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Gogo and I were talking about The Lemonade Stand episode and this kinda’ came up.

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Jasper au: you moved into my best friends apartment while yours is getting redone and you keep eating all my snacks

Jason had had a key to Annabeth’s apartment since she moved into it two years ago. He’d been walking, uninvited, into her house since their freshman year of college and never once encountered a problem. Well, except for that one time which taught him to avoid certain hours of the morning and evening after she started dating her current boyfriend - but they don’t talk about that.

He let himself in now, at half past five on a Wednesday afternoon, and called out Annabeth’s name before he dropped his bag on the floor of the hallway.

The answering voice did not belong to Annabeth but to Percy, the aforementioned boyfriend. “She’s not home yet.”

Jason sighed and walked down the hall into the living room, holding the boxes of pizza he’d bought on the way up triumphantly. On seeing him - and more importantly, the pizza - Percy shot up from his lounged position on the couch and grabbed the boxes from Jason.

“I love you, man.”

“Save that for your girlfriend,” Jason said as he walked into the kitchen to grab a beer from the fridge.

On opening the white door though, he found the shelf which usually held half a dozen beer bottles almost empty.

“Hey, Perce,” he called.

“Yeah?” Percy answered thickly, clearly having already started the pizza.

“Where are the beers?”

“I dunno.”

Jason grabbed one of the few remaining bottles and crossed to the cupboard to get a bag of chips but encountered the same problem. He always kept a supply of food at Annabeth’s, mostly for nights like this when he came over to watch a game with them. But someone had attacked his stores.

“What the fuck?” he muttered.

“You come into my house,” a voice said from behind him, “you swear in my kitchen.”

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so i ‘accidentally’ bought some stuff for my norn

also learned that going into a zone 30 lvls higher than you to take pretty screenshots is painful


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so. i read a wip of @cawaiiey​‘s (which was amazing, as can be expected, praise mccreesus) and this is a part of it:

Hanzo suddenly remembers when the copier machine broke last month and Genji had said he “could fix it better than before”, then proceeded to leave the office drenched in ink and various other fluids, with the copier so broken that upper management had to replace it.

(thank u cade for letting me use the direct quote!!)

so i read this and i’m like ??? various other fluids?? i have no idea about any kind of office machine. or other kind of machine. i dont know what fluids there are. so, naturally, i leave a comment just like “did genji fuck the copy machine”

cade sees this and loses her shit, tweets about it, and me, her, and our friend salem proceed to discuss this idea at length

you can see the full discussion in 3 different tweet threads here, here, and here, but under the cut are my personal highlights, and this one is a pretty good summation:

thank you for asking, genji “copy machine fucker” shimada is canon, shimada gods bless

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honesty hour:

tell me what age you think i am, on or off anon, and i can only confirm or deny. 

{ colors // soulmate!au. } ;; [ wonwoo. ]

( the world is in black and white until you meet your soulmate. )

“what does it look like?”

mingyu hums in response and looks at the sky.

“it’s blue.”

wonwoo pauses.

“what does that look like?”

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so… just a little thing I made last night 

warning: there are loud screams :) courtesy of yours truly

Day 1: Longing

Natsu could hear her tinkling laugh from the back of the room and he resisted the urge to turn around. This little crush of his was getting a bit ridiculous. It had started off innocently enough, with him noticing how pretty her eyes looked when she smiled, but it had just escalated from that. Now, every time he caught sight of that gorgeous face, all he longed to do was lean in and press his lips against hers, hold her soft body in his arms, lavish her with love.

He sighed and slumped forward so that he could hide his face in his scarf. He needed to get over this crush and fast because there was no way he had a chance with Lucy Heartfilia, the nicest and prettiest girl in his year.

“Good morning class,” their sensei spoke from the front of the classroom. “Today I will assign new seats.”

The room immediately broke into an excited buzz as students whispered to their friends, all hoping to sit by each other. Natsu rolled his eyes and began to tune out the chatter. Most of his close friends were in different classes or they weren’t in his year. There wasn’t anyone in his class that he’d really wanna sit with. Well, besides her of course.


He jumped slightly at the sound of his name and looked up at the teacher.

“Actually, Natsu, I didn’t move you, you can just stay there.” Natsu melted back into his former position, thankful that he didn’t have to get up and move. He was about to tune out again until the teacher mentioned his seat mate.

“And next to Natsu will be…Lucy!”

Although the atmosphere in the classroom did not change, the air seemed so much heavier all of a sudden as Natsu let the teacher’s words sink in.

‘No way…’

He could hear the chair at the desk next to his slide out with a screech and Natsu sunk even further into his scarf, unwilling to reveal his incredibly flushed face. There was no freaking way his crush was sitting next to him for the next few weeks. This was both his dream come true and his absolute nightmare.

Natsu took a shot and glanced at her out the corner of his eyes. To his surprise, their eyes met and Natsu froze before hurriedly looking back to the front of the room, acting as if nothing had happened. He could almost feel steam coming out of his ears from how hot his face felt. The girl of his dreams was sitting next to him and he couldn’t even look her in the eye.

This was gonna be a long six weeks.