaps I can offer to you my assistance? Anything you desire, for a small, insignificant price. --R

Eduardo: Uhm, no thanks. I’m sure this will not end well.

R: Oh darling, I promise you-

Eduardo: Quit that bullshit I know what you did to Matt.

R: So those idiots told you what I did…

R: Well it doesn’t really matter~ That stupid ginger gave me enough power to rip yours off!

Eduardo: Mark stay back! 


Mark: Jon?

Eduardo: L-Laurel…?

Falling Snow

(Jon x Reader)


Request: Imagine being a lannister but being very sickly that you’re almost as delicate as fresh ice, you’re close to your older brother Tyrion and it’s clear to him that Jon Snow is completely infatuated with your existence~?

Your journey to the North had been a challenging one. You had always been delicate, getting sick easily. You insisted on coming anyway, you didn’t get many opportunities to get out of King’s Landing and you wanted to see more of the world outside the castle.

The climate change had been extreme, never in your life had you been this cold. How could people even live up here? You were shaking and coughing when you arrived. It wasn’t much warmer inside your chambers than it had been outside.

“Excuse me?” You heard someone at your door, reluctantly entering. The man walked in, placing wood in the hearth and light it.

“Your name’s Jon right?” You recognized him from earlier, though he hadn’t officially been introduced you knew he was Ned Starks bastard son.  

“Yes.” He looked up, surprised you had paid attention to him at all.

“It’s not really your job to look after the guests is it?”

“Oh no…it’s just, you looked so cold earlier.” Jon had been infatuated with you the moment he saw you. Pale skin, hair so blonde it almost looked white, shinning like ice. There just was something gentle and fragile about you that intrigued him.

“Thank you that’s really nice of you. I’m Y/N by the way.” You smile at him while pulling your blanket closer. The fire was growing now but you were still cold.

“Yeah I know. I heard earlier.” He smiled back at you ad bowed slightly before leaving your room.

“If it isn’t my brother-in-law.” Tyrion joked when he met Jon outside in the yard one morning.

“W-What?” Jon looked shocked almost dropping his sword.

“What’s the matter? You like my sister don’t you. I can see you staring at her don’t pretend otherwise.”


“Oh don’t look so shocked, I’m not going to tell anyone. I just thought you would appreciate to know that she has taken a liking to you too.” Tyrion says while smirking at him.

“I can’t tell if you’re making fun of me or not.”

“I am but that doesn’t mean what I said is a lie.”

“Well what does it matter, I am a bastard after all.”

“I’m sure Cersei would be happy to marry her of to someone she deems unworthy. She doesn’t hold much love for me or Y/N.”

“Do you wanna dance?”  

Jons head jerked up being snapped out of his thoughts. You had seen him outside, standing alone while everyone was inside, enjoying themselves.

“I’d rather not go back inside.”

“We don’t have to, the music is loud enough out here.” You say with a bright smile.

“Shouldn’t I be the one asking you?” He laughs and takes your hands.

“Probably but you never would have.”

“I’m a terrible dancer.”

“So am I.”

You two stumble through the snow almost dripping over each other in an attempt to dance to the music. You end up on the ground, laughing and looking up at the sky. It had begung to snow while you were outside. Snowflakes raining down from the nightsky. When you turn your head to look over at Jon he presses his lips to yours.

Read Between The Lines (14)

Chapter 13

Chapter 14


Watching Wrestlemania was probably one of the most stressful things I’ve ever encountered. It was anxiety personified, with blinking lights and arrows pointing all over it. Even the build up to it had given me anxiety for many reasons:

A. Carrying off the surprise was so complicated because the closer it got, the busier Matt got so communication was down to a minimum. At one point, I doubted that Jess and I were even going to make it there. Nyah wasn’t interested to come in the first place, didn’t even show an inch of enthusiasm.

B. The night before the show, I didn’t sleep. I’m sure Roman didn’t either. He called me, on the verge of tears I’m sure, telling me that he wanted to pull out. He was excruciatingly nervous, he said that the Royal Rumble flashbacks kept playing in his head and was worried that this would be worse because it was at a grand scale. And no matter how hard and strong he tried to be, the buried emotions clawed their way back up and caught up with him. All I could do was listen, and tell him desperately to not give up because he’d regret it for the rest of his life. I’m also sure that when we hung up the phone, he had half an inch of hate towards me for not telling him what he wanted to hear.

C. Knowing how nervous Roman was made me nervous, no matter how much I tried to be strong for him.

Bless Matt, he spent the night running back and forth between us that entire evening making sure everything was okay on both ends.

D. Once at the venue, we had to be on one side of the arena whilst Roman was on the other, without an inch of suspicion of what was happening. I wasn’t allowed to see him until post-match, Matt claimed, because he needed to stay in character.

E. On the night of the show, I finally met his friends - as soon as he was called to start heading down near the stage, several minutes before the fight, Matt rushed Jess and I to where everyone else was hanging out backstage so we could watch the match. I also met a lot of other people then, but it was in passing because everyone was so concerned about the match at hand, I’m sure my presence flew over their heads and I was glad because my nerves were on an all time high; not a good place to meet new people. But Dean definitely took notice.

“You owe me a drink,” was the first thing he said to me as Jess and I walked into the room.

Some wrestler’s were fleeting in and out of as they got ready for their own matches. It was so overwhelming to see the faces I saw on TV for weeks on end in real life, all in one room.

“Hey Dean,” I said shyly.

He made the extra effort to meet us halfway and embraced us each in turn, and I introduced Jess.

“Don’t ‘hey Dean’ me, I’m really disappointed, I thought we were going to hang out last time,” he said opening his arms out. “You left me hanging,”

“I know I know, I’m sorry, blame Roman,” I excused myself.

“I’ll let you off on the basis that you came tonight,” he flashed a lopsided grin. “He said you weren’t coming, boy is he gonna be happy to see you,”

“All my idea,” Jess gloated, a lie nevertheless.

I rolled my eyes and let her have it, if she wanted to impress Dean then so be it.

“That’s a good friend right there,” he looked at Jess approvingly.

“Well, I’ll be damned,” a voice said behind me, I turned to see one of the Usos, whom I instantly recognised as Jimmy because Naomi was holding onto him, very welcoming in their body language and smiles.

God she was pretty in person.

Now I was nervous as hell, I’d wanted to meet Roman’s friends and all, but not without him to neutralise and take lead of the situation. These alone were the closest people to him and here I was, losing a grip of myself.

“Live in the flesh, y'know I’ve never heard him talk about anything in the world more than he talks about you?” Jimmy asked.

I chewed on my lip worriedly, was that a good thing?

“It’s nice to put a face to the name, I’ve seen the pictures but with all the stories-” Naomi smiled.

“There are - there are pictures?” I asked nervously.

“She’s a part-time stalker,” Dean said hooking his thumb towards her and curled his lips into a playful sneer.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or not at this point.

“Don’t listen to this one,” Naomi shook her head at her Dean. “Roman’s showed a few pictures, all in good light don’t worry, he definitely under sold you, you’re a babe,”

“Oh,” I said feeling that familiar heat rise in my body, embarassment washing over me. “Thank you,”

“She’s really shy when people compliment her,” Jess narrated, I cut her a look and she gave me a look that said ’well, did I lie?’

“I can tell, relax girl, I’m Trinity, you probably know me as Naomi but you’re both cool already so you can call me Trin, big head here’s Jon, Jimmy on screen as you might already know, but 'bighead’s’ fine,” Naomi - Trinity, introduced.

“Oh yeah, she knows all about my big-”

“Eeew, stop, don’t be rude,” Trin frowned with a look of disgust on her face, then I immediately understood what he was referring to.”You’ve just met them,”

All it did was lighten up the mood, making Jess and I laugh. Dean rolled his eyes, probably used to this and Jon just shrugged, a cute innocent smile on his face.

“Nice to meet you,” he extended his hand to meet mine, then to Jess.

“I’m Jesslyn,” she smiled. “But you guys can call me Jess for short,”


I laughed and shook my head no, “We might as well be, but that’s my girl, BFF”

“No one actually says 'BFF’ in real life, you say it in a text or online,” Jess corrected me.

“Shhh, don’t embarrass me in front of Roman’s friends, paint a good picture of me,” I kissed my teeth, earning laughs from our small circle. "Jess volunteered to come with me because I was a nervous wreck about this event in particular,“

"Aaaaw, you’ll be fine girl, you’ll get used to it, he’ll come home with broken limbs and you wont even batter an eyelid,” Trin said, speaking from experience.

My heart jumped at the thought of that, imagining Roman coming home looking and feeling helpless. I shook the thought away.

“That’s how it is in their marriage, don’t listen to her, they’re dysfunctional,” Dean interjected.

“It works for us,” Jon joked. “Keeps things interesting,”

Conversation didn’t go much further as soon after Lesnar was introduced and walked into the ring, Roman was next. I watched him walk down the steps through a section of excited fans.

“He looks good,” I commented aloud.

“Oh girl, slow down now, we don’t wanna hear that,” Jon side-eyed me and nudged me with his elbow.

“Not like that,” I laughed, suddenly noticing how the comment came off. Though he did look sexy, as always, I’d meant…“I mean he doesn’t look nervous,”

“He knows how to play his character well,” Dean commented, eyes trained on the screen as his best friend entered the ring.

Within minutes, the bell rang and the match commenced. It was the most tense match I’d ever watched. Even my muscle tensed as I witnessed my boyfriend being thrown across the ring like a rag-doll multiple times. My heart fluttered, body twitched vicariously for him, and at one point I started envisioning what Trin had said that he’d soon start coming out of matches with broken limbs. Maybe she wasn’t exaggerating.

“Are you okay?” Jess asked observing me carefully. I nodded absentmindedly, trying not to let the worry show on my face. “You look like you’re gonna be sick,”

“I don’t get sick,” I said dismissively, albeit true, I knew she noticed how worried I was, I probably looked how I felt; dazed in fear.

“You sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah,” I said, reaching for and squeezing her hand as we watched on, the energy in the room thick with suspense.

But Roman started getting back to his feet, figuratively and literally; challenging the beast and giving him a run for his money. The momentum shifted. The pace of the match shifted. The atmosphere in the room shifted too, people started relaxing, some more than others. It was clear then who in the room supported Roman or Lesnar. Either way, I was glad because things were looking up for him in the match. And when he had the beast down, and it looked inevitable that the belt was his in a matter of seconds, the unimaginable happened as Seth’s erratic, suspense-inducing music played and the crowd’s reception became undeciperable; a mix of cheers and boos. And again, the mood in the room changed as everyone watched on, startled. Was this a fucking dream?

F. Wrestlemania was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to watch because I witnessed Seth Rollins take an opportunity away from Roman…

G. It was also the hardest thing I’ve ever had to watch because I saw the man I loved crying and there was not one thing I could do or say to make it better.


“He might not be in a talking mood,” Matt primed me as he walked with me to meet Roman as he exited the stage after his match.

Judging from the footage on the screens, he’d been limping and clutching his sides in agony, his skin covered in numerous cuts and bruises. It felt so surreal to watch it transpire, I was so sure that he was going to win. I was shocked beyond words as was everyone it seemed. But it turns out as Matt explained to me, Seth coming out was a last minute change of plans and only a few people, Roman included, knew about it. They’d wanted to give the title to him, but thought his character needed time to brew and they had other directions they wanted to pull him. It sounded so unfair to me; like they were punishing him for the way people failed to welcome him, even though he’d done nothing wrong to deserve that.

“He wasn’t happy about it when they told him, but he loves Seth so I guess that made it bearable I suppose,” Matt explained. “But that’s the business, they can decide 5 minutes before a match that ABC is going to happen, and you either go with it or walk out the damn doors,”

“What’s gonna happen to him?” I asked referring to his character in the long run.

“I think they want to develop his character, mold him into something spectacular, they have good plans for him Jen. They know the company needs him and there’s no one like him, there’s something about him that’s beyond Wrestling and they want to bring that something out,” he said slowing down to look at me and nail the point home. “They really do, they love the guy, something went wrong at the Royal Rumble, none of his fault. They’re trying to fix it and please everybody, but they’re making the wrong decisions sometimes and it’s hurting him - his image I mean, the same image they’re trying to develop and protect. I don’t know, I don’t have the answers about what they should do, but I know for a fact they need to decide and stick with it, because he’s got so much to offer and if they keep slowing down his progress…I don’t know, what do I know?”

I wanted to agree but some of it sounded like jargon to me. It made sense. But I didn’t have the full picture. Yes I’d watched wrestling in my youth but I barely remember the rules then. And yes I’d started watching it again, and had caught up to an extent, but a few months doesn’t compensate for over a decade’s loss. So I didn’t have the answer either, but I agreed with Matt’s point that whatever they decide, they needed to stick with it and not hurt him.

And it seemed that Roman knew all these changes were coming and that’s why he was so anxious about the event long before it even took place. I felt so bad that he suffered with knowing that on his own. I wish he’d told me, just as I wished I’d not surprised him so I could have been with him all hours before he show. Because that’s what he needed, somebody to be there and rooting for him.

“What do I say to him? I don’t want to say the wrong thing,”

Matt chuckled as we rounded a corner, “I can’t tell you that, that has to come from here,” he put his hand to his chest. “That part’s out of my job description,”

And that made me more nervous, I knew he’d be hurting. I didn’t want to say the wrong thing to piss him off because I could imagine he wouldn’t exactly be on cloud 9 after that match.

I kept getting flashbacks of him lying in that ring on his back, his hands over his face as the fireworks went off and Seth celebrated his victory. I knew he was crying. I cried too. I only realised it when Trin and Dean hugged me so tight, before Matt asked if I wanted to see him and whisked me away.

“Will he get another chance at Wrestlemania?” I asked.

“Of course, just depends on where he’s at when it comes around. If he’s still the hot topic he’ll most probably be main eventing,” Matt smiled reassuringly.

As we rounded the corner, in the near distance, there were large curtains that led to the stage. In front of them was a section full of people, watching on screens and some just seeming to be hovering around, and some appeared to be staff and crew.

We stood back for a moment, observing from the distance and soon realised that Roman had come through the curtains. He was nodding, blank faced, pink in the face, sweating, a naked torso and eyes pooling as Paul Heyman said something to him.

Then he moved onto hug a guy in a suit, then in a corner he hugged Triple H, who patted him on the back. He moved on to Vince McMahon, the Vince McMahon whom he hugged for several seconds longer than anyone else and Vince said something to him as he nodded yet again and forced on a smile.

“I’m sorry,” he said aloud to his small audience as he pulled away from Vince’s embrace, laughing as he wiped his face and everyone laughed nervously.

Then he moved onto a short woman with cropped blonde hair and glasses, next to her another tall lady with dark silky straight hair.

He said something to these two women, the blonde haired rubbing his shoulder before he moved away and through another small crowd of men who patted him on the back and some shaking his hand. Even a small circle of referees hugged him as he passed by. It was a heartwrenching sight and I promised myself not to cry in front of him. Seeing him in person in this state, made summoning any words even harder. What could I even say then?

I watched on as he made his way through the small crowd, he held his vest in hand, and thought to myself, that could’ve been his championship belt. I swallowed the hurt and faked a smile, looking up back at his face and that’s when he spotted me.

He ran his hand over his face in disbelief, dropping his vest and then covered both hands over his face again and moved off to the side, resting his elbows on the tech boxes. That’s when he allowed himself to breakdown. I ran over to him straight away, not even consulting Matt.

I touched his arm tenderly and he turned into me and we locked into an embrace and I felt him succumb into me. I span us around so that he faced the wall, so that the cameras wouldn’t intrude on him.  I rubbed his back soothingly, not knowing what to say at all even though I knew he needed to hear my voice.

This was not how imagined the surprise would go; I picture him smiling with the belt in his hand, us running and crashing into each other, making a scene in front of everyone as he span me around. I’d kiss him fervently, repeatedly, congratulating him. We’d somehow manage to slip out of the arena as soon as possible and sneak off to his or my hotel and have our own celebratory party. I’d even brought some props for the occasion. I’d to push those thoughts away as a new reality presented itself.

“I’m here,” I repeated over and over.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

“Shhhh,” I squeezed him tighter, reassuring him as I rubbed his back.

“I was gonna bring it home, I promise, I wanted to show you-”

“Roman stop,” I pulled away and looked at him sternly.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t do it-”

“Stop it, I’m not mad at you,” I said, my voice cracking.

“I let you down,”

He was a state and this wasn’t going to work out with everyone crowding us.

“Come with me,” I cupped his face and kissed him.

He nodded and I took his hand in mine and started down the hallway, tugging him along so we wouldn’t make a scene in front of these people. He followed behind, picking up his vest, trailing behind me like a lost puppy.

“I need to get him out of here,” I said to Matt.

He nodded and nudged for me to follow him as we walked away, Roman followed, our hands locked together.

“He needs to do press though,” Matt whispered to me as if Roman wasn’t in earshot.

“Right now?” I frowned, looking at Roman worriedly then back at Matt.

He scrunched his mouth to the side and nodded apologetically.

“Not my rules, it’ll be quick, they just need a comment or two to play on the screens as they transition from match to match,” He explained. “And it’s with our in-house staff so it wont be intrusive, they know what to ask, besides, they rehearsed most of it anyway,”

I wasn’t fine with it because I didn’t want him to explain anything to anyone. I wanted them to leave him be, but I had no control over the situation, so I followed silently. We stood in the designated press area where a couple of cameras were set up facing a backdrop with the Wrestlemania campaign; Roman vs Lesnar. Renee Young stood aside talking off-air to one of the camera men, mic relaxed in hand.

“Young,” Matt called out.

She span around and immediately smiled at him then at Roman, her gaze at him softening slightly.

“I got your guy,” Matt continued and she made her way towards us.

“Heyyy,” she drawled looking at Roman skeptically, arms open for a hug. He welcomed her in and they shared an intimate hug. “I’m sorry,” I heard her whisper. “It was good match though, best I’ve seen you,”

Roman only smiled when they pulled away and her gaze finally landed on me as her face lit up.

“Hey, I’m Renee,” she extended her arm and I met it cordially.

“Hi,” I smiled. “I’m Jennifer,”

She flashed a look at Matt who was in his own ways trying to tell her about Roman and I. Her face lit up in recognition and she accidentally uttered, “Oh,” then a, “Nice to meet you,”

“Likewise,” I beamed, embarrassed with all the attention.

“Right, so, ready?” She looked at Roman. “I only have a few questions about the match and what’s next  okay? I know you don’t want to be here but I’ll be gentle…and quick,”

“Thanks,” I heard him laugh for the first time that night. My heart warmed at the sound, but even then I could tell it was strained. He went to stand between the backdrops and the cameras, forcing on a cordial face for the cameras.

“Roman, you’ve just walked out of the biggest match of your career this far against Brock Lesnar, how’re you feeling?” Renee asked.

“Umm…agitated,” He hesitated. “Obviously there’s bad blood between Seth and I now. I always looked at him like my brother, but I got the message real clear, that’s in the past now. He’s history to me. How I’m feeling Renee? I’m mad; I’m mad that I’ve worked my ass off whilst Seth is used to getting everything handed to him without getting his hands dirty. It’s no different here, what he did to me was dirty. Would I do the same? Nah, because I fight for what I want and I earn it. So I’m going to use this rage and fury to claim
my title back, I deserve that belt, not even Lesnar can come close. And yeah he took me to supplex city but I got back up, and that’s what I do. I get up and overcome it and come back stronger. My beef with Lesnar is dusted because I respect him - why? Because he fights, he’s brave enough to challenge me all this way, but now? I’m after Seth until I get back what I’m owed,”

Like Renee promised, she asked him a couple of more questions, each answer earning cheers from the crowd watching on in the stadium. But they mistook his professionalism for being so calm and collected; underneath that facade, he was raging.

As we left the room, the small crowds hovering around didn’t stop, it was all a mixture of the staff and families and friends seeing their loved ones. I wasn’t the only one. I thought about how if I kept this up, soon I’d be on friendly terms with these strangers if we saw each other often enough.

Even as we bypassed these crowds, everyone was in awe seeing Roman in real life, and those that knew him offered their condolences and complimented him for putting on a great show. And only a few metres away, his real close friends and colleagues waited for him, worry and disappointment masking their features.

Dean, Jimmy, and Jey (whom I didn’t have time to introduce myself to then) weren’t so full of words when they saw him, they approached him with caution and fell into a group hug with him, exchanging words of encouragement and love to him. It made me so happy to see the amount of support he had despite the odds against him.

“I’ll be right back,” I said to Jess as Roman started off again. “I need to make sure he’s okay,”

“She’s good here with us,” Matt called out to me with a wink. “What’s the plan?”

“I’m gonna try to get him out of here as soon as possible,” I suggested with a shrug, lost for answers. He nodded in agreement.

“Okay, I’ll talk to you later, I think he’ll appreciate your sole company without hearing my voice,” he joked.

“If I don’t get to see you later, thank you so much for everything,” I said hugging him briefly.

“Don’t be crazy, it’s all good,”

  I sent him a surreptitious smile before I went off after Roman who’d now taken the lead. 

As soon as we walked into his locker room, he sat down, and let out a heavy sigh, wincing in pain as he stretched his limbs. I followed, sitting right next to him despite the tension and silence.

“I bet a bed sounds so good right now,” I teased in attempt to lighten up the mood as I played with his hair.

He nodded and like he’d just thought about it, smiled and closed his eyes, “So good,” he muttered.

“What’d you say we get all your stuff and get out of here? You could use a nice hot bath to relax in, then we can get some room service and go to bed?” I bargained. “I’m even offering a massage,”

“My mom’s here,” he pointed out, out of the blue. Then his face lit up like he just remembered she was there.

“Oh,” I said simply. “Umm that’s fine, we can do that another time. I’ll see you tomorrow in that case?”

He shook his head no, he was so solemn it was so unreal.

“I want to come with you,”

It was my turn to shake my head, feeling flattered by his request, “No baby, I’d love for you to come but I think it’s not the best thing for you right now, I’m in a hotel and you could have a nice comfortable home setting with your family around,” I twiddled the little hairs on his temple. “Besides, I took the whole week off because there’s no point going back home and then coming back out to meet you so that we can go to Vegas, I thought I’d tag along with you. I have some work to do to keep me occupied when you’re busy, but you’ve got me for the whole week,”

"You really did that?”

“Yes,” I confirmed.

“I just need to talk to my mom and say bye, and I’ll come with you,”

“Roman,” I said apologetically, my tone treading carefully.

“Please?” and the way he said it broke my heart but I knew he needed to be with his family. “I just want you to hold me tonight, I wanna hear your voice and wake-up next to you,”

It helped that his family would know how to pacify the situation, well I assumed they would, they’d experienced this more than I did - especially with his dad being involved. I didn’t have much to offer otherwise and I was afraid it’d take him longer to perk up, and just send him on a downward spiral. I didn’t even know the right things to say for goodness sake.

I wondered how his family felt watching him going through all this. He told me that his mom had never come to see the matches live; she was too scared to. She’d attended too many for his dad and witnessing him or other wrestler’s get hurt made her queasy and haunted her. So it must have destroyed her to come out tonight and watch him like this.

“I think your mom would love to spend time with you, I’m sure you do too with her,”

“I’m okay, I’m with you,” he tried to argue.

I pulled away and cupped his face, he looked so solemn like a sad child. All I wanted to do was smother him with kisses and wrap my arms around him forever.

“Trust me okay?” I kissed him on the lips. “I’m here tomorrow, and days after that, Vegas, remember? But your mom needs you and I think you need her more tonight, she’ll take care of you. I’ll go with Jess, I owe Dean a drink anyway apparently, so I have to tend to that, you’ll see me tomorrow, I promise,”

He just looked at me sadly and nodded, resting his head on my shoulder. It didn’t make sense for me to fly cross country for Wrestlemania then go back home for four days and then to Vegas. So when I liaised with Matt, we agreed that after Wrestlemania, I could tag along to Raw and Smackdown before Roman and I could have a few days to ourselves and we’d go off to sin city.

“Do what you have to do and I’ll pack your stuff up and get you out of here as soon as possible,” I said pulling away.

“Please don’t be mad at me,”

“For what?”

“Tonight, for the match,”

“No, of course not Roman, I’m not mad at you at all,” I looked at him, deeply concerned that maybe I’d given him vibes that I was, and it’s true that I wasn’t. 

I was so proud of him, regardless.



“So are you planning on staying in bed depressed the whole day?” my mom asked the next morning as she barged into the room.

She’d been in and out, and I’d pretended to still be sleeping because I didn’t want to talk, but it’d gone past 12pm and she was getting agitated.

I felt her weight as she sat on the bed and turned my back to her and covered my head, burying myself underneath to hide from everything. But she ignored hint.

“That’s not going to work out buddy, you have a job to get to,” she said referring to my Raw appearance tonight.

I rolled my eyes at the reminder that I had to go back to face another crowd, and prove myself. I was done with it for now and a while to come. And quite frankly, I wanted to be alone with my thoughts. It was better this way, I didn’t have to explain myself to anybody.

“And I’m sure your girlfriend wants to speak to you,” she said innocently but that got my attention.

It’s like I stopped breathing for a second and turned around to face her, peeling the sheets off my head and looked at her. I didn’t like the look of sympathy worn on her face, it only served as a reminder of the reality of the situation.

“You have responsibilities Roman, hiding is not going to get you out of this misery,”

Mom, always one to be unreservedly frank.

“Your phone’s been ringing non-stop,” she announced.

I already knew that but it was great to ignore it, especially when everyone; fans included were hungry for a quote and nosey people who wanted to claim to be friends wanted gossip to satisfy their egos. Unfortunately it meant I got tired of the device ringing altogether, so it was easier to just ignore it entirely.

“I don’t want to talk to anyone,”

“I’m not babying you through this Roman, get up and go do whatever it is you have to do today, most importantly, go see her,”

“What am I supposed to say to her ma?” I winced as I sat up, pushing my wild hair back as the sharp pain in my ribs reminded me that I wasn’t ready for any demanding activities.

Then a picture of her face last night crossed my mind again as it had constantly in my sleep. The sadness in them, the disappointment and pity; the embarassment I felt to face her, and everyone else. But mostly her.

“I let her down, I wanted to show her that I can do it,”

“But you knew before you went out there that it wasn’t yours anymore,”

“I couldn’t tell her that before, it’d be cowardly 'oh hey I’m not gonna win the match just so you know, they’ve decided to give the title to Rollins,’” I rolled my eyes at the sound of it. “I don’t want to make up excuses to her, I just want to prove to her that I can do this,”

“You’re talking to me like I don’t understand how this works, I’ve watched your father and your uncles all over the world doing the same thing you’re doing. Your father never brought the belt home every night, neither a win, but he came home happy despite all that, and he smiled through that because he was doing what he loved. He just woke up to fight another day,” she said, this time I was sure I saw a glint of sympathy in her eyes. “I know what you’re afraid of, you think she’ll run away, but that’s not in your control, if she’s gonna run away Roman, she’ll run away - for her own reasons, not because you lost at Wrestlemania or several other matches. Stop doubting yourself and move on from the past, you have to look at this relationship afresh, she’s not her,

“I know and I am trying to do that, but I just don’t want her to be disappointed in me, I’ve done a lot of that, I just wanted to give her something to make her proud of me. I don’t want her to think I sacrifice the time and space in our relationship for nothing - to just lose, because then, is it really worth it?”

“This kind of relationship is not for everyone Roman, but I think you’d see and know by now if she’s going or staying, especially with everything you’ve revealed to her. It takes a strong woman to overlook that and still want to pursue something with you,”

And it rung true because I didn’t exactly have a clean slate but Jen was willing to stick it out with me, for whatever reason; I must have been doing something right. And I should have taken pride in that.

“You’re not gonna make her or yourself proud by hiding from her and feeling sorry for yourself. If you could survive the Rumble, you can overcome anything. So what you’re gonna do is get out of bed, fix yourself up for your woman and you go tell her you’re Roman Reigns,” she punctuated with a wink and a smile. “And Roman Reigns doesn’t stay down when he’s knocked over,”

I laughed at her, though I doubted she was joking, “I’m not gonna tell her that,”

“You are, you represent me and if you don’t, then I’m a bad mom,” now that smile gave it away that she was only trying to brighten up the mood.

“Okay mom,”

“She’s really beautiful by the way,” she smiled.

I blushed, suddenly finding an interest in the  bed sheets pooled on my lap, “She is right?”

“How did you manage that?”

“You’re really funny, you should do stand-up,”

“I have considered it,” she said thoughtfully. “You’re in good hands, I saw it with my own eyes last night,” she smiled approvingly.

We never got to talk about it, but not apparent to me at that time; the leading women in my life were in the same room last night. And even if I’d made sense of it last night, I doubt I was in the right frame of mind to bring them together. Just as well because it wasn’t the right circumstance I imagined them to meet under. I remembered it vividly; hugging mom after my match, not sure where to go after but I kept walking on, I knew I needed to go somewhere, but I’d lost all sensibility.

As I walked past people loitering around,  I saw her face. At first I thought I was imagining it so I looked away to clear my head and saw Matt grinning at me and nodding his head towards her. She was real. She was really there.  I hadn’t even expected to see her, she’d been telling me how work was drowning her and she doubted that she could do Vegas. And with everything else overwhelming me, the instant I saw her, I crumbled. I should’ve seen it coming, especially with how cunning Matt is, he’d been acting so erratic the past few days, and I suddenly understood why then.

“I’m proud of you,” mom said calling me out of my daydream and for some reason when those words came from a parent, they resonated deeply and masked everything. “You’ve achieved what you’ve always wanted to do, the outcome is different, but you still fulfilled it,”

I felt the stress alleviate and a lightness in my body as I recalled the moment I finally decided I wanted to pursue Wrestling. I remembered it so clearly because pop made me write a list of things I wanted to achieve so that I could push myself even harder than he ever did. He’d become my mentor. 

On top of that list was to main event at Wrestlemania, solo.

“Thanks mom,”

“Okay, now listen to me and do what I told you, make yourself presentable and go see her,”

“Why’re you pushing this?” I laughed at how enthusiastic she was about getting me to see Jen.

“Because I’m not getting younger and neither are you, and I really want some grand-babies, I’ve been polite and quiet, but come on now,”

“So if I go to see her today you think you’re gonna get some grand-babies right away?”

“It speeds things up,” she stood up laughing, kissing my forehead before she went to leave. She stopped at the door. “I mean it,”

“I know you do,”

“I know she’ll be worried about you, just make sure she knows you’re okay,” she said before disappearing and leaving me to my own devices.

I reached my phone and saw the list of missed calls; from everyone I was close to; a collection of follow-up by messages of well wishes and most requesting a call back when possible. I scrolled past many, searching for her name only. The rest could wait.

She’d called since last night after we parted ways. Then this morning, and left a couple of messages.

Jen: I know I’m probably bothering you but I just wanna make sure you’re okay and that you’ve slept well. Call me when you can xx

I called her straight away, excited to hear her voice, I missed her so much in that short space of time.

“Roman? Hi,” her voice was tender and warm.

It reminded of how she was last night; so gentle and caring, even though worried for the most part. I felt bad that I’d let her see me like that and had probably been a burden to her emotionally. She didn’t need to be dragged into my emotional warfare.

“Hey babe,”

“Hey, how’re you doing?”

“I’m okay,” I lied, ignoring the pain all over my body, each part with it’s own problem. “I’m sorry, I was sleeping when you called,”

“That’s okay, I thought so," 

"What’re you doing today?”

“I’ve got Raw tonight, otherwise I’m not busy,”

“You fighting again?” she asked sounding worried.

“No, I gotta do a segment and spear a few enemies then I’m outta there, what’ve you got planned?”

“Well Dean and the gang invited Jess and I out for lunch, so we’re doing that,”

“Huh,” I said to myself in thought. “Dean and…?”

“The twins, Naomi and Natalie, I mean Trinity, that’s gonna take some getting used to,”

“Oh first name basis and all?”

“Right? I would invite you but I think the plan’s to gossip about you so you can’t come with us,”

“You’re kicking me outta my own group?”

“Find some new friends maybe?” She suggested to me, then she turned serious, losing the smile in her voice. “Is that okay with you though, if we go?”

“Yeah, of course, I mean good luck, is all I can say, especially with Dean and Jon, watch out for those two, they’re a handful together,”

“You’re not coming?” she asked, stress lacing her voice.

“Umm I think I’ll pass on that one and let you get acquainted, can I come see you after?”

“Yes,” she said enthusiastically. “Please come out with us?”

“Babe my body’s beaten down-”

“So you’re not okay?! You lied!” she said raising her voice.


“I am, I am, just tired, but I’m okay, I promise. I’m gonna try to get a massage whilst you’re having lunch with your new friends and then I’ll come to see you right after,”

“Okay,” she replied with an ounce of sadness in her voice.

“Plus it gives me more time to make myself look all pretty for you,”

She replied with a heartfelt laugh, and just like that, I found my remedy; my heart smiled too.

Arya Stark, Serial Revenge Killer??

Just thought I’d add a few things, considering I thought that post on Cersei was the worst written thing I’ve ever churned out. 

I’ll basically just add this lovely video from Alt Shift X. I don’t necessarily agree with his conclusions, but he hits the right marks I also feel. I certainly identify with Arya, possibly the most of anyone in the book series. I often have liked some of the changes in the show, I do like that she’s cupbearer to Tywin Lannister and enjoy the writing in those scenes. I do not see Tywin not looking further into her identity, since he figures her out as a highborn girl. But whatever, it’s like Brienne not finding her when all she had to do was follow the sound of The Hound screaming, “KILL ME!!!” repeatedly. (Honestly, Brienne and Pod, I realize she has to get to Braavos, but how do you miss that? Same with Tywin, he can’t take her hostage, they were still sort of on book then.) 

And who can resist show!Arya and Sandor on their adventures? Actually, those are some of the mainstays of the show. The best quotes, some of the best scenes (I certainly, as Alt Shift X goes over here, also identify with Sandor Clegane, and part of that is because they are similar when you get down to it). 

My only real complaint? Arya has to, on the show, become “cool”. Not the traumatized, often frantic or depressed child she is. She doesn’t just cooly walk up to Polliver and calmly repeat dialogue from another episode while calmly stabbing him in the throat with Needle (The Tickler in the books, but same basic situation). She goes frantic. She’s hysterical (see also Daenerys book vs. show). There is a hole in her where her heart used to be. It doesn’t get better, it doesn’t go away. This theme of the hole where her family lived in her soul, her heart, the emptiness and loss of self, it’s tragic. Completely. Epic tragedy. Traumatized and not Sansa, she is quiet. She’s more Stark than Tully. Except she has lost her identity as a Stark, she’s lost her other Starks–her pack. She is the lone wolf, surviving when the pack has been killed. She can’t make it to The Wall to find Jon, and if she’d made it there instead of the weird dojo she can’t get along with the rules of, she’d have just seen him stabbed and who knows what would have happened to her. Maybe she’ll get there and see him alive again in the books, I certainly hope so. Maybe the hole can be filled again. But don’t leave the hole, refuse to really show it and make her motivation as empty as Lady Stoneheart’s is in the books, which IS pure, undead, loss of self revenge killing. 

So, show!Arya has no ability as a warg. She doesn’t have a connection to Nymeria, and she’s not traumatized, not particularly, aside from brief views into her psyche (scene with Lady Crane, describing her own emotions while about Ned being killed while pretending to talk of Cersei’s emotions–”…..I have to go, my father is waiting for me”, cue going to get Needle again). She’s truly a lone wolf, but kind of a weird sociopathic one on some kind of Tarantino-esque revenge training mission. She is stripped of her humanity. Does she get it back by telling The Kindly Man/Not-Jaqen/whoever the hell he is that she is ARYA STARK OF WINTERFELL after carving off the Waif’s face? She remembers who she is…..only to finally get back to Westeros (with some borrowed face, maybe THOBAW are totally cool with this??) for some Hot Pie level baking (of more people she managed to kill off screen…..don’t steal Frey Pies from us, please…..ok, you did…) and an orgasmic looking revenge kill of Argus Filch. I mean Walder Frey. It’s so off book it may as well cross universes. 

I miss the girl with holes all through her. The traumatized girl who can perhaps be made whole again. I don’t think she’ll die, as in the video, but you never know. I just miss our book Arya, for all that her adventures with Sandor Clegane were more fun in the show. But can the showrunners not learn that complex and tortured characters are worth bringing to the screen? That ratings don’t have to come from them all being heartless and cold? It has worked with tortured Jon Snow, after all. And they can’t have failed to have noticed, oh, I don’t know, Breaking Bad? I didn’t notice their ratings plummeting when the story involved tortured but well written characters eating breakfast for several minutes of an episode, so don’t give me that “it doesn’t move the STORY along” crap. 

Give me an Arya as tortured as she’s supposed to be internally. Let us watch her struggle. Not just physically. Let her be a warg. Let her have wolf dreams. Let her be a warg while she’s blind. It’s not like that’s not an interesting facet to her character. Let her revenge kills pre-Braavos be frenzied, mad episodes of rage that they are in the books. Let her be confused and not always understand what the adults are saying. Let her be filled with holes where her heart should be, and let her learn how to fill them without becoming a weird Kill Bill 3: The Lone Wolf Kills Like Hannibal Lecter. I realize she’s sort of there by Braavos, but not because she’s Hannibal Lecter, she’s still traumatized! Which, I guess, just ain’t cool for HBO lately. But make no mistake, this is Arya Stark for Dummies, the Benioff and Weiss version. Dumbed down shock value schlock. 

I really ask so little. (And don’t get me started on how adaptations always should be accepted without criticism, because for some reason that only seems to apply to Game of Thrones and mostly show fans. OK, also people who accept Peter Jackson’s occasional abominations and some Jane Austen works. Otherwise, people are free to critique away without condemnation.)

PB (Parenthetical Butthole)

Always There For Him...

Imagine always being there for Jon when he needs you (Modern AU).

((to the anon who requested this nearly two months or so ago, I hope ya like it. Sorry it’s kind of short! At least shorter than my usual! There was so much in your request that I tried to add in as much as possible without making it too much. Also, happy birthday to @game-of-thrones-wolf  I believe, I hope you don’t mind me saying this all out in the open like this!))

((Word Count: 1,309))

“This cannot be happening,” you whispered as you stood in the hallway outside your best friend’s hospital room. He was stable, so that was a plus, but he was very badly injured and the Doctors continued to say his condition was pretty touch and go.

Jon Stark, also known as Jon Snow, had been out patrolling a peaceful rally when it turned not so peaceful and people started throwing rocks, molotovs, and glass objects into the crowd. Jon, being Jon, had put himself in harm’s way to protect a group of teenaged students from the attack. And in the process had managed to get bruises over half of his body, a broken arm, and a graze from a bullet in his side. It wasn’t the first time he had been hurt, you knew that, and you also knew it wouldn’t be the last. But that didn’t make it any easier to see him hooked up to a dozen machines with tubs sticking out of him.

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Fun fact: “A redeemer” is an anagram of Meera Reed.

Yes, and an anagram of Theon Greyjoy is “enjoy the orgy”.

also Daenerys Targaryen = “arrange a dysentery”