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Yuri Plisetsky WeekDay Five: Social Networks
↳ Yuri “I must post a selfie with this shirt immediately” Plisetsky

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Okay, but consider this, Ushijima working at McDonalds, it is my aesthetic meme

[muffled Goshiki in the background]: “Senpai I wanted a happy meal-”

Based on this vine! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

April 1, 2017, R

Time to go. :( Everyone left early this morning except my sister, my uncle, and me. We took our time eating breakfast and packing before heading to the train station around noon. An hour later, we were at the airport, heading our separate ways.

Ugh, Japan, I always hate to leave you and your heated toilet seats and your 0.3 pens and your beautifully crafted desserts and your kind, kind people. Until we meet again.

HAHA oh japan. you got me with this one. i really thought he was a girl until I started connecting the dots…

ilima because i know my 15 y/o self would’ve really liked this guy. well, i still think he is very pretty, but i’m not far enough into the game to know who my favorites are yet…

also i am extremely rusty at painting holy shit. i pretty much pulled all my “cover the bullshit” tricks to make this look passable.


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How would Japan, America, Romano, and Hungary react to their s/o getting out of bed too fast and hurt their shoulder?

Japan: “oh my, have you hurt yourself?”

America: “hahahhahahaaha are you alright?” (Pls be careful, he could suffocate)

Romano: stifled laughter: “are you okay? You should be more careful”

Hungary: “oh dear god, what are you doing??”


Hikaru and his cats-phobia.

2015.09.02 Itadaki High Jump

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Their reaction to their crush calling them handsome/dashing~?

Their crush called them ‘handsome’ –

2P!America: “You know it babe~”

2P!China: “Er what? I-I mean.. heh, does this mean I’m allowed to talk about how hot I think you are?”

2P!England: “Oh? Hehe, thank you so much poppet!~”

2P!France: “Shut up. You’re just saying that…”

2P!Russia: “Oh…? Ah, thank you, I suppose…?”

2P!Italy: “That so? What else do you think about me, hmm?~”

2P!Germany: “…Aw hush, you’ll make me want to kiss you!”

2P!Japan: “Hm? Oh, thank you. That is kind of you to say…”

2P!Canada: “Pffft, whatever, you liar.”

2P!Romano: “Hehe, I know!~ Thanks for the reminder, you cutie.” ♥

2P!Austria: “You have good taste, my darling.~”

2P!Prussia: “W-What? I mean… no, y-you don’t mean that…”

Hetaween 2016 - Part 12
  • Poland: yo America, have you, like, heard about a gang appearing in this neighbourhood? I heard that they're scaring a lot of people!
  • Italy: gaah! I-Is that them in the distance?!
  • Germany: wait, isn't that...
  • Liechtenstein: hello everyone, are you all having a wonderful time trick or treating~?
  • America: H-H-HARLEY QUINN??
  • Prussia: Let the partay begin because the AWESOME ME IS HERE!! Yeah, Liech is Harley, and I'm the great Joker!!
  • Switzerland: and I will shoot the Joker if you touch Harley...
  • Hungary: hehe, Switzerland's a good Deadshot~ Oh Japan, do you like my Katana costume?? Pretty cool how my abs are showing~!
  • Austria: I feel rather odd with tattoos all over me... and shirtless...
  • Liechtenstein: well... at least you didn't have to be set on fire, Mister Austria...
  • Germany: WHAT??
  • Hungary: why did we even vote on that?? If you burn Austria I'll slice ya, Prussia, or Joker~~
  • Switzerland: calm down, Hungary, I mean, Katana, we made a compromise right...?
  • Austria: I shall now show my emotions through Adele's 'I Set Fire to the Rain'.