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Texts Between Bros-- Biology Bros Edition

Isak: heyyyy sannnaaaa

Sana: no.

Isak: you don’t even know what I’m going to ask you

Sana: you’re going to ask me to turn in an assignment for you because you don’t want to get out of bed this morning.

Isak: okay psychic. 

Sana: It’s the hijab

Isak: ???

Sana: nvm. Come to school. 

Isak: It’s harder to leave the bed now that Even is like… permanently in it. We can just stay in all day without interruption 


Sana: #10%

Isak: yeah yeah. I’ll see you in biology then <3

Sana: did you just <3 me?

Isak: sorry force of habit 

Oh and Even wants to know if you want to come to dinner this weekend?

Sana: Can’t im hanging with the girls.

Isak: kk next time then

Sana: actually i think i’ll reschedule with the girls

I’m a little pizza-ed out


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Sana: so weird. We’ll talk more in biology.

adrienzviaguine  asked:

Hello! If it don't bother you and you have some time for it, would you mind drawing Natsu x Lucy dancing? Or maybe Natsu x Lucy in suit and dress? Whichever you want :D Have a nice day!

I tried to do both but I dont know if it worked out! It’s currently a little after 2am and I;ve been up since 6am so my quality control is a little…something else right now! But yeah thanks for the request! Have a good morning/day/night! I;m sorry for the wait!  

i got tired of work so i decided to doodle some conman dancing. instead of, ykno, going to bed when it was already 6:30am

it is now past 9:00am

im. gonna go sleep

spotlight || b.b || end

Relationship: AU!Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: When your agent decides a publicity stunt is what you need, you’re fallen into the trap that is Bucky Barnes’ life. How long can you keep up with his attitude and antics or will he redeem himself before it’s too late?

Warnings: FLUFF!!!! (I couldn’t handle the angst anymore ya’ll)

Word Count: 1.1k

A/N: ya’ll this is the end of this series im so happy about ending it on a fluffy note cause the angst was ripping me to shreDS

He loved you. Bucky Barnes, the infamous bachelor was in love with you. And oh how you wanted to say those words to him, but you didn’t. You fucked it all up, running out of his apartment because you were too afraid to let your walls down. 

That night you contemplated whether or not your should call him. Going as far as dialling his number, then quickly deleting it and chucking your phone onto your bed before repeating the process a few more times. 

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what she says: I’m fine

what she really means: we, as the audience, only got to know the real connor murphy for a mere few minutes. we don’t know anything about him. he could have been a brony for all we know. he could have been a brony. oh my god, he could have been a brony. please, god, no. anything but a brony-

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The Pickle Fic

Note: I wanted to write something bad. I made no outline. I wrote whatever came into my head. This is the result. Things get weird.

“Have you ever deepthroated a pickle,” Dan asked Phil as he seductively opened their brand new pickle jar that they bought from the store on that same day.

Phil swallowed hard, turned on by Dan and the pickle jar. “N- No,” he stuttered to his boyfriend Dan, more commonly known to him as BEAR.

“You should,” Dan replied, pulling out a wet, sloppy pickle with his bare hands. He put it in his mouth, sucking it HARD as it hit the back of his throat. He swallowed the entire thing, not even stopping for a chew. “We should deepthroat a pickle together.”

“But, Dan!” Phil exclaimed with exclamation. “I mean Bear! We are just BFF’s forever and ever,” he said to his boyfriend. “That’s capital G gay. What would the fans of ours think?”

Bear (that’s Dan) shook his head. “They’d never have to know, Phil. We don’t have to do it on camera. We could just… pickle together.”

Dan pulled another pickle out of the jar, waving it around and around. “Pickle for your thoughts, my honeybear,” he said to Phil (that’s Honeybear), once Phil just stood there with his mouth hanging open.

“I, um,” Phil gulped. “I do enjoy a pickle, and I am a little hungry.”

Bear stepped closer to the blue eyed (and green and gray and lots of colors mixed together), black haired (dyed), older (by like four and a half years) man. “This should fill you right up, my sweetheart.”

Dan wiggled the pickle close to Phil’s mouth, letting the juices collect on Phil’s lips. “Open up, Sailor.”

Phil, totally turned on at this point, opened his mouth into an O shape, so he could collect the pickle.

Dan placed half of the pickle into Phil’s mouth, then bit down on the other end.




Dan bit at the other end of the pickle harshly as Phil stood there, shocked, eyes wide and mouth still dangling half a pickle.

“Good pickle,” Dan said, lifting the jar up to his mouth and chugging the juices.

Phil downed the other half of the pickle. “Now our pickles will be all dry,” he said to his Bear, who had brown eyes and brown hair, and dimples. His Bear was also younger than him, by about four and a half years or so.

“I’ll fill it with some water in the sink.”

Dan walked over to the sink, but Phil couldn’t move. His dickle was in a pickle of its own.

“Bear,” he said, as that was Dan’s nickname that he called him all the time. “My dickle is in a pickle,” he admitted.

“Would you like me to cronch it?” Dan asked, letting the jar overflow with water.

“No. No, my best friend Bear, my lover. I don’t want the cronch. I just want… I don’t even know.”

And now Phil was on the floor, sobbing. He was sobbing because Dan, his lover, his best friend for life, was using too much water. Their water bill was going to be so high.

Dan turned off the water, immediately knowing what his lover wanted. He was next to Phil in seconds, caressing his back, but thinking about the rotisserie chicken in the fridge. “I’m sorry for overusing the water, my lover, Phil. I was just trying to get back at you for being so against marriage. That Sims game from like two years ago, I still think about it. I just want to marry you, Phil, my baby.”

“I can’t marry you, Bear. And I’ve been commiting beastiality all along.” Phil’s tears dried, but he needed to let this out.

Dan laughed. And laughed and laughed. “My lover, I’m not a real bear. You just call me that as a nickname, remember? You silly baby, sugar daddy! You’re just confused.”

“Oh,” Phil chuckled, remembering the pickle incident from ten seconds ago. “Dan, I mean Bear, I love you so much. You are my lover. I’m gay, but only for you. I have never been attracted to another man.”

Dan smiled, wiping his pickle hands over Phil’s face. “I’m only gay for you too, Baby. Otherwise, boobs. Now let’s go into the bed and make sweet, sweet love.”

Phil stood up and Dan hopped up beside him. “Alright,” Phil said, walking toward the room. “Bring the pickles.”

Dan already had the jar in his hand.

rainbowbutter  asked:

Could you do a headcanon for the RFA/V/Saeran for when MC comes and lives with them and maybe it's, like, their first night togheter (hehehe >:3c) Thank you ^^ Im really looking forward to all of your HC's!!

I really liked writing this one! I don’t do NSFW, so I just described their first night sleeping in the same bed while living together. I hope you don’t mind, I’m just not comfortable writing it yet. I may change that in the future, but for now, no NSFW. I also hope that my future writing lives up to your expectations;;; Nonetheless, here you go! Enjoy~

 Edit: I did a whoops and forgot V, so you can find him here!


  • Oh man is this boy nervous
  • He can barely take good care of himself, and now you are coming to live with him???
  • He is very helpful while you are bringing boxes of your belongings in, careful not to drop them and to set them where you want them to go
  • He also is very careful while helping you unpack, he doesn’t want to break anything and make you upset
  • He seems to forget that you are moving in until you come out in your pajamas with a toothbrush in your mouth asking where his washrags are
  • H E I S F R E A K I N G O U T
  • “Yoosung, is something wrong? I just asked for a washrag…” “Yeah, I-I’m good, uhhhh” he doesn’t even remember where his washrags are oh lord
  • “U-underneath the sink, yeah!” yay he remembered
  • Once you two go to bed, he is stiff as a board on the edge of the bed, trying to give you enough space
  • You physically have to drag him over to you and wrap his arms around you to get him to loosen up
  • When you wake up though, he is gripping you, both hands and legs around your body
  • Yoosung pls MC needs to pee
  • Once he wakes up, he acts like you have been living there the whole time, even going to make you breakfast aaawwwww give this boy some love okay


  • He is super careful not to let the beast out on you
  • He has to be a gentleman; it’s your first night living with him
  • Totally shows off his strength while bringing in your boxes zen stop
  • You two spend the day unpacking, and by the time night rolls around, he’s pretty much forgotten that you are coming to stay
  • “Zen, I’m getting tired.” “Oh, I can’t keep a lady from her beauty sleep! I’ll let you get going home.” “Uh…. I am home?” “…oh yeah”
  • While you go and get ready for bed, he is trying to chill and figure out where to sleep
  • When you walk out in your pajamas, he is just like O.O
  • Control the beast zen lol
  • “You can sleep in the bed, I’ll take the couch.” “Zen, you don’t need to do that. We are dating!” “But… what if the beast comes out?” “What if I want it to come out?” MC don’t do this to him
  • When you finally get him to go to bed with you, like Yoosung, he is stiff as a board
  • Not even you curling up into his side calms this man down
  • When you fall asleep, he just looks down at you sleeping, head on his chest, and it all hits him
  • You were his, you weren’t going anywhere. Even if the beast did come out, that wouldn’t stop you from staying beside him, because you chose to come live with him
  • This realization calms him down, and he is finally able to gently reposition you so that he is lying down with you circled in his arms and fall asleep
  • Little known fact about him, though: he is h o t
  • Like, you wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat and need to pry yourself out from his arms lol


  • She is very considerate of you, making sure you are comfortable in her home
  • She doesn’t want you to be uncomfortable, or feel like you don’t belong there
  • Helps you bring in your boxes and lets you set up your belongings like you want to
  • When you are done unpacking and settling in, you both sit down on the couch, curled under a blanket, and watch some of Zen’s musicals
  • She starts to get sleepy before you, and you could see her nodding off
  • When you suggested you two went to bed, she insisted on watching the rest of the musical
  • Five minutes later, her head is on your shoulder and little snores are escaping her parted lips
  • You didn’t want to move her, and eventually you fell asleep too
  • She wasn’t there when you woke up, but you found her in the kitchen making coffee for you and her
  • “I’m sorry for falling asleep on you last night, MC, I should have-“ “No.” You aren’t having any of that
  • You go over and wrap your arms around her, and she sighs, leaning into you. “I’m happy you are here, MC.”
  • You smile and press a kiss to her cheek. “Me too.”


  • Okay, this man needs everything perfect
  • He won’t let you lift a finger, instead having his guards bring up the boxes
  • You two just sit and watch something you want to watch on the tv while drinking a glass of wine ofc
  • Once all the boxes are in, he allows you to start putting your belongings where you want
  • He helps, and asks questions about all of your prized possessions, wanting to know what they represented and why they were so special
  • He just wants to know everything about you okay
  • You two end up on his bed, your favorite possession in your hands as you leaned against Jumin and told him stories about your childhood
  • You slowly nodd off, your words coming slower and slower until you completely relax against him and fall asleep
  • He just watched you, memorizing every detail of your sleeping face
  • He never felt more in love with you than in that moment, and he didn’t know how to handle this surge of emotion
  • So he took the little item out of your hands, set it to the side, and slowly lifted you up slightly to put you under the covers, and slid in next to you, wrapping his arms around your sleeping form
  • He was still dressed, but you had changed into your pajamas earlier in the night, so he wasn’t worried and fell asleep holding you
  • When you woke up, you were alone except for Elizabeth, who was curled up by your head and purring
  • You went into the kitchen to see him standing in front of the stove, a spatula in his hand and apron covering his front
  • “Good morning, my love. You must be hungry; the pancakes will be done soon” JUMIN AAA
  • This man loves you so much okay give him all the love



  • While you are unpacking, he asks questions about everything you pull out that is not clothing unless it is lingerie or an onesie lol
  • He wants to try on all of your clothing seven please no
  • Instead of unpacking and putting everything in its new home, you two end up playing with the various objects you brought
  • Saeran is pretty much hiding in his room for the whole day, he wants nothing to do with you two
  • By the time it reaches midnight, you have unpacked less than half of your boxes dangit seven
  • He wasn’t tired, as his body was still trying to return to a regular sleep schedule, but you were, so you changed into your pajamas and crawled into his bed
  • And he is just sitting there nosebleeding because you look so cute in his bed???
  • He changes as well and slides under the covers beside you, but he is still awake long after you fell asleep
  • He is just sitting there, thinking up a storm of worrisome thoughts.
  • What if you aren’t happy here? What if you are doing this just to make him happy? What if you decide you aren’t happy with him and leave? What if, what if, what if?
  • You woke up around 4am to him shaking and crying beside you, and you quickly sit up and wrap your arms around him, holding him to your chest and running your hands through his hair soothingly as he tells you all of his worries and fears
  • You wait until he calms down and stops shaking before you assure him you aren’t leaving, that you are happy and love him
  • Once he hears this, he is able to stop crying and lay down wrapped in your arms and fall asleep
  • When he wakes up, you are still in bed, an arm around him while you played on your phone
  • He decided then, as he sat up and pressed kisses to the side of your face, that he is the happiest man on earth, as long as he had you beside him


  • This was a big step for him, and to say he was nervous was an understatement
  • It took a long time for him to open up to you and be comfortable doing couple things such as cuddling, holding hands, kissing
  • So asking you to move in was h u g e
  • The whole time you were bringing boxes in with Saeyoung, he was sitting in his room shaking, close to a panic attack
  • You realized he wasn’t around and had Saeyoung bring the rest of the boxes in so you could go find him
  • You knocked on his door, and he snapped at you, most likely assuming you were his brother
  • “Saeran, honey, it’s me. Can I come in?” Silence, then finally the doorknob twisted and the door opened enough to let you in
  • He shut it quickly behind you, not showing his face, and retreated to his bed, knees drawn to chest and forehead on knees
  • You quickly went over and sat by him, asking if you could hug him
  • When he didn’t immediately say no, you scooted up to him and slipped your arms around him. He leaned against you, and you two just sat in silence, until finally, he started to speak.
  • “MC, I’m afraid. What..what if I hurt you? What if you decide you don’t like me, and leave? I’m fucked up; I don’t know why you still want to be with me. My idiot brother is probably-“ you didn’t let him finish that statement
  • “Saeran, please look at me.” When he didn’t lift his head, you gently forced his head up to look at you. His eyes were puffy and red, cheeks streaked with tears o w my heart
  • “I won’t be leaving you, okay? I went into this relationship knowing that you are broken, so don’t worry. And don’t you dare say anything about your brother being better for me, because you are the one I love, and want to care for, okay? Let’s just try to be happy that this is happening, okay?”
  • This seemed to calm him, and he nodded, relaxing a little bit
  • You left him to calm down and started to unpack, and a little while later, he came out and silently kneeled down beside you, asking what he could do to help
  • Up until that point, you and Saeyoung had been working together to unpack your things, but now that Saeran came out, Saeyoung left you two to work together
  • You two worked on setting your belongings up in their new homes, and finally retreated to his room around 10pm
  • He wasn’t sold on sleeping together, but you insisted, so he tried it
  • You didn’t cuddle with him, instead sticking to the edge of your side of the bed and allowed him to choose what he wanted to do
  • When you woke up though, you were towards the middle of the bed, and he had his arm draped over you and head against your side as he slept
  • When he woke up, he didn’t immediately move, instead murmuring a little ‘good morning’ and tightening his arm around you with a little yawn
  • After that first night, he seemed much more comfortable with the thought of living with you, and everything from then on went much smoother
How sharing a bed with Luke would probably go down

• Him taking up 80% of the space

• Him constantly wanting to be the little spoon even though he’s a 9ft noodlestick

• H I C K E Y S . Enough to make you run out of make up to cover them up with

• Lots of making out, but I feel like he’d be smiling the whole time which would make you smile so you’d both just end up giggling like little girls

•It’d probably get heated sooner or later and it’d obviously end in sex

• Hair stroking avskajdkspopapl

• “So how was your day babe?”


• He’d snore. Very loudly. So your sleep would be minimal.

• “Could you tell me a story?”

• “Luke its 2 in the morning.”

• Pouting. And even though you can’t see him in the dark you can tell that he’s making that stupid face with his stupid eyes and stupid perfect nose

• He’d probably be a blanket hog and end up taking the entire thing


• His deep husky voice in the morning

• “Morning princess,”

• “It’s 3 in the afternoon prince not-so-charming.”

• Waking up and finding his head on your stomach, so you’d basically be his pillow

• Him lying on top of you because he’s a problematic little shit

• “Luke you’re making it hard for me to breathe.”

• “You know what else is hard?”


• He’d probably pretend to go in for a kiss whilst on top you, but then quickly pull back and nuzzle his nose against yours

• I feel like he’d really enjoy just intertwining your fingers and just seeing the size difference

• Lots of spontaneous ‘I love you’s’

• “Stop you doorknob your breath smells!”

• Morning kisses would be a stretch, and then he’d finally manage to kiss you

• “Now yours does as well.”


painted-unknown  asked:

44. what do you think about when you can’t fall asleep at night? (By the way luve ur art senpai owo)

How do I fall asleep?
I have my eyes closed but I’m still awake, thinking.
Heheh. I can hear my breathing.
Oh no, I know I’m breathing now…oh no oh nononononono
How I’m going to forget I’m aware of my breathing!? IM GONNA DIE NO
I think I’m hungry now, but my bed is warm hhhhhh…
Ok, calm down, I’m just gonna turn around…ahh, much better, so comfy.
Oh ye so I was thinking about how the heck I’m gonna fall aslee-”

And then I can’t remember nothing else,
I wake up and there’s a new morning.

That’s what I always think when I can’t sleep.