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AMC Sets Premiere Date for Final Season of 'Turn: Washington's Spies'
The fourth and final season of Turn: Washington’s Spies will return to AMC with a two-hour premiere on June 17. The Revolutionary War series most recently dramatized the 1780 treachery of Ben…

for those who have been asking, the date’s now set!

Occidentali’s karma
La scimmia nuda balla
Occidentali’s karma

Love Italy’s entry this year Occidentali’s Karma, so hetavision art was necessary!

  • Betty: Get up and hit me, you fucking pussy!
  • Reggie: I'm not gonna fight a girl, so just stop!
  • Betty: Doesn't matter. If you thought of me as a person and not a woman, you'd hit me and not feel bad about it! *punches Reggie* Bring it! Oh, I'm ready...
  • Reggie: It's on now dog...Girl fight. *punches Betty*
  • Betty: Ah! Ow! Is there blood in my eye? I think there's blood in my eye!
  • Reggie: Oh my god. *tries to console her, she punches him*
  • Betty: Fucking learn how to hit you little bitch!

I don’t know how I’m gonna handle EXO’s comeback when I can barely handle their new hair colors 😥


So from what I can tell Xiumin, Kai, and Yixing have black hair, Beakhyun and Suho have highlights? D.O blissfully has long hair still, and Chanyeol and Sehun are still hiding from us and Chen is Blonde!! It’s only been a night, we still have half of July to get through….

I fully believe Lance has worked at a summer camp at least once (but lbr he totally worked every summer, camp is good for the soul) because you don’t jump on an obvious swear that isn’t a swear like “Quiznak” and use it for an all purpose non-swear unless you’ve worked around kids that you have to maintain a general pg rating around (you’re the“Guidance”) and ensure they have a good relaxed time with you but that will totally rat you out to their parents and get you in trouble with your boss if you use recognizable swears. 

Lance uses words like “this place has gone apples and bananas”. He totally works around kids ok. What self-respecting teen who HASN’T worked at summer camp would use words like that?No one. And because you have to condition yourself to use those silly fillers instead of swears it leaks into everyday vernacular and you. just. don’t stop after summer ends and maybe you sound ridiculous but hey you aren’t scaring small children with your bad words.

Maybe I should just cave and write a summer camp au. Lifeguard!Lance, anyone?