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“It’s like the most dysfunctional brother and sister relationship. This is like the sister I can go to bed naked with and not worry about. And trust me.. we have.”

You Write Sherlock’s Blog?

So, because of my comment (the last one) on this post, I decided to do some digging. You see, the blog is one of the major factors that messes with the theory that Sherlock has been in a coma since the fall. So, under the cut is me messing with ideas and interpretations of John’s blog with the idea that Sherlock’s been writing it since the fall, in his head. 

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anonymous asked:

John-Anon here! How's prison? I don't know if this is like a super obvious question but Real!Ciel knows Sebastian is a demon..he wouldn't just go to the mansion by himself if he didn't think he'd come out alive, since he couldn't have known how Our!Ciel/John would react. It can't be that he's there alone right? But then, wouldn't Seb have sensed someone else in the house?

Oh hey, John Anon! xD Prison was alright, thank you! Actually I was allowed to get out way sooner than expected, because I was rather accurate on the matter of UT not favoring one twin over the other (as far as we know), so I’m free again! 

As for your question, no, I don’t think real!Ciel came by alone. First of all, the servants (Tanaka aside) thought that he was our!Ciel so maybe there is a Seb-doppelganger who arrived with him (aka Polaris, the blue star’s butler). Polaris is the one who killed Agni…

and he’s apparently very strong.  

Secondly, as Paula said…

it’s likely that Lizzie is at the manor or will be soon.

Finally, since Real!Ciel is the blue star and that Bravat serves him, I suppose that he shouldn’t be too far behind, same for the Lords Canopus and Vegas.

Also, Seb didn’t sense real!Ciel from before entering so he might not sense Bravat or the other lords either. :)

I hope it answers your question? Have a nice weekend John Anon!

I’m kinda in love with the fact that Silver decided that the best course of action to get back into Flint’s good graces and through the fog of his grief and madness was to get back to being the little shit he always was.

Silver: Listen, I stole your gold, you asshole. And I’m kinda proud of it, not gonna lie. You clearly needed to be taken down a notch or two. Like tone it 1000% the fuck down. This aint Destiny’s Child and you are not Beyoncé. 


Silver: Damn right. Now, look what else I can do! SHARKS! 

anonymous asked:

"Could you stop, please," Sherlock begged his flat mate. "Stop what?" John asked confused. "Pining over me," Sherlock replied, "you already have me." "Do I?" John asked him. "Yes John," Sherlock said affirmatively, "I'm not going to wake up one morning, realize I'm bored with you and end the relationship." "Are you sure?" John asked cautiously. "Would it help if we got married?" Sherlock proposed. "Are you asking?" John replied. "Not really, since we're already married." "What?!"



okay but like don’t even try to tell me this isn’t the most beautiful cast ever

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"So I um... Was wondering if maybe you would consider..." John says to his lover, "see I've had this very specific sexual fantasy ever since I saw Star Wars and I was hoping that you might want to... Ah... Fulfill it for me." "Is it slave Leia?" Sherlock asks. "How did you know?" John replies, "you've never seen star wars in your life!" "According to Mycroft all men your age have that sexual fantasy," Sherlock shrugs, "it's also a contributing factor to one in every ten thousand murders."


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"Whatever you do make sure you're wearing clothes at midnight. MH" Sherlock read the text and showed it to John puzzled. "Father's day starts at midnight," John reminds him, "I assume Hamish will be surprising us." "If he's awake," Sherlock shrugs and gets in bed. "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!" Hamish shouts at midnight. "Thank you Hamish," John yawns and rolls over. "You can't go back to sleep I made cake!" Hamish announces. "Uncle Mycroft put you up to this didn't he?" Sherlock asks. "How'd you know?"

lol XD

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John is a bit peeved. It's been four years since his marriage fell apart and he came back to Baker Street with his baby. And three years since he has been in a relationship with Sherlock, who against all the odds was wonderful with children. In fact too wonderful. "Daddy Sherly! I'm going to be your bride when I grow up!" says Amanda, starry eyed. And they said that a girl's first love is her father... For a Watson, it seems there is only Sherlock, they both are the evidence.

oh my gosh so CUTE!!!~♥ 

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"What would you like to eat for lunch?" John asks his flatmate. "Your arse," Sherlock replies. "What?" John asks. "No, I think I'd prefer your cock now and your arse later," Sherlock says changing his mind. "I was talking about food," John replies. Sherlock takes out his phone and makes a call, "our usual Chinese order will be delivered in approximately twenty minutes." John sits down, unzips his trousers and removed his cock from his pants, "eat up." Sherlock is on his knees in seconds.

jfc LMAO omg XD

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"How? What? How!" John stammered the first time he saw Sherlock's erection. "What?" Sherlock said puzzled. John took a breath, allowed himself to formulate a complete thought and then started speaking, "you're huge, how do you get yourself into those tight trousers you always wear with THAT between your legs?!" "I have an excellent tailor," Sherlock replied, "can we please have sex now?" "I suppose," John chuckled. "Would you like me to top?" Sherlock asked. "Oh god yes!"


Mary, John & Sherlock —  221b Baker Street

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Sherlock stood frozen in his bedroom doorway because he'd come home and found John down on one knee. "No!" John exclaimed quickly getting up, "I'm not! This isn't! I don't! Oh for fuck's sake, I don't even have a ring yet, I haven't even asked your parents for permission, or Mycroft, you know how he is, if I don't run it by him first he'll have me killed before we can set a date." "So if you're not going to propose, what are you doing on one knee?" Sherlock asked. "Tying my shoe."

*snortgiggle* XD

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"Sherlock..." John said cautiously, "what are you doing with that honey?" "I'm going to slather it on my cock and then ask you to remove it using only your tongue. I'm hoping you'll bring me to orgasm in the process," Sherlock told him, "why are you suddenly bright red John? You can't possibly be embarrassed you've done much dirtier things to me with your tongue." "Sherlock, your parents just heard that," John hissed. "Don't worry John we had quite an adventurous sex life when we were young..."