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bucky barnes as jon snow in game of thrones
↳ “sometimes there is no happy choice, only one less grievous than the others”


I’ve been watching you from the start.






Model Material {Harry Styles Smut}

REQUESTED: nooo haha i’ve just been wanting to dabble in writing abt harry!

okayyyy so i’m super nervous abt posting this bc i used to write abt harry a long time ago and now i rly wanna get back into it!!! i rly truly hope u guys like it. if u do, feedback is definitely welcome! it only takes a second and it means a lot to me 💖


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Have you seen the DEH never have i ever video bc in it Will mentions people drawing him with those "BIG ARMS" and i immediately thought of your Jared and now i keep laughing because it might have actually been referring to your Jared omg


Oh Sure, Fall for the Trashmouth

Part 1: crush crush crush 

Hello, you wonderful losers. This is my first fic that isn’t like….an answer to an ask. So so so much thanks to @tozbraks for reading over this tonight!

The fic is a sort of Reddie-through-the-years fic. It’s long as fuck, and there will be at least one more part to this. 

I hope you all enjoy!

Ship: Reddie

Length: 3.8k

Warnings: f-slur / homophobia, cursing (of course), abuse or abuse mention (if not in this chapter then in others)

Richie “Trashmouth” Tozier was Eddie Kaspbrak’s best friend. Had been since they were nine years old. Before that, his best friend had been Bill Denbrough. Something was different with Richie, though. Eddie had felt that difference for a while, but couldn’t put his finger on it. Then, Beverly Marsh laid before a group of loser boys in their underwear, drying off after playing in the water of the quarry.

Eddie had peered at her curiously, wanting to know what was so coveted about a girl’s body. Richie always talked about girls, and so did the rest of the guys. He didn’t feel much and was ready to joke with the guys about how it was kind of a letdown, but when he looked over they were all staring slack-jawed. Eddie started to feel a little uncomfortable. What was different about him? 

Eddie went from uncomfortable to upset when he saw how wide Richie’s eyes were as they ogled Bev.

Wait. Why did he care? He didn’t care about the other guys looking at her like that (other than the fact that he was a little weirded out that he was the only one that wasn’t). Why did he care that Richie was looking at Bev?

When Bev shifted and shook the boys out of their trance, Eddie breathed a small sigh of relief. Still, a ball of dread settled itself into him that day, because, even though he refused to put a name to it, he thought he had figured out why he was different from his friends. And that scared the shit out of him.

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This is just a tiny little Jeddy drabble for @shiftylinguini because I blame her entirely for all my feelings and my obsession with Teddy and James and because she is freaking awesome.  Based on this amazing art by @potter-art

Teddy tugged on the jersey he was wearing almost self consciously.  He wasn’t used to wearing James’s clothing.  Not that he disliked it, not on principle.  He liked the way they smelled like James, sort of musky and crisp; the way they reminded him of him.  The problem was just that James wore his clothing quite a bit tighter than Teddy did to begin with, and while he wasn’t that much smaller than him, just a few inches really, it was enough to make a difference.  It was enough that Teddy felt a bit silly in it because it was just, well tight.

James was always stealing Teddy’s clothing.  He’d come home to find him lounging around in his favorite Weird Sisters shirt and joggers.  James would just shrug as if it was nothing, pretending to be reading the Prophet but Teddy knew the truth.  He just knew that James knew exactly what it did to Teddy to see him in his clothing, especially that outfit.  Everything about it was just so unlike James, so casual and loose fitting, the joggers hanging low on his hips and the legs so long his feet barely peeked out when he’d pad across the room to envelop Teddy in a hug.   And the shirt was just big enough that hung off to one side, exposing the sharp angles of James’ collar bone.   It made something strong and sharp ache in Teddy’s chest practically screaming he’s mine.  

It made Teddy feel possessive and out of control and desperate.  So yeah, when James wore Teddy’s clothing they never exactly stayed on James very long. 

So really, Teddy is used to James wearing his clothing.  What he isn’t used to is wearing James’s clothing.  Except that today when he’d gone to get dressed something had come over him.  He couldn’t explain it really, he’d been getting ready to head to the Potter’s house for Sunday dinner, picking out his clothing while listening to James singing off key in the shower, and something had tightened in his chest and before he’d even consciously decided to do it he’d found himself opening up the other side of the wardrobe and pulling out James’s old jersey.  He couldn’t put his finger on it, but he’d wanted to know, wanted to see if James felt the same way, if he would react the same way Teddy did.

Except standing there in the middle of their flat waiting for James to get ready, he feels a weird sort of nervousness creeping over him.  He knows it’s silly of course, its only James and even if he doesn’t end up hot and bothered like Teddy always does its not as if he would tease him about it later.  

Teddy can’t explain why it feels important, why he feels like he has to know how James will react.  He tries to quiet the small voice in the back of his head whispering that he wants to feel owned by James. 

He doesn’t have too long to dwell on his thoughts though because just then James is striding out of the bedroom, making a joke about how they’re always the last ones to arrive to dinner when he looks up and sees Teddy.  Teddy’s mouth goes dry and he has to stop himself from crossing the room and shoving James up against the wall, because James is wearing Teddy’s old school jacket.  It doesn’t even fit him anymore, he’d grown a few more inches after graduating and the jacket is too snug to be comfortable anymore, at least on him.  But he’ kept it for nostalgic reasons, not having any idea how much James would take it wearing it. It fits James like it was made for him.

He’s so caught up in his own reactions to seeing James in his own jacket that it takes him a moment to realize that James is standing right in front of him, his hands nearly shaking as they cup Teddy’s face.  And there it is again, that feeling inside of his chest like he’s falling and flying all at once.  

“Teddy,” James whispers, and his voice is so quiet, its so unlike the James he is used to that it takes a moment for Teddy to realize that it’s because of the jersey.  Oh.  Oh.

And then James’s mouth is on his, and its not desperate or wild like Teddy expected, its solid and warm and safe.  Teddy’s toes nearly curl as James gets as close to him as possible, his hands finding their way into Teddy’s hair like they always do, whimpering as he touches and kisses him everywhere he can reach.

Teddy is eternally grateful that James has backed him up against the wall, not sure he could remain upright on his own.  He feels almost dizzy, his legs feel weak, and everything in his entire universe seems centered on the man in front of him.  

Teddy hadn’t known, hadn’t realized what it would feel like to make someone lose control like this.  It makes him feel both powerful and powerless and he loses himself in the sounds James makes, the way he feels and the way he tastes.

It isn’t long before all the clothes are piled on the floor, the jersey peeking out from beneath the jacket in a haphazard pile.  It’s then that Teddy realizes the different clothing isn’t his clothes or James’s clothes, its theirs.

[singing though tears] Gotta get back,, back to the past,, Samurai Jack (watchoww)

If Ever There Is Tomorrow; Chapter 1

An AU in which Mulder and Scully meet three times over the course of their lives; told in a series of vignettes.

Tagging @today-in-fic and fulfilling my @fictober promise. I also wanted to dedicate this one to all the lovely, talented people who helped me out during the @fic-files write-in, because without their support and feedback I probably would not have had the courage to put this out there.

1. As Time Goes By

Spring, 1993

The end of the 20th century is only the beginning. Change hits the nineties at a breakneck speed; Hair is getting bigger, technology is getting smaller, colors are getting brighter while the climate begins to suffer, but in the midst of a new era, some old skeletons are about to be unearthed. The third time they meet is the least bloody, yet opens more wounds. It comes, like the times before, suddenly and without warning.

Well, that’s not entirely true. Mulder had been given plenty of warning when Skinner had informed him he was being assigned a partner; A scientist who was to, no doubt, disprove his work and report back to the kind of men he was fighting. To keep him in line and keep him from going overboard. This hadn’t come as a surprise, he always knew the closer he got to the truth, the more curveballs they would throw his way. What made him almost fall out of his chair was the name, Dana Scully.

A name he couldn’t claim had never crossed his mind.

Dana Scully haunted him like an intrusive thought or the vague memory of a strange fever dream. She reminded him of a time he would much rather forget, yet the feeling lingered; the possibility that maybe one day, their paths might cross again. When he’d heard that she’d enlisted he found himself needlessly frequenting Quantico in the hope and the dread of catching a flash of ginger hair. Her thesis was printed and dog-eared the moment it was published; because challenging one of the greatest minds the world has ever known was something so quintessentially Dana Scully, and he was ever the masochist.

His hopes were not high; he didn’t expect her to accept this assignment, and he certainly didn’t suppose she would darken his basement door that very same day, but suddenly, here she is, smiling down on him from the high road.

“Agent Mulder,” she says quietly, with an air of disbelief, “I’ve been assigned to work with you,”

They shake hands like strangers, his fingers burn at her touch; the sensation lingers even after her hand falls away. She had always run as warm as her complexion, His summer girl had become fall. Her hair is darker, neatly tamed. She teeters precariously on heels that give her precious extra inches, that demand he looks her in the eye. Her ill-fitting tweed suit hangs awkwardly on her slender frame; the whole ensemble reminds him of a child playing make-believe. Hidden is her rebellious heart under sensible attire and a polite smile; the heart he knows he broke, and one he refuses to break again.

So he puts down his slides and puts up his guard.

“Isn’t it nice to be so highly regarded? So who’d you tick off to get stuck with this detail, Scully?”

For a moment she’s stunned, then the next she recovers, “Actually, I’m looking forward to working with you,” she tells him.

He responds with a bitter smile, “Oh really? I was under the impression that you were sent to spy on me.”

A fire sparks behind her eyes, she looks as if she was about to retort before he cuts her off. “I’m surprised you didn’t object to your placement, Scully, what with our tempestuous history,”

She hesitates, he hates that she hesitates, hates that he makes her hesitate. “I can’t say I wasn’t caught off guard,” she admits, “Though I knew it was a possibility we would run into each other when I started working at the Bureau…”

“Yes, this is interesting happenstance isn’t it, Doctor?” She tenses, Mulder stands and brushes past her in order to miss her patented Scully glare.

“If you’re suggesting that you played any part in any decision concerning my career…”

“I’m not suggesting anything, I just always supposed you’d be headed towards a Nobel prize by now, yet here you are wasting your talents in the basement with me,”

Scully blinks and tilts her pointed chin, “You think I’m wasting my talents here, Mulder?”

“It’s just that in most of my work, the laws of physics rarely seem to apply,” he shrugs and hits the lights. In the unearthly glow of his projector, Scully looks like a ghost.

He shows her the dead kids, barely older than they had been, once upon a time. He tells her his theories, she rebukes them with a smirk, slowly the ice begins to thaw and a familiar feeling begins to take root.

Then she leaves, and the basement feels darker and emptier than it ever had before. So Scully was back in his life and maybe, plausibly, this time she would stay. Mulder locks the office door behind him that evening and whistles the whole way home.

Fall, 1978

September in Connecticut, 1978 is record-breaking. The air as thick and hot as soup, her stiff collared shirt clings to her skin and dampens at the base of her neck. She wipes away the sweat beading on her forehead with the end of her ugly striped green tie and ignores the disapproving look her mother gives her.

Dana had always marvelled at how the air was always different in every new place they landed, she secretly ranked them from the icy unforgiving winds of the Scottish moors to the serene and exotic air of Japan. Greenwich so far was not doing too well on this list, however, it looked like she was going to have to get used to it. She had long since gotten used to the routine of neatly packing up her life in matching suitcases and burying a lunchbox in the backyard.

Melissa left a trail of broken hearts behind them like push pins in a map. Her sister had always been better at making friends, she claimed it had something to do with her aura, Dana wasn’t entirely sure what that meant, only that hers was probably broken. Usually, by the time she had started warming to people, her father would sit the four of them on the couch and tell them it was time to start saying goodbyes, so Dana eventually stopped trying to find people to say goodbye to.

She had her friends, they were called Mom, Ahab, Missy and Charlie. Sometimes Bill, when he wasn’t being a pain in the A Double-S. They were all she really needed. When she was very young, she even had an imaginary friend called Lucy, who took the form of a red squirrel. Lucy would curl up behind her hair and whispered secrets in her ear. Dana liked the fact that nobody else could see her, that she was hers and hers alone.

Sometimes she would pen a letter to the boy who had forgotten her, only to burn it in the bathtub with her mother’s lighter.

But still, her Mom always tried. She heard her arguing sometimes with her father that it wasn’t good for them, that kids needed stability. It looked like this year she had finally won the war and a house was bought, not rented.

She shifts uncomfortably as her bare thighs stick to the Principals rigid leather seats. The Principal in question was a tall British woman with large teeth, a sensible mousey bob and a collection of motivational animal posters. Dana catches the eye of a mournful kitten hanging from a curtain, encouraging her to Hang In There! and somehow feels even less optimistic.

“Now Diana, a little birdy told me that you’re especially talented at Science is that right, dear?” She smiles in a condescending way that makes Scully bristle. Bill snickers to her right, Missy kicks him in the shin on her behalf.

“It’s Dana, Ms Paterson,” Her mother corrects her patiently.

“Oh, my apologies, Dana.”

Dana represses the urge to roll her eyes, instead, begins to fiddle with the brand new chain around her neck. Naturally she was the last of the three to be enrolled, but unfortunately for her, also the one the school was most interested in.

“As I was saying, it seems you are just the model student, and if you don’t mind the extra work, we might be able to sign you up to the tutoring scheme, we have a nice young man who is in need of a little extra help in physics,”

Maggie nods encouragingly at her, clearly ecstatic at the prospect of her troubled young daughter making a friend. Dana tries feebly to muster her mothers’ enthusiasm,

“Sure, Miss, sounds… neat,”

“Wonderful,” she croons, “I hope you don’t mind, but I already took the pleasure of asking Fox to come by the office, so you could get to know each other,”

Dana’s hand stilled at the base of her throat, she felt her mother stiffen beside her, and her siblings’ squabbles fall silent. No. It couldn’t be that uncommon a name. “Fox?” she falters.

“Yes, quite an odd name isn’t it? He’s truly lovely boy, very very bright, unfortunately, he had to be held back a year…” Ms Paterson yammers on, but Dana had long since stopped hearing her words, as a minute later he appeared.

He was taller and lanky, the skin on his cheeks textured and he was in dire need of a haircut, but he was undoubtedly the same wide-eyed boy who had been her first real friend. And with wide eyes, he stares at her from the doorway, as if he couldn’t believe them himself.


Framed by a halo of light from the hall, the image of him becomes blurred by the tears which spring to her eyes. Her chair falls backwards with a heavy thud as shoots to her feet. She mutters an apology to the baffled headmistress before she hurries from the room.

“Scully,” Mulder pleads, catching her hand as she darts past and clutches it tight. Electricity floods her veins. She looks into those familiar hazel eyes and pauses only a moment before she pulls her hand away and runs.

Summer, 1969

The summer of ‘69 is worthy of its song. Rock and Roll is at its peak, a man walks on the moon, and somewhere in New England, a lonely little boy meets a lonely little girl.

With a startled wail and a resounding thump, she falls out of a tree into his yard and into his life.

The day until that moment had been dull and unremarkable. Having escaped captivity and found refuge in his favourite spot, under a tall oak tree overlooking the tranquil sea; Fox William Mulder, seven and three quarters, jumps with a start and stares at the heap of limbs and hand me downs, as it groans then starts to giggle.

“Are you okay?” he asks, as his initial shock subsides.

“Yeah, yeah,” it says, “I’m fine,”

Dana Katherine Scully, six and a half, sits up to brush off the worst of the debris but lets out a sharp gasp as a lightning bolt of pain shoots through her wrist. However, being the tough cookie she was having grown up playing rough with William Scully Jr, the sprain was not enough to make her cry.

“You don’t look okay, you’re bleeding,” Mulder observes. She touches a hand to her mouth which sure enough, comes away red. Between them on the crisply trimmed grass lies a pearly white tooth. The ruffled girl picks it up and studies it curiously, tonguing the fresh gap in her gums, then tucks it into the pocket of her overalls.

“I guess you’re gonna see the tooth fairy,” he lisps, gesturing to his own missing front teeth. Her freckles dance as she wrinkles her nose.

“The tooth fairy isn’t real,” she replies, spitting scarlet on the ground and wiping her mouth on her arm, staining her skin like war paint.

“Is too, and so is Santa Claus,”

He offers a hand to help her to her feet, which she takes with a bloody, gap-toothed grin. This girl was brand new, he knew every fresh face in this small seaside town, and not one of them had ever smiled at him like that before. She’s all skinned elbows and scabby knees. She looks like she was spat out by the sun, with a fiery rat’s nest of auburn hair and a mischievous gleam in her bright blue eyes. He feels like Isaac Newton, hit on the head with the discovery of the century.

“You’re not from around here are you?” he asks.

She shakes her head, “No, we just moved here this week. My Dad’s gone to sea, I was trying to see his boat from up there when I slipped,” She replies, gesturing to the web of twisted branches above their heads.

“He’s a pirate?” he jokes; she quirks a little brow.

“No. He’s a Captain,”

“Captain Hook?”

Fox Mulder is still at the age where girls are kind of gross, but the sincerity with which this pretty tomboy laughs makes his ears turn red regardless. She was like a breath of fresh air after spending the whole day trapped inside a stuffy room, which incidentally he had.

“Fox,” he blurts at her, suddenly losing his cool.

“What did you call me?” she replies hotly, her un-injured hand flying self-consciously to her mussed red hair.

“No! my name is – “

“Fox!” They jump at the booming disembodied voice calling from the house a few meters away, “What in the hell are you doing?”

“Crap,” he mutters. Scully can’t help but flinch at the use of the word which would have cost her her dessert. “I’m supposed to be grounded, I think I’d better go,”

She tries not to be disappointed, but finds herself reluctant to say goodbye to this curious boy with a strange sense of humor, who believes in myths and fairy tales; but he makes no move to leave, equally unwilling to say goodbye to the girl who dresses like a boy and smells like the sea, who climbs trees and doesn’t cry when she falls. They eye each other hesitantly until finally, she breaks the silence.

“Your name is Fox?” she asks.

He makes a face, “Yeah, but I hate it. I like my last name better. It’s Mulder,”

“Mulder,” she tries it on her tongue and decides she likes the taste. She straightens her back and offers her hand like she’s seen adults do a thousand times before. “Ok. Nice to meet you, Mulder, my name’s Dana, but I guess you can call me Scully,”

“Scully,” he beams and takes her tiny, dirty hand in his. They shake in childish ignorance to how their stars had just aligned.


???: ahh Maybe I should just give up… Its not like I’m all that interesting anyways…

[Reassure her?]

chasingbutterflies  asked:

heck ok that minhyun college au had me feelin some type of way and he's not even my bias so if you wanted could you do one for jr? your writing is absolutely wonderful and i really appreciate all you do <3

  • specialty: jonghyun is doing his residency in cardiology 
  • “of coURSE you want to be a heart doctor” “what do you mean?” “well it’s just,,,,,,you’re so kind and ,,,,,, loving,,,,,it just fiTS YOU” 
  • ^probably an actual conversation between jonghyun and minki in med school LOL
  • but no he really does his best in all of his work, like he knows that there are limits to how much he can do for people and the fact breaks him because he just wants to make sure everyone is taken care of and is safe
  • but his selflessness got him into some trouble in med school because people would constantly ask to cheat off him and some even took the credit for work /he/ did
  • yet jonghyun never as much as complained, even when dongho threatened to fight them for him because jonghyun would just shrug it off and be like “if it helps them, then that is what matters” and everyone is always like yes but at what cost to you and jonghyun just smiles
  • ,,,,,that damn adorable angelic smile,,,,,,,and everyone is like god you really arent a person. you’re some kind of righteous demi-god with a heart too good for your own being LOL
  • looks totally mature and serious in his uniform and when he does intakes for the cardiology department 
  • but ,,,,,, the other residents know the tRUTH
  • about how his ID card is actually yellow and has little flowers on it, how instead of taking the precious time to sleep he’ll stay up and read webtoons on his phone, has a collection of squirtle’s lined up on his bed 
  • he gets really embarrassed when the superiors compliment his work and he’ll kind of try to hide his smile but also,,,, 
  • as usual if someone is getting in trouble he’ll try to shift the blame onto himself and again everyone is like jonghyun please stop putting yourself on the line for others
  • but he can’t,,,,it’s in his nature
  • one time he almost got kicked out of the program because he was going to take the blame for a negligent resident but thankfully minhyun and dongho intervened in time BUT STILL EVEN AFTER ALMOST GIVING THE REST OF NUEST A HEARTATTACK JONGHYUN CONTINUES TO DO THESE THINGS 
  • i guess you just can’t hold a good person down lgfjds
  • anyway back to him being cute,,,, he always compliments minki because he thinks he looks the best in his doctors coat and minhyun is (kinda) jealous while dongho is straight out like jonghyun jonghyun look at me flex - jonghyun hey
  • got caught singing to himself after putting away blood samples and everyone always asks him to show off his voice and he’s like ,,, a,,,ah i cant
  • (but he totally did at the christmas party some residents threw and it was. amazing. rumor is someone cried because jonghyuns voice was so nice)
  • everyone says he flirts with patients when he’s helping them get ready for procedures but jonghyun is just like???? im being nice
  • and everyone is like being nice doesnt involve being so damn handsome and using a soft tone of voice and flasing that smile-
  • jonghyun: are you saying my face is flirting for me
  • dongho: thats exactly it. It’s his face you guys. look at it
  • did i mention he totally saw a kid holding a pokemon toy in the waiting room and did an impersonation of squirtle to get the kid to laugh. well im mentioning it now.
  • so it’s technically your first time e v e r at the cardiologist and you have no idea what to expect and you’re kinda nervous,,,
  • the lady at the front desk is like honey dont worry its all painless and fine but you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,not completely convinced 
  • and when the nurse calls you in you’re expecting that she’ll be the one with you for most of the visit but she sits you down in a room and says one of the residents will do some tests today
  • and you’re like ok,,,,looking around the painfully bright room and wondering about all the different tools and the big diagrams of the human heart hung up on the wall
  • and when the door opens you turn and,,,,,damn near fall off the examination table
  • because the boy in front of you,,,,,,he’s got to be??? an actor???? a singer????? is this a prank camera????
  • he smiles,,,,dark hair combed neatly against his forehead and he points to the heart monitor in his hands nad he’s like “im jonghyun, ill be doing some tests on you for the doctor.”
  • in your head you’re still like,,,,,,is this dude actually a resident,,,,,isnt he too good looking
  • you’re so distracted that you dont even notice him hook you up to the heart monitor, carefully wrapping it around your arm and smiling at you as he pulls back to turn on the machine
  • and for a moment he watches the bright numbers and he writes something down, coming closer to you you see the numbers on the machine go up
  • and when you glance over,,,,,jonghyun is looking confused too
  • he puts his hand back on the part of your arm and tightens the band a bit
  • the closeness is a bit much for you,,,,seeing his face up close you realize he’s even more handsome than before
  • and you can literally hear your heartbeat in your ears
  • jonghyun moves back and you let out a sigh,,,,the number begin to drop down to normal 
  • and jonghyun is like “that’s,,,,,odd,,,,let me see something-”
  • he takes a step closer to you again,,,looking at your eyes and taking out his stethoscope and you’re once again hearing your heartbeat in your ears
  • and after a minute or two jonghyun,,,,,looks down at his notepad and is like
  • “it seems that everytime i get near you,,,,,your heart rate goes up. are you nervous?”
  • you in your head: ofc im nervous have you SEEN your FACE
  • you speaking: ,,,,oh just im nervous of seeing the doctor hahaha,,,
  • jonghyun nods and gives you a smile,,,,he leans forward to put his hand on your wrist reassuringly
  • too bad you’re still hooked up to the machine and the numbers go back up past 110 and jonghyun is like oh ,,,,wow
  • and you’re ike gbifkdfljsfg e@ your body plEASE STOP contrOL yOURSELf
  • and jonghyun writes something down before taking the band off you and saying that the doctor will come in soon
  • and you cant even look at him because,,,,wow,,,,you really just got your heart rate raised by this cute resident you dont even know how corny gfldjcbvg u really need to stop falling for people you just meet
  • but as jonghyun closes the door he cant help but smile to himself because,,,,thats the first time someones heart rate has changed so drastically in front of him
  • plus the look of slight embarrassment on your face was so cute,,,,,,
  • the rest of the appointment goes by fine. the doctor is like nothing seems to be wrong and you’re healthy although ive never seen such spikes in heart beat,,,,maybe its the nerves?
  • and you’re going back out of the room to the front desk when you bump into someone and looking up you see him again,,,,,jonghyun
  • the heat rushes all up into your face and you’re like fkgdse sorry,,,,,for getting all nervous back there
  • and he laughs because you’re the patient you shouldn’t ever apologize and you’re like gOsh i probably looked like such a fool
  • but jonghyun shakes his head and he’s like “a lot of people get nervous at the doctors,,,,,but not a lot of people still manage to look cute”
  • and you’re like excuse me and he’s like,,,,,oh,,,,i said that outloud?
  • and you’re like y,,,yes??// and jonghyun is just like coyly smiling and he’s like well no use in hiding it - it was very cute, its nice to know i can have such an impact on someone
  • and you’re like listen,,,,please,,,, you’re just so attractive up close i thought u werent a real resident for a bit
  • that makes jonghyun laugh and you cant help but giggle too
  • you both walk out to the front desk and you tell jonghyun that it was nice to meet him,,,,,and jonghyun is like ah! before you go - here
  • he hands you a pamphlet on heart health and you’re like,,,,,thank you?
  • but when you leave you open it up and out falls a note torn from a pad and it says
  • ‘if you ever are free - stop by the hospital again? only if you want of course~ resident kim ‘makes your heart rate go past 110′ jonghyun’
  • its,,,,,the corniest thing but you cant help but feel a giddiness in your stomach 
  • jonghyun back in the doctors office is telling himself that he really shouldnt have wote that dumb ‘makse your heart rate go past 110′ part but its DONE now,,,,so he’ll ave to just wait and see
  • ,,,,,,,of course you come back how can you not lmao you show up at the office and the front desk women seems to know whats going on she just winks and tells you to wait while she gets jonghyun
  • its a short first “date” because it happens outside the hospital cafe where you’re both drinking coffee and talking about your interests and hobbies and jonghyun has to run back after fifteen minutes but,,,,
  • it’s enough for you two,,,,,
  • slowly you visit the hospital more and more until finally you and jonghyun share a first kiss near the doctors entrance to the parking lot and it’s,,,,not thE most romantic but jonghyun somehow makes it just that murmuring that after kissing you he wonders if your hearts went over 150 and you’re like jonghyun,,,,wouldnt i die
  • and he’s like im dying right now,,,,from your cuteness and you’re like pLEASE
  • dating resident!jonghyun: like most residents he doesnt have any time for real dates but jonghyun will put all of his power into making every visit of yours count, im not kidding he literally does the most of your time together whether its gifting you flowers he totally paid dongho 20 bucks to run out and buy on his lunch because he wanted to have something nice to give you but wouldnt be let off by the doctor to using his lab coat to shield you two from the other residents in the dorm when you get a couple of minutes longer and jonghyun wants to kiss you deeply and passionately but also theres like 5 other people in the room LOL, he tells you that if you ever miss him you can look up videos of squirtle - people say they look a like and you’re like if you’re squirtle am i pikachu??? and he’s like omg,,,,,yes,,,,,,that is our couple dynamic from now on, you learn very quickly that the charming, doctor to be that made your heart race is actually a Big Soft Dork, but you love it and you keep sneaking him in new comic books and snacks and every other resident is like jonghyun ask your significant other to get us stuff too and jonghyun can never say no so you end up having like a literal list of things to bring with you every damn time, you learn that jonghyun is selfless in the way he treats you like you are the only one that matters in the relationship, and tbh you dont like it because you want to show him that his needs are just as important as yours so even when jonghyun holds you in his arms and you feel that he’s trying to be polite you’re like “if you want you can put your hand-” jonghyun blushing like i,,,i shouldn- you: jonghyun we’re dating just do it if you want FGFDSg, you can tell the days that are the most hectic because jonghyun comes out to meet you with his hair a mess and his ID on sideways and you always fix him up and kiss his face and he refers to you as his sunlight in dark times and you’re like please you’re my sunlight you make me so proud (those words literally. melt him), is the type to have his family as his phone background and you’re like wow!! id love to meet your parents some day and jonghyun sheepishly admits he’s bragged about you already on the phone, adores it when you get fussy over him not taking his vitamins and not getting enough sleep and he’s always like ‘this is the life of a resident blah blah i cant stop till im the perfect doctor blah blah’ and you’re just holding his face in your hands like kim jonghyun your body is a temple - and not only your temple anymore but also mine because i love you and care about you so seriously dont overwork yourself every time, jonghyun never says it but seeing you scold him like that kind of gets him going and he always attacks you with kisses that show his urgency and you’re like !!! because as sensitive and gentle as jonghyun usually is sometimes something inside him comes out ;—) and it comes out to the point that you might have to hide your neck the next day lkdsjxcv, you wear jonghyun’s lab coat and stand next to minki and everyone is like ok now whose the best looking “doctor” and jonghyun chooses you and minki is DEVASTATED but minhyun is like finally,,,,someone has knocked minki off his high horse, jonghyun holding you around the waist cuddling his face into your neck completely ignoring everything else around you two: uhuh, he’s always saying sorry for things like sneezing our bumping into you by accident and you’re like kim jonghyun you angel you’re too good for me and this world and he’s like,,,well he’s like im sorry TT and you’re like if you say that again i will kiss you to shut u up (of course he says it again,,, and again,,,an again), you learned that he plays a lot of instruments and when he gets the chance he shows you videos of him and you’re like ,,,, how are you so talented and handsome and how am i so lucky and he’s like,,,,,,im the lucky one shh,,,,you guys are literally the ‘i love you more’ ‘no i love you more’ couple LOL, has a habit of licking his lips when he’s thinking and you’re like jonghyun dont do that around patients i feel like one of them might fall for you, dongho from somewhere: they all already fall for him, when he’s not doing his residency and you guys do get to go out you get to see cutest bf jonghyun in a soft cardigan and a warm smile and you’re like wow i love you so much you are like the human personification of wholesome goodness, jonghyun probably has a photo of you in his locker at the dorm that he talks to at the beginning of the day like ‘let make it through the day so our future is bright,,,,,my future with you’ LIKE HES THAT CUTE OK 

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  • in this au everyone has their soulmate’s name tattooed on their skin somewhere
  • as a little kid you always dreamed of meeting your soulmate jeon wonwoo and wondered what he was like, but slowly over the years u started thinking less and less about him and more and more about music
  • you really really loved music and wanted to be able to follow your passion and so you audition to train under *jyp whisper* jyp entertainment. and u get in!!!!good job!!!
  • and idols……. well they are sometimes allowed to date but agencies are very very careful about soulmate marks because in the earlier years of kpop there were a bunch of scandals where saesang fans would pretend to be idols’ soulmates and it was in general super creepy and bad
  • despite all that, you don’t really have much time to think about jeon wonwoo anymore between vocal training and dance training and school, but every once in awhile you touch the hangul of your tattoo on your collarbone and hope that maybe he can feel it
  • because as busy as you are you still dream about him

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