oh jk what did you do to them

*actual conversation with my new IRL friend

them:so you know im gay right?

me: well you never told me but i do now

them: supriiiiiise hahahah

me: omg lol

them: bahahah im sorry hahahha

me: nah your fine best conversation ive had all day..im guessing your drunk though. and you know im bi/pan right jk. no one does lolol.

them: im like… slightly buzzed..maybe..maybe a little drunk idk  had no idea but your secrets safe with me and oh gosh thank god for freaking auto correct cause half this shit would be wrong omg.

me: lol..do you know what gender fluid is

them: yes, i am that

me: dude omg so am i

them: yea i figured i could see it a little…”



(contact: sunny the bunny)

(sms) oh did you want those now–
(sms) runs off to buy them.
(sms) trips in the process.. whoops-
(sms) of course you are, my mistake =v=
(sms) …. probably 3 yrs lmao
(sms) am i? sorry– i was trying to make it better. i’ll stop.
(sms) …..
(sms) you actually can eat dates do u want some i’ll bring them with the smoothies.
(sms) … yea that’s exactly what happened lol.
(sms) ok i’ll be there in 10 minutes.
(sms) jk.. the weekend maybe? i don’t have that much stuff tho
(sms) my lack of productiveness has come in handy bc i’ve barely unpacked my stuff from moving back here lol

( ✉ ` jaebunny ) … only you would write about how you tripped in the process of getting a smoothie in a text jae pls

( ✉ ` jaebunny ) excuse me please don’t patronize me i am fierce you are lucky to have never seen me angry lmao

( ✉ ` jaebunny ) i don’t think that’s any better, jae.  don’t you want to do something instead of laze around?

( ✉ ` jaebunny ) i’m just an impatient person and i’m trying to forget about it until it actually happens and i’m going to feel like shit if i don’t get in and everyone thinks i can do it

( ✉ ` jaebunny ) ….. that’s not what i was going for with that but way to sidestep my sidestep we’ll make a dancer out of you yet

( ✉ ` jaebunny ) are you disappointed [ deleted ] 

( ✉ ` jaebunny ) don’t be upset – [ deleted ] 

( ✉ ` jaebunny ) did i make you upset ….

( ✉ ` jaebunny ) lmao you can’t be here with your stuff in ten minutes you’re already out getting smoothies for a smoothie date pls - u - the weekend is fine.  or whenever.

( ✉ ` jaebunny ) i think the word is productivity and that’s not necessarily a good thing 

( ✉ ` jaebunny ) how do you even live out of a box i will never know