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public is fine. could you list the kdramas you watch and like? i love kdramas in general but never know what to watch if its not recommended to me lol.

oh, no, i’ve literally only ever seen like four, and it’s basically just the ones that everyone has seen: coffee prince, goblin, pasta, that modern royalty one where the like Normal Girl is married to the prince because of some old contract and then they spent 18 episodes fighting and FALLING IN LOVE. i think there was another couple that i forget.

honestly i like kdramas a lot but what i really like is my boyfriend, gong yoo. so what, he’s 37!!! so what he’s much cooler than me!!! so what i don’t speak korean!!!!!! 

anyway i’m not a good resource for this

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senpai your drawings are beautiful and they inspire me a lot so I really want to do some digital art but the problem is i kinda like know absolutely nothing about digital art so can you help me please like do i have to get a tablet and stylus or something and which app should i use

some can reach the nirvana by using the mouse
but i really don’t understand how, so i gave up & picked up a tablet

some can get really pro with photoshop, but i don’t understand how either, so i gave up & changed direction to sai (since it’s kind of less complicated & easier to blend color as well)


Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune in Amour Eternal Visual Book
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Like father, like daughter

Multiple people chose this pose so I decided to do them all at once. I hope you giggle even half as much as I did while struggling to draw this. :’D Poses meme ref is here.

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I am super looking forward to when you finish and post Anabasis because I am DYING for a full fic where the story's all "THE EVIL HAS BEEN DEFEATED! So we will...we'll...well, now what?"

:D Just for that, have some Obi-Wan and Adi Gallia talking about the uncertain future of the Jedi Order.

(Also, for the anon who was worried the Anabasis tag had been quiet for a while, here you go!)

“You don’t sound like you believe that.”

Adi Gallia laughed, short and startled. “I suppose that’s because I don’t, Master Kenobi,” she said. “Since Palpatine’s death, the Force has felt clearer and cleaner than I’ve ever known it.”

His surprise must have been obvious on his face, because Master Gallia gave him a wry smile and added, “I mean that, Obi-Wan. Vader may be Dark, but he doesn’t cloud the Force the way his master did. You must have noticed that yourself – that the shroud of the Dark Side has lifted?”

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Mystic Messenger

How can a computer generated character make me feel so bad and heartbroken.

Like, I just want to love you…


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You know people may say that snowbarry is dead, that is never going to happen, that is crazy all that…. I’m still gonna ship it. 

The writers can make Caitlin a villain and Killer Frost forever and all that… And I’m still gonna ship it.

They can kill one of them, or both of them… I’m still gonna ship it. 

They can kill me and I will be shipping this so freaking much that I will go to Valhalla in my Snowbarry Stan Ship and I will be talking in heaven or hell about those two adorable dorks.

There was one part where we jump on a wire, and Chris fell one time and dropped out of frame somewhere, and I didn’t know where he went. There’s that scene where we blast through the two doors, and at one point, we couldn’t even get through them, and I was like, ‘Oh, here’s America’s hope! We can’t even break through a door.’

SeKaiYeol vs Light

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I’m back at my own house, after a lovely weekend staying on the farm and visiting with the family. I managed to keep to my soft non-resolutions from New Year’s, though I kept not having a chance to write about it in the bullet journal, which I am not really using in the intended fashion– I have just been bullet-pointing things about my life in there, but I’ve also been keeping tallies of the habits I’ve wanted to solidify.

I have sewn something every day this year, though most days it’s only a couple of stitches. I went on a hike and snagged my brand new parka on a rose thorn, and so Sunday’s sewing project was repairing that, and i had to borrow thread because I had every kind with me except black. (Amazing.) Yesterday’s sewing project was sewing the button back onto a brand new flannel shirt I got on Sunday, unbuttoned to try on, and one of the buttons came off in my hand. But I still have sewed a little bit every day, so that’s something. Mom gave me a sewing kit from the Shaker Heritage Society, where my grandmother volunteered for decades– a little pincushion, a piece of beeswax on a thread, a tiny emery cushion for needles, and a needle-book– and they were handmade by my grandmother’s best friend, who is now about 95 and still faithfully making things for their gift shop. I will treasure them forever. I’ve accidentally started filling my pencil case (which I carry so I can write in the journal) with sewing things…

I’ve also written every day, even if it was only a few words while I was so tired I could hardly see. The only thing that got worked on, of my many WIPs, was the Bodhi/Cassian thing, which has solidified in my mind at least, and it’s not fluffy like Found Cat at all, but I did just last night figure out a great variant on the Canadian Shack trope that I can use. And having it be entirely from Bodhi’s POV means that Cassian’s secret-agent-ness gets to be delightfully creepy and slow to reveal. I hope. We’ll see, it’s still pretty nebulous. 


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