oh if only i had someone to tell me that growing up was no tragedy

I’ve come to the Jonsa tag because I’ve got more tinfoil that honestly should be canon at this point, because I have faith in Jon and so should you: 

Jon is listening to Sansa.

Stay with me, alright? If we’re going to believe our little theory that Jon is playing D then he’s doing exactly as Sansa asked him to. And it isn’t honorable or valiant. Jon has always been a kind soul with a gentle honor, but that doesn’t mean he’s not capable of doing what is necessary to survive. Just look at his situation when he was stuck with the Wildlings.  (Which might I mention is another parallel between Jon and Sansa. Both are stuck far away from their home in a captive’s well known territory, and even when they escape, leaving behind someone they may love (Tyrion/Ygritte) and also kill a former lover/fiance turned enemy (Joffrey/Ygritte)  with someone they think they can trust (LF/NW), they’re still prisoners. Birds stuck in a cage, like a ‘little dove’ or a ‘crow’). 

Here’s where I think the proof comes in well enough. D claims people love what their good at, which for Jon is killing and leading, but he doesn’t like that. He hates it. It hurts people and it hurts him, especially because he is just as honorable as Ned- but this wasn’t a parallel to Ned, it was a parallel to Rhaegar. Specifically because he’s around D and dragons. And this line came to mind earlier today. 

“Rhaegar fought valiantly, Rhaegar fought nobly, Rhaegar fought honorably. And Rhaegar died.”

-Jorah to D season 3

And this 

“You have to be smarter than father. You have to be smarter than Robb. I loved them, I miss them, but they made stupid mistakes and lost their heads for it.”

-Sansa to Jon, season 7, episode 1

Jon has to be smart, he can’t follow his kind heart anymore because it will get him and his family killed. So follow her, lead her to believe she’s the one in control. For Jon to maintain the North he needs to think ahead but he also need’s to think of his now. 

I know it could be foolish to think this but I like to think Jon is tricking D. Yes, he gave her the North, but as it was shown in Jon and Sansa’s banter episode one, anything before the word ‘but’ is horseshit. And what did Jon say to D? Especially when he didn’t have to…

“I would bend the knee, but…” 

Sort of as we caught this earlier. 

“You may be my sister, but…” 

Both sentences before the word ‘but’ are horseshit. Sansa isn’t Jon’s sister and Jon would never bend the knee, he was pretty adamant about that even as he was told he was being prideful and letting his people die, because he’s loyal af.

D gave herself away last episode, with her claiming Jon couldn’t leave unless commanded and claiming she’d miss him. She was all up in that Northern booty, alright. There’s no denying it. But no one that watches the show casually (who are not shippers of the two) found any chemistry between them. And that wasn’t due to Emilia, I think she was actually pretty good. But Kit? Oh boy, that dude showed us nothing. Bland stares, a bit of annoyance, and that ‘oh shit’ face when he realized Sansa was right the second episode and D kept him as a prisoner. 

The conversations Jon has had and how he reacts are completely two different things, especially the scene with Missandei. Jon questions her loyalties and looks as if she were trapped too, that there’s no way they could have chosen someone like her to rule. 

He then declares himself King to D, ignores her outright, and leaves without looking back unlike Jorah. Why didn’t he look back? If he’s in love with her, why not take one last look? He did it with Sansa, and she’s just his ‘sister’. She should be lesser in his eyes at this point because he’s internally worshiping D. That’s how her love interests always pan out. 

No one that I know felt a romance coming along Jon’s side, only D’s, and once she gave herself away…Jon therefore acted awkward and unsettled. Seriously, he was uncomely af, nothing about their goodbye felt romantic. It felt rushed, like Jon wanted to get away. And to make sure I wasn’t looking through shippers goggles I asked my parents and friends what they thought and they said the same thing. 

I also have a friend who ships J*nerys, like hard shipping, (Anna, boo, I love and thank you for your insight) and noticed this too. She didn’t like it but she felt it. She was the first to mention to me that he did better with Sophie and the dragon then he did with D. 

So what’s going on? We know D&D can pull off a short romance, Talisa and Robb are a perfect example of this. We didn’t need to be told there was romance, and they were sawing off a fucking leg. 

S why is he all of the sudden acting as if he’s in love with her, holding her hand while the camera zooms up after a serious tragedy (Jonsa anyone? Twice, fucking twice this has happened) and giving her dead ass heart eyes? Sort of lifeless compared to how he looks at Sansa. 

Because he’s playing the game. He knows what those dragons can do, and to secure the North he lies to her, lets her know even though she’s agreed he has to have certainty the North will be safe until after the long night. Because as I said, Jon focuses on the Now, not the later. Unlike Sansa who is opposite in that regard. 

I just can’t see a future in where Jon Snow gives the North to a Southerner despite who we know he is and where his heart lies. He killed the woman he loves for the Watch, and you’re telling me he’s just going to hand over the North like that? That’s not Jon, revived or not, he’s not going to give a damn that D is special or has dragons. She’s destructive and he’s witnessed that destruction and her haphazard way of reacting to trouble. 

She’s like a firecracker that starts over every time she bursts, waiting on a time limit until something comes on up to light her up again. Because dragons don’t grow tree’s, and as much as she’d like to grow those, she follows ‘fire and blood’ and casts fire down on those who disobey. She herself is a dragon, and claims if her children are monsters, so is she. 

I don’t think D is mad, I do think she intends to do good, but she’s the sort to think the ‘any means to an end’ is always necessary when it definitely isn’t. (The show handles this terribly and has made her out to be white jesus- read the books, you’ll enjoy her character so much more. I actually love her character there).

I have faith this is all a ruse that Jon’s playing at, I don’t mind the romance, as long as Jon is happy I’m cool with who he is with, and if that’s D so be it. I hope he truly loves her and treats her right and she does so with him. But handing away the North is where I, the majority of fandom, GRRM himself has proven through his writing, and Jon himself draw the fucking line. (Insert Game Grumps “draw the line somewhere in the fucking sand” quote here).

Jon is going to play dirty, because those who played honorably before him died, and Jon isn’t going to make the same mistake we’ve seen on repeat. This is supposed to be a time for wolves, and Jon must bear his teeth and protect his pack. Protect those he knows he promised to (Sansa) and still intends to protect. It’s only icing to the cake when Jon snapped D’s way when he found out Arya and Bran were alive

 “With all due respect your grace, I’m a King, I don’t need your permission”. 

It’s more than enough to push him in the right direction and do as Sansa asked. Not just dip his toe in but jump all the way and not look back. Three of his pack are home, waiting for him, and he can’t lose that. 

He may have Targaryen blood but he’ll always be a Stark, Sansa said it herself as did Lyanna (Whose name is his mothers, I think that’s significant), and while Jon himself has said he is no Stark- which is true- lets remember this: He is a dragon raised by wolves. 

I hope this all made sense and that I didn’t confuse any of you, I just wanted to touch up on the subject and what I really hope Jon is doing. I love him, his character, and really am concerned with where he’s going. But the Jon we all know, who fought for the North, who would never give it away knowing Arya, Bran, and Sansa (his life) are there- Jon wouldn’t let anyone take those lives into their hands. Those are his to protect. He’s alpha, and furiously loves them all. Love for a woman would not blind him of that. 

Thank you for reading, I hope this brought up some spirits or hope, we might have to wait for this outcome in S8. And about boatbang, I don’t know what to do with that, I think Jon may actually be attracted to D (Because look at her) but we’ve seen pieces of guilt in his expression but also annoyance. His face was dead as hell when he told D sorry for wight hunting, so I don’t know. (He loved Ygritte, it’s not far out that he’d be attracted to D or even love her, but as I said that wouldn’t blind his loyalty to the Starks or the North). And we know Jon wouldn’t be kneeling if he didn’t think what he was doing was in the Norths best interest, as Sansa states, so even if Jon is in love with D he wouldn’t give the North away so easily, he needs to believe this will benefit his family and country- and knowing said country as he does this would never make it better unless he knows D is dangerous and doesn’t want to unleash that on the North: there’s always the issue that comes after the war, D didn’t promise to leave the North alone after defeating the NK, only that she would help. It’s entirely plausible that Jon is simply being sure he doesn’t have to worry about that in this instance but I could be wrong.  

Have faith my lovlies, hopefully this is all just misdirection!

O Romeo, Romeo...

So this is my contribution to Marichat May, now no one can tell me I never did anything for it xD I hope you enjoy :) 

“Ugh, this is so stupid, Tikki,” Marinette complained, crinkling the pages of the Literature book she was holding in her hands. “There’s no way I can make this convincing.”

“Not with that attitude,” Tikki giggled. “Relax, Marinette, you’ll be a great Juliette! Don’t push yourself too hard. Besides, you’ll have the book right in front of you in class; you don’t have to memorize anything.”

“I know,” Marinette sighed dejectedly. “But I have to practice this, at least. What if Adrien plays Romeo? I want him to be captivated by my Juliette, and that can’t happen if I just read straight from the book.”

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Anyway Moriel shippers whining about Mor being gay can suck my dick lol.

Is it probably tokenism? Yes. Is it probably going to be lazy, last minute representation? Yes. Do any of you homophobes using these things for your complaints actually fucking give a shit about whether or not it’s tokenism? No! You’re just homophobic, so stop pretending like you actually care about the quality of gay representation!

I can’t believe some of you actually have the audacity to to say shit like “this is coming out of nowhere” and “Mor just doesn’t SEEM like she’s gay” and “but poor Azriel!” and “but I wanted Moriel to happen!” and “I’m not saying I don’t want representation, I just don’t think it should be Mor.”

First of all, if you’re straight (and most of the people complaining here are) how DARE you say anything about Mor “seeming gay” or not. How DARE you. What the actual fuck could you possibly know about it. Nothing. You could know nothing.

Second of all, of COURSE you don’t think it should be Mor. You CARE about Mor. Mor is beautiful, bubbly, funny, smart, outgoing. Her storyline is important to the main plot. She’s survived tragedy and emerged triumphant. You relate to her. And most of all, you want her to get together with a male character. And for her to be GAY? Oh no! Now this is ruined for you. Now she’s not perfect anymore. God forbid gay people have a gay character with positive traits they can look up to and relate to in a series. God forbid ONE character out of a TON of straights had to be made gay and now you can’t relate anymore.

I’ve seen multiple people say “I like the representation, but I thought Mor should be with Azriel and Amren should be gay. Why couldn’t it be Amren?” This. Is VERY telling. Amren is described as not overly beautiful, she has a more abrasive personality, and most importantly, she doesn’t seem interested in any kind of romantic relationship. At all. Her being gay would not get in the way of ANY of your straight romances/ships/plots. It probably would’t even be brought up a lot, because it’s doubtful she’d even be with someone. So people saying that Amren would have been a better candidate feels very much like “Ugh, the gays can HAVE that weird freak Amren, but it’s not fair they get that pretty girl! How can MOR be gay?? What about the boy I want as her boyfriend?”

So many people are shielding themselves from being called homophobic by saying “I want a character to be LGBT! I want there to be representation for LGBT! (Just not THIS character)” Well that’s bullshit, first of all because the way you say “LGBT” instead of “LGBT characters” or “gay characters” kinda reveals the way you view representation as some nebulous kind of check-the-box category to get over with instead something actually important, and second of all because the “LGBT representation” that you’re “all for” is a very specific kind of representation. It’s the kind that isn’t really representation at all.

You’re “all for LGBT rep,” but you never actually want characters you LIKE to be gay. You never want the characters you ship in straight relationships to turn out gay. You want the ugly characters, the evil characters (who are going to die anyway), the characters who never end up in relationships, (and the “smol bean xD” men who you fetishize and ship with other men, but that’s another issue) to turn out gay. That way you can pat yourself on the back for how good and diverse your series is while continuing to enjoy the main straight characters in their straight relationships. That way you’re never forced to invest in the humanity of gay people and their stories, because their “stories” are just a casual mention of their sexuality, or a side plot so tiny it might as well not exist (like in tog).

And as for “poor Azriel!” do I really have to tell you why that’s fucking dumb? I guess it’s not uncommon in this fandom to always prioritize men over women (re: “poor Rhysand when Feyre had to sleep with her abuser that must have been so hard for HIM!!”), but still. Listen to yourself.

On top of all of this, I find it pretty funny (I don’t. I don’t find it funny. At all. None of this is funny it makes me want to vomit) that straight people are throwing a tantrum and acting like it’s the worst thing ever that a ship they were passionate about couldn’t work out because of the characters’ sexualities. HAHAHAHAHAHA! The irony of it, honestly, and the fact that none of you realize it… wow. Do y’all. Have any idea. How many times that happens to gay readers? On a REGULAR basis?? The two characters are similar. Have good chemistry. Interact in a way that hints at a relationship. Would be perfect together. You care about them, you grow invested. And just when you think they might be endgame… oops! They’re straight, and they can’t be together. I don’t have an ounce of pity for people saying that they’re SO upset by this because they were in love with the ship and now it can’t happen because of sexuality. This is our LIFE. It happened to you one fucking time, and the relationship wasn’t even that developed; somehow I think you’ll be okay.

To sum it up, when I hear people complaining about Mor being gay because they thought she should be with Azriel, literally all I hear is “wait but gay people are fine only as long as they don’t get in the way of straight ships and characters :( why can’t they stay on the fringes of the plot where they belong and leave us straights alone :( we used to have 100% of the characters and plot and now we only have 99% :( life is so hard :(“

It’s honestly just really disheartening to see straight people responding so nastily to this, especially when this is just a tiny drop of real representation. Mor’s sexuality might not end up being well done in the book, but there are a lot of gay and bi girls who read these books and this could genuinely make a difference to them. And THAT will ALWAYS be more important than the success of a straight ship, especially in a series in which there is absolutely NO shortage of straight ships and characters. Go pick two of the other 10,000 straight characters to ship and leave us alone.

🌹 How I met ana 🌹

I am not pro-ana but I am not judgemental.
I’ve been there, I’ve restricted and restricted until
I was counting calories in gum and mints. I’ve watched my body transform from a vessel of life to a skeletal shadow of death.

My body has burned with unquenchable thirst.
Not for water, Lord knows I drank more water in a week than most people drink in a month.. A thirst for beauty. A thirst for society’s acceptance, a thirst for a love that I believed only a skinny girl could afford.

I was one of 5 sister’s. All of which stood under 5'3 with dainty bone structures and size 0 privledge.
I was 5'6 with a large frame and 40 pounds I could stand to lose. Yes, I was the “fat sister”.. My existence was overshadowed by the compliments I was in ear shot of but never received.

I was raised in a strict Christian family that tossed stones in glass houses for fun. I was the target of jokes that revolved around my weight and referenced beached whales, great white whales and the Pillsbury dough boy. I would break down crying on occasion and was met with a less than sympathetic, “oh, grow thicker skin honey.”

I was 19 when I met someone who I trusted. soon my first son was born and I was encouraged not to be so critical of myself. I was told that I was beautiful, intelligent, an amazing mother and that I had nothing and no one to worry about. 3 years down the road I finally listened, I was 60 pounds over weight but I had so many qualities that made the number on the scale irrelevant to me.

I wasn’t perfect but that was perfectly okay. 🌹

And then my world was turned upside down..

01/06/14: my dad wakes up in a panic, he can’t breathe. The police are called, paramedics swarm the house, he’s placed on oxygen and transferred to the hospital. He’s going to be okay, he just needs oxygen, antibiotics and rest.

01/07/14: we get a call, he’s being sedated into a medical coma. His lungs are 98% compromised, it’s bilateral pneumonia, it’s not good. He’s stabilized and rushed to a more advanced hospital 2 hours away, he’s placed on ecmo.

01/20/17: he’s been sedated for 14 days, his last words are on repeat in my head as I attempt to sleep for the first time in days. He’s pleading for water in his semi-concious state but the doctors won’t allow him to have so much as a wet sponge. Suddenly, a cellphone rings out in the dark. It’s the doctors, we need to get to the ICCU asap. He’s bleeding internally and his oxygen levels are plummeting, he’s dying. There’s nothing that can be done so we’re forced to let him go.

Cue water obsession. I’ve carried water with me since his death, the only thing that can stop my crippling anxiety attacks is chugging water. It never made sense, but it worked.

3 months later, my relationship has deteriorated. My nearly two year old son still crawls into the living room and stares at papa’s recliner before walking up to it and saying “pah, pah, pah.” He still points at the picture of my dad on the dining room wall when we’re at the dinner table and smiles.. I wish I could be so young and innocent. I wish I could face tragedy with a smile.

Fast forward 3 days, I’ve just found out that my fiance, the same person who would tell me not to be so unsure, the same person who would reassure me that I had every reason to be confident in him has revealed that he has been having an affair with my younger sister for over a year.

I’m destroyed but I can’t muster a tear. I’d spent the last three months crying from the moment I woke up to the moment i went to sleep. I was numb. I’ve just lost the only two people who ever had faith in me. One to an untimely death due to a virus mutation that is still being investigated by the CDC and the other to my sister.

“It’s because she was skinny.” I rationalized, “It’s because I haven’t lost the baby weight.” I insisted that it was my fault for not being as visually pleasing as I could have been.

That’s when I met ana.

From that day on and spanning the coarse of two years I restricted, I turned pain into willpower and lost 90 pounds within the first 8 months, Leaving me at 125 pounds. I had done it, I had forced my body into society’s mold. I was the “skinny sister” people made comments like, “you better hold on or you’re going to blow away!” And, “I wish I could look like you! How do you do it?” Oh, and my personal favorite..

“I wish I could eat whatever I wanted without gaining weight.” With a passive aggressive tone in her voice, or maybe it was jealousy?

You’re right, I do eat whatever I want. I come home to a refrigerator with a couple meals worth of tomatoes, cucumbers, celery and carrots. I have a couple frozen chicken breasts and a container of ice for eating when I’m on a water fast and I want texture.

While I’m curled up in bed, clutching a water bottle and diverting my focus from the nauseating hunger pain with calorie calculations, you’re sitting around the bar with friends, sharing small talk, laughter and appetizers.

While I’m standing in the same isle for 15 minutes with my anxious fingers pacing nutrition labels, you’re tossing items into your cart without so much as a glance. You’re running into friends and co-workers, you’re sharing small talk and your collective frustration over shopping last minute on the tax free weekend.

You have a life and a social circle, I have a bottle of water and a Tumblr account. Don’t envy me.

You see, Ana lures you into her trap with the intention to strip you of your better judgment and blind you with dysmorphia. She sets goals that are attainable only to congratulate your success with another set of goals, only this time they’re less attainable. Ana will never be satisfied with you. Your body will forever be a work in progress, not the work of art she promised. I am now in complete recovery, I have been for two years. I found out I was expecting and I had to learn to love my body just as much as the life within. I’m now embarking on a weightloss journey, a healthy One! I began with calorie restriction to shrink my stomach over the coarse of a week and due to my sedentary occupation I am now eating between 800 and 1,200 calories a day. Fruits, veggies and lean meat. I’m using the power of ketosis instead of the power of starvation and I’m happy to say that I’m seeing the same results as I did two years ago but I’m not experiencing the lethargy, fainting spells and fatigue. I know that it is scary to see food as your friend as opposed to your enemy but it’s well worth a try. Thank you for reading and as always, stay safe! ♥

Check to the Heart (Part 1 of ?)

Bucky x Reader

Modern day Hockey AU

SUMMARY: You are the daughter of one of the greatest hockey players to ever play the game, now as owner of the Avengers, he is bringing your childhood crush Bucky Barnes to the team.  The minute he sees you in your father’s office, you can tell by the smirk on his face he hadn’t forgot about your crush either.  This is going to be fun.

CTTH Masterlist

You sit in the big leather chair in front of your father’s desk staring at all his numerous awards.   Your dad was one of the top 10 players of his generation,  he was now the current owner of the Avengers, one of the top NHL teams in the country.  You were eventually going to take over the team.  You had been working with the team for two years and had great relationships with the team and staff.

 You just wanted to keep your father’s legacy alive.  You were his only child and though you had played hockey as a kid, it was never your long term goal.  You chose to go to business school.   You loved the sport and knew that your future was the team.  

 Your father had called you in to go over some changes he was making to the team.  You were in the process of putting your feet on his desk, when your dad walks in grumbling, “Get your feet off my desk.”

 “Sure thing Daddy-o, so what’s going on?”  Your dad gives you a wide smile, you didn’t like that smile.  That was the smile he gave you when he caught you sneaking in after your curfew.

 “Well I signed someone today.  He is gonna help turn the team around.  He’s a good guy and one hell of a hockey player.”  Your dad was practically hopping in his chair with excitement.

 Feeding off his energy you are getting just as excited. “Oh my God! Did you get Matt Murdock?!”

 “No! Better…James Barnes!”  Your dad looked so pleased with himself.   All you can do is look at him in shock.  Bucky.  Of all the players in the world your dad had to choose your childhood crush and ex friend.

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genre: angst, fluff, vampire AU

member: nct’s winwin (dong sicheng)

word count: 7,104

(Includes character deaths!)

AHHHH, This is the product of me wanting to write about winwin, but trying to work on my angst and AU writings, this could be super bad idk pls forgive any mistakes hxgzzjk

its really hard to find gifs of winwin that fit scenarios like this 

Originally posted by nctaezen

A tale as sweet is this, caught with the intertwined taste of rust and salt. Our tale dates back to medieval times, where death, poverty, and war cried thought the air constantly, like a sad song.

A village where income was damned, but laugher and smiles lived on. The happy little village in which you lay your head at night. A small, but stable home over your head that in which sheltered you, and your older brother.

Your brother, Yuta, was all you had ever known. Your parents were taken by the waves of unforgiving sickness that loomed over your home some years ago. He had taken care of you ever since.

He was successful, even after growing in such a poor place. His brain was promising. Being the youngest, yet most successful scientist in your village, and those surrounding.

You were proud of your brother, knowing he was the only person you felt for. You never had any friends, you never loved anyone but your brother. It was you and Yuta against the world, a world full of tragedy and unfairness, he was the only promise.

He was the only light you could believe in, he could do no wrong.

Your house wasn’t a big one, as we have already discussed, nothing in your village was flashy. Your brother could probably make things a lot more luxurious for you, considering his talent within his occupation, and vast source of income. But, he was smart. He stored money for the days that reality would hit. In these times, treacherous events occurred commonly. He wanted to stay prepared, you always admired how adult he could be about these things.

What your house did have, in fact, was an underground cellar. This was where Yuta would do research, and perform tasks for work. You wondered what experiments he would do there, but you were met with only imagination. You weren’t allowed to go down into the cellar.

Yuta was sweet, and caring, like any parental figure, but not about the cellar. The cellar was off limits.

A new day was starting, and the sun ran through shutters on the windows of your little home, making the day feel more bright and alive. You had began making breakfast, waiting for Yuta to come to the table. You had both place settings set, and food on the table.

“Yuta, breakfast is ready!” You called.

No answer.

“Yuta?” You called again. “You better get in here before the food turns cold!”

You waited a couple more minutes, seeing if maybe he was just having a slow morning.

He should be up, he has to go to neighboring village soon for work. You thought to yourself.

You got up from your chair and went to see if you brother was still in bed.

You walked towards his room to see it empty, and untouched.

Has he already left? You wondered.

You shook the thought from your mind, knowing your brother loved his sleep. He was a busy man, and wouldn’t pass up any extra hours he could grasp of slumber.

You searched the rest of your tiny house to come up with nothing.

You thought of where he could be, and the only place you could think of was: the cellar.

The cellar was the one place Yuta would scold you about. You had never seen its contents, thinking maybe it was teeming with chemicals, with foreign diseases, or creatures inside.

You walked outside, to the cellar doors. You opened them slightly, looking inside to see only stairs. You saw the empty staircase promising, and proceeded.

How naive of you.

You lowered yourself into the cellar, stopping halfway down the staircase, after hearing heavy breaths, and yelling.

“I’ve already taken samples from you. I don’t need you for much anymore. So, tell me what you know, and maybe I won’t make your death as excruciating”
Yuta hissed in the face of a boy.

You froze at the sight. A boy, beaten to the pulp, chained to the stone walls of the cellar. A chain cup around each limb, the boy sat on the ground, head hung low, spitting up blood. Your brother,s foot lay rested on his head, ready to kick him again.

You couldn’t believe your eyes. Why did your brother beat this boy? What could he have done? Was your brother a bad person? What was the big picture here?

Thoughts swirled effortlessly across your mind to find a logical answer, then you recalled Yuta saying he was going to to kill the boy.

Was your brother a murderer?

Did he have a good reason to hurt this boy? Was there ever a good reason to take someone’s life?

“I said tell me!” Yuta yelled. You watched your brother as he kicked the boy’s head again, the toe of Yuta’s boot connecting against his temple.

The boy only flinched.

“What are your plans?” Yuta continued. “Do you really think monsters like you get to remain silent?”

Yuta grabbed the back of the boys hair, and tugged it backwards, making him look straight at Yuta. Now you got a view of his face. It was like noone you had ever seen before. His features was very sleek and elegant, only were they planted with cuts and bruises. His full lips were swollen from Yuta’s assualt, blood seeping from the corner of his mouth. He looked at Yuta half lidded, barely interested in what he had to say.

“Fine!” Yuta yelled, slamming the boys head down. “I’m not done with you yet, but I have to head out for the day.”

Yuta started walking towards the staircase, putting on his jacket. You scurried up the steps and out the cellar doors before Yuta could see you.

“Goodmorning, Y/N.” Yuta said calmly, with a smile on his face. He looked at you, then to the table. “Am I late for breakfast?”

Your voice shook as you spoke. “O-Oh no, not really. I-I can warm it up-”

“Don’t worry about it.” Yuta said, walking over to ruffle your hair with a sweet smile. “I better get going anyway, keep the house under control for me, okay?”

You nodded, and shuddered at the feeling of his hand on your head. The warm hand of a person who had just beaten someone, and threatened to kill them.

“Yuta?” You spoke up.

He turned from the door frame, and looked back at you. “Yes sister?”

“Did you sleep last night?” You asked.

“Ah, no. I was in the cellar doing some late research. Why? Are you worried about me?” He said, teasingly.

“Yeah.” You said, lowly but bluntly.

He cocked an eyebrow at you. “Huh?”

You shot up to attention and shook your head. “Like your sleep! I’m worried about your sleep. And you can’t keep skipping meals like that.. both of those things are bad for your health.”

He smiled softly at you. “I’ll be fine, have a good day Y/N.” He said, heading out the door.

You watched as your brother headed away from your home from the window. Once he was out of sight, you ran to the kitchen and grabbed your breakfast, then headed to the cellar.

You walked down the steps, the last step you took was when your foot made contact with the cold floor of the cellar. You carried your breakfast, and a glass of water in your hands.

Across the room, you saw the boy, sitting on ground, head hanging low.

He didn’t seem alarmed by your presence, he didn’t even look up. It wasn’t until you spoke, that he looked at you.

“Hello?” You said, shaken.

His eyes shot up to meet yours. “Oh.” He said.

You swallowed hard before saying the next few words. “Are you okay?”

The boy looked away.
Yeah, I guess that was a stupid question.

You bit your lip. You knew he wasn’t okay. The blood on his face and bruising proved that. His skin was so pretty, and smooth. Only blemish that covered it was the marks that looked like purple smoke dancing across his skin. Cuts and tears in his skin aswell.

You walked up to the boy, placing your breakfast and glass of water in front of him.

“Here, you need to regain your strength.” You said dryly.

He looked up at you. “You don’t know?” He said, almost in a whisper. “But you smell just like him.”

You stood cold at his words, his voice was deep and soothing.

“I’m his sister-” You said, looking down, playing with your hands. “I have no idea what’s going on down here, but I just want to tell you.. I’m sorry.” You barely uttered out, tears in your eyes.

He looked at you confused, and looked down at the food you brought him.

“You’re apologizing?” He said. “And trying to bring me food?”

You nodded. “I know it’s not enough, to make up for what he’s doing.”

He just glared at you, innocently. His facial structure was strikingly handsome, yet soft, despite the array of cuts that adorned it.

More blood trickled from the corner of his lips.

“Oh!” You said. You tore off the fabric of your shirt, and dipped it in the glass of water you had brought with you.

You lowered yourself to him, and grabbed his face gently, minding the damage.

He jumped at your touch.n“Are you sure about that?” He said. “Most people wouldn’t come close like this.”

“You won’t hurt me, I’m just helping you.”

He looked at you, and his eyes grew wide. You wiped the blood and dirt off of his face and neck. His eyes followed you the whole time, his skin was ice cold.

You were a little shaky under his intense gaze, watching every move you made. You backed away when you were done.

“There. It didn’t hurt when I touched your wounds?” You asked.

He shook his head. “No.”

You made a unsure face, his injuries seemed painful. Maybe he was just lying to not seem weak.

In this situation in particular, there was little he could to not be viewed as a victim.

“Are you hungry? I brought you breakfast.”

He smiled at the food in front of him. “She’s clueless.” He said under his breath.

Your heart sunk. “You’re not going to accept it?”

“It’s not that.” He said calmly. “My appetite is.. picky.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

He looked up to your, innocent, hurt eyes. His heart felt weak under your gaze, and he gave in. “Alright, I’ll enjoy this food. Thank you.”

You grew into a slight smile. “I have to clean the house before my brother gets home, but I’ll come back tomorrow morning.” You said. “If that’s okay.”

“Not like im going anywhere.” He said, huffing.

You looked back at him, realizing the reality if the situation again. “Oh yeah.”

He smiled slightly. “But yes, it’s okay. I can’t wait.”

You had to leave quickly, unknowing of when Yuta would return.

You were about to head out from the cellar, until you heard the boy call for you.

“Hey, what is your name?” He asked.

You peaked your head from the staircase. “I’m Y/N. What’s yours?”


“Sicheng.” You repeated, the syllables rolling off your toungue.

He hummed in approval.

“Hey Sicheng?” you called.


“Hang in there for me.” You asked, lowly.

He nodded his head. “Don’t worry.”

The next morning came, and Yuta was out again for work. You had gotten up early to clean the house and get breakfast done, so you could stay longer in the cellar. Once you waved Yuta goodbye, you went towards the stove and grabbed the other plate you had covered, and headed towards the cellar.

“Sicheng?” You called into the cellar as you lowered down the steps.

“Y/N?” He responded, uncertain.

“Here, I have more food for you.” You smiled as you walked towards him.

“You’re back again?” He asked unsure. “Why?”

“Because..” your voice trailed as you thought. “-because you’re someone that needs help.” You finished.

“Help?” Sicheng said in disbelief.

“Yes. Did he come down here after work yesterday?”

Sicheng shook his head.

You sighed in relief. “I’m so glad.

“W-why?” He asked.

“He came in the house and slept for a long time, he was exhausted. I was hoping it was from the all-nighter he pulled, and not because he hurt you again.”

“Why would that matter?” Sicheng said.

“Because I was worried.” You responded, picking up the plate from yesterday morning, noticing it was untouched.

“You were .. worried?” He said to himself.

“Why didn’t you eat breakfast?” You asked. “You didn’t like it?”

“Y/N, do you not talk to your brother about what he does for a living?”

“He is a scientist. He helps people.”

“That’s what he told you?” Sicheng asked.

“Yes.” You responded. “Why?”

“I guess it’s kinda true.. but not the kind of scientist you think he is.”

“What do you mean-” “What food did you bring me?” He cut you off, looking at the plate in front of you.

“Why? It’s not like you’re going to eat it.” You said teasingly.

He smiled at your picking at him, it was the first time you saw him smile. “You have a pretty smile.” You say out loud, regretting it afterwards.

He looked at you, eyes wide and cheeks tinting to a blush. You giggled at how cute he looked. When you first saw Sicheng, he seemed so intimidating.

“Hey Sicheng, what were you trying to say about my brother?”

“He collects information and samples from our people, and gives it to the king.”

“Your people?” You asked. “Where are you from?”

You saw the uncertainty in his features as he looked down, and you saw his throat bob as he swallowed. “Do you believe in monsters?”


“Y/N? Are you here?” Your conversation was cut short by voice of your brother calling for you.

“I have to go.” You said quickly, grabbing the plates of food.

“Will you be back?” Sicheng said, eyes locking yours in hope.

“Yes, if that’s okay.” You respond.

“It’s okay.” He said. “It’s nice, having someone around who cares.”

You looked at him, wanting to ask more questions, but your thoughts were also cut short by your brothers yells. You dashed up the stairs, and walked into the house with a plate in your hand, acting as if you were trying to bring a plate to the neighbors.

Every morning now you visited Sicheng. He was shy and secluded, but everyday he opened up to you more and more. On days you saw him smile, or laugh, you would feel as if you’d seen the sun for the first time. Everyday you’d bring him food, yet he’d never eat, no matter how much you pestered him. Sometimes you’d visit Sicheng covered in blood, or decorated with more bruises. He never showed signs of being in pain, or affected by the beatings. You would always clean him up and cleanse his wounds. Something about him seemed rather nonhuman.

Sicheng was one who couldn’t trust easily. He’d seen so much blood and death in his years on this Earth, yet somehow he found himself a soft spot for the sibling of the one who talks of killing him. It was no shock you had a soft spot for him aswell, he was honestly the most beautiful, soft spoken person you’d ever seen. He was elegant and dark, yet so cute and inviting when you were around. If the circumstances were different, it’d be so much easier to fall for him.

One day, when preparing breakfast, you noticed you hadn’t seen your brother in a while, you assumed he was sleeping. Once you ate your breakfast, you thought maybe you’d go see Sicheng before your brother awoke. You tip-toed through the house, made your way outside to the cellar, as you pried open the doors, you heard a hissing noise coming from the cellar. The hissing sounded that of an animal, you thought Sicheng must be in trouble with a forest animal and quickly made your way down the steps.

Only were you met with a completely different sight.

On Yuta’ss lab table was Sicheng, wrapped in large rope that binded him to the table. He squirmed harshly underneath the rope, causing burns to show up in his skin. Above him was your brother, knife in hand, cutting X’s in Sicheng’s skin.

Enough was enough.

“Brother!” You screamed, running over to the table where Sicheng lie.

“What the hell are you doing down here?” Yuta said, knife retracting from Sicheng’s body.

“What the hell are you doing to Sicheng?” You asked.

“Sicheng?” Your brother repeated, disgusted.


“Yes.. that’s his name.” you answered.

“He doesn’t have a name, he is scum, he doesn’t deserve a name.”

“He is not scum, he is a person! A living breathing person with a life, and dreams and a heartbeat. What are you doing brother?”

“This is no person like you or I. This is a monster. A bloodthirsty monster, after I get a few more samples neither of us will have to worry about him anymore.”

“How is he the monster? When you’re the one raising a knife to an innocent boy?”

“Go back upstairs Y/N, this is buisness.”

You looked at Sicheng, you could see the embarrassment in eyes, his upper half of his body exposed, bleeding excessively, and bounded on the tabletop. He didn’t want you to see him as weak. He wouldn’t even look you in the eyes.

You heard the clanking of the tools as your brother picked back up his knife, then you flung yourself over Sicheng’s body. You gripped his shoulders and held on to him, shielding him from anymore torture.

“The hell are you doing?” Yuta said, slamming his tools down yet again.

“If you hurt him, you’ll have to hurt me to.”

Yuta grabbed the back of your clothing and slung you onto he floor. “This is none of your concern! Don’t you see? He doesn’t hurt, because he isn’t one of us! He doesn’t deserve to be protected! You dare defy your blood over some creature?” Taeyong spat at you.

You gazed at him, fear obvious in your expression.. Who is this man? This isn’t your brother. What happened to him?

Taeyong was infuriated. “Y/N, he’ll be gone tomorrow, we’ll never have to come back to this again.”

He stomped past you and up the steps, exiting the cellar.

You ran to Sicheng’s side, caressing his face and grabbing one of his hands, interlocking it with your own. “Are you okay? Does it hurt?” You asked, frantically trying to find something to cut the ropes with.

“It’s okay, I can’t feel it.” He answered softly.

You grabbed one of Yuta’s tools and started sawing through the ropes. You grabbed Yuta’s lab first aid kit and tried stitching up the wounds.

You marveled at his bare chest. He had a very toned physique, and prominent collarbones. You tried to focus on mending the wounds, but you were awestruck. He was beautiful, his skin was golden, and his every aspect of him was still beautiful, even if he was covered in abuse.

 You met his eyes, and he still wouldn’t look at you.

“Sicheng?” You asked.

“Yes?” He responded.

“I wish I could’ve been with you.”


“I wish I could’ve been there for you. I wish you didn’t have to be alone. If you weren’t alone, maybe you wouldn’t be in this situation, and you’d have someone who worried for you, and cared for you.”

“I have that now.” He said, smiling.“You are the best company to have, it was worth the wait.” He lifted a hand to touch your face as you worked on his wounds.His hands were cold, but you could still feel yourself melting under his touch.

“Do you think my brother will let you go?” You said.

“Hell no.” Sicheng responded.

“But, he said you’d be gone by tomorrow-”

“He wants me dead. He’s gonna kill me Y/N.”

You’re heart dropped. “No, he can’t-”

“Don’t be naïve. You see how your brother treats me. He wouldn’t let me go alive.”

You finished working on him and helped him off the table. Sicheng could see the hurt and worry in your eyes, and he reached out to grab you, and pulled you to his chest. This was the first time he had ever held someone close.

”Don’t be sad. I like when you’re smiling, you have a pretty smile.” Sicheng said

. You looked up at him, and you could feel yourself ready to cry.

“No matter what happens to me, I’ll be okay. Especially because I had the chance to know you.” He said to you.

“Sicheng, you don’t have to say things like that.”


“Were leaving, tonight.”

Once the inky blanket of nightfall covered the horizon from your tiny house window, you knew it was soon time to depart.

Yuta had returned not too long ago, not looking in your direction, or even acknowledging the dinner you had made. It broke your heart to see your brother so utterly disappointed in you. He was the only person you had ever loved, and after today’s events, you’d never see him the same way again. It tore you apart how much you couldn’t see behind his smile.

You packed up a few things before sneaking out. You slung your bag over your shoulder and tiptoed through the house, ever so gently opening the door, stepping out and closing it slowly till you heard the faint click. You then made a dash for the cellar.

You took careful steps down the staircase, meeting eyes with Sicheng, who looked alarmed at first, then expression turning into a soft smile.“So we’re really doing this?”

“Yep.” You responded.

“You’re crazy, you know that?”

“Hush. I brought some of my brother’s clothing, do you want to change before we head out?”

Sicheng looked down at his torn, ragged and bloodied clothing, and nodded. You handed him the tan cotton shirt and brown baggy pants. He began taking off his shirt right then.

“WAIT WAIT” you called.

Sicheng looked at you, shirt caught on his neck. He lifted the shirt, and tilted his head, giving you a confused puppy expression.

“Let me turn around first before you undress.” You asked.

“I don’t really mind-”

“Uh it’s okay!” You said quickly, then your eyes locked onto something else. The cuts Yuta carved into Sicheng’s skin this morning had vanished. Come to think of it. He looked completely healed. There wasn’t a single dent or tear in his beautiful golden skin.

“Y/N?” Sicheng said, voice snapping you out of your trance. “I think we should speed things up a little.” You caught yourself staring at him, and his taking notice.

You blushed and turned away quickly. “Sorry!” You squeaked.

Once he was done changing, you turned to see the stunning man before you. His skin and clothing no longer blood ridden and dirty. You saw his appearance in all he was, and he was gorgeous. Every feature of his was angelic. Like he had been sculpted to be the true visualization of beauty itself.

His full lips smiled at you softly. “Shall we go?”

“Oh, yeah.” You responded, catching yourself staring again.

Once out the cellar, you both made a run out of the village, into the woods. You didn’t want to be seen by anyone. Once there, you walked closely together, listening to echoes of the forest animals. Every sound you heard made you jump. Causing distress on Sicheng’s part, he could feel your fear.

“Calm down, Y/N. You’re safe, I promise.”


“Any idea where we are headed?”

“No..” You said, not thinking that far ahead. “How about where you’re from? Is it close to here?”

“You don’t want to go anywhere near where I’m from.” He said.

“Why not?” You asked.

“My people, don’t treat your people kindly. More as prisoner.”

“Prisoner? Like slavery? Or captives?”

“Much, much worse than that.”

“What do you mean-” You started, words cut short by the branch that fell from the trees at your feet. The loud thud caused you to jump, stumbling into Sicheng’s chest. He grabbed your wrists and spun you to face him, holding you to his chest, petting your head and smoothing your hair to calm you.

“You’re okay.” He said.

You felt your heartbeat speed up more in his embrace then when you almost got hit by the falling tree limb.

The forest kept spooking you, causing Sicheng to insist he walk in front. He grabbed your hand and led you through the woods, rubbing his thumb over your hand soothingly anytime he felt you tense up.

“You’re such a baby.” He said chuckling.

“I’m not, I’ve never been in the woods so late at night before.”


“It’s true.”

“I believe you. It’s not a bad thing, I think it’s really cute.”

You felt your cheeks turn pink. “I’m glad you find my fear cute.”

He laughed at your remark. His laugh was honestly the most pure thing you had ever heard. After so much, he could laugh so genuinely. This laugh was the most precious thing to you at this point.

After what felt like ages of stepping through the leaves and twigs, ducking under tree limbs and almost peeing yourself 50 times, you made it to an open area.

This was a field, not as dark as the forest was, considering how the moonlight shined heavily on the empty space.

“Sicheng, let’s take a break here.” You said, exhausted.


You laid down on the grass, gazing up at the moon, motioning for Sicheng to get down with you.

He sat where your head was laying on the ground, he gently grabbed your head and placed it in his lap, letting you use him as a pillow. He then moved your hair behind your ear, fingers lingering as he smoothed your hairline behind your ear. The motion was so soothing you could fall asleep with your head in his lap right then.

“Y/N?” Sicheng whispered.

“Hm?” You hummed sleepily.

“You look.. really pretty.” He said.

You opened your eyes and saw him gazing down at you. You fidgeted, feeling your heart racing. Pretty? You’ve never been called pretty in your entire life.

In Sicheng’s eyes, your hair fell perfectly around you, an array of messy silk. Your eyelashes brushed against your cheeks so delicately, and the moonlight reflected off your damp skin beautifully. Not to mention when your eyes fluttered open to examine Sicheng features, his heart skipped a beat.

“T-thank you Sicheng.”

“Thank you Y/N.” He responded.

“Why are you telling me thank you?”

“You’ve done a lot for me, when you didn’t have to. Thank you.”

You smiled up at him, then you felt a tug at your heart that made your smile fall. You lifted yourself off the ground and out of his lap, sitting up and facing him now. “Sicheng?” You said quietly. “Why does my brother hate you?”

Sicheng smiled softly. This smile wasn’t genuine however. More of a forced smile. As if Sicheng could see the guilt and pity you had in your eyes, and he tried to tell you somehow it was alright. A weak smile.

“Everyone hates me.” He said.

“This not true!” You say quickly.

Sicheng looked at you questionably. “How so?”

“I don’t hate you.”

“Not yet.”

“Excuse me?” You said offended.

Sicheng cradles your face in his hands, sighing heavily. “My appetite is something not many people fancy.”

“What appetite? You don’t eat anything.” You chuckled. But Sicheng’s expression stayed serious. “Human food does nothing for me.”

Human food? Your eyes narrowed. Why would he refer to it as human food? Isn’t he-?

“In your town, are you ever told stories of fairytales, and urban legends? Of monsters, mermaids, spell casters or werewolves?”

You nodded. “How about the demons that walk among you? Creatures with pale skin, whose appetite is nothing more the than to drink the liquid that is undeniable proof of a living, breathing human. Sipping until it turns cold?”

“Vampires?” You asked.

“Yes, vampires.” Sicheng said.

“What about them?”

Sicheng looked at the moon, damned he even thought it was a good idea to tell you so soon. He wanted more time with you. He wanted you to stay. He wanted you to still believe he was a good person. An innocent person. He didn’t want you to leave like everyone else did.

He didn’t want you to hate him.

“Sicheng.” You called, snapping him to attention.

Sicheng sighed, backing away from you. “Once I show you this, and you want to leave me, that’s okay.”

You didn’t flinch, waiting to see what he was going to do. You watched his hand come up slowly toward his face, reaching to his mouth. He curved a finger under his lip and lifted it showing his pretty teeth. But only then did your heart stop.

When you witnessed the fangs that grew from his canines. His eyes flashing a red against the moonlight. Your heart was stunted. You couldn’t even it feel it beat at all. You stared at him, trying to process the events that were happening in front of you.

After what felt like forever, Sicheng retracted his teeth, his eyes returning to the warm dark brown color you fell in love with. He couldn’t look at you. Again, he seemed ashamed.

After a long silence you spoke up. “Is that all?”

Sicheng looked at you, shocked.

“Are you going to leave me?” He said, getting straight to the point, voice cracking.

You stumbled towards him, falling to your knees and putting your hands on his face.

“God no. I’m never leaving you.” you assured him.

For the first time on Sicheng’s life. He felt loved.

For the first time in Sicheng’s life, he cherished someone.

For the first time in Sicheng’s life, he cried.

You both laid on the ground, holding one another for what felt like centuries, but itdidn’t bother you. This felt right.

“Sicheng?” You asked.

“Hm?” He hummed.

“Can I ask you some questions?”

“Go ahead.”

“Are there more of you?”

“Oh yeah, we’re an entire population.”

“Why isn’t your skin pale?”

“That’s a stereotype.”

“And you can’t eat human food?”

“We can, but it doesn’t help. Only blood makes us feel better.”

“Do you drink people’s blood?”

“Well. Yes, but not like how you hear in stories. Where I used to reside, before your brothers basement, I worked with vampire council’s military and spy regiments. The hunting units were the ones who brought back the blood, and slaves would bottle it in canteens and glass, making it to where we could grab and sip whenever we needed it.”

“When is the last time you’ve had any.. blood?”

“A little over a month.”

“Aren’t you starving?”

“It hurts, but I can’t die. So I can deal with it.”


“Does that scare you?”

“No, why would it?”

“You don’t wonder if I could lose control and drink your blood?”

“You won’t.”

“How are you so sure?”

“Because, I mean something to you.”

Sicheng paused, eyes widened at you. “How did you know?”

“Because I love you.” You said, bluntly.

Sicheng’s entire face turned red, it was the cutest sight you’d ever seen. “W-What?”

“I love you. And I have a pretty good feeling you love me too.”

“I’ve never been loved before.” He said, looking down at his hands. You smiled at him, putting your hands over his own.

Then Sicheng remembered.

He withdrew his hands quickly, you could see the panic and worry pour over his features.

“Sicheng. What’s wrong?”

He fidgeted “There are some things I haven’t told you about.”

“Your brother is a scientist, but he is under the kings employment, he gathers information on the vampires and delivers it to the king. My people have been traitorous lately, thus, angering the king. He sent your brother to collect data and information from us, using any means necessary. You brother has a mad mind, he craves knowledge and can’t go without testing a theory or doing experiments.”

Your eyes stayed glued to Sicheng’s lips, taking in every word he was telling you.

He continued. “He had captured one of my men, and I was sent as a spy to retrieve him. When I came, your brother had already killed him. And then he captured me, almost as if he was waiting for someone to arrive.”

The horror in your eyes became more and more apparent after every word he said.

This is the morning.” He said to himself lowly.

“The morning?” You breathed shakily.

“This was the morning they planned to attack your village. And get rid of your brother.”

You’re heart fell into the bottom of your stomach. You could feel your entire body shaking. You, without thinking, stood up, shaking and world spinning. “They’re going to do what?”

“Y/N, I’m so sorry.”

“They’re going to kill my brother?! Why didn’t you tell me this a long time ago?”

“I didn’t care before, not until I met you. Once I met you I wanted to keep you safe, I didn’t want to tell you things that could jeopardize that!”

“That’s really fucking selfish! My only family left is going get killed by your people and you didn’t think that was something you should’ve told me?”

“But you’re away from it, you’re safe now.”

“Sicheng we have to go back.”

“But Y/N-”

“Sicheng!” You yelled, tears coming from your eyes as you watched the sun peek from the horizon for the first time tonight. “Please.”

Sicheng paused, staying silent. He looked at you, and wished things were different. “We don’t have much time. C'mon.” Sicheng said, grabbing your hand, leading you back to your village.

You’d never lost a home before.

You had always lived in your tiny home with Yuta. That was where are your best memories resided. Your laughs, and smiles were a chimed burned into the walls of this house.

You saw your house. The doors ripped and and shutters torn off the hinges, the brick scattered across the ground. You tried running towards it, only to be grabbed roughly by the wrist by Sicheng.

“Y/N, you have to stay close to me. Some of the vampires here are more traditional than there supposed to be. They will attack you.”

You ignore his warnings, trying to free yourself from his grasp, only Sicheng was too strong. “Yuta!” You shrieked. “Yuta I’m coming!”

Sicheng hurriedly guided you to the cellar, opening the doors and running down the steps. He stopped in his tracks at the sight before him, and you lost all control of yourself. The blood curdling scream that escaped you was all that filled the room, as you saw your brother lifeless on the ground, fangs at his throat.

The fangs belonged to a pair of eyes that looked up at you, then to Sicheng. He detached his teeth from the neck of your family, and grinned at Sicheng. Without any control of your actions, you were running to the side of your brother, screaming uncontrollably, grabbing his hands checking for a pulse. You were way too close to the other vampire, who giggled at you behavior.

Sicheng was more than pissed off.

“My, my. Sicheng. And to think, we all thought the mad scientist killed you. Looks like you’re playing house with a human girl.”

“Taeyong.” Sicheng said, gulping. Hands balled into fists. “How dare you lead this troop here? How dare you drink from the neck of a human like that? Does the council know about this?”

“How dare you come here friendly with a human girl.” Taeyong said, looking towards you on the ground. “What is she to you, is a servant? A snack to keep around? Or is she your new little whore?” Taeyong said, walking towards you.

Sicheng was there in no time, in the space between you and Taeyong, standing his ground. In a flash, Taeyong was behind Sicheng, grabbing you by throat, lifting you in the air. You looked at Sicheng while gasping for air.

“Sicheng? Why won’t you share with me?” He frowned. “Maybe I’ll just have to take her for myself.”

Then, you saw his eyes change. The sweet boy you fell in love with was gone. Sicheng grabbed Taeyong’s wrist that was holding you in the air, and crushed it with one hand. You fell to the floor, and Sicheng then grabbed Taeyong’’s neck.

“What the hell-” Taeyong choked out. “What happened, pal? We.. used to be so close? Remember that..? Before you got captured-”

“Shut up!” Sicheng yelled, choking the rogue vampire. “Don’t you ever touch her again. Do you hear me? I will fucking kill you. I will drink every last drop of your blood myself, and make sure everyone you brought here today dies by my hand.”

“But, friend, I only broke the rules.. to see you again.” He gasped.

“No, you broke the rules because you’re fucking selfish.”

Sicheng looked to you. You were looking at him, terrified. Sicheng’s expression grew from angry to distorted.

Is she.. afraid of me? He thought.

Sicheng then let go of Taeyong, letting him drop to the floor. He went over to calm you down, kissing you repeatedly and grabbing you to make sure you were okay.

“We have to go.”

“But Yuta-”

“My love, please. There’s nothing we can do now.”

You looked at your brother’s lifeless body. Did he die thinking you weren’t on his side?

“Y/N!” Sicheng said, scooping you in his arms. “Don’t look back.We have to go.”

“Sicheng I-”

“Y/N!” He yelled. “I’m not fucking losing you today, we need to leave now!”

You looked at the veins in his neck, and the serious, panicked expression on his face. You understood. Sicheng loved you. He was the last person who loved you. You needed him alive, your grief can’t be the reason he is put in danger. And the same goes for him. He wasn’t going to lose the only thing he ever loved.

He carried you out the cellar. You hear the calls of Taeyong behind you, choking and screaming on the ground.

“I’ll fucking kill you! I will find you and rip your human bitch limb from limb in front of your face!” His threats continued as you went up the cellar steps, followed by mischievous laughs. He had lost his mind.

Sicheng was fast. He ran through your village, you in his arms. You saw vampires on the street, sucking the life out of the of the people you used to see everyday. Destroying the only place you ever knew. They have killed everything in the place you called home.

You looked at Sicheng, and how desperate he was to keep you safe. He was trying to calm you, telling you he loved you, telling you that you were going to be okay, pressing kisses into your temples and kissing away your tears.

You remembered his words as you looked forward, away from the destruction of your home. “Don’t look back. We have to go.”

A few months later, you lived in a new village. This village prettier, yet simpler than the last. This was where Sicheng took you when all hell broke loose.

Sicheng knew word would get back to the council, either about his protecting a human, or that he was dead. He wasn’t worried about the council though, they didn’t value him that much anyway. He was worried about Taeyong.

Taeyong being his only semi-friend throughout his life, being in his squad for over 150 years. He couldn’t understand what happened that made Taeyong go against the rules of the council. He wondered what they did to Taeyong once they figured out he mauled an entire village, drinking the blood straight from the veins of living people, a huge taboo in their people’s society.

What could’ve happened to make Taeyong go insane?

It sounded as if Taeyong really wanted you dead. You didn’t think too much of it, knowing Sicheng would protect you. Sicheng however, believed Taeyong went rogue after defying the council.

He believed Taeyong would run away, and try to find the last person to betray him, and kill what he loved most, which was you.

So now, you both lived a normal life in a little cottage in a pretty friendly village. Sicheng worked, coming home to you everyday, making dinner for yourself, but he would still sit at the table with you and tell you about his day. (Sicheng had his owns ways of staying fed.) You woke up to him everyday iin the same bed. Although,  he never needed sleep, he loved cuddling you, and admiring your sleeping form though the long hours of the night. Watching and listening to your breathing and your heartbeat, taking in your smell and understanding how real you were. How everything about you made him so happy, effortlessly.

You loved Sicheng more than you could love anything in this entire world. You wanted to love him, until your time on this Earth ended. Out of you two, the only one dying anytime soon was you, of course.

One day when Sicheng came home from work, you had dinner on the table when he walked in. You walked up to your beloved and gave him a kiss, only he stared into the distance. Zoned out.

“Sicheng? Are you okay?” You said, checking his forehead for fever.

His eyes didn’t move from their zoned-out position, but he grabbed your hand from his head and placed it to his lips, kissing your hand.

“Taeyong is dead. The council hunted him down. He was in the woods next to us. Probably preparing to attack us.”

You stumbled back, fear adamant in your expression. “But he’s gone now right?” You said. “Were safe.”

“Also.” Sicheng continued. “The council has announced me as dead. I never have to go back.” He said, a smile forming on his face.

He grabbed you by the waist, and picked you up, spinning you around giggling and laughing. He placed you back on the ground, your chests heaving and you both smiling like idiots. He stared at you, then he pressed his lips to yours, the plush feeling you’ve grown used to. The unexplainable feeling of being loved.

“I can’t wait to spend forever with you.” He said, hugging you into his chest.

“I’m finally free.”

Dear Misogynists, Please Stop Calling Me A Sexist

I grew up in a home of feminism. That probably sounds odd, but it’s true.
My great-grandmother was a suffragette and chained herself to the gates of Buckingham Palace.
My grandmother has pictures of herself standing topless on a bridge with the words ‘Baas In Eigen Buik’ written on her belly, roughly translated that means 'I’m my own belly’s boss’.
My mum’s a gynecologist and dedicated her life to promoting protection and pregnancy prevention (what Americans may call 'planned parenthood’).
Me myself… I go to law school and I’m specializing in PIL and Human Rights (women’s rights are human rights fyi). I spend my internship giving women in forced marriages free legal advice.
Me and my mum, we used to have the 'we can do it’ poster in our hallway.

Perhaps it was not very necessary to tell you all that, but I feel it kinda was to make it clear how pissed I am, because I happen to know some shit about feminism, and sexism too. I’ve been called many things, that includes a feminazi, an internet feminist, I was told to shut my female mouth, etc etc. Ever since I’ve been openly criticizing Daenerys, I’ve been, to my shock, called something else entirely. 

Not often, no, just to make that clear, I hardly receive any hate. Many people agree with me but so often I’m told people don’t dare say what I’m saying because they’re afraid of being called out. It’s as if there’s a taboo on disliking Dany… Why? I don’t get it? Why is it not allowed to not admire her and not kiss her ass? Where is the law that prohibits me from being honest about my feelings for a character that doesn’t actually exist? How messed up it is it, that people anonymously tell me they agree, cause you know, they don’t want hate? The majority of messages I get is from super nice people, but for the first time in my life I have been called something I never expected anyone to ever call me… a sexist

Here’s my open letter to all these misogynists who have called me, and other people speaking their minds, a sexist in the past couple of days/weeks/months(/years?), and yes… I will call you a misogynist, because only people who don’t know shit about feminism, call others a sexist for criticizing and openly disliking a character who happens to have (to quote dear Emilia Clarke) tits.

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Someday I’d like a compendium of Shit Sburb Does So Kid-Gods Die Young. In the first place, targeting kids who want to play a game for a huge responsibility. Separating them from their guardians, wanting the new world to have no godly help growing or knowingly preparing for the next session, the God Tier system of dying encouraging players to stay out of significantly interfering when they don’t have to…

SERIOUSLY. I hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly (I’ve stripped off the username) but I was meaning to make a post about this sometime anyway. 

I don’t know if Hussie meant it this way, but it doesn’t take much effort to view Skaia/SBURB as grooming kids to fulfill its aims and then disposing of them.

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Music Series: You’re the Reason I Come Home by Ron Pope

This song is sooo sweet! Absolutely love it, and I appreciate the request to write a story for it.

Ron Pope’s, “You’re the Reason I Come Home”. If you’ve not heard it yet, please go to my Spotify Playlist called, “Acoustic Love” and listen, HERE.




Watching you watching me

A fine way to fall asleep

The neighbors fight as we both rest our eyes

Hands in the fallen snow

Numb to the winter cold but we don’t mind ‘cause we’ll get warm inside

Two and a half months.

That’s how long it had been since you and Harry had seen each other besides grainy video chat’s from wherever he was at the time. But now he was on his way back to you, and you couldn’t be more happy.

Harry loved his job. And Harry loved you. But you both knew there would be times when traveling with him just wouldn’t be possible, and that time had come for now.

When Harry left, you were barely beginning to show in your pregnancy, only a bit into your 4th month. Harry wanted you to travel with him, not wanting to miss one day of watching his child growing inside of you. But when your doctor asked you to refrain from flying or traveling for a couple of months to monitor a situation he was concerned with, you cried, not wanting to be away from him for so long and full of hormonally controlled emotions. Not wanting you to feel bad, Harry swallowed his own disappointment to assure you it was for the best, and that he would talk with you everyday to make sure you and the baby were both doing well.

And now he was coming home to you for two weeks, to go with you to your next appointment, hoping the flying restriction will be lifted at last.

You’re the reason I come home

You’re the reason I come home my love

You’re the reason that when everything I know falls apart

You’re the reason I come home

Harry couldn’t control his emotions when he stepped out of the car and looked toward the house, seeing you carefully step through the layer of snow to get to him. You were wrapped with a blanket round your torso as Harry tore through the white wetness covering the ground to hold you in his arms. You heard him sniff against the side of your head. No words were necessary. Sometimes unspoken words speak loudest.

“I love you,” you hear whispered into your ear.

“I love you, too,” you reply.

Harry quickly helps you back through the snow and into the warmth of the house, setting his bag down wherever it lands, uncaring in that moment. His cold hands find either side of your face, wiping your tears away with his thumbs, then kissing you softly. He looks at you then moves his hands to the blanket, removing it slowly from around you. His face lights up at the roundness of your nearly 7-month-pregnant belly. He smiles at you as his hands rub your stomach and you wipe a tear from his cheek.

“Just beautiful!” he says. “It’s amazing, love!”

“It’s huge!” you laugh.

“Oh, you’re just beautiful, babe. You and our baby.”

Paper doll silhouettes

Fingertips on window glass

The street’s asleep so I breathe you in deep

The tragedies of chemistry

People dream of what you and me have found effortlessly

Harry helps you sit comfortably, adjusting the pillows and making a fuss over you, before kneeling down in front of you between your knees, and giggling as he lifts your top, revealing your pregnant tummy.

“Oh, my god…” Harry exclaims, enthusiastically. “That’s m’child in there!”

You laugh and watch as he rubs your stomach, kissing it and laying his cheek on it. For a long moment, you observe Harry speaking sweet words to your child inside of you and think it may be the most endearing, heart-warming thing you’ve seen from your man since the day you met.

“Hello, little one,” he says, kissing your belly. “It’s your daddy here. Hope you’ve not forgotten me, my voice. Mummy holds the phone to you so you can hear me talking to you, but I know it’s not the same.”

You wipe a tear from your eye and sniff, smiling at Harry as he looks up at you.

“Uh oh, we’ve gone and made your mumma cry now,” Harry says with a grin. “Guessin’ that happens a lot, given the circumstance,” Harry giggles as you release a guttural sound of irritation. “Normal, isn’t it, love? Mood swings. Havin’ one now, aren’t you?” he smiles as you try to nudge him away from you but grin. “Nooo, no no no. Not done talkin’ to my child yet.”

You chuckle a bit, but let Harry continue.

“I know you’ve been good for mumma, haven’t you?” he asks. “She tells me how good she feels, and I know that’s you being good for your ol’ dad. Thank you for that. She’s goin’ to be an amazing mum, you wait and see. Takes care of me and I can’t explain how much I love her, and you’re going to love her, too.”

Harry hears you whimper a cry as you put your hand over your face, knowing your hormones are going crazy. He smiles and rubs your arm, taking hold of your hand as he continues to rub your stomach with his other.

“Now, you keep being good for your mumma, alright? Want to bring you both back with me soon,” Harry says, kissing your stomach again, then moving to sit closely to you, cradling you in his arms.

And for a long time I remember saying prayers for something perfect

Saying prayers for someone kind

It’s in my head

We’re spinning circles down the avenues instead

As you lay in bed, looking at each other with indescribable love, you smile lightly then take Harry’s hand from your hip and slide it along your side, resting it on the side of your stomach and holding it in place. He looks at you questioningly, but then feels the sharp movement and quick rhythmic pattern against his palm.

“What is that?” he asks with wide eyes and fascination.

“That’s your child, having hiccups!” you inform him gleefully. You know how amazing it is to feel that within your own body, and you know Harry feels the same amazement in his hand.

“Are you joking?” he asks with excitement. “Just amazing!”

Harry keeps his hand on you, even after you fall asleep. He watches you sleep, still as beautiful as the day he first laid eyes on you, and even more so now as you carry his child.

You are the reason he loves coming home. You and this child you have created together, that he cannot wait to meet…partly him, partly you. Looking at you and the life you were building together made him realize that he was getting everything he had ever hoped for. Everything he had ever prayed for. He couldn’t be more happy.

You’re the reason I come home

You’re the reason I come home my love

You’re the reason that when everything I know falls apart

You’re the reason I come home


Part 4

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

  The car ride back to the motel is silent.  The type of thick oppressive silence so charged with static it feels like you could reach into the air and pull out all the things that aren’t being said.  Mulder holds your hand as he drives, absentmindedly stroking the inside of your palm, his version of a love letter.

  He opens the motel door for you, clicking on the bedside lamp trying to usher a little light into the darkness that is always trailing close behind.  You try to take your coat off, but you’re shaking.  The moment you feel his hands on your shoulders the tears come slipping out, thick lazy tears that hover in the corner of your eyes.  Mulder lays you down on the bed wrapping his body around yours, his breath warm on your cheeks as he kisses the tears off your face.

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this world is not ours || charles xavier

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Alright! So here we are, two of the last Charles Xavier oneshots. :( This one was requested, but the next one will be Part II to Chasing Cars. Then they’re all finished! To those of you who sent me Charles requests, thank you very much in advance! Since there are alot less of these, they might open sooner then Old Man Logan because there’s like… 30-40 prompts in my masterlist? 

Prompt (Requested by Anon) - Charles x reader where the Xmen are fighting a powerful mutant who controls dreams etc and they trap Charles and the reader in a nightmare together? They have to find their way out to wake up again. (Charles is a softie when it comes to violence and gore, so reader can take the lead.) 

This’ll probably be two parts, but only part I will be posted for now! This is entirely my own plot.. Bear with it.

Tag List: @katiedreamy @xavier-chxrles @t0ny-st4nk @rivertales 

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Black Rose [Part Three]

Pairings: Minseok x main protagonist(Iseul) x Luhan

Mafia AU

Ongoing series

Warning: Mature content such as; violence, mature language, abuse, smut, drug use etc.
Read at your own Discretion.

Black Rose. The most feared and infamous Mafia in Seoul, with a leader just as infamous and just as feared. The whole country has heard of her, yet no one has encountered her and lived long enough to tell the tale. She’s cold, undetectable, invisible even. It’s like trying to catch smoke with your bare hands. Impossible. She walks over corpses to get what she wants and she wants revenge. All of her targets endure hell and eventually gruesome death. Her next target: Kim Minseok.

Prolouge→→ http://iidontgiveafuckuniverse.tumblr.com/post/164053558858/black-rose-prologue-m
Part One→→ http://iidontgiveafuckuniverse.tumblr.com/post/164090371178/black-rose-part-one /p> Part Two→→ http://iidontgiveafuckuniverse.tumblr.com/post/164128254073/black-rose-part-two

Part three:

“So, how did it go?” Kris was sitting in the living room, channel surfing before looking up at Jun, who just came back from the roof after his talk with Iseul. “Well, we talked, she calmed down and then I pissed her off again.” Jun shook his head as he rubbed his neck nervously, looking down. “Of course you did. What’d you talk about then?” Kris was interested to know because he knew Iseul wouldn’t talk to him for a while. She hated when someone disagreed with her or went against her authority and Kris was doing just that. “Oh you know, life, the universe, how Luhans in love with her, rainbows and unicorn. Normal stuff.” Jun let out a small laugh as he sat down on the couch, looking at the TV, bored. Kris chuckled but then stopped, realising what he had just heard. “You talked about what?”

“Rainbows and uni-” Jun went on but Kris stopped him “Not that you nimrod. Luhan?” Kris stared Jun down, making him feel intimidated as he took a breath “I asked her if she knew about Luhans feelings for her. She didn’t take it well.” Jun was now looking around the room. Kris was a funny guy, but he was just as scary when he wanted to be and Jun really didn’t want to see that side of Kris now.

“Honestly Jun, if that’s how you calm people down, please, never try to calm me down.” Kris shook his head and and took a swing from his drink, looking back at the TV. “I was only curious and I felt bad for Luhan.” Jun frowned thinking about how Luhan must feel. Out of everyone Jun could imagine, he never really saw Iseul as the woman for Luhan. She was ice while Luhan was a flame that barely melted the ice that was Iseul. He loved love while she hated the sound of it. He waited for the day he’ll live a normal life with Iseul, meanwhile for her, this life has become the norm. He dreamed of growing old while she wanted to go out guns blazing, die the same way she lived. Maybe someone could change that, but Jun doubted that person would be Luhan.

“Don’t feel bad about Luhan. He knows she’ll never love him the way he wants her to. We have more important problems to worry about.” Kris sighed and Jun nodded. They had a big drug deal going down in five months and they couldn’t screw up. With Iseul like this, Jun feared it won’t go so smoothly. “I know. We need to start planning without Iseul. We can’t count on her for the time being. Last time she was out of it we lost four people, it’s even worse now.”
“I know. I’ll take care of the deal but I need all hands on deck in case Iseul doesn’t get it together soon. Where is Iseul now anyway?” Kris looked at Jun waiting for an answer as he got up and took his jacket. “I heard her pacing in her room. I don’t think we’ll see her out anytime soon.” June responded to which Kris nodded and motioned for Jun to follow him. “The others are out, working on some details about the deal, you and I need to get to the warehouse and start preparing. We have lots to get done.” Jun nodded and took his gun, just in case, and they were out of the house. “What about Minseok? He’s alone with Iseul right?” Jun questioned as Kris started the car, speeding off. “He’s locked in his room. Only I have a key, I don’t think we need to worry much.”


Iseul was standing in her room, looking at her desk with dozens of papers and documents scattered around, closing examining each and every one.

‘Two teens missing since April 2004.’
‘Two missing teens: was foul play involved in their disappearance?’
‘New lead points to a case of two runaways’
‘Parents of the missing teen found dead only two months after the teen disappeared’
‘One missing teen pronounced dead. Fifteen year old Iseul Kiran Wu. Other teen still missing.’
‘Still no leads on the other missing teen.’
‘Mr. Kim CEO of Elite Homes corp comments on the tragedy of the two teens last seen at one of his buildings: “It’s such a tragedy that this happened. I’ll help as much as I can to bring justice for that young girls death and to find the missing boy.” says Mr. Kim with a heavy heart’

“Bring justice my ass.” Iseul scoffed as she read the old articles then she held up the newest one, reading it.

‘Thirteen years had passed since the biggest mystery in Korea took place. Two missing teens have disappeared without a trace under suspicious circumstances. One was found dead while the boy is still considered missing after more than a decade. The anonymous man(K) would’ve been 28 this year, if alive. He is suspected to have fled to China. In case you have any information, contact the cold cases department in Seoul or Beijing.’

As she read the article, she laughed drily and shook her head. She knew he wasn’t missing and that Mr. Kim was behind every publication about this case. He was behind it all. It was all a coverup about what really happened. The only thing she didn’t know was how he got away with it with no mistakes. He was the most powerful man in the country, but still, it looked too clean cut.
She smirked as she reread about her being dead. She was still surprised that at fifteen she got away with faking her own death. That night was her first kill. An innocent girl that looked similar enough to Iseul. She killed her that night, with Luhans help. She put her own clothes onto the girl, carved her own tattoo onto the girls wrist and burned the entire place down.

Every other kill after her became easier and easier. It didn’t even feel like​ she was taking someone’s life anymore, it became routine for her. After the fifth one, Iseul loved seeing the light leave their eyes. She enjoyed seeing their vacant stare as the light left their eyes, leaving but a shell behind. It was funny how their vacant stares, when she killed them, reminded her of her own eyes whenever she would look in the mirror. Maybe she was just like them. Just an empty shell.

Even after dozens upon dozens of people, that first one always haunted her. Her eyes were different somehow. Iseul didn’t know why she couldn’t forget how that girl looked at her. She was just a girl, nothing more, but even so, her eyes and her pleas invaded her mind almost every night when she went to bed. Maybe it was because she never did anything to deserve Iseuls wrath. Or maybe it was the fact, that when Iseul took the girls life, she took her own with it as well. In that moment in time, the life that she once hoped to have, ended. She lost who she once was without realising it. But she did it for him. To see him again. So it can be them against the world again, but that never happened. The bastard took that chance from her so she’ll take Minseok away from the bastard. An eye for an eye may make the whole world blind, but she didn’t care. Nothing mattered anymore.

She went out of her room and walked down the hallway when she heard rustling and humming coming from Minseoks room. She was tempted to walk in and hurt him how much that bastard hurt her, but she had more important things to take care of so she ignored it and went out into the dark night.


“Damn it. Where is the fucking key.” Cursing and pacing was heard from Kris’ room as Luhan was turning things over looking for a key. “Come on, come on, where are you?” He was talking to himself, combing his fingers through his hair and spewing curse words here and there. To anyone watching, he looked like an insane person in his own world, and right now, that’s what Luhan was. A crazy person. He couldn’t think straight. He didn’t know why he got that angry when he heard her say that about Minseok, but it wasn’t just that, this was the first time he heard her say that she had no feelings for him. It broke him completely and he needed to get his anger out on someone. He knew she didn’t love him, but hearing those words leave her lips followed by the comment on Minseoks looks, drove him off the edge.

Luhan kept rummaging through Kris’ drawers, moving papers and pictures around, trying to find the key to unlock the door that he needed to access. His eyes were on fire as he looked at every part of the room and then everything stopped. His eyes locked onto a piece of paper and he examined it. It was a polaroid photograph and it looked old and washed out, like whoever had it kept it in their pocket most of the time. It seemed important. He looked at it more closely and made out Kris’ smiling face next to two other people. He looked at the girl on the left and recognized her face instantly. It was Iseul. She looked ecstatic. Her eyes were shining and her smile was as big as it can get. Her arms were wrapped around a boy, her head on his shoulder. Luhan looked at the boy and his eyes widened. He thought that his eyes were doing tricks on him. It seemed impossible yet it was right there. Her best friend, the one that she talked about all the time when he met her. But, this couldn’t be possible. Her best friend was Minseok? Luhan just assumed he was dead because Iseul said he’s gone and that he left her.

This photo just made everything worse for Luhan. The best friend that she loved more than anything in the world was alive and in this house. He knew she wouldn’t kill him now. He was the most important think in her life way before Luhan became part of her life. ‘I can’t lose her. Not now, not like this. Not to him.’ Luhan thought as he left the room, getting a lock pick and going towards Minseoks room.

He was fuming with anger as his fist clenched around his spiked knuckle brass, now ready to confront the bastard. He knew this would probably hurt Iseul, but he’ll be there to comfort her. He always was, while this bastard just left her to fend for herself when she needed someone the most.

He was trying to open the door when he heard Iseul’s door opening. Quickly, he hid behind the wall at the end of the hallway, watching her go downstairs and out the front door. He sighed in relief. He was alone with Minseok now. He smirked and went to open the door which revealed Minseok, sitting on the bed, looking at his hands. Luhan smirked. 'Did is going to be fun.’


Minseok was sitting in his room waiting for Kris or Amber to come back. He didn’t feel comfortable knowing Iseul could hurt him at any moment. He thought back to everything she told him and realised that she mentioned his father. Did his father take her house? Did her family die because of his father? Minseok asked himself and he knew those possibilities were high. His father was a ruthless man, only caring about money. He was scum in Minseoks eyes, but why did he have to pay for what his father did? It’s not like Minseok approved what his father did. He hated him for what he has done to thousands of people across Asia. Minseok sighed and closed his eyes. He missed his friends. He missed Beakhyuns goofiness and Sehuns sarcasm. He even missed the annoying stories Jongin had about all the girls he slept with. He just wanted to go home and live a normal life again. He would even happily marry Naree, even if he didn’t love her in a romantic way, anything to be out of here.
He couldn’t think straight so he started tapping his foot and hummed a tune before he started to sing. He was singing a random song he liked, to try and escape this place for just a moment. Although that moment was shortly lived

As he was singing, he heard someone’s heavy footsteps stop in front of his door. He froze and swallowed as he waited for someone to walk in, but no one did. They continued walking until the front door shut close. He hoped Iseul was the one who left. He looked down at his hands and then felt someone walk into his room. He looked up scared, but sighed when he saw Luhan instead of Iseul. He looked up at Luhan and saw an angry look in his eyes. Minseok tilted his head to the side and asked Luhan what’s wrong to which Luhan laughed humourlessly and glared at Minseok, making him feel worried. “You’re what’s wrong.”

Luhan had Minseok pinned against the door as he thought out loud. “What do you have that I don’t, hmm?” and then he started punching him with his fist that held the knuckle brass. He hit him over and over again, bruising his ribs. Minseok tried to fight back and he could’ve if he wasn’t recovering from what Iseul had done to him. “Doesn’t matter anyway. She. Belongs. To. Me.” With every word a new bruise formed on Minseoks torso and he was coughing up blood by this point.

Minseok had no idea what Luhan was talking about. He kept repeating that Iseul was his and Minseok won’t take her away from him. “I- I don’t w-want her. I, ahh. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Minseok coughed as he tried to tell Luhan that he didn’t want to take anything from him. “You’re a good liar Minseok, but I know who you are. You hurt her and left her and she’s still hurting because of you. No. One. Hurts. My. Iseul.” He hissed out and punched Minseok until the front door opened. Luhan froze as he heard the others arrive back home. He looked back at Minseok. He didn’t have any cuts on his face. Only bruises on his torso where they couldn’t see. Luhan pinned Minseok down and whispered menacingly “You breathe a word of this to anyone and you’ll regret the moment you were born. If someone asks, Iseul did it. Got it?” To which Minseok nodded with fear in his eyes.

When Luhan left the room Minseok hissed in pain as he got up off the floor. His entire upper body was aching and he barely got to the bathroom. He took his shirt off and saw endless bruises and cuts. He put his head in his hands and cursed. “Hey, Minseok, you okay?” A voice that sounded like Kevin’s spoke from the other side of the door and Minseok cleared his throat. “Yeah. I’m okay. I’ll be right out.” Kevin said ok and left saying he’s going to bed.

Minseok looked in the mirror and glared at his own reflection. He screamed and punched a hole into the wall breathing heavily. 'Not only does Iseul want me dead but now Luhan as well? Might as well make them want to kill me faster.’ Minseok thought as he left the bathroom after showering, thinking of ways to provoke Iseul or Luhan to just kill him faster. He felt done with everything. He won’t ever see his friends again, so might as well be dead than in this hell hole.


“Yo, Minnie, you’ve been walking weirdly for days now. Are you okay?” Amber asked when she saw Minseok walking timidly into the living room waiting for Luhan to walk out from somewhere. For the last week, the others were out of the house all night and Iseul was MIA for an entire week, so it was just Minseok and Luhan every night which gave Luhan the perfect chance to beat Minseok to a pulp every night, for hours on end.

“Yeah, no, I just slept wrong is all.” Minseok said quietly as he sat down on the couch next to Amber. She nodded but eyed him suspiciously until Kris called saying they have to leave again. Minseok sighed and closed his eyes. 'And so it begins’ he said to himself and looked up when Kris walked to him. “Luhan has been out every night for the last week so just go to the room and lock it with this key. In case Iseul comes home.” Minseok nodded an took the key. Like that’ll stop Luhan. Right after that, all of them left, leaving Minseok alone, but he knew that wouldn’t last.

He tried running away two days ago, but Luhan caught him so that wasn’t an option this time. He already gave up. He didn’t care if he died, actually, he would rather die than live like this, but no matter how much he provoked Luhan, he didn’t kill him. He wanted to make him pay for something he didn’t even do.

Minseok put his head in his hands and groaned, feeling his ribs ache whenever he took a breath. “Well, well, look what we have here. Alone again. I’m surprised no one has noticed, but then again, no one really cares about you here.” Luhan appeared and looked at Minseok with a smug face, like he was winning over Minseok, in this twisted game of his. Minseok didn’t even flinch now, just stayed where he was. He was scared out of his mind, yes, but he won’t give Luhan the satisfaction of seeing him afraid. Not anymore. “Ooh, aren’t we brave? Not even a flinch? I guess I’ll have to take it up a notch.” Luhan went in to punch Minseok but the front door opened and he moved away quickly looking at the front door, seeing Iseul walk in.

She turned around and looked at Luhan then at Minseok, then her eyes focused back onto Luhan. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” she said and walked further in, eyes still on Luhan making him feel nervous. “No, I just didn’t know you’ll be back. Where were you? Are you okay?” Luhan stammered because he was almost caught and because he was genuinely worried for Iseul’s safety. “What, you thought I died? That’s very discouraging Luhan.” Iseul was now sitting opposite of Minseok on the loveseat, sarcasm dripping from her words. “And I was taking care of some business. Where is everyone and why aren’t you with them?”
Luhan gulped and looked at Iseul “They’re preparing for the deal. I was asked to st-”

“Hah. To protect Minseok. over there, from me? I got to say, Kris doesn’t read people very well if he thought that was a good idea.” Iseul laughed and put her feet up onto the coffee table, lighting up a cigarette. “What? Why would you say that?” Luhan was slowly moving into panic mode as Iseul arched her eyebrow suspiciously at him. “You can’t stop me from doing what I want. I thought Kris knew that. Why? What did you think I meant?” She took a puff and continued “You seem awfully nervous. Are you hiding something from me, Luhan? You know I don’t like being lied to, don’t you?” At that Minseok looked up and listened to what she was saying. 'How could she so easily tell he was hiding something from her?’ Minseok thought as he looked to a very nervous Luhan.

Minseok didn’t know why, but he hoped she’d find him out, even though she would probably just join in and help Luhan beat him. “I’m not hiding anything, I promise. I’m going to work out. We have a big deal going on soon. I’m glad you’re back.” And with that, Luhan was gone as fast as his legs could take him. Iseul shook her head and shouted after him “It’s okay Lu, I’ll find out sooner or later. I always do.” Minseok hoped it would be sooner rather than later.

When he realised he was alone with her, real fear started to grow in the pit of his stomach, as she made eye contact with him, looking at him in a curious way. Still hatred in her eyes but something else as well. “I won’t kill you today, don’t worry” she spoke up making him flinch. Iseul smirked at that and lit up another cigarette. “If not today, then when?” Minseok was surprised by the words that flew out of his mouth. He even looked shocked at what he had said, but Iseul only chuckled “Ah, and so he speaks. I don’t really know, what do you think?”

“Probably when you find the guts to go against Kris.” Minseok spoke drily and the smile was instantly wiped off Iseul’s face as she jumped over the coffee table. She was standing right in front of Minseok, with her hands on his thighs, coming closer to his face “I don’t like to be tempted and you’re doing just that right now. It’s like you want to die.” She whispered expecting Minseok to look afraid, but he just shrugged “I do.”

When he said that Iseul’s eyes widened a fraction as she wasn’t expecting such a straight forward answer. “I do want to die. Whatever my scum of a father did to you or took from you, makes me deserve whatever you do with me.” He said again, leaving Iseul frozen in the same spot. Crouched down in front of Minseoks face, with hands on his thighs. “I hate him probably more than you do. I know how many families he fucked up and how many homes he took from innocent people. I know I’m a privileged bastard who doesn’t know shit about how hard life can be. So do what you want. I don’t care anymore.”

His words made Iseul frown down at him as she thought about what he said. He can’t hate his father more than she does. That was impossible. He doesn’t know what she’s been through because of him. Her vision became blurry as she gritted her teeth and spat out “You don’t know anything! You don’t know!”

Iseul didn’t know why, but she didn’t move away as she spoke. She didn’t hide her glazed eyes from him, she just kept looking straight into his eyes, now with anger and what Minseok noticed looked like pain. Her eyes were still cold, but there was something behind that cold that made her look vulnerable, even? “Then tell me. You’re going to kill me regardless, so why don’t you just tell me what he did?” Minseok told her and her eyes widened in fear but it soon disappeared as she took him the the collar, pushing him into the couch “Shut up! You don’t get to ask me that!”

Minseok hoped that this will make her end him once and for all, but before she could, her phone rang. She moved away from him and answered. “Jimin? Did you get him the message?” Iseul spoke and Minseok looked at her. She looked on the edge about whatever the person on the other side was telling her. “Okay? What did he say?- My email? -You sent it there? -Okay, I’ll look at it now. Yeah? -I’m okay, thanks for this. I owe you one.” and then she hung up, ignoring Minseok completely, putting her laptop onto the table, looking for something. Her eyes changed as she found what she was looking for and played it. Minseok eyes widened as he heard his fathers voice speak.

'An anonymous source has told me about you. I thought you were dead. Hah, I really did. You were a genius even at fifteen I see, but kidnappings my son? I can’t let that slide, I’m sure you understand. You got away from me once before, this time you won’t be so lucky dear. Whores like you deserve to rot. Like the scum that they are. You sure changed from being that pathetic whiny girl, didn’t you? The entire country fears your name, but do you want to know something? I know you still fear me more than anyone will ever fear you. I know you still can’t forget what I’ve done to you. I’ve broken you and it’s the best thing I ever did. You silly girl, do you honestly believe you frighten me? You can’t destroy me. I am your biggest nightmare. This all could’ve been avoided, if only you didn’t come for me. Sadly, I see you didn’t learn from the first time we met so I’ll have to remind you of where your place is. If I find out that my son is dead, well, your faith will be worse than death, but don’t worry, it’s all too familiar for you anyway. Don’t worry, I’ll take my time with it. Who should be first, hmm? Maybe that good hacker of yours, Jae was it? Or your druggie of a friend, Jun? Oh I know, Amber, I’d have fun getting rid of her. Or even better, your only living family remember, Kris I think. He seems like an easy target. Maybe you would like a tragic love story, should I go for your boyfriend first? Luhan, yes, I remember him. He got away with you , didn’t he? Anyway, I’ll think about that for now. And you, Iseul dear, you’ll watch all of them die. Right. In. Front. Of. Your. Eyes. Also, turn on the TV.’

The video ended and Iseul was staring into nothing while Minseok had his eyes on Iseul, not believing what he had just heard. What did his father do to Iseul? He sounded so sinister it send shivers down Minseoks spine. He knew his father was a bad man, but not this bad. “Iseul? Was that-” Minseok was cut off when Iseul turned on the TV seeing the news channel. Minseoks father was standing in what seemed like a press conference room, with what Minseok recognised were his friends and mother.

Chanyeol spoke, urging people to call in if they know anything. Sehun next to him looking down, turning his face away from the cameras. Baekhyun said a few words and next was Jongdae who was crying and asking people to help how ever they can. The rest were teary eyed and couldn’t say anything. Then his father spoke, looking right into the camera, glaring. “Whoever took my son better give themselves up, and give us back our son. Whoever this monster is, I will find out who you are and you will rot for what you had done.”

He continued to speak but Iseul got up and shot at the screen until she was out of bullets. Minseok eyes were wide as he watched her break down completely. Next she threw the laptop, breaking it in half as it hit the floor. She kicked the coffee table, shards of glass flying around the two of them, cutting Iseul’s leg but she didn’t feel anything at the moment.

Why was she scared of him? She’s not scared of anything. Nothing can hurt her anymore, but his words send shivers down to her bones, which she couldn’t ignore. Moments from those months flashed through her head and she couldn’t stop them. She couldn’t stop them so she raged. She broke everything that was breakable in the room and then slid down the wall. No tears were seen. She couldn’t cry so she laughed. Minseok felt something tug at his heart as he looked at her. She wasn’t crying, not one tears slipped out, she was laughing, which somehow, looked more painful than if she were to be crying.

“I’m not broken. He didn’t break me. I’m okay. I’m okay.”

“Oh my God, Iseul, what happened?!” A worried looking Luhan ran in and kneeled next to her. When he saw her face he saw her fifteen year old self. Back when instead of crying she would try to laugh.

He hugged her to him and for a second she didn’t push him away but then she kicked him away glaring “Don’t touch me. Get out!” She screamed out while Luhan tried to comfort her but she just pushed him off again telling him to go. He just stared at her not moving further away.
“I DON’T NEED YOU. I NEED HIM. LUHAN, I NEED HIM, NOT YOU!” Her fists were now hitting the ground and Luhan’s eyes were filling up with tears. He backed away and turned around before leaving the house.

She was now breathing heavily as she looked around spotting Minseok walking toward her. She forgot he was even in the room. In an instant her eyes changed back to stone cold ones as she got up, pushing him away. “You say a word about this to anyone and I’ll eat your heart out. Not. A. Word.” she hissed out, holding him by the collar. “I won’t. I promise. You and Luhan had a fight and trashed the room.” Said Minseok and Iseul nodded, going up the stairs, shutting her door with a bang.


Minseok was in his room, strumming the guitar that Amber gave him a few days ago. The incident with Iseul happened two days ago. The members believe what Minseok said happened and Luhan didn’t talk about it either. Luhan was worse than ever last night. Minseoks back was aching and he could barely move today, but he got used to it. He was concentrating on the song he was singing and what happened with Iseul. She was still a monster but not the same kind that Minseok met almost two months ago. He didn’t know why, but he wanted to understand her. He was sure that he was going insane by thinking that.

“You play?” asked a voice behind him and he jumped at the sound, turning around, seeing Iseul, an annoyed expression on her face. He took a shaky breath and nodded. He was still scared of her. How could he not be, she put him through hell. “You don’t have to be so stiff, I don’t bite.” Iseul said and sat down on the edge of the bed. She looked awfully friendly for Minseoks liking, but he didn’t say anything. “No, you just cut and punch.” Minseok was strumming the guitar while saying that. “If you continue provoking me I might do it again.”

“I don’t doubt that you will.” To that Iseul sighed and shook her head and stood up going for the door. Before she left she turned around and looked at Minseok with an emotion that looked like she was reminiscing “My best friend used to play once upon a time as well.” And then she was gone.


“ISEUL! MEETING ROOM! NOW!” Kris’ voice boomed and Iseul rolled her eyes walking into the room, all eyes on her. They were all looking at her almost disappointed. Then she saw Minseok next to Kris, looking down. “What now Kris?”

“WHAT NOW? REALLY ISEUL? WHAT IS THIS?” Kris shouted and pointed to Minseoks, now exposed shoulder, that was sporting a large bruise. “Last time I checked, in my dictionary, that was called a bruise.” she replied sarcastically, not knowing why she was even here. waisting her time.

“Yes, it’s a bruise. Why is it there?”

“How the hell should I know?”

“Oh that’s rich. You think I wouldn’t find out you were beating him up behind my back.” Kris shook his head and Iseul widened her eyes.


A/N: Hope you liked this part. I loved writing it. 😊 thank you for reading. Xx

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Reader and Erwin where she's a cadet in the 104 but she's a couple years older than Erwin and all of them. The had a relationship during the time they met and they get married she pregnant and he gives her and the child a bunch of diaries or journals that tell his life and but during the battle with the beast he dies so the child grows up without a father but wants to be exactly like him

The story ur writing a role to take with the reader x Erwin I made a typo she’s not older than Erwin but she’s older than the cadets she’s 20

“A Role to Take” PART 1

Pairing: Erwin X Reader

Genre: Angst

Warning: Violence; mentions of death; long read

Words: 2270

[Part 2 ]  [Part III] [Part IV]

[A/N: So, this was a tough one to write. I didn’t want it to feel rushed so I decided to cut it into two to three parts. Will update the next parts probably this weekend :D - mod max]

[EDIT: Made Reader younger :D]

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           Another wedding, hmm? I sighed as I walked home. Everyone my age is getting married – people I used to play with when we were little. It’s not like we’re beyond marrying age – we’re just in our twenties. In fact, I just turned twenty. Still young, but not quite. The tragedy of two years ago made everyone realize how we could just die anytime. Most decided it was now or never, and eloped with their sweethearts.

           What about me? It isn’t like love never presented itself. It’s just that I have a different priority. That is looking after my ill mother. People ask me if I’m happy like this, and I always answered yes. I do get lonely, sometimes. But I love how rewarding it is to feel useful, and to be able to help my mother.  

           Still, being my mother’s caretaker came to an end. And even though I’ve been expecting this to happen eventually, I was devastated. I have no one. And honestly, my life lost its direction. I don’t know what to do.

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anonymous asked:

ENTPs and INFJs are supposedly compatible, but as an ENTP I honestly struggle to get along with every INFJ I know, even if I don't mind them too much. Idk if it's underdevelopment or just simply not fitting the stereotype, but there isn't a lot of material about the two types incompatibility (and it really bugs me that I can't research the crap out of it). How do you approach differences/conflicts of thinking with the INFJs you know?

Oh I don’t get along with every INFJ I meet, and I’m sure that most/all ENTPs don’t get along with ever INFJ they meet. I tend to be on the stereotypical side of ENTP, so in terms of preferences, I’m like a moth to the flame with INFJs. This being said, I do know a few INFJs who I don’t really like. (This also being said, I was attracted to them at first… I’m a woman who knows what she likes at first sight– INFJs and Jason Momoa.) 

BUT the point is, there are differences between the types, so of course there is incompatibility. INFJs are so so so private and it is hard to get to know them, and so starting off with them can be like nails on chalkboards of trying to open a door that just doesn’t want to be opened. And then once we open the door and the INFJ starts making moves in our direction and the ENTP has their private, don’t-make-me-be-vulnerable obstacle to get over. These two getting together can really be a tug of war game and sometimes it’s just not worth it because the two types aren’t ready and there just isn’t enough time for the types to grow up and click.  

INFJs tend to be perfectionists! ENTPs do not. I personally find this to be cute on an INFJ, but on other people I get annoyed with obsessive adding to a cause that doesn’t have to be perfect. ENTPs, for things that they’re only partially interested in (so most things), are ok with things that are good enough, which I know stresses  out my INFJ when he looks at my homework assignments on loose-leaf paper with inconsistent spacing and things scratched out. His homework looks like a freaking constitution and I’m like why. I just don’t get it. (Why do people put effort into things!?) But it’s cute so it’s fine. 

In terms of conflicts of thinking, the one thing that I like most about INFJs is that they are so easy for me to talk to, and they don’t take ENTP shit. In fact they call us out on it and they play along while not playing along at the same time. For example, my INFJ was complaining about a member he had on his project not showing up to any of the meetings, so I suggested that maybe this guy’s sister had lost both of her legs, and he couldn’t come to meetings because he was dealing with the tragedy. My INFJ didn’t flinch with this suggestion, he just was like, It really sucks about this guy’s sister’s legs, but he’s got to tell us about it so we can give him a get well soon card or get this project done. So once you get to know an INFJ, they play along well, if you want more reaction to your statements, then maybe you won’t like this, and that’s ok too!

INFJs also get tired pretty easily around people. It can be hard to get to them sometimes. ENTPs also burn out, and so they may see INFJs sitting there, be like, cool person, but I’m tired and not right now. And then no friendship is ever formed because of mutual tiredness. I’ve noticed that when I talk to a tired out INFJ, they get pumped up again because of the flowing brainwaves. But again, startup is the hardest thing with these two types. 

INFJs are an altruistic type. ENTPs tend to not trust others, nor do they want to do things for others because ew (logically, unless I love someone, it does not make sense for me to go out of my way to… hhhh). This can be a slight butting of heads because ENTPs sometimes come off as non-caring an maybe a bit selfish and narcissistic. INFJs can seem too giving at times (though they’re not that bad about it)… The biggest problem from this aspect is the ENTP being irritated with general niceness, and it’s something for us to grow out of or get accustomed to. 

Finally, INFJs are quite a bit more sensitive than we are, and as a result, they will take our ENTP emotional discomfort as mixed signals (which they are) and possibly dislike. For example, when I like an INFJ/anyone, ,I go through a phase where I cannot make eye contact and I’m basically ignoring whoever it is I like. Often times, this has been interpreted as the common, ‘just kidding, i don’t actually like you that much’. INFJs read into all signals, and ENTP signals are hard to read. 

So there are places where heads butt with these two types… though it’s pretty obvious here that I’m head over heels for an INFJ right now. So sorry about that. The overall answer to your question is that with INFJs, there is a similarity in thinking so that at least for me, it’s not difficult dealing with differences. Sensitivity and caring is a bit annoying but overall it’s just a question of whether or not you want to be open to it. I’ve had to grow a bit between each INFJ relationship– but to be honest, if you’re not feeling it, it’s totally fine because we’re all different! Also, I am 5000% percent biased on this. I’m so biased. 

Day #4, Matching Soulmate Markings

Finals: *Are happening*


Harry Hart is a man of a different future. Not in the Back to the Future, science fiction sort of way, mind. He has no memory of the world he belonged in, which is both a blessing and a shame.

On his arm, same as everyone, is a dark circle. It’s a seedling, one that is supposed to sprout in childhood and grow until you meet the person with the matching flora. Harry Hart marks his thirtieth birthday by getting well smashed and covering the dead thing with a tattoo of Kingsman’s logo. It’s not very creative, but he doesn’t much care.

They say those whose seeds never sprout are the victims of changing times, of the fallibility of destiny. Harry Hart doesn’t believe in destiny.

So of course, that’s the year the damn thing sprouts, and he’s not surprised at all by what it blooms into.

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Identity (Kuro Week 2)

Rating: Teen and Up

Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender

Characters: Kuro, Pidge, Lance, Hunk, Keith

(Written for @kuroweek, ambiguous time skips)

Summary: Kuro was made for one purpose: to kill and be killed. Everything was planned, from the moment he was made to the moment he was supposed to die. The paladins were his enemy, and she was his everything.

Then what wasn’t supposed to go wrong went wrong, and Kuro doesn’t know how to act: what he’s been taught as fact isn’t right. The universe has been turned upside down, even though there is no direction in space.

Maybe they’re right. Maybe Voltron really does save lives.

“And whenever I blink, you die,” Green said. “And when I open my eyes you’re back again. Of course, only I know all of this, so by default you know this too.”

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The life of Superman and Wonder Woman as seen in Kingdom Come (1996) and it’s continuation on earth-22 in Justice Society of America #22 (2007)

The reason I am posting these up is in response to an absurd reblog about Clark and Diana from my post re them as my OTP. 


There is nothing about Diana that grounds him or helps connect him to the world. She’s an airy outsider who chats with literal deities as if they were her next door neighbors. Oh wait, THEY ARE. The Superman and Wonder Woman relationship being pushed is basically proof that every criticism of “Supergod” is accurate. That his real identity is no longer Clark Kent, simple country boy from Kansas, who gives up the normality and simple life he craves to don the identity of Superman because he has to in order to help his fellow man. Instead he becomes Kal-El, descending from where he lives in the clouds with his goddess lover, deigning to help the mere mortals who are beneath him but hey, he likes them, why not. 

WTF??? Where in the world did this person even get this poo doo?

The person basically shows he/she has zero understanding of them as  individuals much less as a couple. Also their reading material must be very very limited.

First of all, when Clark and Diana get together  and share a life they always helping humanity. Not sitting as Gods. Clark is not just a farmboy nor is Diana some spoiled Olympian. He has great power and with it comes great responsibility and he serves as an inspiration because of his upbringing and innate goodness and choices…not because one love interest keep him grounded. Clark Kent grounds himself, got nothing to do with who he sleeps with or marries. Diana doesn’t have to be doing what she is doing but she chooses to use her gifts to help better the world. The woman doesn’t live as a God even if she happens to be a demi-goddess. Jeeze,  someone apparently did not READ WW new 52 series. And no love interest defines her goodness either.

Secondly, neither Clark nor Diana needs to be with humans only to feel love, empathy, have humanity, and love their planet. They have the same fears, hopes and dreams like any man and woman in love. So what if they have powers and can fly or smash mountains? They have emotions. They are not empty, unfeeling robots. I am sick of how some fans undermine their character just so Lois and Steve can have some relevance. It insults the Kents, the Els, the Amazons, Hippolyta, Donna, Lana. hell everyone they come in contact with that only 1 woman or man is needed to keep Clark and Diana heroic or caring of the people that they share the world with.

In Kingdom Come even after great tragedy Clark shows he can move on and mature and he works to help nurture the earth as a farmer but also is very much part of the process to have humans and meta humans work together. In the ultimate act of good faith and trust  he and Diana (with Bruce)  reveal their secret identities and give up their trappings of “Gods” . They are finally open and honest with the world. They become simply Clark and Diana. She is a teacher whose job it is to help and rehabilitate rogue meta humans…turn a hawk into a dove…with her empathy and unconditional love for humanity. 

When she and Clark start a family they live as normal  a life as they can.  Their children might have abilities  but they are like any family who share happy times like the birth of a new baby or sad times like losing a best friend and their children’s Godfather. They experience the highs and lows of life as the world changes and live to see their children grow up and leave the nest and start their own journeys. Clark lives to be an old man (aging slowly because he is not human, the guy has alien DNA) but he lives to see his legacy come to pass. His life with Diana has been a full and blessed one. They were not pandered to either ie just given it all on a platter. They had to work for it.

So to anyone saying Diana brings nothing to Clark or he loses something being with her, you insult both characters. Clark doesn’t go psycho like Injustice Superman  or hides for 10 years to play happy family  like  Rebirth Superman Nor does he spend a millennia  in the sun and then lives back to resurrect a dead wife and live like some golden God in his own created heaven like  DC One Million Superman. He does not  drop everything to save one woman like DCEU  movie verse Superman.  He does these things when he hooks up with Lois. Diana went to live with Steve on Olympus last time they married before Crisis on Infinite Earths. Oh and that Earth 2 Superman and Lois  lives in some bubble in heaven. So don’t come spew nonsense that Clark and Diana are the ones to live like Gods. 

With Diana, Clark stays heroic and connected because he is brave and noble man. She stays heroic and connected d because she is a wise and compassionate woman. Together they fight for humanity at risk to themselves because they care. Be it in the new 52 or earth -22. New 52 Clark identity being out has nothing to do with him needing it to function as a man. The only function that serves is old troupes that gradually is becoming irrelevant as times change and hiding behind glasses and pretending the way we tell news stays the same as it was decades ago. If anything Clark and Kal are just two aspects of one man. The reporter and hero can just as well enjoy fighting monsters and aliens as well as writing a good story and planting a field. He doesn’t have to be one dimensional. No person is. Clark has a Kryptonian heritage that makes him do what he does and ignoring that for only one part is like rejecting one’s ancestry. We have to reconcile ALL parts of ourselves to be a functioning whole.

End of the day my OTP is MY choice and my post is MINE. And to me it is a disservice to Superman or Wonder Woman to them throw them under the bus to try to make a love interest relevant. If Clark or Diana died..eg as new 52 Clark has…Diana would continue to be the best hero and woman she could be. She might stumble, she might fall but she will pick herself up and stand for humanity. Same for Clark. And all she wants him to be is the best man he could be and accept all that he is…which frankly is the best lesson for any person. So get outta here with that grounded bs. To me that is just lazy and diluting the characters to fit in a box. In this day and age mankind should not repress their potential and be allowed to soar. 

Gone (A Shallura Fanfic)

id like to dedicate this fic to @ciuucalata (inspired by her shallura fic! kinda like a prequel of some sorts)

read in on ao3 maybe

She felt it the first time he touched her.

It was a fleeting touch. It didn’t linger for long. It wasn’t even intentional – it was convenient, he was there when she fell – after one of her little memoirs of where she came from was destroyed by her own hands – and she just so happened to fall into his arms.

The touch was fleeting.

The feeling wasn’t.

She felt it whenever the stares lingered longer than necessary. She felt it whenever their fingers brushed against each other. She felt it whenever he smiled, chuckled, laughed – literally anything really – whenever those fond looks were directed at her.

She felt it whenever she was around him. Thought of him. She would see something that reminded her of him and she’d feel that particular feeling so strongly to the point where she felt it might swallow her entire being alive.

She felt comfort around him. Peace. Calm. And that word she refused to acknowledge that started with the letter ‘l’.

She didn’t want to though.

They had a duty. They needed to protect the homes of people from the empire that took hers away from her. They needed to make sure no tragedies – or, at least, as little tragedies as possible – happened on any more innocent people. They needed to make the universe a safe place.

These feelings – they were only in the way. She didn’t want them. So call her selfish if you want, but she’d keep them to herself.

And maybe – maybe – someday, when the war is over, when peace is finally restored in the universe, maybe she’ll tell him. Maybe he’ll tell her too. Maybe they’ll even have a life together after that.

Not now, though.

It’ll be alright,’ she told herself, ‘we have time.’

They didn’t.

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Part of Your World - Part 1

Prompt/Summary: An adaptation of The Little Mermaid. Characters/Character profiles can be found here. I don’t know what else to say other than it’s based around the Little Mermaid.
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings:  blood, mentions of death, fire…. uhm I think that’s it.
Word Count: 1,508
Author’s Note: Considering it’s my birthday now. I wanted to give you guys a treat. That makes sense right? First part and everything’s already going up in flames! I’m so punny. Also there is a lot of descrpition in this but this is mainly to set it all up and get the ball rolling I hope you enjoy! {GIFS ARE NOT MINE} 


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Royally Yours: Part Eleven

Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: You’re unwillingly engaged to the Crown Prince of another kingdom, whom you had known as a child but then lost contact with. Time, deceit, and politics brings you two back together, but it’s a dramatic stretch to the ascension of the throne.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Grant Ward, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Pepper Pots, Peggy Carter, Bruce Banner, Lincoln Campbell, Betty Ross, Clint Barton (more to be added)

Word Count: 1.7k

A/N: heyo sorry for the long wait, but I had personal matters come up yesterday with my family, and obviously school today, but part 11 is finally here (don’t roll your eyes that’s rude). enjoy it, I had fun writing it (:


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Something outside your chambers clatters against the ground, and Bucky springs back from you, turning red in the cheeks. You flush, breathing deeply as your lungs burn for oxygen, not having realized your breath had caught itself.

“Forgive me,” Bucky mutters, his previous unfriendliness returning and then leaves your room. He’s gone so quickly that you don’t even have to time to respond.


      You don’t know what’s kept you awake for hours now, and as you slide a robe over your shoulders and slip out past your dozing guards, you realize you can’t pin the insomnia to a single happenstance. James. Grant. Your mother. Their contributions to your sleeplessness spun your mind too tight to even try to rest, so with nothing but yourself you venture through the castle.

Though you’d roamed here as a child, the sensation of running your fingers along the stone walls and the excitement of climbing the grand staircases in races had long since ceased, replaced by age and maturity. You smiled thinly when you remembered how calloused your palms would become when rushing through the halls, holding the walls in the dark to not trip over Steve while he held onto you.

Adventures had flourished here, Bucky and Steve acting as knights and yourself one too, countless instances of dragon hunting quests and servant terrorism coming into a full circle as you walk the halls a decade and some years older.

“Your Highness,” a maid says in surprise, exiting a chamber near to you. You glance at her, startled, and she gives you a hesitant smile. She looks familiar, but you can’t yet place her face. “What are you doing out so late?”

You decide not to shrug your shoulders and instead reply, “I was just wandering.”

The maid purses her lips. “Would like me to make you tea, or a-”

“It’s alright,” you respond.

The other woman hesitates again, and then finally decides to nod. “Good night, Your Majesty.”

“Good night,” you say as she passes you, and you recognize her instantly, “Betty.”

The woman smiles, and continues off down the hall, leaving you alone again.

You sigh.

Your feet take down paths your mind had forgotten, and memories drown out the sleep-robbing thoughts ricocheting around in your head. Daises had once fallen from the ceiling as you pass under a staircase, dumped there by Bucky onto you and Steve. He’d been angry, you recall, and had taken his revenge by throwing the beloved flowers you and Steve had collected without him onto the two of you. His plan had backfired, because it was a vibrant memory, dense with laughter.

Eventually, you come upon an open terrace and lean against the stone railing, inhaling the heavy air and letting the scent of oncoming rain fill your senses.
Below, you can see the multiple hives of flower gardens surrounding the castle on the one side, colors unseeable because of the blotched out moon in the sky.

Thick, frothy gray clouds capture the moonlight like greedy thieves would collect jewels, and only a few stars peek out through gaps in the coverage. It’s beautiful and disappointing all at once.

“Oh! Sorry Your Highness. I’ll just-”

There’s clattering behind you, and someone has tripped on a potted rose bush near to the entrance. They mutter a curse, and you raise an eyebrow at their person.

The unfamiliar is wearing a hooded cape, hair, eyes, and nose hidden in the shadow it casts, and if the being hadn’t already apologized and tripped, you’d have thought he was in league with the clouds.

“Who are you?” you question, still suspicious. The hooded figure jerks up, and freezes, as if not expecting to be called upon, and reaches up to drag back the hood. Now him, he you recognize instantly.

Lady Natasha’s newest lover stands before you, blonde hair illuminated from behind by candlelit halls and demeanor still uncertain.

“I’m Clint, Your Majesty. I’m a knight.”

Your eyes narrow and you cross your arms over your chest. “A knight sneaking through the castle in a hood.”

Clint clears his throat awkwardly. “Well, I wasn’t sneaking, Your Majesty.”

“You’re dressed for it.”

Clint looks down at his hood, and frowns, as if realizing that his clothing was conspicuously sly for the first time. “I haven’t stolen anything.”

“Where are you off to?”


“Where have you come from?”

There’s enough light to see the suggested knight clench his jaw as he swallows. He’s impatient.

“A friend’s.”

“Lady Natasha?” you ask on a sarcastic whim, not realizing your impolite intrusion of question until Clint shuffles.

“All due respect, Your Majesty-”

“Enough,” you cut him off by raising your hand, slightly embarrassed by your behavior. “I don’t care for your business unless you are a thief.”

“I’m a knight.”

You nod, and turn back around. There’s no movement, and then Clint speaks again.

“Is something troubling you, Your Majesty?”

You exhale, breath foggy, and shake your head. “Nothing to concern yourself about.”

Hesitation is evident as it is night until Clint joins your side.

“I’m here to talk to, Your Highness, if you need it. Knights are sworn to serve our royals in any way,” Clint says softly. He’s being friendly.

You look at him out of the corner of your eye. “I’m not your royalty.”

Clint clears his throat, and scratches the back of his neck as he makes himself comfortable on the railing. As comfortable as you can be leaning against stone.
“Nat told me about the forced marriage,” Clint admits, and you sigh again.

“Brilliant,” you mumble. “Now how many more men that she’s bedded know?”
Clint’s eyes sharpen, and you grow shameful. “I’m sorry.”

He juts out his jaw. “It’s whatever. You’re right anyways.”

You let the response hang there, and look back at the gardens. This side of the castle is angled away from the ocean, so the waves you hear pounding on the cliff face are echoes through the courtyard.

“Are you happy?” Clint suddenly asks, and you glance at him fully now. He’s looking at you, waiting for a response expectantly.

You purse your lips, unsure if you should reply to Natasha’s bed mate. Clint seems to realize this because he lets out a light chuckle.

“Natasha and I only share one thing, and that’s a bed,” the knight tells you. You frown.

“That doesn’t seem like any way to live.”

“It’s not living,” Clint replies. “It’s getting rid of boredom.”

You cough, and shudder, as Clint laughs like you two were old friends sharing an even older joke.

“Are you happy?” Clint asks again, and this time his voice is riddled with amusement.

You think for a moment. “I don’t consider happiness a state of being.”

Clint cracks a smile. “You’re going to have to speak with the education of a knight, Your Majesty, I don’t like big words and riddles.”

You suppress a smile. “Moments here make me happy, but when I’m not having those moments, I’m not.”

Clint hmphs. “Well, no disrespect Your Majesty, but no one’s ever always happy in every moment, but overall I mean.”

“Court clowns,” you disagree.

“Haven’t you heard the funniest people hide the greatest tragedies?”

You consider this as Clint adjusts himself again. He fidgets a lot, you notice.

“Our prince is kind of a royal pain,” Clint begins to say, glancing at you to make sure it’s appropriate for him to say. When you smile minusculely, he continues.

“But the kid is golden hearted. I’ve seen him do extraordinary things when it comes down to protecting people he cares about, and I hear about how he’s always trying to do the right thing.”

You exhale, ironically. Bucky could probably spit bad things about Clint all day if you provoked him to, all untrue though.

“Do you know you hurt him?” you ask softly. “He loves Natasha.”

“And I love my job,” Clint replies. “Which is why I’ve been in a different kingdom for months, only having returned the day before the celebration. Natasha was as unattached to the Prince as the flowers are to us.”

You find his analogy confusing, but Clint doesn’t seem to care.

“I don’t believe the Prince loves Natasha though,” Clint says, blinking between looking at the heavy sky and the network of flower gardens. “Infatuated maybe, but not in love.”

“Why do you say that?”

Did infatuated men destroy rooms and cry like Bucky had? You don’t think so.

“Royals are a tricky thing,” Clint murmurs, disregarding your own royalty. “The men seek lovers because they don’t care for breaking the rules, and the women play jealousy games and have hands in triangles they shouldn’t make, but in the end, there is sometimes love that is real. I see every time I walk into the throne room to the King and Queen.”

You consider this. “They do seem to love each other very much.”

Clint nods in agreement. “I’ve only been home for a few days, but I’ve seen the Prince and you. He looks at you like the King looks at the Queen.”

You can’t help but to snort. “Bucky doesn’t look at me like that.”

Clint quirks a smile and raises an eyebrow. “Have you ever seen love, Your Majesty? Because his love begins with the use of that name.”

You fall silent, and the knight beside you smiles winningly.

“Love’s a dangerous game to play for royals, Your Majesty,” Clint says, pushing himself off of the wall. “Especially when you only marry for power.”

You nod your head, because you understand. The marriage between you and Bucky only existed in the name of an alliance, but alliances only ever hold until they break, and if the one between Sokovia and Romania ever broke, it could mean both of your lives. You dismiss this fact.

“I should go back to my chambers,” you say, feeling the tug of drowsiness on your conscience.

“Good night, Your Majesty,” Clint replies.

“(Y/N),” you correct him, pausing before you reenter the hall. “You can call me (Y/N).”

Clint smiles, no hesitation and nods his head. You dismiss yourself and walk the path back to your room.

Clint’s conversation with you has calmed your thoughts and they lie dormant for now, resting as you would soon be in your bed.

Lincoln’s shoulders tense when he sees you turn the corner, and Bruce looks up, startled.

“Your Highness,” Lincoln starts to say. “We thought you’d been sleeping.”

You smile at them. “Go to bed, both of you. Sleep tonight.”

The two guards exchange unsure glances, but then slowly retreat down the hall after nodding to you in respect. You close the door to your room behind you and slide under your blankets.

Sleep accepts you now. 


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