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I'm bored as well! :D So what's your ideal GoT ending?

oh goodness… you know, i purposefully try not to think about the ending of game of thrones, because i think it would be impossible to make me happy at this point and i know dwelling on it would stress me out, however, here are a few things i would like to see happen or think will happen:

  • jon will die again, for good this time, saving the realm from the white walkers (i don’t want jon to die, but i think he will)
  • arya to fight in the war for the dawn with nymeria/her giant wolf pack at her side, and she will live
  • sansa to see sandor again
  • jaime to kill cersei
  • jaime to die in brienne’s arms (i will cry for 100 years)
  • daenerys to decide not to sit the iron throne, but rather set her sights on rebuilding old valyria and restoring it to its former glory and ruling as its queen
  • bran to be bran the builder and live forever
  • tyrion or gendry to sit the iron throne, if it still exists

there’s probably loads more things i would like and other predictions i have, but that’s all i can think of off the top of my head!

ask me about game of thrones! 

Reign Supreme Chapter 2

Y’all ready for chapter 2? I know what y’all thinking “Why you giving us more Roman?” Because I can and I want you all to be addicted to my writing! Lol anyways here is chapter 2!

Synopsis: Shae decides she is better off moving on from her one sided affection towards roman… But is it really one sided. Does Roman really not know who she is or is he well aware? Does he want her the same way she wants him? All these questions and more will be answered on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z! LOL JUST KIDDING! 

Warnings: Light but INTENSE SMUT! Also Intense and dominate Ro ;). Naughty thoughts. 

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RAW was going live in less than 30 minutes. Everyone backstage was running around putting the finish touches on costumes and ring gear. Makeup was being fine tuned and props were being secured and placed.

I was currently heading back to the trainers room. Earlier I ended up meeting with Hunter again while wandering around backstage. I asked him if I can remain in the trainer’s room with the team instead of having my own work space. It made me feel apart of the team and plus that way I could help my team with things that needed to be done. He agreed and decided that he would get that part of the contract taken out before I signed it. He also let me know that tomorrow he would like for me to meet with him and Stephanie to sign my new contract. I agree and head back.

As I’m walking can’t help but feel a bit down. I’m still a bit hurt about the Roman situation. But how can I be upset over it? He doesn’t know me. And I don’t know him, ONLY of him. And I was expecting him to be happy for me?

That is so selfish. I can’t expect something like that from someone who doesn’t even know who I am. That’s like wanting the president to acknowledge you voting for them and you’re only one of billions who did so. I wasn’t his girl I was just an obsessive fan. Which I’m  quite sure he has plenty of.

When I return to the room I prep for the night and take inventory of the supplies and tools. Minutes later I hear the opening pyro go off and the crowd go crazy. It’s shaking the room I’m currently in. I smile to myself. Tonights crowd is going to be a crazy one.

The shows starting. As if on cue Seth Rollins walks in along with Enzo and Cass.

I smile and them and welcome them. Zo walks up and kisses my cheek and then Cass ruffles my hair. Seth squeezes my shoulder as he passes.

“Hi Seth. What’s up Zo? Cass stop messing up my hair. Just because you’re 7 feet doesn’t mean I won’t cripple your ass.”

Cass chuckles and sits on the table while Zo sits in the chair next to my table and puts his wrists out. I start to tape them while I ask him to flex his fingers and tell me if it was uncomfortable. I don’t wanna cut off circulation to his wrists.

Seth leans against the wall and looks at me. “So we heard you’re the new head trainer. Congrats.”

I smile up at him then go back to Zo’s wrists. “Thank you Seth. I wasn’t expecting it but I’m happy for it. I shows how hard I’ve been working is being noticed and appreciated.”

Cass chuckles and says something along the lines of “If my life has to be in your hands I don’t wanna be on your bad side.”

I pause what I’m doing and look up at cass with a smirk. “Don’t worry Cass. I won’t let you die… too quickly. I’ll make you suffer before I let you pass. Keep that mind the next time you mess with my hair.”

*****Later that night*****

I’m currently sitting in catering with Emma, Bayley and Finn talking about absolutely nothing and everything.

As we’re talking I notice Nia walking in with Roman. She finds me and winks. She turns and says something to Roman and he shrugs his shoulders. She says something once more then walks off towards me. My eyes linger on him for a few more seconds before I reluctantly turn my head and focus on Nia. She comes over to our table and sits down. She greets everyone. And turns towards me with a smile.

“Hi guys. What are y'all talking about?”

Finn answers while on his phone. “Were just talking ‘bout nothin’ at all.”

Nia looks at me and winks. “So Shae are you up for some fun tonight?”

I look at Nia warily. “What kind of fun?”

“So I was thinking of going out with some people and dancing. Plus we can celebrate your promotion.” She wiggles her eyebrows at me.

“I don’t know. I have to be up to meet Hunter early. I’m signing my contract tomorrow morning.”

“Oh well let’s plan it for this weekend instead. We’re going to be off the road for a few days and Naomi, Jon and Josh can come too.”

I perk up at this and beam at Nia. Naomi is my other best friend besides Nia. She’s married to Jimmy Uso. And Jimmy and Jay happen to be Nia and Romans cousins.

“YAY! Okay this weekend we will celebrate. I can’t wait to see my loves.” She smiles and shakes her head. She knows I’m a sucker for some Naomi.

“Good. I’ll let Roman know what the plan is.”

The smile immediately drops from my face.

Nia takes notice and places a hand on my shoulder. Emma looks at me and Bayley leans forward looking worried. Finn places his phone on the table and folds his arms over his chest. Looking at me as well.

I finally speak. “Uh well I don’t think I want him there. I won’t be able to handle him being there or anywhere near me right now.”

Nia looks appalled I said that. “WHAT!? Why? What happened? You were in love with him earlier today.”

I give Nia the death stare. I don’t know why I feel so defensive at that moment. Everyone at the table knows how I feel about him. I stare at them all for a moment before I lower my head and run my right index finger over the table making patterns.

“Well I think it’s selfish to want him to care about me when he doesn’t even know who I am. It’s selfish to want him so badly. It’s a pipe dream… Wanting him to want me. We’ve never spoken to each other before and I thought I’d get a reaction out of him when Hunter said I was being promoted and didn’t. It made me realize this is a one sided affection. And I can’t keep going on like this. So I’m going to move on. Focus on work for now.”

They just looked at me.

Finn speaks in a calm voice while looking at me. “Ya know dat isn’t gonna work. You’ll be right back to pining’ over him tomorrow, especially if he comes around you. You can’t just dismiss your feelings love.”

I look at Finn dead in his eyes. “I won’t know unless I try. I just feel selfish for wanting him to act like my man and he isn’t.” I stand up and stretch. I smile at everyone and start to walk away.

“I gotta get back to the trainer’s room. I’ll see you guys later.” And with that I walk off.

When I arrive at the trainer’s room I walk in and sit at my desk. I start to look through the inventory sheets I have. I need to add some things for next week’s shows. I have to make sure the crew has everything they need and then some since I’ll be off the road for 5 days. Also I need to send out a text to my team about the meeting we’re having tomorrow morning about my time off and my new position. I get up and turn to my bag to grab my phone and I immediately freeze at what I see in front of me.

Roman is sitting on the table with his bright grey eyes focused on me. I just stare at him for a few seconds before I remember I’m supposed to be moving on from this. I clear my throat and speak.

“Uh Roman I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you there. Is there something you need?”

He just stares at me for a few moments before slowly getting up and walking towards me. His eyes are trained squarely on me. I feel like a deer caught in headlights. I take a step back while my eyes are still locked on his. I can’t look away even if I wanted to. All I think about is how he’s looking at me finally. He takes step towards me and I take a step back each time he comes towards me.

Suddenly my butt hits my desk and I know I can’t go any farther. He smirks and closes the distance between us.

Its at this moment I take notice of our height difference. Hes 6’3 and im 5’4. I come right to his chest. I don’t know why but at this moment I picture him picking me up and pushing me against the nearest wall as he takes my lips in a heated kiss. His hands roaming over my ass squeezing and groping. My hands running from his broad and wide shoulders up to his thick neck and tracing his handsome face, and finally gripping those long and soft locks. Him breaking away and looking at me while breathing hard. Me looking at him with half lidded eyes and breathing hard. Him giving me that signature smirk and…

I’m snapped out of my trace by his husky chuckle. “Baby girl I can practically hear you thinking. And trust me I want to do more than just stand here. Maybe I should bend you over this desk and shove my cock into that pretty pussy. Would you like that? Hmm?”

His voice. It’s so deep and husky. It caresses my skin and makes me melt on the spot. I can feel my panties become soaked and it only turns me on more. I manage to nod my head since words have failed me at this moment. He places a finger under my chin and lifts my chin so that I have to look up at him.

When I look up I just stare. He’s so sexy. Staring down at me his hair is like veil around us. He smells so good. Like fresh rain and sweat. I wonder what he’d taste like. Maybe I should lick him to find out.

His lips are so full. They look so soft. I want them on me. Everywhere. I finally look into those eyes. I can feel myself get lost in them and I want that. I want to lose myself to him. To give him everything I am. I want to submit myself to him and then some.

I’ve never felt this way about anyone. But with him it feels so right. It feels good to just give. To submit my body and soul to him. I want him to claim me. I just want him on and inside of me.

He’s looking back at me with equal interest. If you can call it that. He’s looking back at me with the eyes of a man who’s found what he wants… Wants to fuck. To break. To claim.

He licks his lips and speaks in a husky voice. “So… You want to move on from caring about me? You want to forget me?” He chuckles at that and leans down so that were nose to nose. His hand goes from my chin to the back of my neck and he gives a firm squeeze.

“Babygirl you won’t ever forget me. Do you wanna know why?”

I take a sharp intake of air at his question. I move my eyes around frantically and try to move my lips in an attempt to speak but I can’t. I look down and close my eyes. I take deep breaths and calm myself. I look up when I feel calmer and speak.

“Why won’t I forget you?” I ask in a quiet voice. I smirks and moves his lips on top of mine. Not kissing me but just hovering. When he speaks it’s basically a growl and that’s when my legs become jelly. Roman notices this and braces his legs around mine helping to keep me upright. I can feel his cock poking my stomach. And it’s so warm even through his thick cargo pants.

“You won’t forget me because i’m going to imprint my essence into you. I’m going to fuck you into submission. I’m going to fuck you until you can’t remember where you end and I begin. I’m going to fuck you and break you. Then i’m going to rebuild you with only thoughts of me and what I did to you. And trust me you’ll enjoy every second of it. You’ll enjoy it so much you’ll soak the sheets. Drip down on my cock. Scream my name. And you’ll thank me for what I’m going to do to you.”

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oooh here's a cool prompt :) Jon is angry and frustrated because of an argument with Damian. He runs off to the Batbros to complain that his supposed partner is nothing but a jerk who doesnt care about him. But then they all tell him how the opposite is actually true :p

“He’s such a jerk!” Jon Kent said as he sailed through the window into Tim Drake’s apartment. “you know in normal society it’s polite to call ahead before you come over” Tim said from where he was laying on the couch not looking up from the book he was read. “And use the front door!” this last was shouted over the top of his book toward his bathroom. Jason walked out wearing a pair of sweat pants and no shirt a tooth brush in hand. “Was that a dig at me Timbo? oh hey fly boy” He waved at Jon before turning back to Tim.

“I needed somewhere to crash and I knew you weren’t using the bed” Jason said slipping into the bathroom to put away the tooth brush. “You did not know that!” Tim protested. Jason looked at him before briefly looking at Jon “Yeah I did” Tim blushed and made a strangled sound. “Are you guys fighting already?” Came Dick’s voice from the kitchen. “Come on it’s not even 10 o’clock” Dick popped his head through the door a fraying pan full of eggs in hand. “Hey Jon, staying for breakfast?” Jon shrugged “sure, if you don’t mind Dick” Jon still got embarrassed saying Damian’s big brother’s name. “It’s no problem” Dick ducked into the kitchen.

A few minutes later the four of them crowded around the small kitchen table as Dick served out scrambled eggs. “So what did Damian do” Jason said taking a bite out of his toast covered in strawberry jam. Jon stabbed his eggs and said “It’s not one thing, it’s all the things, he’s just a jerk, never listens to me, always says my ideas are stupid, he just doesn’t care about me at all, we’re suppose to be partners!” The three brothers exchanged looks. “I’m sure he cares” Tim said after taking a bite of eggs. “No he doesn’t!” Jon crossed his arms and looked defiant. 

“Should we tell him about the collage?” Dick said conversationally. “The what?” Jon’s face wrinkled in confusion. “Oh yeah” Jason said with an evil grin. “So I don’t know when the last time you were in Damian’s bed room was Jon” Jon had never been into Damian’s bedroom, which he was pretty sure they knew. “Well” Jason continued “on one wall, like a whole wall, nothing but pictures of you, he says they’re just recon, but lot of selfies and he cuts out other people you know unless it’s him in the picture.” Jon sat slack jawed.

“Oh and” Tim added holding up his fork. “He’s always telling us how much better at things you are than us” Jason and Dick nodded. “Jon wouldn’t have messed that up Drake” Tim said in a pitch perfect impression of his little brother. Jason laughed “Yeah little bird thinks the sun shines out of your ass fly boy” Jon looked down at his breakfast with a smile. “Really?” he asked quietly “yeah really” Dick offered. Jon kept looking at his food smiling as he ate, so he didn’t notice Tim and Jason’s hands moving.

how long till they both figure it out?’ Tim signed ‘these two? could be forever’ Jason signed back. “Be nice guys” Dick said under his breath ‘they’ll figure it out when they’re ready’ he signed 

We Grew Up Together

Requested by @a-girl-who-loves-disneyHi Meg! May I request a Jon Snow x fem!reader? They’ve grown up together and are in love (unknown to the other though). He asks her why she’s not betrothed and he finds out that she’s interested in one of the Stark boys. He keeps trying to guess (they both joke about Rickon and Bran being the one) and whenever he guesses Robb she still says no. He eventually figured out she means him and has a hard time accepting that she loves him but they end up together at the end. Fluffy please! Thanks! :)

 Here you go, lovely!! My apologies for taking so long! I do not own Jon, Robb or Rickon. They belong to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: Fluff!!!

Pairings: Jon Snow x fem!reader, Robb Stark, Rickon Stark

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Jon watched your face as you giggled at something he said. To him, that was the best part of being in Winterfell. You. Everything about you. The two of you had known each other pretty much your whole lives. You grew up in Winterfell. Over the years, Jon fell in love with you. He’d wanted to be with you, but he knew you’d never feel the same for him and that helped him make up his mind to go to the Wall. He thought there was nothing to keep him there.

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  • Ari: Ironically, you and Jon haven't been doing too much in this car, which should actually be a blessing on your end..
  • Emile: If you know what I mean...
  • Ari: *gibberish* EXCUSE ME?!? Are you trying to imply what I think you’re implying?!?
  • Emile: Well you said we aren’t doing too much in the car, so…
  • *beat*
  • Ari: Oh my god, Emile!
  • Emile: Is it really bad if I’m say we aren’t doing that?
  • Ari: You’re digging yourself a bigger hole!
  • AriZonia and Chuggaaconroy, Ari Plays: Organ Trail; R1 Redux - feat. Chuggaaconroy ep. 4
I Dream of Jonnie

Jonsa Summer Challenge - Day 5 - Firsts or Dreams

Submitted by @lathwell55

Sansa coughed and spluttered as she screwed her eyes shut tight against the swirling puffs of dust coming off of the old brassware. The trinket she was polishing had been part of a lot that Sansa bought at auction meant for her vintage tea rooms. Utterly charmed by the collection of fine bone china with dainty floral decal that made up part of the mismatched lot, Sansa remembers the elation of being declared the highest bidder at auction as she excitedly waved her little paddle with her dedicated number on. 

Having long ago integrated the little teacups, saucers, sugar bowls and teapots to her vast collection in use at Lemontree Tea Rooms, now her attention had been turned to the sad looking box of odd and ends that came with her prized china. Thinking she might fetch a fair price for it on ebay, with her little pot of polish and a rag, Sansa had set to work on a brass oil lamp. That was when a sudden outpouring of black dust began to come spewing out of the funnel, the lamp itself grew unbearably hot and was suddenly no longer within her grasp, as if the object had leapt from her hands.

The dust cloud grew and grew, it became so large that Sansa wondered how on earth all that dust could have possibly fit inside the little oil lamp? The deep dark colour of the mist brought with it a rapid panic as Sansa’s lounge was quickly engulfed in black. And then, quite suddenly, the cloud receded as if being swallowed and sucked back into the piece of brass laid on the floor. Sansa continued to cough into her fist, her eyes screwed shut and her other hand waving about wildly at a fog that was no longer there.  

“What the fuck was that all about?” She muttered to herself.

“Sorry about that - it’s been a while” came an unexpected male voice.

Sansa’s eyes flew open and she let loose a scream.

“No! No! No! Shit!” The dark haired intruder flustered as he waved his arms about “I’m not…I’m not here to hurt you” he winced through her screaming. Sansa rose from her seat on the couch and began backing away, her chest heaving from fright and the exertion form her scream, she picked up the nearest object to hand - which happened to be a magazine - she rolled it up in her hands whilst continuing to back away from the intruder.

The man’s eyebrows raised and he smirked as his hands stayed in their surrendering pose. “Are you gonna swat me like a fly milady?” He asked in amusement.

“Who are you?! What are you doing here?!” Sansa shouted, waving the rolled up magazine wildly about.

“Calm down, I-”


The man had snapped his fingers and just like that, Sansa’s voice was gone. Her mouth was moving, but no noise was escaping. She clutched her throat and then rounded on the stranger with the magazine again, mouthing her silent words ‘what have you done to my voice!?’

“Sorry about that” he said as he started looking around her lounge before walking over to her bookshelf and starting to stroke the book spines and picking up her ornaments and framed photos for his curious inspection. “Your shrieking wasn’t helping.”

Sansa threw her arms up in exasperation. She then folded them over her chest and watched him as he assessed her decor and nick-knacks. He was dressed rather oddly for a thief - he had smart, black, quite high-waisted suit trousers on that looked as if they had been starched and pressed within an inch of their life, he wore a pristine crisp white shirt, topped off with braces and a bowtie. His jet back hair had far too much hair gel in it and was slicked to a side parting.  

“Look, I’m not here to hurt you, or steal from you or anything like that” the man turned to face her, shoving his hands in his pockets and rocking back on his feet - that were encased in the shiniest shoes Sansa had ever seen. “I’m here to help you actually.”

Sansa stared blankly at the man, hoping all would start to make sense very soon.

“That lamp” he inclined his head towards the piece of brass on her rug “you rubbed it didn’t you?” Sansa nodded. The man started making a rolling gesture with both hands, as if he was urging her thoughts to connect the dots more quickly. Sansa unfolded her arms. Her mouth hung open. She mouthed the words ‘you’re a fucking genie?!’ “Jon” the man says, taking a few long strides and offering his hand. Sansa stares at it blankly.

“If I give you your voice back, do you promise not to scream?”

Sansa gives one sharp nod, Jon clicks his fingers.

“Why are you dressed like that?” She asks. The man looks down at his clothes and then back to her, assessing what she’s wearing - and letting his eyes linger a little too long in certain areas, making her pull her dressing gown together to cover her little camisole top and sleep shorts. Jon clears his throat, somehow making it sound like an apology. “Where are your harem pants and little jacket thingy?”

“Ahh yes, the traditional genie attire - always hated that get-up” Jon scoffs. “What year is it anyway?” he asks, snatching the rolled up magazine from Sansa’s hand.


Sansa watches him curiously as he’s flicking through the pages. He nods to himself at some of the photos, clicks his finger and all of a sudden, he’s in tight grey jeans, boots, a black henley and his hair is tied neatly at the back of his head in a ‘man-bun’.

“Wow” Sansa breathes before cursing her slip. Jon grins back at her. 

“Thanks! I haven’t been out of that sodding thing since 1926! Feels good to stretch the ol’ magical muscles, so to speak”

“This isn’t real” she whispers to herself in disbelief. “You’re a genie? A real-life magical genie?”


“So…do I get-?”

“Three wishes? Indeed you do…what’ll it be?”

Three weeks. Three weeks and Jon’s new Wish Master had not chosen one wish yet. Not that he was complaining. Sansa Stark was by far the most attractive Master he’d ever had - and once she had begun to relax around him more (letting him at least sleep in her guest bedroom instead of back in his lamp that she would then lock in her safety deposit box overnight) Jon came to realise that she was also the sweetest Master he’d ever worked for too. He wished he could stay as her genie forever.

But he knew Sansa wasn’t hanging on to her wishes through want of his prolonged company. No, she was just one of those. One of those people who like to plan - like to make sure that the decisions they make are the right ones. She was simply taking her time. And then, once he grants her third and final wish, he’ll be sucked back into that infernal lump of brass once more until some other unsuspecting person rubs his lamp and he has a new Wish Master. And on and on it will go.

Jon rakes his fingers through his hair and sighs at the thought of moving on from Sansa.

“What’s wrong?” 

“Oh nothing” he reassures with a false smile. She doesn’t buy it.

“Want some?” Sansa asks, pointing her spoon loaded with mint choc-chip ice cream at him “it always cheers me up.”

Jon concedes and grabs the spoon, wrapping his mouth around the pale green icy cold substance as Sansa watches the movement.

“Oh this is good” he says, slightly surprised before licking the remnants from the spoon and digging it back into the tub in Sansa’s hand to retrieve more.

“Uh-huh” she says, looking a little dazed. Shaking her head she furrows her brows “do you even need to eat?”

“No, not really…doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate some good flavours though. I like tasting things.”

“Uh-huh” she repeats, her gaze still intent on his mouth. 

“What is it?…Have I got something on my face?” Jon asks self-consciously, licking all around his lips.

“NO! NO!..err.. I mean -” Sansa averts her eyes and clears her throat before carrying on in a calmer tone “no…you’re good” she nods. Jon shrugs.

“So you thought any more about your wishes?”

“Uh!” Sansa flops down onto the bar stool at her kitchen island “it’s just so hard to decide!…what do people normally wish for?”

“Well” Jon starts, taking a seat on the other stool “after they stop trying to get me to grant the un-grantables they-”

“The un-grantables?”

“Yeah…you know, wishing for more wishes, bringing people back from the dead, making someone fall in love with you etc etc” Jon rattled off.

“Oh yeah…those.”

“Yeah, so after they try me with the un-grantables, I get a lot of ‘I wish I was rich’, ‘I wish I was famous’, ‘I wish I had a massive dick’.”

Sansa failed to contain a coughing fit, causing Jon to lean over and gently pat her back. She waved him off “Wow…umm…you get a lot of that?”

“Yeah….I dunno…it seems important to human men” Jon shrugs “..at least important enough to waste a wish on.”

“You consider that a waste?” Sansa asked, swiping the spoon back from her genie and hiding her curious expression by pretending to be far too interested in the remaining ice cream in the tub.

“Well I wouldn’t really know as I’ve never-”

“You’re a virgin?! You’re….what was it?….2500 years old and you’re a virgin?!”

“2431 years old actually” Jon corrects with a roll of his eyes “and it would be pretty hard for me to….you know…since I don’t even have a-”

Jon trails off, waving his hand in the general direction of his crotch. Sansa’s mouth falls open. “You don’t have a-….Why not? What do you have?” she asks, staring at the juncture of his legs.

“I’m a genie Sansa, not a human…there’s just nothing there.”

“Like a Ken doll?!”

Jon laughs and scrubs at the back of his neck. “yeah…like a Ken doll.”

“How do genies… procreate?”

“We don’t” he shrugs “We were made with magic, back when it was stronger in the world….there were about 10 of us in all and we’ve just….existed….a lot of our time is spent between Masters…there’s less of us now of course….I heard Theon’s lamp got buried in an as yet undiscovered Egyptian tomb…so I guess he’s just waiting for some archaeologist to unearth him….then I heard Val got lucky and managed to get her final Master to wish her to become human.”

“Is that what you want? To be human?” 

“I’d just like to be free” Jon shrugged, swiping back the ice cream and spoon.

Sansa studied him before making up her mind. “I’ll wish you were human…if that’s what you want?”

Jon’s breathing slowed and his hand holding the spoon stilled. His heart raced as he slowly brought his eyes to meet Sansa’s. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. I’ll do it” She takes a deep inhaling breath, looking like she is about to declare the words - her wish that is also his. 

“Wait! What about your other two wishes? Once I’m human, I won’t be able to grant you anything.”

“You can’t give me what I really want anyway” Sansa says, in a small voice, staring unseeing at a fixed point over Jon’s shoulder.

“And what’s that?” he asks gently.

“To love someone, and have them love me back. Truly, unconditionally…..you can’t grant me that.” 

There’s a story or two behind the sadness in her eyes - this much Jon knows. Maybe she’ll tell him those stories, maybe she won’t, but she is wrong about one thing. “I could.” Jon declares softly. “I think I’m already half in love with you already…” he explains after seeing the confused look on her face.

Sansa scans his features for any falsity or mocking, her own expression softening slightly when she finds none. 

“But you’ve only known me for two weeks.”


“Yes - because that extra week makes all the difference” Sansa responds sarcastically. Jon rolls his eyes and huffs before taking the spoon and ice cream from her and setting it down on the kitchen island so that he is able to scoop up her hands in his.

“There is other magic in this world besides genie magic Sansa….I’d like to share it with you…if you want me to?”

“I…” she stutters, taking a gulp and watching the way Jon’s thumbs sweep softly across her knuckles “I think I’d like that.”

Bringing her hands up to his lips, Jon places a gentle kiss on her skin and gives her an encouraging smile. “Your other two wishes then?…what will it be my love?”

Sansa’s eyes start to scan her kitchen, as if it might hold some helpful clues. She frowns when she spies the tub of mint choc-chip. “More ice cream”.


Sansa nods enthusiastically.

“Alright” Jon shrugs. He snaps his fingers and three extra tubs of ice cream appear on the island counter. Sansa grabs her spoon and tears open one of the new tubs, closing her eyes and letting out a little groan of relish as the spoon slips out of her lips. Jon watches her intently, making her blush a little.

“Will…umm….once you’re human….you’ll have….all the human parts?”

“Err….yes…I guess I will.” Jon says, his own cheeks turning a bit pink in turn.

“Ok” Sansa says, licking her spoon clean and placing it down on the counter-top “for my second wish…..I wish for…condoms.” Jon’s eyes widen. He gulps and clicks his fingers. His eyes never leave her as there’s suddenly a literal shower of shiny square packets. They instantly drop everywhere - piled on the counter-tops, all over the floor and even in the sink. There must be hundreds. Sansa lets out a bark of laughter. “Plan on being busy do we?”

“Better safe than sorry.” he grins.

Sansa picks out a foil packet that has somehow managed to wind up in her hair, she raises her brows as she’s scrutinising the writing on it. “XXL huh?”

“Apparently size is important.”

Sansa giggles prettily, her eyes dance and sparkle and Jon thinks that he may not be half in love with her after all….perhaps he’s fallen completely, never to return. He barely knows what he’s doing until it’s done - he’s taken her face in his hands and is kissing her rosy lips. He’s sloppy and unpractised but after her initial swallowed gasp and shock, Sansa guides him to a slower pace.

Pulling away, he stares at her, his breaths ragged and his lips slightly swollen. He slides his hands from either side of her face down to her slender neck, fingers speared through her hair at the base of it and his thumbs brushing gently against her cheekbones.

“It…err…when you want to…use..one of those…it will be my first time….you might need to go easy on me” Jon says with a self-deprecating, nervous laugh. Sansa wraps her hands around his wrists, stroking the skin she finds there.

“As long as you go easy on me with your massive magical monster cock.”

As their combined laughter fades, Jon swears he feels the air in the room shift. Sansa gives his wrists a squeeze and offers him a soft smile with twinkling eyes.

“Are you ready for my final wish Jon?”

Preferences # 1: How You Met

(A/N: YES! I’m gonna give this a try… We will see how it goes 😁 Hope you enjoy! Also tell me who you want me add and etc. Also got a prompt for these? Send um in!)

Jamie Lannister:

                        It was cold in Winterfell, such that it made the elder Lannister in a dreary mood. That was, until the feast came along.

He, being the knight and noble person he was attempted to evacuate quickly feeling himself exhausted with lack of interest in the world around him and that was when he noticed you.

  You were attempting to swing a sword and bring it back to attention, slowly stepping forwards each time.

Jamie couldn’t help but stare: Never before had he a women with intentions of learning swordsmanship and never had he seen someone with such determination. Wanting to learn more, he coughed in order to get your attention and instantly you turned to him, eyes widened and dropped the sword.

 Silently cursing to yourself, you went to pick up the weapon when you saw the male with his blonde hair and green eyes heading your way, a cocky grin plastered on his face. Deciding to leave the weapon as you saw his stride approach with no haste in your direction, you fell to a curtsey. “My Lord…”

 Once he acknowledged you, you rose quickly and began to explain yourself as though you expected to be scolded, “Winter is coming, Lord Jamie and you see I only-”

 He laughed curtly and only smiled, “Fear not. I do not intend to tell anyone. Though if I may-” He spoke grabbing your blade, “Your technique was not quite correct. May I?” As you nodded, he handed you the weapon and snaked his arms around your waist, his hands being placed above yours.

 Patiently, he taught you how to do the basic steps, though it mattered not, you were far too afraid to listen properly. Alas after what seemed like hours, you snuck out of his embrace and fell back to the curtsey you were in earlier.

 "My Lord I thank you, truly, but if I am beginning to feel the chill you must be freezing. Perhaps we shall practice again some other-“

Stopping her from speaking he interrupted her, "What is your name?”

 Silence fell as she stood slowly, confused, “Pardon?”

 "Your name.“ The Kingslayer smirked, "You know so much about me, I would say a name would be efficient enough payment for lessons tonight.”

 A soft smile escaped the girls face as she picked up her skirt, looking into his eyes, “Y/N.” Then she began to walk away mumbling a “Good-night.” and a “Thank you again.” and Jamie couldn’t help but repeat the name aloud.

“Y/N… Hmmm…. Till next time, Y/N.”

Joffrey Baratheon

                                It seemed like something that would never leave you alone:

There you were, just riding along to meet with you family along-side your closest friend and personal guard when they were brutally slaughtered right in front of you. Though a week ago, you had refused to leave your quarters, only allowing your elder sister inside.

You refused to eat, drink, sleep, and generally didn’t move from your spot. It was as though you were still in shock and even a single breath would send the memory and feeling of blood splattering on your face echoing in your head. You were growing ill and despite your sisters protest, refused to allow a maester to examine you. She was frightened, and frankly you didn’t blame her though you cared not:

You were ready to meet the seven and get your judgment done, hoping that perhaps a shorter life would save you from the stranger’s cold grasp.

 It was late that night when you decided to finally stand and take a walk through the gardens, feeling that perhaps the roses would remind you of home, though you wished not to be followed, hence the dark coat of night would be your perfect seal of invisibility. This being said, the moment you stepped up, you felt an overwhelming amount of dizziness, but kept pushing yourself until you reached a bench outside in the middle of the gardens rose fields. Though exhausted, you couldn’t help but smile, the faint smell of the flowers truly reminding you of High Garden. Sighing, I closed your eyes gently.

 Oh Gods… Please take me now… You thought to yourself, While everything is peaceful and-

“Lady Y/N?” A voice spoke, causing you to jump. “Lady Y/N what are you doing up?”

Though never before hearing it, you knew immediately who it was and fell on your knees.

This was the King of whom your sister was promised.

The same King that beat on defenseless innocent women and killed for no good reason.

You could feel yourself trembling and the King reached to your hands, moving them to his lips as he pulled you up, taking your trembling as a sign that you were cold and he blew warm air on them.

Pulling them back you shook your head and looked down, “Your grace you mustn’t fall ill.” Slowly and cautiously you sat yourself back down onto the bench, surprised that he followed you.

 "I mustn’t allow my betrothed’s sister collapse in the middle of the gardens though, Can I?“ You shrugged slightly, still nervous, and he grabbed your hand, "Are you homesick my Lady?” I shook my head and looked at the flowers,


 He chuckled, “Nightmares? Why there is no reason to have nightmare! You are in Kings Landing there is no place safer.” Reaching to turning your face to meet his gaze, he wiped stray tears, “I promise you.”

Jojen Reed

“Meera, Brann! C'mon! We mustn’t haste!” The younger Reed called to his companions as the trailed far behind him. They hollered at him confused but he knew that something good would happen to him today.. Something he needed to happen…

He didn’t know what, only knowing when and where this event would happen. Bran and his sister hollered at him to slow down but he couldn’t even if he tried. He was so close… He could feel it. They were almost to the field he had seen in his dream for days and days. So close… We are almost there… He knew the field would be close to Winterfell, perhaps closer than what Bran would have wanted to be, but he knew that this event would aid them. They needed to be there. All three of them. Jojen could literally lay eyes on the field when his sister hollered and he turned back without hesitation.

“It’s Y/N Bolten!” Bran screamed in panic, “She ice cold… Like she’s been here over-night.”

Though attempting to be collected, he knew his companion was terrified as he backed away from the scene in a rush, claiming to check the area for other Bolten’s lurking about. He turned to Meera, who he could see wanted to help but knew the hesitation. Jojen nodded, comprehending the situation in front of him and allowing his sister to at least heal the girl, stripping his cloak off to wrap the young monster inside as he made his way to the field, thinking on his dream.

Where exactly did I see? Did I even see beyond the tree? No… I didn’t… Did I? Is this Bolten girl why I am here? I am sorry Bran, my friend, But we must take this chance…

Jon Snow

                You had no intentions of attending needlepoint. Not today, at least not when there are so many books to be read in the Stark’s library.

 Yes, you knew that you should be training to be a proper Lady but you could be going down a worse path than that of a scholar. You could be picking up a sword.

You did deeply love the two daughters of Eddard Stark, in fact you adored all the Stark’s as well as their land and were grateful for their hospitality towards you and your elder brother, but deeply you only wished to indulge in their book collection and would hardly leave you room except for an evening stroll with your brother, a weekly meeting with each of the Stark’s (one child a day), trips to the library, and to dinners. Sure, it was not healthy to eat a single meal a day, but my brain is much healthier and that is all that truly matters.

Finishing the page, you groaned, looking out to see that the moon was long set and you had to make a journey in the dark to the library with only a lantern to guide your way.

 Regardless, you set out, the only fear present in your mind being running into your brother, for though you two got along well, you knew that he was overly protective of your well being. You frankly could not blame him all that much as you could see how he would believe that you could cause such a ruckus, but it minded you not as you headed on your way, several books in your arms as to not disrupt the maids Lord Eddard had generously provided for you even more than you could imagine. You were making fine haste as well, that was when you bumped into a figure with an impact so great that it sent you spiraling backwards, a book hitting your head and knocking you out.

The light is what woke you up and someone franticly shaking you.

 "Lady Y/N?!“ Blinking in response the figure sighed. "Oh thank the Gods. I am so so sorry my lady, I was not looking were I was going and we just collided and-”

“Jon Snow?”

The bastard blinked in shock, shaking his head, “You know me, my lady?”

Sitting up and clenching her head with a single whine she shrugged and spoke weakly, “More of you, my lord. We have not properly met.”

The boy blushed and looked down, “I am no lord..” then forcing himself to focus on the topic at hand. “Are you in pain my lady?” Not wanting to lie to the already flustered male, you nodded and he smiled gently and nodded walking towards the door, “I’ve sent for your brother. Sleep, my lady.”

“Jon wait.” He turned slowly, eyebrows raised in confusion. “Stay with me till I sleep?” Nodding, the bastard walked back to the chair. Though he did not fore-tell that you would be getting no sleep as you began to question him about his life and interest until he was kicked out by your brother, leaving you in your bedridden state.

Robb Stark:

The mere thought of walking down to the feast with the crown princess made him sick, but the fact that his parents were making him spend the whole day with her completely disgusted him.

Though only seeing a mere glimpse of her, he had only assumed that she was almost as snotty as her twin brother, as she was escorted quickly to her room, not even greet the family whom was hosting her. Yet here he was, waiting for you in the stables to take you for a ride.

And naturally, you were late.

 You, being the shy person you are wanted to impress the eldest true born Stark by looking your best and wearing his house colors. Nerves were raging as you came running in, then seeing his glare, realized how improper it was you stopped in your tracks, dropped your dress, and bowed your head, muttering apologizes that the wolf could barely hear. Then he couldn’t help but smile, walking to you, horses behind him by the reins and offered you a hand to assist you up.

Smirking he jumped on his horse when you were completely on your mare, he spoke, “You need not bow your head Lady Y/N. I am not the Crown Prince. Now shall we?”

Tommen Baratheon:

                                You felt sick.

The South was beautiful, yes but you just wanted to go home. It was colder than the North here and you couldn’t trust anyone except your family. You had lost the ability to sleep and eat, fearing that you would be stabbed or poisoned. Though it raised many eyebrows, including your own father’s, the phase of fear couldn’t be slipped. Even the Queen questioned you on your behavior which sparked so much paranoia that you locked yourself in your room. It was after a fortnight that your father had come in to drag you out to have lunch with the Queen and her youngest two children. Though to your surprise, you were the first one there.

 The Queen greeted you with a hug and a smile which you were surprised that she was so natural. Perhaps it was a thing with children? None-the-less, you responded politely, and shyly, and complemented her, as well as her home, thanking her for the generosity she had given your family. She shook it off, but then began to learn more about you. That was when her children slowly came and the topic switched to them (which you didn’t mind: You hated talking about yourself).

 First came Princess Myrcella. She wore a long, puffy pink dress, which made your clothing in Lannister colors look cheap. She spun proud for her mum, while she applauded and you complemented her grace.

Then came Prince Tommen, the boy who was two year elder than you. He instantly walked your way and held out his hand. “Hi! I am Tommen and I am a Prince! What is your name?”

Chuckling at his straight-forwardness, you shook his hand and bowed your head, “I am Lady Y/N, my lord. It is an honor to meet you.” Tommen looked happily at you before running to his mother who apologized, though you refused her apology, saying that it was not necessary though in truth, it had been the first time that you had let out a true smile in weeks.

Perhaps I will be safe here… Perhaps… I will be happy.

Tyrion Lannister:

The youngest Lannister had been drunk when you made your way into the bar. You had gotten a drink and looked desperately for a spot and seeing the man drinking alone, you threw your bag over your shoulders and asked, “Sorry to bother but would you mind if I sat here?”

The imp looked at you eyebrows raised and shrugged, “So long as you do not mind.” You let out a small smile, not sure how to reply and sat beside him, setting your small cup of wine down and setting your bag in your lap so it wouldn’t get stolen.

 "You will have to excuse me sir, I am completely exhausted from a fortnight of travel but need something to take an edge off my nerve.“

He laughed curtly, "Please. Get drunk. I am not one to judge… On one condition.”

“Which is?”

 "Your name.“

 "And that is all?” He nodded and you sighed,“I am Y/N. And you?”

“You know not?” Shaking your head no, He smirked, tipping the lid of his cup to you, “You will know soon enough, kind lady, to tonight!”
“To settling nerves.”

Little Wolf: Part II




It had rained endlessly for days. There were puddles the size of the loch outside of her house. If she wasn’t already on maternity leave, she would’ve called in sick to avoid drowning. There was a storm brewing in from the east, according to the weather report. People were urged to avoid driving unless necessary, but there had been an increase in accidents anyway. Sansa tried to avoid listening to the news after that. She didn’t want to know. Three months later, and it still hurt like it had just happened yesterday.

Sansa bounced Chloe on her hip. The baby girl was fussy during a rainstorm. She hated the sound of pitter-patter on the rooftop; it kept her awake and the lack of sleep was beginning to drain the both of them. Sansa couldn’t even remember the last time she’d had a good six hours of uninterrupted sleep.

“It’s okay, sweetheart,” Sansa murmured quietly, walking into the kitchen. The cup of tea she had made for herself sat cold and forgotten - immediately neglected as soon as the baby monitor started to echo with Chloe’s cries. “It’s just the rain. We like the rain.”

The baby girl sniffed and stared up at Sansa with wide teary eyes. The look was eerily like disbelief - like this nine-month-old had understood what Sansa was trying to say and she clearly didn’t buy it.

“Okay, maybe you don’t like it now,” she amended, chuckling. She turned away from the kitchen, deciding tea was not going to help now anyways, and went back into the lounge. She settled onto the sofa and wrapped them both up in a large quilt. “But you will one day, Chloe. Rain signifies rebirth. That’s what we’re doing.” She poked her chubby cheeks gently. “We’re cleansing away the bad and we’re starting anew. Together, me and you. We’re a family now.”

Chloe blew raspberries up at her. It wasn’t much of a response, but it still made Sansa smile in spite of the heavy weight on her chest. It was still so hard. Everything about this situation was so painfully surreal. Her nights, in the moments she could find sleep, were consumed with flashing images of red and blue sirens, the sound of screeching tires, and lifeless eyes staring back at her. They were so demanding, so judging - as if they were there to say she wasn’t doing enough, strong enough or brave enough to weather this new path her life had taken.

Sansa cuddled Chloe tighter, pressing her nose up against the baby’s temple. “I love you, lil’ wolf,” she said softly. “I love you so much, but I’m so scared I’ll mess this all up. You deserve so much better than I can give. You deserve your real parents.”

Oh, how Robb would’ve doted on his little girl; how much he would’ve wanted to watch her grow up, intimidate her boyfriends or girlfriends as she was picked up for a date - oh, it would’ve been so sweet to have seen that.

Unbidden tears ran down her cheeks. She normally tried to reign it in for Chloe, but the loss was still so new. Every time she looked at this little girl, she saw Robb’s hair, the cheeky smile on her little face and Margaery’s eyes. She saw so much of their love in her. How could she replace them like that? How could she sit here and claim to be this girl’s mother when she had such a wonderful one?

The door creaked open and the wind howled from the outside, droplets of rain flying around the room for the five seconds it took for the person to close the door.

“It’s pissing it down outside. You’re lucky you don’t have to -” He paused, stopping just a few feet away from her. “Sans, what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.” She kissed Chloe’s forehead and hid her face in the quilt. “I’m fine, Jon.”

She heard a thump from where he must’ve dropped the bags of grocery. A second later, she felt his arm wrap around her. “Tell me.” He tilted her face with his free hand so she’d be forced to look at him. The tears had stopped, but they stained her cheeks, drying like visible tracks of weakness. She hated letting anyone see her like this. But it always seemed to be Jon who found her at her worst. “You’re not fine, so don’t bother lying.”

Chloe made a displeased noise then, as she wriggled in Sansa’s arms, trying to get to Jon. The action seemed to startle him, as if he had forgotten about the tiny girl for a moment. He pried Chloe loose from the quilt and kissed her soundly on one cheek and then the other, causing her to giggle loudly.

“Always want to be the centre of attention, don’t you, Chlo?” Jon laughed. “You’re just like your father, you know that?”

“And her mother too,” Sansa reminded him, to which he laughed again.

“Aye, and her mother.”

In the quiet that befell them, Sansa listened to the sound of the rain outside. It was hard to believe in the words she spoke to Chloe when her own grief was so consuming, like a black hole sucking her very existence inward and ripping it apart. She held it in as best as she could, but Sansa was only human. She could only withstand pain for so long.

“You don’t have to be brave in front of us.” Jon was watching her, one hand cupping the back of Chloe, while the other gently circled her wrist. “We’re both here for you.” His thumb rubbed soothing circles along her skin.

A sob broke free in spite of her resistance. She shook her head. “I’m just tired… I’ll be fine.”

“When was the last time you slept?” He edged forward to better study her; she knew he was taking note of the circles under her eyes and the pallid complexion of her skin. He’d always been observant. “Sansa, answer me.”

“I don’t know. Last night for a couple hours,” she said, averting her gaze. Lying was pointless anyways. And she no longer had the energy to put up a front with Jon, not like she did whenever her mother or her siblings came around.

“Okay.” The word was weighted, holding heavier meaning than its two syllables, but she couldn’t read through it this time. Not in the way she normally could with Jon.

Another silence followed, and then Jon was standing. “She’s asleep. I’m going to go put her down. I’ll be right back.”

She watched his retreating form and marveled for a moment over how easily those two could pass for father and daughter. They had the same mop of curly dark hair, the same quiet, easy temperament. Oh, this was dangerous territory. Sansa could see that. But in order to ease the panic so ready to flare up inside of her, she escaped to the kitchen and filled up the kettle with water. She emptied her mug from earlier and replaced it with two new blue rose-printed mugs - a gift from her mother when she moved away for university seven years ago.

Sansa heard him enter the room. She could feel his eyes following her as she moved around the tiny kitchen to prepare the tea. “Still milk and no sugar?” The confirming ‘aye’ led to another bout of silence. It was becoming a regular occurrence. She thought it might have ceased when he moved permanently back to Scotland, but there it was, an ever-looming chasm between them.

“Let me move in.’

The mug tipped in her surprise. She managed to hold on long enough to drop it with a clatter on the countertop, but hot liquid spilled onto her hand. “Shit,” she ground out, sucking her injured fingers in between her lips.

“God, I’m so sorry, Sans.” Jon was beside her in seconds, pulling her fingers away and and tugging her gently towards the sink. He ran the tap over her hand, tentatively turning it this way and that so the cold water could ease the heat. “Are you okay?”

“No, I’m not bloody okay,” she snapped, scowling at him. “You just asked to move in with me. What the hell, Jon?”

He sighed, sounding almost as exhausted as she felt. “I can’t look out for you two if I’m never around. It makes sense.”

“Us living together does not make sense,” Sansa fervently argued. “It would be a disaster, Jon, and you know it.”

Jon dropped her hand as if she had been the one to drop scalding water on him. The hurt was there even if only for a fraction of a second. “I don’t know that,” he said softly, though no less firmly. “Do you really think we wouldn’t work well together in raising Chloe? Or is this about -”

“I think we’re already doing so much,” Sansa interrupted. “I don’t need you to give up your life for me. I’m fine on my own.”

“Oh, I know.” The bitterness was unmistakeable, and she had half a mind to tell him off for dredging up things he shouldn’t, but he spoke before she could get a word in. “But you don’t need to do this alone. I’m just as much her parent now as you are. I want to be there for her, Sansa. Please.”

The expression in his eyes left her breathless. He was already there, she realised. Where Sansa continued to struggle with being a mother and not an aunt to Chloe, Jon was already there. He already loved her as he would his own daughter; he didn’t want to lose a minute of his time with her, and how could Sansa be so cruel as to keep him away?

“Promise me the minute this doesn’t work, you move out.”

Again, hurt flashed in his grey eyes, and Sansa had to swallow down the guilt. She needed to protect Chloe as much as she did herself. There was a long and complicated past that Sansa couldn’t expose the baby girl to. If it became a problem, she had to make sure Jon was willing to leave.

“I promise.”


They stared at each other for some time after that. A hundred different stories passing between them in silent contemplation - a past they could no longer return to, a present they could hardly keep up with, and a future they could only hope for.

Abruptly, the sky thundered above, like a thousand dragons roaring overhead to conquer lands unseen. Half a second later, the baby monitor wailed. Just like clockwork.

“I’ll get this,” Jon said, touching her forearm. He stepped forward, hesitant, and then kissed her on the cheek. “Get some rest, Sansa. I’ll wake you up for supper.”

“Are you -”

“Sleep, Sans. I’m here now.”

He retreated from the kitchen. Sansa sighed, rubbing her eyes, and looked around the room. The mugs of tea once more forgotten, likely cold now. She wasn’t up for tea anymore anyways. As petty as she wanted to be about not needing Jon as much as she really did, her body had different plans and she begrudgingly dragged her feet to her bedroom. The second her head hit the pillow, Sansa was out like a light, three months of grieving and trying to be a mother to an orphaned child taking its toll on her.

When she next woke, the sun had all but disappeared from the sky; although it hadn’t been that present as of late here in this part of Scotland. Winterfell had always been a town cursed with abysmal weather. She pulled herself up to a sitting position, bracing her back up against the headboard of the bed.

It was pointless to wait out this conversation now that she was awake. But even as the phone rang, her heart thumped anxiously.

“Hi, hun. You alright?”

“Yeah, I’m okay,” Sansa answered, speaking quietly in fear of Jon being on the other side of the door. “I did something stupid, Jeyne.”

“It was only a matter of time,” her best friend joked, but when she didn’t laugh in response, she heard a sigh come in from the other line. “What happened, Sans?”

“Jon came over and… he asked to move in with me and I said yes.” Now that the words were out, Sansa found she couldn’t stop talking. “I know it’s a bad idea, a terrible one even, but Jeyne, you should’ve seen his face. It wasn’t about me or what happened. This was about Chloe and he loves her so much. I know it pains him to be away from her, and… and how can I keep him from her, right?”

There was a long pause before, “oh Sansa.” Her best friend sighed again. “I can’t say I’m surprised. You two have been trying to make this thing work while having one feet in and one feet out. For Chloe’s sake, it’s good you’re doing this.”

Really?” Sansa had to admit the level of incredulity in her voice was bordering on dramatic, but after all the fuss Jeyne kicked up about how she had to remember to protect her heart if she was ever going to survive Jon Snow being back in town, she expected more.

“I know, I know,” Jeyne said. “But Chloe needs you both. That’s all that matters right now.”

Of course, her friend was right - again.

“So you think it’s a good idea that Jon moves in?” she had to make sure.

“For Chloe, yes. For you? No.”

“Great…” Sansa thumped her head back against the headboard. This was just great.

“I know. But for what it’s worth, I think you’ll be okay. All three of you.”

“Do you really think so?”

Jeyne chuckled. “You and Jon love Chloe more than anything else in the world. And past or no past, you both love each other too. In whatever capacity, it doesn’t matter. You trust each other.”

“Yeah…” she murmured. In whatever capacity. Somehow that didn’t ease the dread curdling in her stomach. Somehow the capacity mattered to her; she just didn’t quite know in which way she wanted it yet.

Barely ten minutes after she hung up with Jeyne, Jon came to knock on her door. She followed him out to the lounge where her dining table had been unfolded and placed to the side. There were two bowls of spaghetti bolognese set on opposite ends and a bottle of milk on the side where a high chair had been placed.

“Roses, really Jon?”

“They’re for Chloe,” he said, a faint smirk on his lips, as he bent over to kiss the baby girl on her forehead. She giggled. “She’s quite the princess, you know? Kept babbling about ruling Scotland and seceding from Britain.”

“Oh, how very Jacobite of her.” Sansa rolled her eyes at him and settled herself into the seat. “We’ll make a revolutionary of her yet.”

“That’s all I’ve ever wanted,” he said, meeting her eyes and laughing.

She twirled her fork in the spaghetti and took a generous helping. It’d been too long since she had a real hot meal; the realisation of this becoming clear to her as the homemade taste satiated a previously unknown craving.

“This is delicious.” She glanced up towards him. “Jon, thank you. I mean it. This is really good.”

He shrugged, but there was a tinge of pink on his cheeks. “You won’t be saying that when you find out I only know how to cook three dishes.”

“Well, isn’t that a coincidence? I only know how to cook four dishes. Together, we can have a different meal for each day of the week.”

“What do you know, we fit together perfectly.”

The words so teasing in their intention quickly charged the atmosphere between them with something unspoken. It could’ve gotten so much more awkward if Chloe didn’t suddenly decide she was unhappy with her bottle and threw it to the ground.

“Told you. Princess Chloe is unhappy with the state of the Commonwealth, Sansa.”

And just like that, the tension dissipated.

Just like the storm outside.

Jonsa S7 Summer Challenge - Day 5

day 5: firsts or dreams

a/n: cutting it close again, but this time by no fault of mine! my internet was down, sorry sorry. anyway, this one is short, considering. unbeta’d still.


the sequel to this.

(jurassic world au)

“Did you know… you were my first kiss?”

It takes a moment to properly process what Sansa says and once he does, Jon gives her a curious look.


They had been rescued, after hours of running and hunting dinosaurs and trying to stay alive, after being bruised and battered and generally reconsidering if a more boring job was in order. They’d been rescued and were currently waiting for the Starks to arrive at the shelter.

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F R O M   T O W E R   T O   T O W E R | Chapter One

Rapunzel/Tangled AU: Locked away in a tower for eighteen years by a witch claiming to be her Mother, long-haired Sansa seeks freedom and a chance to regain her crown as Princess of the kingdom. But the tower is high as she has no means to get down, aside from her incredibly long hair, and no guarantee of safety in the outside world she has been warned about. One night, when the witch is out, and a thief who climbs the tower seeking refuge happens upon her, she stuns herself by taking a chance and asking him to help her escape. Assuring him that she will have all charges against him dropped when he returns her to her rightful parents, she embarks on a series of first discoveries with her new bandit friend Jon. [x]

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A Jonsa drabble (of course, duh). A flash of inspiration thanks to the above. One shot modern AU fluff and I couldn’t resist. Sorry.


Don’t Tell (Her)

Sansa sighed loudly as she fell onto her bed in sheer exhaustion. She would take a shower after her nap. It had been a long shift and the four car pile up on the M51 motorway had sapped her of everything she had, when the victims came ushered in one after another. She had counted at least seven of them.

Seven survivors and none dead, she thought, thankfully.

Just as she was about to close her eyes, her ears registered a faint knock on her door. Sansa rolled her eyes, wishing she had her own place for the thousandth time.

“Come in.”

“Hi darling, I thought I heard you come home,” Catelyn sauntered in to greet her eldest daughter. Her bright blue eyes danced as she sat on Sansa’s bed. Sansa was exhausted beyond doubt but there was no need to brush off and dismiss her mother because of it. It was probably something she needed help with.

“So, your dad’s birthday is coming up and instead of the usual date night we always have, thought maybe we could plan something as a family. What do you think?”

Yeah, there it is.

“Right, of course, Mum. What do you have in mind?”

“Oh I don’t know love, maybe go for a short weekend getaway? Rent a ski chalet up north with the family? You’re so good at planning all these my darling, whatever you think I’m sure your dad would love it,” Catelyn suggested.

She was right. Sansa had a talent in organising family events and the most recent one was a luau for Rickon’s 12th birthday. Everything went perfectly as planned that day, even the weather cooperated. Sunny and warm, without a drop of rain. Sansa knew Rickon’s obsession with surfing wasn’t just a phase. It was one party to remember and it had earned her heaps of praise from everyone who attended. She stifled a giggle when she remembered the look on both her parent’s faces when he boldly announced his wish to be a professional surfer when he grew up. No doubt, the party anchored that dream firmly in him. Rickon with his sandy auburn hair and blue eyes would have no trouble looking the part.

“Did someone say ski chalet? Ooh can we go, can we go please?” a voice rang in excitedly as Arya who was looking for her mother, walked past her room and joined them.

Ugh. Great, leave the door open Mum, please, don’t bother ever shutting it. Ever.

“We’re going skiing everybody!” Arya bellowed, obviously trying to rally the rest. Sansa slumped back onto the headboard in defeat.

Yeah, okay call everyone in here please, how thrilling. Sleep, what sleep I don’t need sleep.

“What? Skiing? Really? When?” Bran’s head popped in seconds after. “Ricky! We’re going skiing!”

“Oh my god really? Good lord, of all freaking times..” Sansa sighed, waving her hands up in exasperation.

“Now, now, nothing’s been planned yet but I thought for Daddy’s birthday we’d do something together as a family. So I asked Sansa if she thought renting a ski chalet for the weekend would be a good idea,” Catelyn explained gently to her excited brood.

“Sansa, we have to go skiing, what’s there to think about? Get on it, will ya?” Arya demanded, plonking herself on Sansa’s bed, which suddenly felt very crowded.

Rickon and Bran leapt in and sat on the carpeted floor beside Sansa’s bed. “Yeah, can we go please Sansa? Pretty please? We rarely ever go skiing with Mum and Dad. Please?” Rickon pressed his palms together in a mock prayer to Sansa, his earnest face scrunched up adorably. In spite of herself, Sansa chuckled, how could she say no to that face.

“What’s happening? Family meeting?” Robb’s voice greeted them as he entered the already stuffy bedroom.

“Sansa’s going to plan a birthday trip for Dad. We’re going skiing!” Rickon shared excitedly with Robb, who was now already leaning against the wall next to Sansa’s bed and the boys.

“ Is that right? So does Dad get to know or is this a surprise?” Robb asked, chuckling at his brothers’ enthusiastic nods.

“We should tell him, you know he doesn’t like surprises. Plus he’s the one who needs to drive us up there anyway. So would be better if he knows,” Sansa finally spoke amidst all the enthusiasm and excitement in the air. Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Well then, I guess that settles it. So a skiing getaway it is. So, I leave it to you my dear, I’ll leave my credit card details for the booking and let me know if there’s anything you need help with. Ooh, this would be such a great birthday trip for him, I know it!” Catelyn hugged her daughter and finally concluded the impromptu family meeting. Sansa nodded and smiled. She was too exhausted to say anything else and perhaps that would be a signal for everyone to get out of her room so she could rest. Sansa was seconds away from barking at them to leave but she was supposed to be a good example so she chewed on her lip instead.

“Okay everyone out of Sansa’s room, she just got home and she needs to rest. She can’t plan anything if we don’t let her rest. Come on everybody out the door now,” Catelyn playfully shooed the rest of them away towards the door and stepped out herself, as if on cue and gave a wink to Sansa. Sansa smiled back appreciatively and threw herself back on her bed and ducked under the covers.

Yes. Finally. Peace and quiet.

“Hey Sans-”

Sansa wished her bed would just swallow her up. Sansa gritted her teeth. “Oh my god, yes! We are going skiing for the weekend and yes, everyone IS going and I’ll take care of it. Now if you don’t let me sleep, I swear to god I’ll cancel the whole trip and all we’re going to do is eat breakfast at McDonald’s for dad’s birthday! Please just go away and let me rest!”

Sansa’s head popped up from under her duvet covers to see who was disturbing her this time.

“McDonald’s breakfast doesn’t sound too bad, honestly. I personally recommend the hot cakes,” Jon greeted her as he sat at the edge of her bed, watching her with an amused look on his handsome face. Sansa groaned and sat up, giving him an apologetic frown. Jon reached over and gifted her a much needed kiss on her lips. It was brief but just what she needed from her beloved.

“Don’t ask. Two words. Dad’s birthday.” Sansa shrugged and held out her arms to Jon for a hug. “I missed you.”

They hadn’t seen each other for days ever since Jon started his shift as a paramedic a week ago. Granted, it wasn’t a new relationship but it was a new job that meant irregular hours for both of them. She still missed him terribly.

“I missed you too, my love. I take it you had a long day?“

Sansa nodded as she pulled away from Jon. She must look terribly exhausted to him, but she didn’t care. Jon was here and it was all that mattered.

“Stay in with me?” Sansa pleaded with a playful pout. Jon chuckled. There was nothing more he wanted to do than to cuddle in bed with her. But they weren’t alone and it wasn’t appropriate. Even though he practically grew up with the Starks, he still respected boundaries. If they wanted to be intimate, it would be at the privacy of their own home. Which was going to be soon, since they both had decided to move in together once Jon had settled in with his new job. Plus, Ned Stark would be home any minute.

“Ah, I would love to my gorgeous girl, but you are in desperate need of a nap and I promised Bran to help him build.. Something. I forgot what he asked me to do but I said okay.”

“Oh that’s too bad. Would be nice to have you in bed with me.”

“Oh no, no. Don’t you start it, Miss Stark. You know very well what will happen if I do get in that bed with you.”

Sansa giggled and nodded. True enough, having him in her bed would be the next best thing, but she wouldn’t get any rest, if her furtive glances at the zip of his jeans were any indication.

“Don’t worry, my shift is done for today so I’ll still be here when you wake up,” Jon reassured her and pressed a kiss on her forehead. Sansa inhaled deeply, he smelled of soap and clean clothes, which reminded her of the shower she so badly needed.

“Tuck me in, then?” Sansa asked, tugging at his sleeve playfully. Jon smiled and grabbed hold of the covers as Sansa laid her head back on the pillow.

“Kiss you later, sleeping beauty.” Jon kissed her again as she closed her eyes and finally drifted off to sleep. Jon stepped out and closed the bedroom door, heading downstairs to the kitchen where the rest of the Starks were.

“So, I take it she agreed to the skiing weekend thing?” Jon asked Robb, joining him at the dining table who was watching Bran and Rickon play their video games on their tablets.

“She did. Told Mum it was an idea for Dad’s birthday and run it by Sansa. I mean, it is DAD’S birthday. And skiing. If it’s one thing we Starks do well, it’s family vacations. And we’re crazy about the cold. Which is odd to me. But yeah, great suggestion. Mum liked it. Plus, it’s Sansa. She loves planning stuff like these. She won’t say no,” Robb grinned as he rambled on, passing him a beer.

Well she better not. I’ve got everything planned out in secret to make it a weekend to remember.

Jon stuffed his hand into the right pocket of his jacket and squeezed the little velvet box he had been holding onto for the past few days.

Robb saw and smirked at him. “So, you really going for it huh?”

Jon nodded and smiled at Robb. He took out the box and opened it for Robb to see. It was worth six month’s of his salary but he knew it was perfect for her.

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Part 2

You headed back to the hotel after your match, you needed to pack and head to the next city. Finn had been caught with something changing the hang out to another night. You were fine with, no rush there. 

Collapsing on your bed with a sigh. Bayley chuckled as she walks out the bathroom. 

“ With a sigh like that something is going on” 

“ What do you mean?” lifting yourself up with your elbow peering over at her. She was packing her stuff, when she gave you the look like you knew what she was talking about.

“ Balor” collapsing back on the bed staring at the ceiling with one hand underneath your head and one on your stomach. 

“ There is nothing going on between Finn and I.  Were friends” 

“ Uh huh, then why did he slap your ass backstage tonight. I saw that” 

You groaned rolling over on your stomach, “ Were friends Bales. I don’t think he likes me like that. I mean, come on look at me. “ 

Getting off the bed you motioned to yourself. 

“ I see nothing wrong with you” 

Rolling your eyes, you sighed again, “ I meant me. I’m plain. He doesn’t like plain girls.” 

“ And you know what he likes?”

“ Not plain women” 

“ Then you need to learn my child. Now get packing” 

“ Yes mom” she stuck her tongue out. 

 “ And you call me a child..” you mumbled. 

You had no idea how you happened to be in a car when you looked over to the other side seeing Finn leaning against the window sleeping with his headphones on. 

Sami was driving the car, Enzo had his cap down in the passenger seat. Cass didn’t come along apparently.. He wasn’t in the car.

“ Where’s Cass?” you mumbled rubbing your eyes sleepily. 

“ He is driving with Carmella, she missed him” you nodded mumbling an alright

“ I’m going to stop for gas in a few. Do you need to use the bathroom?” He asked. Sitting more comfortably, you yawned ruffling your hair looking out the window.

“ Possibly” he chuckled shaking his head. 

Your head turned to look over to Finn who was sleeping. Did he feel anything for you? Or was he playing games? Maybe he was leading you on? 

You had no idea what was running through his head. Finn is one of the nicest guys you know. He was sweet, adorable and a dork at heart. The man loved legos. He was a child but you couldn’t help but think if there was more than friendship between the two of you. 

Sami drove to the gas station, parking the car. He got out to pump the gas into the car. You slipped out of the car, telling Sami you would be right back before heading into the store going to the bathroom. 

Coming back, Sami was waiting for you leaning against the car. Spotting you, he nods as he heads around to the driver side. You slipped back into the car seeing that Finn was awake.

“ Sleep good?” you asked. 

He nodded, typing something on his phone before putting it away. He turns hushed to you, smiling, “ Yeah did you?” 

“ Yeah, I did. Do you know how I happened to get in this car?”

He laughed, Sami joining before he answered, “ I carried you . Bayley called me telling me you passed out and won’t get up. I came over and carried you.” 

“ Oh..uh.. thanks” 

After a few moments, Finn asks, “ So Y/N, I don’t know much about your wrestling past.. where you wrestled before..” 

“ Oh well, I wrestled back in CZW. I used to have blood matches, my best friends over there were Sami Callihan and Jon Moxley.  You know, Sami and Dean” he nodded as he listened. 

“ That’s why you like to use weapons like chairs, kedo stick etc” 

“ They don’t call me rebel for nothing” 

“ Then she came into NXT, I took her under my wing with Kevin. We became best friends from there” Sami said. 

“ Yep, Sami and Kevin became like brothers to me” 

“Awe, I didn’t know you felt that way about me” Sami gushed. You chuckled, “ It’s true Sami, your like family to me” 

“ Same to you Y/N” 

As you were checking in the hotel, Enzo grumbling underneath his breath stood by you running a hand through his messy hair. He had a hat on his head. 

“ Something up your ass Amore?” 

“ I usually room with Cass but he said he and Carmell are sharing. I don’t have anywhere else to go… “ 

“ Awe poor little Zo” reaching over you squeezed his cheek pouting at him. He swatted your hand playfully glaring at you. 

“ You can share with me Zo, I have an extra bed” 

“ Really?” 

You handed him the extra key, “ Come on grumpy. Let’s get you in bed.” 

As you slipped off your shoes, Enzo looked around the room. He liked the room but his eyes gazed over to you. The thing was he was nervous to share a room with you. 

Why? Well he was keeping a secret from you. 

He has feeling for you. 

“ Zo!” 

“ Huh?” He asked. He was in daze thinking about you when you called out to him. 

“ What’s wrong? You are too quite tonight” He shrugged, “ tired” 

“ Sleep then” 

“ I don’t know if I can, I slept in the car”  He sat on the edge of the bed taking off his shoes then his jacket as he leaned down on the bed with his back. 

You couldn’t help but worry over him. Something was off about him and you couldn’t place a finger on it. He was one of your best friends and he couldn’t tell you what was bothering him. That upset you. You wanted to help. 

“ Don’t shut me out Zo, it hurts” He sat up at the words, sighing rubbing a hand down his face. 

“ I’m sorry Y/N. I just need time to myself, okay?” you nodded, hanging your head a bit. 

He kept looking at you, it hurt him to see you like tis but he couldn’t just tell you. He wasn’t prepared to lose you. Not yet. 

He wanted nothing more than to cuddle up to you but kept his distance as he got ready for bed heading to the bathroom. He left his phone on the bedside table leaving you alone in the room. 

Enzo seemed sad and you just wanted to hug him. You never saw him like this before and it kinda scared you. 

His phone binged , he had a message. Cass had texted him. You want to look but you respected his privacy. But at the same time it was tempting to look, just a peek, you thought.

Taking his phone in your hands your eyes go wide at the message. 

“ Did you tell Y/N? Tell her you love her before it’s too late”


He’d been working on the new player model for a while. He had been running the risk of copyright infringement, especially considering the money he was making off of a GTA based outfit. So the new mask was a must, and the fans seemed to have taken a liking to it.

When he was presented with the actual mask, he couldn’t keep the grin off of his face and was excited to share it. His brand was really starting to take off, and he knew that his fans would get a kick out of the fact that he could look like his in-game character in real life.

Within minutes of the picture being posted, he had hundreds of retweets, and even more likes. His phone was blowing up with text messages from his friends, and he was laughing so hard that the vision in his mask had started to blur enough to cause him to pull it off to regain his sight, and breath. 

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Fun House

Pairing: H2oVanoss

Rating T for swearing?

Words: 4300

I am so sorry I am such trash. First time posting an actual fanfiction. This is really strange for me, I write a lot but don’t post. But this idea has been in my head for so long now, months really. And I wrote it and surprisingly finished it finally and well I am a little proud… Kinda… it’s shit though…. I am really sorry.

Also I really hope the read more line works… :/


Vanoss and Delirious had been friends for years now. And in all that time Delirious had never once showed Vanoss his face. They always played video games together and talked through skype but Delirious never turned on his camera. This didn’t bother Vanoss too much though. He understood that Delirious was a private person, and though he talked a lot he never gave up too much information about himself or his personal life. He was willing to give Delirious all the time he needed because Delirious was his best friend. And never meeting him in person wouldn’t change that.

Until it did.

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...Oh Eduardo~ Hello, my dear. My visit to you is...Long overdue. Allow me to introduce myself! I am R, and I specialize in dealings of the heart. Perhaps I can offer to you my assistance? Anything you desire, for a small, insignificant price. --R

Eduardo: Uhm, no thanks. I’m sure this will not end well.

R: Oh darling, I promise you-

Eduardo: Quit that bullshit I know what you did to Matt.

R: So those idiots told you what I did…

R: Well it doesn’t really matter~ That stupid ginger gave me enough power to rip yours off!

Eduardo: Mark stay back! 


Mark: Jon?

Eduardo: L-Laurel…?


This is based on @hmionegrangr ‘s #jilychallenge prompt for September. The prompt is “Was that song written about me? I think it was written about me (band or musician au).” My partner is @residentdeadwriter

Words: 5,977

I might have taken this prompt a little too loosely and a little too far but don’t blame me. It was to late when I realized it. But this will work as well. 

Also, this is a tad bit late but Fresher’s Week is a bitch and Fresher’s Flu is a real thing and since I’m technologically disabled it took me a week to get the wifi working in my laptop so sorry for that. 

But anyways, happy October! I might have another story for the month coming up so stay tuned! Hope you enjoy this story! :D

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James had no semblance of time or day, or month for that matter, but the only thing he could think of was that he was never drinking again. He was awake, wide awake of the fact that it was the next morning, and last night was over. But getting out of bed seemed too much of a work, so he just lay there basking in his hangover misery. The pillow smelled of alcohol, of scotch and whiskey, and his breath stank. 

A shiver ran throughout his body, and he groaned, trying with all his might to find the darn duvet so he could get cozy again. But there was none.
That’s when he realized that in his drunken stupor, he had crashed on his floor instead of his bed. His bedside clock said it was close to 12 in the afternoon, so he just got up, grabbed the pillow on the floor and fell into his bed. It felt like an expanse of fluffy marshmallows after his night on the cold hardwood floor.
His pounding head was no help, but after a few minutes, he was finally at the edge of sleep again when his bedroom door burst open with a loud bang and James cursed and sat up so quickly from his bed that his head felt like it was hit by a hammer. There were a few spots in his vision, they faded gradually and he blinked to clear out and focus on the black blurred offender who entered his room in the wee hours of the morning (according to James anyway).

“Sirius sodding Black,” James growled, staring at the very familiar blob of his best friend. He rummaged around his nightstand and found his glasses and put them on only to find a very troubled looking Sirius, and that immediately gave James goosebumps.

“Get your ass out of bed,” There was a certain hurriedness in his voice that James couldn’t place. He frowned as Sirius poured him a tall glass of water and added two tablets of Aspirin in it. They dissolved with a sizzle.

“10 minutes,” Sirius ordered, as James took the glass and gulped down the water in one go.

“Sirius?” James asked, his voice hoarse, as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. There was dread bubbling up in his chest that he absolutely did not like. 

“Lily is back,” was all Sirius said before shutting the bedroom door behind him, and those 3 words were more than enough to  make James jump out of his bed and rush into the toilet with a new found urgency.

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