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Day6 As Things I've Overheard
  • Jae: "okay but do we all agree that if I was a dog I would be a chihuahua?"
  • Sungjin: "why is customer service being rude to me that's my children's job"
  • Young K: "if I eat this whole pickle in one bite you gotta pay me 50 bucks"
  • Wonpil: "don't touch me I'm a fucking ray of sunshine"
  • Dowoon: "the only reason I hang out with you guys is because I got waitlisted when I applied for better friends"
9 good things about Dancing King MV

1. Yoo Jaesuk
2. ChanHun’s double dab
3. Yixing’s screen time
4. 10/10 choreography
5. All those lovely EXO-Ls
6. “Awoooo” - Kim Jongdae
7. Minseok kissing the puppet
8. Killer vocals as usual
9. The boys genuinely having fun with this MV


Hyuk catching Jaehyun off guard.


Happy Valentine’s Day from some of my biggest biases.

They are so cheesy but who cares.
Do as you please with them. (as first they were some high res nice transparent cards, and then it went to shit. 😂)


jiyxu  asked:

D6 ♥

Send me a character + expression

[[ Kissu kissu for all the beautiful people~~ lol. ]]


That heartbreaking gaze the second male lead makes when he knows his love is unrequited. </3

I just wanna give them a hug!! Psh, you don’t need the main chick when you’ve got all the victims of second male lead syndrome to love you! <3

This had me laughing pretty hard… Hahahahaha!! Seung Jae’s reluctant “yeah”? Seriously hilarious!! <3