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in my last exam, everyone finished early because my teacher forgot to print half the questions lmao so we were all quietly chatting. i was on my phone, when the girl sitting behind me in class casually asks me, “when are you going to upload the next chapter?” and i go from ????? to !!!!!!.  i showed her my ao3 account a couple months ago cuz we both rlly liked bnha, and i thought, oh, did she read it, and apparently she’s been reading demolition lovers ever since i first posted it in february. back when i showed her my account, she recognized my user but she????? didn’t say anything?????? not till today?????

she told me she was surprised cuz the girl sitting in front of her in class, the one who was the go-to chatting buddy, was the author of the tddk fic she read and loved.

it’s a small world.


I hope this isn’t weird, but i drew a pic based on one of the selfies you posted. i just thought it was a cool pose and used it as reference. ahhhh im sorry if this is creepy!! (;´Д`)


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Could you rank Lucy star dress based on power

Oh, this is a hard one! But I’ll try, nonny! ^^ I assume you’re talking about raw power?

We still haven’t seen the Capricorn dress, so, unfortunately, I won’t be able to include it.

I’ll first rate each one of them and then rank them. ^^ Whatever is in quotations comes from the Fairy Tail wiki.

Aries. The Aries star dress allows Lucy to use Aries’ Wool Magic, which means she’s able to create and manipulate wool that “covers opponents by distracting them, sending them into a relaxed and comfortable state.” In terms of raw power, Aries’ magic is weak, average at best. Its real power lies in immobilizing opponents. If Lucy’s able to use that and get it to a next level, let’s say, she’s able to manipulate, hypnotize, control her enemies, then this star dress’ rating goes up. So I’d say in terms of raw power, the Aries star dress gets 3-4/10, but if Lucy takes Aries’ powers a bit further and if we don’t just consider raw power, the rating goes to 7-8/10 (controlling opponents is pretty useful and cool).

Taurus. This star dress form is probably gonna get the first place when it comes to raw power. Taurus is tall, muscular and extremely strong. In this star dress form, Lucy, naturally, is granted his great strength. We’ve seen her destroy the ground around herself easily and throw powerful punches at her enemies. She doesn’t get to use Taurus’ massive axe or some form of it, but she gets to use her characteristic whip, which grants her even more strength and versatility in close-to-mid range combat. I’d rate the Taurus star dress with 10/10, because we’re rating raw power. But as an overall rating, I’d give it 8-9/10, because it lacks in defense and long range combat (which is kinda debatable, actually, since her powerful ground punches send waves in mid to long range).

Gemini. Ahhh, a star dress we’ve seen almost nothing of and by the looks of it, it’ll stay that way. Gemini’s Copy Magic is more useful for gathering information, deceit, and generally spy-like actions than for a hand-to-hand combat. In that sense, Gemini’s star dress would be rated 2-3/10. But this is also the dress that would possibly present Lucy with the most opportunities and freedom in battle than any other star dress form. I’m going into headcanon territory here, but in this form, Lucy would be able to copy anyone’s magic and thoughts (as long as they’re around her level in terms of magic power). This, combined with her strategic approach to battles, quick thinking, cleverness and imagination, would help her turn any battle into her favor. So if we consider the endless possibilities this dress could present to our celestial princess, its rating goes up to 8-9/10.

Cancer. Another beautiful star dress. Actually, all her star dresses are beautiful, but that’s not the point of this post. ^^ In this form, Lucy gets Cancer’s dexterity and is also able to use “a pair of normal blades, in a way reminiscent of a pair of scissors”. I imagine she lacks a bit in strength, but the super speed she possesses in the Cancer star dress form pretty much makes up for it. It kind of reminds me of a rogue class in some RPG. She goes for the “quick kill”, but if it comes to a prolonged battle, she’s not exactly in her element. So I’d say in terms of raw power it gets 6-8/10, depending on just how skillful she gets to be with the blades and if she can change them to some other similar weapon. Overall, I’d give it the same rating, because rogue classes usually lack high raw power, long range capability and defense, but managing to properly utilize their strength and speed can make you an extremely powerful hero. Plus, I’ve always had a soft spot for rogues. ^^

Leo. Leo is the leader of the 12 Golden Zodiac Keys and as such is extremely powerful. His magic, Regulus, “is mainly used to boost Loke’s melee performance, empowering his physical attacks with wakes of destructive light, which are produced from his unarmed blows in a fashion similar to a lion clawing at its prey”. In this star dress form, Lucy pretty much gets to do the same - she uses Regulus to imbue parts of her body so that she can do enhanced melee damage. In addition to that, Lucy is probably able to use Loke’s other Light spells. So, basically, in this star dress form she is awesome at melee, but can also cover mid-to-long range with her magic. Loke is also an expert in hand-to-hand combat, so Lucy should be able to make use of that when in Leo form. Considering all this, in terms of raw power it seems natural to give it a pretty high rating. However, I first wanna consider the star dress itself. In Taurus form, Lucy’s outfit looks comfortable enough for her to fight in close combat. In Leo form, however, she’s equipped with a dress, which, although is pretty damn beautiful, is not exactly the best outfit for melee combat. This also implies that it is meant to be used more for mid-to-long range, where it would also perform pretty well. That, I think, might be intentional. Lucy and Loke’s plan is to fight together. Leo will mostly cover close range, while Lucy will focus on mid-to-long range. With that being said, I’d still give the dress a pretty high overall rating, actually, 10/10. It’s a balanced dress that can be used in pretty much any situation. But in terms of raw power, I think it gives way to the Taurus star dress, if only by a little.

//Ok, the Leo star dress really gave me a hard time, but I hope my reasoning //makes sense.

Virgo.Virgo exhibits great prowess in Earth Magic, with her form of Earth Magic revolving around the creation of holes.“ In Virgo form, Lucy gets access to that type of magic and depending on whether or not she can use it in other forms different than the creation of holes, this star dress’ rating will vary. If she gets to use just this type of Earth Magic, that means Lucy will have to look for a more strategic approach to battles when equipped in it. Virgo is also well-versed in hand-to-hand combat and can use Chain and Transformation Magic. From what I can tell, I doubt Lucy would be able to use those two other types of magic (she doesn’t have chains around her wrists like Virgo does and after all, isn’t the Star Dress spell a form of transformation anyway?), but I’m pretty sure she gets to be super awesome in close combat. In terms of raw power, it’s probably 7-8/10, with an overall rating depending on just how many forms of Earth Magic she gets access to, but let’s assume it goes up a notch to 8-9/10.

Scorpio. This is a Spirit we haven’t seen much of, but the Scorpio star dress form quickly became a fan-favorite. “In relation to his scorpion theme, Scorpio is known for employing Sand Magic as his primary means of combat. He is shown casting such Magic through the use of his scorpion-like stinger, using it to produce sand which is focused to assault opponents at mid-to-long range.” That means Lucy would excel in mid-to-long range, but just like in Leo’s star dress case, the way the dress looks implies it is made to be used together with Scorpio with Lucy focusing more on close combat. From what we’ve seen of it, the star dress grants the user enhanced speed, which means that Lucy would rely on quick and decisive hits in a hand-to-hand combat. Also, out of all the star dresses we’ve seen, it looks like the Scorpio one is one of the very few that don’t lack in defense (well, if we don’t count the exposed back of the user). Considering all of this, I’d say in terms of raw power the dress would get 6-7/10, mainly because Scorpio specializes in mid-to-long range, but it looks like Lucy will have to utilize his powers in close combat. Overall, the rating goes up a bit to 7-8/10, because of my argument for the defense and the fact that Lucy should still be able to use Sand Magic when necessary.

Sagittarius. I think the Sagittarius dress has been equipped the most so far, maybe coming second only to the Taurus one. Sagittarius doesn’t seem to be able to use magic, but he compensates by being an incredibly accurate and skillful archer, useful in long-range combat where his talent is most evident. I don’t think we’ve seen him use any special arrows, but in Sagittarius form, Lucy’s been shown to not only be a marksman specialist, but also to deploy multiple energy arrows, taking Sagittarius’ “teachings” a bit further. We’ve seen them fight sight by sight in some of the Dragon Cry trailers, which means that, unlike Leo and Scorpio’s case, both the user and the Spirit focus only on long range combat. Still, the fact that Lucy’s able to manipulate the number and possibly the form of the arrows she uses means the raw power of this star dress goes up a bit. I’d say it gets a rating 7-8/10 in terms of raw power, but that rating goes down a bit, 6-7/10, when we consider Lucy lacks in defense and close combat when she’s in this form.

Aquarius. We’re all aware of the destructive potential of Aquarius’ Water Magic. However, it is much like an AoE spell - the user can hardly control who gets hit and who doesn’t. Most of the time, everybody in a certain range gets swept away by it. Maybe Lucy gets more control over that in the Aquarius star dress, but she still lacks in defense and close combat. So in terms of raw power, this dress gets an easy 9-10/10, but the overall rating goes down to, I don’t know, 5-6/10, unless we’re shown more of what Lucy can do in this star dress form.

Ok. In terms of raw power, my ranking would be:

1. Taurus/Leo - it’s still hard for me to choose, but as I already said, the Taurus form has an advantage here.

2. Aquarius.

3. Sagittarius/Virgo.

4. Cancer/Scorpio.

5. Aries.

6. Gemini.

Overall ratings:

1. Leo.

2. Taurus/Virgo/Gemini

3. Sagittarius/Scorpio

4. Aries/Cancer - those two don’t get the third place only because what Lucy can do in these forms is mainly based on speculation.

5. Aquarius.

Keep in mind that we’ve seen almost nothing of some of the star dresses. Ratings may vary. I may be wrong about some or a lot of my speculations. But that’s my take on her star dresses. ^^

Not to mention I’m dying to see the Capricorn star dress in the manga and I’m a bit sad I couldn’t rate it. T_T So this is my question for you: how would you rate Lucy’s Capricorn star dress based on your own speculations about what she’s able to do when using it? ^^

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I started rereading original SoC out of boredom and the thought of seeing them all again in s4 with your insanely improved writing and storytelling is killing me. I love what you're doing here ❤️

There is quite a drastic difference isn’t there? Especially in the earlier gens. Hahah I sort of regret adding some of the original dialogue word for word in yesterdays posts. Oh well, lessoned learned. I won’t be doing that again.

I wish there was a more meaningful phrase than Thank You. It doesn’t even begin to express how much your messages mean to me. All the comments, messages, debates really help to strengthen my writing.

I appreciate you and everyone so much ♡

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Congrats on the follower milestone! If you're so inclined, I would certainly love to see your take on a Rebelcaptain cuddle post proposal. :0D

Takes place after this, I couldn’t resist :-)

Jyn was honestly surprised by Cassian’s reaction (not that she was affected in the least bit by Han’s ribbing) but as he held her close, his breath soft against her neck, she grew more and more relieved. The tension in her shoulders dissipated, and she tightened her hold around him in return.

“I didn’t know, I mean, I never thought- I just-” Cassian was sputtering, talking fast and stumbling over his words.

“You weren’t sure of me?” she asked quietly into his shirt, not wanting to meet his eyes.

Cassian pulled back, tipped her chin up to fix her gaze. “I wanted you to be sure. I’ve been sure about it for a long time.” he smiled, a crooked, beautiful smile that Jyn could never get enough of.

She was glad of it. She was glad there was no more tiptoeing, no more questioning glances and no more elephants in the room. No more weird looks from Bodhi, no more rolled eyes from Han, no more knowing smirks from Chirrut.

She grabbed a fistful of his shirt and pulled him once again to her, resting her cheek against his chest. He hummed happily, his arms tight around her, fingers pressing lightly against her spine. She could live like this, she thought, with arms like this, to welcome her home.

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Hi!! I'm a confused YOI fan wondering what I missed while I was gone for a week... everyone on my dash is screaming about mila and antis?? and I saw you posting a little bit about it so I thought you could tell me. Thank you!


It is all going back to a tweet from Kubo about what drama might happen in the future, mentioning how at Saint Petersburg there are lovey-dovey Victuri and Yakov who might be trying to get back with Lilia and Georgi is Georgi and Mila MIGHT get a crush on Otabek and Yuri would be surrounded by all this like ‘don’t everyone ignore/forget about Yuri’

Many of us have treated it like the silly thing it is supposed to be, but there are otayuri fans out actually scared they’ll get a forced canon otamilla and you can imagine @ntis jumping onto this idea very enthusiastically…

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You know those days wheee you're like, "Oh, look, @lajulie is liking my stuff and posting cool stuff on my dash. I like her so much, she's so consistently good as a person and writer"? Because I do. They happen a lot, but today I thought I'd say it. ^^

What? Oh-my-goddess, GCFB, I’m blushing. Thank you.

I am consistently impressed with the cool stuff the people I follow are posting, so it’s fun to share. And I love being in a little Star Wars-y writing place with such wonderful people. AAACK it’s so great.

“Good person and good writer” is the highest of praise in my book. I definitely try (I know, there is no–shut up, Yoda). So thank you. And I think you’re pretty damned rad yourself.

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Looooiiiins~ Do you have any tips for an aspiring fanfiction writer, such as myself? Your such an amazing writer! :)

Oh man, thank you so much! I feel unqualified to give anybody tips about, like, anything, but here are a few things that I personally feel are really important to writing good fic:

  • Characters! They need to be believable as people. You know when you’re reading a fic and the dialogue and thought processes of the characters are so removed from real life and real ways of thinking/speaking that it just kind of jars you and you lose interest or investment? It doesn’t matter if I’m writing the most fantastical high fantasy with the most unreal concepts, or the most ridiculous crack you’ve ever read, I’m absolutely still going to ground my characters in reality. Yes they are in ridiculous situations, but how would real people react to those ridiculous situations? On the other side of the spectrum, you can be writing something in a totally mundane setting (i.e. the award-winning fic Inc.) and you can make it a story with pretty much just characters alone. Characters are always the main focus of my writing energy, and often my plot kind of forms around them.
  • Give the audience something new and interesting, something that’s not going to be written off immediately by potential readers as “just another ___ au.” People make split-second decisions about whether or not they want to read a fic. Give them reason to pause, either with a creative concept or a creative presentation, or just something that will make them pause and think, huh, interesting. And hey, I love tropes as much as the next guy, so put a new twist on it, approach it from a different way, flip it on its head. With the amount of fic in this fandom now, it’s really easy for fics to get buried, so make yours sparkle. Make them notice. 
  • Know where you’re headed! This is PURELY my personal experience and I know people write differently, but I cannot start to publish a fic before most of it is already written. Or planned at the very least. And this is because for me, again just ME PERSONALLY, the finished product of a fic is just so fucking different than what I started out with. So different, in fact, that I often need to go back and edit my characters in earlier scenes to make them more consistent, or consider how new plot points would affect them. Or, I’ll think of some really great idea or parallel or reference that I go back and add to an earlier part of it, and people are like wow, she had it all planned out from the beginning! And guess what? I 1000% did not. When I have most of the story finished before I start to publish chapters, I think it gives it a much more cohesive feel.
  • If you’re getting stuck on something, fucking skip it. Skip that scene, hell skip that SENTENCE that is jammed in your brain, just always move forward. Like, personally, I really struggle with 1) descriptive non-dialogue portions and 2) smut. So my rough draft is kind of like a skeleton, all dialogue and notes about what I want to happen but don’t have the brain power to write just yet. When you slow down, you sink! Keep moving!
  • Don’t give into the little voice in your head that says your writing sucks! I am going to tell you something, I have impulsively deleted/abandoned things I’ve written before in a moment of insecurity, and I really regretted it. Take a step back from it, sleep on it, send it to someone else so they can look at it with fresh eyes. Of course when you’ve read your own sentence a million times before, it’s not going to sound as good or as fresh as it did at first. It’s easy to get bogged down and start to despair, but sometimes your own brain is the biggest asshole.

I hope this isn’t just a total waste of a read, but really man, wishing you all the best with your writing! Kick ass!

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That post about Jon's first words being mother upset me so much and Jon's relationship (or lack of) with Cat is literally one of the most fascinating in the show. I don't think either of them hate the other because they aren't capable of that hate (Jon certainly isn't) unless its at Joffrey or Ramsay. With Jon I always imagined that even as he went to the Wall, he never hated her because a small part of him always clung to the hope that the only mother figure in his life would one day love him

the thought of that cuts quite deep :(  show!catelyn (bless michelle’s superb acting) certainly convinced me she hated him. the venom in her eyes when jon went to say good bye to bran could kill (again michelle was amazing). i can’t remember how it was in the books but, but in the show, jon was an angel and i think would’ve jumped into her arms if she opened them for an embrace like for her own kids. 

The dread, in me

Taking form in those around

I keep seeing- Blood Mother, ravaging youth

With smells of sherry dripping from her lips

For a moment I think, ‘she is what’s wrong with me,’

Oh Brother, you-

Tonight, you said: “You are bottling up.”

In between words, crease of brows and a sucking lip

You asked: “Are you alright?”

(I’ve spilled, vomiting emotion that just poured and poured

Watched them spiral down the drain on water I hoped washed sin so easy)

But Brother, you-

I want to teach you to sharpen teeth

To be a snarled lip wildling 

Yet, in the curl of your fingers and wrists

I remember a rush on fields of spring packed dirt, carrying me away

And I know, even now

Love, will be the last sin I ever breathe

Because Brother, you-

Flash teeth, so quick, between sweet cheeks

I remember- you are a tool, crafted of this house

Another cursed hex to trip my running feet

- Before I Go // N.A 

Dedicated to @stunningfandoms ; Based off of Sirius Black

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(relating to your dnp post) same with me. when I first heard saw their name was spinning around and I thought they were the 'iconic YouTube twins' (yes, twins, don't ask). They seemed too pretentious and overpowering for me because so many comments sections were filled with them I was like 'oh god they're everywhere'. but then I started watching a few videos in 2015 and now I realise that stereotype was just a stereotype and that they r nice ppl. soz for the rant just wanted to share my opinion.

This is basically me with every people I’ve ever followed, I always don’t want to follow them cuz everyone like them and after a few months I regret everything 


I cannot believe this has happened guys! Like ahhhhh omg! It makes me so happy when I open a message and I find out that people find my blog useful or even as simple as they love my blog. I am honestly shook with how many followers are supporting me.


Originally posted by everythingstarstuff

So, usually I would give a shout out to those whom made it possible that I made it to this many followers. But- I thought it would be good to try something else. Just for the special occasion of 1.5K followers. A couple of post ago I accounted that I was going to reveal my face yep, you guess it. That is happening today.

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Some of you would be wondering….. “Bertie, why did you leave it until today?” Well to answer that question, it was because I didn’t think my blog was going to become this popular. But now that it has… I do not want to have a disconnection with my followers. I want to remind everyone I am simply just an imperfectly perfect human in my own way.

Drumroll please!

Originally posted by canwehaveapooldad

In 3… 2… 1!

Here is me. Little Bertie showing you littleboy-things! So ah yeah there you go… Okay, I’m going to hide forever now.

zelinxia replied to your post: Lol t*r*on*ce has done it again. Saying Hot Love…

Heck even in one interview, Suwabe has said he does not like to give his own personal thoughts on Viktor’s actions and behaviors. But when he brought up this scene? He teased “oh but he may have interesting kind of feelings here…”

TBH Suwabe’s said some kind of weird things about Victor (ergo Toyonaga about Yuuri), but TBF for both of them the interviews I’ve read with them have mostly been translated by T so eh, I should probably disregard them anyway. 

Seiyuu comments mean absolutely nothing though, of course. They have no input on script and story and their stuff is recorded before animation is even done, so yeah.

But that is interesting. Hmmm! 

(Leo and Guang Hong’s seiyuu OTOH? Went FULL FANBOY over the kiss and went on about how they need to get married asap.) 

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Okay so (brace yourself) What would the main characters (Izuku, Fire and ice dude who's name I can never remember, ect.) do if they found out their s/o adopted a kiddo and didn't tell them?

A kiddo?! I have never thought or seen of headcanons like that… except for pets, but that’s a different story.  But this will be fun to write! Oh his name is Todoroki haha. I actually wanted to include short scenarios in this, but It would be a really long post then.I’ll probably switch some characters up in this. - Admin Dabi

Izuku Midoryia

  • No doubt Izuku/Deku would freak out. He might even pass out due to the panicking. He doesn’t have much experience in taking care of kids before, but does have experience in saving them. ( ̶K̶o̶u̶t̶a̶&̶E̶r̶i̶ )
  • Passes out again because his s/o didn’t tell them and he trusted theme!
  • He would want to talk to s/o separately and then as a family, discussing what is allowed, how they work around the house, etc. He wants his adopted kid to feel at home and apart of their little family. Treating them like another person is unacceptable.

Todoroki Shouto

  • He is BEYOND speechless, he wouldn’t know how to react to this honestly. So he might stand there in silence and wouldn’t say anything until he feels he’s confident about it.
  • He would just tell his s/o to give him some space and leave him in their room to think about it, he needs to think this through. He doesn’t want to upset his s/o or do anything that he will regret afterwards. 
  • Eventually, he will agree to keep their adoptive child because he wants to give them everything that they didn’t have like him.

Katsuki Bakogou

  • Deep down, he’s pretty much scared, he isn’t used to having another person in his life at the moment. All he needed was s/o and he would become jealous if he didn’t have any attention as much anymore. He would be silent about it.
  • He would ask them, “Are you REALLY, ABOSLUTELY, POSTIVELY sure you want to keep him/her??” repeatedly to get an clear answer. 
  • He tries to convince his s/o that it would be hard for them, cost losts of money and all that for a bit. If they don’t budge then he would be quiet about it again.
  • Feels bad that he didn’t catch the hints that his s/o wanted to start a family, so he eventually agrees and wants them over what would be best, etc

Fumikage Tokoyami

  • Wait… what… s/o adopted a kid… what if they are scared of me?! Tomoyami would just question everything, what if they would never see him as a father because of his bird form? What if they don’t accept him, etc etc.
  • He will remain his calm composure in this situation, freaking out wouldn’t really help him answer accordingly. He would just sigh and talk with them, he would be the most calmest one and accept that his s/o wants a family.

Uraraka Ochako

  • “A-a kid??? Am I dreaming, I’m not dreaming right?!?! Please tell me I’m dreaming! Ahahah-” And then she would faint after thinking too much about it with them swirly eyes.
  • After she walks up, she would walk around the room and even a few blocks for quite awhile, thinking to herself. She would then accept the fact that her s/o wants a family. She would be very supportive of the idea of having a kid into their family then.
  • Comes back and gives her s/o and her new child a big hug and tell them that she is supportive of them no matter what happens.

Momo Yaoyorozu

  • Momo wouldn;t freak out or anything like that, she would just shrug it off and become very supportive of her s/o’s decision in adopting a kid.
  • She would think of MANY ideas and discusses about decorating the rooms for the kid, what is your favorite color?  We’re going to paint it! what kind of things would you want in your room, etc etc.
  • Would take them out and buy LOTS of things to support them because she’s pretty much wealthy, ohhhh she’s been dreaming of this day ever since. 

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13 & 15 for wishshipping? c:

13. Who makes the first move to cuddle? 

With these two, I don’t think either would shy away with showing each other affection! But, honestly, I think Jounouchi would be the one who would make the first move more often. Jounouchi is so affectionate towards Yugi, I don’t think he can resist having Yugi close to him. I can totally see him just laying his head in Yugi’s lap, or pulling Yugi into him on movie night.

15. Who likes to wear the other’s sweaters?

Oh, my mind goes straight to clothing thief Yugi because of this post. But I like to imagine Jounouchi randomly throwing on one of Yugi’s fave shirts or sweaters, maybe in an attempt to get his clothes back. I also love the thought of it because Yugi is smol, so he probably wears like an XS? And Jounouchi probably wears something like a medium and so the sweater would look like a tight, slightly cropped top, baseball tee on Jou.

Yugi: Katsuya? Are you wearing my sweater?!?!?

Jounouchi: There was nothing else to wear! It was either this or go shirtless. My clothes keep mysteriously disappearing, who knows why THATS happening! If only I could find my clothes, then maybe I could spare this shirt. It IS your favorite right?

*Yugi leaves and returns with an arm full of different articles of clothing*

Jounouchi: That’ll probably last me a week. I should probably hang onto this one, just in case.

*Yugi leaves and returns with an enture box full of clothing this time. Not all of it is Jounouchi’s*

Jounouchi: There we go.