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Hiccstrid love<3

Sorry, it’s kinda long, but I wanted to submit this cuz I wrote it after your blog gave me inspiration<3 I’m new to the writing game and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERY SINGLE THING YOU HAVE EVER POSTED and I really hope you like this :)

I lay there peacefully, with Astrid resting her head on my shoulder, and my arm wrapped around her. Like always, when Astrid was near me, my parent’s song popped into my head. I subconsciously began whistling it.

I heard Astrid gasp softly. “I know that song…” she said quietly in my ear.

I chuckled softly, just realizing that I was whistling. “You do?” I asked.

Just the corner of her mouth curved up, forming a small smile on her face. “It’s actually one of my favorites…”

I raised an eyebrow. I never would have expected that. “Really?” I asked.

She sat up abruptly and turned to me, narrowing her eyes. “But if you tell anyone, I will break your arm.” She promised me.

I chuckled softly and she settled back into my arm. “You’re still the same Astrid that I’ve always loved…” I told her with a grin. I sighed and stared at the sky. “But no, I will not tell anyone, because knowing you, you probably aren’t joking about breaking my arm.” She laughed at my joke.

She snuggled closer to me, and placed her hand on my chest. She closed her eyes as I began whistling again. She moved her hand onto the side of my face and turned my head towards her. Our noses were brushing against each other, and my whistling quieted.

“Will you sing it to me?” She whispered breathlessly. I almost didn’t hear her.

I raised an eyebrow. “I’m not exactly the singing type… I’m slightly tone deaf.” I told her with a playful grin.

“Then don’t sing it. Talk-sing it. You know, like, use your normal voice, but say the words to the melody and stuff.” She told me.

“Only if it makes you happy, milady.” I told her. She smiled at me, and I smiled back. And then I stood up. I held out my hand to help her up, too. She grabbed it and stood.

I lightly tugged on her hand that I still held in my own, and she slowly walked closer to me, with a coy smile on her lips. Once she was close enough, I wrapped and arm around her waist and pulled her towards me, so her body was pressed against mine. She slowly wrapped her arms around my neck.

I pressed my forehead to hers, and looked into her bright blue eyes. I softly whistled the intro to the song.

 I cleared my throat. “I’ll swim and sail on savage seas….” I smiled at her and she happily smiled back. “With ne’er a fear of drowning… I’ll gladly ride the waves of life…. If you will marry me.”

I kissed her lips softly. She giggled and I gave her a huge grin. I continued the song. “No scorching sun, nor freezing cold, will stop me on my journey. If you will promise me your heart…..” I paused, unable to remember the words that came afterwards.

“…..and love me for eternity.” Astrid finished for me. I gave her another big smile.

Now it was her turn to kiss me. “My dearest one, my darling dear,” she continued. “Your mighty words astound me! But there’s no need for mighty deeds when I feel your arms around me!”

 I laughed happily, lifting her and spinning in a circle. “But I would buy you rings of gold! I’d even write you poetry! And I would keep you from all harm, if you would stay beside me!” I sang happily.  She giggled at my tone deafness.

“I have no use for rings of gold! I care not for your poetry!” We spun in a circle. “I only want your hand to hold!”

“I only want you near me!” I finished, dipping her skillfully. We danced, or tried to dance, to the song.

“To love,” She sang.

“To kiss,” I sang, quickly kissing her cheek.

“To sweetly hold!” She sang, as I held her left hand in my right hand and spun her outwards.

 “For the dancing and the dreaming!” We sang together. When she spun in again, I grabbed her right hand with my left and held her close to me.

She continued singing. “Through all life’s sorrows-“

“-And delights!” I interjected.

She turned to face me. “I’ll keep your love inside me!” We sang, as she placed her hand over my heart.

“I’ll swim and sail,” I sang to her.

“On savage seas,” She sang back.

“With ne’er a fear of drowning!” I sang. We merrily danced in circles together.

“I’ll gladly ride the waves of life!” She continued.

We gazed into each other’s eyes and sang the next line together. “If you will marry me….”

At that moment, I tripped over my own foot and tumbled to the ground, pulling Astrid with me. She fell on top of me and we lay there laughing until our sides hurt.

Once our laughter died down, she rolled off of me. We lay on our backs, gazing lovingly at each other.

She sighed contently. I smiled at her. “You know, when my parents were reunited, they sung that song together…” I told her. “After that, I thought of it as their song, but now I think it might be our song, too… I guess that’s another thing dad left for me when he died…”

It was quiet.

I thought about the lyrics to the song for a moment. “Do you ever think about marriage, Astrid?” I asked.

I noticed just a hint of pink on her cheeks. “No, not really. Do you?” She asked.

I chuckled softly. “Only a couple of times when dad was still alive and constantly asking me who I’m going to marry and telling me that a chief needs a kind, strong women beside him. I just sort of ignored him though. Mom also brought it up about a week ago, asking if I had asked anyone to marry me yet.” I told her.

“I guess it’s part of being a chief, y’know? Everyone’s in your business, asking about your personal life, telling you what you need to do, and who you should love and everything.” She said.

“Yeah, I know, but until recently, it sort of felt like I was too young to be married. But now, I think I might be ready for it. I don’t know, I guess everything that’s happened kinda forced me to grow up a little.” I told her.

“Do you even want to get married, or do you just feel like you have to get married?” She asked.

I shrugged. “I mean, maybe after the village is all fixed up and things have slowed down a bit. Yeah, I guess. But I don’t know if she’d say yes…” I shot Astrid a glance and winked.

She opened her mouth and shook her head back and forth, grinning. “Clever, Dragon Boy, very clever….” She joked. “I don’t know if she’d say yes… You’d probably just have to ask her to find out…” She countered.

I raised an eyebrow. “Even more clever, milady…” I told her. I sighed. “I don’t know when though… What time would be the right time? And how should I do it? Just come right out and ask her?” I interrogated.

“Whenever you want to do it. And as long as it’s in a way that only Hiccup would, she doesn’t care how you ask…”

“You mean you, right?” I asked with a smirk, although we both knew the answer to that already.

“Do you mean me?” she asked, although we both knew the answer to that as well.

“Yes, yes I do.” I told her.

“Well then, so do I.” She replied.

“Then it looks like we’re both on the same page.”

“I guess it does.”

“Then let me make a promise to you now, Astrid Hofferson. I promise that as soon as the village is rebuilt and things have slowed down, I will propose to you.” I told her, taking her hand.

“And let me make a promise to you, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. I promise that I would like that very much if you do propose to me.” She said with a smile.

I smiled back and we began walking back. “Good,” I said to her as we walked. “because I like you very much. In fact, I love you very much.”

She giggled and kissed me on the lips. “I also love you very much, Hiccup.” She told me.

We both laughed and continued to walk back to the village, with our hands entwined the entire way.


Avanna: Oh wow, I rarely ever get fics submitted to me!  I can’t believe my dwarf-faced blog inspired something like this! (It’s actually really unbelievable, since the content of this goes against so many of my headcanons and interpretations, haha).  Still, thank you so much!  Oh my gosh, this was such a delight to find in my inbox with all my internet restrictions! <3

So, I just wandered over to Alan Van Sprang’s twitter because he posts delightful Reign stuff sometimes and I am all about delightful Reign stuff, and what did I find but .. this!

ME! It was me!!!

I mean, I don’t have a Twitter, so I don’t really have a way of communicating this information, but I’m feeling very delighted by these haps regardless. Oh, internet! What a cool place. Also a cool place: Canada, where everyone seems down with Anne of Green Gables humor to a degree that really speaks to my soul.