oh is that how that works

  • me: hey man did you do the homework
  • 19-year-old white 6-foot tall fuckboy with a buzzcut, with an anti-islam tattoo on his biceps, driving a forklift with 17 trump bumper stickers, firing fourth of july fireworks from his nostrils: yes because i live in the REAL WORLD and i believe in WORKING to get what you WANT unlike you sissy LIBERALS! you think you can just GET WHAT YOU WANT if you COMPLAIN! oh i'm sorry snowflakes do you want a TRIGGER WARNING or a SAFE SPACE????? get used to the REAL WORLD you fucking TRIGGLYPUFF i'm just SAYING it HOW IT IS
  • me: k what did you get for question 6

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The scene where Killian punches Hook! In the season 3 finale! And Emma's like "are you kidding me?!" XD

Yesss!! Hahaha!!

oh I need to start with this face.

That’s the “oh crap. Busted! How am I gonna work my way out of this one” face.

Homegirl got caught taking the perp home, and now she’s gotta explain to husband Hook just why….

This face is my absolute favourite.

Really, Swan? That guy? And you bought him back to my ship too?!” 

Emma’s genuinely internally screaming right here. Talk about stuck between a rock and a hard place (no pun intended).

Make the best of a bad situation, Emma… 

Homegirl’s going in!

And please welcome to the stage, Jealousy!

Oh, you can see he’s not happy lol. 

“Swan, that’s enough. Swan- i’m not comfortable with this…”

*Hey, This is Emma. Leave a message.*

Straight to voicemail.

She’s busy, Killian!

THEN she finally remembers why she’s here.. and what she’s supposed to be doing… decoy. Right. Make sure Killian gets out safely…

But he’s not happy. At. All.

Killian’s had enough. Look at the disapproval on his face.

“Emma! How could you?! And with him?! Oi! Mate! Don’t you realise who that is?! that’s not some common bar wench, man - get your filthy hand off her! You’re not good enough!”

He can’t just walk away and leave Emma. And he can’t watch this for a moment longer either.

Emma’s playing a rather convincing role.. isn’t she ;)

Past Hook’s face though looool.

“My god he’s handsome, he’s angry, he’s… me?!”


“Are you kidding me?! Things were just about to get good you could have ruined the timeline!”

He’s just so grumpy and annoyed. 

He leaves Emma alone for 5 minutes with his past unworthy self and he’s witnessing his shameful old tricks.

Meanwhile, Emma still can’t believe she’s been cockblocked by the same guy she was trying to get into his bunk with. 

Only on Once!



“Can’t believe you’d fall for that, Swan.”

“I can’t believe I didn’t get to bang.” 


Enemies Will Do Anything 

Request: Hey there! Can you do a one shot where the reader and bucky are best friends, but Bucky likes her and one day they are training together and he just starts teasing and things just get steamy? Thank’s!

Summary: Bucky teases you while you’re training together in the gym.

Warnings: Smuuuuuuuuuutttttttt

A/N: You guys are so sweet, you compliment my writing and you send me requests and it makes me so happy and so confident in my writing ability. Thank you guys so much for being such great people :D

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okay but like a garage!au where kara is in a rush to run out and tow a car that she forgets shes only in a tank top and her navy jumpsuit thats tied around her waist, covered in multiple streaks of motor oil. when she gets to the site and sees the mildly shocked face of lena luthor she suddenly realizes how much of a mess she is and tries to work quick when she feels eyes on her. by doing so she misses the way lena bites her lip as she runs her eyes over kara #thirsty

Oh My God , i’m just imagining lena having the worst day of her life stuck on the side of the road with her car broken down. and like she calls the mechanic, expecting some smelly guy to tow her car but instead gets kara (who’s just as smelly but that tank top makes lena Not Care).

“the fix will take about an hour, are you thirsty? would you like a drink while you wait?”

and lena just nods for a minute straight like Yes I Am Thirsty , Why Do You Ask .

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somethin' before i give you a couple of hcs i have for best au that im never letting go of. I will never not love baby Tsubaki's confused face, i want 8. But anyway~ Fiirst hc: Hyde totally begs Kuro (and mahi?) for money to buy posters. Seecond hc: Either some kiddies are sharing rooms or 'the creator' has all them dollars. Seriously, eight people in one house. Lasst hc: Hyde steals Okami's socks, i don't know why, i don't know how that came to me, and i don't know why im sending asks @ 1am.

aww thanks~ I am always happy to hear people like my au~ :D Baby Tsubaki’s confused face is A+ Oh boy~ headcanons for my au, time to confirm and deny. lol

  • Haha Hyde would be the kid who begs for money. But Kuro would most likely respond with “You think I have money??? I don’t work….” To answer your question I think in this au since their parent(cough* creator) is never around, cause he’s always working. He usually just sends them their ‘monthly budget’ to spend on whatever they need. Hugh, even though he is only 16, works part time so he can bring in extra money. (also cause he likes to brag about “what would this family do without ME??”) Each of the kids are also probably given a certain amount of allowance to spend on whatever they want and then Hyde usually ends up spending his share really fast and begs everyone else for some of their allowance. OMG greed.
  • I actually never thought about if they shares rooms or not. Cause it was one of those little things I was gonna leave to everyone’s imaginations. But if I had to say something, probably some do? At least the youngest ones share. Kuro has his own room because he’s the oldest. Okami has her own room, (being the ONLY female and all) and maybe baby Tsubaki???(no one wants to share a room with the giggly child…. It would be funny if Jeje and Hugh shared a room but Jeje has to put up with Hugh complaining that “I am the responsible one! How come I DON’T get my own room??!?” 8 people in one house is a lot. But it’s never lonely at least. 

also~ the idea of Hyde stealing Okami socks is kinda appealing. But it’s FUNNY cause whenever I draw her she’s always in thigh highs or knee socks. LOL

but maybe not all her socks are thigh highs so she had a pair striped socks that Hyde liked: (have more doodles~)

and then she let him keep them~ Cause Okami is a cool older sister! :D and that’s the story of Hyde’s “halloween socks”. 

also could you imagine that he goes to school the next day and then OPHELIA tells him his new socks are “soooooooo cool?” Now he’s never taking them off. HAHAHAHA. 

thanks for asking these were fun to think about! 

There we were, lying on a creaky hammock, gazing at the stars. You pulled me on top of you and kissed me so delicately, I could have mistaken your lips for wispy clouds. Your eyes gleamed brighter than any constellation I could see.
Oh, how I longed for a shooting star to dance across the night sky.
So that I could wish that you would fall for me too.
—  Moonlight adventure

One time I asked for ham on my sandwich at subway and she started PILING tuna on and when I was like “oh sorry, I said ham” she was like oh….I thought you said tuna
Like I’ve worked in fast food so I know how loud and stressful it can get and how easy it is to mishear an order but ham…and tuna….in my experience do not sound alike

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what is your disabilty? if u don't mind me asking

Oh, I have cerebral palsy. So, basically, my body doesn’t always move how I want it to. Nothing affects my brain or anything. Just, my legs get really tired easily because I’m not used to waking. I was born in a wheelchair and the doctors said I would never be able to walk. Which sucks but I’ve been working really hard. And now I can! I started trying when I first saw the Flash cuz I was like ‘yo, if he can be a superhero then why can’t I be my own superhero?’

Living with three angels (Lucifer, Balthazar, Gabriel x Reader)

A/N: So, this is my series called “Living with three angels”. It really doesn’t have a plot, it’s just random moments I come up with when I think of my three favourite angels. I’ve had this scenario in mind for ages, what it would be like to live with them. So in this little series that Idk how long I’ll write, or how often, you’ll get a view of… well, living with three angels. Oh and it’s going to get smutty. Like I said, I don’t know when or how often I’ll update this, all I know is that at the moment I have another “chapter” written, and working on a third.

Warnings: Language, implied smut.

Your name: submit What is this?

“Fuck!” you yelled when Gabriel suddenly landed at least half a dozen water balloons on your head. You shrieked and lunged at him, hearing how he and Balthazar laughed at your misery.
“You’re going to be the death of her, Gabriel,” Lucifer scolded and you smacked Gabriel’s arm. Balthazar seemed to take offense.
“Oh, please, if anyone’s gonna be the death of (Y/N) it’s gonna be me,” he said proudly, “with all my charm…”
“You wish!” Gabriel chimed in, grinning widely.
“Guys, get real, if anyone’s gonna be the death of me it’ll be Lucifer,” you stated.
“What!? How?” Balthazar and Gabriel burst out together.
“He’d accidentally choke me too hard during sex,” you said with a smirk and winked at the oldest angel.
“Oh, when have I ever choked you during sex?” He gave you his best bitch-please-face.
“Uh, I don’t like, like… every time we’ve ever had sex… ever?” The two younger angels burst out in laughter again. Lucifer shook his head at the three of you.

“I’d be the first to bring her back, though!” Gabriel announced happily and dragged you into his arms. “It’s okaaaaay, I got youuuu…” he murmured while peppering your neck with kisses, dragging an irritated groan out of you.
“You’re being a pester, Gabe, can you just snap me dry now and stop getting me wet all the time?” You realised what you had said, but it was too late, Balthazar was already whooing and Gabriel grinned smugly.
“That’s not what you said last night,” he said in your ear.
“I was with Lucifer last night, you idiot,” you shot back at him with a grin.
“Eat shit, little brother!” Lucifer chimed and grabbed you from Gabriel’s arms, whisking you into his own. The second he wrapped his arms around you, your clothes, hair and skin dried immediately.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome. See, brothers, that’s how you treat a woman,” Lucifer proclaimed proudly. Gabriel blew a raspberry at him and conjured a lollipop for himself.

“I’m feeling left out, darling,” Balthazar said when he noticed Lucifer running his hand through your hair, while his other arm was still wrapped around your waist.
“Come on in then, Balthie,” you suggested, but Lucifer backed away with you held tightly.
“I’m not sharing,” he said and bit your ear, making you squeal.
“Come on, don’t be possessive,” Balthazar complained.
“No one likes a party-pooper, Luci!” Gabriel exclaimed. Lucifer glared at both his brothers and sucked a mark onto your neck, just above where Gabriel had marked you earlier. Then he released you, and in a second you’d been whisked away again, now smelling the woodsy scent of Balthazar, while his warm arms surrounded you. It was a nice change, going from warm, to cold, to warm again.
“I’ll treat you right, sweetheart,” he whispered in your ear, and a laugh erupted from your throat.
“My ass you will! You piss me off more than either of these flying fucks you call brothers.” You grinned. You loved living with three angels, even if it meant constant fighting, teasing, pranking and fucking.

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Baylee: “Hello, my sweet baby! How are things? Better, I hope.”

Margoe: “Better, I suppose.”

Baylee: “Wonderful news, baby! I’m calling to invite you over to the house for cake and dancing for Noah; his birthday’s today!”

Margoe: “Oh, mom, I wish I would’ve known sooner.. I have to work today.”

Baylee: “..You have to work? Oh okay then, love.”

Margoe: “I’m sorry, mom. Tell Dev and Noah I send them all my love, okay?”

Baylee: “Okay, baby. I’ll talk to you soon; love you.”

Margoe: “I love you too.”

“This is getting hairy! How you doing Keith?

“The Galra switched the codes. We’re trying to work around.”

Fuuuuuuuck why are you guys not fucking married whyyyy whyyy whyyy you ARGHHHHHHH flipping flying QUIZNAK

“We? Who’s we?!”

Oh yea totally Lance. Your boyfriend is on a suicide mission into the Galra empire and he’s probably off flirting and finding another man. THE GAY IS SHOWING LANCE THE PINING ARGH FOR THE LOVE OF ALTEA

You love it really... - Mycroft Holmes

Originally posted by victorian-deductions

Again not my gif !

Requested by @mycroftswife, I hope this is okay love!!! Sorry it’s a little short it’s my first time doing fluffy stuff! Enjoy!


You picked up your phone dialling your boyfriends number. He was late again and it was your night. That meant that whatever you wanted to do… You did. Mycroft had been working a lot recently, and when he wasn’t he was helping Sherlock. It annoyed you and he could tell, so he created one day a week that was yours. 

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Pregnancy test
  • Yuuri : I wonder how this pregnancy test works tho
  • Viktor : I don't know. Give it a try, babe
  • Yuuri : *tries it out*
  • Yuuri : Oh it shows 2 lines but what is it means?
  • Viktor & Yuuri : *read the description behind the pregnancy test box* "...2 lines indicate pregnancy,"
  • Yuuri : WHAT THE FU--
  • Viktor : let's go shopping baby clothes and the equipments tomorrow :D

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Rowan, Aelin, and Fenrys threesome??

Oh… my… FUCK. THIS IS WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF. Rowan and Aelin were both so on board with this okay and when they asked Fenrys he was like super turned on duh but also?? so?? honored?? Like his king and Queen picked HIM???? HYFR LETS DO IT and he thought he’d be doing a lot of the work but NOPE AELIN AND ROWAN ARE VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS AND MAKE SURE TO SHOW FENRYS JUST HOW MUCH THEY LOVE AND APPRECIATE AND CHERISH HIM AND HES AN EMOTIONAL MESS WHEN ITS OVER AND THEY JUST MAKE ONE BIG SPOONING PILE AND ITS ACTUALLY BEAUTIFUL OKAY

Calculus homework

ISTJ: (picture of work) how u do dis
ISTJ: nope not helpful too many variables
ISTJ: … I forgot that c goes away when you derive. Because I am an idiot.
ISTJ: wait that was a really stupid move to take the derivative kill me now

(45 mins later)

INFJ: wait hold on I’m getting dressed

(2 hours later)

ISTJ: it’s ok I had to tutor

(45 mins later)

ISTJ: annaaaaaahhhhhhh

INFJ: hi
INFJ: wassup

ISTJ: I still don’t know how to do that problem

INFJ: ok wait imma do it now
INFJ: (picture of work)

ISTJ: … I fucking did it backwards
ISTJ: idfk why I switched y and t

INFJ: hahahhhhhh no wonder ur work didn’t make sense

hey guys, hooo dang… im outta school early and thats nice but we had a freakin bomb threat at our school i guess?????????? it was at my sisters school too how nuts is that oh man.. anywayz im safe it was a fake threat im pretty sure but im still shaky about it??

anyways how are u guys xD

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SUCH an awesome two parter. And yeah, a hell of a lot to unpack in that death scene.

And unpack it I now WILL! I made it through those episodes alive so now I get to go back, ahaha, that’s how that works, apparently.

And this is gonna be related to Julian & Garak being each other’s favorite trope, because all of it is. Because: the way they express intimacy with each other is nearly always through performance. Oh it goes so deep, and we will follow it.

1. Pretense

I’ve had “the thing about pretense” jingling in my Loose thoughts doc for a while, so first let’s finally do that. The Thing is, Garak and Bashir are pretty unique on Deep Space 9 in how much they appreciate and even respect a good pretense. And we’re talking maybe all the definitions here, the social masking and the imaginary inventions and the affectations, too.

They’re both showy sorts of people on their own, prone to really delivering the full length of their sentences and playfully feigning things. So its no wonder then that as soon as they met they were dancing around “my dear Doctor” and “my dear Mr. Garak”-ing each other, having a grand old time and confusing the hell out of most everyone around them. Because they’re both the type, it turns out, who doesn’t need to trust a person to enjoy them — an outlook entirely foreign to someone like Kira Nerys, or Benjamin Sisko to a good extent. Or Miles O'Brien, which is probably part of why his relationship with Julian didn’t take off until later, after Miles began to realize that this fancy idiot Enacting Friendliness with suspicious cards like Garak, wasn’t himself an untrustworthy person.

But Julian and Garak immediately recognized that they had a shared language of Pretense, and so were able to just step directly into playing some coy elaborate mashup game of Two Truth Or Dares And A Lie. The game was the relationship – and as it would turn out, it would also be the trust.

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A thinky thought:

I took a break from…

Fandom 1000000% does this. We build fanons that creep into our collective works and borrow ideas from each other and sometimes it’s gr9 and other times it’s….well there was a reason we needed the Perc'ahlia vacation challenge, didn’t we? :P

sjfkldjskfldsjfk although I gotta admit I was a little disappointed Percy and Vex didn’t canonically bang and/or kiss in the workshop just so I could go OH MY GOD LAURA & TALIESIN HOW “ORIGINAL”

Also you bring up a good thing because this means fans are, at least in part, self-reflective and critical and we can re-write our tropes when necessary \o/

today’s my first day of work (i just have to go in for an “orientation” thing) n I’m Super Nervous like today is the day they find out how grossly underprepared/underqualified I am probably (I meet the job requirements but I feel like I don’t at all? I feel like I’m doing everything wrong already and all I’ve done is send in paperwork… also I’m rly self conscious about not knowing how to drive bc that’s been something they’ve asked about and I’ve said “oh no I take the bus but I’m learning to drive” and they get this face and tone of voice and ??)

anyway. any tips for an autistic in new environment, at a new/first “real” job?