oh infinity

When I tell people I’m really busy lately.

What they think : studies, exams, homeworks, work, assignments…

What I really meant :
- Mon-Tue : Hwarang, 1st Kiss for the 7th time, Kpop Star 6.
- Wed-Thu : Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Legend of the Blue Sea, Oh My Geum Bi.
- Fri-Sat : Goblin.
- Sunday : Abnormal Summit, Running Man, Infinity Challenge.

Such a busy schedule. 😂

  • MC: Why is there a shopping cart in our front yard?
  • Saeyoung: You said that your heels were killing you but you didn't want to take them off because that would make your feet dirty... so I agreed to push you home~
  • MC: Let's get married at the space station!
Folie a Deux in a nutshell
  • Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes: wtf is this song even about idk man but I am going to chant until my lungs give out sO boycOTT LOOOOOOOVE -
  • I Don't Care: yeah, fuck you too
  • She's My Winona: apparently this baby boy with long eyelashes is Zeus
  • America's Suitehearts: what am I idk but I'm catchy af
  • Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet: actually about a wife who was cheating on her husband but you'd never know because enunciATING IS OVERATED ANYWAY.
  • The (Shipped) Gold Standard: mY dAD CauGHT Me a HORseSHOE CRab why idk but fuck it, it didn't make much sense to begin with.
  • (Coffee's for Closers): hey this actually makes sense and has a deep meaning to be yourself butwhenyousearchforitingooglesomefuckingmovieshowsupwhat
  • What a Catch, Donnie: I'M noT cRYInG I'm jUST sweaTINg frOm MY EYeSohheybrendonurie
  • 27: we wanna be cool like other bands, but unfortunately we are too adorable af and emo, sooooo alsoPat'svoiceishellasmoothinthissongtbh
  • Tiffany Blews: icertainlydidnothavethissongstuckinmyheadliterallyalldaywhat also I'm not a crybaby, I'm THE crybaby, get it right, god
  • w.a.m.s.: wat alsotheinterludeattheendishotasfuckohmygod
  • 20 Dollar Nosebleed: drugs, why, because Brendon Urie is here feat. angsty poetry by Pete
  • West Coast Smoker: what the hell are you even speaking English Pat also knoCK onCE fOr THe faTHEr, TWicE fOr THE SoN, ThreE TImeS fOr THE HoLy ghOST feat. Pete screams

2016 has been a terrible year, right? Terror attacks in Europe, countless shootings in the U.S., Zika, Brexit, climate change, the checking out of David Bowie, Prince, and dozens of other beloved artists, and, of course, the checking in of President-elect Donald Trump. Just look at what’s being said about him, weeks before he even takes office:

“I am scared that if [he] gets into office, we are going to see more of the Ku Klux Klan and a resurgence of the Nazi Party.”

“I’m afraid things are going to blow sky high during this next term.”

“He’s shallow, superficial, and frightening.”

You probably see sentiments like those on social media about, oh, infinity times a day. But those particular quotes were about Ronald Reagan, spoken in 1980 during his first presidential run. Those young enough to be born after his presidency might notice that Reagan did not, in fact, destroy the world, despite him being a conservative 70-year-old media personality with a habit of saying dumb things. So while it might feel as if 2016’s suckiness has doomed us all, keep in mind that we’ve been here many, many times before.

5 Reasons 2016 Was The Worst Year Ever (That Are BS)