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Lucky I Love You // Bucky Barnes

Summary: Bucky loves to tell you he loved you even if you don’t know the way he means it until he finally tells you.

Characters: Reader x Bucky Barnes, and Steve Rogers (mentioned).

Words: 782

Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel or the characters.

Warnings: Fluff.

Requested: No.

Author: Mina

A/N: Ok, so this is Mina and its my first time posting on this group page, I’ve been procrastinating for like 4 months so this is the end result!


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Originally posted by bovaria

“That’s disgusting, you’re lucky I love you.” Bucky rolled his eyes.

You shrugged and continued eating the orange sherbet with chocolate chips, not even pausing when Bucky said he loved you. Yeah, that was a normal and casual thing he’d say, plus he was your closest friend.

The movie was pretty good, surprisingly, ‘Kong: Skull Island’ had a fantastic cast, not to mention the eye candy Loki look-alike main lead, excellent plot, and great screen effects.

And this was your day off from any field assignments so it was safe to say you were fully taking advantage of it. Crumbs of chips on your shirt, cookies on the table by your feet, empty Chinese takeout containers, and your unique but tasty sherbet in your hands.

Glancing at Bucky from the corner of your eye you found him glancing at you, turning your head to face him you laughed with a mouth full of sherbet “What’s up?”

He shook his head and looked back at the screen, “Ew, did you really have to show me that. I seriously don’t understand how or why you like that abomination of ice cream.”


“Sherbet, ice cream, sorbet, you kids got fancy names for the same thing.”
“Oh my gawd! Will you leave me alone? I don’t like you anymore.”

“Hah! As if! I love you too much to leave you alone!” leaping from the other side of the couch to hug your side tightly Bucky grinned widely.

You tried to push him off, “Will you go, you’re extremely heavy, something you’ve never heard of!”

That made him squeeze you tighter as he laughed “Stop being a little asshole, I am perfect JUST the way I am, don’t body-shame me.”

His hands trailed underneath your arms, your eyes widened in horror “Don’t you fucking dare James Buchanan Barnes! I will call mom!”

A chilling smirk and darkening blue eyes told you he didn’t care, and he pretty much confirmed it, “Steve ain’t home love.”

Suddenly he began to tickle you, shrieks and giggles erupted from your lips and laughter spilled from the soldier’s mouth. He held your arms above your head as his other hand furiously tickled under your arms, then your stomach, waist, and by then you were out of breath with tears streaming down your cheeks.

“Damn, you’re breathing hard from this? Someone needs to lay off the chips” Bucky chuckled.

Giving him the middle finger he pretended to raise his hands to tickle you again stopping when he heard your high pitched shriek


You both laughed till you were red in the face, and you realized his hips still straddled your waist and his cheeks were flushed, and his eyes were darker than usual.

“Hey you ok-“

“How come you never say anything when I tell you I love you?” He interrupted quickly.

You froze.


“How come you never pay attention when I say I love you, I’m not joking. I really love you.”

“Dude! All those times you’ve said it casually to me when we’re doing stupid shit! How am I supposed to know!? Wait wait, so that time when I shoved chopsticks up my nose to make you laugh and you said that, the one time when I gave you an ultimate wedgie and you threatened me that the only reason you weren’t going to because you liked me too much, the time when we got arrested, and when we pranked Steve and Tony, all those times you meant that?” you exclaimed.

Nodding Bucky looked at you “I didn’t really know how to tell you and I thought saying it casually would work but you kept on laughing it off or ignoring what I said.”

“Huh…. Interesting.” You concluded

“Seriously? That’s it?” he said exasperatedly

“I’m not good with lovey-dovey crap, that’s why I’m single and why I act like a doofus! Look, I’m’a be straight with you, I like you, a lot. Just not good with saying it.” You blurted as you twiddled your thumbs.

Bucky raised his eyebrow and squinted at you, “Yeah, you’re really not good at it.”

You sat up “Well look who’s talkin’! Who was the one who kept saying it at the most ridiculous times! Most people would think it a joke like I did!”

He scoffed, “Whatever helps you sleep at night.”

“Hot chocolate and binge watching movies.”


“That helps me sleep at night.”

“I didn’t mean, I give up. You’re lucky I love you.”

“Awwwww is someone getting frustrated?”

“Why do I get the feeling I’ll never be able to get rid of you.”

“Because you love me too much.”

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Sick Day

Request: “Can I please request some fluff where reader takes care of Credence when he is sick? He deserves so much love xx”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 744 (a short lil thing sorry)

Warnings: mentions of self-harm

A/n: i know this is short n shitty but I just needed to get back into the swing of writing bc I’ve been so overcome by uni work :’(

There was a lake. It was brilliant, and seemed to reflect the shifting colours of the rainbow as the sun hit the still water. You were reaching for it, and your fingers had almost skimmed across the water until you were ripped into a fleeting world of darkness to the sound of something loud. Your eyes fluttered open with a groan, and you rubbed the sleep out of them as you rose in your bed. You squinted against the drawn curtains, your arms naturally sliding across to your right. You sat up when you realized the sheets were bare.

“Credence?” You called groggily. The only reply you got was the flushing of the toilet. You hopped up, entering the scene with caution as the door was left wide open. You found your boyfriend kneeling over the toilet, his head hung weakly over the bowl.

“I’m in here.” He spoke quietly, his words muffled by the white porcelain. Your heart ached at the sight of his pale, shivering face as he lifted it to greet you.

“Oh you poor thing.” You cooed, sitting down beside him. “Are you sick?”

Credence nodded, wiping his mouth on his sleeve.

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one thing that will never stop being funny to me is how kiyo is extremely super cautious about zatch’s magical lightning powers at the beginning of the manga, to the point where he causes zatch to be super depressed and runs away because kiyo causes him to believe he’s only a danger to others

there’s an armed bank robbery with several hostages, where many lives, including the life of the sole person in his entire school that even remotely likes him, are on the line. he comes up with this convoluted plan to lure the robbers near a pole to knock them out with an electric shock. the attack ends up being a direct attack by accident, so he then runs up to the robbers out of serious concern that he didn’t kill them and he’s visibly relieved when he realizes he didn’t

later on in the manga, though?? it doesn’t matter if you’re an ally, if you piss kiyo off, he gives ZERO shits. oh, you’re folgore, and you’re happily singing about how much you love tiddies?? expect a fresh, steaming hot ZAKERU aimed directly at you

does this look like a face of mercy to you??

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Fanfic anon here! I've been on an AU binge so I have scrolled past so many HS AUs and the tag system and summaries tells me about the story before I have to suffer :) Anyway, I appreciate your story because it doesn't spend paragraphs describing Dean's godlike beauty that poor plain Castiel can't hope to match etc. Like, they are both good-looking guys and if we're honest Dean is prob the one that goes "Oh shit he's hot!" first. In any case I don't think Cas has issues with his own appearance.

Dean is probably bemused about why Cas likes him, if anything :D Boy’s a pile of self-esteem issues and we don’t have saving people from monsters to distract him in this AU. 

And yeah, I agree, Cas doesn’t have any issue with his appearance - I don’t think Cas in canon has any concept of what makes some people more good looking than others and no reason to care… In an AU it’s hard to get some Cas things down translating from angel to human but assuming he’s got no real stake in all the social blah blah blah about gender, appearance or sexuality is a good start :P 

You’re making me awfully tempted to make Cas belatedly realise 56,000 words in that Dean has green eyes though.

Honey Bear Appreciation

Because someone @sukiieeeee was a little salty over my Shownu post because she thinks I torture her too (It’s not torture if you like it Noy). I don’t even know why I am making this for you when almost all these gifs are yours anyways but oh well! I will now be making a post of favorite sides of Lee Jooheon! I will also tag @ayeyojooheon because she deserves to be in on this too!

If I talk about Jooheon I can’t not mention No Mercy Era Jooheon! He did so much damage to my soul!! Hot damn Honey! And if I could choose one outfit for him to wear for the rest of his life it would be this one. The thighs man the gawd damn thighs!

Scaredy Cat/Whiney/Overdramatic Honey! 

Adorable/Silly/Carefree/Cutie Jooheon!!

Jooheon in snapbacks!! Oh Lawd!!

That smile and them dimples!!

Any and all Showjoo father and son moments!!

But I’m also weak for the Honeypup ship too!!

And who doesn’t love Wonkyun? Little brother line!

And since @sukiieeeee is the Jooheonie to my Sharpgunhee

I hope you enjoyed loves!!!!

So I just made an almost midnight trip down to the petrol station in my pyjamas because I had an intense need for ribena and it gave me the cutest idea for a wolf star AU

  • so Sirius is a university student
  • and Remus is also a university student, except he pulls night shifts at the local petrol station/off license/supermarket/wherever to help pay for things
  • so one night Sirius James and Peter, who share a flat probbly paid for by james’ parents or something, are all staying up late drinking (as ever) and at about midnight drunk Sirius decides that he HAS TO GO GET RIBENA RIGHT NOW
  • Sirius you twat it’s midnight the shops are fucking shut why do you want bloody ribena
  • and Sirius pulls on his boots and puts his motorbike jacket on over his pjs and walks ten minutes down the road, staggering ever so slightly
  • and of course our favourite cardigan wearing dork is working that night
  • one moment he’s falling asleep at the counter and the next the most attractive bloke he’s ever seen staggers in to the shop and starts staring at the shelves muttering
  • “can I help you sir?” Remus tries to hide the blush creeping up his face
  • “’IM FINE THANKS I GOT THIS” Sirius shouts as he grabs 5 cartons of ribena from the shelf
  • Remus blinks for a second and takes in the guy before him, PUGS NOT DRUGS pyjamas and all, desperately trying to think of a chat up line before the guy leaves
  • “I like your pyjamas” he mutters as he scans the drinks
  • ‘oh yeah great chat up line that one, he must be woo-ed off his feet’ Remus thinks, wanting to punch himself
  • Sirius smirks at him, tossing his glossy hair
  • “what’s underneath them is even better mate” he says, slurring his words a little, with a wink as he pays
  • Remus blushes bright red and stutters as Sirius laughs and leaves the shop
  • next morning when hung over Sirius shuffles in again, this time fully dressed and with large black sunglasses covering his eyes, Remus, who hasn’t clocked out yet sees him again and smiles
  • Sirius buys bottles of water, pain killers and cheese and when he gets to the counter his eyes widen as he remembers what he said
  • “good morning, no ribena this time I see” Remus says with a laugh, flicking his curly hair out of his eyes and pulling his big baggy cardigan sleeves back up
  • this time it’s sirius’s turn to go bright red because holy shit this guy is hot
  • Sirius laughs and apologises, trying to play it smooth despite his hangover
  • “hey I’m sorry if I made a strange first impression last night… Remus,“ he says reading remus’s name tag
  • "that’s fine, it was the most interesting thing that happened all night anyway” Remus replies casually with a smirk
  • ‘Was that casual?Did i sound casual? Oh god can he see me blushing?’ is what Remus is thinking at that moment
  • "I’d love the chance to see if my second impression will go any better” Sirius says again with a coy smile
  • Remus blushes slightly again but is still smiling
  • “I don’t even know your name, though you know mine”
  • “Sirius Black of The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black at your service” he says with a small flourish of his hand
  • he sounds grand despite his obvious hangover
  • Remus grins
  • “well then Sirius, I’d love a second impression. I clock off in a minute, coffee?“
Cold Coffee

Title: Cold Coffee

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings/Tags: a disgusting amount of fluff, cold coffee (okay not a warning, but I rarely let coffee get cold-what kind of monster doesn’t drink their coffee while it’s hot?! Iced coffee is different of course)

Word Count: 481

A/N: I’m dedicating this fluffiness to @imthehoneyyourethebee who’s needs a little pick me up today!  xoxo

Sun was peeking through the curtains of the motel room as Y/N began to stir.  She had fallen asleep doing research again and found a couple of files by her side and littering the floor.  Her, now cold, coffee was sitting on the nightstand along with some bottles of water.

As she began to shift, she felt the weight of someone else in the bed next to her.  Sam?  She gently rotated onto her back.  He was on his side, one arm under her pillow and the other one now settled on her stomach.  Smiling to herself, she reached up and pushed a tendril of hair out of his face, causing him to stir.

Slowly, Sam blinked his eyes open seeing Y/N in such close proximity confused him momentarily.  “Hi,” he said as he rolled to his back with a stretch and yawn, “how’d we end up here?” he smiled turning back to look at Y/N.

“I was wondering the same thing myself,” she laughed, “not that I mind,” she added, “I just don’t even remember falling asleep.”

“No,” he pulled her to him, “I don’t mind either, it’s nice.”  He buried his face in her neck and hair and she could feel him dozing again.

“Hey!  No going back to sleep it’s…” she craned her neck to look at the clock, “almost 8:30 we should get this stuff cleaned up and moving.”

“Mhmm,” he mumbled against her, “we probably should.”

She had to admit that this was nice.  Y/N had a major crush on Sam and had been afraid to act on or say anything.  But now, from the way he was acting, it was pretty safe to say that he maybe felt exactly the same.  “Hey…”she gave him a gentle elbow before turning to face him.

“May I help you?” he teased, brushing hair out of her face.

Y/N gave a giggle, “Well, just curious, but do you…” she wasn’t quite sure how to word her thoughts, “I mean…”

“Do I like you?” he finished.  Sam had also been harboring feelings for Y/N and it wasn’t often she was with them on hunts.  Generally she stayed at the bunker researching and he missed her terribly, even if it was only 24 hours.

She was a little surprised at his comment and laughed, “yeah…I think that’s what I’m trying to ask.”

“Yeah, yeah I do,” he pulled her tight to his chest, “and I’m not ready to get up yet.  One more hour.” he stated and buried his face in her hair as she snuggled up to his neck.  “Oh and when we’re finished with this case, I’ll take you out for a hot cup of coffee instead of that cold crap on the nightstand.”  He pressed a kiss to the top of her head and started to drift back off.

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“I wanna go hoooome,” you groan. Jane turned grinned at you, her hands mindlessly and expertly adjusting the books on the shelf.

“Scott will be here in a bit, right?”

“I- uh yeah, he will,” you sighed and Jane smiled at you sympathetically.

“You know you’ve gotta tell him sooner or later,” she said. “I know.” was your only reply, until you said, “But it’s hard, you know?”


“If I tell him it can go one of two ways. One, he shares my feelings and we live happily ever after, or two, I fuck up our friendship and we never speak again, move on, and live the rest of our lives.”

Jane shrugged. “Well you’ve gotta tell him sometime.

“Yeah, I guess,” you waved your hand passively, “I’ll tell him… eventually.”

“Tell who what?”

You whirled around to find yourself looking into the beautiful blue eyes of the love of your life/best friend/Scott McCall.

“Oh, nothing,” Jane jumped in, coming to your rescue, “Just that Y/N finds our manager unbelievably attractive and wants to fuck him.”

“Jane!” you exclaimed, turning to glare at her, but silently thanking her with your eyes for the interruption.

“I-oh,” Scott said, looking uncomfortable and slightly dejected, “Um, right, so let’s go?”

“Oh, yeah, let me just clock out.” You scuttled away, glad to be out of the awkward situation. You placed your name tag in the drawer and clocked out.

“Let’s go.” You hooked your arm into Scott’s as he replied with a ‘yeah.’ “Bye, Jane!” you  called over your shoulder, walking out of the book store.

“Bye, Y/N!” she yelled back, “Good luck!”

You and Scott walked in silence for a bit before he blurted out, “Do you really think your manager is attractive?” You chuckled.

“I mean, yeah, he is,” you reasoned, “undeniably hot, but he’s kind of a douche.” Which was only half true.

Andrew, with his raven-colored, wind-swept hair, green eyes, and black rimmed glasses was probably one of the most beautiful human beings on the planet (present company excluded, of course). But he was also very sweet and friendly and kind to everyone, but you didn’t tell Scott that.

“Oh, ok,” Scott huffed.

“Awww, is someone jealous?” you stopped walking to face Scott, “Don’t worry Scotty, I won’t let him take up all my time like you do.” You gently ran your fingertips through his hair.

“It’s not that I’m jealous - well, ok, I am,” he started, “I-I just- I don’t know.” He sighed dejectedly, looking away.

“Scott,” you whispered, turning his face towards you with a touch of your hand, “What-what is it? What’s wrong?”

“I-I-,” he broke off, running his hands through his hair, “I-I can’t.” That’s how you knew he was upset, frustrated, and stressed. He couldn’t  form his thoughts into words. Which meant he would have to find some other way to show you. Which also meant-

You didn’t have time to finish your own train of thought due to the fact that Scott had grabbed your waist with one hand and pulled you to him. Your lips collided and it was unlike anything you ever experienced before. And it was wrong, oh it was so wrong, and you knew it. But his lips were so soft and so needy… And you wanted this. You wanted it so bad, for so long. You couldn’t stop.

Scott’s lips moved in sync with yours, fitting together like puzzle pieces, as if they were made for one another. One hand was tangled in your hair while the other was locked firmly around your waist, keeping you from moving.

Just as you brought your hands up to wrap around his neck and tangle in his hair, Scott pulled away. You were out of breath and unable to speak, the two of you, but Scott was still able to get two words out.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. With that he turned around and ran.

“Wait! NO, Scott!” you called after him. Your voice fell to a whisper. “Scott,

Come back.

Don’t go.”

part 2??

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om g the protecting from the cold one is so cute! would it be possible to add on inigo?

the tumblr icon change freaked me out, thought i deleted this ask for a second…my kokoro is going doki doki..

Inigo: He’s more sensitive to the cold than the average person. He’s completely bundled up, wearing at least five sweaters…how he has so many in possession, you don’t even know, until he explains that Olivia immediately purchased them all when he mentioned his little problem.

Of course now he can’t walk two inches without waddling. “It’s beautiful outside,” he says, his words mildly muffled by his scarves. He’s got two wrapped around his neck, in clashing colors of green and red, and nose redder than his scarf.

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Unexpectedly: Part 7

A neighbor!Dean x Reader/ AU drabble series

Master List

A/N: Here is the next part guys. It’s about to get hot & heavy up in here. I hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think. I love hearing from you! ♥

Word Count: 1,269
(yes, i know it’s not technically a drabble. oh well!)

- smut.
- language.
- always use a condom, kiddos!

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

Dean’s hands roamed up and under your soft, cotton shirt, the calluses on his fingers sending chills throughout your entire body, as he pulled you onto his lap. His hands were huge, his fingers like magic; just his touch sending you into a different dimension, making you forget you weren’t the only two people left on the planet. His lips kissed blazing trails from your neck to your collarbone, the dusting of scruff along his cheekbones scratching your skin. Every nerve in your body was alight, each new place his lips explored making you squirm for more.

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Dating Baekhyun would include
  • You two would butt heads about almost everything
  • - See ??
  • -Hush
  • - Does anyone ever listen to me
  • -Hush Bacon , hush 
  •  Kaebson !!!
  •  Chanyeol over at your house like all the time
  •  Constant teasing
  • silly stupid arguments
  • Sassy comebacks
  •  - Bring it on Bacon
  •  Long cuddle sessions and pillow talk before falling asleep
  • Him always taking good care of you, and putting you always before himself
  • Karaoke competitions
  • laughing at absolutely everything
  •  Having his arm around you 24/7 & always checking you out 
  •   “stop staring at me, baek”
  • - “i’m sorry! it’s just that you’re so beautiful i can’t help it”       
  •  Baekhyun always being a gentlemen
  • Him watching you instead of the movies
  • Holding you tight and refusing to let go whenever you both watch a horror movie
  • Receiving lengthy lectures about how wonderful you are when it’s you who’s feeling less than, or struggling with your self confidence
  • “If I win you have to kiss me, and if you win I have to kiss you. Deal?” “Deal.” 
  • His cocky little smirk that makes your stomach do flips
  • light switch dance
  •  Disney movies and many chick flicks
  • Cuddling while you force him to watch your favorite movies 
  • You would always be in bed together either wrestling (not a euphemism) or laying almost on top of him and playing with his fingers
  •  his soothing voice as he comforts you when you’re upset about not being able to see him
  • him telling you embarassing stories about the members 
  • phone calls at 2am
  • singing serenades and sweet lullabies until you fall asleep in his arms
  •  Well planned and unusual dates
  • -Is that what I think it is ?
  • - Yep
  • - HOW did you manage to get a life seized Gorilla ??
  • - Aesthetic 
  • Holding him at night cz he’s a cute little puppy who can’t sleep alone
  •  Double dates with kaisoo and chanyeol being the third wheel
  • Hip thrusts
  • Hands 
  • - How can someone have such pretty hands ? Those fingers thou
  • -Jealous much ?
  • - You bet
  • A lot of teasing, he loves making his partner crazy
  • Visiting his grandma’s house and lay tagging along
  • “I think grandma likes you more than me”
  • Sweet lingering kisses
  • Bone-crushing hugs whenever he comes back from tour
  • getting jealous incredibly easily.
  • You trying to make him jealous “kai is so hot”
  • “Kai is so hot omg nah nah nah”
  • “Yah, you’re only allowed to look at me.”
  • Oh u’re gonna regret that sweetheart
  • getting jealous incredibly easily.
  • *him staring at you* “What”
  • -I think I hurt my knees when I fell for u
  • You having stocks of  eyeliner cz it runs out pretty fast with baekhyun around
  • Trying to get him off of you when he clings to you like a child
  • You’re heart fluttering when he gives u suggestive look while playing piano
  • you :”we should get a puppy”
  • Baek :”you should stop haging out with jongin”
  • Him cheering u up without even trying cz he’s such a ray of sunshine
  • SNSD choreos dance
  • Vocal line having always high notes competition and u being the judge you choose him
  • The members complaining that u’re biased and u getting rewarded with a kiss
  • Beagle line making gagging noises and screaming get a room
  • Him singing out of tune on purpose to annoy you
  • Bugging you to come to the dorm everyday cz he misses u
  • “But I just saw you an hour ago”
  • never being bored with him because he’s an exciting ball of happy energy. 
  • His giggles
  • Stupid nicknames
  • Baekhyun with Glasses
  • Baekhyun with Beanies 
  • Rainbow baekhyun
  • -Will you still love me if I go bald ?
  • - maybe why ?
  • -This hair dye will be the end of me
  • When you both are alone on a romantic dinner date The beagle line is always over ready to destroy the moment
  • Baekhyun :”I really shouldn’t love you this much
  • you : “too bad , it’s too late for you to back out”
  • “baekyeol isn’t real, my otp is us “
  • “yeah im sure your otp is sebaek you both were getting it in that drama scene”
  • “yah who told you to watch it ? is it Chen ? god he’s so dead 
  • “sebaek is sealing so hard you guys would reach Eldorado anytime by now lol
  • “that’s it im moving out”

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realtalk ppl getting up in arms about age differences in the cedfia ship and you cannot TELL ME it wouldnt be cute for sofia to be like, thirteen and getting a really thoughtful christmas gift from cedric like a scarf charmed to keep her warm or some shit (light orchid colored, of course, and lil flower embroideries) and sofia just thinking “oh mr cedric’s so nice… and sweet to me… he’s so smart and knowledgeable and i can always trust him with everything…”

in the middle of dinner just eyes going freaky-wide thinking to herself OH NO I THINK HE’S HOT

cedric none the wiser he just thinks his christmas gift was REALLY GREAT and that is an ACCOMPLISHMENT A+

have some mwpp era wolfstar being giant dorks because i’m fluff trash: 

  • when sirius saw that basically all of remus’s clothes were in shreds he started leaving his own clothes around for remus to wear
  • and at first remus was all “sirius please i can’t take all these” but then he tries on one of sirius’s old sweaters and it smells so much of sirius that he doesn’t ever want to take it off
  • generally after that james and peter can’t find any way to get those sweaters off of remus 
  • but sirius is a couple of sizes bigger than remus so the sleeves always hang over remus’s hands and it drives sirius insane how effin cute his boyfriend is in a giant sweater with ruffled hair in the morning 
  • sirius always wants to cuddle with remus and remus always complains about it but he finds himself looking forward to it after a day of classes
  • remus doesn’t think it’s worth the time to fix his hair up in the morning before breakfast (he always does it in the rushed five minutes before classes start) so he shows up to breakfast with hair that curls at the edges and still sleepy eyes and sirius’s overly-large sweaters and sirius is torn between wanting to ravage him in the great hall or staying in bed with remus all day because remus looks adorable but also hot damn

do you know what i just realized i would love to have a scene where of some reason philip ends up with lukas’ bike and because lukas is in danger or philip thinks that he is or something philip takes the bike and he can like barely control it but he still goes really fast so he’ll get to lukas as quickly as possible and oh my god

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despite (or perhaps because of) the tag explicitly asking not to ask: OH MY GOD PLEASE TALK ABOUT YOUR JUGGALO AU?

oh good. i’m glad someone asked cause I think I’ve secretly (not secretly) been dying to talk about this. (most of yall are about to be thinking “@ god why”)

and I’m also tagging my pals @mob-lake @general-yolo and @kisskisscrush here cause they’ve helped form this au. (there are actually two AUs but I’ll stick with the first, kylux version)

Juggalo AU AKA Big Hot Bag of Trash AU

  • Kylo is a pornhub star with over 300 videos, all of him masturbating to Static X’s Push It. All the videos are under 2 minutes. Most of them feature him using fruit to masturbate. (he fucks a cantaloupe, yall)
  • He uses powerpoint style text (3d spin in and out, _ky10r3npr0duct1ons_) for his videos. 
  • He has three loyal viewers, Hux is one of them. He loves how nasty and tasteless the videos are. Also Hux can appreciate that horse cock. Ren has a bumper sticker on his van that says “every time i cum i produce a quart” and he isn’t far off.
  • Hux finally PMs Ren, things go from there. They end up meeting for some truly disastrous filthy sex. Hux bravely goes to the rented basement Ren lives in. It’s filthy. 
  • Hux hates himself, the sex is amazing despite being fucked to the sounds of The Great Milenko playing in the background.
  • Hux wakes up in said filthy basement, having slept in a spilled ashtray and finding various other oddities around (empty faygo bottles, half eaten fast food still in wrappers. empty cigarette packs and lots of broken glass) he realizes he needs to make a quick exit. Ren is no where around as he dresses, unshowered, still sticky. (is that a faint faygo smell on his skin?)
  • Kylo appears from what seems to be the adjoining bathroom (everything is so dark) dressed in some sort of uniform. He asks for a ride to work. Hux drops him off for his latest gig, the drive thru “manager” at the KenTacoHut.
  • He insists hes only working there till his career as DJ DarkCarnival takes off. Hux finds out that he has a one man ICP cover band. Kylo gives him the most horrifying flyer ever and asks him to come “check it out” (Hux refuses but he’s gonna end up front row to listen to Ren’s horrible rapping anyway)
  • Ren asks him to come by later, after hours, Hux assumes its cause hes gonna need another ride home.
  • Ren did need a ride, but not home. They end up fucking on the KenTacoHut floor next to the fry-a-lator. There are hot sauce dick slap marks on Hux’s face. Ren claims to like the burn. 
  • Despite Kylo.. being Kylo, Hux ends up coming back for thirds… fourths…fifths… you get the point. It’s a thing now. Preppy, middle class, snooty Hux ends up in a relationship with faygo chugging, fruit fucking JuggaKylo. But not only because hes amazing in bed, but he’s a pretty genuine person. He’s brutally honest and hes supported Hux through some heavy shit despite appearing to be a fuck up. (Ren gets what its like to have family drama)

tl,dr kylo ren is a gross juggalo and hux hates himself enough to stick around for the sex long enough to end up in a relationship with him

Gather around everyone. We need to have a talk.

Everyone is arguing and micro-dissecting every single thing about the FitzSimmons scene last week - and that is fine and wonderful!!!!! This is tumblr and reading 15,000 layers into every microexpression is, after all, our brand. But I am going to throw out a prediction of what will happen next week that will (hopefully) satisfy everyone. And if it does not happen it is something nice on everyone’s dash that is not a character analysis. 

Alright here we go… 

open scene 

*Jemma knocks on Fitz’s door dressed like herself again*

*Fitz answers said door*

J: “Hi, Fitz.”

F: “What?”

J: “I am taking you to dinner.”

F: “Why?”

J: *rolls eyes* “Because I think I owe you a dinner where I do not sob uncontrollably.”

*Fitz starts rambling how it’s not her fault and he should not have pushed her and why would she not be sad she was missing HIM blah blah blah*

*Jemma groans “oh, Fitz” in that way from season one and kisses his adorable Scottish face so intensely that he is legitimately knocked backwards*

*Jemma pulls away and the adorable forehead thing happens again*

J: “Have you not gotten it into your brilliant mind yet that it has always been you?”

*Fitz sighs and smiles and more hot science kissing*

*Jemma pulls back*

J: “I love you, Fitz.”

*Fitz sighs and smiles and nods while he and all of us cry*

F: “Yes.. Ok… Yeah… That’s… That’s good.”

*Jemma laughs*

F: “Oh… You know I love you too right?”

J: “Yes, Fitz. I got that.”

End scene 

*Oh, and I still think either Daisy or Hunter will see this and bets will be settled* 

Then we all die happy!

Oh… Is this technically fanfiction? …Whoops.