oh jeez i love this movie

when even finally starts talking to his friends from bakka again and reconciles with them, he soon after introduces them to isak when he invites them to his new place (”dude! you have your own place? that’s so cool. but, hm, wait, is there enough room for movie nights like at your old place? oh man, your mom always made us the best popcorn”) one of them teases “i see you still love blondes” and all of them go “ooooh” in unison, and even raises his eyebrows like “oh! i see! this is how it’s going to be” but he can’t help but smile, and then he says “nah, i just love one blonde” as he wraps his arms around isak from behind, gives him one long kiss on the cheek, and one of them says “oh jeez, you’re still a big romantic, aren’t you” and this time isak’s the one who says “he is”, and they’re all smiling, and it’s just a funny, loving moment between friends who are glad to see each other again, to see each other happy

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List 5 things most people don't know about you and pass this to 5 different people you want to know more about

Oh jeez, uhh… I’m a really uninteresting person, but let’s try this?

1. I studied to become a kindergarten teacher for three years, but dropped out when I had half a year left, to pursue animation.

2. I have literally no idea what love is. :V

3. I make music. Not alot of people know that, apparently.

4. I’m really weird when it comes to watching movies. I never cry from the sad parts. Never have, never will. I do, however, cry when a character on screen cries. Dunno why that is.

5. I can’t stand horror games. Yet I absolutely love the Silent Hill games. Oops.

Bonus fact: I’m horribly boring. Sorry. ;*

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Relationship status: single (perpetually)
Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick more often, but I love me some super dark lipstick shades
Last movie you watched: Brave
Last song you listened to: “This Too Shall Pass” by OK Go
Top three shows/dramas/animes: Stranger Things, BBC Sherlock, Avatar: The Last Airbender
Top three favorite characters: oh jeez I don’t even know - Zuko, Obi, Hermione Granger
Top three ships: Obiyuki, Zutara, Reylo

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Relationship Status: single, just venturing back into sex/dating after a year and a half of being too dysphoric/mentally ill, and Terrified®

Lipstick or Chapstick: I don’t wear makeup really so probably chapstick, although tbh I prefer like vaseline, for some reason stick-shaped lip balm has never appealed to me

Last Movie I Watched: I watched “But I’m a Cheerleader” with queerczar and shinelikeastarlight for the first time last night and oh my god?? I love it?? like, it was super adorable but also dante basco as a gay wrestler like I never knew I needed this but I did, I did. Honestly it’s especially funny because he… really only has one voice and it’s the voice that I will always associate with zuko so like, basically gay zuko confirmed

Last Song You Listened To: 711 by beyonce, do y’all realize how good this song sounds bass boosted

Top 3 Shows/Dramas/Anime: eep I don’t watch a lot of tv :/ I mean, y’all know I’m obsessed with star trek (particularly ds9) and yuuri on ice, I guess if I had to pick another one maybe brooklyn 99 since I’ve been eagerly awaiting its return? also I keep meaning to catch up on the new samurai jack season, honestly I’m so excited for them to deliver on jack being bi

Top 3 Characters: aaaaaa I can’t pick three! ok how about jadzia dax from ds9, bo lin from legend of korra, and uuuuhhhh kelly from san junipero? what do you mean I’m just picking characters I relate to heavily at random

Top 3 Ships: viktor/yuuri (OBVIOUSLY), any iteration of kirk/spock/mccoy, utena/anthy from revolutionary girl utena in an OT3 with the feeling of happiness

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Game Grumps and John Ritter.
  • Arin: That song just reminds me of Problem Child.
  • Danny: Oh Jeez. You know what reminds me of Problem Child?
  • Arin: What?
  • Danny: Nothing.
  • Arin: Why? It's a great film.
  • Danny: Such a random ass movie.
  • Arin: You're a random ass movie! It had John Ritter in it.
  • Danny: I love John Ritter! Doesn't mean I love Problem Child.
  • Arin: Problem Child is a great film!
  • Danny: Or Problem Child 2.
  • Arin: It's John Ritter's greatest role aside from Clifford The Big Red Dog. Which he nailed!
  • Danny: He was in Clifford The Big Red Dog?
  • Arin: He was Clifford The Big Red Dog!
  • Danny: *Gasp* :O
  • Arin: and T-bone was Kel Mitchell! So please, don't talk shit about Clifford The Big Red god damn dog!
  • Danny: and they say Kel never went on to do anything.

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Nicknames: Catheter, Cathy, i have some weird friends

Gender: female

Star sign: scorpio

Height: 5′3″

Time right now: 1:08pm

last thing I googled: a professor at my university

favorite bands: Fifth Harmony, the xx, The 1975

favorite solo artists: Lauv, James Arthur, Ed Sheeran, Kehlani

Song stuck in my head: Sanctified by Joshua Grey

Last movie I watched: Adventureland

Last tv show I watched: Thirteen Reasons Why

When did you create your blog: oh jeez like sophomore year of high school so like four years

What stuff do you post: fuck if i know

When did your blog reach its peak: the same time I did, never

Do you get asks regularly: nah theres a few random stragglers

Why did you choose your ur: because i love that quote


Posts: 27,489

Hogwarts house: ravenclaw

Favorite color: purple or black

average hours of sleep: 7

lucky numbers: 3, 8

favorite character: Nicole Haught

what are you wearing: t-shirt and jeans

how many blankets do you sleep with: too many it’s like three blankets then my comforter

dream job: making films

dream trip: paris

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Oh fuck dude, TAOAT was so freaking cool. My goodness; I just love it. My favorite movie of all times and one of my favorite TV shows, jeez, it is the best idea I've ever seen (read). I love it.

Oh thank you so much! I’m so glad you guys like it because at first I wasn’t sure of the idea and each chapter takes SO LONG to write. It’s all worth it though. 😊😊😊😊😊

“Oh come on, everyone’s got a story.”

This imagine is not a request but I got the idea from a Buzzfeed video. It brings out a lot of emotion and tears and hatred and awareness. Give it a watch if you want. Got to give credit, when credit is due. 


Sammy’s POV

“Good morning.” I whisper sweetly next to Y/N’s sleeping face. She sleepily mumbles as she hears my voice and I just chuckle at her. I climb out of bed, getting ready for the day. As I put on my shirt, I look at Y/N still sleeping peacefully and I let her be. I walked down into the kitchen, making breakfast for me and Y/N later. After I finished eating, I poured a glass of water and jogged up the stairs to leave it on the side table for Y/N when she wakes up. When I got into the room, I saw the look on her sleeping face of terror, sweat running down her face, her hands moving in a motion of trying to get someone off. I quickly put down the cup, shaking her violently to wake her up, “Y/N? Y/N! Hey! Wake up! It’s Sam! It’s ok, I got you, I got you. It’s just a nightmare. I got you. I got you..” I said to wake her up. 

Her eyes open wide, scared, and she quickly sits up, backing her self up onto the back board. “Hey,” I said calmly, “It’s okay..” Her eyes searching the room as if she didn’t know where she was and who I was for a moment. Her breathing was heavy, and tears were coming down her face. I caress her face in my hands, wiping the tears, and trying to comfort her. She leans forward, crashing her body into mines, as she held me tight, like she was a little kid dreaming of a monster under her bed or in her closet. I hugged her, rubbing her back and telling everything is alright and that she was dreaming. Once she got herself together, she sat up, playing off like nothing happened. I watched her body shake all the way to the bathroom, and slamming it. I walked towards the bathroom door and just heard the water running and little murmurings. I knock, “You okay?” “Y-yeah, I-I’m fine. You can go to work now. I’ll be fine.” “Are you sure?” “Y-yeah. It’s fine. I’ll see you later. Bye.” “Love you.” “Love you too..” She said before I headed out the door. 

“Again?” G asks. “Yeah. I feel like these night mares are the same exact ones. But every time I ask her at the end of the day what was it about, she just says she forgot. But I don’t think she did.” I said, sipping my coffee. “Man, that’s the 3rd time this month.” Nate says. “Dude, these nightmares happen at least once a month since the day I met her. It’s weird.” I shrug. “Does she watch a lot of scary movies?” Rupp asks and I just sit there, “She doesn’t like scary movies… But I make her watch one with me once… in… a.. while…” I finally realized. “AW YOU IDIOT!” J throws a pillow at me. “YOU’RE the reason why she has these nightmares! She probably says she doesn’t like scary movies but she’s easily scared and has nightmares about them!! Jeez.” J throws his head back. 

“When was the last time you guys watched a scary movie?” Nate asks. “Last night…” I say silently. “OH YOU ARE DUMB.” They all say. “Hey, if she was so scared, why does she keep watching it with me!?” “To make you happy fucker!” J says. “You LOVE scary movies. And she isn’t going to deny to do something you LOVE to do!! UGH, you’re so dumb!!” J finishes. “Alright, we won’t watch scary movies anymore!!! I’m sorry! Dang!!!” I say defensively. “I wonder what made her so scared of scary movies…” I ask. “You should ask her later tonight.” G says. 

“Hey baby.” I greeted Y/N as she walks into the house. “Hi.” Her sweet smile making me happy. “What did you do today? I thought you were off?” “I, uh, I was, but I just kind of roamed off. Did some things. Saw some things. Just wanted to get out, y’know.” She shrugs, getting a glass of water. “So, can I say something?” She turns around, looking at me. “I know why you’ve been having nightmares now.” Her eyes going wide, “Y-you do?” Her voice nervous. “Yeah. Why didn’t you tell me?” “I, uh, I just, uhm, it’s hard for me to, Sam,” “If you didn’t like watching scary movies, why do you keep letting me pick the movies!”  Her breaths start steading again, “Scary movies?” “Yeah. If you’re so scared and have night mares about it afterwards, then, why didn’t you tell me? We can always watch Disney movies or action or chick flicks if you want.” “O-oh o-ok…” Her voice trying to steady. “So come on, tell me,” “what?” “What made you so scared?” “I-I, uh, don’t remember.” “OhCome on, everyone’s got a story. And you obviously remember it for you to be this scared.” “it’s just, not that kind of story I want to relive.” She drinks her water, walking out of the kitchen and into the living room. 


“Hey, everyone is going to be at the studio today. Want to come? You get to meet the new band mates!” He asks me, peeping his head through the bedroom door. “Sure.” I get up from the bed and put on my shoes. I meet him at the from door, “Ready?” “Yeah.” And we head to the studio. Once we get to the front of the studio, we were greeted by the rest of the boys, excited to hear new music, talk about new music, and everything. “Where’s everyone?” J asks Sam. “They should be upstairs already.” He points and we all head upstairs to the studio. As we walked in, all the boys going in first, and I was walking in the back with Madison, Stass, and some other girls. After the boys said hi to the bandmates, they split off to sit on the side, and I was introduced to the new keyboard player, bass player, guitar player, then my heart drops. I’m frozen to my feet when I am looking straight in the eye the drum player. I see it in his eyes that night, deep, dark, I was scared. He held out his hand for me to shake it, and I lightly grabbed it, and let go, basically running away to the boys. 

I felt myself start hyperventilating, and moments of that night flashing back into my head. My head spinning, my heart racing, my breathing unsteady, and I just wanted to scream in this little corner. I tried holding my head in my arms, leaning forward so no one can see my freak out, or my tears or hear my screaming. I tried rocking myself back and forth to help myself but nothing was working. I felt a pair of hands on me, and I quickly sit up, scooting back, frightened for my life. When I look up at see Chase standing above me, I tried picking myself up, shaking so much, trying to be as far back as possible up against the wall, “S-sam.” I cried out, sniffling. “Get away from me.” I told Chase as he throws his hands up, slowly backing away. “Sam,” I called again, and he runs to me, hugging me tight, as I fall apart in his arms. 

“Dude, your girlfriend is crazy.” I hear Chase say in the back. “NO!” I lift my head up, pointing at him, “Stay away from me! Don’t ever touch me again!” I said in between sobs. “Hey, hey, hey,” Sam quieting me and calming me down. “it’s okay, what’s wrong? Huh? Please tell me what’s wrong?” He tries asking me. After a few minutes of controlling my sobs, he moves me onto the couch, with the crew there. “What happened Y/N? Are you okay? What’s wrong?” Sam and everyone else asking me. But I was too in shock of what just happened, as I was staring at Chase. “Dude she has killer eyes right now.” Chase said. “Y/N, w-what do you have against Chase? Do you guys know each other?” But I ignore his question, still staring down Chase. “Baby, I need to know. WE need to know because Chase is supposed to be ALL of our drummer. So you will see him A LOT! So if you have a problem with him, tell us now.” Sam said and I looked at him. “Oh, Come on,” He says sweetly, “Everyone’s got a story, right?” He said smiling, thinking he’s going to hear a good story out of this. 

“My sophomore year in college,” I cleared my throat, “I was living in the dorm at Long Beach State. C-chase lived on my floor.” “Oh, you guys went to college together! Ok!” “O-one night, uhm, the students in the dorm building threw a party. A LOT of alcohol was present. But you know how I am with alcohol now.” He nods. I look at all the boys and they nod, knowing about my lack of consumption of alcohol, and look back down at my fingers, playing with them. “And, after not feeling the party, I went back to my dorm. As I walked in and about to close the door,” I took in a deep breath, “Chase walks by, stopping the door from closing. And says hey. I just said hi, and we had a little small talk and I could tell, he drank but he reeked of alcohol.” I sniffled, “And when I told him I was just going to go to bed, and tried closing the door, he, uh, he forced the door open and made his way inside. A-and the last thing on my mind was, was rape. I thought he was just one of those drunkies who didn’t like being alone so I left it.” 

I steadied my breathing again. “I thought he was just going to grab some of my snacks and leave, or throw up in my bathroom and knock out there. I didn’t know what was going to happen. And I sat on my bed, he looked at me, his eyes were really heavy, and I started getting scared. And he walks towards the door, and I thought he was going to leave. But instead, he, turns the light off,” I start crying, “And before I could ask what he was doing, his hand covered my mouth, pushing me on my back and holding me down.” I stuff my face in my hands. “H-he,” I sniffled, “He told me no one was going to hear me, so I should just quit fussing to get it over with faster. B-but the more I hesitated, the stronger he got.” I felt Sam’s hands ball up in a fist on my lap, “He unbuckled his pants, and lifted up my skirt.” I started hyperventilating while crying. “He-” I wrapped my arms around my stomach, “Raped me.” I broke down. “H-he didn’t stop. I-I screamed and screamed but it just got muffled by his hand. And when I tried pushing him off, I-I couldn’t because he had over 100 pounds over me.” I bit the bottom of my lip as flashbacks started coming back again, hitting me hard. 

“After that night, he told everyone in the building I was a slut, that I was wanting more, that I seduced him. I-I was a virgin. A-and people thought that was just a cover up. I-I was destroyed. I didn’t tell anyone about it, b-because I thought no one would believe me. I-I couldn’t wrap it around my head that it had happened. And over a dozen therapists had to help me understand that what I went through was rape. Was Sexual assault. And I’m still trying to get over it.” I felt a little relief finally telling them. “Those are my nightmares Sam…” I turn my head to look at him, and see his face all red, and angered, staring at Chase. “He’s my nightmare.” I whisper. I look at the rest of the crew and tears running down their angry faces, fists in a ball, aching to punch something. Sam quickly gets up, following the boys, and Sam grabs Chase by his shirt, pushing him against the wall. 

“HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!” He says angrily, the boys right behind him just as angry. “S-she’s lying dude! S-she was drunk too! S-she just doesn’t remember it! S-she said she wanted to have sex! If-if it was rape, why didn’t she make a big deal about it then! I-I didn’t r-rape her!” Chase tried defending himself. “YOU NEVER DO THAT TO ANYONE! DO YOU HEAR ME?! NO ONE! NEVER FORCE A GIRL TO DO THAT! IF YOU HAVE TO FORCE YOURSELF ONTO HER, IT’S RAPE BUDDY!” Sam’s face getting more red, lifting Chase up off the ground by his shirt. “IF YOU EVER, COME NEAR Y/N AGAIN, I PROMISE I WILL BREAK YOUR FUCKING NECK!” Sam threatens. “AND WE WILL BREAK THE REST OF YOUR BODY!” The boys yell in the back. “YOU ARE FIRED! NEVER HAVE CONTACT WITH ANY OF US AGAIN! AND I WILL MAKE SURE WHAT YOU DID SPREADS ALL OVER THE INDUSTRY SO YOU WILL WORK AGAIN!” Sam throws him to the side. “NOW GET OUT OF MY FACE BEFORE I BEAT YOU SENSELESS!” He yells at him. Chase gets up off the ground, scared, looking at all them. The boys push him out the door, yelling at him and threatening him. 

Sam turns his angry face towards me, making eye contact with him, and starts to calm down. He rushes to me, and holds me in his arms, apologizing a million times. “I am so sorry Y/N. You should have never gone through that and I’m so so sorry you did.” He squeezes me. “Just know, I’m going to protect you forever, and so are the boys, okay? You are always safe with us.” His head resting on top of mines. “I love you Y/N so much.” He kisses my head. “Nothing bad is going to happen to you again. I promise.. Okay? I promise…” He says. “No more bad, no more bad, no more bad,” He kept repeating into my hair. 


→Sebastian Stan x Y/N

→ Word Count: 840

→ Summary: A Broadway actress tests her luck with the film industry in The Martian. Opening night in Downtown L.A. has finally arrived and focusing on the premiere was a little difficult due to a certain someone. 

+summary sounds hella boring but i think this will be a good one. its short but I’m just getting my feet wet (also just some Y/N character development). I hope you enjoy the first part of Acquainted! 

+fluff? idk not really though 

Part I Part II


to say that we’re in love is dangerous / but, girl, I’m so glad we’re acquainted 

 "So, Y/N, after working on your first film, do you prefer acting on a stage or in front of a camera?“ The darling interviewer asked the glowing goddess of an actress in front of him. 

 Y/N smiled, “Well Mario, I must say there’s nothing like the thrill of acting before hundreds of people. The post show jitters are indescribable. The theater is and always will be my home. Don’t get me wrong, I would do another film or a TV show in a heartbeat if I’m given the chance but there is seriously no compare to live theater for me.” Y/N couldn’t stop glancing at Mario Lopez’s dimples the whole time she was answering his question. Hot damn, this boy hasn’t aged at all since his days on Saved By The Bell. She was lost in thought until Mario placed a warm hand on her shoulder and said ‘thank you’. Time to move on, Y/N.

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Monty’s Birthday Drabble

Happy birthday to Monty @montysmayhem !!! Here you go, lover!! 

“Movie Night”

Originally posted by inlovewithacriminals

You threw yourself down onto the large bed, a small, tired sigh escaping you. 

“Is that my favorite girl?” Bucky called from the bathroom. 

You grinned, “That depends? Is it me you’re talking about?” 

“Who else would it be?” He exited the bathroom, steam billowing behind him. A towel hung low from his waist, water dripping down his chiseled chest. You bit your lip. 

“Oh, I don’t know. Attractive men like you may have many favorite girls.” 

“Not me, sweetheart, you’re the only girl I got.” 

You sat up, eyes trailing down his damp body, “That’s good to hear.” 

He made a noise of acknowledgement before grabbing two shirts from his dresser. He threw one at you, “Get undressed, Doll. I got a few movies that I know you like.” 

You gasped teasingly, stripping your work clothes quickly, “That sounds like an amazing Friday night.” 

“It’s even better because I’m here.” Bucky crawled onto the bed in nothing but black boxers and a grey, long sleeved shirt. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you to him. 

You nudged at his collarbone with your nose, “You’re the best. You want me to order Chinese?”

“I already did.” You pulled back from him quickly, eyes wide, making a loud laugh burst from him. “I know, I’m just that good.” 

“You really are!” Your lips molded to his, hands gripping his shoulders tightly, communicating how much you appreciated the relaxing night in after a long day of interning. 

He pulled away, a dreamy look in his eyes, and cleared his throat, “Well then… Now that you’ve literally kissed the thoughts from my head, I’ll go put the movie in.”

“What movie?” Your eyes narrowed at him, hoping it wasn’t another war movie. 

“Sky High.” He smirked.

“Oh my gosh! I love you!” You froze, realizing the words that just exploded from you without thought. Bucky was staring right back at you. You began stumbling over your words, “Okay, listen…I didn’t mean to say it like that… You don’t have to say it back.” 

He took large strides toward you, saying your name over your loud babbling, before finally yelling, “Baby!”

“Yeah?” You were breathless, chest rising and falling rapidly.

His hands encased your face, “I love you too.” 

The breath whooshed from your lungs in relief, “Jeez, scare me why don’t ya.”

He cut you off, lips attacking yours. 

Q & A with Laura Blake

Laura Blake (a.k.a razuberri) will be playing Lily Evans in the upcoming fanfilm The Gathering Storm. She was kind enough to answer some questions I had about the film and her character!

Get to Know Her:


  •  I go by Laura Blake on the internet, but in the film I’m credited as Laura Tarver

Favorite HP character: 

  • Ronald Weasley, always and forever my king

Favorite HP book: 

  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Favorite Spell: 

  •    Accio, like how useful would accio be in every day life, like I would never lose anything ever again, and for someone as forgetful as me, it’s the perfect spell

Favorite Magical Beast:

  •  Hypogriffs and Dragons (because dragons tbh)

Where to find her:

  • Twitter: @razuberro
  • YouTube: razuberri
  •  Instagram: loltarver

Favorite quote (HP or not!)

   "All that is gold does not glitter,

Not all those who wander are lost;

The old that is strong does not wither,

Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,

A light from the shadows shall spring;

Renewed shall be blade that was broken,

The crownless again shall be king.“

J.R.R. Tolkien (I mean it’s not a "quote” per say, but it’s still my favorite thing ever)

Hogwarts House: 


About the film:

How did you get involved with The Gathering Storm?

   Someone I follow on tumblr reblogged the casting call for TGS, and when I saw it I thought “holy shit this is something I could conceivable do” and I sent in a video audition, and by god’s grace I got a call back, even though my video submission was the very last one (a fact Aaron the director will never let me live down). And apparently they liked my audition so much that they asked me to be Lily, which I immediately said yes to, and the rest is history

How did you prepare for your role as Lily?

   I re-read some bits of the books, like snape’s worst memory or Slughorn’s bits where he goes on about her, and I dug into some Jily fan fiction. Mostly I listened to Lily Evans playlists I had saved on 8tracks and focused on being the most Prefect version of myself

How are you and Lily most similar?

  We both have a low tolerance for bullshit that is often mistaken as a short temper. We both put 100% into anything we do, with no shortage of passion. Neither of us are Snape sympathizers in any form or fashion. Both of us are always vaguely angry about something, have sass for days, and care immensely for our loved ones. In short, we are pretty similar. 

What did a typical day of filming look like for you?

  Well, depending on the location, each day was very different, but basically there were two different types of days on set. Half of the days I would wake up before the sun and get my hair and make up done, then head off to set with the rest of the cast in a nap friendly van, and spend most of my day filming with very little down time, and eventually return to base camp. The rest of the days were more low key for me; I would wake up at the last minute, sleep some more on the drive to set, get my make up/hair done on set, and spend half of the day on working, half of the day napping whenever the opportunity arose. In the end though, I would always spent the entire van trip back home stone cold asleep.

You shot scenes at some beautiful sets. Which set was your favorite to be on?

   Oh man. Oh man. The prettiest set by far (and also one of the best days on set) was Hammond, which was our Hogwarts. The weather was beautiful, everything went smoothly, and overall it was an amazing place to be and it will basically always hold a special place in my heart. But since we only spent a single day there, I think my favorite set to be on was our Common Room set. We spend a lot of time there and the set was just so cozy, and a lot of my favorite scenes took place there. Plus my couch (the Gryffindor couch, you’ll see it in the movie, and I’ve dubbed it my couch because I have the most scenes on it, plus I basically lived on the couch) was on the Common Room set, and that couch was by far the most comfortable object I’ve ever had the privilege to sleep on. Set life is so much better when you have the world’s comfiest couch to nap on between takes. 

Who was your favorite character to have a scene with? 

   Bastet. We had a couple of scenes together that were great fun (along with extremely emotional) to do, and Bastet is just such an amazing character, her and Lily have a wonderful relationship that I’m so glad we got to convey. Plus Danielle(Bastet) kills it every time and she made me cry a lot. Close contenders are Marlene and Remus, mostly because I love both their characters and my top scenes to do involved both of them. 

What was your favorite memory from filming the gathering storm?

   Oh jeeze, I don’t think I have just one honestly. The first thing that comes to mind is when me and Caroline(Marlene) were watching the Marauders come around a corner for a very short scene. It was the first time we had seen the four Marauders all together on screen, and I think that’s the first moment when it really became real for me. Like it hit me that “holy shit we’re actually making a Harry Potter movie” and so that’s always gonna be a special moment to me. That whole day of filming if just one big good memory in general, even though we had done lots of filming already, it’d the first time it really hit me that I was Lily Evans and just how amazing the project we were working on was. I’ll stick just to that memory though, if I think of another, I won’t be able to stop!

Thank you again to Laura for answering my questions! Make sure to check out her tumblr razuberri​ and The Gathering Storm at marauders-fanfilm​!

Hello, and I’m sorry.
A salutation and a farewell.
I don’t have much time.

This Times New Roman is gonna fly from my fingertips like a plague of moths,
The hollow black leather shells crunch into the ground like the skin of a cicada.

This is all that’s left.
And you can do whatever you want with it.
Keep it to yourself or let it serve as a warning.

This city is disgusting,
A corpse of what it used to be,
The people are filthy, gluttonous, ruled by the power exchange of sex from the hands of the proletariat to the bourgeoisie.

The tops of the skylines buzz with the lacklustre enthusiasm,
The ground level is caked in dirt and rust and grime,
And the people that dwell there awaken, rub the filmy layer off their lukewarm eyes.

There’s some here i love,
Some who fear me
And some who wish I was dead.

I didn’t ask for this.
No one asks for this.
You’re born into it.

You grow up oblivious and sheltered,
And then one day the evil realities of this place hit you square between the eyes,
Like a perfectly aimed bullet.

If this were a movie, I would ride off in some blood red sunset,
Down a stretch of desert road,
Into the wasteland that keeps us captive here.

But this isn’t a movie.
These are the badlands.