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Useful posts on how to write comments for fanfics - [here] & [here]

On a personal note. I’ve met wonderful people throughout fandoms and by leaving comments. I’ve made great friends, some even on comment sections, as we shared our enthusiasm for the same story. 

People who like the same ships often hold similar character traits and life experiences; they’re people who would get you. The bonds in fandoms only strengthen when people meet other people as humans - and there are fantastic humans waiting to meet you. 

Leave a comment. :)

((Methodology For Data Collected

For this, I’ve used AO3, currently the most popular fanfiction website. 

I’ve taken the first ranked story in each ship, completed, rated by kudos - since bookmarks on AO3 can be set to private so the counters don’t reflect the real numbers - to reflect the stories that had the most positive feedback in their category.

For the comments, I’ve (falsely and intentionally) assumed the numbers represented are singular comments from singular, different users (tipping the scales in favor of the commenters). For Destiel, Johnlock and Spirk I had to pick the second story by kudos, since for the first the deviation error (assuming the author haven’t replied and there aren’t discussion threads included in the comments) was far too high for the ratio to be accurate, and my initial assumption couldn’t be applied. My apologies to the authors. 

The data was collected on May 2nd , 2016.))


Getting in a little decorating before I start writing again because oh my god, look at these buildings. Look. I totally haven’t done them justice; might have to make a copy of the neighborhood, strip the deco, and redo it properly with them. (@simblu, have you seen these yet? I bet they’d look wicked cool in some of your neighborhoods.)

Speaking of writing: I wrote 2k for NaNoWriMo yesterday and the day before fueled by sheer spite. I’m still behind now, but I have a lot of spite, and 2k is slightly above what I need to write each day to catch up.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY UNDERTALE! Some of ya’ll may recognize this from some of the conventions I’ve attended with @johnyume. I’ve been meaning to post this up on here for sometime now, and what better time to post this then on the anniversary of one of the funniest games I ever played?

This is the finished colored pic I later turned into a print. The original sketch can be found on this post here. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Especially since I’m not use to digitally coloring stuff. 

Holaaa, haven’t written a status in ages so I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone ignores this.

Anywhoo, I’m alive, I’m 17 now and my obsession with fitness is overrrrrr, thank god🎉🎉🎉

Pretty much focused on improving my art skills (specifically drawing with biro) and currently learning Spanish and French ‘cause it’s a life goal of mine to be a polyglot (person that speaks multiple languages).

I’ve been on tumblr for nearly 3 years now and my blog really isn’t personal enough so I’m gonna change that by posting more personal updates (selfies, status’s etc) and pleasee drop a 'hello’ in my inbox if you can 😊😊😊

And we laughed, oh and we cried and thought “Oh, what a life”

And now, 500 posts later, this is where I’ve ended up. Looking back at my first art post to now, SO much has changed (really, I dare you, go back and look at it). To celebrate this “milestone” I drew and colored this lovely piece and subsequently killed my hand after using only a mouse to do this. Never have I attempted something so daring, but all in all, I haven’t had more fun. 

Scully, Will You Sing Me The Song?

“Scully, will you sing me the song?”

She looks up from her magazine to see her stubbornly awake partner pleading at her with drug-enhanced puppy dog eyes.

“What song, Mulder?” She shifts in her chair and looks back at the magazine with calculated nonchalance. And he lets her.

“You know, the song.”

She looks up then. Again, calculated “recognition.” Again, he lets her.

“Mulder.” is all she says as she darts her eyes to the hallway, but he hears the “Do we have to go through this? You know I can’t carry a tune and someone might hear me” in the deepening timbre of her sleep and stress laden voice.

“Scully?” is all he says but she hears the “Please do it for me, I won’t make fun of you and who cares if they hear anyway” in the scratch and rasp of his blister-riddled throat. 

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I JUST HIT THE INITIAL FUNDING GOAL! OMG guys this is really happening!


Now, that doesn’t mean I’m done! We’ve got 23 days and a mess of stretch goals! Just $200 more and everyone who bought at $25 level or more will get a bookmark, and from there we’ve got options for more art, bonus stories and more!

But aaahhhh!!!