oh it looks okay i guess

Okay so I know it’s a really brief moment, but I’ve sat there watching the dance scene over and over so that I could really analyze it, and I particularly focused on their faces. What I’ve noticed is that when Stanley twirls into LeFou’s arms LeFou looks a little surprised, but more of a sparkly twinkly “oh this cute guy is dancing with me now??” Surprise. Before with the girls he was all polite smiles and not really focusing just having fun la de da but then Stanley shows up and suddenly he’s more in the moment and not just polite manners he’s actually reacting to the person he’s with. Then you see Stanley’s face is a bit stoic but he’s slightly wide eyed. Not surprised but more like slightly nervous, like he’s trying hard to keep composed and make a good impression. I think Stanely’s purposefully engineered himself to end up in LeFou’s arms, though perhaps slightly unconsciously. I know I myself have had moments where I’m slyly adjusting myself little by little in unnoticeable ways so that I may end up closer to the girl I like. But you can see on his face he probably wasn’t actually expecting it to work/wasn’t actually prepared for the moment when he’d be holding LeFou in his arms, and it’s like he’s really here, and this is really happening. This is all real and he’s got to focus and he’s looking right at LeFou, they’re looking at each other like little star struck love birds, and have you noticed when LeFou is around it’s like he’s all Stanley can see? Even when Stanley is in the background of random scenes he’s looking straight at LeFou. But they’ve never been this close, and now LeFou is perhaps really noticing Stanley for the first time and this is a big moment for both of them, and I feel like for that moment it’s like everyone else fades away and it’s like they’re the only ones there, dancing in this giant ballroom like belle and the beast had. They have the same looks on their faces like those two did at that first initial dance. Sort of star struck, unsure, trying to focus and make a gold impression, but definitely only seeing each other and they fit together almost naturally. Notice that neither LeFou or Stanley has a moment of confusion where they don’t know what to do. They both slip right into their roles and are twirling beautifully. Just like Belle and the Beast, they fit, and perhaps that is another reason why they’re so awe struck. Because this feels so right.

Yan's INSIDE cosplay checklist

Long red shirt- Obtained
Blank pants - Good, but it probably won’t even appear
Skin - The usual, coffee-ish colour
Face - Still there, completed with hipster glasses.
Mask to cover the face - I might be better than photoshop I guess

Okay, jokes aside I was really wanting to do an INSIDE cosplay but…. I don’t think I would look very good, I mean, even with a mask I am ugly af and also my skin tone wouldn’t match
I mean, I’m not even white :/ (not completly white of course lol)
I dunno, I have my doubts that it would actually good, and who the heck would want a random child cosplaying as another child :I
Oh well

Claire Over the Different Series
  • Daredevil S1: Oh my god is that BLOOD what the hell is going on???? dude you're blind stOP FIGHTING EVERYBODY
  • Jessica Jones: Okay yeah I'll help I already helped out that blind fucker might as well
  • Daredevil S2: I got fired because SOMEONE (looks at Matt) fought ninjas. I guess helping vigilantes is my life now fml
  • Luke Cage: I've hit the acceptance stage. Luke of course I'll help your (fine) ass might as well lmaooo
  • Iron Fist: Listen you little fucknugget. I've seen some shit. don't act like you're all that, fuck outta here
  • How She'll Probably be in the Defenders: ALL of you need to sit the fuck down. I'm the glue holding this team together. DON'T MAKE ME PULL THIS CITY OVER Y'ALL, CAUSE I WILL.
On writing
  • Me: Oh I know I'll just write a thing for this trashy pairing haha how fun I'll just make it a straightforward one-shot shippy thing that I don't need to take seriously.
  • Me: *Writes several thousand words of set-up* okay I guess that's fine...
  • Me: *Plans layers of complicated emotional subtext* okay I guess we can have some of that *Writes several more thousand words before getting past the first real shipping scene* uhhhh okay so guess it'll be chaptered...
  • Me: *Plans entire rest of story and realises it's already out of control* goddamit me why are you like this.

Eren: I think Captain Levi-

Armin: Oh my wall Eren, can you shut up about Levi?

Eren: Wha-what do you mean?

Armin: Ugh. Ooh Levi`s so cute, Armin, Armin! You`ll never guess what Levi did today! Armin did you know Levi`s favorite tea was black tea? Levi, Levi, Levi~! I`m sick of it!


Eren: Okay, but like I was saying, Levi wa-

Armin: *Looks at the camera like in The Office*

Minho trying to make you confess your crush on Newt
  • Minho: Who is it y/n?
  • Y/N: Not telling.
  • Minho: Fine I'll start guessing. You can stop me when I'm right.
  • Y/n: Like hell I will.
  • Gally: That's against the rules.
  • Y/n: WtF? Min?
  • Minho: Not him? Okay Hey there's Zart! ZART! Y/N HAS THE HOTS FOR YOU!
  • Y/n: You're unbelievable.
  • Minho: Hush, you love me. Hence I must find out the identity of the other guy.Hey look Thomas! THOMAS Y/N WANTS YOU!
  • Thomas: Okay, what' happened Y/n?
  • Y/N: *face palm*
  • Minho: Okay, definitely not him. Oh it's Newt! HEY NEWT- *knocked onto the ground by Y/N*
  • Newt: Y/N? Minho?
  • Minho: Nothing shank, just wanted to solve a doubt.
  • Y/N: Kill me now.
First Interaction Starters
  • "Can I buy you a drink?"
  • "I've heard a lot about you"
  • "Welcome to _____ "
  • "Can I take your order?"
  • " _____, you're under arrest"
  • "Looks like we're room-mates"
  • "IT Support, how can I help you?"
  • "Do you know the bride or the groom?"
  • "Hi, I just moved in next-door"
  • "Excuse me, is this your dog?"
  • "Help, please! Somebody help me!"
  • "I guess I'm your new partner"
  • "Oh my god! Are you okay?"
Zodiac + Crushes

Aries: Oh my god, how can one person be so hot??? I would rock their world.

Taurus: *sweats nervously* Okay I need some liquid courage *chugs whole bottle*

Gemini: I’m just going to go talk to that gorgeous creature over there

Cancer: Can they just read my mind, so I don’t have to keep staring at them???

Leo: Hot damn, guess there is a god cause he made an angel. *stares at them like anime character in love*

Virgo: *sighs* Why must I feel attraction to others??? It takes a toll on my mental stability.


Scorpio: That’s marriage material right there.

Sagittarius: *bashes eyelashes* I’m gonna go see what their favorite band is and see if their worth my time

Capricorn: Oh god they looked at me *sweats, blushes 10 shades red*

Aquarius: La la oh look guess that means I’ll get major emotions over someone Time to get wired hell yeah


Friendly Teasing/Awkward Aus

Because Mod Karissa took a nap earlier and can’t sleep :) plus this is what I LIVE FOR

  • *person A fixes something for person B* Person A: “Who’s the best?” Person B: “Person C” Person A: “oh well then I guess you don’t need this THAT badly-” Person B: “WAIT!!!”

  • “Do I look okay today?” “you look like you got hit by a truck.” “…..thaaaannnkkksss.” “no problem ;)” “no but really do I look ok I have a date” “…..”

  • “I’ll do ANYTHING if you do this for me please” “Anything?” “ANYTHING. Wait no-” “TOO LATE.”

  • “You’re a dweeb/dork.” “wow um rude??” *person A later uses said term towards something/someone else affectionately* Person B: “OOOoooohh.”

  • “Need help reaching that?” “Nope.” *dangerously climbs object* “waIT DONT DO THAT WHAT ARE YOU DO I N G”

  • *points at monster in a movie* “that’s you.” “um excuse me no” *later points at couple* “that could be us” “???” “excEPT YOURE LAME HAHAHA oh shit that was out loud dammit

  • “You know, we’re a lot like those two characters.” *characters later get together* “…….”

  • “did you eat my food?” “nope.” *while eating food* “YOU’RE DEAD TO ME” “ok. more food for me then.”

  • “Why are you crying?” “this part is so sad!” “it can’t be that bad-HOLY SHIT YOURE RIGHT WHERE ARE THE TISSUES”

Hope you guys enjoy! :D
~Mod Karissa

@nilaysha : “ Uhm.. uhm.. Okay! So.. Derek sees Stiles in a mirror and not himself. He totally freaks out when Stiles starts talking and saying something like: Okay, do  I have something in my face?! What'cha staring at?! “

((oh god i hope i got it right, am so sorry if it looks bad cuz this is my first drawing on my graphic board i just started using it and i looks off i guess…am sorry….))

“I’m assuming these lights are for the tree?” Lena said, stooping over to pick them up.

“Yes! Just- don’t tangle them, please,” Kara said.

“Kara, I’m an engineer.”

“Yes- well- okay.”

Alex headed past Kara to help Lena with the lights, pausing to whisper in her ear, “oh, Kara, she’s an engineer,” in a way that was less a statement of fact and more of an innuendo.

“You look flushed, Kara, are you drinking enough?” Lena said, genuine concern etched into her face.

“I’m- I guess I- uh, I’m thirsty,” she said awkwardly.

“Yeah you are,” Alex said.

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anonymous asked:

I'm sorry, but do you do any Gravity Falls cartoons anymore? They really were perfect each in its own way, but...I think you kinda stopped because of the end of the season...:(


Okay, Anon, I’m gonna be totally honest with you.

I ran out of ideas for Gravity Falls comic.

Well, you see…

A few years ago, back in 2013, I made a deal with Bill Cipher: 








okay but

with the amount of social media incorporated into YOI, I’m at least 69% sure that the producers are fairly active/scroll through a lot of the shit we say about the show and just take our wishes and grant them

“A kiss? Hey I guess lmao”

“Domestic Yuuri? Yo sure why not”

“Yuuri’s birthday+angst+hug scene? No prob boo”

“Woah, look, I was gonna make the ‘round and golden’ thing a reference to a gold medal but boi shit this is a MUCH better idea”

“oh you guys want an angry Viktor? hell yeah good content”



I’m gonna go ahead and recommend money-making apps, because I’ve tried a bunch of them and some are better than others. 

  • AppTrailers is the most impressive thus far, even though I’ve only been using it a short time. It has the lowest cash-out rate I’ve ever seen, so I’ve already been able to transfer money to my Paypal account. Twice. It was $.50 each time, but that’s still notable because most apps don’t let you cash out until you earn $10 or more, and that can take ages because most of those apps operate on a point system. You’re not earning money, you’re earning points you trade in for cash. Even though AppTrailers operates on this system, it’s pretty easy to earn–I like to just turn the sound off and watch the ads while I’m doing something else. Even the low earners give you 5 points per watch, which is a jump on the 1 point that seems to be customary. I’m used to not being able to earn a lot because I don’t have many people to refer, but this one works for me. You don’t have to earn big to cash out, and that means it’s becoming one of my go-tos. 
  • Google Opinion Rewards is honestly one of the best, and it doesn’t even give you ‘real’ cash. It gives you credit to buy things on GooglePlay, which is great for me because I sometimes like to buy stuff in the games I play. If you don’t have any reason to use GP, this app isn’t for you; I say it’s the best because I’m used to not getting very many survey opportunities and this app gives me a new survey pretty much every week–often more than once a week. I’ve been using it since November, and I’ve already earned $22–that’s kind of a lot for a money-making app. It may not put any cash in your pocket, but it’ll let you buy things without actually spending your hard-earned cash. *cough*attackonlight*cough*
  • Fronto is a… decent… app. I realize that’s not a glowing assessment, and that’s because I’m still assessing different lockscreen apps. It took me months to cash out with $10, but the fact that it pops up on your phone every time you unlock it makes you feel like you’re actually doing something semi-productive with your time, even if it’s not worth much. I got paid. Real money. And I didn’t even have to go out of my way to do it. 
  • OnGo surveys is alright. At first the amount of surveys was semi-comparable to Opinion Rewards, but these days I rarely receive any notifications at all. The cashout llevel is $10, and I’ve been stuck at $7 for a while, but I’d still recommend this app because the surveys and easy, quick, and give you several cents rather than several points. They just updated the app, so I may need to revamp my assessment in the future. 
  • Survey.com is similar to Ongo surveys, only slightly worse. Both are still sending me surveys, but it’s slow going. It has a minimum cashout level of $7.50, and I currently have $2.50. I’m only recommending it because it’s easy, it notifies you when a survey is available, it uses cash instead of points, and if you’re not lazy you can occasionaly get location-based surveys that offer more moolah. Neither this nor Ongo offer any survey rewards. 

I made this post because I’ve tried apps like Fronto and Cashpirate, but they don’t really work for me. I don’t think the points you earn are worth the amount of data you have to download–my wifi is spotty, so I end up going over my data plan before I even earn anything–and, because they rely so heavily on things like apps and references, I was never able to actually get paid. Most of the apps I’ve listed here will notify you about chances to earn more money, and I just find them easier to use. Referrals are still the best way to earn points, though, so if you use toreo2 for Fronto and AppTrailers it would really help me out. General tip for everyone, even if you’re not planning on doing this–if your friends are into survey apps, joining and using their code will help them earn money, even if you never use it afterwards. That’s why you may see some people asking over and over. 

Some people get paid to write articles like these. I need to figure out how to do that. 

edit: this post is mostly outdated.

EXO Reaction to you getting lost and calling them for help

I thought we had one like this but I only found “you getting lost with them” so I guess I’ll do xD Xoxo, Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


*Goes insane and goes look for you* “I found you jagi… are you okay? Are you hurt?”


*Tracks down your phone* “Oh baobei… you are ten minutes away from here… I’m on my way, don’t move”


*Takes the squad to look for you* “I think that’s her… yes that’s her… Hello jagi, it’s us!” *Takes it very seriously*


*Gets lost while looking for you* “This girl… I bet she moved from where she was… I’ll call her again”


“My jagi needs me! Bye guys!” *Leaves everything he’s doing to find you*


*Walks through all the city looking for you* “Jagi…. Y/N! Where are you!?”


*Takes Chanyeol to look for you* “This is like a movie Chan… we are going to save the princess… while bad guys go after us… even if there’s no one following us tho..”


*Find you in no time* “Hey there baobei… come get in… it’s not like I had a tracker on you or anything…”


*Really anxious* “She isn’t here… I wonder where else she could be… I need to find her, she sounded really scared” *Eventually finds you*


*Worried* “Jagi I need you to calm down… please tell me what you see… ask someone the name of where you are. I’ll go looking for you okay? You’ll be okay”


“She’s lost and… and I don’t know what to do… help me hyung..” *Asks the boys for help. Eventually Suho’s people find you xD*


“Just ask one of my bodyguards that follow you, where you are…  I mean I’ll go looking for you don’t worry” *Daddy Suho always knows where you are*

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Please tell me this is as cute as I intend it to be. Ahhh, unrequested stuff

Dick’s jaw dropped the very moment the elevator’s doors opened and you stepped in.

“Oh hey there!” You greeted Jason who was standing beside him, with a few grocery bags in his hands. Dick hid his face behind his bags and mouthed a “she’s cute” to Jason before the taller male got the chance to greet you back.

“Hi (y/n).” finally said Jason as the doors closed. “How have you been?”

“Oh you know, good, overall I guess” you said nervously, avoiding to meet his gaze. You weren’t sure whether you had blushed or not but for your own dignity’s sake you didnt want to embarrass yourself by looking in his eyes.

Okay but who could blame you for crushing on the hottest person ever, who happened to live right across the hall.

The small talk in which Jason introduced you to his brother died right after the elevator stopped at its destination. Yours and Jason’s floor. You had to admit it was pretty quiet for this time of day, or so you thought as you walked right in front of Jason and Dick to unlock your apartment door.

“Wait you live right across from him?” Dick exhaled, practically jumping off his place, the groceries threatening to fall from his hands.  

“Yes you dick now leave her alone” Jason managed to speak before you and brush the smile off your face that had formed in your attempt to answer. Dick shot you an apologetic stare before going into Jason’s apartment.

With a sigh you entered your apartment too and set the keys on the counter top. Another sigh came out of you before you decided that it was time for you to hop in the shower.


“If you don’t hit on her, I will.” Dick spoke, utterly angry at his brother’s behavior.

“What the fuck Dick?” Jason shot immediately back.

“Oh as if you didn’t see the way she acted around you. You’ve probably made her think you wouldn’t lay eyes on her. But maybe you’re acting like that because you like her too” Dick smirked at the thought, mostly because he knew it was the truth. Jason stood there, dumbfounded as he tried to get the groceries into the drawers and fridge.

“I don’t even know if she is in a relationship” Jason said, not meeting Dick’s eyes. A look of disappointment was covering his face.

“ well has anyone ever come here? She lives right across you”

“Well, no one has. But how do I know she’s not meeting anyone?”

“I’ll slap you” Dick threatened “stop being stupid”

“If you slap me I’ll shoot you”

Dick smirked once again as a mischievous plan came to his mind. He was convinced it’s work. It was brilliant.

“Whatever, I’ll make some cereal”

Not even give minutes had passed that Jason had sat on his couch, that he heard the sound of glass shattering.

“Oh fuck Jay.”

“What did you do?” Jason growled and got up, only to be met with the broken glass sugar jar and all it’s contents on the floor.

“I’ll clean it up, I swear. Can you just go get me some sugar?” Dick spoke, trying his best to cover the small laugh in his throat.

“I’ll kill you” Jason yelled as he stormed off the door. Oh he knew the exact reason why Dick had done it, and he wasn’t coming at your door. Oh no, he wasn’t. He’d probably go to the elder lady in the end of the hall.

But then again, this was such a good excuse to see you.

Without seconds thoughts he knocked on your door. Seing there was no response, he started ringing the bell.

“One moment, please” was the only thing he heard and he sat silent, awaiting for you to open the door.

“Hello.” You finally said as you opened the door, clenching a towel on your body.

“Fuck I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were showering. I’ll just-”

“No. Come in” you said with a nervous smile “how could you know I was showering?”

“Yeah.. I just, want some sugar, because Dick had an accident and he needs it for his cereal and I’m bubbling aren’t I?”

If Jason could he’d also his head at the moment. He was never so nervous around women, whether they were naked or not, or half naked, and what the actual fuck was wrong with him? Was he blushing?

“Well it’s in the left drawer. Take as much as you want” you laughed nervously and this time he noticed. He was as much nervous.

The following conversation was a mixture between intense stares, awkward laughs and yeahs. And some more apologies by Jason.

“You should totally crush in my apartment after Dick leaves.” Jason said as he exited the door and knocked on his own, waiting for Dick to open.

“Oh hey again (y/n)!” You laughed as Dick’s expression changed when he saw your towel.

“Hey, Dick. And I’ll be glad to come Jason.”

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Akaashi’s reaction will be like … 

Yes akaashi. We all know they have been dating even though their movements move faster than their own.Like this picture down here.

Okay,before any of you go future,don’t shoot with my anger/curses words.I’m just making an assumption on my favorite KurooTsukki pairing so if you’re not then please back off so I didn’t need to deal with it.I’m just sharing my opinion okay.

But seriously,to all KurooTsukki fan,do you agree with this?Please say yes.But some may say no I guess. Oh,okay then.

So KurooTsukki fan, Tsukki seem to rub his back where Noya slapped him?Let’s see,what if Noya slapped him where his hip hurt ‘cause it look more like he’s rubbing his lower back near his hip than the upper part where Noya slapped him.So do anyone get the clue?That maybe Kuroo and Tsukki make out before the international ?

Revolve (AO3)

@perennialcastiel, winner of nicest blogger from my ta asked: deancas jealous roommates. Hope you like it <3

“Hey, nerd. You’re up early.”

Castiel smiles to himself, keeping his head down as his pen flies across the page. “Hello, Dean. Did you sleep well?” 

When Dean doesn’t plop down beside him at their dining table, Castiel looks up at him confused. “Ah, yeah I did but I just wanted to let you know that I can’t do lunch today.” Dean says, nonchalantly.

Castiel squints. “Oh. Okay, that’s fine. What are you doing at lunch?”

“I’m meeting up with Lisa.” Castiel’s stomach drops. Oh. Right.

“Okay, great. I guess I’ll just see you tonight then.” Castiel replies, forcing a genuine smile. 

“Cool. See you then.” Dean replies, with a wink before taking off out the door of their apartment. As soon as the door is firmly closed, Castiel huffs and rests his head on the table. Lisa and Dean have been dating for only a little while and it’s already ruining Castiel’s mood. 

He knows it’s selfish because he does want Dean to be happy. But why can’t Dean be happy with him? Castiel shakes his head. It’ll be fine. They’re still roommates so it’s not like Lisa is completely taking him away. Right?

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Tweek: Hey, hey! It’s okay… you don’t have to go.
Tweek: Why’d you even show up to my house if you were just going to knock on the door and walk away?
Craig: I… I didn’t… tsk, fuck.
Craig: I’m the guy who texted you about the other half of the duplex. 
Tweek: So… you didn’t come to talk?
Craig: No, I mean. I. Er. I didn’t know you even lived here, I… sorry, Tweek. I’m sorry. 
Tweek: No, no, that’s okay. Um… do you still want to look?
Craig: Look?
Tweek: At the douplex?
Craig: Um. Oh. I guess… it couldn’t hurt. I’m sorry. 
Tweek: Stop apologizing, man. It’s fine, it’s fine.