oh isn't she cute

  • Mother: What are you thinking about all day? Oh, about your future, right?
  • Me: First of all, Alois Trancy deserved better. He shouldn't die. He is sexy, he is sadistic, he is bipolar, he is my ideal husband. I'm marrying him. Oh, and don't forget about Ciel. He is cute, he is cold, he has sexy legs..marrying him too. Have you seen Sebastian? Isn't he too perfect? I'm adding him to my list. Claude..? I like his glasses. Adding him too. Oh, and what about Lizzy? Isn't she too cute? I want to have hair like hers and be her best friend, I want to be small and petite like Ciel, and have a sexy tongue like Alois has. By the way, which ship is the best? Ciel x Lizzy? Ciel x Alois? Ciel x Sebastian? Claude x Alois? Lizzy x Alois? Sebastian x Claude? Sebastian x Grell? Oh my God, I'm thinking about it too much..By the way, when Alois and Claude will appear in the manga?
  • Mother: .. Who are all these people?

I have the best straight friends in the world because they support my bisexual endeavors and seem to think that I can magically turn straight girls into bisexuals. They’re so cute and supportive, even if they’re misguided. 

Is anyone else excited for Lady Layton?? I know I am! (๑•̀ㅂ •́)و ✧ I love the Professor Layton series, so here’s a small Catoleil Layton ready to solve puzzles!! 

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Halloween at the Swan-Mills House
  • Regina: (to Henry) That's not the Magneto costume you were planning to wear.
  • Henry: No. Mom wanted me to wear this. She says I'm supposed to be Indigo Montoya.
  • Regina: From that ridiculous movie that Emma always insists we watch?
  • Henry: That would be the one. I would have rather been Wesley. But...
  • Emma: (as if on cue, entering the den, dressed in all black) Sorry, kid. But I called dibs on the Dread Pirate Roberts weeks ago.
  • Regina: Emma, you look absurd.
  • Emma: I think I look kinda dashing.
  • Henry: You do look kinda dorky, Mom.
  • Emma: Please, I look badass. But in order to complete the costume someone needs to be my Princess Buttercup.
  • Regina: Absolutely not. What kind of name is Buttercup anyway? (Off Emma's pouty face) That won't work. I mean it. I'm not going to dress up as a princess when I was a queen. So make that face all you want, Emma. It won't change anything.
  • (An hour later at Snow and Charming's Halloween Party)
  • Snow: Regina, you look great. Who are you supposed to be?
  • Regina: Some idiot princess. It was all your daughter's idea.
  • Snow: Well, I think it's cute. Isn't she cute, David?
  • Charming: Hmm? Oh, yeah. Very cute.
  • Regina: I'm not cute. I don't do... cute.
  • Charming: Emma! Tell your girlfriend she's cute.
  • Emma: Oh, she's totally cute. Gorgeous even.
  • Regina: I hate you.
  • Emma: You love me. Or else you wouldn't have dressed up as Buttercup.
  • Regina: Shut up and go get me some cider.
  • Emma: (bowing) As you wish.
  • Regina: You're an idiot.
  • Emma: Maybe.
  • Regina: Definitely.
  • Emma: But you still love me.
  • Regina: Always.
  • Snow: See. Cute.
  • Charming: Yup.

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Imagine Italy wanting a pet, but not a puppy or a kitten. He just comes home one night and proudly shows Germany his new precious baby BALL PYTHON. And he's so excited like 'LOOK Germany! She's so smol and has such a cute chubby face and look at her big round eyes! Oh, she's wrapping herself around my wrist isn't that cute?" And Germany really doesn't want to upset his bae but silently he's totally freaking out.


Everything is cute to him (And honestly snakes are really cute I love them)