oh it should be plural so

  • When you don't know anything about linguistics: The plural of "memorandum" is "memoranda", why can't people get it right
  • When you know a little about linguistics: The plural of "memorandum" should just be "memorandums" because that's how people naturally say it, "memoranda" is just prescriptivism
  • When you know a lot about linguistics: Oh my god? So certain English words borrowed from Latin and Greek have competing plural forms, with one form using the English plural -s and the other using a borrowed Latin or Greek form? Do you realize how crazy that is - a language borrowing *inflectional morphology* from another language? And here the two competing plural forms have become markers of education, expertise, and social class, isn't that incredible?

anonymous asked:

ACTUALLY the plural of "Platypus" would just be "Platypuses," as the "i" in words such as cactus/cacti is exclusive to words with latin roots, whereas the "pus" in "platypus" is of greek roots, meaning flat foot in greek. So technically the plural should be platypodes, as that is the greek plural for feet, but it has fallen out of disuse in recent times, leaving us with the much more simple Platypuses. The same goes for Octopi/Octopuses.

You’d think, me being a writer, I would know/pay attention to this shit. Oh well. Glad to know someone’s got me covered here.

You Can Have It (Pietro x Reader)

Summary: After getting herself arrested, Y/N finds herself bumping into someone she hasn’t seen in years.


Twelve Years Ago

You had picked the remaining white blossoms off the bush, clutching the skimpy bouquet in your small hands. You spun around, searching the area for more flowers. Over by a cluster of dark green trees, you spotted a few purple flowers scattered around the roots. Grinning immediately, you giggled and hurried over to the trees.

You reached the trees and quickly knelt down. Leaning in closely, you focused intently on picking the flowers as carefully as you could. Adding them to your collection, you pushed yourself up to a standing position. You brushed the dirt off of your knees, before leaning down to pick up the bunch of flowers. You spun around again to search for more flowers. That’s when you saw it.

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Oh, Anonymous sender… I know that the fae on campus wear clothes because that’s the accepted social construct we’ve been directed to follow here on the human-y side of things, but I have otherwise never met a tree that wears pants, either singular or plural. So sadly, I’m going to have to say that the answer here is neither. Fallen trees are pant-less. As are the tall-standing trees.

But thank you for the nearly 20-minute long laughing/snorting/crying session I had over this. For real. You should get a medal.


Because I’m a bit of a nut… (like you didn’t know that already)

Today I decided, after watching “Star Trek Into Darkness” that I wanted to see if anyone had put Benedict Cumberbatch into an Elf outfit (photoshopped of course) and low and behold Google did not disappoint.

See, I have a small duology of LOTR stories that deal with the sons of Oropher (Seregbrun) and the sons of Thranduil (Nothrimraegath) and I had never really had an image in mind for Thranduil’s elder brother Galenion nor for Legolas’ elder brother Morolas.

So of course once I found a picture of Benedict… I wondered if anyone had done one of Tom Hiddleston… and boom, Google was my friend once more.

Thus I went and made them into mini-walls with text and black & white and everything.  Of course the image of Thranduil is Lee Pace and the image of Legolas is Orlando Bloom, but now I finally have mental images for Galenion and for Morolas!

Oh and yes I know that it should be “Oropherion” and “Thranduilion” for “son of Oropher” and “son of Thranduil” but I made “ion” plural so that it reads “Oropheriyn” (sons of Oropher) and “Thranduiliyn” (sons of Thranduil).

Of course I also had an old fanart someone did of Jason Isaacs dressed as Lucius Malfoy (Harry Potter) that was turned into an Elf.  Truth be told this was what was always in my mind as Thranduil until Lee Pace came along… and now that image has become what I think of when I think of Oropher… so I made a little wall for it too (and since we don’t know who he’s the son of, it just says his name).


I’m gonna go work on Seregbrun some more now hehehe.

Young Folks, nesting

People wanted more related to Joey, this here should clear up some of the bigger question marks.

The phone call comes in the middle of the night.

You weren’t really asleep, just dozing restlessly, and thus have a front row seat to John leaping upright like a jack-in-the-box. This is followed by a bellydive across the bed to reach the mobile ringing on your nightstand (whose brilliant idea was it to put the infernal device there, you wonder?). You go OOMPH and smack him in the shoulder with the heel of your hand. It deters him exactly jack fucking shit.

“Hello?” he breathes into the phone, winded.

The response filtered through the tinny speaker is barely comprehensible, but the message comes through loud and clear. Kanaya sounds both terrified and overjoyed. It’s happening.

Oh god it’s happening.

You lie on your back, staring wide-eyed at the dark recess of the ceiling as John’s hushed answers rumble against your chest. You leave the heel of your hand planted against his shoulder for the sake of his solid reality.

This is it. It is actually happening.

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Those shoes have since been thrown away :-(

They were beautiful old-lady, black suede slippers that I wore so much the heel literally had holes in them (PLURAL).  It was a sad day.  BUT WE MUST MOVE ON.  Oh yes, there will be more shoes.  In fact, unhealthy numbers of shoes.  Definitely over 30 but maybe not 50 pairs of shoes.  Is that sad?


Costume for the Day:

- Black skinny jeans (BDG twig, if you insist)

- Black/Brown tie-dye v-neck t-shirt worn backwards (try it dudes, you’ll be into it)

- Black slipper shoesss :-( :-( :-( :-( (aforementioned)

- joncarling button - have you not gotten into his beautiful art yet?  You should.  You are really just letting yourself down and everyone else around you by not loving his art ^_^

- There was also a sweater.