oh jensen look at you

  • Me: *Opens tumblr*
  • Me: *Scrolls down her dash*
  • Me: *Sees Jensen Discourse and looks up* Oh fuck you too guys..,
  • Me: *Reads it all anyways*
  • Me: So what if he said his opinion? We can all just ship and CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SON...
  • Me: *Starts crying at her own pun and falls to the floor*

“Okay, you’re telling me you’re not Jensen and Jared? You’re actually Sam and Dean?? Are you guys fuckin’ with me?”

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I’m starting to think there’s nothing Nirvana and some “good vibes only” leggings can’t fix. Also, @casownsmyass deserves a fucking award for putting up with my Snapchat spam… I lost count how many pictures I sent 😂

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Imagine you’re at a panel with Jensen and a fan asks the question ‘batman or the joker’ knowing that your husband is Jared Leto

‘Oh god batman or joker?’ you look to Jensen and see he is looking at you expectantly

‘Umm… next question’ you look to the other side of the room trying to get away from answering the question

‘Answer the question (y/n)’ Jensen says looking at you wanting to know the answer himself.

‘Oh come on guys, really?’

‘Wait, wait, wait I got to be here for this’ you hear a voice behind, that voice belonged to non-other than your husband Jared Leto

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‘Oh….. Poop’ you sighed looking down hitting your head with the palm of your hand and you feel his hands on your shoulders rubbing them a bit.

‘Just remember who you come home to’

‘Just remember who you work with everyday’ they both tell you, both having very good arguments. You slowly look towards the crowd contemplating who to saw is better.

‘You know what screw you both I’m taking Harley Quinn and leaving both batman and joker in the dust stealing the infamous purple Lamborghini’ you said the last part giving Jared a cheeky grin.

Although both boys wanted to disagree they really couldn’t and they nod their heads in agreement with you. Jared kisses you on the forehead and the crowd goes ballistic while Jared leaves the stage and the panel continues.

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 This will have to be my favorite photo, I love it so much its literally everything. It was super fun to do this photo as well. So i was waiting in line and a lot of people looked and me and was like what in the world. I had their body guard look at me and just laugh smile, and he said this is gonna be an interesting photo. I get up to see them and they both smiled at me cause the recognized who I was! One of the helpers asked Jensen if it was okay if i could these props especially with the tail and he said heck yes we can, this looks fun. And he asked me we get to wear those cat ears to right, and i said yes and he smiled at me. Both of their faces just lit up and it made me so happy. Jensen looked at me again and said oh i saw you earlier and I am like yes you did and i like giggled. Then misha was like where are my cat ears, I want them too. So he put the cat ears on then Misha said before we posed for the picture “ This is the craziest thing we have ever done and giggles and then jensen said nope, i think this is pretty cool. So as we were posing for the picture they kept swaying there tails back and forth acting like little kids they are, i am pretty sure that they wanted to keep they tail and ears. After the picture, i both gave them a hug and jensen said take care and we love you and Misha hugged me and just smiled and winked at me. I honestly didn’t think anything could beat last year because it was just amazing in every single possible way but this year did beat it and the experiences I had with them, was just amazing and I cant believe it happened and Jared will always have a piece of me with him and it feels great.

Oh looks it’s me 😊😊
Day 4 of Bisexual Awareness Week!
You’re still all amazing & beautiful little beans
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