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How did u study so much in high school? Especially the harder subjects like algebra 2 and precalc and chem and Latin

Algebra 2: In all honesty, it wasn’t too bad for me! I had a low A/A- for most of the class, and since it was freshman year, I had plenty of time to study for it because all my other classes were quite easy. I also had a really great teacher who explained things in a way that really made sense to me.

Precalculus: I kinda floundered. It was the first class I’d ever really struggled badly in, so I went in three times a week to my teacher’s classroom during my lunch and worked on learning the material. It didn’t help much because my teacher wasn’t great at explaining, so if you’re in that situation, try swallowing your pride and asking a friend for help or getting a tutor. I really should have.

That being said, you can see why I didn’t really do well in there (I got a whole lot of Cs, Ds, and even a couple of Fs on tests), and only managed a low B due to team assignments and homework. 

These are some resources I used which you might find helpful:

  1. Purplemath
  2. Khan Academy
  4. This site with handouts and problems
  5. UC Irvine videos

Chemistry: Oh boy. I struggled, but held a pretty solid B average first semester and a B+ second semester. My teacher was incredibly helpful and I did a tonne of practice problems from my textbook to just try and understand the material. If you want more details on that then I wrote an entire post with tips & resources!

Latin: I never found Latin to be too difficult (compared to precalc & calc, at least), so studying was mainly just plug and chug! I used flashcards to learn vocab, conjugations, and declensions, and then used hexameter.co for scansion, and did translations from my textbook & class readings.

As for just study time in general, from sophomore or junior year I spent around an hour every evening (except Friday– band, and Saturday– debate) on each of my subjects, and that time adds up fast. Just do your best to manage time effectively, procrastinate as little as possible, and you’ll get through :D