oh javier


Look, I was really disappointed with PotC5 for several reasons..but this guy’s design was 👌 👌 👌

Hey psssht hey hey guess in what fan-fucking-tastic fandom I got myself in for 3 months in already pls dont kill meh

uhm… … …the last time I was in RPF hell was eons ago (KPop lol) and I have no idea how I got from one place to another this time around…

BUT I digress! There’s this one YuzuVier fanfiction that I’ve been reading since the first day it was published on Ao3 and I adore it so much aaaaHHH WHY IS DRAWING RL PPL SO MUCH AGONY it’s always the same tredding the thin line of ‘does this look okay’ and ‘omg cringe’

2016-2017 season: Men’s Free Skate scores over 200 points (as of February 2017)

Yuzuru HANYU (JPN)    206.67   2017 Four Continents Championships
Nathan CHEN (USA)    204.34   2017 Four Continents Championships
Javier FERNANDEZ (ESP)    201.43   2016 Rostelecom Cup

How to go on with your life after Rogue One (Part 1):

 Rewatch Dirty Dancing - Havana Nights AT LEAST a thousand times because of Diego Luna (and imagine this being a young Cassian with Jyn).

I don’t hate Kate.
I hate the fact that Telltale are REALLY trying to push this romance, and in episode 3 they basically made it cannon that Javi has feelings for her. So much for having a choice, huh?


David & Clementine supporting Javi while Jesus is jesusing


So this was at the press conference after Yuzuru won the Rostelecom Cup back in 2011. It was with Javier Fernandez and Jeremy Abbott since they were the silver and bronze medalists. So someone asks a question in Russian (I think I’m not sure) and then it is translated into english and then it is translated into Japanese. So someone asks Yuzuru this question and as you can see in the gifs, he either has a hard time answering in general or has a hard time answering in english. So, that’s what he says hahaha! It’s so cute and he’s so embarrassed afterwards! Here is the link!